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Masterclass 4: Realistic Drawing and Shading Human Features

teacher avatar Ava Moradi, Art and Design Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (6h 19m)
    • 1. Class introduction

    • 2. Hand Drawing - Palm

    • 3. Hand Drawing Back

    • 4. 08 03 FingerDrawing

    • 5. Hand Shading

    • 6. Arm Shading

    • 7. Arm Hachure

    • 8. Leg Hachure

    • 9. Leg Shading

    • 10. Foot Drawing

    • 11. Foot Drawing Hachure

    • 12. Go Creative

    • 13. How to Paint when you don't know drawing

    • 14. Audrey

    • 15. Roudism

    • 16. David Mixmedia

    • 17. Conclusion

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About This Class

Realistic Human Feature Drawing, Hachure and Shading with Pencil, Charcoal and Brush Techniques - Beginner to Advanced

Course Description

Welcome to the Masterclass of realistic drawing and shading of human portrait and features. These classes has been divided to 10 Masterclasses:

Just following link below for each part of the course. 

Materclass 1 : The basic skills and material of realistic drawing and shading

Materclass 2 : Realistic drawing and shading of eyes. 

Masterclass 3 : Realistic drawing shading of nose, lips, ear, hair and face.

Masterclass 4 : Realistic drawing shading of Hand, arm, leg, foot and go Creative. 

In Masterclass 3 you will learn drawing, hatching and shading skills and techniques for photorealism drawing. This is the first class of this ultimate drawing course that will show you how to start drawing and create advanced art in the simplest way that will stand up as professional work.

This course does not need prior knowledge, and it will take you step by step to learn how to draw and make realistic and hyper-realistic paintings at the end.

You will learn general and detailed ways and principles of sketching; we will get to know the tools, materials and techniques of drawing and shading in a new and simple way.

This course gives you access to 30 hrs HD tutorial videos in the simplest way possible for you to learn drawing human features. Even you have never drawn before, as long as you follow through this course, you will be able to draw realistic, eyes, nose, lips, face and other features. You will also learn advanced hachure and shading techniques by using tools such as pencil, brush, stump and powders. You will even use your hand and fingers to create a perfect skin texture to achieve the photo-realistic look.

Throughout all the Masterclasses from 1 to 10 you will gain instant access to 62 lectures of the course, which starts with basics; how to draw lines until you learn how to draw a hyper-realistic portrait with easy techniques.

At the end of each Masterclass you can search for the next class and complete the journey. 

· We will start using simple lines, circles and oval shapes to guide you through the proportion, size and position of human features.

· In each class you will learn how to draw: Eyes, Nose, Lips, Ears, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Hair, Full Face, Fingers, Hand, Arm, Legs

· Next you will learn how to Hachure them with pencil

· Then you will use the techniques that you have learned in this course. You will learn how to shade them and create realistic features.

· Then I will guide you how to combine the techniques together and then you are going to learn how to create textures and apply them to your drawings.

· Eyes are one of the most important parts of human feature drawings; since through eyes, you can show the emotions and make your drawing to stand out. The ‘Eye’ Chapter of this course will teach you how to draw eyes in the simplest way possible and we will go through many examples.

· You will also gain access to Demo sections where you can learn and see the combination of different techniques that you have learned step by step.

Over the 15 chapters you will learn:

· You will get familiar with lines and shapes and how to warm up your hand

· You will get familiar with Pencils, Charcoals, Conte, Drawing Brush and Blending Stump

· You will learn how to use the techniques and combine them

· Creating texture

· Shading Surface

· Eyes section: Front View Eyes, Side View Eyes, Eye hachure (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Eyes Shading, Eyes Demos

· Nose section: Nose drawing (All sides), Hachure, Shading

· Lips section: Lips drawing (All sides), Hachure, Shading, Lips Demo

· Ear section: Ear drawing, Hachure, Shading

· Hair section: Hair shading techniques, Female Hair, Male Hair

· Face Section: Face Drawing (Front View, Side View), Hachure and Shading

· Portrait Demo

· Hand section: Palm of Hand, back of Hand, Fingers, Hand Shading

· Arms section: Hachure, Shading

· Legs section: Hachure, Shading

· Feet section: Drawing, Hachure, Shading

· Drawing with Creative Ideas (Cheat sheet, Roundism, Sculpture, Mix Media)

No rulers or any other guiding tools needed, you still will be able to draw perfect features even if it’s your first time of drawing. After drawing the features, I will also show you the advanced hachure and shading techniques to create photorealistic skin tone and other textures that make your drawing to pop out your paper. We don’t want you just copy whatever we showed you in this course, but to implement your own creativity and be an artist. By the end of the course, you will be able to draw what you have learned during the course but also apply the techniques, be creative and draw your own version of human features.

No matter if you are an art lover, art hobbyist, University student who wants to improve their art portfolio, someone who want to learn some new skills of drawing; artist who wants to learn another medium or even you just occasionally want to make a realistic drawing of your loved ones as a gift to surprise them, you are on the right course. As long as you can write down your name, you can draw.

So what are you waiting for, pick up a piece of paper, grab your pencil, enroll the course now, let’s start drawing.

Feel free to have a look our preview lessons, follow one of the lessons to see how easy it is.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ava Moradi

Art and Design Instructor


I'm Ava Moradi, an artist with a passion for teaching. I started painting when I was 6 years old and learned different art mediums such as charcoal and pencil drawing, oil on canvas, watercolour, and also glass painting. I consider myself an artist and an art teacher. I have had exhibitions in London, St Moritz, Paris, Seoul, and Beijing. My latest exhibition was for Lightopia light festival, where we won the city life award for exhibition.

After completing my Master’s degree in Art Business, at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, I furthered my education at the University of the Arts of London, Central Saint Martins. Once I finished all my studies, I became a full time art teacher.

Being a teacher taught me a lot; as a person and as an artist. I found my path and pass... See full profile

