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Masterclass 2: Realistic Drawing and Shading Human Features "Eyes"

teacher avatar Ava Moradi, Art and Design Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (4h 53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Front View Eyes Drawing

    • 3. Side View Eye Drawing

    • 4. Drawing Different Eyes

    • 5. Drawing Eye Lashes

    • 6. Drawing Eye Brows

    • 7. Eye Hachure Beginner

    • 8. Eye Hachure Intermediate

    • 9. Eye Hachure advanced

    • 10. Eye Shading

    • 11. Drawing Asian Eyes

    • 12. Eye Shading with Tear

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About This Class

Realistic Human Feature Drawing, Hachure and Shading with Pencil, Charcoal and Brush Techniques - Beginner to Advanced

Course Description

Welcome to the Masterclass of realistic drawing and shading of human portrait and features. These classes has been divided to 4 Masterclasses:

Just following link below for each part of the course. 

Materclass 1 : The basic skills and material of realistic drawing and shading

Materclass 2 : Realistic drawing and shading of eyes. 

Masterclass 3 : Realistic drawing shading of nose, lips, ear, hair and face.

Masterclass 4 : Realistic drawing shading of Hand, arm, leg, foot and go Creative. 

In Masterclass 1 you will learn drawing, hatching and shading skills and techniques for photorealism drawing. This is the first class of this ultimate drawing course that will show you how to start drawing and create advanced art in the simplest way that will stand up as professional work.

This course does not need prior knowledge, and it will take you step by step to learn how to draw and make realistic and hyper-realistic paintings at the end.

You will learn general and detailed ways and principles of sketching; we will get to know the tools, materials and techniques of drawing and shading in a new and simple way.

This course gives you access to 30 hrs HD tutorial videos in the simplest way possible for you to learn drawing human features. Even you have never drawn before, as long as you follow through this course, you will be able to draw realistic, eyes, nose, lips, face and other features. You will also learn advanced hachure and shading techniques by using tools such as pencil, brush, stump and powders. You will even use your hand and fingers to create a perfect skin texture to achieve the photo-realistic look.

Throughout all the Masterclasses from 1 to 10 you will gain instant access to 62 lectures of the course, which starts with basics; how to draw lines until you learn how to draw a hyper-realistic portrait with easy techniques.

At the end of each Masterclass you can search for the next class and complete the journey. 

· We will start using simple lines, circles and oval shapes to guide you through the proportion, size and position of human features.

· In each class you will learn how to draw: Eyes, Nose, Lips, Ears, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Hair, Full Face, Fingers, Hand, Arm, Legs

· Next you will learn how to Hachure them with pencil

· Then you will use the techniques that you have learned in this course. You will learn how to shade them and create realistic features.

· Then I will guide you how to combine the techniques together and then you are going to learn how to create textures and apply them to your drawings.

· Eyes are one of the most important parts of human feature drawings; since through eyes, you can show the emotions and make your drawing to stand out. The ‘Eye’ Chapter of this course will teach you how to draw eyes in the simplest way possible and we will go through many examples.

· You will also gain access to Demo sections where you can learn and see the combination of different techniques that you have learned step by step.

Over the 15 chapters you will learn:

· You will get familiar with lines and shapes and how to warm up your hand

· You will get familiar with Pencils, Charcoals, Conte, Drawing Brush and Blending Stump

· You will learn how to use the techniques and combine them

· Creating texture

· Shading Surface

· Eyes section: Front View Eyes, Side View Eyes, Eye hachure (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Eyes Shading, Eyes Demos

· Nose section: Nose drawing (All sides), Hachure, Shading

· Lips section: Lips drawing (All sides), Hachure, Shading, Lips Demo

· Ear section: Ear drawing, Hachure, Shading

· Hair section: Hair shading techniques, Female Hair, Male Hair

· Face Section: Face Drawing (Front View, Side View), Hachure and Shading

· Portrait Demo

· Hand section: Palm of Hand, back of Hand, Fingers, Hand Shading

· Arms section: Hachure, Shading

· Legs section: Hachure, Shading

· Feet section: Drawing, Hachure, Shading

· Drawing with Creative Ideas (Cheat sheet, Roundism, Sculpture, Mix Media)

No rulers or any other guiding tools needed, you still will be able to draw perfect features even if it’s your first time of drawing. After drawing the features, I will also show you the advanced hachure and shading techniques to create photorealistic skin tone and other textures that make your drawing to pop out your paper. We don’t want you just copy whatever we showed you in this course, but to implement your own creativity and be an artist. By the end of the course, you will be able to draw what you have learned during the course but also apply the techniques, be creative and draw your own version of human features.

No matter if you are an art lover, art hobbyist, University student who wants to improve their art portfolio, someone who want to learn some new skills of drawing; artist who wants to learn another medium or even you just occasionally want to make a realistic drawing of your loved ones as a gift to surprise them, you are on the right course. As long as you can write down your name, you can draw.

So what are you waiting for, pick up a piece of paper, grab your pencil, enroll the course now, let’s start drawing.

Feel free to have a look our preview lessons, follow one of the lessons to see how easy it is.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ava Moradi

Art and Design Instructor


I'm Ava Moradi, an artist with a passion for teaching. I started painting when I was 6 years old and learned different art mediums such as charcoal and pencil drawing, oil on canvas, watercolour, and also glass painting. I consider myself an artist and an art teacher. I have had exhibitions in London, St Moritz, Paris, Seoul, and Beijing. My latest exhibition was for Lightopia light festival, where we won the city life award for exhibition.

After completing my Master’s degree in Art Business, at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, I furthered my education at the University of the Arts of London, Central Saint Martins. Once I finished all my studies, I became a full time art teacher.

