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Masterclass 3: Realistic Drawing and Shading Human Features

teacher avatar Ava Moradi, Art and Design Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (5h 9m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Nose Drawing

    • 3. Nose Hachure

    • 4. Front View Nose Shading

    • 5. Side View Nose Shading

    • 6. 3/4 Profile Lips Drawing

    • 7. Side View Lips Drawing

    • 8. Lips Drawing

    • 9. Lips Shading

    • 10. Lips Shading Demo

    • 11. Ear Drawing

    • 12. Ear Hachure

    • 13. Ear Shading

    • 14. Hair Drawing

    • 15. Ponytail Hair Shading

    • 16. Man's Hair Shading

    • 17. Front View Face Drawing

    • 18. Side View Face Drawing

    • 19. Face Hachure

    • 20. Face Shading

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About This Class

Realistic Human Feature Drawing, Hachure and Shading with Pencil, Charcoal and Brush Techniques - Beginner to Advanced

Course Description

Welcome to the Masterclass of realistic drawing and shading of human portrait and features. These classes has been divided to 4 Masterclasses:

Just following link below for each part of the course. 

Materclass 1 : The basic skills and material of realistic drawing and shading

Materclass 2 : Realistic drawing and shading of eyes. 

Masterclass 3 : Realistic drawing shading of nose, lips, ear, hair and face.

Masterclass 4 : Realistic drawing shading of Hand, arm, leg, foot and go Creative. 

In Masterclass 3 you will learn drawing, hatching and shading skills and techniques for photorealism drawing. This is the first class of this ultimate drawing course that will show you how to start drawing and create advanced art in the simplest way that will stand up as professional work.

This course does not need prior knowledge, and it will take you step by step to learn how to draw and make realistic and hyper-realistic paintings at the end.

You will learn general and detailed ways and principles of sketching; we will get to know the tools, materials and techniques of drawing and shading in a new and simple way.

This course gives you access to 30 hrs HD tutorial videos in the simplest way possible for you to learn drawing human features. Even you have never drawn before, as long as you follow through this course, you will be able to draw realistic, eyes, nose, lips, face and other features. You will also learn advanced hachure and shading techniques by using tools such as pencil, brush, stump and powders. You will even use your hand and fingers to create a perfect skin texture to achieve the photo-realistic look.

Throughout all the Masterclasses from 1 to 10 you will gain instant access to 62 lectures of the course, which starts with basics; how to draw lines until you learn how to draw a hyper-realistic portrait with easy techniques.

At the end of each Masterclass you can search for the next class and complete the journey. 

· We will start using simple lines, circles and oval shapes to guide you through the proportion, size and position of human features.

· In each class you will learn how to draw: Eyes, Nose, Lips, Ears, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Hair, Full Face, Fingers, Hand, Arm, Legs

· Next you will learn how to Hachure them with pencil

· Then you will use the techniques that you have learned in this course. You will learn how to shade them and create realistic features.

· Then I will guide you how to combine the techniques together and then you are going to learn how to create textures and apply them to your drawings.

· Eyes are one of the most important parts of human feature drawings; since through eyes, you can show the emotions and make your drawing to stand out. The ‘Eye’ Chapter of this course will teach you how to draw eyes in the simplest way possible and we will go through many examples.

· You will also gain access to Demo sections where you can learn and see the combination of different techniques that you have learned step by step.

Over the 15 chapters you will learn:

· You will get familiar with lines and shapes and how to warm up your hand

· You will get familiar with Pencils, Charcoals, Conte, Drawing Brush and Blending Stump

· You will learn how to use the techniques and combine them

· Creating texture

· Shading Surface

· Eyes section: Front View Eyes, Side View Eyes, Eye hachure (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Eyes Shading, Eyes Demos

· Nose section: Nose drawing (All sides), Hachure, Shading

· Lips section: Lips drawing (All sides), Hachure, Shading, Lips Demo

· Ear section: Ear drawing, Hachure, Shading

· Hair section: Hair shading techniques, Female Hair, Male Hair

· Face Section: Face Drawing (Front View, Side View), Hachure and Shading

· Portrait Demo

· Hand section: Palm of Hand, back of Hand, Fingers, Hand Shading

· Arms section: Hachure, Shading

· Legs section: Hachure, Shading

· Feet section: Drawing, Hachure, Shading

· Drawing with Creative Ideas (Cheat sheet, Roundism, Sculpture, Mix Media)

No rulers or any other guiding tools needed, you still will be able to draw perfect features even if it’s your first time of drawing. After drawing the features, I will also show you the advanced hachure and shading techniques to create photorealistic skin tone and other textures that make your drawing to pop out your paper. We don’t want you just copy whatever we showed you in this course, but to implement your own creativity and be an artist. By the end of the course, you will be able to draw what you have learned during the course but also apply the techniques, be creative and draw your own version of human features.

No matter if you are an art lover, art hobbyist, University student who wants to improve their art portfolio, someone who want to learn some new skills of drawing; artist who wants to learn another medium or even you just occasionally want to make a realistic drawing of your loved ones as a gift to surprise them, you are on the right course. As long as you can write down your name, you can draw.

So what are you waiting for, pick up a piece of paper, grab your pencil, enroll the course now, let’s start drawing.

Feel free to have a look our preview lessons, follow one of the lessons to see how easy it is.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ava Moradi

Art and Design Instructor


I'm Ava Moradi, an artist with a passion for teaching. I started painting when I was 6 years old and learned different art mediums such as charcoal and pencil drawing, oil on canvas, watercolour, and also glass painting. I consider myself an artist and an art teacher. I have had exhibitions in London, St Moritz, Paris, Seoul, and Beijing. My latest exhibition was for Lightopia light festival, where we won the city life award for exhibition.

After completing my Master’s degree in Art Business, at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, I furthered my education at the University of the Arts of London, Central Saint Martins. Once I finished all my studies, I became a full time art teacher.