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1. Class introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is album already and welcome to this master class Realistic drawing, human features and shaving In the previous two master class, you learn the introduction part and also eyes section step by step. How to draw how toe hotch health reshaped, which will lead lives knows on other features in human body. I hope you enjoy this master class. And if you have any questions, I'm always online to answer all your questions. Also, there are those off projects on lots of different pdf attached to this course. I hope you can go through all off them after you watch this and progress together. 2. Hand Drawing - Palm: however, of all welcome to this episode. In the next few lessons, you will learn how to draw house. Different good gestures are sure there, and shading is going to be very far. Hi, everyone. Welcome back in the next few videos we're going to layer hand drawing in different versions in this video. Let's learn how to do palm off hand very easily before life. Let's draw square, then the end off the line. Let's draw a careful line and then divided into 12 free and four sections now very easily. Just continue your lines that can't do it in the parable of it. Then connect the lines to get her in a care of ribeye I had. This is the smallest that's it. So easy, isn't it? Now it's time to go through the sift finger from the end off your hand of your Paul. Here starts the careful line and through the end, off the square light that I just drove if continuous and then ended the edge off the line and then connect e carefree lying to your square and you're almost done. You can see how easy it is. Today's episode is for beginners How do Paul hand and the understanding of hand anatomy before moving on to the next episode? So have a piece of paper in front of you. I'm practiced. These a square itc every line divided into four didn't continue your lines after that. Continuing the first line that you do for day for your square and then ended at the end off the second line for your square. And that's it. I got my hand move. I'm giving some details for the everyone has differently. If you tell if you have seen Venora, you look at your poll. You can see different details on soft of these changes. Not most off the time field. I'm always finished with the now I'm going through the fingers. You can see my hand how it looks like. So I'm gonna draw those details. Oh, that was easy. And it's easy for you guys as well. Just make some off the lines visible. Just making get a little Carrie. I don't want everything to be so straight. Just making it she if you can why dry? Like what I was about to say. Look at your Paul and then you can see there's few lies at a place that doesn't drove. That's why I just add a few short lines like his strokes over there. Then I'm just making it a little more riel. Well, that's it. Easy, Right? We're keeping some fingernails. Maybe have long begin is if you don't have it. You don't have to show it. Do they have a little long beginners? That's why I drove like that. You get, I'm looking at by call a keep drying so you can see you don't have to have models. You have mothers around you like your hand, like your feet. Next few episodes, you're going to land other parts off the body, like legs. I'm also feet, drawings, toes and everything. And you just don't picture for those you have models, even your own feet or home yourself. Does you still I'm just giving very short for sure. I'm not gonna completely do these. I just wanted you to see how delight come scene on before. Should be dark and before should be lighter. Look at my hand. I'm going two of the lines. You know the rules. All us when you're near the line, make it darker. Well, I really hope you enjoy this episode. This was for people who you just want to enjoy drying, pull off hand or you're just beginners or just you want to know and you technique for dry the structures. In the next episode, I'm going through more details, more realistic. And then, at the end of it, the last episode offhand drying. I'll do hyper realism, hand drawing with pencil. So I hope you enjoyed those episodes as well. They're really almost done. I mentioned before. Sometimes when you're drying also in digital art, after drawing with pencils, you go over it with your charcoal pencil. Again. I hope you enjoyed the second set seeing the next one, but by 3. Hand Drawing Back: However, Von will come back in the previous episode. You learn how to draw palm of hand on today. Let's go through our famous ovals on beetle and new structure which I'm going to teach you now. And let's learn how to draw back off the hand. You can see I've started. We show you how to draw fingers. You're going through our famous overalls. I just drew free over. They are not next to each other, but they go. They cross each other a little. Maybe you can't say they go through each other now I'm drawing my fingernail in a second. I'm gonna show you that I'm using my hand, my own fingers of my model so you don't have to have a picture or look at it from some work . You just can use any models. Event yourself like what I'm doing now through your drinks. Well, today I'm having a little long fingernails which I should not have for drawing now This girl true. The next part which I'm going to draw geometric shape this can You can draw a circle here as well. You don't have to draw a square like shape. However, this is a new the new structure I was talking about. So I'm gonna divide it into four sections. Girl Geek wars. They should not be different. Also, maybe sometimes they can be different. Depends on your hand. Are on your model. And then remember, between your fingers, there's always a gap on over ship gap. Maybe we can say so. Be careful off that gap and I'm drawing down so you can follow these and stuck drying out of paper. I just drew the famous over on our vertical light and then I continued it. That's it. I'm going to show you how you should follow the rules for the drive home on how to conduct the lies to get her form. Your first line, the horizontal 1st 1st horizontal line. As I can say, you should draw another like and then that will be top off your farm, as you can see. And then from the bottom part, the last line you're sick and horizontal A. You can connect the lines together. I just drove the nails as well, and then I'm going to use my utter pencil, which gives me more volume. You don't have to change your pencil you can use the same pills off as I was doing. What you have to pressure Maura. Bring more pressure, which, if it's distracting for you than for beginners, you don't have to do it. And also because this is a rough sketch, you don't have to use your razor. He does can have fun. Ah, do different experience and experimenting. So my time is almost finished. I can draw my raced and connect the lines together so later I'm going to shake this Tom so you can see how shading farm shadings going to looks like to look like. And you're done that work I mentioned before three ovals. They should cross each other, and now I'm going to use the same technique so many students asked me for the first finger should end. So that's how I should draw a triangle between the lines between the two fingers, the foam on the 1st 1 I just throw another life, and then that's my ending. Life very easy. And I won't go through the second finger to meet her fingers over the longest one or hopefully and the floors on the fifth. So, yeah, let me try to see if they feel yes, that perfect fit. You can't even do this if you like to practice. I used to do this when I was like little practices on paper. It was very enjoyable and still in it. I still do days and enjoy it very much, so let's go through the fingernails now if you're done very easy. Top part after fingernails depends on you on both kind of nails. You want to draw either dark heart or their long or different shapes because we have differentiated self nails just connecting the lines together. Today, you're going to see a lot off different examples. The previous episode you saw only one example, and that's only for you to ward off to understand how to draw Paul. And today you're going to learn how to draw realistic hand on how event to shade them. In later episodes, offhand dry. I'm going to do very hyper realistic hand shading, so I hope you enjoyed that every so they will be in the end of this lesson. Don't just drinking more volume. Look at your hand. You can see there over circles there so you can follow the circles and those aren't a part that bones grow because you have been doing ovals since the beginning of this course, and if you are comfortable with your overs, you can start drawing down. You can see my middle finger because it's the longest one almost there. Ovals are next to each other per 40 next free day. Shoot cross each other. Fact is, I'm giving you an example capped of a So that's it. You're almost done. Let me just drove one more time. Our structure. This could have been a circle as well as I mentioned before. So now I'm going to shake This falls very in trouble. Look at the very I'm looking at my hand and the places is darker, the places more light you can see. My film is Dera, and I'm just trying to see the chart. I should go dark hair. The previous episode you have learned how to do how sure, so he know that he should go through the same direction. If you this is your first time you're watching days, you can check out the introduction prior's or the harsh or parts off each lessons France and for the I lessons for their nose leaves. They all have her sure examples. So you can understand the family flights very should put more pressure and less pressure. So this was my first example for you guys. Now, if you're going through the second example after this, well, I hope you enjoyed this one. So difference on you reach finger and hell much gap you want to bring it. Now let's move to the next example. In this example, I'm good to focus more on finger drawings and also I'm going to shape the finger forests. However, let's draw different position. Different angles of our hands. Get my overs. I drew free ovals on blonde, piquant at the end. Try to imitate this ovals on your paper and then slowly go through my lines and connect them together. It's very easy. You can see with four overall together you can drive beautiful finger. Don't forget your fingernails from the and off the line. Gonna tell in maybe 1/3 off your oval and that's size off your finger Now. Now, I've already connected all the lines together, so one begins company. It depends on you. You wanted to be a thinner or you want to change the size depends on your own hand or the model you have or your imagination. So now I just drove extra line. So you can I can understand which part need to be a more consistent. I'm just trying different angles. A dandy against. See how I'm going to conduct old allies together. Try, Just do this. Hand movements on your paper. You will find it very easy. I just drove four fingers. Now you can't see that office sketches there. So it doesn't matter at this part I didn't tell you for and how to put down because it depends on your hand and how big they are or how old they are and also depends on your mother. So let's make our minds more visible, then connect them old together. Our name. Our fingers are almost finished. So I'm going through the back off the hand. And then Paul Yes, he's side hand drying. So in this example, you can see how to do side hand drying. Maybe this is an example, but by knowing how to draw overs, you can do any kind of hands anywhere. Anyhow. You want it? I'm just going through the home. You're almost there It is almost finished. You still where I draw the the nails part? Almost half the although because my hand, I'm just trying to show you I'm doing it. That's my example. So maybe looks out. But when you do shading, it's still going to come out. I'm just going to give you an example of one thing, and they'll one single shading as well. So, again, our motors stuff with lines is in the dark ass and gradually go in. Now. I finished the male park, going through the rest off the lines, and, as I mentioned gradually going, Don't put too much pressure at the beginning. Follow the same direction lines you can see. I'm being consistent. So I'm giving more volume by using the same pencil. But I'm pressure anymore. You don't have to change your pencil or have like 10 12 pencil to do a shady. You can have one pencil. Did your hand well versed on the mound off Volume and the Bayu bring out the pressure so you can see I just used my hand to plan it together. You could do this. Get brush or video. Stop now, after we're done with this example and this paper. I'm going to draw the friend singer on in different directions. Let me show you the first example should almost have fun. Then you are drying must try to be playful. We can't your models, which in this case is my hand. And then miss drove water where you can even put it enough paper and try to see if it's fits or not. Also, as you remember, you can't do this with your oval shapes. Free ovals. Don't forget that, for a sense, right now I'm giving you example. With my free ovals we kept of a how easy it ISS. It's so enjoyable and easy. I'm going to draw more examples later, and