Mastering Adobe After Effects: 10 QUICK TIPS! to save you TIME, MONEY, & EFFORT (Tips #1-#10)

Duncan Rogoff, Video Editing & Motion Graphics

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About This Class

Do you ever wish you were working smarter, not harder?  Do you ever feel like there has to be little details you're missing to make your work flow more efficient? If this is the case, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

This course is jam picked with tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts, to ensure you're working as efficiently as possible.

In this unique course I will share with you 10 QUICK TIPS that I use everyday to make sure I'm working as efficiently as possible.  This in turn will save you tons of time, put money in your pocket, and impress your clients with how quickly and effortlessly you can navigate the software.  PLUS I've even included a special BONUS TIP at the end.

Whether you are just starting out in After Effects or consider yourself more advanced, I'm certain you will learn something you didn't know before.  There are so many little features inside of After Effects designed to make you more efficient.

After this course, you'll have what you need to advance further in the software and breeze through your next project.


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It was gud, he was to the point everytime.
A great quick summary of all the little things that can make you much more efficient in After Effects! I especially loved the Tilde/view toggle...
Catherine Headen

Principal Designer at Dragon Innovation

It saved me a lot of wasted time. My workflow has been increased thanks to those tips! Thanks for sharing Ducan :)





Duncan Rogoff

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Freelance video editor and motion graphics artist based in San Francisco, CA. Almost entirely self-taught and has spent many hours gaining knowledge from online tutorials on sites like

Check out my website:

Always looking for new, fun, creative projects, and to keep learning.

Clients include: PlayStation, Charles Schwab, Visa, Salesforce, Facebook, Apple, WeChat, FICO, Slingbox, Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D, Sephora...

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