Being a teacher taught me a lot; as a person and as an artist. I found my path and pass... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is album already and welcome to this master class Realistic drawing, human features and shaving In the previous two master class, you learn the introduction part and also eyes section step by step. How to draw how toe hotch health reshaped, which will lead lives knows on other features in human body. I hope you enjoy this master class. And if you have any questions, I'm always online to answer all your questions. Also, there are those off projects on lots of different pdf attached to this course. I hope you can go through all off them after you watch this and progress together. 2. Nose Drawing: Hi, everybody. Welcome to this ex up in this lesson, you're going to learn the simplest way off. No strike. The only thing you need to draw is your lives on fear circles. That's it. However, one in this desert I will teach you how to draw different noses, step by step in order to draw Knows he Onley need to know how to draw lines, circles and almost indifferent and girls and degrees. As you can see, we have a modern in front of us, which allows us to show you how to draw. Knows that it's almost under mainline through this episode, I'll teach you three different front side nose is that can be easily done. I only knowing circles and oval ships. As you can see, I'm showing a demonstration on this model. And how's that for trying lions, mostly of values. Marist. So, after you see, I have already showed you the whole demonstration on this model, I'm going to use my risk, and she's makes it more comfortable for you to draw lines and your life will come out more straight and need. As you can see, I go from my life few times. Therefore duties on practicing every time. First we draw a horizontal light, then we cut it in half and then draw vertical line in the middle of our card. Draw a circle, which, as you can see, it's been caught in half by our vertical life, and this knows our main middle circle should be exactly on the life. Then let's draw two circles on the side of our main circle. They should be half the size of our main circle. Be called the Circle No stress wings. Our circle wings in any kind of knows drying crumble under mainline and will not move Kendra. Then what we draw has cut all the circles in half and half off the main circles in half as well. And then we drawn oval shaped from the two lines we just drew. That will be armed. No stress. If you look at the shapes and lines that we just drove, we should follow the end off our oval shape and create a carefree line which creates the notions and for Mitt. Look how I'm doing it. In this version, the team off the nose can either start from the line or a little down from the main life. So when I finished with my Nostra's, which he saw been done very easily, I go a little tell and then I just connected lies to get her. We have completed our nose almost, and now we have to follow the care of lines. Just look at my hand movements and repeat after me on the simple Prepa. All our care of lies should be seen mystery and the same size. See, it's very, very easy. Now we try to draw another sacre the same size off our main sigur on the top off it and another one which is 1/2 off size on the second circle. Now we have completed our form. See, it's very easy now. Let's follow the sickle lines. You've got our model. It's almost the same again. We should follow the care of lives and connect them together. However, I have to say its nose is different. The second sickle can be a thinner as well, so it doesn't have to be exactly Ah, under knows it can be a faint or it can be different. It all depends on you on your model. So if you want draw F inner life. You have to cross the sick and sicker. Now just connect the lines together. This lines are only there to make us understand the for so if you know the for, we can easily apply shading later. Now look at my hand. I'm just trying to show you if you want to change the ah, the size off the nose and how it can be a Finn or not depends on your arm making industrials. This being size a little bigger regarding your case or your model, try to change the size of the circle rings. Now we're going to draw. Another front knows follow my movements, which are main circled. This time is below our main Like as I mentioned, the 2/2 circle size knows feels will never move from the main line or they don't go up and down there always always on our main horizontal life. You see, they're both this now we're done. We're going to cut them in half, then d artois to in half as well so easily. Now we draw the oval shapes in between the lines in this version of our nose because the team off the noses down the No Street doesn't show, even though I drove them for you, I just wanted to show them very days stance. But we don't draw them in them. So I'm going to follow our care. Flies are circles and then try to connect them together. Let's pull and give more volumes into the lines in this part. Just look at my hand and how I go through the lines. Same as the previous version will draw second line on in the middle and another half on top of it, just followed the lines. And it doesn't matter if the lines and circles are not perfect. That did not affect our main painting parts, which you will see later how I shape it from scratch. So look at my hand moves that I'm trying to connect them together. You see knows Dries is very, very easy. I can't say it's one of the easiest parts off your face. So if you're almost done, no. The fat version of the front nose drawing our main circle should be above our horizontal life on our A pair arse and circle things off the no should be almost looks like over and under men line. In this version, Calving circle can look like an action, and then I'm going to follow the lines. You can see how it looks like I already cut them the video and a little for rice. So I'm just going to tell you that again, like the past two. The previous examples. I cut all my circles in half and the other half in half, so we will continue drawing and know strolls. Just follow the drone lines in these version. The team off the nose can either be underlined or it can be drawn. A little offer. You can go a little higher than the mainline. It all depends on your model, so I'm just full 90 man lions again. It's just a very address, so, no, we will draw. A side knows that our main circle is on our main horizontal line. In this version, we should draw our main circle on the strikes I of our vertical line or on the left side. It depends beside the use and another half circle on the other side. As he can see from the corner off the oval shape, we draw a care of line to the other side, which is the which the circle is bigger. If you look at my hand and repeat full time doing, you can see how easy it is. Now just follow to care of lines. This line, as you can see, is the line that connected nose to the upper live later gonna be, Didn't we? Can a little draw another main circle size? We should go through our vertical line. It all depends and maybe just 1/4 off it. And be sure, uh, issue, draw another circle, which is half off our main Sigel and want that all half off. It can go through our vertical light. I'll show you another version offside knows. So you see, the tip of the nose is almost not touching the line, but just go true and other vision the big circle on the light, a second circle almost next to each other and then draw an over show in between the lines and then are no thrills. I've you can see it's very, very easy. Then I'll call it the lines together and that's it. Try and practice. It's very weird. It's very easy and very enjoyable. So, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode. See, in the next one 3. Nose Hachure: However, I will come to this episode in this lesson. You're going to learn how to draw a 3/4 knows. Also, I'm going to teach you how to draw a short version of this nest. This episode with help you well, lighting the dark parts and a life parcel from the house today. Listen, enjoy and learn how short girls drag. Hi, everyone. In this episode, I chose a free called aside nose and then through the steps of his drawing by drying the main lines and von meine seeker that should be evolved. The light 1/3 off it should cross the vertical light and we can start a dry didn't tubing. Sigel's that one off. The kind of looks like an oval. We can complete the drying. You learn in the previous episode that you only need to know how to draw knows only by known lines and seekers. This is exactly the same thing. Now I would like to take months deaf over Lister. Another 3/4 knows after we finished is and learned how to do her sure knows with pencil First, I'm going to complete this process, so have a look at my hand marbles and how I'm going to draw a fear Quarter knows. So it's almost finished. Now I'm going to draw another of all, which is already done. You can see before I started your assures, Be sure you have clean life. Since I just completed this, all the proportions are in order. I'm just trying to see Everything's is right. We should start by dry carrying the disastrous first. I always thought from dark side, whenever I draw a Nash, even shading, even shading parts or Hirscher part, since this is how sure I stopped from no Citrus, having no com doing it now, one important aspect of nose dry is that the front side, the tip off your nose, is the darkest part since he need enough color for the nose to become riel. So try and unshaken Nostra size and go around it. In these trying, you only need one pencil we can use either for B or six B or even to be, although it depends on your style and how much you practice. If you practice different styles on paper, you can learn you only need fun council, different kind of pressure. So please have a look on the screen and see how going to continued to drawing former things that you have already learned in the episode Four Eyes. You learned that whenever I do shading when I'm near the lies is always the doc is all this darkest. So I still from the diner and go in. This is the tip of the nose that I mentioned. I'm trying to assure that those parts in previous upset I mentioned that Usher is the fresh name of hatching, and I prefer to use this word because I'm used to it. Look at my hand movers and ah, get the Treasury. They're all in same direction. And since I'm right hander my direction most of time, do you say What can I tell you in this episode is that if you follow my hands and look at the videos few times, then you can start your assures and draw and do it very easily. Now let's try to dark and decides, and then end after lines off the corner, off the nose and from day star. Caroline tried to gradually comes in and not out. As you can see, I'm giving more colors to the place that that should be more Dari. And I do this gradually. I just don't have liken. It s sudden, don't dark and you're painting very fast as I mentioned before since if you do that, it's hard to go back. But if he did smoothly and gradually you're trying ah will become more realistic. And you have an understanding of how to control your hand movements and your pencil pressure. I'm continuously adding more color now off their did no stress and aside our ship and nose by ushering decides that I did. You can see I always go around. And if I see apartness Porsches and needs to be fixed, I try to amend that instantly. Bring your pencils aid. As you can see to spring, it ain no. I'm giving more details in this part. I give out drawing some extra touch and make it more alive. I'm trying to make sure the light parts off the noses stays intact, so I'm not going into that directions. Now we can start by hash wearing the rest off the nose with less pressure on our pencil, try to reduce the pressure and just play around with your, uh, pencil again. Don't lose the control and direction off your drawing continuously move your pencil and give more color. Many a thing it's needed now. I will draw lines and assures to creates per strictly for our nose. As you can see, I'm reducing the pressure on my pencil when I move around so this feel you can see that's become like it. Freddy knows trying on the topside off this trying because there should be dark shadows. I just added extra pressure to my pencil, which caused our nose to stand out, as you can see, then for dinner stuff the drying. I would continuously go back and Firth in order to finish its shading and this kind off assuring and shadings. Either you have a model or you're drawing from your imagination. In this one, we don't have a model, so we can decide the lies and it's perspective and how it should look like so you should not be afraid of taking up your pencil and just start drying it. Just have on pencil, have one piece of paper in front of you, and by looking at this video, follow my hand movements. In no time, you can easily draw the same nose. If it's hard for us to do from imagination and you have started drying truth model or choose thes every cent as your model and start doing it, I'll unless you to look at my hand, opens and the amount of pressure I'm bringing. And so I'll go Truth e drawing parks one more time. So you can, uh, remember just the technique and the structure There always the same. It does not change from the free circles and the two above. That's it. So, guys, I hope you enjoy this every Celt. See you in the next month we'll buy. 4. Front View Nose Shading : However, welcome to this lesson this episode, you're going to men how to drop, knows how to shade it and look materials, unities. You're good to let different materials and a combination of pictures. Miss Piggy. Hi, everyone. Welcome back. Let's draw a front knows today a lamb. No shading techniques later. What I'm drawing the man. A structure of today's front knows I will talk you through the materials and the tools we need as well. In this episode, the materials and the tools you need is pencil, probably to a to be for big. And then, if you can choose fry size 0246 on one size of Bryce size 40 we can use it for ah, big size planning our brush size 40. We'll show you how to create an old master atmosphere in regard into your drawing. So in this episode, all mostly used graphite powder and not charcoal or counter powder Letter. In later episodes, you can see the difference between gravel powder and charcoal pounder, which one off the was very light to grapple. Powder is very light, and in order to very dark, you're almost done with the structure are off our front nose dry. You learned this previously? Anyhow, I will repeat it one more time. We draw two lines. One our main horizontal line and bond Vertical ah, free main circles on our horizontal line, then two on top off them. Then we can continue our to connect our nights together. That drying part is almost finished. I'm just trying to pull the lives and make it more need. So see, I just dark in the line that I want on to be distinguished now starting from the nostrils and then the being sides. At first I was, ah, my pencils to age. And then I changed it to four b Now a pick up my brush size zero, which I have cut the belly forest edges called bristle are using for detailed course such as no, Austria's and Cordner sides have a look how I hold it. I hold my brush in a straight day and I start shading over stf front part off your nose is the darkest part. As I am mentioning the previous episode, I gradually go inside with my brush and follow this on a piece of paper. Here I get a discount read off extra lines by my razor. Then continue with my Bryce I zero. I always move around. So don't try to capture yourself in one area and move your hand and brushes all the time So you can see I'm giving more life and more prospectus because my hand movements, how I move around and lent my pencils together. I pick up my other brushes. Eider size two or four. My brushes either have previously powder on them or if they don't, I can't put some more graph or pattern today. In this case, I can use a graph or powder and not charcoal and content. Since I've all my drying Teoh look deep and looked like an old painting. So I'm going through my lines. Big price I zero and then two and create our dark sides are gradually from dark. I go to light and I do do a few times. Don't be afraid. It won't affect your life. If you go back and for it, you can see the part of front part is very dark. I tried to have a better look, Mel, as you can see that knows it's actually even now is coming out little by little. So I put some graphite powder right