also in the next two episodes you will have more examples regarding hands and fingers and how to do shading, especially hyper shading. In the next to a piece of you'll see hyper sherry in big pencil Draw. Now I'm going Teoh go through with sickened, which we did. This one is a fair one. No, Kathy nails. Just simply drop your lives and try to see if you like the size off the nails and practice few times after food or three times drying it on your paper. You will understand size, even if even without looking at any model or even your own fingers can just try it from your imaginations. So this course doesn't just teach here how to do a structure drawing, but also use your imagination because you know the skill you have. This girl so far you know the structures. Now you can combine them. Mix it together. Well, guys listening, Move to the next example. In this one, I'm good to draw back off the hand again, but in different directions. Let's be imagine what kind of hand of on to draw this time. Maybe we can go from the top and stars this time. Very unusual. One. You remember the first example I did for you guys. It has this team of Jake Shank. Also, you can use circle if you prefer. It depends on your personal preference. So now let's making Dio freebie, simple drying and follow My hand will bends on a piece of paper. Well, as usual, I divided them into four because this drawing this example has lists gap in midfield allies and the finger errors. They're all together. I just don't draw the gap in betweens, and I will add them later of with my pencil so you can see the lines. Also, there are Perot next to each other and then from small, the big size. Now you will understand why I'm doing this. This example has been your hands are Relax or you're sitting on a chair and you're putting your hand number either on the table or bendy. Relax your hand on the arm off the chair. That's why we are trying this example for those kind of positions. So look at the home. Is Elsa beer? Because after very she looks like maybe he came your thinner. So now we're going to make it affects. It looks more realistic going through the lives. Now it's time to go through the speaking on nails. Remember when your dry on this part your finger now should be on fat off your overall. Don't forget the gap between the fingers, which between the four fingers here, Andy far there's a big gap. As you can see, you can't have different angles and depends on you. Forget about the details. Now I'm going to jump over and you can see eventually the lines I made them a little darker in our example is almost finished. You can't practice shading while practicing this sketches as well. Just go through your lines with the same direction, Sam. Direction, huh? Sure. And then don't forget that near the lie should be darker and gradually go in many order your harsher. So look at my hat. Just finishing the last. But you can pick up on the razor and get read off the extra lives. But if you're just practicing, let it be. Because these are the foot part. But they're dry. Just getting rid off t ex trust around the finger. Well, like as I mentioned before in digital ours, they usually go through addiction sketches, then with another heavy against the spars. With my contraire, I'm going through my sketches and gifts. More volume. You don't have to do this because for her show, you don't only need your pencils. However, for shading which you will see in the next two episodes all use my content for hyper realistic drying. Just giving you one example off their fingers if you want to use your content. So this was our fed example. As I can see you had all better examples like fingers and help to draw fingernails. I'm using my electric Fraser. As you can see, it's still fun to use it, because it's like the very circles round and the very Cleese everything. It's really far. Try to use it. So let's go through the full, for example, and I'm going to draw a feast. This time. It's like Gather your fingers cholesterol field feast. Here you have learned disa structure in different examples in these episodes. So you're familiar with this? I'm going to make sure I get. You can do this. Get a circle as a big circle. So it depends on you, some going to divide though you to floor. This year. I still haven't reached the next part, so now it's almost there. Just make your life into care V and be careful off the gap part against the holiday. Did it make your hands into fists on like home doing and heavy? Does your example cool? Be careful off the angle. Pars. It should be through any angle from the care flies, and this money should be 72 40 angle as I drove for your guys Also, don't forget the details. I'm using my contact to go for the rough sketches. Have your almost done with our last example? Batista Structures. You can draw anything you want any kind of hands with any positions? Well, guys, I really hope you enjoyed this episode and you learned a lot. Just practice it on your paper. And I see I next every South, but by 4. 08 03 FingerDrawing: however, Bonds. Welcome back. We have a very white and loose paper in front of us, and I want to continue our previous episode handwrite and think it drawing. So now first I'm going to fix my paper under my table through the tape that I'm going to continue drying my fingers. You can see you remember the famous ovals. If your hands are used to draw without all those in these episodes for hand drying and finger drying, you don't need to draw them, however, is good. Help you a lot to follow the lines and create your fingers so you can see it's much easier now and we want to draw easy, right? We just followed the lights on and follow my hand movements, just connecting the lines together. In this episode. I'm also going to assure our fingers spell so you can see how we do this. I have dog some examples in there, too. Previous episodes. Not this time. I'm going to do a complete one and also in the next episode, which I hope you really joy you're going to do a hyper fantasy hand drawings with pencil. Now, sometimes you can feel like some parts of your all wall needs to be bigger or just a ball, your feeling or human imaginations or even your model. So it all depends on you if you want to make it big air or smaller. Now let's go through the second thinker drawing and a sad one just connected lies to get her. Now they have my handful events and today I to cross hashing here Or, as I call it, cross ashore. I'm going to add more details into separate cells in this example. So look at this oval parts and how I brought them together with the middle sicko. That's exactly what I did in the middle Off our began, how they got together. You get my hand, Lopez, you have done this in the introduction parties. However, I gave you another example. You start from dark, which you always stuff life and then gradually you got are you gradually go in. In this case, we get the hand weapons and how darkening the H off the lives go around. Keep doing this. Don't do Don't give black and too much volume at the beginning. I'm just giving the wrinkle forest. If you look at your fingers. You can see, like how many details, how much details other, the tones off it. So for hyper real that we need to be really sorrow, I do more observation. You kept again. I'm using the same direction for the rest of Tosh or in this episode I did also across the shore, which I'm doing now. It's one of my favorite techniques. They cross ashore here as well. Some people calling some other painters draws. They call this cross hatching. However, I use cross ashore since I've used to use her. Sure, which is fresh name now for hatching, so backed are trying. You can buy a hand move as I some pars in the middle off our finger. Give more details. You should tell you not to. If shades in the middle, However, this part this time is depends on you and your drawings, especially when drawing ours. Check out the I episodes by her shores. I never give too much volume in the middle off the I dry ing's. As you can see, I'm using my razor for this part because I was moving my hand on the paper without having an extra paper on their my hand. So some parts off your paper can get dirty. Be careful while you're drying hyper realistic or realistic drives All this have an extra paper under a hat. Now, I would like to go through a nutter practice the same thing we just drove right now. So you have free life. We free off balls. Let me go through them one more time. So you can't remember how easy it waas. But that's it. But everyone I hope you enjoy this episode and I see you in the next one will buy. 5. Hand Shading: Hi, everyone. Welcome back. Today I'm going to teach you hyper realistic dry with pencils on also a combination off other materials so you can see the materials. I'm going to use my pencil with char coals brushes on also pencil razor Now and the previous episodes. You learn how to draw hands, how to draw fingernails, how to draw fingers, how even different versions, offhand drawings like how to do it. Freese trying. Now we have one in front of us with extra diesels so slowly and gradually, and also don't forget for hybrid sick many years. Thought you're trying with pencil. Your pencil needs to be really sure. Never forget that I'm going true. Playing from atmosphere as this nail, you can see how gradually I am shading that for it. I didn't want to really fast forward this exert because in most off the episodes and other people's lives said it doesn't really show how it's been done. So I really want you guys to go through these entire process, get the techniques that I'm going to use for different parts. You can see for a sense, for our fingerless, really taking my time, kind of using sometimes HB or to be or for beef and cells. And I don't That's my trying to go out a little. You don't have to do this. If you are the intensive drying, you really don't have to use your stomach or your brush. You can only use your pencil and complete this process. However you can't see. I'm gradually giving more color and blending my pencil in. So these are two different days. Either you go over with your pencil or not, and this one is my white passel that I just used. Why pencil I usually don't use it at the beginning persists. This is hyper realism. I just wanted you to see how it looks like. You should not get rid off your highlights and even the flight parts off your drugs are very important. Get the very gradually started from the line and dark and of, and he remember what was our rule. All this start from the line, and then every girl near the line is the darkest part, so you can see how I'm doing it now. Even though I finished a fingers for us, I give a little shadow. I go back and forth because I haven't given blackness suddenly, some really careful off how to do this. Now I'm using my four b pencil, giving more volume into the lions. He can see it. Guess he deep feeling there. Now. Continue doing this and go through your lives very slowly. I hope you really enjoy this episode. It's It's a longer than our previous episodes. But going through this episode on having a look at different techniques that I'm using my hand movers and how unfair I'm going to use you learn so much about that. Yeah, I'm using, like, chuckled here and then slowly, a little going it on my pencil. Not so many people date eight days. They usually put more pressure there either a pencil or with airbrush. But here I want to show you a lot of different techniques that you have learned in the introduction Pires or in every single every 30 land, different techniques. Now we're going to use most off them here. That's why this episodes can be really important for your guys so you can see gradually, even die. Use my pencil. I start using my always there as well. This in my pencil a razor. So I have 2% riser for off them is sharp, but one of them actually looks like a pencil. I used these for highlights and I used the other one as you saw mostly for pictures. I'm using either my to be a pencil or four weeks. It depends on you and your choice. Amazing again. You don't have to use your stump lending. Here you can go or over your fingers. And this part you're a farm on Lee video pencil and give the realistic hyper as a feeling to your drying. As I mentioned before, I would like you to look at my hand on entire this episode as you're going to wash all the techniques he happened so far. You can see I'm using my pencil razor again. I'm giving more highlights. It was time to go through day wrinkle parts. When I say wrinkle, you don't mean that the honeys old It means I'm giving more textures on going through all the details off the hand because I'm creating short lines because my hand movements, how sometimes I keep more pressure and it gets darker. No agency am doing somehow assures she's cross Hashi. They call this cross hashing Pretend my hand, giving into example when you draw a line and you gradually go down And this is how you do wrinkles and either in between your lies or you go out So these are the takings I'm using Here began my has how I'm creating science. If you focus and look close e, your fingers are Just look at your figure. You'll see all these take shares, all these details on it for hyper realistic dry he needs for hours and you need more time to spend on your drying use episodes. I'm just trying a little faster in order to show you