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Masterclass 1: Introduction to Realistic Drawing and Shading Human Features

teacher avatar Ava Moradi, Art and Design Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting to know the Instructor, Ava Moradi

    • 3. Learn About Lines

    • 4. Learn About Pencil

    • 5. Learn About Charcoal

    • 6. Shading with Brush

    • 7. Shading With Stump

    • 8. Combination

    • 9. Texture

    • 10. Shading Surface 1

    • 11. Shading Surface 2

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About This Class

Realistic Human Feature Drawing, Hachure and Shading with Pencil, Charcoal and Brush Techniques - Beginner to Advanced

Course Description

Welcome to the Masterclass of realistic drawing and shading of human portrait and features. These classes has been divided to 4 Masterclasses:

Just following link below for each part of the course. 

Materclass 1 : The basic skills and material of realistic drawing and shading

Materclass 2 : Realistic drawing and shading of eyes. 

Masterclass 3 : Realistic drawing shading of nose, lips, ear, hair and face.

Masterclass 4 : Realistic drawing shading of Hand, arm, leg, foot and go Creative. 

In Masterclass 1 you will learn drawing, hatching and shading skills and techniques for photorealism drawing. This is the first class of this ultimate drawing course that will show you how to start drawing and create advanced art in the simplest way that will stand up as professional work.

This course does not need prior knowledge, and it will take you step by step to learn how to draw and make realistic and hyper-realistic paintings at the end.

You will learn general and detailed ways and principles of sketching; we will get to know the tools, materials and techniques of drawing and shading in a new and simple way.

This course gives you access to 30 hrs HD tutorial videos in the simplest way possible for you to learn drawing human features. Even you have never drawn before, as long as you follow through this course, you will be able to draw realistic, eyes, nose, lips, face and other features. You will also learn advanced hachure and shading techniques by using tools such as pencil, brush, stump and powders. You will even use your hand and fingers to create a perfect skin texture to achieve the photo-realistic look.

Throughout all the Masterclasses from 1 to 10 you will gain instant access to 62 lectures of the course, which starts with basics; how to draw lines until you learn how to draw a hyper-realistic portrait with easy techniques.

At the end of each Masterclass you can search for the next class and complete the journey. 

· We will start using simple lines, circles and oval shapes to guide you through the proportion, size and position of human features.

· In each class you will learn how to draw: Eyes, Nose, Lips, Ears, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Hair, Full Face, Fingers, Hand, Arm, Legs

· Next you will learn how to Hachure them with pencil

· Then you will use the techniques that you have learned in this course. You will learn how to shade them and create realistic features.

· Then I will guide you how to combine the techniques together and then you are going to learn how to create textures and apply them to your drawings.

· Eyes are one of the most important parts of human feature drawings; since through eyes, you can show the emotions and make your drawing to stand out. The ‘Eye’ Chapter of this course will teach you how to draw eyes in the simplest way possible and we will go through many examples.

· You will also gain access to Demo sections where you can learn and see the combination of different techniques that you have learned step by step.

Over the 15 chapters you will learn:

· You will get familiar with lines and shapes and how to warm up your hand

· You will get familiar with Pencils, Charcoals, Conte, Drawing Brush and Blending Stump

· You will learn how to use the techniques and combine them

· Creating texture

· Shading Surface

· Eyes section: Front View Eyes, Side View Eyes, Eye hachure (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Eyes Shading, Eyes Demos

· Nose section: Nose drawing (All sides), Hachure, Shading

· Lips section: Lips drawing (All sides), Hachure, Shading, Lips Demo

· Ear section: Ear drawing, Hachure, Shading

· Hair section: Hair shading techniques, Female Hair, Male Hair

· Face Section: Face Drawing (Front View, Side View), Hachure and Shading

· Portrait Demo

· Hand section: Palm of Hand, back of Hand, Fingers, Hand Shading

· Arms section: Hachure, Shading

· Legs section: Hachure, Shading

· Feet section: Drawing, Hachure, Shading

· Drawing with Creative Ideas (Cheat sheet, Roundism, Sculpture, Mix Media)

No rulers or any other guiding tools needed, you still will be able to draw perfect features even if it’s your first time of drawing. After drawing the features, I will also show you the advanced hachure and shading techniques to create photorealistic skin tone and other textures that make your drawing to pop out your paper. We don’t want you just copy whatever we showed you in this course, but to implement your own creativity and be an artist. By the end of the course, you will be able to draw what you have learned during the course but also apply the techniques, be creative and draw your own version of human features.

No matter if you are an art lover, art hobbyist, University student who wants to improve their art portfolio, someone who want to learn some new skills of drawing; artist who wants to learn another medium or even you just occasionally want to make a realistic drawing of your loved ones as a gift to surprise them, you are on the right course. As long as you can write down your name, you can draw.

So what are you waiting for, pick up a piece of paper, grab your pencil, enroll the course now, let’s start drawing.

Feel free to have a look our preview lessons, follow one of the lessons to see how easy it is.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ava Moradi

Art and Design Instructor


I'm Ava Moradi, an artist with a passion for teaching. I started painting when I was 6 years old and learned different art mediums such as charcoal and pencil drawing, oil on canvas, watercolour, and also glass painting. I consider myself an artist and an art teacher. I have had exhibitions in London, St Moritz, Paris, Seoul, and Beijing. My latest exhibition was for Lightopia light festival, where we won the city life award for exhibition.

After completing my Master’s degree in Art Business, at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, I furthered my education at the University of the Arts of London, Central Saint Martins. Once I finished all my studies, I became a full time art teacher.