Being a teacher taught me a lot; as a person and as an artist. I found my path and pass... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is autumn already, and welcome to this massive class realistic drawing and shaving off human features. In this course, you will learn drawing, hatching, shading skills and techniques in order to draw put realistic porches and figures. This ultimate Ryan course will show you how to begin drawing and create advance art in the simplest rate that will stand up as professional work. This course does not need prior knowledge, and it will take your step by step to learn how to draw and make realistic and hyper realistic painting idea. You will end general and detail ways and principal sketching. We will get to know the tools, materials and techniques of drawing and shading in a new and simple way. This course has been compressed over 150 hours of HD video tutorial into this course for drawing human features. Even you have never drawn before as not against you. Follow through this course, you will be able to draw realistic eyes, nose leaves, face and other features. You will also then advance her sure and shading techniques by using tools such a pencil rush stump on powders. You will even use your hands and fingers to create the perfect skin texture. To achieve the photo, realistic looking, you will get instant access to 62 lectures off the course Features starts with basics how to draw lies until you know how to draw hyper realistic portrait With easy techniques, you'll start using simple lines, circles and oval shapes to guide you through the proportion, size and position of human Fisher's. Next, you will learn how to assure them with pencil. Then you will use the techniques that you have learned in this course to shake them and create realistic features. Then I'll regard here how to combine them together, and you're going to learn how to create textures and apply them into your drawings. Eyes are one of the most important part of human features, drawing since true eyes. You can show the emotions and make your drawing to stand out the I chatter off. This course will teach you how to draw eyes in the simplest, very possible, and we will go through many examples for you to draw and shape for the realistic eyes. At the end of the chapters, you will get access to demos and bonus sections, for you can then and see the combination that you have learned step by step, no rulers or any other guiding tools needed. You're still will be able to draw perfect futures. Even it's your first time off drawing. We don't want you just copy whatever we showed you in discourse. But to implementing your own creativity and be an artist by the end of the course, you will not only be able to draw what you have land here in the course, but also applied the techniques. Be creative and draw your own version of human features. No matter if you're on art. Lover are Toby's university students who wants to improve your art portfolio. Someone who wants to learn new skills of drying. Artist wants to let not our media or even you just occasionally want to make a realistic drunk off your loved ones as a gift to surprise. There you're under right course. As long as you can write down your name, you can draw. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a piece of paper. Grab your pencil and a ruler Corsa Mrs. Start drawing together today. Also feel free to look at the free lessons, see how easy they are, and I hope to see you on this course soon. 2. Front View Eyes Drawing: however bon will come back. There are five states and I drawings that you're going to learn today, step by step. Number of what drive straight horizontal light, then drawn Overall, that has continuous lines on the edges like this. Also, I want your oil to be in the middle in a very that her horizontal line can cut in half. But almost every time ever repeat this process, I can't get familiar with Han moments. So again number to do the same thing. But this time try to create the corner off the I that has tiered docking it. So I'm going to repeat the process, continued the lines. And at this time I'm adding the corner very easily so you can see how has been gone. I would draw the corner off the I on the right side as well, so you can see it again. So this is how it's been done. Now draw the her dog and almost both sides are all right. So no treat Fall of the rues again and this do the same we have done until now. This time we're going to complete the two I leads as well. You will see how we do that. You draw the corner of the eye. It's your dog. That's house dot This time we're great through the lines. Make it at a time. Lord Disick Dave. It's pressuring our pencil by adding, in order to cover lives, that they're stars from the corner of the eye. We can complete the eyelids very easy, right? You can see how it's done now in drying the A list, the two nights are almost paralytic and next to each other. Now let's cut your horizontal line and half try to see if there equals, and then he draw a vertical line where you half market. So let's see if they're equals now they're almost didn't have to be completely calls. As like as you feel. They're the same size. Now we draw diverse school life and then from the from like half off the big Me half. Let's cut them in half again like this. Now you can have tree vertical lives this dry circle we spend our lives that won't that offered is out of the oval. You can see how it's been done now. Yeah, now there are two people in the middle off your vertical and horizontal night and try to drive. Underline Exactly. It should not go below the line. Never your people never goes beloved. Your hair is out on life. So that's how it's been done is very easy, so it's not complicated at all. So this is the highlight off the iPhone. There are lights outside of many. Walk outside. You can see some lives on the eyes, desert of loves. You can draw them in any way you want in a circle bay in a square Ray doesn't matter. So what they just grow can be considered the shine off the I, and it depends on your mother now going to do the process again. Let's have a look again and do you followed step by step of all shapes that I just draw the corner off I, the tear doc, and then look to island parallel to each other. Try to define your lines by building them after he did us to get like these, but not too bold didn't again give me now into middle. The strong vertical lies Didn't they fight down the other 2/2 under draw to order vertical lines. As I talk, you before, draw your circles in the between the lines. Then I'm going to draw the people exactly on the line after a full guidelines. So now it's time to do the after Iris part. I'm going to draw the people. Now we'll go. I want to step forward this drug up her. I'd lead as well, which is line almost do it three times higher than the eyelids. And again, that depends on your model eider, European or Asian. They're all have different wireless, so you have to see what kind off model you have in front of you. Like these offer like these size, it's been done. So then I drilled a lawyer eyelids, shrapnel again. That depends on you. And then I draw the eyelashes. Let's see how has been done. We have a section for eyelashes as well, so no worries. If you don't know how to don't them, they're very easy. Now let's draw the utter eyelashes. Just let your risk be free and draw a line. A stroke. Sometimes two lives in triangle. They like these delicious can be different, but for for learning, this is the easiest way you can. Do you just draw them when they are down and then you go true them up things start taking down lines up the Vegas I it look at the screen. You will learn how to do now in a carry bay Exactly like these must take them off sometimes to them in a triangle way again in the eyelashes episodes you will learn how to do them in different race. Now let's complete our process with the last example again. Draw the line, draw the oval shape and then continue to care of likes Draw the corner. I then finally tear dull and then I'm going to complete it. So it's almost done. I'm going to draw that here. All right, now. So this is called here, Doc, and then disses e I laid sinless completely process. This time I'm going to add the details this fall. So But get this train and how I do down the second lion starts from the pier dock and go next to the Are there two lions and finishes on there? Right side age. Yes, I was done. Now the island is done. I'm going to draw the iris part. You remember we used to cut them tough on the other 2.5 and then draw a circle. It is our iris, his house down. And then I draw the people on the light. Never go below the belt My so under shines The Highness off thy You can do this. There were you want? Doesn't matter so that the upper I lied Admission before It depends on your model how you draw it. Then again, let's at one more beetle for knowing the size off the eyebrows and Berta startup. Does this house been done from the corner of the eye on the other side, The rice corner off the iris. You draw your eyebrows, you should follow these particle lights. And it was very easy. Right then I draw the nor operate and then the iron ashes, some of them in to try and obey. Just take your time with the I light if you don't have to rush it. And then again let me show you what more time how the I like has been done. Can I take them up? Eyelashes can be difficult for some people. In this start I drive. So the way I am doing it, it makes it easy. I don't have to be careful how they look like, so just try to do them. And then in the next episode, does he how to do down more gently and more. Supposedly, Aldo, What we just dro It's a tentative pasa off learning part. You know that you know all the elements, but first you need to practice your sketches is very important part and try to demonstrate , and I by just crowded but with different lines like you can't how I'm doing it. I don't care if it looks good or bad. I just do it and I want my hand to get used to. I dry. Just try to do this. It's like a challenge for some people. Like try and get a few seconds. Try not to move. Remove your hand from the paper and let's continue. Do these few times. Well, it will really help you. I drying. So if you learn sketch off, I'd dry. It means that you married how to drawn I 70 person, so just practice on. I hope you enjoy this episode In the next episode, I'll teach you how to draw aside I up to see you soon. Bye bye 3. Side View Eye Drawing: Hi. Everybody will come to this episode in the previous listen, you learn how to draw front ice in this episode, you're going to let house drop. So I this learned the techniques, the life on the shapes together and enjoy it. Hi, everyone. In this episode, we will learn how to draw side. I Mrs started drawing a straight horizontal line, then draw overall, as we learned in the purpose episode from bird Oval ends, draw a 40 degree or 50 degree angle. The size of the angle depends on your overall. Didn't divide your like and cut it in half with a vertical life. Death on your vertical life draw as 10 degree angle. I don't make it into a care of life. Haven't ocal. I'm going to do it now. I'm going to draw a 10 degree and go and then that's our carefree life. Then close the edges of your 50 degree angle with a small triangle on each site. Like how did it on this example right now? Now let's rift of eat this process. This time I will draw a right side, I so the process is almost the same this time are cut it in half that I'm going to draw another 40 degree or 50 degree angle. Then again, I will draw attended rancor from