all the techniques in one episode. Now you can see only be using Stop and I lent at depends on parts. I give a damn the departs because I need it to Don't be clay a razor. I raise some off the parts. This time it was not for texture or high lies. I just needed to get rid off some dark parts which there were unnecessarily. Now let's change technique a little this He was more storm now not of on pencil and see the difference as I mentioned. I'm going to use a lot of techniques in this hand dry So and is the third technique I'm using pencil unshaded ing. As I say, you can use your stone which already has some powder or darkness. It depends on what material you were using before and after you shake the place. You can use pencil under or vice a versa. Old depends on you, Uh, as you and noticed I started using the other second which waas using your content straightly not Bateer. Stop Now, another technique is that not just using contraire and then pencil, but using our content which is strike blackness straight blackness plus stop. It's because you're going to smoke to contact past. If you're stop, you can also use brush here, which I'm going to use later as another technique because my hand Lopez and how I use my cantare strictly into our drying. Yes, he my hands are very careful applying this really black pencil into our drawing now going to continue drying good My contest the's dries very enjoyable for me. So I hope here let up a lot from this episode. I'm really careful because, as you can see some event I'm using. Contemplative is completely black, but sometimes I'm not really giving lots of pressure just as a hint off blackness exactly like our pencil that if you remember, I gave whenever I wanted to put more volume, pressure it. But if I didn't want Teoh, I didn't. So now let's planted with Tristan started from the top part. You can see it has that deep feeling. When you're pressure your Tom feast you're getting does feeling now so you can see it's very easy drawing special hyper realistic drawings. Very easy. It just having patient, enjoy all right, annoying all the techniques. Now through these episodes and through these sn, you know all the charcoal techniques and also you know how to apply them. You can see through this twinkles I'm going to shed in between the lines. We can do this with pencil as I started, which would be completely pencil drawing or not, you can again. He's not a technique which would be brush. It's a stop you can control better because it feels like a pencil, although you're applying charcoal and blend them together, so it depends on your personal taste. Wellness used the technique we were doing previously. I'm I have some shrink shady areas. No, I'm using my pencil. Going over there he has sure captivates beautifully is going through the nine. No assure between alive. I can't say this part. Whenever I am near toe be the light. I going to give more wall e o I really in there to use my contact here or if you didn't want to use content and then blended with the rest Army. But only he's here pencil. But people pressure look at the same. Like how Sure either with pencil with my stop is not straight anymore. I'm doing a carry line and even my sure pars cross hashing parts. Their care be They're not the straight lines. Teoh going to continue Dr D content. Don't forget, Whenever you apply content or charcoal pencil, it depends what materially have thereby over splendid figure Stop. But I have to mention in your by your content from two also still, or you want to buy charcoal pencil. Try to ask for the oily one. However, it's good for your toe. Have both dry compare or or leave from there, which, if you buy the contact puppy. The goal phones there early. You can see the writings on them there in gold, and if they're in silver, it was. There are dry. Also, you don't have to guess it by looking at the letters. You can also try down on a paper. It's so easy to understand. Which one is really between is dry whenever you can drive it it as I'm using the drive on. Now, if you drive it it whenever you draw a line, for instance, we can feel either it's Smalls on oily or is dry. Seems I'm using pencil drying. I changed my contained to dry graduate that I'm going to go. You can see the wrinkles is showing themselves so you can see I'm not doing anything really hard. It's just to practice, knowing the techniques again. And then look at my handle friends. Whenever you have problems, it's one off the shading bars. Go back to this episode, or any off the episode that we are doing and shaving or her. Sure, and you can see the frantic news and how I used them because we give you another example, how it's been done. You get that far. That's the wrinkle does how you do it replayed this part that I just did as an example for you a few times and then practices on the paper. You can easily do it. It's not hard, just amount of pressure. You bring it. So I'm doing the same thing. I just thought you on the side of the paper. Now why My coat had more color. You have heard this before because I gave extra powder to it. Maybe I had it on the side. Sometimes I have some, as you can see, either father, which was in displayed that I showed you, or I have it on my sandpaper or corner offer paper and then use it on my stomach. So that's why it has more Connor. So you never You don't want to apply your contest strictly into your dry. You can add more powder or Qatar as we say you're on your stuff and then use it. So I'm going to continue into drying. Since this line was not necessary. I just raising from my pencil razor. You can also Hughes no corporate raises for this trying, but I advice you to live on offense. That razor whichever that I'm using on this dry. It doesn't matter. You don't have to have few off them. Only one would answer it. But you definitely need pencil. A riser for most off your shading part. So don't forget this essential tools for your drawing. I let it look at my have more friends and how I do assure With my pencil, you can see I do the same. Taking over and over again I there I used my pencil. Then I guess some picture on it with my razor. So, as an example, I'm going to show you what I'm doing. Look at the way I drove those lines. That's exactly what I'm doing there. But in very small version, I have to say I showed you consumed in France cells here to for you to see what kind of picture on using continue going through the rest off the finger. Gradually I'm going the bottom part. As you can see, all those neared Allied are the darkest. And I don't let my line to be dark alone because in that case, you're drying is not going to look really sick or professional. So be careful off your lives and always blend them either how you blend our lives. I don't use stump our brush. Or, in this case, as I'm doing pencil, use your pencil before fresher and gradually come eight with less pressure. That's also creates death, different perspectives and also get it off that line if you don't need it there. What I'm doing now Because I read they drew some cross hatching Jack Collie cross ashore with my pencil going over it and make some lives more visible with my stuff. But I hope you enjoy the so far since I'm enjoying get video guys while painting you can see it's like I'm creating more debt on creating more textures. I'm doing it I use and razor on the great part. Then, because we have some great lines, then I go near the or is their cars and go over it like in line with my pencil or either with my I have to say again, either with my pencil or in my stump, and that's great deaf. Either it goes eight or go and comes out defense. Helen ver you use it like now you can see I'm using a razor on the parts to create or textures and bring them down. - I let you to look at their rest off the hunt shaving parts. And also we had to take days that I told you so far you can see I'm up trying to Sam take me my other fingers. I use colors near the lines because my hand looks like a feast with the Tom showing yourself so because of to pressure the self is bringing in Yeah, that part shoes goes in on the partial that goes in he should your life should be doing a dark in order should create that I wanted. Now look at my hand. I'm using again different techniques here I used my pencil. Then I planned it with my stuff. Then I give some highlights when I was with my razor and again do the same technique the Butterfinger. So I just raised that part in the previous episode unmentioned to you guys. That's why you're painting how an extra paper on their your head because you're creating can get their green a dirty You're painting your drive. It shades you are drying trance ALS. And I'm pretty sure you have experienced this before either of in your child or been a very other drawings or even your road with pencil. Whenever you move your hand on pencil, the shade cars can get away and just make it. You know, very you can see around. It's very shady, and sometimes we say is dirty. That's why I over such a suit guy saw an extra paper. But there your hands. I'm not having it under my hand because I want you to haven't closer. Look what I'm doing. However, in the creative episodes, you will have some creative listens in the in the last parts off this no sense beach you can see sometimes I use papers under my hand because I'm dry, a complete for trade. So in that case, you really need to do it. So I completed only fingers with the same technique in this same shaves around Go. So let's have a look at the rest off the video. You have done all the tech days, so let's let us go. We've been wrist. No, I hope you enjoy this episodes so far, no created the vein by using a razor and pencil. No, it's time to give some perspective and draw this part really dark. We can my hand moves on how I'm doing it. You can't do this bit contestable. However, I'm using my penso eight b so 80 is very, very dark. If you go through the introduction part off this listen and it depends a lot episode. You can see the different color, different volumes off our pencils. And if you recall, you would remember that pencil B eight b is a doctor as well. I thought, I can't let it be like these or I can go on it with my brush to plant it. You can't do this with your some. We're just going to take more time, as I mentioned, because it's going to take a lot if I do my planting with my stuff. I used my brush and it's full of that area. You're almost finished. Just giving a little more touch here. We really enjoyable for me dry and this so I hope you enjoyed it as well. I'm just going to lengthy passport and we're almost done. Guys, I hope you enjoy this episode and I see in the next one. Don't take the next time we'll buy 6. Arm Shading: hi. Everyone will come back today. Let's go through different arm dry ing's and also how to do rains and different pictures and also different her shores. So this is start first with our rush techniques, so you can see I give you an example. Never start from the beginning of mentioning previous episodes over stuff from the light. Now my brush already has some charcoal and in this case, graphite powder on it. So if you want to use a Senate on powder, either it's charcoal or graphite you should keep and using death phone because they don't go together. In previous episodes, you have long, different drawings on how you use this method. Now I'm going to use it on arms and in this case, and armed with muscles so you can learn how to shade muscles as well. Either is on the leg or is under our so you can do them all with this techniques. Now what I'm going to do there is a part time mission before I start from the middle each. In previous episodes, I kept mentioning that you should not start from the middle and you should always stop long . It's like and I also mentioned I'm going to show you if yourself from a middle, how we can go back. So this is example. I began my hands. I first use my razor for the dark parts in the middle. Then I used my brush invent on it. You can see in this park since I started from the light. It looks better and can feel. Is events by now is coming out. This father, I'm I'm not a starting from the middle, but this first hour it's nine. So you know it's spent over your feline. Whenever you're near any kind off line, you have to dark and dark parts. In the previous episode, as I can mention in the episode that I draw a hyper realistic hand drying, you learned how to use your pencil and stomp all together, which was until time consuming. And I hope you enjoyed that. If it's so, however, in this episode on this example, I'm going to use my brush so you can see if you only wanted to use your brush. How that technique works with only material tools. Musee is my graphite powder. I'm bond brush, maybe to brush it. Defense in what kind of sizes you have. A tall and how much control you have for Let me bring it a little. And to the left side, you can have a better look. So I'm being more father here. I have graphite powder on the side of my pain paper, so Venera e both my brush either a get more power on my brush or bring more onto it dystrophy into my paper. You have learned this technique into introduction part and you have seen a different powders. I learned how to use down. Now let's have a look and go through the rest of our You can see how the muscle depends coming out. I want to leave that you guys always hear