now directly to the painting. And then I use the same brush and different size because I have more color on my brush. I will try not to lose the dark side. So I used my f four b pencil now so ah, blended fit my bright side zero again. You have to do the same thickness a few times for shadings because this is different from a assures. Maybe. How should we can't do it for your suit on and two times. But ah, and this one is different now. You can see the difference. As I showed you right now, between dark to light, I use a bigger brush to keep some perspective to it. So I go around. I'm not really pressure on my brush right now. This Atler Crawford parlor directed to the drying. I should do this on both sides now, So I still through the other side not for patterns. But I was really my favorite because it's not dark and the feeling is like old master paintings. Now a pencil. I try to create do deep T shirts and the texture that you're saying you have to move your hands like me and that can make your trying more realistic. So if you look later into ah, this video and we will have some close up, you can see the pictures later. Now your job with a bigger brush. I'm blending more and giving more colors. I just added more gravel powder directly to the page. The graph of powder doesn't suddenly disappear, but every time I directly bring them to my printed, I blow them with my mouth. In order for them not to stay on my paper, you can see just right now I just did it one more time. You can't repeat this video. So you see, whenever I bring it employed off in my mouth, you're Don't let your graph for ah powder to stay on your pay for. I don't do a strict a pencil line, but I play three days like dots. You can see just creating more pictures. Sometimes it depends on your going. Teoh give you another team. Sometimes you can let it be ah texture you created or I prefer to blend up in my brush. You have learned this in the introduction part Now it's time to make sure that everything eyes harmonised and symmetry and same color both sides. So if they're not trying to make them event, uh, if you put more, uh, Molly onto one side, try to get rid of it. So don't be afraid. Off using later on, you can either use your razor or keep more Connor to it. Just try to play with your brush all over your drying. This put more graphite powder and then blew it with your mouse and then going out with your brush. And then I use it to go inside the lines as well. The front side off your note. The tip off the nose as, ah, we say your main circle in the middle. It should always have some life in the middle. You can see I'm not getting rid off that light. Try to Diskin wish the dark size on the coldness and the light part. You can see how many times I go on the shading part. One point he should know. If you don't do enough shading and let go after one, Teoh are three times Ah, many apply your pencils or your brush on your dry ink. It might not be enough, and sometimes over two days is not good as well. So you have to find out the balance between, like giving enough color and not getting enough colors. We're using more colors on my pencil and try to come in on my being sites. I should do this imposed on both sides right now. Try to look at my hands are repeat this hand movements on your paper. It's like I'm and creating in circles and dots at the same time. And then after we're done blender with your Bryce I zero, as I mentioned before, it depends on you if you would like to plant your texture or let it stay like that in a roadway. So as he saw just give extra lies later, this lines that I'm drying. Ah, it helps you to draw complete portrait. One more thing. Don't be afraid to use your hands on your drunk. I usually you can see in a future episode that I use my hands a lot. From now on, I will try to use all the techniques on destroying and go back and forth and give more volume and tarp drying try to create deaths and also Prius. Both parts we kept away. I moved my hands. It's all about the pressure, the amount of pressure you bring in. So I used a little graph or powder here. Now with a pencil razor, try to create light. Ah, highlight pictures on your nose. You can see of creating different pictures. You can either use thesis, which is Elektronik. Uh, trick electric, Raisa, or even pencil razor. It depends on your preference. You can even finish your drawing. Here it is finished. Now, at this moment, but you can continue to to give it more feelings or at, um, more lies or darkness or even pictures. No, I don't. If you remember at the beginning of this episode, I mentioned a very big brush Bryce size 40 which I'm using now. You don't need to use it, but if you use it, it will give the feeling off an old painting Trying. I did this for you guys to see the effect on destroying. Therefore, either you stop here or again, you can add some more color through it. Look at my hump was I'm going on my dry and again some adding more textures. With my pencil, you can either choose to be or four b pencil on Go Rondo going around my care, reliance. One point. You have to realize that painting is like an investment. If you put more time and effort, you will get better and better every time. So try to look at it in that way and repeat all the things that I talk to you today, and then you realize how enjoyable it is. One thing that I just ah, just did in my brush is either you can do it at the beginning of her dry or at the end. It depends on you. But what is important about is like how you move your hand with your brush. Try to cricket very faith, small circles. Ah, you're barrage on great areas. What I'm doing. Usually I use my price I zero and create these feelings and the feeling off skin. - Now use your electric array there to create more lives on your nose. You can do this with a normal raise, Oerter. So you don't need to have the old materials. Even fun would be enough. I hope you enjoy it. This episode's on then loss of techniques see in the next episode by 5. Side View Nose Shading: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this lesson. This episode you're going to hell to drop, knows how to shade it and look materials, unities. You're good to let different materials and a combination of pictures. Miss Piggy, How everyone after we learn from those shading in the last episode, let's go through side knows, drawing and shading with different lighting. I'm going to teach you sign of drying techniques again and then less land how we should shade it. Let's draw our horizontal and vertical lines. Now I'm drying my lines with a to H pencil and then we will draw our circles on both sides , then cut them in half. Then between the lines, we should draw a war over shape. And although shape and then over followed the lines which you have learned these techniques before. And you know the structures already did a little flesh. The knows drawing Bardi Last two sickles now start to connect own lines and just follow our circles. You can see my hand movements and you have already learned all the different days off side knows drawings. Previously, you're almost down. Now we can start our shading. So let's try, um, by darkening the Nostra's parts every day. This time I'm using four B pencil, and after our darken the no stress part, I'll get my brush size zero and we'll blend the dark part. You can see the pictures getting softer. I will go on a few times, so I am sure this company soft and the picture of my pants other than show. Now, off we go my carefree lines now, which I call it the being side and then planned the pencil in my brush and create more death. I will do this few times, starting from the line and girl game before going into Ah decide. I prefer to shade my perspectives. I just use some graphite powder again. Ah, like the previous example, I'm using graphite powder and not content or charcoal powder. Why we're using Grab for power because army and painting with my pencil so it's appropriate to use a graphite powder if you're painting with charcoal or utter material and tools. Ah, you need to use utter powders so you can see I'm going inside with my pencil. Then I will fade the pencil traces with my brush. This time I am using epic airbrush I will go over a few times Now I'm adding more graphite powder. You have learned how to use graphite powder in the introduction part here. You can see that the being site is Ah, getting is more visible by only using one pencil and one brush so you can see is coming out . So I also added some graphite powder to the drawing below, did no stress and then move by brush to other side above the nostril. Ah, this brings out the corner off the nose then as you So I moved my brush to the Teeb Often knows I moved it around sometimes that I want to give ah some lies to knows I used my razor , which I'm gonna do it now. Then I will try to put more volume that already exists on inside off life parse and moved to brush lightly to the corner sides. Look at my hand. Move us the rank discourse. Ah, you can follow them later. It's very important to use the right shading right chorus and care about the lighting. I'm adding more grab for power to the corner size. Since my brush doesn't have enough volume, you can seize giving more color Harry looks great when you use powder and faded away. Then, as he saw on the side off the nose, I draw a lightest rail lines by brush Your lives depends on your model and how they're knows your model looks like so don't worry. A very should draw them. But only practice few times in this part of the girl through the outside lights area and orders create the perspective. So I just added more gravel patter, Teoh the lines and blend in with my brush and a blue the remaining powder. But do not let your powder stays on your, um, paper offset that few times in the introduction part when you're doing is just of a new ass grabber patter. And after that, you should stop playing media brush on your paper. You can see that I'm playing around. Just blending the hearing when you can use your fingers for planning is, uh, one off the techniques. So I used my Bryce size 40 now to create a deep on all feeling for our drying. Then a use your small brush at this funny size zero, which you have to hold it in a straight day and put at more color to it. For volume, try to create contrast feeling by Adam or dark powder and also lights fit a razor all the time. So this is the technique that we have learned in the previous episode, and also in this episode is all about light and dark part Sarkar Speed more powder on the light Priors. Either you're devoid nous off your paper or video a razor so you can see now. I used my hand, the taking I I told you a few minutes ago, and I use your razor again and create dots on your nose. Do despair that very lightly. This create at the texture that he needs later, and then pick up your brush and go on your razor parts in order to fade them a little. Now again, use your four B pencil and dark under care. Realize the sites because if you do that and uh, you go over the dark bars, your nose will become more realistic and comes out all the techniques that you learn in this episode and the Indian in previous episode, you should do them over, and you should practice them over and over again. Fun. You can create some lines with powder on your model again. That depends on how your nose mother looks like despond. I'm trying to create a smaller regime. It is becoming a fame. Try to move your brush and complete your drying. Now, with the approach around and use your a razor for more pictures, you can see I go around at the razor part. I'm again playing my with my brush Shadings is about going over your drying a few times. One thing about no shading that you need to know is like around the no stress part is over is dark rather corner the being sides and the no surprises. Always the darker So that life never change with any model. Yes. Yeah. Um he was in the same technique again and again. Adding more powder. I can't emphasize more that when you have extra powder, I just blow it of a So don't let it stay. I know you Can't you say Why? Because if you your partner stays it had ah, move and go to the other side off your dries and damage it so you can see I'm using my Bryce size of 40 again and then Bryce I zero to blend my graphite powder in my price I zero I create some deep textures on this nose And then I moved by brush around in a circle way. Now, after my Bryce size zero, gotta bring the paper a little doll so you can have a better look. So I'm gonna go through the dark parts for last time and then blended more so the dark part doesn't estate care. This is the last time I used my razor for the highlights off the nose. Mrs. Usually is either in the tip often knows. And then it's your choice if you let your highlights to stay or not. Well, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode's and see you later. Bye bye. 6. 3/4 Profile Lips Drawing: however, bon in this episode, we will continue our lives drawing and learned how to draw two examples of free quarter profile. It's follow my hand, moved best and draw to alliance horizontal and vertical. The vertical like the stars should not cut the other half, but should only called on top of it in these lips dry. I will teach you how to drive a faith as well. Just draw a care of like that is I just are almost on the horizontal line. This is a live that is lean to work upside left, and we can see the colon inside of the mouth on the right side. And now let's decide how fake you want your upper lives to be. Then, from the corner as off the left side, we should decide where we want to go up. I began my ham Lewis. I decide that from here I should grow up. So let's my out plan to stay there. And now let's decide again how thick your lower lip you want it to be. Then we connected lives together. The dimension depends on you on your model. I'm just drying Vidal model. So it depends on my personal preference now from the the spring down the curve line and try to create the corner off the lives like here, connect them together. And now look at how looks like and tried on a paper. So I'm trying to connect old lives together. Now the lawyer live is below the horizontal line and here you can start drawing your feet this light as I drove this reminds burger face should be It's so easy make at the animal part of the fare. A little curvy. So now let's try to see if you're satisfied with deciders off your faith and then if you aren't an outline them, make them more visible. Now we will connect the rest off the lives together. Just try Teoh, go through the details Now I was collect the last line which would be our lawyer. Live together again. The size it depends on you. I would draw the texture part of the lives here later. And next episode you will see how to shake this out flies and ah draw them in a beautiful baby with broad charcoal and other methods. So this is one of our examples and I'm quite happy read it. I'll just change some off the life and their sizes. This is a rough sketch. Sure, you can see there are almost the same size, which is right now. The upper live should be a little bigger. Now, this fund this the first examples finish. Let's go through the 2nd 1 In this part, I will teach you another live drawing as an example. This example is also most smiling and almost looking down. So we draw our usual horizontal and vertical lines because my hand movements the same as the previous example Onley that our horses allies should be flipped. Then we draw our main outline. It's outlying with their timeline, our main sizes, which you can see is Finnair unjust? Citing for my upper leave underwear leave should be under the size off the smile. Now, this is still the care first and connect them together. You saw in the previous example just followed same rules on my hand movements and try to see if you're happy with all your sizes. Teoh, this could be one of my examples, but right now I'm gonna continued until the point half decided. Good. Trudy Door. And then we're almost done, but are rough sketch always on the corner off your lives. You should know that there, Carrie, before a day reached each other, they become care V Also here you can ask some hedges is well, you get the they that creates the small part A Now this do the thief. I'm trying to see where I want to put a so almost decided this. These are the right places for my feet. So I'm doing Ah, they're a stuff d outlines on. We're almost done. I'll do my chin and the rest. Well, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode are two examples next explicit off. Teach you how to shade lips