our vertical life. That's it. I made it, Carrie from the beginning. Now I'm going to draw after the triangle. I'm going to draw the islet. That's how it's going to be like. This is upper and lower I played. It's very easy. You can see how done and if you have a piece of paper in front of you, because I just repeat after me. Now let's go through the process again and see what we need to add to the previous wants. I'm going to draw my horse, Elsa, lying down on oval. I will cut it in half with a vertical line. Again, I withdraw 40 degree or 50 degree angle. I will connect the lives on, make sure everything's price places don't. Right now you can see a close, the vertical side, the single, the very thin single care. Relying on that, I drove 10 day create light as we did before. Then I'm going to close it. Close both sides of the triangle shape now again, distraught Upper Islay and the lawyer Eylea. It's very easy. The size off there's it depends on you, your model on what kind of a person you're drawing. Either you're drawing lesson I Chinese. I their old depends under old different now this timeless at something else with a very faint over shave off at Iris off the I the upper side off our issues crossed the island and then on the line I will draw the people. It should always be on the light. In the previous episode, yourself of the people is always on the course on our main horizontal line. Has been easy until now, right? So I tried to make all my right to be built and notice full. Now this review again. I wanted to practice this a lot and add more features, Sister, in this way that I repeat the rules. You will learn better and understand everything step by stuff. This is a great method for people who just start drying. Now I want you to get to guess speech part. We are going to add this, that we are going through the saying metal. I just did same techniques. The same lines are 40 degree and go sent a 10 degree angle on the vertical side. Then I'm gonna close both edges with a triangle angle. Now let's connect the upper and a lawyer. I'll eat together. This is how they connect the lines. I'm going to draw the iris part which D cup are, should be should cross out. And the people which now this is the part we're going to add. You're good at eyelashes from Does triangle piece of study. Draw be. Draw the eyelashes in a straight line. Then we take them up. After you drew the eyelashes on the island. Go over them again. I bring them up that say you can have a better virginal fell like how I just did. Now let's draw the eyelashes for the other side. For the other Eylea, you can see how it's done. Yeah, you're having your beautiful ice. I No, let's go. Let's studios for the last time, we're going to go through the same process. This time. I want to add eyebrows so you'll see. There. You put these remember? Draw the side II roast. So we are going, Trudy. Same process. I'm pretty sure he know it by heart. House of Draw aside. I know. So this is a great day for everyone who started learning. I was almost done. I go through the iris part and then people on the life I'm adding the eyelashes. Look how I do it one more time, taking them off. Now on the other side of our main oval, we should draw vertical light and continue the upper Islay and create an angle. When they reach charter. I draw and Nana vertical light for our side. I is. And then go. Now you can see ver r arbors stand. This is very should be. And the radio arbors looks like to pass on your mother. Well, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode. I'll see you the next episode. Different I drive, but by 4. Drawing Different Eyes: hirable. Welcome to this lesson. In the previous episode, you learned how to draw fun eyes. And so I in this one, you're going to learn different examples off different eyes. Maybe fade. Maybe think it's going to be fun. I want you to have a piece of paper in front of you and follow. I had no bits. It's going to be fun. I hope you enjoyed Hi, everyone. And this episode, I want to teach you how to draw different ice. We have six different examples in this episode, so let's get ready. First, let's go through the first example, the eyes looking for a way. I call this example half front half side, I drying. In this example. The itis part off the I is under right side. As you can see the vests payoff. Learning is to look at the way I'm drawing them and then repeat after me on a piece of paper. It's very easy. Just repeat deep hand movements that I'm doing. Then I will draw the iris part, as you saw almost on the right corner than the pupil, always on the line and in the middle of in the middle. Then I draw the islands that at, as you saw, that goes over the iris part both on the top and buzzing off there off the circle. Did I draw another line on the corner? Because this eyes have front half side. Then I draw another Eylea that goes over the first line. Make my line more bold. You can see I'm making more bold and then I don't I just drew the tear a dark at the left corner off the oval at all times that I'm just describing. Please look at the example as well, and try to watch it again, too. The movements are important in learning process. I will come complete are we complete the islet in the bottom off the circa so you can have a look. The other aisle, It goes away. I taught you in the previous episode side, I have a look how I did it try to watch this episode a few times. This is a very good for learning different eyes, since he already learned the techniques in previous episodes. No, we can draw the light reflection inside the iris. Let's have a look how I do it Any very bond this old depends on your model. And now we can draw the lawyer I late. Which again it depends on your model. We can do a faster sketch in order to know over our lives. Ease. So this is the sketch off the eyebrows and adjusted on the nose part. And then the cheek I'm going to do You can see how it looks like it was It's very easy, right? I did the cheek part. Now, now you can add the diesel such as eyelashes. The camp doing am just going around really fast. So this example is almost finished now. But if you want to complete it with her, sure or shading or some people call it hatching, please push those pieces that I'm going to teach you later on. So let's have a look. I'm just great to complete this I drying. It's quite easy if you look at the has and then ah, and raised the extra alliance that when you do your sketch it would be an amazing I draw now. Almost ready. Ah, to go to the next example. In this two example that I'm going to do later, I will teach you how to do a faint and take front eyes. They're different and you're going to enjoy them. So let's draw the famous a strong line off. You always have the straight like everywhere, then draw the oval and a circle in the middle again. Thesis a famous and you have learning in previous episode, how to do I drying in this example, I do mostly sketch and then bowled the linesman necessary. Since we have learned that men are drying techniques previously, so have a look. I'm doing it, make the lives bold and then raised extra parts. All those X rays extra lies when they're not needed. Draw the people on the line is always always on the line, and in the middle of the circle you can add I reflection to wherever you want. Then I draw the ire lists. Invade that almost cross wanted off Iris. You can say this very thing, I Then I'm just connecting the islands together. You can see how it is. Just connect them together wherever you draw the islets. Since I want to show you how looks like when you do, I shading away her shirt inside off the people on the iris later as well. So now it's almost ready to go to the next part. Clean the surface of the extra lies with your a razor. Smells craned. Now we almost have the main A structure. It was part until now, right? I had fun. I hope you guys having fun to you all at the tear, Doc. Now the corner off the eyes and the tear dog I taught you in the previous section that it's better to add this part when you're drawing the main A structure. Since now you have learned those you can't play with the main A structure and throw the parts that you want first. Maybe your dog, beginning or later. It all depends on you and your experience. When you're just start practicing Now you can see adding that tear. I could have drawn this at the beginning of the mission. Then I'm going to clean the other parts. I just got rid off top part off the circle and then I'm going to complete the islet part two lives that are all those next to each other and para. Since this is that scene, I are upper eyelids should not really go Hi, this is LA This is as high as it should go. In previous episode I've mentioned to It all depends on your model. So now you're seeing an example off garment Can an analyst at the lawyer I late This is very going and then adding the Khyber parts and eyelashes. That's how I'm going to do this is roughly just did sketches. So where fast I'm adding the ASHA. Just do it randomly. Just having fun when you draw eyelashes. No, I'm going to dark and the circle applied. Are I response? What I mean with my pencil I've been using to be pencil since now, and I'm going to continue using it. You can see you can use, like to be or forbid for this part. If you don't know how much pressure you have to use here, I'm adding more pressure. So that's why it's getting dark hair. You can see how even to be is Dargis. If you add like use for me now, it's going to be darker. But now I'm reducing the pressure, so that's why is getting lighter. So I'm going to complete this part now. Let's complete this sketch part after these and we're done. You can use these kind of techniques for comic drawings or for when you're doing Annie Mae . It's very useful for those drawings, even for realistic drives. It all depends very are using, and they're very how you're drawing it. So I hope you enjoyed this one. As I mentioned this observable. Have another example that is not a same eyes and less neat this draw at that farm. And let's see how I was going to turn up now. So drawing a straight line than a big ol shake, then drop big circle in the center off it on another sickle on the line. As I mentioned to you, all these people b underline our Jose horizontal and in the media. That's a technique that you should not get away from it. Try to move your hand freely for this example, and then just remember of what you have learned before and draw them on the paper. I'll ease the tear dog and try to draw all kind off lines on it. Just I don't want to meet neat on this one. Just wanna warm off my hands. You say your hands. Guests used to I drank. This perfect actually is a perfect example of our drawings. In practice, you can see I'm just adding any kind off nice to eat or one. This is really fun. Just try to do this. So I added the extra parts that I leave the show on parts and then this almost tried to finish it. Now I should to example of ah, for you guys. I just drove two examples, one off them or need. And one of them, like kind of Missy, those both very important for you to let, especially the 2nd 1 it just practice like this a few times in your paper. That would be great. Now let's move on to another. Three examples are drawings. Now let's move on to the other examples of our I drink. Let's start for our very famous horizontal line, and then I'm going to draw the over and you can see all of us are horizontal line caught either the oval or the circle parts. So try to remember these and try to practice it after practicing for while your hand needed recognize this movements. Yes. Now