Mastering 3D Title: Adobe Illustrator | Arun Kumar | Skillshare

Mastering 3D Title: Adobe Illustrator

Arun Kumar, UX Designer

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3 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Title Design

    • Background Design


About This Class

Hello everyone, I'm Arunkumar. I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. My perception is, everything you come across in your day to day life was designed. But the best and out of the box designs catches your mind. Here in , am teaching a series of on designing, illustration, vector art, and much more that I learned from design projects done in my free time and support you to improve your career in design. At the end of this particular course, you can design a 3D Title in Illustrator on your own and some tips and tricks for using illustrator. Enroll now to more.





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Arun Kumar

UX Designer

I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.I'm more passionate about Designing and web development.

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