and I hope you really enjoyed it. Go by. 7. Side View Lips Drawing: Hannah, welcome to this episode. In the next few listens, he will learn how to draw lives. Her sure and Sherry also give you different examples off loose shaving stuff Polo. However, board in this episode we will learn how to draw sadness. As usual, we draw a horizontal and vertical lies that cut each other dinner. Choose a side, maybe left and draw a 30 degree over shape on our horizontal line. Then I will free small gaps next to the vertical like like this. Now we can draw a circle shape smaller than our overall. Below the horizontal line one falls. Our circle should go through the oval and crossed horizontal life. Also, make sure the circus not touching the birth called line and there is a small space between them. Now we will out fly the form. Look at my hand, have followed this. Our form should start from the upper leave and which is the horse outta line and then should follow the top part off the circle shape until where we finish our first. Like then we continue our circa go below the circle shape and dried until one You can make sure rushes Add other two lights, then everyone you can continue and throw and not a vertical care rely beach with our line between the nose and upper leaves. And then draw another line between lower leave, which would be the chief. So if you remember the free lives But, uh, the gaps I drove that represents the amount of gap it should be from the oval circle on the cheek. You can't. My hand moves are drawing is almost finished. I'm just trying to bolt all the lines for you. Now These are all lies. This isn't a standard size and try to repeat this futile is and make sure there in the right position. So now we're going through and Notre example decide live if sinner and as because I feel lives Look at my hand on the sides off the overall you can see if thinner. Now I highlight the lives house line. I'm going to draw the three cap lines as I mentioned before. Then I'm going through the outlines. First, I would follow the over at the top part off the overall and in the top part off the circle and then connected lines together. Now I will continue the circle shape and go below the nine leave. Strives are very easy with one horizontal and ball vertical light and one over shape and months circle. You can draw very beautiful lips. Now the outside of our live almost finished as I mentioned before. It depends on what kind of leaves you want tohave a finger or you hear of what? All those Remember the three gabby lights. I hope you enjoy this emphasis guys spot by. 8. Lips Drawing: Hi, everybody. Welcome to this episode. In the next few lessons, you will learn how to draw lives for sure. Actually, also evil seem different. Examples off Lose shady, different combination and how to combine the different pictures again. You will enjoy hi everyone today. Let's learn how to draw lips together for dry list. We should draw a horizontal and vertical lines that cut each other in the middle. Now it depends on what kind of lives we want to draw. We should draw a 30 degree oval shape on the left sideline and draw the same oval in a rotated very on the other side, as you can see on the screen. Now, the girl be loaded line and draw circles on the left side that should go into our first oval. All our shares should touch the vertical life, and then we do the same thing on the other side of the right side. It's very easy now. We have our shapes ready. We should start from the main outline on our shaves. We should start from the carefree line after Cubit Bull and continued end off that in another key, every line until the end off the corner off the mouse, which is called Orel Commission. And now there's a space that has created between our oval and circle ships. We should follow that at Atlantic. We have my hand. How I find more lies. Try to end the second carefree line until the corner off the lifts. Try to do it in a symmetry very now, depending on what kind of lips you want. Tohave, either natural pointing, natural fiend or cubic shape. You can choose to hide the first off your lips. Now I go blue are circles. The high should be half a circle down. Now let's draw the lawyer live, which have my hand movements. Trouble on dry, too. Follow the circle lines. Also try to make a symmetry as possible and go over again. Then drawn an excellent line for the live and try to change the size. If you want, you can see you can add extra line on. That's it, guys, this is very easy. You can do this in different sizes and shapes on it is, can we want feel? They're with different heights, and I hope you enjoyed this episodes. But by 9. Lips Shading: Hi, everyone. In the previous episode, you learn more lives. Try. And now we have one driving in front of us. I will make my outlines less obvious by using my razors on them. After using my Ariza, I'll go on them again. Now I'm gonna use my B four or B six pencil. Teoh, make my lines more obvious that I'm gonna use my stomach to go over there. All of us remember the middle line off lives are the darkest part. Then look at my hand movements from the middle line. I go up very gently now will gradually move along my line. Then from the middle line, I gradually come down. I'm defining my lines. Now all this move around because sometimes you see something that you want to change right away. And if you don't do it, you will forget later. Giving some color to the lawyer leap. You can see I'm giving details to my lives. I don't just shake all the parts at Bonds. I'm not giving a lot of color at the first. And still with a very light gray, I'm using my stomach again. And this time I have some charcoal passes on it no more than the first time. It gives me more color. I'm using this some for the pause. I feel it needs to be more towards black. You can do this either with brush zero or brush size to as well. Always look at my hand movements by drawing making. Right now, I'm making my lines more to say. Finish by putting more pressure on my stuff. It's all about your hand pressure, either on brush or your stuff, shading their stuffed up early living toe highlights. Lines behind you can see it under open late. Now I'm trying my content pencil. It's absolutely like whenever you want the past to be completely black, use your content pencil. Sometimes it's not advisable to use contact pencil straightly, but then you're doing fast trying. It's the best. Now, after I used my contact, all this girl on it by, uh, your stop. It's blessed and makes the color more fate of a and for students and all of us whose learning drying. If you don't want you to use your contest, Ridley or you don't want to use it, you're stumped. That has more contact powder on it and then, Because you have pulled up like a color on your stone, you can use it for shading the middle line More amber after I used my brush sometimes to make it more colorful. This is my price, I zero. You can see debate. I use my hand and my hand movements go around the lips. Now I'm gonna get my Bryce I zero with hint of contact, Ponder on it. See its gifts, more death threats than I use a more black that line. I want to use my pencil, Raisa, to create the highlights on the great gray area. Now, whenever you feel like you need more color right now, my lawyer lives news for shading. So I'm gonna use my stomach more and more. Then I add my brush color to it. You can see the picture that pencil razor creates on your surface. It's amazing. And it's one of my favorite techniques that you learned before. Sometimes I used my six B as though is your choice to use it or not in this layer, especially in this one? No, this is my electric pencil razor. It gives absolutely white color because you can use it even on content. Sometimes used my son on the sites off their razor pours. It makes them to come out. Um, I did more Connor again. As again See, I don't do a do describe. I do this gradually and not getting it dark fast from the beginning. Never rushed. You're drawing, especially the shading parts. Be patient when you draw this part. Now I'm giving the last touch by the same material years before with my stomach and my brush I do this a few times and then I use my pencil for texture. Someone is made of all my service to have a movie to feeling You have learned all the techniques for lift shading today the way you give more color how you use your stump, how you use your brush and also whenever you wanted to give complete blackness you use your content and whenever you want to come and I use complete brightness he use your pencil razor all electric razor. It's well, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode and I see with the next one 10. Lips Shading Demo: hi. Everyone will come to the episode live shading DOMA. In the previous episode, he learned how to do sloops, shady, Let's Stop and With Brush, a combination of different techniques. Today we're going through different technologies and do a little different combinations unleased lives trying. You can see I'm using my Bryce I zero and then I'm gonna go through my middle lines. However, this time my middle lines, unlike the last example. Not together we can see there are like some. See if drawings here as well whenever I do shadings on my powder goes toward other places for its us here into my thief parts. I used my razor for them not to stay and make them dairy. Now you can see there's a different techniques I'm using, which have led in the introduction parts. I'm using my cousin Bolt. It depends on you if you want to use your brush here or your cousin, but it just keep you, gives you different feelings. No anymore brush shadings. It's graphite powder, so all this makes your surface cream on. Go to realize I have mentioned in previous episode during shadings episodes that you have to give more Connor. Whenever you're near your lines, you can see it like from the line. Gradually I go towards up, so it creates different feeling. Now I start from the middle part. I'm using more graphite powder on a really careful not to make other parts more shady or, as we call it, sometimes very as you have learned in the previous episode. True, different shavings like eyes trade ings, no shadings. Later you will learn other, uh, proportions. You know that shadings requires more patients and to use more details, and it's very enjoyable now. This time, until now you have seen I used my Bryce size for and my cotton buds. Now I'm using my Bryce I zero. It has been the same technique till now. And I started from my life the bottom line and gradually goes to the top parts if needed, our stuff from the middle. Unless there is no need. Never sorry you're shaving from the middle, Paul. Now, sometimes you came across some lies that in your drying it needed to be either a smaller, bigger or other may. Now you can see that I'm using my pencil and changing the size off the lifts doesn't matter . Indeed, shady, you can actually easily do this. So now I have severe. You've seen my content and dark in the parts, which is behind him up and near the time that parts, because deering shading it should be completely dark. I used my contact pencil or charcoal pencils. Now you can get what's the Knicks port for? Our shading technique is so whenever you use your content, I don't unless it be. But you should always use yourself re a brush to go on it and blended together. Never let it be that way. We call it being grow and this fate it's going to look more professional. It's nothing especial. It's exactly what of a U F drill. Later, like my I go on it. Exactly, however, debate are painted with my content pencil, so it's not hard at all. Just look at your company. You can look at your stump as a pencil and go on the parts that needs to be blend, since my son has some colors on it because previously I use it on the charcoal. Parts I use is for the texture parts of the leaves and give some lines and wrinkles under lives. So gradually dalliances were drawn just for on my leaves, I go on them again with same stop. You can see how I takes my time and gradually go towards my fifth shading and doesn't give color all of a sudden at the beginnings. So regarding your theory, just as you saw, I didn't give companies black this, but I use my stone, which had two previous color from our charcoal pencil drawings. Now, gradually, I've started to do the same thing that ideas from my up early and giving textures for the Loralee. They can't my hand movers and how gradually on giving lines and more shades of more color to this part. These are very simple techniques, and a second it's going to you be completed until de en you can see how, um of my hand and I wrote who all my life and gradually complete the shading of this lips trying. Oh, guys, I hope you going to enjoy this episode and please, if you have any questions, look at the introduction parts. All these techniques have been explained her, and I hope you enjoy the rest, they say. Sometimes things got a break for the son. Let's come in. You may At home I saw through the girl You everything. Things that go down you go take in. May I Just just No. Sometimes it's hard way me feel at home I didn't know You say you come to things that God you take in May you know things that God, you know? Yeah, they say things. Are you taking me? You're talking just Oh . 11. Ear Drawing: however well, welcome to the sentences. In the next few lessons, he learned how to draw here for sure and shake your danger. Hi, everyone. In this episode, I will teach you how to draw on ear Year can be. Consider heart for some people, but actually it's very easy to drop. You only need a horizontal and a vertical line that caught each other in half on four oval shapes on your paper. So please look at these steps that I go through and follow them, as you can see after I draw my life, I drove my first overall on the line and Troy to dry it in a way that my vertical line cut it in half. Then I draw a small or wall below the line the same method, and I would draw a fair degree over shape smaller than my second of all in a very that should be in the middle, going through both of us and in another oval shape, smaller than the fed wall almost straight and on the side that touch bulls live. So just look, had street and try and pay for free attack. You will see how easy this now how my lines ready. So again, choose a stronger pencil or the same pencil and put some pressure on it and tried on this paper, the cat, they way I repeat the same method and the structure for the year. Now I will start from the right corner off the head oval and continue my care of life to the Fort Oval. You see, it's very easy, and you can follow the lines that you have already. And now I would draw another line almost parallel to the order of on that beach. You can see the end off. The life should go through the left. 10 of his Continue the care, fly the third overall, and we'll follow. That lies to the first oval, as you can see in this way, it's very easy to follow the Lions. And now with another half circle line, ever close the Fed overall like 1/2 circle, not before go through the rest off the drawing parts. You can add the diesels on the line on the corner size. Now I will draw the right sideline, which can be considered as a man. Caroline off are here all the night that he gestural can depend on your model and happy or small you wanted rather. So now I'm deciding that I will continue to connect my lives together and try to see if I want to change any of the sizes. You can draw the finishing line off the here on the right side, from the top off the first of all to the bottom of the second oval and then connect them together now on the left side. All connect the lines again together. So how I did it on screen. Now you can try to draw some lies in order to create some perspective. Now just try to practice your circles and lines again. After practicing for your times, you can draw on eyes very, very easily. Look at the way I practice my circles and that's it. I hope you enjoy this episode's and always practice your ovals and circles on off course. You're horizontal and vertical life. I see him in the next episode. Bye bye 12. Ear Hachure: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to your dry. And this time we're going to learn how to do you. Are you sure? As I recall, in the crevice episode attached you how to do the air drying. Now we will go through the hush or part on how to do this hashing and different techniques hashing years by the end of this there No, I'm going to go through the air drying again. This time I'm going to do it freehand. It's less structure after