let's move on to the iris part and then the pupil that is always on the line. The Highness off. The I can be anywhere. Doesn't have to be just exactly the place that I just drove for you guys. Now I'm going to draw the eyelids. This one is a little dull and lower I laid is almost on the care flight off Arlo Mobile that I'm going to connect the lines to get her. You can see very easy date When you are practicing on your paper. Try to look at the videos. Bold. Now it's time to draw the corner I or and then at the tier dark In the previous the first example I told you guys, then you know that main a structure and learn it. It doesn't matter of beach section. You start trying matter if you draw them in the right proportion. So let's at the other islands which I mentioned before they are parallel to each other and almost the same. Now I'm going to cut it down. This is our dear dogs. So this all right that I'm doing right now is less clean than the 1st 1 that I drove for your eye. So I'm going to let you to look at my hand movements and see the difference between these flawed and the first example I drove for you. Now I hope you enjoyed that example. Let's continue to and draw another I This is different. I want to draw a picture over and it is a smaller. So let's have a look. Almost looks like Charles I tension when they're still little. They have a big, beautiful eyes. So I drove my overall than my big circle in the middle. This is almost the scarce. So on our sketch I pulled the lines and then I draw the people that is always on the life. Then the eyelids. Now some parts get 30. So I just raise it with my razor. I'm going to continue. This is almost the same as utter. I dries the structure. I mean, so let you to have a look. I see. The difference is I hope you enjoyed the surface of guys. See the next episode 5. Drawing Eye Lashes: I ashes. That's very important. Well, guys here is exert. You're going to learn how to draw eyelashes. It's very easy. It's not hard at all here in this. Listen, just follow everything. I'm going to tell you an ideal of this course. You're going to drop beautiful eyelashes, high roban. In this episode, we will learn how to draw eyelashes. So many students on our lovers find drawing eyelashes heart. But if you let go, if your culture and draw naturally, it will come to you very easily. Now let's draw eyelids and eyelashes. Drawing under usually are eyelashes. Grow from the second line or in between. Our lines sometimes is important, too. Draw each strokes carefully. Look at my hand movements, but at the beginning try to do it very naturally. So eyelashes are figures at the end off the base. And keep him line that I'll I should do not need to be drawn in one stroke so you can draw it in few strokes, one direction and also look at my hand overs and how carry they are. And then let's plan your hair direction, which you can see on the screen. I always know my direction and I followed them, then spread them out like this. Andi, I know my direction. Also run at random eyelashes. Random. Next makes your allies is more natural. Try to make some off them look like triangle, care of triangles, lives and or strokes. If you're naturalistic feelings and you can see look at the sharpness off that triangle part. Now let's draw the lawyer eyelid eyelashes again. Draw them between the lines. We have more triangle and group eyelashes. This faith, they look better. So now let's move to our next examples. Let's draw the islands again. Now I'm gonna show you the example from the islands. This time it will be different because I'm going to pick up my content pencil on, draw over my lines. You have learned this technique into introduction part. So if you haven't watched that part yet, please watch it to know the reason and how we do it is. Then I will use my brush to shut that area. Look at my hand movers on her doing always. I'm giving it a little makeup on, but a shaving for the other islands now, because of my shiny looks like makeup, it has some angle at the end off and the industrial island. So I continue go over a few times. Then I'm going to pick on my pencil, either to edge or to be or for B. I choose the direction and start the carefree strokes from the end. These are old, curvy, and I try to remember the triangle technique. That's very important, guys and try to practice it now. I spread that I'm trying to spread out the eyelashes in the right directions. Try the Kevin lives off your eyelashes that you can see at the bottom and see the pot anchors off the island. It gives you a naturalistic look. Now for practice. Let's now I'm going to duty. The other eyelids. No for practice, strike every line and repeat after me. It's very easy to dry, and I should just make sure you draw range of curvy and triangle are lashes together in different angles, and please do consider your direction because my hat well, my contains not very sharp, but usually when you're trying and if you wanted to may look very hyper realism, hyper real estate trying, try and be careful that you're either your pencil or you're going Temples. There should be sharp. Now let's move on to the next example. I want to draw different versions off eyelashes in different directions. We have a care every light in front of us that shows ice. I I saw eyelashes. No, I have done this. I want to show you how I did it. Best reality Kerry Islet, As I did before. And as I mentioned, this fun is the fourth side I drying and I drew the first line with to be kind of good on it blended with my brush. Then we can sell from drying the eyelashes from the edge and then move along. And the direction you can say that lawyer are nationals are much finnair and upper walls are both longer and stronger. Now let's draw eyelashes That extension and last cara deserted for the people. When you're drawing, you want to add more makeup on your model as some makeups. So this is gonna help you. The process is saying just draw my line And then I planted with my brush. So I'm choosing the directions. You have my hand movements. The process is the same. But the eyelashes more straight and you feel there are lots off them there. This is very unnatural eyelashes. And you can only Siris on models that they have proved either ah, fake eyelashes or in cartoons for animus and different other versions. So this is how you do it? Try to practice. This is full. You can't do. Ah, then my brush as well. You can see I'm using my brush of old depends on you and you're trying. I'm teaching you this even those less realistic. But some models that we go through later they have different eyelashes, different mascaras. So it's good for you to learn it. Not going to do Ah, the other. I lied, as you can see and you can feel the mascara under eyelashes is full because there are more volumes and they'll look at the fe I curved up. This is how you should do it her beautifully. So please watch and look at my hand and high Duthie draw the care of strokes. As I mentioned before, I make them look like a triangle. And this fun that I'm trying is another version. I draw care of flight on my piece of paper that I haven't done it by my brush than annoying the direction your own ashes angles. Repeat after me on your paper and practice your strokes with different directions. I'm using all kind of eyelashes here, such a long, medium and short so you can have it very diverse example in front of you for naturalists. And look, this is enough. But let's try it by contact, Pants says. Well, you can see I'm doing the same thing. This is no list less natural, Miss at more now I really used my brush. Look at the difference. It's very beautiful video as brush at it. Now let me give you a separate example. You can say sometimes because off the paper texture or when your princess is no sharp enough, your I like doesn't look like, actually sure, So when I go on it with my brush, it will give us milk and surface the carrot and see the difference. Also, when you want to have random eyelashes or some reflections, I'll use my stump that makes show you you can't see the picture. Actually, as the texture is different, the comparison between brush and stump landing I want you to practice this at home or whenever you're free or sitting down. It's so easy. Just draw some dots and draw some Karen eyes on it. That's your practice. And also don't forget to practice your triangle eyelashes, so I'm going to give you some examples of your homework. These are the triangle eyelashes of us mentioning to try to do this whenever you have a piece of paper in front. Off you and blunt pencil is enough, so just throw down like you're throwing the ball. That's how you should do it. Go on them again in order tea for you to see the effect now Suarez for the beginners, mostly. And when you want to draw some less natural Lexie eyelash it. That is good for other kind of trying, such as animal etcetera. I'll show you to your how it looks like these examples is not for, as I mentioned again, for realistic or hyper realistic. It's mostly for other versions try, such as Animas Admission. So I drone ice I, ah, side I. I will break in at the part of my content. Then we'll go on. It's good. My stump. We just gave you the whole thing I'm going to do, I'm going to complete the process. First of them I should get my content down with my stuff. Look at the very I'm doing it. One thing I want to tell you guys, this is a point. You need to know that during the whole course we have a lot of sample and different drawings. And until samples, you can see different versions off eyelashes. We're going to do loss off portrait dry and teach you different techniques. So in those techniques, you will learn how to do a lot of different versions off eyelashes. So no worries. Just this is the general techniques that I'm teaching you today. So again, still, I'm doing the examples. I'm actually exaggerating, uh, this one, but by adding more, contact Connor into it and some high nights. So, as I mentioned before, this is either for comic books or for anime drawings. I'm just really exaggerating it now. So now because we have a black surface, I'm going to add some going to use. This is my what? Pasto. And this is my what Razor pencil. A riser I always add highlights eider bit like pencil passel with pencil or razor. So, uh, now, if you have a black service and you want to draw the white eyelash, you do the same technique. Did we haven't be sure to you on Is that our last example for today's episode? - But kept the vam using depends on a razor. If I add more pressure, it's going to be really white in one off the ah, I mean, not just one is so many Off the I dries. You see that? I used my pensive razor around eyelashes a lot. Have a good I'm giving my pressure. Well, I hope you enjoy this episode. See in the next sequence of guys, but by 6. Drawing Eye Brows: something wrong with my harbors? No. Well, if something's wrong, maybe we should start handicapped Drogo. In this lesson, we're going to lend different eyebrows and how to draw them. Different shades. Defense drugs. The results are beautiful. Something sure, Something big. Let's look together. It's great to be fun. Hi, everyone. Welcome back. First learned how to draw our bro's lines and the strokes. Have a paper in front of you unless practiced his life. I was a variety of shapes. Then you draw your eyebrows. Let go of your risk and let it be more free than you. Move around your hair Strokes are very important. Draw randomly rather than drawing a circle. One important empty, always sharp and your friends off for drying eyebrows or even eyelashes. Video of pingers Put some pressure a longer. I