Being a teacher taught me a lot; as a person and as an artist. I found my path and pass... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is autumn already, and welcome to this massive class realistic drawing and shaving off human features. In this course, you will learn drying, hatching, shading skills and techniques in order to draw put realistic porches and figures. This ultimate Ryan course will show you how to begin drawing and create advance art in the simplest rate that will stand up as professional work. This course does not need prior knowledge, and it will take your step by step to learn how to draw and make realistic and hyper realistic painting idea. You will end general and detail ways and principal sketching. We will get to know the tools, materials and techniques of drawing and shading in a new and simple way. This course has been compressed over 150 hours of HD video tutorial into this course for drawing human features. Even you have never drawn before as not against you. Follow through this course, you will be able to draw realistic eyes, nose leaves, face and other features. You will also then advance her sure and shading techniques by using tools such a pencil brush stump on powders. You will even use your hands and fingers to create the perfect skin texture. To achieve the photo, realistic looking, you will get instant access to 62 lectures off the course Features starts with basics how to draw lies until you know how to draw hyper realistic portrait With easy techniques, you'll start using simple lines, circles and oval shapes to guide you through the proportion, size and position of human Fisher's. Next, you will learn how to assure them with pencil. Then you will use the techniques that you have learned in this course to shake them and create realistic features. Then I'll regard here how to combine them together, and you're going to learn how to create textures and apply them into your drawings. Eyes are one of the most important part of human features, drawing since true eyes. You can show the emotions and make your drawing to stand out the I chatter off. This course will teach you how to draw eyes in the simplest, very possible, and we will go through many examples for you to draw and shape for the realistic eyes. At the end of the chapters, you will get access to demos and bonus sections, for you can then and see the combination that you have learned step by step, no rulers or any other guiding tools needed. You're still will be able to draw perfect futures. Even it's your first time off drawing. We don't want you just copy whatever we showed you in discourse. But to implementing your own creativity and be an artist by the end of the course, you will not only be able to draw what you have land here in the course, but also applied the techniques. Be creative and draw your own version of human features. No matter if you're on art. Lover are Toby's university students who wants to improve your art portfolio. Someone who wants to learn new skills of drying. Artist wants to let not our media or even you just occasionally want to make a realistic drunk off your loved ones as a gift to surprise. There you're under the right course. As long as you can write down your name, you can draw. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a piece of paper. Grab your pencil and a ruler Corsa Mrs. Start drawing together today. Also feel free to look at the free lessons, see how easy they are, and I hope to see you on this course soon. 2. Getting to know the Instructor, Ava Moradi: uh, my name is Autumn already. I started painting one of us six years old and lead different art mediums. Such a charcoal pencil drawing oil on canvas, watercolor and also glassmaking. I consider myself an artist and art teacher. I live in London, but I've been teaching art in different countries in different mediums for many years. I've completed my masters degrees in our business. That sort of these incidents part on the burner, my education at the university, off the arse. London Central. Sir Marti's. My artistic medium is a stone and I engraved lower lift sculptures. A few years ago, I started going to different lines and the stone warehouses in different countries toe find the stones. Had exhibitions in London send more if Paris sold em. Beijing, being a teacher taught me a lot as a person. As an artist, I find my path and passion creating art and also teaching it. We slept in those off time and effort to make this ultimate drying course in the same place where possible for everyone either gonna art lover art obvious, a beginner or even if you're an artist, I'm going to learn another medium. This is the course for you. I put everything about drawing in this course, and I hope you learn all the skills and techniques you need and, most importantly, enjoyed the course. 3. Learn About Lines: in this episode, you only need a piece of paper. I'm a pencil. I tried to cover everything you need for the very first episode induced. Listen, you're going to learn how to draw lives and how to create them and how to make them into different shapes like circles and goals drawing circles. If they'll help, you just have to drive. It doesn't have to be perfect. If you draw that, you can destroy your level and then create a perfect realistic drunk. This is stopped. Hi, guys. Index of absolute. We are going to start learning lines how to draw lives in different shapes. I know this can't be easy for some people, but please practice of what? My By Mrs Stock, you have a white paper front off us and to pass sells. It does not matter what kind of pencil humility use, so you can choose one of them. I'll choose this one and then let's start practicing number one. I'm going to practice all lack. Shave that their old together. Don't take off your hand on continue to their days. Do this and go over your paper. Have a piece of paper in front of you and practice thes. Move your hand faster. Go back out for hours on. So you have to practice like this after doing this a lot Give along the sand by older points. And I'm telling you today is very important. The future episodes Try to move your hands faster. It's like a warm up like And you're do Mr Sports on. Uh, this is makes your home like fruit. Move faster. Now, this Gertrude number to practice Lenstra Diff'rent strokes with different love dried in any direction you want I want you to feel a whole paper with this. Just let your hand do it and you will see how easy it is. That's exactly like these. Just try your hands, move freely and in any direction with any pressure impression you want. Is that another prince? Immersion? You can see like does not matter. So this true? No metric, Mr Infinite aside for a few times, Some off the only family over days Uh, this feels really bomb of your hand After infinitive size, I'm gonna trawl. I'm gonna draw like a flower shape or wall like these and I'm not moving my hand. You should practice this version is quite like essential to practice and not move your hands and try to do this in different ways. Just try to look at my hand on. Try to practice these practice a few times a repeated so you can see had tree. Um, practice lives in this paper first, was that although shaves and tear phone as I was just telling you that is very important was like an old logics infinite science or like a flower shape. So a number of on to create. Now, let me bring another paper. I need a clear paper I men who have a newspaper in front on me. I usually take a swipe, uh, table because I don't want it to move. Makes me. It makes it easier for us to draw on it when it's not moving, so you can see I'm just taping it right now now is stable. Now let's go through number four practice. What is the practice number for? Just quite essential. Um, it's going to be a while. Sheriff's practice. I'm gonna practice over shapes and circles ships and I go are all over it again. I do a few times. I just don't drive one time you can't save my hand movements. I just don't do it one time If I do it one time. This is how it's gonna look like it feels like broken or shaken. It's like shaky lines. So sick emergencies, right? And so you can say that's why some of you guys say is, uh we cannot draw circles or walls because, like if you drive one time, it doesn't come out good for anyone. So try to move your wrist like this and go on your over a few times Began, my hon little bit. This fares well. This is right. If you practice like this, you can't see how it is is going to be for you. I feel really helping the future of in your drying different proportions in a for portrait drying. Try to do same. Similar, uh, circle sizes There were the same size you can see. You can say that. I drove the circuit. I didn't move by. My hands are very from one circle. I go to the next one and then I'm gonna go to the next one. So this weight they become like the same size. You don't need any other material to use, like any rulers or anything. Just your hands. This is important because you have an idea about the size the lens off circles. Your hand will really get your street after practicing a lot, so you can see there are the same size, not booby. I'm gonna use these for drawing nose, ears, eyes, so many other things. So this was another floor. And now let's go true. Number five practice. What is number five? Practice. It's quite is like all walls again. But this time I'm gonna cut them in half the way. I'm gonna drive right now this drawn old one again like this one. We're gonna give you another ago, drawing an overall, and I'm gonna cut, inhabit horizontal lying that I'm gonna draw another oval shape and cutting half the vertical line. You see the half court, they're almost the same size. So let's roll, circle want, and then cut them in half in different ways. Different directions. Horizontal number tickles. Try to play me to your shapes around. It's very, very important if you try to play around dressed in different directions. Now do another team. I'm going to give you in a number of five practice. If you're stroke lines, Caroline's that they're connected together. If you practice this a lot later on, you will. You will understand how easy it is to draw on I. So we tried to practice it in one page. Uncool. Over it. Have a piece of paper in front of you. For each part. I want you to practice it in one page. It's like I'm just showing you you in one line. But it's very good to like through a few times did days you can easy to draw facial proportion, not just approach it features, but you will eventually going to get used to drawing 15 years and so many other things with these shapes. Now, another paper nest Ap like this is a practice one. These pictures bond this paper. I'm gonna true different versions of practice like awas I'm not me my hands and you can see how fast I'm just drying it. This fe there are almost the same size. And then I changed my shapes. The middle, Yeah, I'm kind off farming my house there. Just try to practice. They cut them in half from the middle draw your screwed lines Kerry lines and connect them together like this. The future episodes you He was old. This shaves in ah, different versions. This is a great practice. I want you to have a piece of paper in front of young duties. Yeah, these