you have practice your ear drawing few times. You can do this as well. So look at my hand movements. This is on another pressure off I drying. - So you saw how it is done. Distance house drawn here Freehand! I'm good at all the structures. This means that you have already memorized all the techniques. Debate off your ship All those Now we will start the hush or parts with a pencil. Either for B or six b. I will start my house shores You can see I start my her shores from the top and go down to the middle. There's no standout day where to start and be short cos vest it all depends on you. Did I choose to start from the middle part and hasher the outside potions? I tried harsher and between my lines as well, never forgets between, like assures. Because I have mentioned before your lines should be the darker spots. Now start from the inside part. I think I want to start with darkening from the inside lines off the ear, the teeth, all this stuff from your line and make it darker and go eat that Chris Death and try to do this few times here because off the air shadows, I create more death. Try to imitate this for a few times on your paper. You can see I'm coming and darkening does parts with my pencil and putting more pressure in my pencil and go back and forth. You can't have a I will give some examples. Practice what I'm doing for your times and try to understand the pressure off your hand and your pencil from dark to light. Now we'll start the same technique from the bottom to the middle part and go through my lines. Try to make sure your lines are accurate. Now I'm giving, like make insurers like going through my lines Now we'll dark and external auditory canals off the year. We should be very dark later. So whenever you want tohave very dark places, just put more pressure. You don't need to change your pencil. Not good to assure the hell ICS part off the idea. As I mentioned before, you can choose what part off here You can add more her. Sure there's no settled. They just try to do the technique under drying, which means the understanding this car should be darker and peace power should be. Lila, this part's should be light. As you can see all. Just shoot the whole part. I'm using the same direction. You can see all my hashing parts are the same direction in this part. Try to make it more. This part getting dark. It is called Simba off the ear. I put more pressure on my pencil, Um, making his company dark. You know, I haven't changed. You can see I haven't changed my pencil. It just the pressure that makes it darker. Now I'm completing the rest of the Sure I'm going through Oh, parts that I haven't done yet. The stark in the life on other places, such as the Triangle or Rosa first off the ear. - Now it's time to completely for sure, with all parts trying to see which part needs to be DACA and be forced to me lighter does all I do, and you can see it's not hard. It's the same technique. It's the way you put move your hand. That should be the same direction. You move a longer here and this time, because here is different. You can choose which part to start either from top part or the middle or from the bottle does not matter and take. These are all the same. The base playoff Lenny is to look at the video few times and then at the end, then you're looking tried on your paper. One advice I can give it just to be delicate. We do her Sure, sometimes at the end what I mean by being delegated. Don't stop on targeting at the beginning, gradually darker the part that they need to be darker. You can see I did some put some gray around here, not a and that I'm giving more blackness. We're gonna keep you some other examples on the paper. so you can see this summer is so from very dark, very light. Oh, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode seeing the next one by 13. Ear Shading: hi, everyone. And this episode I will teach you how to do here, shading in the previous episode. You learn how to draw on here. So now I drew one here for you on less learn how to shade it. I start from the dark lines as you see with my contact pencil, and then I'm going to blend it with my style. It's like using my pencil, the values, your pencil overs you're still. Muzzle is the same technique. I should go over the shark holes all over. It's with this stuff, your times on very delicately. I can't use my brakes. Icy roads You can see here in order to blended. It creates a beautiful, shady life. You have learned how to hold your brush, indeed, introduction part. And we have learned that when it comes to your Bryce I zero, you have to hold it like this and in in straight away, we'll try to be very delicate and pay more attention, very needs. So I need to use my brush that already has some charcoal powders on it because you have learned her sure in the previous episode. Now you haven't understanding off the light and dark person you can see I tried for lane. Between the lines been my brush, which I did right now and then I'm going to use a bigger price size two or four and go over what I have done to plant it. More to faith. The dark parts I'm keep fading my lines with our brush. You can see the death gives us on the corner side, off the lines on the corner side of the paper. I have some charcoal powder. Stuff helps me be more color, so I sometimes get my and pressed my brush into them and get more powder as you faith marked our colors. No, I against David, my brush that has some tar balls on it. Turkle powders on it. I'll go over over my ear trying not to press it onto the paper and just put more pressure into it when I move my lines. Sometimes when we have carefully lines in the shading, ever so I need to use my stompin still of my brush, since I can't control it better. So that's what I'm doing now. Playing with my brush over the lines does play with your life. It's like playing, playing, playing. And sometimes I use my hands to play the powders. Don't be afraid to use your hands, so I'm getting more powders from the side off the paper. We can't bite these powders. I turn our stores, or you can create them yourselves by buying materials and then using your cutter and make some powder with it. You can tell I'm going over my life with my price. I zero in this. But you have learned the techniques. Therefore, just look at this rain and how my hand moves. - You can see how patient I am with my painting. I take more Crawford pattern on my brush size floor this time and as more color and then go inside the air parts with same brush get the way. I'm using a bigger brush, so I'm giving more death. As you can see, if you use your hands like this, you can create death under drying. Now I'm going to add more powder and try. It's between the lives again. You can see I use my hands whenever I meet. So there's a using part here that I tried to fill it up with more powder. Then I go over to my lives to make it more distinguish and bring it out. Now you can see it that I'm trying to go over the lives with my brush And this bay years is showing itself better. Is coming alive now. So whenever I'm drying and the painting or my dries is getting more realistic, our college, it's getting more a life. One point that I always try to remind you guys. Whenever I used my brush with powder sunny, you can see how extra powder on my paper. So now I'm using my hand. But whenever I have the extra powder on it, I always blow them before either using my brush or stomp or even my hands. Never forget this team. I'm going to add more powder. Then I blew up as I mentioned before. See if I use my heart is gonna be left like that so as hell. Until now I use the same technique is all over. I used my brush. I used my stone when or where the parts was bigger. I use my brush part and then another. I needed to control more Withdraw, effort, picture. I used my stuff whenever I wanted to go through my lines as you saw. Right now, I use my stump or my brush size zero. I go on them a few times, and Eric darkened any parts like suddenly. I always do this gradually. You can see him very gently going through this part now. So it's about all about your hand pressure and your hand movement. So, like my brush, I put some charcoal pot on my stuff before using it. Now my stomach is docket than before. That's why I use it on this park now. So I used my son and brush in the host. So I used my pencil razor here to get the really dark horse of a and give some texture to it. I know you can be really curious about this techniques, which the video few times, but also watch the introduction part off this course as well. Then you can see how everything comes together. How is my charcoal, my brush and also how I use a combination of everything. Never forget that where you're going to your life. I don't. Did you brush your skills, go over your life times from dark to light or either daughter Spice of ourself from light to dark. All about your perspective. - I'm going to use my utter pencil river for more lives and pictures. Now, from here, we will try to go inside without a brush. Give me more textures. You can either use dots are in a circle way in a subtle way as well. Use your pencil a razor. Imagine days on a whole portrait. If you drive like days and all the poor. Still you have learned so far the eyes, the nose, the leaves and now the ear parts. You will understand how easy they are. And by prying with this simple techniques, which requires only practice and washing this episode few times you can't come up with realistic and also hyper relus things. Painting very easily. Try not to speed the process, since in most off the landing videos, students cannot see what's going on. So this video is kind of an advantage for anyone who wants to lend these techniques. Now I'm trying to give more extra lives to the parts that needs to be more picture. Wife stumbles goes for crying and creating pictures as well. So a mixer and the combination off a razor and stop is amazing pictures. Now I'm doing the finishing touch. Is our drawings almost finished? I'm not using any pressure. I'm just using extra powder. But not a lot. So whenever I put actual powder on the paper er more than I wanted, I blow them away. Now I'm going to use my contact on cell because I need absolute dark lines. But after I used my contact pencil, I never let it be alone and all. All this gone it with my brush. That faith means we're blending, as is a technique for plans and how to fade away. Dark bars? No, I'm just giving more girl because the colors are fix stated right now, you see has been not dick. You've eight of color, so don't be afraid. Using your hands on it, you can't see. I use my half and the color state there as well. So again, I'm using more trouble or content pencil. And then again, with the same technique, I deserve it. Stop orbit brush Just This one is brushed. Zero I go all over it. - As you can see, I'm doing the same techniques from the beginning. Until now, So have some patients about painting and try to enjoy the process as I'm still using my a razor. Let's do something extra. Shall be our air is almost ready. So I'm going to give you maybe and your drink how to do this with a pills or raise. L I just rolled lock dot and then I'm gonna shave it around it. You can see how much stuff look going forward. And now here it is. Very beautiful. Very small. That's good. So now you have done one. I'm gonna give you another example. A second hearing. Let's see how it's gonna look like with the same technique. Well, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode and I see you in the next one. Bye bye. 14. Hair Drawing: however, Mom will come to this excels off her drug. He will learn how to draw different Harris. Their techniques and a staffs also is going to be very enjoyable speaking. Hi, Provan. Welcome back. In this episode, I will teach you how to do different hair drawings, their technics and also different stars. This is a very enjoyable episode and I hope you enjoy it. Now Let's begin. Mr. Goethe. Raw materials, Truths, compressed charcoal. Six. Become a Qatar and make charcoal powder with electives. I'll show it to you one more time. It's very easy and you have led this previously. I have papers under my hand because I didn't want my main paper, which is by to get black because of our charcoal. Now I won't teach you how to do different hair drawings with your brush. I pick up my Bryce size eight. Take some charcoal powder with your brush and then let's draw Caroline very gently. Don't put any pressure and threat and then do de friend lives. Exactly. Move your hands like me. Go over a few times, but I can't for we get my am and do the same thing on your paper. exclude extra powder. Video mouth. Never let it stay on your paper. Look how many times I go over my charcoal parts to make its milk. Use your races. Well, you're less your hand off. Really? As I showed you. Well, so this must number one now with my pencil razor will create head on our charcoal parts. Have a look. Always make sure the beginning off your Urzaiz sharp and clear. Now let's draw free lies. Don't overdo it and keep it clean. This adds more lies in two different directions, as I did. That's It's very easy, isn't it? Now listen and not a hair drawing technique. The first part is the same of the previous episode. Take some charcoal father with your brush and then move your brush until paper in a subtle way. Look at my hand. Move us. Go back and forest. I'm very gentle with my powder is about amount of pressure you put into it like these very easy. Now list something different. I'm gonna pick up my charcoal cancel or if you have content, which I use all your contacts and let's draw some lines on it. Move your hands like these This is our second version, actually. But let's get some more texture into its. So go on it with your brush. Blend it now I will. Giving the separate example. How adding brush on your black lines Go over the lines like these very smoothly. You can see how the lines looks different. I don't put any pressure into it. Move your hands like this. Exactly. So this was number two. And as I said, this is a second version. Now listen to the next one. We have the lies. You can add more shadings as we call it lies and move your hand. Exact like days be free. I can't say this is the another version similar but different. So I add more control lies and I moved my hands as you can see very freely going through my life over and over again. Look at the texture. Detection of feels different, Maura strong. So whenever you want to have a stronger one, use the third version. Actually, you can see it. The tap vision is this subtle. Now I'm adding more highlight into our second version and I'm using my pencil riser. You just saw the effects. How feels like on the third version, I'm just using my pencil razor and going through the porous does was already white. Then I'm gonna dark in the parts so you can see how is it looked like? And add more content that I'm gonna go on it with my brush, making more subtle and blended together so you can see hair drawing is very enjoyable and very easy. Let's go shoot and not a version I will use my con tele, But this time I have a little empire to stay. Why Tank Link? Why we're doing that when you're drawing Harris in different versions. Sometimes there are some highlights. Maybe because off the light, because off different hair size. So I want to give that highlight. We doubt my tensile a razor How we do that? This is how go over your lines with your brush and do this in a very harmonize and consistent way. So you can see I let my boy at the white part stay and intact and around the world part with my brush and now gently own shaving, devoid world very gently. Then I pick up my pencil or razor. This is your choice. You can go over the lines, so sometimes you come come across a hair model that has lied to reflection on it. As I mentioned, this is a technique of how to do that. Now listen the same line drying technique, but B pencil list because sometimes so if you're drying is only re pencil. You're doing Onley pencil drawing. And this is how you should draw your pencil heart drawings. I'm going to use my to be pencil, and now I'm going to pick up a stronger pencil for weeks. Therefore, so you can see the difference between these two pencils on hair dry. You can see his docket. We get the Veja, remove my hand very freely. You can say that this is the same pressure, but more color. Now I will go through the lines with my price size eight. After these, I let my dry into finishers getting a brush or the I look at my hands, giving some highlights, talking in some parts more and let the other parts