rose the way that I'm drawing right now. Start your Harris drugs from bottom to top. Keep your strokes fain and draw the head in different directions. Don't draw your hairs in one direction, as I mentioned, but draw them in different directions either three or four directions. Like how I'm doing now up down there to right, if you are drawing a rights I I broke. But keep in mind that your mother drawings have different eyebrows with different raise off drying iris strokes. Most off the times are showed it at the end off the eyebrow. Look at the very home drawing right now. Practice like this few times you will really enjoy it. Grand of her strokes make make your eyebrows very natural. So practicing triangle with two lives will have you both with eyebrows and Aisha eyelashes . Later, the triangle shows you to draw sharp at the top. So now you learn how to draw my bro's with pencil. It's very easy. I've heard this so many times from different students that teaching for my bro's ends here we should not be less. Take step forward learned how to draw IRAs with different materials and tools. Some 1000. Do you want to draw clean? Which brush? First shakthi area like. How did I shaded different powders? This one is graphite powder. I'm adding some more graphite powder to my brush to create a better surface for I broke. Look at how I draw the way off graphite. These are almost like hair strokes with my brush. I move my brush alongside off the shape part. Look at the hand Loovens And every time I'm getting more father from my plate. So I tried to practice your shading in different direction, and you will find it very enjoyable later. Now, this technique, I'm going to just have it until here, because I want you to learn another I bro. Shading is the stump either either a use your stump on shading drying or you can even use your pencil drawing. I use offense done for this case. Now let's do it. Another version. Ally Roche ating. I did the shading with graphite powder again. Now going on it for a few times. I'm drawing the line, Mel Eider adding more color or let it be like that. It all depends on you on how light or dark you want your eyebrow to look like. So this is almost like the previous version that we draw. Have a look at my hand movements, so it's almost complete. No, I brought my to be or four B pencil. You can see I'm drying over my shading parts off the drying now, adding more color. You can't just put more pressure your pencil. It gives more color, so that's what I'm doing. You can see how the pencil lives looks like on our shaving parts. I continue my hair strokes in different directions. Now let's go Truth and lines again so you can have a look how they have drawing in practice this later on the shading parts, you can see how sharp it is. It's very sharp. Just do random lies and practice like this. Everyone has different. I rose with different directions, but it started the bottom line, and then I give some direction and then marriage to hers together. Look at my hand movements. What I mean by what I said. So one direction that I'm merging different hair strokes in different directions. That's it. You can see how easy it is to draw eyebrows. What I do here is to draw the heads in an upward pointing. Two. Don't work pointing hers and at the end of all, do some touch ups. Now let's do something bolder. Withdraw our hair. Strokes would contact pencil. It's the same process, but get bolder lines. Some people will enjoy days. If you look at the episode for all DRI helper I have drew her eyebrows. Director David con que. You can find that episode in the creative parts of this lesson. As you can see, I'm not putting too much pressure to it at the beginning. Try to save arrival. I'm just trying to see where I want to draw the outline with my content. Pencil. Then I can decide where I want to put more pressure. You can see I'm adding more volume to some parts. We get the examples. I'm pointing out the paper that I'm dry on. Hassan textures itself. Now I want to show you been ah can be drawn. A smooth surface. The sea house looks like you can see the lines. It's better and looks maybe more natural. It depends on your preference off a choice of paper, as I measure it depends on your paper. How soft or sharp this with more texture on it. If you want, it smells, chooses most and thing drawing paper. Now I want to do a fast demo and draw a side eye, and it's IRA unless shaded in a different Vienna. So you have learned inside I dry ink in that episode, so I'm going through the horizontal line, the vertical line. And then I know you have learned in the side I that you don't start with fibrous, but I just want to show you to your house. Looks like in a very fast drying does our structure. So let's see how it will look like now I will draw the eyebrows line with the contraire in a dramatic way. Now, another technique less realistic dry Look at it after you draw your light with contact, go on down with brush. I did this from the end because I don't want my Abaroa strokes to show a lot, but I want to have a failing of them on the paper after my country. You saw that I, uh Hughes my council razor and drove some highlights. And you can add highlights withdrawing lines, video, pencil, a razor. So listen another example. Now I want to shake the surface with counter powder this time And, uh, I at the counter powder with my brush. I can use my counter pencil after days. This time I want to use my pencil razor first. Then I'm going to use my, uh, content pencil Have a look won t always cut your pencil. Reserve the cutter, so it's charge. It makes a sharp. Therefore you can draw better lines with it. So have a look. It's giving me highlights on our contact powder. Then I add my contact and sell next to the lines. I don't go on them, but I just do next to the lines so they can show themselves and looks more realistic. I do different examples because you cannot see different versions. In one episode, most off the Times in different tutorial episode, we used his techniques in different drawings with different tools and materials. It's not all the one that Ah, so now let's draw another. I broke a different technique. I choose my smooth surface as well as you saw. This time we're gonna do the left eyebrow of it. Contact pencil, and it's mostly this life shading, then lined her strokes. See, I'm not just doing trying to fill in so you can I don't leave it to be like this sometimes , or you can grow on them with a price size to preferably, move your hand alongside your lines to get it. I changed my hand direction when a needed then after days, I'm going to use my pencil or is there again alongside of the lines? Have a look. I'm just highlighting the white parts more rather than going on the black parts. Now let's at another future to it. Let's use a wide council passel. It gives me a sharp bite effect, but be careful not to use it a lot, just as long as as much as you feel like you have to use it to get the part that's very, very highlights. Now let's go over the hair strokes again. And remember of what we have learned in this episode. Be careful off your strokes quality. Make your Holland's look very sharp. Eyebrows. Hers comes in different varieties. Don't limit your lines than all this girl up and down and don't Onley Practice right airside eyebrow. Practice the left size too driver light row of Harris and then merge them with the bottom row. Like the second example as I did so, remember that your model is very important and you have to look at your mother most off the times. I hope you enjoy this episode. See in the next one will buy 7. Eye Hachure Beginner: however, what if this episode, you're going to learn about how show drives after getting that book I drawing? This would be the first time we are going to apply a surer handle best into our dry ah, home. You enjoy this exit, however, Von will come back today. Let's land How to draw Our first has your example. You will learn simple structure off her short techniques, which is suitable for anyone who has never done her sure before. Now let's learn how to do it. So let's have a look how we do normal. How sure in this episode first we go through a normal half side, I dry, you can see the iris part is almost touching the over on the right side. Now, after I'm telling with the circle, which which is our iris, I'm going into draw the pupil on the line. Admission it, like a few times that your people should always be on the line and should not go below the line. Shall we draw a reflection of the right side? Now? Now let's draw that I laid on the circle. You have learned this before, in previous sessions how to draw. I lays and you had different I examples. I'm deciding where everything should be right now. Whenever I'm Max, it means like I'm deciding for Taconic. Done. And how big the I should he not going to connect the lines to get her? So it depends. Onion, your models. Either you have a model or you're just drying it. So you have to decide letter. How big your you want your I to be. Sometimes you might, I mean extended from your overall size. Now you have to draw the corner off the I and the tear dog I mentioned. It previously depends on you. If you want to draw tier dark at the beginning or now have a look at my hand woven styles. Now you have to make a sketch of our hard drive. Since the place in off our eyes not normal. We have to draw our upper island like this. It all depends on your models. Then if you have the question, why choose it? My the islet It looked like this is because off the model that I have in mind so you can see how it looks like. So I just draw the upper eyelids on going through my lives again. What they're teaching today is actually very simple. Harsher. Therefore, in the two next example, you will see different and more intense. I her sure before doing assure, you have to make sure everything is in the place we can. Since you're so Cherie, Just let go off the sketch part and you still like giving volumes, colors, death, tr drying. So now I want to make sure that everything is right. No, Dr the power lines, the eyelids and also will continue going through the rest off the lines now is almost complete. I would like here to look at my hand movements when I'm making my life more visible. I'm just giving more details because he's I ha assures and not just simple escape. It's better for you to make sure all the lines on right place. You don't need to get rid off your extra lines here since is simple, but it's good to get you steered. I'm using my pencil or is there today is Ah, not my no more razor. - He sees the normal arrays I'm using. Now just make sure or the parts are creen. You're almost ready to start our assure crying. Don't forget that whenever you draw your eyelids, there are two knives thanks to each other. The line is the later on. You have to draw your eyelashes in between them. Now we're ready to start our herschel drawing. However, before then, this draw our eyebrows. You have learned that eyebrows. They stopped from the corner off the I until the right side off the iris. So the eyebrows his company than to get my hand movements and I how I do them. Then we're going to move to the eyelashes, since it's the simple how sure you don't need to be careful Video eyelashes. Just look at my hand movements on how fast a completar. Just try to do this. After a while, you get used to drawing eyelashes. I usually do eyelashes at the end. I just wanted to have a look around going to put them later. Now listen, start giving some bullets. Are I with our pencil? The times for how sure shade the people you will see in this example