from me. Men of using powder never let your extra power to stay on your paper blow. It may because my handle Beth, I'm going through the rest of light, not using smaller brush size eight, or you can events I size for, But since you're arm is a little me, I prefer to use a bigger brush. I have better control Now you can see the control is get. It's easier when it comes to the middle part and veins. I prefer to use smaller brush. If it comes to detail parts, you can see that's exactly what I meant. I used a small rush for the part of the he did two more controlled because I'm not using my stuff here. Sanity is my swan. A brush me, besides eight or four for despots that used to get dark hair and to be controlled more again, the cattle light handle phones. I gradually going through my parlor. I don't give volume altogether. You can't see how I'm doing it. I just create lines. You don't need pencil to realize you can create life event Big brush. Now two things happen here, mentioned at the beginning of this episode. If some work, it's dark in the middle. It's very hard to go back. And also whenever you're blowing a very or powder or when you're using your finger or even your brush and is to dairy if it stays there, you really cannot get rid off it. Either You have to use lots off pencil. Razor, as I'm using, is the electric arise, as I mentioned, and it's makes it really white, and something happened there, you can see there's the extra porter, So really be careful when you're drawing. Ah, hyper realistic portrayed and see if your portrait is full of powders because it means it's very smooth and doesn't have take share to hide it. Different pictures and tools. So what happened here that I'm drying right now? You can see on the bottom part because whenever I was blowing the father of a many of you blow, you always have some saliva, so you have to be careful how you blow away. If you you're not careful, the mark is going to stay there, and it's very hard for it together. Make. I have seen so many dryers, charcoal painted dryers. Their paintings got destroyed because off thes simple ignorance. And I hope this doesn't happen to you after learning so much and you're painting for hours just for a simple law, and then you're getting every getting read off your powder. You're careful how you pray. Don't blow it of a now Let's move on, says he know that now I'm going to different areas. I'm giving more Krisher and crazy more death. No, you can't see how hard it is to get rid off that part if it stays there. But the muscle part, it's like nicely coming out. Notice that I'm gradually giving more volume. I'm bringing Venera. I moved my brushes because I'm bringing a straight powder into the paper. That's why it's getting dark hair now. I brought a lot off a father, and this time I used another powder, which was contact Father. I mentioned to you not to use them together. They don't go well and I don't recommend it. However, sometimes they come. They go wilt together phrases here. I needed more well, you. And since I'm not using any other material, I use a different father and gave a lot off darkness to do that. That part. So it's about your creativity on about playing around with everything, even toe norms. And the techniques tells you not to use different powders together, but again in dry. It's not all about techniques and about your hand movements is about like what you feel and how you want to do it and bring your ideas so don't try to stay within. The structure over is over are explored different days. I think I I now I'm going to use more. Come tip how their or even charcoal powder. These two are different. When you go to an art still and you buy, you ask for either charcoal powder or contact father. The volume start to say the darkness is different and you have flair in different drawings , which I have done and all signed in future episodes. You're going to see the difference between does, too, as well. When you're using graphite, Father, I can give you something formation that it's gives you very blue greyish feeling and many you use it. It gives you also the filling of on old drying or old painting in the episode for knows drying. I used that so you can go back and have a look. A death technique, how it looked like and also look at the color and this one. I use graphite father, which you can see the cutter beneath the surface. Then I'm using content powder on it. This is keeps you a brownish feeling, even though is completely dark, but because I want to have a sculpture of feeling into here since I'm drying muscles, that's why I'm giving a brownish volume into it. However, if you look closely doesn't look, Brown is completely black sometimes because off the lights and, um, maybe the sunlight or V different lambs that you have this you can see it in different base . So look at my handful bills. Ah, now, if you're almost finished, I can't go on on, uh, keep going, give more volume. However, sometimes it's you don't have to overdo it. It's good for realistic painting to go over and over and give more death and create more textures. But sometimes over doing it, it gets the feeling very from your drawing. So in the next episode, I'm going to draw Ah, the next example. She can see the drawing on the left side, and I hope you enjoy this episode. Seeing the next episode by 7. Arm Hachure: Hi, Rabban will come back in the previous episode. You saw how mutual are shaving it brush. Now. Today I'm going through the second example. It's the same, almost the same arm drying this time. We're going to do a good pencil and assure and different taking some. For sure you have Oregon, then, Ah, how to to single direction, assured and also cross hatching or cross ashore, as I call it now. This time, I'm going to teach you how to do muscles with them. Let's go through the arms muscle, and you can either use your pencil to be or for B or sometimes even for this one. You can use your free edge. I usually don't use the edge collection, but because we are using muscles and for the par said needs to be lighter, you can use your ich pencils. You kept my house. I'm going through the lines. We can't make it comparison between this arm and then this one, and that is fun off the reasons I draw both of them together, they can my hand move us. I start drying from Doric to light is all about your hand pressure. You don't need to change your pencil if you don't want you and careful off your direction. I know previously you have to learn how to do hushing and the harsher inborn direction. But when it comes to Carrie, just be careful. How do you do it? So from dark part, go to the light and always in the middle of it because this looks like an old wall. Almost let the middle part to stay white. So I hope you enjoyed so far you can see I'm using the same technique fourth e dark parts and also delights parts for the picture of skilled. I use longer sures like you can see and I keep drawing the vein pars and the muscle parts if they are missing. Now you can see I keep going through the dark parts because I really want them to come out that I give more volume cra to the parts that I already draw. Does he know are a structure? You know how we do it? We don't give polio on Connor at the beginning. Don't give too much corner. It's gradually go over your trying. You can't buy ham, Loomis because this for was the skill larger than we expected. But he was began lives for my shores and also change the direction because your aunt's changing so you don't should not use the same direction that he was using for here. For incense, the first layer of dries almost finished. We can finish it here. We don't have to add more. However, there is another technique I want you guys to nerve. So after I finish drying part with pencil, I'm going to talk about the other technique on pencil, which would be brush on pencil first. Let's complete the Hershey reports. It's different line direction. No going to Does that change my paper? And then before I go on my our muscles, which I did her Sure, I'm going to teach you how to do wanes, as I did part of it on the previous example, you can see on going through the veins with my stump, which already has some volume on it, with some colors on it. So, like every other examples that we do today, you just draw the like gradually, either go eat or out. It depends on your trying, and in the middle of furor vein from the lights to the middle. It should stay white. We call that highlights middle highlights or meet highlights. Now, after a stop, I'm using my brush. I'm not going to complete this arm. I want you to learn how to draw of AIDS because vain crying is very easy. It just requires Hugh to draw two lines black and your lines. Either of you to stop our video content. It depends on your drying. And then go on it because my pencil a razor I'm using it because I want to give either take sure and also highlights. I'm not completely getting read off the great parts. I'm only using it because of on to have more highlights on this paper. Now I think more pressure also going through the middle part just compared this court that I'm drying, which is with stop on the part of It's like a few minutes and a few seconds ago, which was with my brush. The brush part is very smooth, but this part is has more texture into it. This is my other stuff because this is the vein. So if you go through the introduction part against, say, we have different size off stump lending. Uh, this fund was size too. Detroit, which is very small, very afraid. Look, I ask you deliver before ending the second example I mentioned I would like to go on his with broad so you can't see a different technique. You can't let it be like that because that's call a sure dry or hatching drawings. But also you can keeps very old master feelings to it, as I did in the first example. You can't debate. I moved my brush. It looks beautiful, isn't it? I didn't with any pressure, I just went on eighth and blend all the parts. Not because I used that brush on some black parts. My brush already has some color on it. Also, I'm going to use graphite here. You can see for larger skulls you can keep doing get you to stop. You don't have to use your brush. But since the scale is Islam, long are. So I dust by, Prefer to use brush. After I did that, I my highlights they got away. So whenever you're highlights and they go very because maybe you're using your brush all over or you're using powder and your heart. Let's start trying. It does, no matter. Actress. Use your pencil a razor again, and then you're stumped around it like what I did. Now I use my pencil reserve that I'm now. I'm using my stuff not just giving volume, but also texture around it so you can see the vein parts are coming out. My stomach doesn't have just color on it because it's almost finished. But I'm giving more volume. Look at the difference. Look at, as I showed you a few seconds ago. Difference between tough fade and the lower one. So that's how your brain can come up. You can't do this for different parts. Then you have muscles. For a sense. When you're drawing a guy that it's lots of muscles and you want to and draw the veins, either Fry sends, you can look at the first example, which is on the top part. Now you know how to draw ways. Either you do it straightly with your brush are you used pence at a razor and its stump to create the vase, so you have learned free different techniques. First was the first example, which, as I mentioned, I do with Brush the second example was I didn't read my pencil. You can have live it like that. But under pencil parts I went on on Earth with my brush and also under bad example. You're seeing different one which should shows veins more. That's why I'm using my stuff and also right. I use my since that. Or is it as your C? Because depends are more feasible. That's why I'm using this technique on the inside part. What's been your train drawing for incident? The first and the second example There should not be really shy. Also, it all depends on your model. No, they kept my hand. I'm using my smaller stop because the lines are very for you. We're almost done with our drying just giving you the last touch which is giving more color on the line parts. - So I hope you enjoy it till now. Since I'm using the same type e alert you to look at my hand right in my hand movements from thes part to the end. It's our veins that you saw like if you wanted to do brain And if you just want to use your pencil on your brush, how to do them well. I hope you enjoy this episode, guys. And I see in the next law never forgive yourself, but by 8. Leg Hachure: Hi, Ron will come to this except in this. Listen, you're going to learn how to her short necks, cross hashing techniques and also shady. Let's begin. Hi. Everyone will come back today we have two examples in front of us. And under left example I'm going to do like how sure, on the right example, which would be next episode. I'm going to show you how to do like her shading meet brush. So now let's to stop. You can see I'm using a four B. I start from the line and gradually going down using the saying direction, line and circle Later on, I'm going to add cross assure or some people call it across handshake, Which would be Trump Darren. So there you have to Hughes a different direction and angle. Nice and shady. You can see this is what I need. Now