this state. Now I'm using my breast size eight, as I mentioned before against the and dry, more distinguished lines in this version, let's use our principal razor. Now, after days, I'll finish my drive with brushed and and again it's your choice to create the highlights with your brush. So it means you let the white parts off your paper to stay or again. You can add more, reflects on it and use your pencil razor. You can see I hope this cut the beginning so it's more slash and it's more sharp. You can't evade the lines and how these days on it. So I just brought my other prints are a riser, which Foot called his electric razor. You have seen this in the previous episode, and you know how to work with it. If you presser the bottom it circles. And if he used your sandpaper, you can make it really sharp, and it's actually very clean as well. Now let's move it on our hair drying and see the effects you can assume you can guess. You'll see it gives complete whiteness. Let's have a look now I'm using it. Have a look gently. I'm going. I guess it's a difference between this one and the pencil razor. He's more stronger now. I'm using my brush. So, guys, this was it. And I hope we really enjoy this every South in the next to her Be. So let's apply these techniques on our drugs. Go true these techniques again on your paper and try to do them. It's very enjoyable. And I hope again you enjoy the citizens, see in the next one by 15. Ponytail Hair Shading: hi. Everyone will come back in the previous episode. We learn different techniques for her drawing. Now let's go through one hair example together and see how easy you can apply those takings on this one. Today you're going to learn one hears her start Tony cells. As you can see, I'm easy drawing the lines. Very simply, I'm giving more volumes to my lives, which means I'm going to shade those pores later. More this way you can see better. So that's it. Very simple, isn't it? Now, as we learn before, let's pick up our brush, which we already have some contact powder on it. Let's go through our lives. If you have confusion about this part, do check the hair, drawing every search to understand the uses off the powder. This is very simple. It's about all about your hand movement and your brush control. All this blue extra powder on your paper and every episode I mention this again. Embrace new ones on your brush or on your paper. They say you have a better control, and you can move them in a very your want. For example, we get here, since I wanted to have darker area. Therefore, I brought more contact. How they're being my brush. Now there is extra and I just blew it away for different ponytail. Her saw the area near the lies needs to be darker because there's all the shadows that you can see that how much powder I'm using. Now it's getting dark and dark hair. I'm bringing more powder. You can see a lot, and then I just throw it away. So pay attention to my lines. And how should I brush it along? The kids sometimes if I can use my brush. Ruffin. I used my contact pencil and I go on it in my brush. You just saw that shake, which I plight on the side off the paper. Pittsburgh. I needed to be completed black there, for I used my quantum answer for it. With help like it is now. You can compare the color with the right side that I only use powder. It's very dark hair, isn't it? Some changing the direction of my hand and controlling my brush. Maura, Maura, all of us be careful off your powders and the colors and the amount of pressure you bring it Now it depends on you that where you want to move your brush. I was moved to a larger scale, which would be back to the head, mostly because I want to address the lives here now darkening the edge parts more. Have a look at my hand movements. I'm just playing around with it. It's about different styles that you like. I'm having a model in my mind and I'm using that model. I'm also careful to live some parts whiter. So have a look. Which parts is lighter and which parts dark hair. I will let you to look at my hand movements and this part until I move on, you can see the left part, the process almost the same. And look at this tree and how I'm moving my brush again. I'm very playful. Just maybe, my Bryce. Sometimes here and sometimes there give you some highlights to our gear. It's going to be a very beautiful her. When I want to have less color, I use my brush without adding powder because whenever you are drawing with powders, your brush always have some pigments on it and you can use it until it doesn't shake anymore. Now that my my brush doesn't have enough corner. I add more color here. You can see just loss of powder, and I guess never forget Lloyd away after you're done. - Now pay more attention not to go to the white parts. I'm less playful and more careful. There are always extra lonely hairs that we have to draw them separately. You could get that part like this one. You can go on a pencil line with your brush or either beat your contents. I did, and then don't live it a lot. Go on your comptel line with your brush or and not a technique. You can even use your stump lending. Now that part is finished. I'm gonna go through the rest again near deadlines. It's always darker you saw in the previous episode in the eye, drying in the lives, drying also in the nose drawings. Whenever I'm near the life, I make it darker Desi, and that's the technique you should never forget. Now we can see that I'm moving my brush completely in a different direction that may say more realistic. If you want to do her drawing faster, you can change your brush to bigger size. Right now, I'm using size eight. I will let you goes to wash the video and see how the how how my hands moves. It's very important for you to know over to use your brush, where to put more contact held there and burn not to put too much pressure on your brush. Also, be careful off the volume that you bring it. Please look to see where I'm going toe. Have more content, pencil and then I prefer to have highlights. The highlight should be very sharp whenever you are drying it so you can create that sharpness with your brush movements. With this, every salt and previous techniques that I'm doing right now, you can draw any humans Her so easily also amends her as well. Also place. Pay attention to the pencil, a razor that I'm using now and how by using it, you can create a better quality for your drawing. Also, remember that your pencil razor needs to be sure frankly, when you think it. So how I do that in the previous episode yourself interval of on my pencil razor to be sharp, I cut it in my cutter or with a knife. Just be careful using it, so these sports should be very dark. That's why I'm using my contact. Pencil the edge now because this part I have to control it more amusing. Smaller brush can't see it feels deeper because it's darker. Also again here, um, playful. More free because I don't have that much color year, so I can't decide what I want to do. I move around, I add more cutter. I never start from the middle on star from either the top or the bottle, which in this case, as other from the bottom part, some going truth e pick your skill. I'm still playful. Let's some Parsis, they white. I think if you want it, then I'm doing a dark part. I usually use that brush for some other course he can see Right now I brought more powder because I have already used that amount that I need it on my brush Didn't have enough cutter. But when I use is right now, after days I still have some left. So what I do, I go to the parts. I don't want it to be really dark. I use it until the darkness is gone The blue it of a Never let your powder to stay on your paper since I'm near the line. I used my content for two reasons. First, I can control better sick and you know what she should do When you're near the life, make it darker now I'm using a razor. I can't use any kind of words that I don't My pencil razor or the one that I used for my pictures, which you have seen in the introduction price. Two different loss this time I use my electric razor does not matter. Look how differently looks like it's getting more beautiful and beautiful. So you see, I'm giving more highlights that I'm using my smaller brush because I need to control eat more. No, since I'm moving into the other apart. Yes, I'm slightly hearing some small hers here. Every girl knows those are two Harris. The single walls. Next is very beautiful. Now I'm using as I mentioned that teeth because my brush still has some color in it. I'm not using a little powder. I'm trying to see how long I can use it, but now I'm bringing more powder. So whenever I'm doing this is some bringing more powder. Ah, that's played I showed you at the beginning of the episodes is exactly right next to me. Well, im near the lines again. So I'm giving more color. No. Why am we using my content first? I'm near the line. Second, I want to control it better so you can see it's all about the techniques and you can see I'm using the same technique over and over again. Drawing is very enjoyable. When you create something on avoid paper. It's a feeling that you can never forget. Teoh. Have a paper in front of you. Have some powder, one brush to brush. It depends on you and done before in pencil. Start drying it. The sport should be very dark, since it has some whiteness in it. I had to dark and more. You can see I'm more careful in this part. I'm looking on observing better. See, I just blow the powder of weight. I never let this stay on my paper. - You can see how this part looks like. It's exactly looks like one off. The techniques are talking in the previous episode that the middle poor it's highly has has some highlights. So you learn in the technique that I drove up putting forth on the top port Black and I left the middle part to stay white so you can play around. You can either do these or the way I did in this trying like I began with one part. And then it's of white part and then another black. No, you should go through the rest off the painting. Now we're going tohave less highlights here because the lies is mostly on the top part. So now I'm going to use more content and give more blackness year. Let's use our storm now. I don't have to use myself, so I'm going to give you an example on the side. Carol looks like now we to stop. It's about the picture. It's rougher, and it's less smoke, so it depends on you and your hair drying and your style, which one you prefer. Sometimes I prefer only using brush because it's very gentle is very smell. But having pictures sometimes really need helps you to create very nice, realistic painting, and it's your choice that you can combine this too, to get her or not just let it be. No going to use a razor for this part to show you another technique as well. Giving more high Lester. But I don't want my highlights to look like very light active ones we have on the top. So look at it is is creating life. It's beautiful. I love this part. Whenever I used my brush, move your wrist back and forth. Usually you have to use your brush more at the end and also menorah. I used my razor. I'm very careful that I use it at the end. You can see it's getting dark and darker here. You're almost there. Just phoned. Last part stays there. Beautiful. Clearly her now again Because this is the bottle with less light. I give more darkness, toe, you're almost done. You took the last touch hops. And then, as I mentioned before, I let my pensar a razor and how I use it to be ever at Dent. Now is the time we kept my hand and harm going. Go through all my Harris and make it you can't do it is very gently and make it hyper realism or like me very fast on free. So It depends on your style and put kind of drawings are you doing? If you are doing hyper realism on may be realism. You don't have to do it very fast. You have to be more gentle of you do principal razor. So let's remember what I have taught you in the previous every sort I use most off them except the pencil one, which you didn't shouldn't have to do this. I'm going to true another version. So I'm gonna take a very are drawing because I don't want to call this one. So you can't draw some lines with something Sha more effective. We kept of a home going to do this. So for these parts, I'm using my pencil now. Well, that was it, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the next episode. But by 16. Man's Hair Shading: Hi everyone. Welcome back to another episode of hair drawing in the previous episode Learned how to do it, girls her which was opponent ill you brush. So now not just We're going to learn how to do amends her. But this time I'm going to do another technique. I'm not going to use only my brush, but this night you're going to use our stomp more. You have learned how to use your stuff in the introduction parts. So look at my hand drawings. Now, this is just a drawing for practice. So you don't need to be sora about the parse off the here and how you're drawing as we had the main outline. Now I'm using my contact pencil on the starts going over in my life. If you have pushed I bro episodes you are familiar with destroying on how to do it. I'm very careful, unlike the previous every thought that I was using my hand more freely. No, I'm very careful for thes trying use. You can use your brush and the previous episode techniques. But this time let's create more texture with our star and we are content pencil and we can see the difference within these and using our brush in the previous episode. Now, regarding the corner side off the head and a small heads, we need to draw really short hairs in different directions. Now you can see I'm just drawing Harris in different directions and left my hands more free . Look at the difference between techniques. I'm more careful, but I'm careful regarding the roots painting small hers. So in deficit visit because we have different based off hair drying, I'm going to demonstrate it for you in a different and separate lines. Look at before I do draw you some examples. I'm gonna go through my lives. You can my hand movements because I'm creating some triangles. No going to give you separate example. This is the correct. So don't draw especially mentor however you want. And don't draw your nice from the top to the bottom. Always from the bottom to the top he started roots part is exactly the same type of I usually tell you guys, when you are near the line, make a darker Not this stuff You're here. Our roots, which can represent a line for us, make it darker In this episode, you can Hughes the brush and take successful. How you do that. I get some either contact holder or graphite father Depends on your drying. Meet my brush and then go true them. And now I'm careful with my highlights. You get the van completed. Roots again. Let's practices separately. Short lines, maybe sometimes thoughts. That's how you do shorts her or day roots parts off the head. - Now I have to start going the other ports. I would draw the full head for you guys so you can see and the military the better. I let you to look at my hand moments and see how I drove short tears. Now, guys, I hope you enjoyed until now. This sport is the here part so quickly I'm gonna do some rough outlines. That's a huge big here. I didn't give it. Continue the short her drawing. You shouldn't the lining stop big, But you can see I droid begin for you guys so you can see better. - Seems we have learned this technique on how to use our contraire. I'm going to go true and not a technique. It's you know that it's going to be my favorite. Yes, how? Look before we go through our main hair. It I drove the hairline. Separate these. You can see the shaving parts with our brush and also Vidar stop. But this is brushed. But this is our brush size era because he know I always caught the Bristol part of my brush . Zero. So it's almost like my stump feeling. Doesn't our brush size zero effects and this one is going to be are stumped? How we do it? You can see it's lists. Soft effect. Give the harsher effect comparing to the brush. Sometimes I do prefer to use myself from men's hair dry because it's less my and give the raw feeling off the hair. Please look at my hand moving and how I use my still. I'm blending my contour lines, see how dark it is getting. Now let your conquer to be alone. Although as he is, you're either brush or your stump on it. Maybe there are different techniques, but they're the right techniques. You can see I'm controlling my stomach more and more. And then whenever I use it, I bring my stump Eliza down. Now, as I mentioned, I'm breakdown my stomach little down, Give a