on also, indeed, Knicks examples that over is the top part R R I Race is always the darkest because off the shadow off the eyelashes. So dismiss in all kind off I dry ings. The top part is the darkest. Now look at my hand movements and how I go around, and also I'm going to dog him around the lines. We get the pencil movements. All this from your near the lines. You have to darken those pores. Now, since this is a simple shading, I'm not going to give more, uh, details to these parts that's gonna let it be. And future examples you can see more details are dries. Now let's darken around the tier dark. Move your hands like me. And now why I'm trying. Sometimes you can change your sketches because you realize maybe that's not arrive place, so it does not matter. I decided to bring down the upper eyelid a little, so let's raise the previous line with our pencil a razor. Now, the techniques I'm going to use right now, it's going to be shading in between our lines. I'm going to start this technique right now. Look, I'm doing shading between our lives. I don't let go. I don't get rid off there by part early. We're just giving some brave warrior. Now this part of see her I'll eat always around your lines should be dark hair even opened . L always so remember there's another teeth I'm giving you overs around. The lines should be dark at that. So let me say it again. You can't see it whenever I go back and forwards, and whenever I'm near the line, I give it more voglio and then I get further away. It's less dark, so I reduce the pressure if my pencil and I'm using the same direction. So I let you travel here, get my hand movements. - Now I'm going through the eyebrows. Isn't not at the way that he should shade your or her? Sure, your eyebrows. But since this is an example for beginning the beginner for a, I said sure gonna let it be like this. Not that we have our main shading. Let's put more pressure on the eyelashes and make them more notice full, so it's almost done. This was very simple, and it's very easy to follow this, so I hope you enjoy this simple hush. For example, in the next two example, you will learn more intense assured drawings, and I hope you enjoy this X episode and I'll see you in the next episode's. But why 8. Eye Hachure Intermediate: However, Bonn in the previous episode, you learned about for sure techniques and apply it on ice. It is excellent. We're going to take fun, stepped forward and try to learn how to do cross hashing and circle is, um it's going to be fun and I hope you enjoy it. Hi, guys will come to this episode now that you have learned different I drawings, listener and how to do, I assure, and this i p. So if we will learn how to do a normal I front side pressure is easier than you think. Previously you have learned how to draw a front side. I if he haven't, please check out those episodes. Nomis drove one here and done her. Sure, it you can use four B or six p pencils at your material. Russia has not in name, which is hatching. Other artists sometimes use hatching, but I prefer her sure, which is the French name off hatching. So from now on, I'm only going to use her. Sure, her sure is an artistic technique used to create tonal or shady effects by drawing closely spaced para lights. And this would be our first example of for sure. I hope you enjoy it. So right now let's go. Truth E r. Example that is in front of us. I already did The main. A structure off our I the overall. Didn't Thea. I leads the Pew poll and then I'm going to complete thes structure. I hope you're familiar with this structure we talked about. But all of this in structure a lot previously. So I'm showing how I have divided. There you get? How are I drawing? Looks like now you can see the end results after we are done are how? Sure Technique. So it's almost the structure. Parts is done now, almost ready to start the harsher part. Yes, let's start by dark, darkening people off the I. This gives more color to it the way I'm doing it very gently from the island, we have sure, until we reached the upper island, you can see I put more pressure but im near the island and less pressure. When I go up, we do this action again and again. This gives more color. It'd when you go over it and you can see that the only looks like more real now I usually might my hand very freely. I pulled the I just told the upper eyelid with my pencil. Then I just black and the iris prior it and dark in the upper part. More Mandalore. Then we're going to start shading the boys parts. As you can see now, we should notice that we should not shake this part a lot. Just as much as it comes out, like becomes more realistic. I'm a dark at the corner off the I and go around the tier dog. Now it's time to have short the lawyer. I'll eat as I'm doing it and then go down. It all depends on your hand. Pressure with your pencil. Always put more pressure than your near the Allies and less pressure of, and you're not near delights anymore. Ah, that's a tip I'm giving you. Just try this technique a lot because my hand per share now, which is under light, you can see a is getting more black. Now. The same pressure goes when you want do the part. You're trying to become more notable, for example, drawing around the tier, dark and simple that I just did, or I want to risk their shades between my lives. Therefore, I will use my pencil razor. So after I do depreciating, I'm going to raise the extra parts. Just this. How do it now? They're going to become more noticeable. I will start adding the detail parts. You can see that I'm hush ring in the same direction. Just look at my hand movements. They're all in same direction. Depends on here. If you want to change the direction, are prepared not to do it, especially in the 1st 1 that I'm teaching you. You have to go through the lines and shading price few times. That's what I'm doing now, and I'm giving more color and you can see still going through the same direction. I continued to hush her apart as I have started before. Keep for largest girls, most off talks. You need to shade at the same direction. Now it's time for the eyebrows. You can learn more about the IRAs in the eye, bro. Episodes. So now I'm just going and doing this very gently and is more suitable for her. Sure, I'm just not doing it in a rest realistic gray, so you're almost there now. It's time to finish it. It's our final. Sure, one thing. Always your iris park. The top part is all this darker is because off the eyelashes and the upper I'll eat is it's the most its darkest part. So in any case, doesn't matter what kind of model you have. That part is dark, so it never forget this tape, so drawing the eyelashes now do this at the end, most off the times, drawing on ash is very easy and just need to follow my hands right now. And also what the episode eyelash episode or drying I episode this full. Now you can look at the screen and see the fun of shredding parts, which can. I can't emphasize Mark go through the same direction. This example is almost finished. So I'm going toe ad last details like as I mentioned before about near the line. I always adds more warning. You can see Ben. I'm just doing, like, small her. Sure, I'm not like doing the same direction, but I just move my hands in of a that do you can see right now. So I'm giving the same tone eyes that it's almost done. Now I'm going Teoh shakthi white parts. I just shaved the parked cars A very gradually. I just don't want the white part to stay, but I don't want to overdo it. And then these are the last details. The next example. You will see more intense and more at fans for sure than this one, and I hope you enjoy. But by 9. Eye Hachure advanced: Hi, Ron. Welcome to the last episode off harsher techniques in the Prairies to M Zone. You learned how to draw very simple her surer. And one a little complicated, I assure. And this law lift draw on a trance. Asher, I hope you have enjoyed the previous two every sold on today. This company Get together. Hi, everyone. Welcome back In the previous episode, you learn about a sure, I assure techniques. Now, I want you to take one of stuff for, but we're going to use hatching, cross hatching and circle ism techniques today. Let's start drawing the eye. Since they have got a familiarity different I drives and also different sures in the previous episode, we can move faster here. So this through all the people in the middle of our iris, just think of an imaginary line and draw the people on the life snow illness draw the island that goes over the iris. You can see and keep changing the position off the people and brought it down a little. I didn't need to do this because this was not obvious. But don't be afraid of changing your lives when you think it needed now get off your extra lives with your pencil razor. Try to complete the islets. The lawyer Islay is touching the bottle Iris. Now I'm going to draw the corner off the I and the to your dog because this is more advanced. Trading and advance the shura and really careful. Good. My lions. He can see the structure of my eyes. I'm being more for a now. I can make the lives make. Some took more visible of it, adding more pressure by pencil. It has been really easy so far because you have to learn this before, right? I will let you to look at the video and my hand movements, notices theater, where I read on the upper Riley and that list draw at normal eyebrow. So unlike the previous episodes, I'm more careful with my lies on my strokes on the I on my eyebrows. If he comfort this fun with second example in the privacy upset, you can't see the difference. I go over a few times. I never give ah, complete volume, and then gradually, I add the volume on the color different tills into my eyebrow. Now let's draw our eyelashes. You have learned it. Ah, if you have what episode of our lashes you have already. Landis, try to Prodi eyelashes into the fella. Have to seem to the sky this time. Be more for a unlike the previous example. Try to draw the strokes in a triangle direction. I'll show you house looks like because my hand Mobil's and you can see the difference between these eyelashes on the previous ones. You don't need to add your eyelashes at this point because we haven't started at her sure part, but I prefer it this way. This is my own technique because I want to have an idea. Where is it? And when you're so do your assurance. Despots good to get less color is going to get invisible Kinda. But at least you know very want to do it in the future. In a few minutes, well, this beset and then it would be easier for me to draw the So this has been done. You see, I'm carefully doing it. I was start ushering the upper upper eyelids and got and try to repeat is the same direction. And then, well, I prefer to a black Andy pupil overs beginning off our I drive. You don't have to do this at the beginning. It sold the person on your personal preference? No. About how sure Bigger skill with my pencil. But if you want, you can change it to six B as well I'm using for Banel. Look at this screen and my and a pencil movements, you instruct. Do not need to be nice and clean. I'm just trying to move my hands in different directions. Now, every time I I had a sure Maura. Sure, I usually go on my eyelashes because I don't wanna whose two spots. I'm going to show your whiteness off the eyeball, but not a lot. I always mentioned these every time I'm doing are sure just, ah, let it look natural. And don't overdo it. But don't let it be white. Nona's do, uh, assured the iris part and try to dark and to top part, and it's more dark because off the eyelashes, so it has more shadows. All those put