are two practices I wanted you to do. Now let's move on to the next step. You already lender strokes at the beginning of this episode. So first I'm gonna civilizing my neo paper. Now I don't want it to move. Now it's being fixed. I'm going to practice these lines That will help you to draw general body features and also hairs, eyebrows, eyelashes and also connecting lives between your facial features. So try to do these in a way that one day I tried to make it fast. Move your wrist like I do. It's like your lines are dancing on the paper, but try to do it fast because if you don't do it fast, ages will not be a thing. These are just lines. Very easy practice. I just need your has to move fast doing it in different directions. It is very easy. Hey, if you practice is, you'll see like how easy you can later the future of present to drill hairs and other stuff . No. Let me show you an example of why I told you six. It's important. Just imagine is the outline for your eyebrow and this room We just learned this Draw the strokes you just learned in this shape Done it in its especial. Just need to draw the line that you have already practice and seeing freely doing two strokes The second likeness See, isn't it? You troll on eyebrow The Iborra episode You will learn different shapes off I road. Is it just a practice for your lines? Is he practicing? What? Our lines he didn't need anything especially only need your hands no ruler, just move in your hands can draw a straight lines. I try to do it fast. Yes, If you don't do it fast, your line becomes shaky. See, this is what I mean by shaking and broken. So practicing different angles. Don't let your hand get used to one direction. It's easy, isn't it? I'm giving you just trying to show you as fast as you can. So the same line that you just practice I'm gonna drawn overall. And then I drove the same lives and cut them in half. You can see I'm doing it fast, but still decides that are almost to say so. I don't need any other any coolers or anything to come up with the right sizes. This will help you to drawn I without having in the rulers or anything so different of practices. This was very easy. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Mitterrand. I'm gonna go true. All the practices that I talked to you right now, uh, that's your homework. See you next. Maybe some ties? No, by 4. Learn About Pencil: hi Roma will come to this. Listen, I'm going to take your step by step learning about different pencils. We're going to learn about the different colors and have to use the Let's enjoy together. Hi, everyone in this episode lush. Learn about different pencils. I'm going to teach step by step each pencil their colors on. Very we should use the Let's begin you have a white paper in front of us is completely stable. Since there are capes around it. Always put tapes on it in order not to move and now less learn everything about councils. You don't need them all for your drawing, but you only need one or two would be enough for you. It depends on your model drawing. We're going to start from HB. Always remember HB pencils point between H and B, as you can see. So as I mentioned, HBO's Comes is off H and B, and I'm off to Calderone Del. Now I'm going to draw an example from dark to light. Many star gave me is on prison in my pencil and Venice light. I'm reducing my hand for pressure on the pencil so you can see the difference now from HPV Draw two lights. You should remember that from HP towards bees guest dark hair and from HQ towards which is guest lighter. So let's go through our B pencil connection. We have to be for be six b on eight b. I'm going to mention again that you do need all off them. So don't let lack off materials comes in your way to discourage you're not a drop now, miss go tribe or it Ah, the other side. Each pencil collection we have I'm going only to use treat edge on six h. You have utter inch collections, but, um, I usually use these two or dry. We don't need to go further because there will be so light at the edge collection. So if you don't need to use down now, so let's go through them and have a look we have as a mission to be. Then let me find for be on six B and then we have a three. You can see how dark it is, even from the pencil picture. Well, this is our firmest HB. Until now, let me introduce you to the itch in a tree edge on the six h letter. I will talk about this to you as well. Uh, we have already talked about them in the previous episode, but I will compare down with our parents cells in this, uh, this one. So now let's start trying now. Yes, you can see I'm reducing the pressure of my hand. That's why the Cloris the color is fading. A very never forget to, because system is very important, Teoh. Because system you can see the different volumes here, the consistency. You can come up with different version on different color tones. So now I'm trying for B. It's getting dark hour. You can see the beginning off the lines. It's getting dark out. So again I'm reducing the pressure and yet you can see different volumes. Now, don't forget to be consistent. Now you can see six b. It's darker, right? So again, I'm doing the same technique from dark to light. I'm trying, Adele, against the different Williams now destroyed. Eight b. It's very dark, as you can see is going to be really different color. So this is the D collection that I usually use for my drawings. If it's go on them again, you can see they get more colors just to let you know this is a different version of eight B. You can find different versions when you goto art stores, so I'm sure you difference between this pencil and their shading effects. And see, this is actually I'm trying HP. Now I'm going to do the same thing that I previously. I just want you guys to understand the pressure, your hand pressure in your hand, move vans and try to practice down. When you practice few times the color, you will understand the color tones like for peach word, for instance, in your drawing and our I what you need to use for the eyelids, which one you need to use for the pupils or the iris so you can see the difference is right . Now let's try edge pencils. Let's see how light they are. We have three ish, the light one and six h really lighter down tree edges. I usually use them for, uh, drying lines. I'm putting a lot of pressure right now in my hand. That's why it's so dark. This is the darkest which we can get, but this is how we can Now, let's see. You can see how light it is. This is actually very dark side off it. Pencils, even the dark side is very, very dark. Very, very light. I mean, so six s, It's very light. Can see you can You can almost not see it when I'm drawing. No, this was the pencil collections. Very easy. You just need to be consistent is all about your hand pressure and the way uh, you are drawing down. If you practice like I just taught you, it's going to be very easy. You can see the difference. The volume delight the dark parts? No. So you're already for many familiar of it. Kontan Uh, the mechanical pencil 0.5. Uh, I used something mechanical pencil because it's very soft and it's easy to draw this sketch point for the sketch courts. I can't say usually used this mechanical pencil for writing, but it's grace were drawing as well as you can see for soft areas. Mechanical pencils. Perfect, uh, and doesn't leave pencil traces. Oh, also, sometimes I prefer to do sketches for destroyed than normal councils, Honestly, so you can use a 40 feet and shading parts which you've 11 later. So you can use either a 0.54 point 07 millimeter councils. Now this try our charcoal. You can. I'm gonna teach you about charcoal. Everything about them in the next episode. So I'm just just giving you an example right now. This is like the ultimate black, please, a screenshot this pace so you can have a look at a hearing. Other episodes we have this can be used as a reference for art lovers or people who just started drawing. It's good to have a reference to look at and have a look at what kind of colors they have. So I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Um, let's move on to the next ones. But by 5. Learn About Charcoal: hi, Wrong both. Under this lesson, we're going to let both chocolates. Today. We're going to learn about content content pencils, charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks and also I'm going to teach you how to use them. And also you need to learn how to use brushes. Um, culture. What else you need in this episode, if a razor's we're going to learn about different a razor's like normal riser needed a razor last summer, a razor electric razor and most importantly, pencil eraser. You're going to come out everything that I just mentioned and created something that, after worse, is going to become very, really sick. Pretty, this is locked. Hi, guys. So let's begin this episode together, Miss. Become our contact pencil and draw a line with it. You get the picture on our paper. How looks like I'm just drawing lines for this. For you to look at how textures contradiction looks like when I was dressed, drawing the circle my contempt and still produce on powder on the paper. All that always blue that away. Don't let the powder to stay on your paper. That's what I did right now. Now let's see the pressure and the volume on our paper while using their from using from dark to light. So this was charcoal is the right. Let's keep it front. Now let's try charcoal sticks on and the difference between charcoal sticks and contact pencil. First, it's powdery. Also, if you have a large skill that you need to draw him like this is what you will years later and this is how you use it, says a mission. Charcoal sticks are very powdery, so look at it here. Don't let it stay on the paper. You have to blow it like this. Definitely don't that to stay on your paper like these played up. Otherwise you got dirty or paper. So no extra powder on your paper. One thing you need to learn that how magically I darken my drawings Letter. Still, I'm just trying to see like, yeah, that's high. Just blew it up. No extra powder on your paper. No, what I move on wanting, as I mentioned when you really need to learn, is like how magically I dark and my drawings with my brush when there's no paint around. Right. Well, this is help. I'm gonna bring you some powders. Uh, this is Ah, somewhat. This is a chocolate sticks you can see here. Let's begin. Knife or cutter? Be careful. If you are doing this as home areas is your first time Then look at home doing it to make powder. This is how you should hold them on. Make a charcoal powder with them, so I'm doing it right now. Did you see This is how you do it? Let me repeat it. And were you is going to use this power a lot in most of our episodes. So whenever my brushes magically have black color on and I'm just thesis, why just doesn't come out from nowhere? Well, my dear painters, sometimes your hands will get dirty. So don't worry. You can easily Washington with Selves. So you're a painter in your hands will get dirty. Now is the time to introduce you to our troubled drying brushes. You don't need them, you know needs all off them. Maybe one or two is even enough for drying. I'm going to use all I six process today to show you