more realistic feeling toe our hair. Sometimes I mentioned this in our purpose. Upset. You have already some colors, either on your brush or on your installment of Are you use dark parts because they have already drawing on content or powders so you can't our white stop. Now it's black because I've used it on the dark side. You can my hands on how I move it. It's getting faster. I'm not adding any pressure yet. You can add more pressure if you wanted to get more black, but I'm very gently doing. It's a movie, My hands around again. You get the van drying? Yes, sometimes I used this some in the largest skills as well, and sometimes I move and draw like lactose, as I did before that was created. Hair roots feelings. I'm going to let you look at my hands movements. - So as they learn, I'm going to use my razor now and go round it and create some lights. We get the way of moving my hands and create some highlights. You can't do these over and over again. Use your psalm, then you do. A writer didn't use it again if you have celebrations, sits dries going to get more realistic every time. No, you're almost. Garrett was another technique. What should we do? I'm going to shape the part that looks like drink again with my stuff in a smaller and shorter line system. And sometimes I'm gonna put those. So this is how I'm doing it to get the examples. Why did I drove that, blinder? Because I had too much color left on my stuff. I was using it under contract part for a long time. That too much blackness on it. That's why you should have an extra paper, all this on the side. So whenever you don't want you're stumped to be so black, you can use it on that extra paper not out of your main drank? No, let's go through my favorite technique species process. And if you want to go that that defense on you, you don't have to change your technique. I'm going to use my some again, which I'm doing it going through the hairs continuously. Cynthia Last covered is old. All guys, I'll let you to look at the rest off the every self and I hope you enjoy this fun. I have mentioned this before, but in the future listens and Ipsos, you're going to go through different examples and different Porsche's. They all have different hair styles, and if you'll learn more and more different hair stars and how to do them and how to use the techniques. So guys, I hope you enjoyed the Cyprus is seeing the next one will buy. It's. 17. Front View Face Drawing: Hi, everybody. Welcome to this. Excellent. Now I have their individual face features. It's time to put them together. It's all about right proportion and size. Also, the techniques is coming from. They're not at the wrenches model, which I made it into him. Letter away. Just land together. Now that you have learned individual face feature, let's put them together a little. People think that drawing of faces berhard But it's not. If you remember to put everything you can see how easy it is is all about the right proportion and size. As I mentioned before, the technique that you're going to learn for face drawing is coming from loan on a Dublin. Just model Dunham it into a modern version. In the previous drawing episodes such as I Knows Lives Drawing, You learned how to do them separately. Now we're going to put them together. Right now you're seeing a very fast review off yard. We are going to let a few minutes into every sort of go through old this legal step by step . You just be a piece of paper and a pencil in front of you and repeat after me. If you do this in no time you can learn how to draw a face. Bayer fast. In the next episode, you will go through a side view of base trying and you can see both place drawings that are very easy. Now, listen. Started The first sister is to draw a vertical life. You have learned that before and how to move your wrist. Then draw a horizontal line at the top. The size should be almost one fed off the vertical life. We know this right? Cut in half. Now let's draw an oval shape in the middle of our lives Very easy. You have done this in the eyes dry as we have the size rock bore size off the ovals and not drawed save over shape on the right side. And also the same overshare on the left light. Trying to move your hand by circling down so you can come up there right sizes. It was easier till now. Right now we have the main lines for our islets from the edge off our over shiftless troll . Parallel light. Next I remain vertical like you can do it. Do this on both sides. Always remember that the tier dark off the I is next to the line so we're going to do the same process off I dry. You can learn this path in those episodes as well. First we'll draw our eyelids full company cut in both sides. So I'm going true by lies and make film Loralee civil. We always have two lives that the second line to start from the inside off the call that I and get attached to the tear Doc, you can't say I still from the I Kolner and I go to the other side. Then, as usual, we will divide the eyes in half on the each half in half. Then build Draw ire A circle in the mid after eyes. I will go to run the lines for your times to make sure they look like circle. You have plan each part separately and if you go through the eye drying every sores, you can see these in details. Now the ire sickles are complete. Then I will draw the pupils on the lines to check the I drawing episode again for better understanding now going over the lies again on connecting them together. This complete the I process now look at my lies. As you learned before the Iborra struck from the corner of the eye on the corner off the IRS. I don the right side or the last. We furiously had other example off dry eyebrows. So very easily is done. Now if we can place the lawyer, I lied. That depends on you and your model. Now you have to size after over contended in 90 degrees exactly like this, and then draw a light at the end of it. Then cut it in half and in the middle of it. So exactly the same size you draw and not ever vertical night. And then another one. They're all the same size. I will number them because now I want to add another lie again the same size. Now you have their nose drawing before I can't say for learning more about nose dry and different techniques. He can watch those episodes as well. I'm just making sure m pretty and I'm showing it to you this to another one. It's It's been really easy to on that right? I'm just letting you guys to go through your papers and do this. Now we're going to start our pro knows proportion. You know what to do. One circle in the middle to half the size on the sides and then cut them in half. Now, between the life, you draw the overall show that it's your nose nostrils. Now your work knows is kind of ready. So let's connect allies to get her. These everything actually cemetery in notes how connected lines altogether. Later episode. You will see how I turn. It's his first try into realism. Face dry. Now from here, we should draw on a star lives. So let's strong a triangle. It goes over our nose. Why they did this because it's time to draw knows. And this lines gave us the size off the list that we want to draw. Now it's time to draw the dicks Well, as I have mentioned previously. For the other part, you have learned how to draw lives in previous episodes to all those and two circles that go through the oval shapes. Now they're ready. So this cultural life and connect the lines together the different size off your nose trying they're all depends on here. You can let it be like these, but you already have to stand the size, which would be befitted to allies. You have draw before. So now let's do a standard size. You are left almost ready, so we're going to draw the same oversize in a 90 degree shake for the tea. And that's it. That's the size off your chief. So we're going to add another square the same size at 12345 Why did it? I want to make sure all our proportions on all the sizes are correct. Let's have a look If we did the right job. Yes, they're all the same. Now you have completed your facial. You can add the diesels going through your eyelashes. I Breaux's just very mind that the size off the eyes nose lives defense on your model. This is the standard size model, which I told you today one more time I'm going through the highlights. The eyelashes. You have learned this in the previous episodes on the X O for our lashes. We're almost there now. That's a size of your forehead, and that's it. Weird. Uh, I hope you enjoyed the sexes, guys. See, it was very easy to drive a face, practice this and see in the next episode. But by 18. Side View Face Drawing: Hi, Ron. Today, let's draw a side face. Now let's stop by Dry aside knows that you learned in the previous absolutes you have two lines for sometime vertical. I drew my circles on them. Cut them in half and draw another old wall in the pit. Faint. Now let's complete the rest off the nose between other circles here. I always wanted off our vertical line and our last knows. Now I'm going to connect them together. It's ready to go through the lines. Dave. You're going to draw a very beautiful and simple side face that he can. Is it to do? It is at home, and in few minutes in 10 minutes you can draw a very beautiful side face. Just look at the hand movements and the sizes, so this was easy. Until now, it feels like you have done another. Side knows that you'd learn in previous episodes. Now let's go through our forehead for her. It depends on you on your model. Done. I think that it needs to be hard. Continue your chains and then draw a 20 degree line from here that goes behind a nuts. Now I want to show you over to put their lives status. Five. You're drying deadline. I'm moving my hand slowly to get away and finding the places. Now let's draw oval shape and a circle that goes through it. Your land side leaves dry. In previous episodes, this context the lives together that's Dr Beautiful lives. Now continue your line and draw a chain. The sizes and the proportion all depends on your mother's and you how you want to draw that . Don't forget that. However. This is the stand, our bait now from the chief. Let's draw another life. Repeat after me and then the next part. Now from the forehead Westra and not a horizontal line and another line below the house. Just look at the screen, then draw the headline below. Didn't draw Advantica line that his next our nose. Now, from this pointless draw our side I, which have learning previous episodes how to draw side eyes, I'm going through the same structure of I drying. I drove my iris, the people, the eyelashes. Now we're almost ready. We're almost done with our side. I just going to complete so that will be our chick Now from this point, just draw the side. IRA. How we do death began my hands from this first flying. I draw my eye rose Dark days. You can see how easy it is now less take one step forward and draw the chin. And the year after this, I have to mention that this side face is coming from Leonardo da Vinci's face proportion and I as I mentioned the previous baby. So I have more allies. It looked a very I'm company. Get comfort this episode with the purpose episode and tried to practice your lines and the proportions and how different they are. France try. While you know that there are ways to do it very easily, it's so enjoyable. Now let's divide this line equally into four equal lines and then draw another lie and about at another school, look at my hands and how doing? 123 Let's at another one. You can see the numbers. Now you have four equal screws. At the end of the full square, we can draw our side here in Griffin, the few lines you have learned how to draw years in previous episodes going through our famous ovals do compare this episode of the previous episode on hell. Proportions are different and compare down like this. Square wands here and there. It because in one example, there are squares are vertical. And one example our schools, our horse samples now in complete in the ear, carefully going through my proportion from down the ear. There we can draw the jaw of ideas. And again, the jaw proportion can different on you. - I'm going through some lives now and finish it with some touch house. Well, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode's see in the next one. Bye bye. 19. Face Hachure: Hi, Ron will come back today. We're going to draw face dry and also taking one stuff for right and to do face drying her . Sure, So how we do this now let me go show you the face drawing part. I'm going to start with my nos. This is a tree quarter face. In the previous episode, he learned the front side on the side face dry. Not this time. Let's make it a little complicated and more free again. I'm dividing figuring out my squares, and I want to do a free hand drag, sometimes not drawing the proportions, and doing it in this way can be more enjoyable. Be careful of your proportions. As in this episode, you can see if you're going to draw de friend structure that we have learned previously. Like 3/4 knows and the eyes and one leave. It's much easier for you to go through them and combine them together. - Look at the van drying leaves. Let's give it some beauty. I really want you to have a piece of paper in front of you and repeat this movements because while you're looking and trying to do the same thing, you can easily learn it, and it's become more enjoyable. Let me demonstrate the nose park again for you guys. So you see how I'm doing it. It's not justice free because I have practice knows drying so many times. I don't need to do it to do the circles again. But if I wanted to do with that, I would like draw our famous circles to So I think, being sides and then go through the rest of the nose So you can see this is how I did it just for practice on watching this episode and each single episode differently. And several times we learned how to do it down Freehand as a get the way, I'm giving you derive proportions. All of us remember the middle part of me that online, our lives are over darkest. So in this episode, as it saw at the beginning, I showed you two pencils, one to be on one for me. I'm driving like to be pencil and ice. If I want to make it a little doctor, I'm going to use my four b pencil, so not going through the proportion off eye the iris and remember that invisible line our horizontal and vertical. Whenever I drove in the eye episodes, you remember it Always the iris parts and the pupil on the line. This is exactly the same thing. If you continue that line, you can see they're completely right place because I'm moving my hand and I'm not having any extra paper under my hand. I wish you should over South pencil course can can. Charity can become dirty and our people can get darker. Says good tohave a piece of paper over under your hand while you're moving under pencil drawing. - I will let you to watch my hand opens while I'm completing the process again. You have learned all these bars separately in their own episodes. The exciting part is coming. I'm very excited to finish the dry and go through the shading parts. I did, but a properly and a lawyer I laid. And then our growing part is almost complete. Gradually, I'm going to start giving details. So practice and you see by practicing days you don't need to girl syllables anymore. No, slowly I'm gonna start the library. You don't need to do the eyebrows at this part. So because my hand was a little uncomfortable. I moved myself and then to the other side of tables. So my hand direction on the lines going to be easier for me. You don't have to move. But if it makes it easier for you guys do that some freely moving my hand because we had our drawing lies. I'm trying to get rid of toes. I'm going through my life and I'm going to start How sure from eyes almost aligned should be the darkest parts. Don't forget we have to go through the same direction for sure. No, I decided to give the highlight of my eyes that place you remember in the episode that I was drawing the eyes. I told you guys, he doesn't matter where you dry. But if you have a model and you know over the lights is coming from, you have to draw it. The high, less created does life you remember in the previous episode admission top part off the iris is the darkest because off your eyelashes on because of the shadow. Never forget that. And then slowly I go true. The stuff day, Iris. I'm not just raising some parts, but I'm giving textures as well. You can use your idea. Princess arrived there on any treat reserve gradually a virtual my eyelids. And then because this part this should have this greatness. I changed my pencil, which I'm using