more color and pencil pressure near the lines to have more volume because he wherever I see line idea is people are either's Iris or I'll ease or upper. I lied if it's a lie, I add more while you me to it. It makes France says it makes the iris to comes out and looks more natural. Now you can see the people looks beautiful on more natural and shaved off. Take shading. You saw my hand. More Benz. I'm trying to do more assured the places I felt they needed. And all this play around my pencil under drying drying parts. Since I feel my model looks better with the longer I breast, I add more strokes you can see like in all this is your decision there and how to change your model. So again you can see him adding more volume and more pressure near the lines you can see right now do cross hatching or on my eyes. I do one direction that her sure and also cross hatching and also circulates them. Sometimes you can see that this episodes assurances all about your hand movement and your pencil pressure. So again, this is one direction assure, and then I'm changing it. This is called cross hatching because I do different directions. Try to do cross hatching more and more when you're doing an intense ushering and move around. But don't overdo it because it's gonna look unnatural. This kind of lines that I'm doing is gives more death to the eyes. You can see that cross lines can and across hodge rain can give you an amazing picture. This is what I'm doing right now. One of my favorite techniques. You see, I always go on my eyelashes because they have this color Now, whenever this happened, just go all over them again. Oh, guys, you're almost finished. With our iron shrank, I would just add more volume Teoh some parts that there needed. And then we're done. Just the parts of me that just adding more details you can see I'm, ah, had a more volumes near day life. I really hope you enjoy this one. This feels more intense than the the other examples off I who shrank and as I mentioned before, this is one of my favorites. So I really hope you enjoy this every set. Seeing the next episode's bye guys 10. Eye Shading: Hi, everyone. Shading is the most in fourth and part of realistic dry you have Then all the taking suffer . And today you're going to upload older seconds on being creative. Very beautiful. I listen all those techniques together, how everyone will come back today. I'm going to teach you how shit to shoot. And I in a hyper realistic right. I'm gonna use my four b pencil and then I'm gonna go through my house lights, they can't. My hand move is how softly and supposedly I go through the lines shaving on eyes different from assuring or shaving any other parts off your portrait. Since eyes really emotional, you need to be very delicate. Did it? I'm moving my hands in a various most day. I don't bring lots of pressure. Now this is the beginning off our shading. You can see my hands slowly goes to 40. I lied. And then from this island, worse off her island And how we do this, we go through the first life and then gradually add more pressure and go to wars, the upper eyelid, and then we're going towards the upper eyelid. You're just use our pressure. What? You need to know You can't do this with your pencil. Are you? Can't do this video brush or even future Stop. You have narrowly free techniques in the introduction part. So whichever technique you want to use here, Star old, correct. Also, in the next demos we will see utter demonstration off other techniques on your eyelids. You can see I'm reducing my hand pressure Now I'm going to show you how the color shirt looks like. Look at the island How dark it waas and how night it gets when it goes up This is the way it should be for all the I shot a shading parts going true The whole part One more thing you need to know I don't add all the color all the volume at once I go back and forth I'm bringing more volume every time I go through the islet As I mentioned before you have another technique you can use here. Your dad would be brush You can either continue your I It is my thought are I'm going to decide to change it to the price so you could see how if you look like if we use our brush slowly, gradually go to our STI, Doc parts of your pencil. The cow barn blamed in them. And they had the difference. The texture off the pencil is gone Now this part that didn't have the texture You can see how it looks like. It looks more smooth. Different feeling. So what I did know I use graphite Father, you have learned this technique before. You have graphite powder on the site on every time you need more color. You bring your graph my father. But your brush out here lines the darkness off the idea. It was too much. That's why he used a razor here. You could have let it be. Are you can have raising and then go on it again. Exactly Like how we did it with pencil starting with blackness. Go to Marcie. Why? And also the other? I live gradually got. Now you can see I'm applying another technique. It is straight blackness with your contact pencil and then blended afterwards with your stop. As I'm doing now, you could do this. You do a brush as well. What I'm doing now is very important. You can see the line, the black line and how it looks like I owe this. Darkened the upper part on the lower part off the light so it gives a certain there to it for you. I'll eat especially upper eyelids. You always have to go through to your lines up and down. Then if you will have extra powder on my brush I continue going through this skills that they're still white. Look at my hand fulfills. You can do this with Brooke airbrush to pass on your and how many brushes you have you can't see slightly. There are some pictures there as well. So if you guys can see I'm using another method. If you remember, we used our cousin. But dis, moose and shade are pay fair. We got the difference between this and the brush. Oh, let's try all this stepneys on your paper to see which one you prefer which funny are more comfortable now going to use my pencil a riser to give a little texture tow our island idea days because this is not a technique that you haven't learned before its texture on picture So what it means it means I'm going to add white pictures. My I live and then at the end you're good to do the same thing again. So it looks more realistic. What important that it's actually very important in shaving, especially shaving. And I you have to do your techniques over and over again. You can see I'm going through my off her. I lied and do the same thing. I think that I did before. Can I have almost and I'm darkening near delight and then go up. So that's why it looks like this now. That's why it looks like it's coming out. It's quite easy if you just try it. You can see how is theories. Look at my hand moves now what I'm doing through the upper Islay. It depends on how much you have practice before, because he know where to add more per share and where to reduce per ship and also look harm . You see my stump here. I don't use it in a very duchess. Draw a line. I circle around my line on either ghost of our right or left again. I used the technique. I talked to you a few seconds ago. Take share on teacher with my pencil. A riser. Now let's continue going through the same technique. You're here. I leave on Upper Islay. - Now it's time goes horse. Are there lights? However I go back on force, I don't leave my offer. I'll ease alone. And then whenever I feel like I need to add more value, I go on it. Now I'm going Truth. A tear dog on the corner of the eye. It's very easy. I just go around the oval shape and will shape around it as I do eat right now. Can you see I'm using Conteh Pencil? As I mentioned before, I always go back out for it. Now it's time to shade butter. I need let's use our storm. You can use brush here as well, however, because the lens very thin and I want to control it better. I used my son at the beginning, now this part off the eyelids, because off the eyelashes, I usually very dark. That's why I'm using my content here, straightly up into my paper because I had some extra blackness on my still. That's why I've been truth e upper. I lied and you can see I started shading Dara stuff the upper eyelid with my cutting boards . Just be careful. My cotton bag had some graphite powder on it, but it's not too much on because I've used it before. It's very smooth. Many just have a started painting spare for you to use your cutting back on how much while your color is on it on an extra paper and then apply it on your riel model. Now it's time to do the exciting part off our I the Irish birth, when he always look at realistic or hyper realistic I and it's a foul. Why don't look so riel is all because after Irish and how you dry it and today this them very easily how to draw a beautiful iris that makes your eyes to look so beautiful. I want you to look at my hand movements. I go around the IRA's. I go around our circle, part your ar content, then smoothly, very slowly. I planned it with my stuff. This time I'm very careful. You can see how easy it is. Slowly, I'm using the technique that I've been using, but in a smaller scale. Look at my hand from dark. I'm going towards light. No, I'm queen to use the same blackness going to the lines inside the iris. Try to follow my work. Friends. I'm not adding any extra pressure. Now. Shade in the triangle are part off. The iris is very important. I was luckier to have and look how going to complete the iris part and follow my handbook depends on a piece of paper. And let's enjoy this part together. No hope you enjoyed till now. I'll start by going toward our people in the middle of the I. I go around it right the with my stump, Give some cutter and then after these, I will kiss my content. Black and the whole people companies black. So I'm going to use my stuff now. Be extra careful when you're doing is don't try to make sure your content, pencil or charcoal Purcell. It's very sharp. Mine is not very sharp enough. However, if you want to have a better control, make perfect circle for your people. He was a sharp pencil after you don made your content blended your stop. You can do this feat brush as well. In the next examples of I'll teach you how to use your brush for the pupil now because I have used my stump on my people. It's has some charcoal blackness on it. That's why I can use these for some other parts and give add more color, you know, Now it's time from three circle lines. Gradually campaign and shape their softy iris. You can see I'm using my some freely more free. Also, I will start having more small strokes and lines. Zara Iris, they can My hon Mobil's. This is very important from your people. Use the blackness off the people and gradually goes toward the circle lines. Now I'm going to complete the rest off T. I respond. You can say from dark to light and from light to dark and continue this technique and complete your iris. Well, I hope you enjoy so far as I did. Painting is very enjoyable this time. I would like you to let another technique. Yeah, I've seen that. I'm using my pencil razor. I'm using it for raising some extra parts that I don't need. But also crazy picture into our iris parts. - Her I This is half complete. However, I will start to shape the rest off I Why Don't complete the iris at once because I would like to see how their stuff I goes and how much volume my pencil is gonna bring in. And then, according to the rest of the shaving, I will continue and complete the iris. - Never know. Now, as you have seen so far, I started shaving the lines from the islands toward the whiteness of our I. Now I'm going to use my