them with your as our example for this absolute Each one ah has a number under telling the size. What size there? Please be careful not to mistake drawing brushes with oil or acrylic process. They're different and have different textures. I go for the walls that the two part is flat and the bristle parts is dry. Unlike all, brush obviously Presupposes soft. You can see the thereto card is completely flat. Now, I I chose different sizes. Let's look at the different this one does. I'm putting the first brush. I'm gonna introduces these brush size zero. There's no Bristol's on it, right? Well, doesn't not like by coincidence, I caught them before with the scissor. So I'm going to bring you. You can see the part. There's no Bristol's. So I'm gonna bring you up Caesar on. Show it to you how I have done this for charcoal drawing. You need to cut the bristles part. With this brush, I can draw different textures on paper. In the phone itself, you will see tons of examples off how I do it. Well, uh, so as you can see on the screen list, cut the bristles parties is I'm just imitating the acts. But I'm not going to cut this one because we needed later Now I'm going to show you how to hold it. You have to hold it in a straight way. Don't hold it like normal brush on. Also, look at the very leave traces on the paper. It almost looks like a pencil. But in a shadow, you may, or as we say, shadow pencil effects. So this was the pencil line. Doubles the brush line. My brush leaves Connor because it has previous charcoal powder on it. Now let's go through other brushes. We are going to use brush size zero to I'm gonna right zero. Now do for 8 10 and also 60. These are decides I'd really prefer on I usually use because it's quite come on in company . And also regarding the size of withdrawing, you can choose one or two and not all of them. I keep repeating one more thing, innit? Teoh how to use blending a stop. So this was our brush. I'm gonna introduce you to the second material to the church one, actually today, which is? This one is called Blending stump. And what is blending? Stop first, Let me show you different sizes. We don't need that. You don't need a all we're gonna use only one or two today. I usually use feel like one or two for my dries. I use planning sandwiches, rolled paper to blend marks made charcoal container, pencil, other drying medios. Although, personally, I prefer to plan my drawing lines with brush because I have used my son before. It's dark now I'm gonna make it white. Right. So this is my paper sandpaper. So this is how you should, like, make it work and sharp Look at my hand movement. I'm doing it. So now you can see it's completely white and sharp. So hold it like this the way I'm doing it. So it doesn't have color. You can see. I just try that on paper, I put some powder on it, and it's like CASS color. Well, just happen. It's quite fun to do this. I loved you in these things. So this is happy. Use it. Listen, I'm gonna use this materials one by one, so you can see how you use down and what you need to know later You can see like now I'm using the other one. This one has more charcoal powder on it that the other one less so. That's why it, like, left more traces on our paper. So that was blending a some Rosh charcoal pencil and also our chocolate sticks. So the materials I talk to you today, So now I'm going to introduce you to another. Material breach is called Battery Operator Every razor, which you can change a top part easily. It comes out and you can put it back in in a size that you want. It's almost works as a normal, every Zahra's worry if you want to use it, but because this electric there's a bottom there, I press it, and it's like a circle round and and that's how it works. So because I've used it before, maybe I want to shop it for some special places. So I'm gonna shop it on a paper sound like thes is going to be complete to shop at the top part. You can see, like how it looks like. So this is our electron error there, and this one is a last summer of reason, which is great for hair drying for drawing eyelashes and eyebrows. I use it a lot. You will see those off this one by me so don't. Hughes's for only the purpose off the razor. You can use it for lots off places and from take shares on your parent drawings. Maybe this one is better. Well, this skull ISC Uh huh. Pencil razor. You can see Drag. It has two sides. Now let's try it. I'm gonna draw something. That pencil. Now I'm gonna go on it. The CIA house gonna look like so you can see the media part is gone and there's no a trace off the pencil. I use it as a and normal pencil I use is a loss for check shares, though. So now in this use and additional material for a pencil pastel, I usually when I want to have shiny surface, you will see the effect in the following episode and I'll show you how to dry eyes with it . I hope you enjoy this episode. See you the next one 6. Shading with Brush: horrible. Welcome to this lesson. Today, if you're going to learn how to use our brush chuckles, I'm going to take your stuff by still have to combine this materials and how to create a perfect combination together this name together. Hi, everyone. And this episode we're going to learn shaving with my brush in previous episodes in there in about charcoal chocolate steaks and tell uncle powders we're going to use out today as well. So what are detectives? I'm going to draw one live in my charcoal contact. We like charcoal stick, which is more powdery. Then I'm gonna show you deep powder. If you have already produced video stakes, you should. If you haven't seen the previous episode, please do so you see how we did this? So this is number one. I previously told you about the right brushes for drawing chuckles. So let's see how it actually works slowly. Don't rush it. Don't rush it out. Hold your brush like this and go on your chunk aligned gradually. So move your hand like this video wrist and then gradually you start moving your hand on the rough parts off the chocolate is going to fade away and blend together. This is how is going Teoh be look like so, as you can see, when I move from charcoal line to come down, it's less color because I still have the charcoal from the main line of my brush. It's still lot dark until I use it old. So until I complete the usual is going to have some pictures on it. So move your hands like these, so be gentle. Video charcoal line. When you're planning video brushing, coming down offers go back, back up and then come down to the stuff from the middle. See how you go up again and come down. This is how you do it. So it's very bad if yourself from the middle, because the trace is going to stay there. So this is how we do it. See how I go up again and come down. So I'm gonna come down until my color rolls out. So this one is a signal charcoal light, But with chocolates, the explicit the difference. You can see its little tell a smooth, fairer and more powdery book going on it on your very dark line, as I mentioned before you will have color pigment on your brush. So using for the surface that it's light grave, anyone like great saying I'm using it. Maybe you want a light right here because previously I use it for the dark size, so I have steal pigments on it. No, let's move on, Teoh. As you can see, this will want to in our technique charcoal powder that proves to produce with our cutter. Put your brush into it against some, uh, some from it. The darkness of it depends how much pattern you take. That was a little This was a lot, so you can see how it looks like at more powder. You can see that we can control the chocolate sticks or counter better than the powder so we can use the 1st 2 in the areas that need more control, and France, and for dark in people's or I or thin eyes. And you can see the lines I just drove with pressure on my hand, and they amount up the powder that I had. So it is all about movement and the pressure off your hands or your brush. You can't say old old depends how you look at it. Also, there's a trick here. Really? Don't help powder. You don't want to use it because it's enough pigment in your brush. Go on the dark parts that you still have. Your rush will get dark again and you can use it easily. That's how. Get colors. Charcoal drawing. We don't have different actual colors, but we create colors from the black and by different tones. Let's play with colors a little. This, uh, I'm just gonna play this. Get some darks, father from my plate. And then go realm definitely do this at home because you will have the experience. How Looks like I'm creating, like, sick over there right now. This very fun and a very interesting you could do it. Now I'm gonna let you to see my how moma's I'm gonna draw a line with a circle that it almost looks like half I I'm gonna draw charcoal line on it or this is content and I'm using right now This gone are pence online. So this is how I taught you Don't gonna go on my line. You can see how this like climb that blending, get its first become very smooth. The letter I'm gonna gradually go into the circle part. So you should practice like this a lot. It gives you this part was a little tricky also. That's how I completely dark in it. You can see now it's still dark. It looks more like eyes right now. So this part was a little dirty and I decided not to blow it up because ah, but clearing in my hand that is a little black that actually can ruin your drawing If you're not careful because you see your hands, get some powder on it. But the interesting part is that you can use your hands sometimes in your drawings as well in the future. So you will see this bit was more and more with me. Like when I use it. And then I'm careful not to use my hands, not in order not to make it dirty. My pair pair is dirty, so we just let him or charcoal powder that we made from charcoal sticks. Now let's move on to the other powders that I want to introduce you 1st 10 cell father or graphite powder. I'm gonna put it here that you can buy it ready from any other source is very easy to get. This is the lightest powder, and very it's not dark. It's very license because it is a graphite powder. As you can see now, let's try it and see the difference. You can see how light it is. Just try and get in my brush Ceaseless company lighter than the Char Cole's charcoal powder or chocolate sticks powder. We'll continue moving my brush. This is brush movements that we were talking about. Now I want to make a comparison between draft paddler and chocolate sticks powder. So let's see. You can see a spirit distinct you. Isn't it so different when you just applied directly? The graphite powder is very light, and this one very, uh, dark and I blew up the extra father overs, blew it off. Never touch it. So now you can see the difference between the two powers. Try to plead, play with them a little. All of us have them ready. And then try. Because if your practice sandal you feel I'm just going dry some lines on Dell. If your practice and understand difference, you will know which one to use. Where on was the suitable once near dries so you can see like I'm trying to see the lines different and they come in a powder difference. Do you remember that? I mentioned we can have extra color on our brush. Let's