to be now. However, by using less pressure on your four b, you could have created the same effect. So it's while your hand movement of your hand and pressure repents of pressure. We got the carefully go through the lives on. I'm deciding now in the same direction. I still take a main sure from the Eid upper Ali's. Today I broke. I'm going to do some different directions as well, maybe to do some cross hashing or across a sure you know that when you're near your lives, it's always gift darker. You kept the day I moved my I added a little war fresher and detail. Just just that little pressure you can see makes your eyes more beautiful. So now I'm Dave was so sure you can see my this pay. It means like I'm creating more texture and I'm moving constantly and I'm being consistent . I realized a lefty middle part to stay white because it's the same part, Uh, our highlights. So it's means are the light is coming from there. You have to be a smart from been drawing your eyes and the volume you use and about the highlight because of whenever you're doing, I have sure it's all of us. Debate. You move, Andy, your pencil pressure. We can't create a beautiful dry in no time. I go in between my lights and then again, my natural beings of DACA do you wash this episode a few times and I repeat after me on a piece of paper. If we do this long time and the second guy the time you can do this very easily and you would be so happy and proud gradually finishing those parts and going down so nice time to stock going towards our nose. That's how we do it. And then you have seen the nose drawing parts and how they do who assures this part does have going through all those darker. So no matter what kind of lights is coming and very the tip off that nose is always the doctors part. So I was trying to find my four B pencil to create darker William I began my hand movements. They're all most of them in some direction now. I'm doing a different direction here. Double create across ashore or some people call it cross hatching. Here. I'm pressuring my pencil. - Yeah , I start by darkening the no stress part, but this time, because we are doing the whole face drawing. And then during the how sure. I said from the beginning. Now the consistent break. Let's go, Trudy. To skull. Yes. Yeah, I'm pressuring my pencil. Now I have mentioned a few times is all about your hand movements and how much pressure you bring in. You get the vam holding my pencil now some again, giving more pressure. The important part is C hand movement and the same direction. Pay attention to this part. And how Giving volume On which part? This lighter. If you have noticed, I am gradually doing this suddenly I don't dark all the surface. - No , I'm going through some life because whenever you do her sure your lines gets afraid of mate . Sometimes you have to go on it again. Do this very gently and don't overdo it. Please. Now I'm doing some eyelash. If you don't need to do them now because I've might go over the house shores again. But it's good to see where they are on the other report as well. You just saw that I took my time doing on the eyebrows and and eyelashes, sir. Take your time while your trying. I just changed my direction again because my help movements and the strokes. Now it's time to go through the Libs. You remember all that? The middle line is the DA cas we can see from the middle line. I gradually go down and then go up. So I just skipped over a little because you have seen this part now I just wanted to show you the rest. I'm doing some cross hatching on the lives for it. If you want to see more examples, check out the lips of yourselves under her shore parts. One point that he can see in this trying like most of the time, I'm using the same direction when I using. Look at my good lines on my assures. They're all the same direction. If you're left hander, this can change. Doesn't matter. So if your lies and your hand movements you can all the sale, whose right hand and who's left handed Because you're not drying the air right by I can dark and this part and came over volume. As you saw, you should not dark in this part too much as I'm doing. But I'm just giving your example, which worked off to know should be darkest. You're almost finished. I'm just giving the last touches. So mainly the purpose off this just you can see because you have learned the individual parts. Now you learn how to do them together. It's very easy. You then have to do first drying freehand. And then I bought allies and which part should be tarred and before should be like Now you can see, um, almost finished with this part. Just gonna use some razors And also dark in my lines only ice. I hope you enjoyed this episode. See in the next one. But by 20. Face Shading: However, Von will come back today. I'm going to teach you a very different a very unique technique with different materials and tools. What we have in front of us is called cattle bone fish and von charcoal stick. Now let's learn how to use this to together. First list. Bring your cutter and then let's stop making some powder of it. It you have some beautiful white powder on our plates now. Then he can use your charcoal stick and with the same technique, creates some powder. Black brother. Why we're doing this? Because I want to have some great powder in front of me. Maybe I don't want to buy some powders ready. That's why I create the white powder of it kuttel bone fish, and then I mix it with my charcoal powder or charcoal stick powders. It depends on you if you have on your greatness rate powder not to be a lot and doesn't leave too much phrase at more powder. You can always play video. No, this is our Angelyne, the Julie face, which I drove for you guys and beforehand so you can't learn this technique. I'm putting this powder all over our face. You can't go over your father either Viewed brush or you can use cutting. It depends on your personal preference. So you got the father is like it's going to be very split. Lee. Fate of AIVD Cotton Look at the very home doing. If you want to do fast drawing, you can use this technique. Recently, I used this technique list, but it's with very enjoyable for you guys to learn this as well. If you want to do fast technique or in the future, you want to do a creative course, our creative drying. You just saw what I did. I got rid off all my powders at once by blow them away. Now it's not really showing themselves. So I think I have to add more greatness. A more father there. Yes, look how it's gonna look like. Compare it with the rest off the face that I just added. It has more color, more volume into it now, adding the whiteness directly into the painting. You can also use your hands, but however, using your hands gives a different feeling. Different textures on your face. And if you use your cotton, it has soft feeling so it depends on you. What kind of feeling to have on your face toe have I'm just kind of use Well, uh, a lot self different techniques for you guys to see, you can see is getting more death. It's getting color. No cat of a I'm using it. You have to learn how to do Ah, ice shading knows trading on live shading in separate episodes. And in each episode, you have to learn how to use different techniques as well. Today, if you have the old together and it is very new and very nish technique, I can't say it's very cutting edge. You're going to draw this face, and it's not going to look like hyper realistic or realistic painting is going to really look like like a popular art. Or maybe he is going to look like a charcoal version off. Thanks is artworks Now? I started using my brush, giving more cover. As I mentioned. I'm going to use different techniques and different tools and materials. Today I started using my contact how they're strictly Ah, I bought my contact other from an altar. Still, you don't have to a created yourself or it's not hard to get it. Now look at my hand movements. I'm going to start going through the upper eyelids. It's between the eyebrows and the eyes destroying mostly going to let you guys to look at my hand, will bells and enjoy the music. So now if you are going to use our a razor because I want to make our phase FINA now, I'm going to use my brush in different parts. So this happened of to get her where I'm going to use a brush and harm using it. Until now, I have been using my brush. Now you can see it. I change my tools to stomach blending first, I would like to create more texture, for there were ill it and then also I need to control lines better with it now moving towards the author eyelid. So all those darkened the lions and then gradually moves down or it can start from the main islets, gradually goes up under the upper I like. I'm not using my contact pencil or charcoal prisoner here because I would like not to add straight blackness into our painting. - Now let's go through the eyelashes. He had my hands. How? Smile. Caffeine. My strokes are also I'm going to use my stump lending for the picture bars off their pace. Don't have my hand moments. I'm moving my hands in a circle way and gradually goes towards outside. You don't have to use your stumped for the eyebrows here yet. It's your own choice. Well, I'm just going through our main rule. Always been. Your narrative line should be the darkest now. I just got rid off the extra pencil traces, and also I'm creating pictures with my pencil reserves will. So he's using your raises, not just for raising stuff. You can also cruising pictures with it and also highlights you can see on knows after this model. I just created some highlights under nose now. Gay fruity wrist off the face, pictures for lawyer Ireland's look at my hand, more miles. The picture I'm creating here and I'm dry here. It's like dots, but not in a perfect shit, God's. So just make sure you're happy. Just however you move your hands and use your riser, I look at my stump and how I'm moving it. Bebe, I'm creating. The picture is very slowly. I'm going to create textures and bring more volume into our face. So until now you saw how I use my stump lending. Now, let me show you how to contain air and how to apply strictly and then use your continent. You have learned these techniques in the introduction part. Also, you don't have to use your content or utter dark materials. You can use your either eight b you can't see. This is eight B. I'm bringing same Connor as content. Well, not the same color, because that's all that's the ultimate black. But this one is more moderate. I never let my pencil or even compare dresses to stay alone. I always Glenda with my stump afterwards. - Now , after you see my stone for what? It's time to go, Trudy. Dark parts of our face You can see young darkening the no serious parts off the face. You don't have tea. Use your container taco. Here you can use your HB pencil or any other pencil that it's dark. For instance, he can even use six p did more pressure or four reviewed double pressure off six B. So it depends on you, but never forget to use your stump after bores on blended. If you still have questions, why use content and then go on it with our stone? Even though you have seen the introduction part, have a piece of paper in front of you. Then draw a line or feel eyes videocon care pencil, then Gonda with your stump and then another line going down with your brush. If you experiment yourself, you can learn it so easily a next time when you're trying and using the's materials and tools, you will understand exactly what's going on and why we're using that specific tool here. Number now Until Mill I went through the same techniques. I'm now going to start going through the eyes, and I stopped drawing them with our materials and tools. We'll start with drying the islands. I think, uh, when David my stump, you're going tohave, hyper realistic and realistic face drying the future episodes. So if you would like to learn other techniques as well, you can check out those episodes. So I'm darkening the islets with my stump. My some already in some cutter on them because I used it for utter size, utter parts of our drying, which had dark corners. Then I can use the same stump, which already has blackness on it, for the lines that I don't want to do. Our draw complete black click here. That's what I'm saying. Whenever you are drawing here, it means you're blending. Get But you're also getting some cutter additional color so you can use it for other places . After these, I'm going to use my black content pencil to go through the eyes. That means I'm going to bring straight blackness entire trying. My country is not really sharp, but I'm trying to use the sharp parts. So have a look. I'm going to you go through the eyelashes. As you can see, these are not hyper realistic eyelashes. Now, since you're done with the eyelashes, I'm going to plant the charcoal parts with our stump and then use it for the rest of the I . So I'm going to continue doing this for both eyes. And also let's make sure we have our highlights with our pencil or razor. He can also do this with your brush. I'm going to show you if you draw your eyelashes and blend them with brush help, they're gonna clock so look at the difference between these and the next part. Double B. Using her brush, it's got to have some extra powders now. Have a look. So now, blending it with my project size, too? No, I will give and add some highlights. Toe our eyelashes, 50 prints and razor. I hope you enjoyed this so far. It's time to use our brush. Maura, Maura I'm going through the whiteness off our I. And then it's time to darken the iris and the pupil. So again, I'm going to use my content. Pencil trade under drying under the Irish for it, and I'm careful not to go under highlights off the I. You can always add highlights with other material other tools, like a razor or white pastel. But it's better to use the whiteness off your paper rather than adding go. So never forget this teeth. It's going to be very useful in the future. When you're drying eyes, - we're almost done. It blending arch arkels with our stuff. Now stop to go through the lines for the leaves. I usually starts from the meet the line. We should be the doctors. You can check out their lives dry lives trading examples. However, since this is not a realistic waiting, I would like to add some extra lines under successful, so I'm just blending it with my brush this time. Dollars. I mentioned this girl's raro me that like and create some textures implanted with our brush or content or estaba as I have to say later. So you're almost done with the lines. Now it's time to go Shruti to be here a skill off The leaves offer live now because my hand on how I'm moving of gradually adding volume to it on overs. As I mentioned, the middle part is the darkest because my hand movements low just great for the lives but e get some parts to stay white. As I mentioned, I usually use my papers whiteness to create those highlights. Now you're almost dog lady over leave. I'm just creating some highlights and textures with e Consider razor. You saw that I used my content first. Then I use my style Then I go into shading the whole late don't again I use my content to bring out and to you create more blackness onto our model. So now I'm just bringing daughter materials. Still, I brought my brush. Now you just saw that I use a little a razor on the eyelash. Whenever I see something that I want to change, I do it right away because if I don't do it, I'm going to forget now gradually from the with the line, I blend more and go up. Then it's time for the lower lip. So I'm going to use the same technique. Have a look. - We're almost done with our pukes shading. You just saw that I created the highlights. Feet, pencil. Razor. Now we're going to go through the other parts. That is the Lord picture. Also, don't forget the eyebrows I mentioned earlier in this episode. You don't have to give color of it. You're content. You can use your stuff. It additional color, Rondo. - Well , I hope you enjoyed so far, we're almost done. You saw that I from one part to other pars. I changed and completed. Lee leaves those. And don't forget this part. Off the nose is the darkest. Can we hand movements any? All this, use your hand as though for shading and blending. So we're almost done. I'm just giving and going through the rest off the face, giving last touch Now dry looks like pop art or abstract art, which they're really my favorite after after hyper really thing. Our realism, paintings, abstract and property. My favorite. Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed this episode I see in the next one will buy.