card embark to give something. Are I look at the difference. You can see the difference from before and now also used my cotton bar to go around on the places I need to use it. Since it's already in my hands, I will try to take advantage of this opportunity, which I call it, and then use it. Places that I need to. I went around the ideas, the upper eyelids and then also continue to give some more color to the white part. Now it's time to keep some picture toe Are iris part? I've released my okay and Pilsen or Razor. To create that picture, you can see how creating more lines at them. Blunder visual stone and then use your pencil a razor to go and between the lines make them look more distinguished to come out more visible. - Now going to use my pencil to go around my eyelashes because they're not visible anymore. Since I have been shading my eye and I would like to see how my eyelashes looks like before they won't go away after you complete your shading. Usually, if you have a room, your eyelashes, you will not see them at yet. So it's not necessary to draw the eyelashes at the beginning. Off your dry you can at them at the very end for the son. Let's come in a way that you you may me home I saw through the eyes of a girl. You everything things you go with take in May. Just now. As you can see, I've started going through the lawyer. I'll eat and I'm using my contact pencil on our second layer, but I'm using it carefully. You're very careful when you use it and follow my hand opens how shadow and I'm going to follow through shaving rules from the black lives She's our I lead, I go down and the rule is from dark to light. Thanks. Yeah, they say things that you go. I will continue using my cotton bar and then give some pictures with my pencil. A riser doing the same thing I did. You do other eyelashes? Make them more visible. It's time to go and complete the rest off the I. I'm going to use the same technique with the same rule as I have done until now. So I would like you to have a piece of paper in front of you dry your eye on a started using these techniques. Now it's time to use our brush because our I has enough picture and is already half true. So I'm going to use a hairbrush and then complete the shading parts and give more volume, also to smoothly blend everything that I have done until now. So look at a day. I'm going to use my brush and also bring some extra powder. But it's you can see how the powder looks like it's looking more beautiful. Just try it and be careful, not top like too much Connor. And bring too much powder onto your paper office, try it on an extra paper and then tried on your mind. Mother abs , - I'm almost done with the brush part. Now it's time to give more picture and go on our lives that they have lost a cutter because many use your brush. Sometimes the co tell lies for your pencil lines or even your some lines depends on what kind off material and tools you're using. They are going to lose their color, so it's good if you go on them again. Now I'm going to make my eye looks, really with added extra lines, extra polio. Now I'm going to hold my stop in a different way. Look at the I had my hands on how I'm using my stuff. I'm doing this because first I would like to give more texture. And second, because my skill, it's very be This is star shaving our eyebrows. Now you can do this different phase we have lived, or the techniques, the eyebrows, every cell so you can see I'm going through my strokes with my contact pencil. I make them more visible. And then after that, we had either shaped of me to a brush or video stop. It depends on you. I'm what kind of tool you are more comfortable with so you can see I started using my stuff to blend them together. They have my hand movements after your satisfy, but you're stumbling day. You can use your pencil a razor and give some highlights to her. I press you can either create some highlights or you can go. Truth of white lines that there already exists awful do both, so you can have a look. And since I'm almost done with the eyebrows, it's time to give the maximum value color for your eyes like I hope you enjoyed so far. No, it's time to use our culture pencil to give for. Well, you on color our eyelashes after you draw your eyelashes with your content. Pencil. Use either your stuff on your brush to blend them together. Never forget eyelashes, open looks like are your feet for Southern stroke and try to create. Try a more eyelashes, they say. Sometimes things got a for the son. Let's come it in a way that you, you may at home I saw through the eyes of a girl you, everything things with they can make after using her stuff and then through your eyelashes , you can do an extra feature and he is your pencil that razor and give highlights next year . Eyelashes. I'm doing it now and sometimes it's hard way Got all me feel at home No se you I come to you, uh, taking may, you know? Okay, Thanks. Come on. Now they say things that you take in May you know, the only ones just now it's time to use my hands. Are you funny? You can use epic airbrush, which I'm going to use both. First I used my brush and I'm going to use my hands. Do you smoke that area? And then I will add and use my stump a little more. We're almost done with our I I'm going to use my hands after views. Just one more time to make sure everything's right and we're done. I hope you enjoy this episode. I shading demo and I see you in the next work. But by 11. Drawing Asian Eyes : hi Brevan will come back in the previous episode, you learned how to draw eyes, how to assure them and also shading techniques. Now, in this resort, I would like to take funds their forward and teach you how to draw and shade and Asian I. You can see the difference between the islands trading on my hand. Mobil's I hope you enjoy this episode, and please do come for this Episode three the previous episode and try to practice your shading and dry and skills on your paper. Good luck and see in the next episode's but by yeah, - you know, - abs , - but 12. Eye Shading with Tear: Hi. Brevan will come back today. You're going to show you another example off. I shady. You can see I'm going to start my painting. You like father? You can use graphite powder, contact pounder or charcoal powder. It depends on you and how you want your painting to Looks like. Now I'm going to use my charcoal powder. You can also create thes powders with your charcoal sticks. So now this is thought. Using our brush. I'm using my brush size too. And a start. But the powder and go through the eyelets. Never forget whenever you're having extra powder on your paper. All those glue them off with your mouth that gradually go through the eyelets. We can't my hand both ums house mostly on moving. I'm not adding extra pressure. I just go with the amount of cutter that my brush brings in. Then complete the eyelids with the same hand weapons. Now that our I lead is complete, I'm going to get my big airbrush depends undecideds off your I choose your brush and then gradually from the elite I go towards upper islet. You can't use any kind of powder. You want either gravel powder or any other powder that you are using so far. Now I'm using my grandfather powder. Have a look at the color on my hand movements. Ray Recently from the island. I go to the top so you can do this few times to give more volume every time here, moving to worse the island and from Islay Marsa Upper eyelids. Now you can use the same technique, or you can change your technique and use your contact Hausa for the other. I laid line. I could have used my brush again with the powder, or I'm using another technique and show you how you can use your content, pensar or charcoal pencil, and then lend it with your brush the way I'm doing now and then gradually used the same technique that we did with the islet, and it's most area off the line. I'm blended together and use your brush and go over the line and then move around this area . But you're bigger brush, go up and down and then repeat these a few times. - You have already used two techniques suffer. It's time to use and not our technique loveliest. My son blending that already has some charcoal powders on it, some volume of it then go through the life. Now I will continue the rest after trying with my brush. All use to power their technique and go through the big scale off are drying. So far you have seen how I use my brush and created and I will tear East year can be different as well. Later, Later you're going to learn how to give texture to this tier with our pencil A razor that I'm using now also all like to teach you and not her techniques that technique in bulls when you're drawing and Europe gone true half off your drawing. I know you want to change your tear or even change other parts of your eye on how you can do that So many people thinks his heart. But if you know the right movements, we can always change the expression off your eye, even the tear part. So this year is for now. However, at the end of this painting, you will see the way I can change this tier two different. But now creating textures with my pencil arreaza. Look at the way I'm holding it. I'm using it to create those textures. This is another technique that I use my razor than my brush. Then my a razor. This way you can create picture on picture. Now that you have learned the technique, texture on texture, it's time to go through the rest of the I the whiteness off the I and then the iris part than the people. They got the bait. I'm going through the whiteness. I'm really careful here with my brush hand movements and I don't bring too much folly, um, into our I didn't. I create textures with my pencil a razor and then complete the rest of the I. Now that we have completed the first layer of the picture for this part, you're going to start the iris with my content pencil, we cant of a home going through the small details, and then you can either blend them with your stop or for your brush. Iris trying and shading is different from the rest of the eye because each eye has his unique iris, and the way it looks like can be different from the next version. So I want you to look at my hand, will mess throughout this trying. We get the very I create the pictures. - So far, you have learned Iris trying bit content on a stop. After this, I'm going to use another technique which would be are a brush. You will see the difference between stomp lending on brush on the difference between these two. Nice time to use our brush. The texture feels soft and different from this storm that I was using before. However, in between our values, both brush at a stop to give different feelings to her Iris. I hope you enjoyed the Irish drawing part so far as I mentioned, I use a brush and a stall and create different pictures here. Now it's time to give it a shot. You can both use your pencil, a razor or electric razor to give the highlights that your iris knits. - Now it's time to continue the rest off our eye shading. We can't my hand movements, how I hold my tools and how I used them way have almost completed our I re tear. If you recall at the beginning of this episode, I told you guys I'm going to teach you and not a technique you've been learning how to change the tear and what materials and tools you need to use in order to change. I'm going to use my normal a razor and erased the shading parts. Complete easy arrays, everything. Now it's time to draw. What kind of terrible I will continue unfinished are trying. So I hope you enjoyed till now. And let's learn different techniques. Truth. This I drying you guys in the next episode's well by years, uh.