create highlights circles video as well. You saw that I crude is high. Let's circle. You can see the top part is dark and the bottom part slider is all about your brush moment and then your pressure on it. So that part is darker and the bottom part is lighter. Now, let's do a bigger circle. And please look at this example that I'm doing. This is a bigger circle. How you move your brush is the key here. So look at the movements that I'm doing to get the Hamren's from how? Move my brush and from top, I go to the bottle. I'm gonna do this, Uh, gonna move my hand. You should always go over and over and try to be gentle video. Not trying not to rush it. Because if you rush it on your has a hand movements is not correct. You can leave some traces that you don't want it down. You can see I'm using my has. Let's see if we can come off with some dimension. You see how it looks like that part of this lighter. So I taught you how to use your hands when you need it. It's all about how you move your brush, as I mentioned before. So now let's try different brushes on our comptel lines. Maybe size or two or four. I'm gonna draw this line. So it is a size two. I'm going to go on it. I usually use this size for like when I'm doing eyes or when I'm doing nose or lips. So this is there a small So I used them. Now let's try a size zero. This is size zero that I'm using, which is the Bristol part has been caught before, I told you. And don't, uh, don't forget how to hold your brush. Except for Sierra, uh, be careful how you're holding your brush as I mentioned previous episodes. Besides the always amazing for create careers and textures on our surface so you can't see pay attention along the simple that I'm drawing and pay attention to my hand movements if you cannot see exactly how drawing it because my size zero brush needs to be holding straightly. So my apology for that you can see in my house I have my hand bluebells that I'm actually circle around this circle. That's how you create a picture. Also, Bryce I zero is good for a scene and the small lives you see when you have, like, let me show you this very scene. So this is good to plant it with. So that's how we do it in the future episodes. And then you have started landing hyper shading signals if it's young. Constantly having dark people's on my brush as I mentioned to you is not magical. I constantly using the powdered other half on the side. You just can't see it, but just keep it in line and remember it that I'm using powder on the side. Now let's see how much my brush can keep going and keep dollars later, I'm gonna show it to you. And also be careful. Changing the side off your brush can give colors again, so be careful when you're using it in a very light surface, you can see like Then I changed the side. It gives more color sometimes So when you're painting something delicate, just be careful. So I'm just trying. Teoh, bring out all the Connor. This is the maximum color my brush has now and gradually is fading of a more and more. So I'm just trying. I mention that I need to add more, uh, either powder and needs, or pick up some blackness from somewhere else. One more thing I have national before. A paper that you're using is very important for you. Choose fuck for Briana from our shoes stores. That's the paper I usually use, and I'm satisfied. But it later in this episode, especially the creative episode of Use different paper for different dry, such as different papers for a sculpture painting for poor trip AP for Sue Prism. So it's going to get really excited in the future. My brush has some pictures left now, but eventually, after practicing a little, you would realize how much color you need for different parts. So I'm just writing it down for you. So then you realize it's not enough, just at more. And don't be afraid. If it's the right amount or not, you will eventually understand how much you need for different places. Look at the way I get tiny powder and I'm using it. I'm going to try to try different animals myself. Now for you to show it. Just practice like these. That's how you doing. I'm just giving a tiny baby powder different walls, one off them at the second. The last one was, ah, charcoal powder and Peacefulness graph our pattern, which is very light. As I mentioned before, I'm just playing around. I add a little more. I can't say contour charcoal powder. And then again, this is a graphite color that I'm creating something university. Just playing your brush is all the bother experience and as a mission is all about experience and experiment. And I hope you know a lot and enjoy this episode, so I have nothing to wreck it down for. You try to remember just two words. Try to remember experience and experiments, and then you're ready to paint and draw hope. You enjoy this episode. See you next time, but why 7. Shading With Stump: Hi everyone. Welcome to express it In this lesson you will learn different aspects off shading on holidays. Everything start. I'm going to teach you today. You're going to use later in your future drives. So let's strand together how to use stop and how to hold out and how to create textures with Bill. Let's stand together. Hi everyone Today less learn shedding with stop. Okay, listen, start this section with a tip that I have mentioned before There's a white paper front off us But when you keep drawing with chalk of my terry, you will definitely get on Stop char calls on your hands So veterinary you stopped working on a new paper Always always wash your hand and have an extra piece of paper on their hence So you're drawing would get dirty Not going to tape my parrot to the table in the future Listen, you will see it that all my papers being tears to the table or to my easels first Remember what we learned the last episode I'm going to draw a line me, my conduct himself of a blended in my brush It's getting lighter on also, let's see how much it take until the cutter goes. A very Vidal, adding more power so you can see that's the whole about. What are the more powder I'm drawing in your line with the existing color that it had on my brush? But if I go in the black part again, I will have more color, and you can see it's getting dark hair and dark hair. We'll see later in real portrait examples how I will use this technique without anymore powder to my brush. If I keep doing it, you can see it's getting dark in the dark s so all this move your hand and it depends on your portrait. How what you want dark surface on your paper. So I'm keep doing it going back and for us and give it more harder without actually adding Polydor to it. So it's not almost the same as a black part, but it's not as light as the bottom off the first example. So I'm just gonna let you see how brush works from really dark really light some examples. You need to use this technique all the time. Now let's see if I go on different lives off black what who are color looks like said this is how it looks like. Have a look off my hand movements. How are doing it? So now you know there's which is very important part of charcoal drank. Now let's move on and start this episode here are landing a stone and learn about it. I'm going to start using a figure stall. Now let me first draw alive with my charcoal pencil. Now, this was our brush, and these are our stumps. As a physician, I'm going to start using the figure style so you can see both face that I'm blending my charcoal legs and this one holding it a little higher. This is too low that I'm holding it now. So now I'm holding a higher. The difference between istan planning and brush blending is that stomachs rougher and gives us more texture. It's the second technique that I'm teaching you in this episode. In the future lessons, you will see that how I really used stumps. So look at the difference between these two. But you can control stone for a smaller price is in a better way. For instance, for drying I'll I line, I leads the eyebrows or some single her and so on. No, same as my brush technique. I can't get some cutter from the existing black surface on the start, using it in other places that we don't want to be too dark or too gray. So you can see I'm starting from the middle man and myself already have some. My son has some Connor on it. So if I put more oppression to my hand, it will get more color like pencil. But until the powder affects goes of a look at my hands and how fast I'm drying on lines, you can say that I controlling the line better and create different tones. But it let me show you how we look like if I used it on it B pencil life, which is slowly and gradually unloading it. So this one was okay on because not shaky while painting. So become then in your line drives. Now I'm going to draw a square of in my pencil and place. Look at this a score example. Look at my hand and, however will buy. Stop is very light and dispose from the top to the bottom. If I go on it again. It's first with more color. If you need more color, keep doing this over and over again and go on it. But in a smooth way. Don't try to press your hand too much. Look at the levels. Dark made, light and light. However listening get the sick in a scorer. Now I'm going to teach you another technique. Now, if he recalled in the previous section, I introduce you to the sandpaper block, so I'm going to bring it now. This is it. And I taught you how to roll your stomach on it to make white and sharp. But in this tactic, I want you to black in the paper sound the charcoal pencil or charcoal sticks so you have blackness on it. So this is the RAF service, but harmonized almost Let me show. You have to cover on it. I'm gonna go so you can say this is Ralph surface and non harmonized. This is good, but texture drawings for some for sculptures. So listen or example getting some more black powder now in this part of a drop it myself in a more Harmon as way. But we still with more texture feelings. You can see the difference between this work on the 1st 1 It's all about the pressure of your hand Moment. If you want to draw hearts surface, try to use this technique. So let me show you one more time how you do a rough surface and its cultural safe has been stopped. Be careful this phase not for drawing realistic or hyper realistic dry. So not to overdo it carefully and gently use your starts if you wanted to. Stays most on your surface. No, I want to draw a line that I'm gonna do it very slowly. This is how I should move my hand. So I'm trying to blended. I'm not using pencil here. I'm using my stomach straightly. So what I want to teach you here is the planning to stop Now look at the light and try to fake the line with these movements. I use this sickness lot off places in driving such as planning under the eyeless. And even when I want to give texture freely in a portrait drying back in the upper I lied or the where I'll eat there so many places I use this star even on the lives and everything . You can see this examples later, so it's all the path. Just it's mostly, and you can see the difference in this episode. Play with your stuff until you realize published pressure you want to have. Now I'm gonna use some powder. Want to create some powdery space? So this is a powdery surface with so many extra father on the hour here. So