I'm going to continue. I'm going all over my drawing with this technique. It's not an advance. Uh huh. Sure, this is very beginner. So for anyone who has just started or this is their first time watching one of our episodes and I started from the leg part, you can see this is not intense, and I'm going through it very lightly. In previous episode, we had some intense pressure as well. So you can check out those episodes now. Look at my hand movements and ha moving my pencil. I'm changing the direction I'm exploring the leg for its As I mentioned, this is, uh, for beginners and also people who has learned advance a harsher in these lessons. You can also try these. Just try to enjoy it on, but drawing different lives in different directions and see how it looks like you can see I even holding the pencil differently. So if I holding it like these, which this part is almost looks different from the beginning part off our trying number, get the rest off my hand. It does not matter if it's beginning or advance how sure always this thought from your nine and gradually go to the light parts, which in our case, would be our the middle part off the leg. So, like in peaceful, you can give more death and make it come alive like treaty creating. If you learn the stating, you can use it for anything, not just for portrait and anatomy drying which were in teaching you in this course. But you can learn it and use it in still life or geometric and many others. The technique is this saying it just objects would be different. You will see the difference, but only using pencil, and also by using only brush, which would be next episode. And you can compare the two legs together after they're done. You can see I'm just deciding which part dio and how to have fun with my lines just being cross ashore. So this is what cross the Shermans. I did the first layer in one direction and the second layer in the off of the direction. So they have different angles because my hand and how fast I'm drying you don't have to do this fast. You can just try to see how you're more comfortable, did your dry before moving to intense trying, which we have done actually in earlier episodes. I during our face drawing or other episode that you can check out both of them, are easy. Whenever I say this is advance or this is beginning, right does not mean one of them is harder. It just it means I'm using my hands more and also exploring different days off drying. This is what you guys should do to speak of your pencil on a sub Dry lies in any raise. He want not care if the lines are correct or the lies are in quite direction. Now let's move to the other part. We talk about different directions and cross hashing and how you give more color and volumes. That's time to go, Trudy Feed. You have learned in this part in the previous every so if you know, fronted on how to girl feet or how to shake them either, huh? Sure or shading. You can check out the fruit every Selves, and I drove different. She's drawings, how to do toes and also different direction if you try ings as I mentioned. Now this look at this example you can't see defeat that is a little further away is darker under one. A little near is Lis, a slider. It's all about our perspective now. If you want your trying to come more alive, give dark volume to the outside parts outside. The main light we've got the FAM doing has a mission. You have to do this in one direction. However, I'm exploring on that. I just want to go around and have fun with my lions. We get the rest off the assure parts and harm darkening this sport. I'm just not really caring about one direction. Doing some cross hatching. You can see I'm using the same pencil and I keep using it. Why its stock here? I'm pretty sure you all know the answer is all about the pressure that I'm bringing in. Just, I think more pressuring to my pencil. That's why DACA, now this Goche Ruthie rest awfully me and let's make it come out more. Uh, you're almost finished with our lines outside the leg part. Now I'm going through the line and gradually go in. You can see I'm giving more volume Now I know how dark it is. Outside delay. I know how much I want to add. Get away again. I either use from stuff from this line top line or the bustle line, and I gradually go in. Also, I'm adding more volume to be outside fourth, we'll keep continue doing this technique And I hope you have enjoyed this episode so far. Just have a piece of paper in front of you draw the legs which have flaring, how to draw it all balls and shaves. And if you have a model or from your imagination, even if deadlines are not perfect, you can't see. I just draw a rough sketch here and I did assures I didn't want to do it Perfect drawing in this episode so you could see like your feet doesn't have to have old details or your leg doesn't have to have all the details. You can have very noble drawing and then go over it and create a beautiful painting, which is more abstract and are there it can consider as abstract or or impressions art. And if you had more details, quit more delicate lies. He can consider it done. That's realism and hyper realism painting drawings we cant see they're almost finished of this going truth, last lives and the last touch ups. You don't have to do days. I'm just saying, because I'm moving my prince around and I'm exploring it. However, if you want to use only one direction ensures you can do that. Also, you can do across the shore, but you don't have to paint straight lines. So it's all about your choices, and I really hope you enjoyed the safest those guys. The next episode you're going truth e example under right, Unless there on how to shade legs, feet brush I see in the next episode, but by 9. Leg Shading: however, bond will come back in this episode. This learn few other techniques that some off them we have already used. You can see if you have are next drawing ready in front of us. Have a started little soon and start using my cuddle fish. And you have learned this technique on face drawing episode on the one that I did. Angela Julie. You can check out that every salt and see how it's done right now. Very fast. I'm going true, the legs part and I'm using my brush. You know the rules that overs when we are near day lies used more color, however, your online some shades. So that's why I drove my line and the black port you sell more? No, I'm using my kata. I just use it for the rest of leg. This is fast drying. I'm giving shadows for their stuff. Tea parts that should be DACA. You can keep using your brush. However, I'm using my son because I have better control. And also I want to give some textures here. As I mentioned, I want you to use different techniques today, so this is cotton bots. Previous, seeing the introduction part if you have learned how to use them. Now let's apply it on the really example. Because I used my cousin for shading on applying Shays over a day painting parts. I used my razor to get rid off the extra powders around the drying. Now again, I shouldn't love using cotton votes. It gives you a very smooth surface. You only can use this if you want to have some pictures. Indistinct dry. In previous episodes, you have done different based on different reasons. We use our stubs because my hand will this gradually bringing more pressure, adding more pressure into it. So you learned this technique. I used my cotton bob. Then I went on its feet. My stuff. So it's like school surface it draw for take sure on eighth, and I'm using that for next dry. This gives you very beautiful feeling. I'm using the same technique as I deeds on the Bonaparte. I'm also using the come on bars for kidney parts. Look at the family holding it because I want to put more pressure. That's why I was holding the cooking both like that. Look again, Why my cousin bought is black is because I already used it either in black parts or if I have powder around me. I put my cousin balls into the plate. Hauser plates and get some and makes it. Doctor, just don't apply it. And strictly into your paper, make sure there are no extra powder. Are your cut on bloods? Very careful now for the bigger surface against. See, I'm using my big brush. I just size 10 or 16. It depends on you now. I'm using my stump lending again. This is another technique. I don't use your stomach. Very used your cotton pots. Or you can use your stuff. Very. You use your brush. They're almost the same. But a little different feeling when he does hyper realism, paintings. And either of when you're doing a complete portrait. All these things create different feelings and different textures in the creative part. Off this course, you can't see how I'm going to use all of these things together. I have my creative core lessons at the end of two scores. So you can see after I applied everything first, cutting both. Then I go on it with my stump, then using my brush. So is completely give that all feeling that I keep saying it's my favorite and creates a very beautiful Take sure on your surface, so I keep doing it. If you have patients, don't act too much. Contrini. Gradually bring more volume. If you're a listen impression, you can just stop drinking more power there or more volume into your painting. As you can see, I'm bringing more coloring to it. So this time I did it the other Vera. First I used my stuff. Then I used a condom. But see the difference, Which means look, I didn't use the self picture first. And then the hard texture it was theater of a year old, always play with the techniques that we have now is your tools, and whatever you have around you, you can use them. There is no search in vain to do itself. I also can. You can say I'm using my fingers, too, Fred of a. Some parts and again I keep repeating all the techniques I talk to you today. Now will I to go through the shoes and how we do it is this time I would like to use my content pencil or you can use your charcoal Purcell, and then either you can have them sharp like I do. Also, you can use your pencil. Eight be as I'm using it. Now. Our model has a very beautiful shoes, some extra careful and put or taz for and hum. Using my pencil near the line, I add more cutter. And when I go in the middle, this Connor and more highlights. So in two escorts you have there like everything is so easy. And if you follow each video and have Moviles and you're already familiar with the tools, the materials and also your family over the techniques just practiced up and bring everything on your paper, you will see it that you can't create a very, very beautiful drying for this part. Either you can let it be like this fair, a rough on lee your pencil or you know that technique. You can go on it with your brush or read your stuff, so I'm almost finished with this shoe. It is the first high heel, and I'm going to go through the 2nd 1 Now let's you to look at the second example this time I'm going to start from the what's in part and gradually from the line comes down this high heel. But we exactly looked like the first example as we did. It must be careful off the details. - Well , I hope you enjoyed till now. They're almost finished. Our with our high heels now for the end. Priceless. Go through. Our next feet are pencil. Why I'm doing this because you have learned the other techniques, which was cutting thoughts. First, we use our cotton with couple bone fish, father than if you use kuttel cotton thoughts. Then I use my stump and then brush and then niks and combine all these techniques that it's time to take a lot of stuff for work. Or maybe used pencil on all these techniques that they did before. Let's see how it's gonna look like Look at the texture is quiet, different. You can see the shade parts looks more Rio. That's why I use a pencil to bring death live picture into it, and whenever you want to do a hyper realism, that is the reason the US pencil, because the picture creates it, brings a very likely feeling, too, are drying. I will continue my painting and he keep working with my pencil. You can do this with four B or six B. You can even use your and to be pencils. It all depends on you. If you don't want to care about the pressure on you want to do a very subtle shading. Just use your to be pencils or even for B continuously going through the leg forest the back off the life. Look at the difference between this fall on the one that I'm going on it, though it's quite different, We're almost finished. You can use this technique is all over your leg. But however, because I don't want to touch other sixties and I want you to have a look at it, I'm gonna let it be. I didn't have to use my razor there and gone in with my brush. But if you feel date pencil is too much, you can olders a There is a very get rid off if you're a razor, as I mentioned before, you could let your high heels or anything that you draw video pencil eight b to stay or you can you go on its with your brush and blended together. It depends on you and what kind of feelings you want to have. Look at the difference. I'm just giving highlights with my pencil or raise their into it. You can see it on our shoes. You have some highlights. Well, I hope you enjoy this exercise, guys seeing the next one, but by 10. Foot Drawing: however, bar in the next few episodes, you will learn how to drop for drunk initial feet anatomy and also how to do a sure and shading Miss Piggy. How