let's get through some of the points again to some practice. Let's have a look in lighting. After finishing smoking, a spliff breastfeed your powder brush disused that surface, for example. I have mentioned before for powder. Don't touch of players but blew it off it. Here's a mouse, but let me give you one more thing that so many people don't say it. Don't measure it and then you're blowing off at the powder. Be careful of your saliva. I have seen so many drives that got ruined because of this small faiths. This little details that this episode is very important because wrong touch can really change your drawing when you're doing hyper realism later, so it's good to listen to them. Now let's do a combination off these. Let me draw a line with Stomp on Dan with brush. I've never gotten his brush. This is like a combination. I have lots off our movement. I do combination techniques and what I mean by a combination. Let's draw a charcoal life and try different things on it, fresh to stop and then brush to get it here. So now I'm drawing a line stop that I'm getting goose my brush. No, let's try Bryce size zero, which, unlike other brushes, we hold it in a straight day. If you have learned in the previous episode deployments that to get round the six surface on her drawing office cup manual materials bandido later, in future example, you will see how a combine everything in hyper be honest taking samples. For instance. If you are drawing in the eye, you can see I use my style. But I used my breast size zero that I use my content for the darkest skill from land and write direct sized brush. We she's dissuading very huge that I'm gonna use for it. This is the brush I'm talking about, so it's all about combination and trying. If the different thing, then you can use your razor or, if you're white, passel pensar for Daniel off the I to give you that shiny family So it all depends how you use different materials. Try to make all the techniques together. Mix, mix, mix all about me thing. So now let's use another mixed combination. Are Charcoal Circus. You can't say that charcoal is becoming smells, but I'm using my stuff and I'm using this sections when im drying, for instance, I or the Nostra's off knows or trying to mid off our lips. We can't use uh, Russia's well for the parts. I am mission before there are so many other parts for used this sickness for so you will see them later. And also let's use the same material trying nines. Dimas will, I'll show you is the same materials, but I'm just gonna use them for drawing lines. Ivan uses for hair drawings. I get colors from the dark forests, and then I start like trying small hearse Maroth in her. It all depends on what kind of doing realistic or hyper realistic paintings and drawings. So it all depends on you and your experience, and with this lessons, you will learn how to reach 12 years and how to live a Hughes down. Well, yeah. I hope you enjoy this episode seeing the next exit by guys. 8. Combination: have herbal will come to the listen combination in this. Listen, I'm going to use complete pencil, charcoal pencils, stumbling day and of course, brushes. I'm going to combine them together and the thickness I'm going to use today. I will use that later in different drawings, so less land together. Hello, everyone. Welcome back. In this episode I'll go true. Different combination techniques that I'll gives on this model. So this is our example. Zanzi. She's in Chinese actress that I used as my model in this party Casio go through different techniques I use here. I know plays washing toe. I have so regarded Zanzi so you can see a company version of this dry First, let me use my pencil The future in the sense you will learn how to draw eyes very easily. Just in this episode, I'll show you the techniques on how I'm drawing yet is because I want you to know that we begin with our pencil. So, as I mentioned before, usually stars or draw with our principal first. Now this is done, Miss Kercher, number one first, let's draw a line with our HP pencil gas. The island that I'm drawing now, so it's like a care of line and then I'll go on. A tweet are contraire, So this is a straight counter. Apply our own pencil line. Do it is very smoothly. Number two. We draw another line with our HB pencil. This time we will use pencil on pencil line. I'm using HB because is darker. You have learned about pencils previously. I all this makes my pencils sharp, and this smoothly, I out going it to get some. Connor. I used to stick things for hyper real in on parts because it's you have to do it very small . It's mostly and slowly no tear it. Walk Mr on a low lying down our street pencil. And that's big already. Some black color either true contact powder or on sound paper or summer straight court upheld on a certain separate surveys. Or if you don't like, or if you don't have any sandpaper, it doesn't matter. Just draw some lines on an extra or separate paper like these I usually do. This is one of my favorite technique is that I have an extra paper aside and I have thes small, straight contaminate, and I use it No, I got some cutter and I went on my line and planted smartly. So you learn tree version off, how to color and then lines. It all depends on how you want to start another version that I'm going to teach you this brush. You can decide what? So what size to choose? Depending on your drawing, I'm gonna get one of my brushes. Get some Connor and I I'm not applying any pressure. I'm just smoothly going on my line. You can see how it looks like. So no pressure at all. So we just learned we can have different days off shading. These are the main raise and different techniques I usually use during the next episode. You will see How are you's down? No, that you learn everything Enesco true. They'll one by what number one charcoal pencil that we already be it. As I mentioned straight black contraire on our nine. I'm repeating this one more time. So this is straight like line Now how you do this? Let's do you make sure my brush and style I'm going to do a combination. Today is all about combination and try different stuff. I'll draw another line, do the same thing. I want to show you both how I'm gonna david brush and stuff Mrs stuff from our stone blending. Now I want you to look at my hand movements while I'm doing it from the beginning to the end. I smoothly go in my life and try to plan the charcoal. Like you can see, I just completed the black line first. So this is our first. This is exactly what I applied here. You can see straight black line for the years. It's like a makeup there. Use this. And gradually I go up because my hand, please. I gradually from the black line. I go up. No. You see this middle part for the island and upper lady. That's how we draw islets. I keep going back to my black line and go up then go back then go up. I never start from the middle. So this is how I move it. I'm gonna show you to you again, Miss Separates. There is no I'm gonna go true again. Try to plant the blackness because I don't want the black line to show a loss. So you can't say if I want you. She don't start from both sides. Agency from start from. I don't left or right. But today I just want to show you how looks like to start from both sides. This creates a great come on incompetent. When you do this when you go back and first depends on you on your model for to start, you can see. So now let's do the second line. This time you learned the stump? No. I wanna use my brush, the same technique and the same hand movement. Let's move on from you can see I'm blending the line now. No, no pressure. I'm just gradually going on my line. So many are doing theirs to gradually move your brush on the black line. Not with any pressure. Depends. Sometimes you need pressure. But today I don't need it because I don't want to create any extra texture here. Just look at my home with this and try to repeat this. You can see the difference between this one and the first example. Now I'm going to show this to you with a bigger brush. It depends on what side of brush you could choose on. How you wanna try to apply it. I'm getting more cutter now. Let's get some black powder from here. You see, the added more black. That's how you should do it if you meet your surface to get more black. Have you had changed E side off the brush? Don't put pressure again. I'm emphasizing these few times because it's very important. No, no, I think a little pressure down the line below the line of my be more pressure. It all depends on your model. And how you doing it? Because I want to give more. I mentioned to it. So this was our two examples regarding straight go to line. So really my fair, very techniques. And I hope you enjoyed them like by practicing down. Just look at the difference. This one has picture and the other one is smoke there. I'm driving. If we are more picture, I'm putting my model inside to be safe, so it's kind of straight. Take sure I'm not adding anything, so it's a little harsh, but this one smells no straight picture on it. You quit the check for later. So how do days, however, create the texture? Later? Let me show you. Let me bring my this and my pencil raises that are brought on. I will start putting. Some are hungry. Rise does under grey area. So you can see I created some picture. Now let's move on to the next part. Pencil on pencil. I'm creating the same surface now the same line. But this time I'm gonna do every pencil from denying. When I grow up, I'm going to reduce my hand pressure and then I go up. It gets lighter. It looks like highlight. This is this one is very important for a hyper realism. The 1st 2 example is very good for realistic drawings. I'm treating the same service. But as I told you, it has more highlights. So I want you to follow the steps that I'm doing one by one. Now, try them H and I'll continue trying my lying Look at my hand movements right now. Please harm going. How would you seen the pressure of? And I'm going off. I'm just not doing it like line, but I'm trying my hands in a harmonized fe but I still into it very smoothly. This takes more time when you are drawing like this. Now I'm gonna go true. The second version using pencil HB And then I'm gonna use my pencil. Six b. You can choose other pencil like eight b to be utter depends on you. Tree V four B. So it it all depends on you on your model. Now let's go. Truth in our line it's the same metals, but with different pictures. This is how are moving in. She said that the ground going to create But today I'm giving this kind of pressure. You missing is the same thing, but we did before. But when you are doing a really hyper realistic trying, all these details will show on the old matter. So let you to look at my hand movements and home doing it. It's very fun to do it aloud. Look, gradually creating textures with pencils gives your pleasure. Now I'm going to add another element using Bryce size zero. So I'm using brush on pencil. Why am I doing this? Let me show you. I will pick a bigger brush to plan more, You see? Blend the pencil that I did all service over it. Everything that I'm telling it to their guys. He will use them all of them want drawing. And they're so easy when you start doing them together. Very enjoyable again. It all depends on how you want your drawing to look like. Now let's go through the turd line stump landing this time. So why am I you saying this time? Do you remember Number one example? Contest straight Black. Well, this one is important because it's mixed. Dark, but not distressingly. I'm getting more. So whenever you don't wanna apply straight Khamtay and blackness, you can start using your stall, getting some blackness on it and then apply it. So this is not a straight Now, let me show you how the line looks like. Gradually look at my hand move and graduated through the same thing. Go over your line and from the lying to the top over starts. This is the same technique, different methods. Just stuff from the lion and go up. You can see I'm getting more Connor. When I feel I need more color. I'll get some black powder, you can see it, and then I'm an ear deadline. I used it, uh, part off the stone. And when I go up, I used the whole surface. Now number four went dry with your brush and how we do it. We always need some color on it. So I'm doing the same technique. But this is this is a time message to using brush. It's one of my favorite techniques you're drawing would really look beautiful. Mary smells when you drop it. Your brush, but fell with less structure unless you created later. So as I mentioned to you even and drawing with a brush, we need color And what I mean by car I mentioned before. But let's go through the whole versions now. So what I meant is contact pencil contact pounder. You can't buy it ready, or you can make it yourself. All arts. The source has this contact, Father. I'm gonna just show it to you one more time. How we do it, ISS. Where is the lake? Stood with your cutter. Does your powder, as I mentioned before. Also, you can have graphite powder and charcoal powder. You can also buy them from artist stores as well and they are not expensive. So there you go. I wrote them here so we can move on. So now let me show them to you how they will look like using each of them to have different colors. Does this graphite powder? This is lighter than any other powders that we're gonna use. This is the lightest one. When you're using graph are color you usually you usually playing wrong with your pencils rather than with others because off the texture. So this is how the service would look like If you draw with graphite powder, you can see so much lighter. Then there straight Compare that I'm doing right now. No, father, we just created Let me show you how black it is. You can see it's very dark, so you only have to apply this. Surely if you have a very dark respect, sir face. It's very beautiful, isn't it? It's like get excited when I look at these. So the same technique, but different colors. This means regarding your contours and highlights. You need to decide which 12 years for different parts. So it all depends on you, you on your model and your experience, the future. But anyhow, I will teach you how to do them in each episodes and in different examples. So let's remember what we learned today. We had our charcoal pencils, Tom, and we had our brush. And I hope you enjoyed it. Guys today see the next episode? Well, I 9. Texture: hirable. Welcome to this episode. Pictures in this. Listen, you're going to learn how to create pictures, and later you will learn how to use these in actual models. Ah, hope you enjoy this lessons, however, one today I'm going to teach you about textures and different verses off that what we mean by textures. You can't say textures everywhere. You have different forms of Texas all around us. In this episode, we will learn how to do them on how to create a It's very enjoyable and very pleasant, and I hope you enjoy learning also in the future. Examples. I'll do a lot of different pictures on different models for assess. Let's look at our model again. Look at this part. You can see a lawyer island Lex textures, and also you can find more pictures in the upper island. All parts have different pictures. Many are drawing different propose of body proportions or facial proportions, and how he truly pictures now. Gastric OSHA. So let's go through them. One by one example. Number one. Let's throw it like first and then as you there the materials in the previous episode. Let's get your blending stop now and go on your life. I'm breaking my blood. You stop. I'm going on my line. You have already learned this technique before. So gradually, the slowly I'm going my line. And then has he learned the previous episode I saw from the top after someone going down the same technique to get my half hand movements on How I do that? What? I'm drawing its various news now What? It can't have a straight pictures on your paper. That's why I started with lending. Because you can't see There is a is the kind of texture star Exactly where I just pointed out right now. That's we called straight picture by our bloodless stuff. So we also can have more. We can add more away. Prison ing are stumped, right? You don't play with your storm. Now on what else you have Mork unsure what to use that. So we're gonna use different versions off razors. We sure My favorites. I will pick up my pencil, a razor and their sharpen into the shop owner. Now you can't see it like how is gonna look like? Because I wanted to be sharp when I'm doing pictures. So now, after a sharpness. I will use it on the great area if you have questions how to create pictures with the movements that depends on your modern and watch you want and how you want create picture just to get my hand movements. And how I do that. Sometimes I do makes a smaller, thin life of Sometimes I draw dots. It's old depends. In the future episode, you will see more examples with different textures. Then you show this example on the darkest surface shall be, Ah, now it's complicit, like we also learned this technique previously. Now I'm using my pencil and razor on it going. You can see that it's like getting some textures or around it. So now I'm going to use our electric razor. There's a buffet on the left side of the press on the top part, which is our assessors. Girl goes around. So what is the reason you can't draw the surface tennis to really white as you saw, like the high life in the eyes and Sentra. Now best do one more example. Let me shade and other parts and draw different lines on it, so it depends how you want to use it? No, the show's parts is almost complete. This draw again, using it. This is all again electricity, a razor, which I'm drawing a shady lying first and then it's straight like you can see how. Why'd it ISS? So I'm just trying to do different things on it until your rounds. I love this part. When I use my electronic, it's so easy, it's still fun. You can find it in an artist source you want. So the first number one. With all this tips about texture, you can use this a lot on everywhere. Now let's move to number two. Let me draw two lives that there are some extra lies are all are coming out of it. You can see I'm trying to lies and there are some lines feed lines around Ed. Now I will show you how to create straight textures with brush. This is my brush size zero that I'm holding it. I hold it a strictly and move. Move your hands like me when you were holding your breath, sirrah. And if you zoom in on your screen, you can see the pictures off your scheme right now. I'm doing it. So if you wanted to draw skin or between wrinkles. You can use this metal. This is the right missiles for down. You can see I'm using the same techniques right now. So I'm going through the next one next line. Since I need more volume on my life, I'll get some more trouble corner from here. If you have watched the entire pisses off the introduction bars, you have seen why and how we do this. Now let's draw the second light. The same may have hand movements. I get more color every time because I want this fund to be dark hair, gradually calling my lying. Going to repeat that eventually you'll see that this version it will be darker than the first version. Oh, but they're the same hand movements in a circle way and dot likes no. You can see more obvious textures, right? You can see there are some dark dots there. That's the difference between this to sometimes. You let the textures to us that without doing anything, so just let his picture sticks there. However, there is an additional tape in number two. Let me show you what I mean by it. I'm gonna draw one more lying. Let's go on our line with our brush again. This is again. I'm gonna repeat. This is brush size zero which I have already cut their breast still parts with Caesar. Let's quit pictures. Move your hands in a circle I've and harmonize way if you cannot see home doing is because I have to hold the brush in a straight very just try to Can we take my hand movements? You can easily do days is very fun. I actually loved her in this. Now you're almost done, but not quite so what I mean by that Bring your brush bigger brush and gently go on your texture part dissecting it creates a very subtle picture. I really like this tactic a lot and it's one of my favorites. You can see the takings and there is one more layer on it. That's why I take pictures. Very subtle. Now you can see the difference between this too. So it's like the texture has been afraid a gray. This is great for hyper realism. Sly. Since its more natural I'm gonna write it for us so you can have in this reference where you is more natural Now Mystic wants tougher, right? And make it more realistic. So what I mean by that I'm going to teach you and not a technique that is amazing and very easy. Let's go through the same routine as we did before. Picture and then brush. I'm using my brush size zero All the lines that I draw It's like the lines last like looks like a stroke. Ninth. I do it. I deserve it. A tree or two b four b Doesn't matter. It matter it. You can decide it on your own on what kind of materials you have. If you count my hand, move us again. Get so corners at more volume. Dear sir, phase. So on tonight was a saint looking. It's at mortar it take off your pencil razor. I'm gonna bring my pencil razor now on growth rate on the part that looks more pale on more wise and create more texture, you can see what I'm doing is coming out. If you look at it coming out now, let me show you one more time. A pencil razor. It's got more why you can actually see this skiing under surfaced right now. This is this is amazing and really loftis techniques. Now you can differentiate the difference between brush on a razor and how to combine Del so , as I mentioned, is supposed a combination of Russian Raisa. Now let's move for work and draw so between and short lines, it almost looks like an eyebrow. This would belongs our church version. So I'm going to say number tree, and I'm gonna go through the lines as I mentioned your parents in the Kleins episodes. Very easy to draw them. So after Dad, you can't give more color there. Sure. If you're small lines to stall, can you can use your brush? This is like using demonstratively without any additional Connor volume. And then after a brush, I'm gonna use my content. You have no end is in the premise that facility emission what's important through memories again for texture