everyone welcome back Today, let's learn how to draw faith in an unusual and easy lay. This is Starbird. Drawing are famous oval shapes. I just threw the five toes very easy, right. We get my hand movement and the day I'm going to complete the underside of the food then you're going to learn how to do this very easily. This will almost looks like your feet trace. Now that is almost complete. Let me go through the lines on our over shapes again again My hand love ends and try to pity on a piece of paper. Draw the over shape that the toes both fitting first and then divided the space with lines between the toes. I was sure the ideas in few minutes. So just practice your almost as I just did. Then you can ysidro toes. Now let me show you one more time that how we can do destroying in a geometrical way try to imitate my hand more best on your paper now I want to show your complete version of these feet trays drawing this one the cat. Hi. I'm drawing different lives in different angles and at the end of a circle one circle and you can see I just throw the overall shape on deft ears. Little fitting first, and then I've divided this space off. It lines the size between the line and the Caroline. Depends on your feet model the underside of the food kind of shave you seeing, printed, understand on beaches. The character off this plan are more pronounced, although it will still fit within a broad triangle. So practice in practice, you can see I'm doing it few times for you guys to see how we do it. If you want to do it fast, this is the overall shape. Easy, right, very enjoyable. Oh, don't be afraid, just do it. Some people didn't like few drawings, but it is very nice as we practiced this toes before. Now let's move to the next part. You can see I drove the first to also you can see this is the same technique we have learned before the overall and the circles. Our look at this point and how I'm moving my hand. I'm going to complete the toes Now You should know between each toe there's a small although shaped gap. You can't say between Dubik more on the second wall and look at the space. There is a gap between each part. Now I'm trying those gaps. You can I did draw your toes first or the Gaff parts. It depends on you. I want you to look at my humble, whereas this is same technique. Other first example, Only the toes parts are more four board. Now you're going to complete the process. I just came my service. Look at this oval shape because this part is it isn't different from our first example. Just like you're walking in the door, coz So these are the shape you need to learn when you're drawing underside off the feet. Also, you should notice that toes are not perfect shaped ovals. Try to play with the lines or after you drove the General pars, Look at your model and see beach bars. The line should be like a shaken or broken. Now I'm going to show you a small version off this drying very easy right doing another one left him right now. Let's draw the top plane part off the feet, which is connected to the ankle. Been in a viewed from above. The plane off the top off the foods loves away from the ankle down to the nose. Draw the over shape that the tales will feeding first and then divide outer space off lines between the toes. You'll come doing it again in a different format. So let's go to our makes example. This is the back off the food drawing. Now I'm going to draw the leg. Part almost looks like race. And then after the race, I did the angles and then draw. I drew a circle. I'll show you one more time, so this is the second leg you can see. It looks like a race before going through the ankle. Now what? I'm trying. Still not obvious, because I haven't completed throwing park. It's it feels like two legs and feet and why you're looking at it from the back and I'm going to show you in a different perspective how it looks like now you can see I'm trying to complete the sketches and try to make them more visible and then of a draw. Their stuffed feet you can see is coming out better. I'll do here as well. You can see a little toes more side. This is great and a practice for Anna to me Here, the toes part. I want to give it some time and shells like few lines. Now you can view better and how it looks like how you should look like. But this house should Looks like these are Onley raw sketches that I'm doing regarding food anatomy. They usually use this method in digital arts. When did draw the sketch first and then go on it with a more visible pencil like I'm doing now, which I'm using content. So again, this is method. This method is very famous among people who is doing digital art reaching few and in future courses. I'm going to show your dad as well. I'm going to the shading parts days somehow. Sure, I'm going to mention again. This is just a rough drying Rough sketches off how should look like dispensed, using a very fun for me because I'm free how to do it. I'm miss careful and I play with lines. Now let's have a look at the inside plane. Dry the plane off. The food is approximately triangle running from the ankle to the big toe and heel. Use around that shaped. Establish the positions off the heel ankle. The relationship between them is important for the stability of the figure. It's very easy, right? Look again, I'm going to do it again one more time. Please follow the hand movements on a piece of paper on the side of bliss at the toes and few details. Yes, you are adding their toes. So this is how you should do it. It's very easy, isn't it? Now I'm going to show you how to draw toes. Now it's time to draw them. Those in a bigger version for the inside plane drawing in this part, I want you to have a little and my mama at my hand, and how I start drawing the tails is quite easy. They got my hand movements so you can completely with our famous over. After I finished, the rough sketch, which I did, must add the diesels in circles and changed the position a little. You can add in the details now then the circle parts to overshare parts. And if you're those are in different positions, how develop life And, of course, the fingernails. They're almost done until the next episode, which I'm going to show your how we can easily draw food freehand and how to sketch down. I make them beautiful. Well, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode in the next episode of Teacher. How to Do a Realistic Feet Dry and How to Have Shorter See in the next episode by 11. Foot Drawing Hachure: however, Von will come back. In the previous episode, we learned how to do if your driving's in different days and different angles. So they were going to learn how to do a realistic steet drawings. This time we are going to do free hat because in the previous, if still he learned how to do the structure and how to do future structures, the toes and everything. Not this time. I want you to fall on my hand movements because the screen you can see I started from two lies coming down and, of course, our famous circle and famous over shaves. It's very simple. I just completed in few seconds because I'm going through the toe part. It's like his square. So the point for this episode I want you to have a piece of paper in front of you and every second just try sometimes to pause, draw what I have drew for you. And then again, what should they get? CNN were accompanied in the nose part that is, the 1st 1 is completely almost finished. This is our office sketch. As I mentioned the tools part event overdraw oval for the structure I mentioned previously that they are not perfect. They have to be a little shaken or broken. So I going to draw that Our stuff, the toes. I got my hand movements. Keep trying is very easy. You know that Because in this episode you're going to do how sure I have measured before on . You know, all those near delights are the darkest. They can't me. I'm giving that wrinkle parts going through the ankle parts. And I used the same direction off Ashoura. So it depends. X look Ah, hydro. Right now, if you want your kid to be you care or not that this is the structure a fever say it's quite hard at the beginning you can go true to your older shapes on the circles and at the end very easily is completed because of am doing the last touch up Now that's was it. Very easy, guys. Right. So now I want to go through the second example this time going to look like a different angle, different direction. Have a piece of paper in front of you and just follow the lines. This example it looks like you're wearing a shoe are like Aguilera putting her kids up or in different angles has changed the direction of my hand. Go quick, completing the rough part. See the overall sketches coming out. Completing the toast part. Now all those turtles borrows parallel to the other side. If you follow lines, you can see they. Is it a house, too, Being the same format? No, I think a little pressure because the rough sketches done. So I want to make my lines more visible and their lives that I want to look for our life. At the toasty nails, you can see a toes from the, uh and part, but before our older shape ends, I finished the toes in a school re. So that's very easy now, just And if the ankle and they go through the rest off the toes because my hand movements and how broken some off them looks like five off the they are correct have done a mix of it . Four fingers. I was trying to all right numbers. Now you can see I started the a sure part. I'll do some cross assure, or some people call it across. Hashing up mission previous episode. How sure is a French name for a hot drink. Oh, Bastos has an extra line next to the main line for the toe nails. You can't the angle again. You know the rules. Oldest EMEA Delight is the darkest because the very I am bringing the near the line. Sure more. And then I'm going Tru Dura stuff Defeat. Also there wrinkle parts. I want you to look at my hand. Movers can't say there is a paper under Ernest, my paper. That's why there are some parts you can see in the middle. It's been chicken. So be careful of what kind of paper you have underneath because mine has been cut from the middle and it's ready for other drawings. So that city, if you are doing your main drawing your main painting, be careful of what you put under your paper. Try to have something solid, like of with or anything that you have even a book that is more. It's quite hard now. This quickly go through the rest of the sketch and then accompanied the harsher parts. I'm doing a general, So that part I mentioned before I just prized it. I just don't overdo blackness. I give it some time because if he just suddenly like some parts, is very hard to go back or something, you overdo it. Two captive A. I'm No, I'm gonna go. Truth E That's how you should do it. It's very easy. Circle over all over are like here I dressed through overall mobile circle over. It's all about your imagination and how you play with your lives on our famous ovals. Now look at the Fred example. Let's guess what I'm drawing right now. Maybe it looks like fairly near our previous every saw the foot craze, but in a realistic bay. So you can compare this to the previous episode and how we draw that phone and how you're drying this one. Make comparison because you have learned sketch. In other episodes, you went through the whole face and you learn the hand drying. So this is getting easier for you on your hands, as we call it, is getting warmer, I guess, and just could be used to drawing. That's why I can go through this part a little more Advance. Just be comfortable Video pencil on your paper. After a while, you follow this hand movement that I'm drawing right now it kind of easy to do Is frying I imaginations or any model that is in front off you. You can drives very easily Since you know the main format, you know, the main it structures. And of course, we have learned about the ovals and circles. So that may go true. Are off. It's another example. This is almost just like the previous one, but in a different direction. Different angle because the deaf or what is the same. It's just the very how you play with it. Just more pressure. My pencil on the toes I mentioned You have to start from the edge part and before your overall finishes you have to close yours square like these. I'm going to give you an example of the circuit, you know, surprise. Great. Let me get my hand. I'm going to do the Ashoura start from the corner Gradually I going because of a At the end I did across the shore. So it's coming out against these coming life nine is left Freedy. So again, let me show you. This is how you should do it from the corner side and you go in. That's it very easy guys. So do the same thing in your drink. And then let's go through the rest of day toes. Nails. Some of our tools are very ugly year. It's making right now. It's getting better, so you can see people have different shapes off those. It all depends on your how long that you want to draw them, how short you want to draw them. And Beechman should be longer. Which one should be shorter? You have seen everyone their unique toes shapes. If you follow these episodes and in no time practice few times and look at the videos, you can easily draw anything, and eventually you have the confidence to do life drying. I'll give you another example for the those fingers so deserted those nail that I just drew Look at the second. Like all of them, they had one. I began my hand well, friends on beach parties, cider. Which part is darker Now again, I have to mention this every time you had the line is the darkest Just you have to be careful. Which parts has the light is coming in. We cut the nails so don't overthink shows. Shading is very important we got the part that I did shaving few times. You can do it very easily. I'm moving to my next example. Let's guess which angle and direction I'm going to choose, but it's obvious now. Go through their office sketch, follow my life and have a piece of paper in front of you and just committed to hand movements. Just drove my toes. Be careful. You have five toes. Don't draw three or two. Well, our famous format of all a wall circle over. Now let's make it more. Rail is big. You have a very strange toe here. I let you to look at my hand movements since you have landed in the previous examples. In this, every surf, not the toes, are. Before I go to the next one. It's a little broken. You always go through perfect lines, but not been. Your drawing toes actually should be the other way around. That's why it makes it more fun. See, it's very easy. Sometimes. Just pause the screen and follow the lines, and then what? We watch it again. See if you didn't write or which part you needed to change, we can't this way. It's like the angle shows and it's the right angles. Know why I did this? Because I want to make it more realistic. Yes. Are it is stepping silver rough sketches. All this fun Both your handbook bends the very you play with your pencil and your model I do You have a mother in front of your yard doing from your imagination. Give some perspective for your hatching. I can see my assures their old same direction. Giving more because I had some on the papers underneath. I don't just get more careful. The part I'm giving some volume menace comes to your main drawing I mentioned before. Be careful what you put under me now if you remember in the previous episode I mentioned E gap parts is just here. It's almost dont together and I drove the gaffer's in dark. We're almost finished with this on this Well, you can see how easy it was is giving the last touch. You're harsher in the same direction. You can complete it going through all ashore. Just remember And yet the line should be carcass and the middle You should be The life is part See , you can see the middle part is the lightest. That's why I'm doing my shorten this way on this and golden direction. - You guys, I hope you enjoyed this example as well. Let's move to the next one. This time, just learn how to do only toes. Those girls who realistic it was drying. Look at my hands and go true. The gap parts. We learned how to do this in the previous episode and did structure parts. Now we're just gonna do it for your hands. Just giving more volume because that a rough sketch is finished. Careful off the gap part between our first toe to the 2nd 1 and the men nails. You can see you between the fed. So and therefore toe, I gave some or a gaffe which didn't exist in the second between second and the 3rd 1 Just I'm just gonna give it some volume. Some dark, Mr. So the gas between our toes are almost finished. It's gonna go through the the nails part. They kept the way I'm going to do it. This one I have cut my toes as here says, more trimmed can see the front part have looks like so they nails are almost finished. Now let's go through the rest off the shows and, uh, giving more volumes. You get the end part for a small oval at the end because my hand movements well, I in the Priebus examples how to do the nails, How you are short since he knew the main rose the structures on how shada and that you to look at the hand booboos It was easier still not right. If I go over them three times and give more volume, this can become very realistic. I can't see even a bomb near the lives give more. Well, you I have more penciled into it Now guys, let me give you again another example off the nail. You get this structure and that was it Very easy Right now let's go through the rest of our assure We're almost done. So please watch this. If it's a few times, have a piece of paper in front off you and then start drawing thestreet teacher part from the previous epistles and then practise free hand, as I did watched himself. Your times I give the diesel draw the details and then you can't do this very easily. But I hook. You guys enjoy this episode. You learn how to do feed drawing very easily. And that's it. So very easy. Right? I'll see in the next episode, guys. Well, I 12. Go Creative : Hi, Ron. Congratulations. Now you're finished learning everything. You didn't know what human body futures dry. It is time to be creative video skills and take them to another little. Combine your skills, use your imagination and be creative. You will be the next Picasso looking for worth. Good luck. 13. How to Paint when you don't know drawing: I refined in this episode, I'm going to teach you to draw without knowing how to draw. Already printed the photo I want to draw. Also our materials is one piece of cotton and also charcoal powder. 10. Around your paper under your print. Use your cotton, have some charcoal powder on it and go over your print. We kept a very I'm going to share. I'm going to continue this until the paper is cool off, choke or powder and make sure the powder is stable. It means there's no extra powder on it, and when you touch it, decliner stays on it. Later on. When I finished is over, grab a piece off pencil and bill outline our portrait. Now it's almost done. If you touch the paper, you can see there is no extra powder on it, so it means when I turn it around and put it on our white paper, it's not going to leave any trace on our paper. Now it's died to get your pencil and then gradually go over the lines that you can't see. However you for API do days, you have to make sure that our photo is a stable I will have my tape, and then I will take my photo to our table. Didn't bill a star offline the portrait. - Now let's start. And this part, If he want to draw hyper realistic portrait, you have to do this very carefully. Look at the pencil trace. So if you continue doing days your lines in the stay on your paper, that's how you can grow a whole portrayed without actually knowing how to drop. So if we go through the techniques off, our shading learned the techniques. And if we can not or you're in a rush to do a portrait, you can use this technique and then the starting of dry. Now this look, I'm going to do this and finish the drawing off our portrait in no time. Just be careful that your lives not be too light or too dark, because if it's to life, you will not see the drawing after worst, and it's impossible to trace back and put your prints exactly on your pencil traces. - You're almost done. I just make sure every nine is there. That's why I have final look before you take Obey your paper. Next episode will go through all the shading techniques that you have noticeable and combined them together for these portraits. So I hope you enjoy this maybe so and learn how to draw without actually knowing how to drop. So just make sure every lives there, and then you're done. Well, guys, I'll see you in this next episode. Well, by 14. Audrey: Hi. Everyone will come to this creative course you already learned how to draw. But in this drawing portrait, you learn how to draw without actually knowing how to draw Alice. Time to use all the techniques that you have learned so far on this portrait. I'm going to use a combination off every techniques that I talk to you during the whole course. And in this creative episode he will learn how to combine them and create a realistic portrait drying. So I hope you enjoy this episode we're looking for Are seeing you in the next episode they say Sometimes things got a break for the son. Let's come in. You may me home through the girl You everything things that go down you go take in May The only ones just just Oh, no. Sometimes it's hard way You may feel at home in a few They say things that got you go take in May you know things that God things that you take in May I just They say sometimes things got a break for the son. Let's come in. You may me at home I saw through the girl you everything. Things that go down you go take in May Just just No. Sometimes it's hard way you may feel at home in a few Come to things that God you take in May you know things that God things. Are you taking me just Yeah. 15. Roudism: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this creative. Every self round is up. What I mean by round is up. It means you can pick up your pencil and your brushes and draw any kind of circles you want on your paper. It does not matter if they are perfect or if they look like different shapes, like ovals or any kind of shape. Study work. Why we're doing this. I want to use your imagination and your creativity on your paper and draw any kind off lines and shapes you want. After you draw your lives, however you want it, you realize you have created a shape or a figure on your paper without realizing it. It would be so fun playing around with your pencil media brush and you're the powders however we want. So I hope you enjoy this episode on. I want you to look at my hand movements and practice your shading the skills and also create something unique. Good luck and enjoy this episode. Also, this creates something that no one else does see in the next episode, but by they say, sometimes things got a break for the son. Let's come in. You may at home I saw through the girl You, everything They things that go down you go with take in May I Just just No. Sometimes it's hard way me feel at home In a few Come to things that God you gonna take in May No, honey Things that you they say things that you take in may just they say sometimes things got a break for the sunlight Come in You may home through the girl You everything Things that go down You go take in May again Just just Oh, no. Sometimes it's hard way You may feel at home in a few Come to they say things that God you gonna take in May No things that God they say things that you take in May And you're talking just here, James. They say sometimes things got a break for the son. Let's come in. You may home. I saw through the eyes of a girl You everything things that go down you go take in May Indians again Just okay, just No. Sometimes it's hard way You may feel at home in a few Come they say things that got you go take in May things that God, you know, - they say things that go You taking me Just so they say Sometimes things got a break for the son. Let's come in That you you may me at home I saw through the girl You everything they say things that go down you go take in May Just just No. Sometimes it's hard way me feel at home I didn't know you say you come to things that got you take in May you know things that God, - they say things. Are you taking me? And you're talking to me Just okay ? - Things are gone, you know, - things that go You taking me many of talking? 16. David Mixmedia: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this creative every set Today we're going to draw David discolor chur. And also we will use our usual materials and tools like charcoal pencil brush. However, this time you're going to be a little different. We're going to use our imagination and be creative. I'm going to use some oil paintings today. At the end of this drawing, you will see I would draw our sculptures her with oil and with other materials. So this was called a mixed media painting drawing. So first, let's learn how to draw a sculpture to mix your charcoal techniques and the skills with other mediums. The end of this episode after I finished my drawing the poor shit off David discomfiture. I will use my painting materials and go over the hair and see how is going to look like you can't use other of my serious. Don't limit yourself. You can use oil printing, acrylic water, Carter any other mediums that he would like. Just use your creativity and imagination and enjoy dry drying is all about enjoying. I hope you enjoy this every set as well. Well, I guys, they say. Sometimes things got a break for the son. Let's come in. You may me home and threw the girl You everything They things that go down you go take in May Just just No Sometimes it's hard way You may feel at home in a few Come to things that got you going to take and make you know just things that God, you know, - Things that go Are you taking me just Yeah, They say sometimes things got a break for the son Let's come in You may At home I saw through the girl You everything things that go down you go take in May I just just Oh, no. Sometimes it's hard way me feel at home I didn't know you come to things that God you take in May No things that God, you know Yeah, they say things Are you taking me? And you're talking Just They say sometimes things got a break for the son Let's come in You may me home and threw the girl You everything Things that go down you go take in May I just just Oh, no. Sometimes it's hard way me feel at home I know you. I come to things got done you take in May? No, honey. Things that God, now they say things. Are you taking me? You're talking just 17. Conclusion: Thank you for spending time in May, following through this chorus. I really enjoy teaching it. I hope you enjoy the decibel.