wise. Just you need to use these in you trot pictures, teachers to your bought, how what she can pressure and your hand movements so depend on your modern and what pictures they have underneath. You can go on them different materials. Now, let's give you some tips. Before ending this episode, you can always play around with the sectors on at more volume or less. Whiteness, etcetera. It's only press on you. What I want to add this technique is that when he applied your texture with brushes era, uh, number two, as I'm talking about technique number two and Ventana, keep another rush to make solar and after New York, like a little more razor affects as you learn Mistake for the stuff for work and go around the dots that's there are more white and at a little pencil or use your stop on it, it will create an uncanny texture. I'll show you dissecting in the future episode that you're working on drawing models, so follow the rules. Practice Bacri 80 and use combination on. I hope you enjoy this emphasis guys Well, by 10. Shading Surface 1: probable Welcome to little associating service. This episode is very important because by learning these techniques, you can shape any big surface in the future on your models. So let's land together. Hi, everyone. Welcome to episode shaping surface. We have two different papers in front of us. Three different textures. Let's call them paper number one on paper number two. Paper number Bond The surfaces yourself on paper number to the surface this'll itself and in US pictures on it. So today, let's learn different shading techniques. What I'm going to teach you today. He can apply on biggest scales off drawings, for instance, for face, arms, feet, legs, etcetera. So let's draw some needs circles with whatever super shapes things you have. So I just drilled to see cars. You can see them on the They're almost the same size now. So what we used you have learned it actually before, how to practice shading. That's deserted question we are facing today, so the question is what we should use for out of materials as well. So I'm going to write it for a year. The question is what we use, what we should use for our materials if you recall, are introduced you two different partners. This is my graphite powder that I'm gonna bring. You can see as I mentioned before in the previous episode. This is the lightest powder of you have neither than a contact powder and charcoal powder. Imagine this is a big part off your painting, so I'm going to write it down for you. Imagine this is our main printing parts surface. Did you take some powder? Don't apply suddenly. How? An extra piece of paper round wrong with you so you can try on his first. This way You know the color off your powder and how to control earth. Then you're just and you have to start a painting. Let's start a circle, but not in the right way. I'm just going to give you some example. What goes wrong at the beginning? Look at how this is being done now and then other company to the next version on this page . So this may I just applied some powder. Three straightly. It is wrong. I'm not really controlling it. Feel you can see that there are some parts or not need. There are some brush traces that you can see it on the surface. So I'm using my hand because sometimes excuse to use your hand. But sometimes when you're desperate here using it because he want to make it more smoke smoke there. I mean, so this is how it looks like you're not happy with it, right? All right, let's do another version in a right way. Now I start from the like always. I have mentioned this a few times and I can say so many times. All this starts from your life. Never start from the middle or else it down the life and gradually from your line, go down and again stop from your line and go down. It can start from your line and go down and go up. I guess he I'm gradually going down. Um, you can my hand movements and I'm controlling my power there this time. Can you see the difference between the two? The point here is that I saw from the tongue top part on I go down on everything, give more cars every time. You should never start giving loss of blackness tarpaper because it's easy to go from light to dark. But many do mistake by putting too much blackness if you can go back easily. So maybe we want our service to be darker. But all this start from like parts now of using a bigger brush. So I really recommend shadow and sickles for practice. It's very good. Makes you understand the size and the volume. Now this PR brush makes me to control it better. Because this is quite a big skill. You can see I never start from the middle, but I always stuff from the line. And then come go down, be gentle and don't pressure your brush. I'm being very gentle. Even I don't recommend like he using at the beginning when you're learning just using your brush in different directions. But then you have practiced few times. You can just try to apply it and experience it. Try to do differently versions of you both then, huh? How to do it. So this one is right. And this one you can see the traces here. So you realize what happened between these two and what was different? What was wrong? Can you see? Course And I circled. They're not good. They're not harmonize. You want help or color. Just have it gradually got up and down to bail. Yeah, I just did it. So this been done? I'm happy we did a second version. I'm not happy with the first version because the way I did it was wrong to try to push this few times and then what you should do and what you should not do. So let's practice not paper number two, which has a different texture, as I measured to its less soft. Um, again, I'm gonna give you two examples on our circle. The 1st 1 would be wrong, and this is a little has additional troops on it. The first surface had some dirt on it. That's why you have to be careful with your especially been drawing a portrait. You're several. Should be very need and Rick lead. So now I'm gonna start, like, drawing from the nine again. So this one is more clean. You don't see the traces like the previous version. I will start from the nine and rip it the same hand hand movements on the line. I don't give up shading until it's completely smells. I go from up to the you can see on Lu Brigade. I'm satisfied with the second version. Now with your brush back and forest. Now you can see both far stand was it dear friends? So the first emergent that I put some question marks there, and I told you there are some traces before. Really be careful when you choose your papers, if darkly, if there are some blackness on it, so writing it for your the paper each is very important. And second point is that you have to make sure you're safe for the screen before starting. If you're a president, has some there's on it. That's not gonna end of all. Make sure it's clean. You can see the dust murder before I started and they showed more after I should tell. So in the future you will see I use my hands and swell for shaving pars. Sometimes it's good, sometimes appropriate for some, been a painting, and sometimes it's not appropriate. So the whole thing is that don't be afraid to use your hands for drying. But many years your hands. The picture would not be neat or self, so be careful. If that's what you want for your severance or not, you can see. I just throw something. It's an example. So try to play with powders and with your hand and seed FX. If you do this, you realize Ben to use it for to use it and friend out to use it. Well, I hope you enjoy this episode. Guys. I give you some homework system, draw some circles. It brought everyone and however you wanted and then practice whatever you have learned today. See you next time. Bye bye. 11. Shading Surface 2: Hi, Ron. Welcome to this. Listen, shading surface to In the previous episode we live how to draw, survey, speak, brush and with different papers today you're going to use different materials like cottons and caught a bus. And you're going to see the difference between the surfaces. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Hi, everyone. Welcome to shade in Surface number two are my terrorists in this part is cutting and cutting lots. Our cousin Buzz should has flat side comparing to the normal Cottam bots. Let me show it to you how their looks like do. They will show you how you can apply shadings your servers with these and also make a comparison with these materials and Russians stopped. So this is our graph on powder going to show it to you. It's Frese. Take up your cotton. Press it to your powder on. Be careful that you don't put too much on it. Be gentle on. Try to make it. Look, Smalls, you're cutting surface. I mean and how you should do it. Let's draw a line and don't apply it to your service. This how you do it? I keep saying this all this blue extra powder of a No one need to stay on your surface. So now let's draw another line. And this time I'm going to use my brush. It's the same technique that I have talked to you before. You can see like you can compare them, how it looks like both off them. I use brush when I want to control. It's just getting away. Good. Teoh. We caught it so that I use. I want to use cotton. I use it for large skills and it's more smooth. You can see it on on your screens, not this one, but I want to control it better. For largest skulls, I use brush. So whenever my services really big, I use cotton business, which is reasonable and it's more smell. But I I'm going to repeat again and again. You can control brush better, which I usually prefer brush. So now listen is to cut a bus and let's see how it works like hydro lying, and I'm going to dio apply the same technique. I got some color and I've been going on my line, doing it gently and softly. Do you see for a smaller service which he wanted to look very soft whenever you wanted to look very soft, very shady. You use your cutting bots. Ice is a lot for face. Ah, different proportions, like for eyes and also for nose. It's my favorite technique when I was, but I'm doing down, so this one's for herself. Surface. Not this year. Making comparison between cousin bus and stop almost say both. I use them for smallest scales, but you can see if the surface is not soft anymore. You have talked about stomp a lot in the previous episodes. So if you have any questions, just go. And what previous episode Tuck. I taught different techniques with Stump. Just look at the hand. Wolf is now over shed boast lines again. So this was our style. He comparison. Get more. Connor. I'm going over my nine. You can see. I added, It's getting dark hairs. I added more power through it. I click on my handle, and I'm not really putting in the pressure like I'm doing distantly for softly. You move my hands from one side of the line into the other side, so I let you become my hand movements. Tell just play around you can use both sides. You need me that I usually used the clean size, but I want to get some colors away. So you mentioned the previous episode and I want to emphasize again in this one. We have so many materials to use place your hand is very important and essential. Sometimes eventually, you can understand if he should apply your hands and fingers on your service. Sometimes you should. You can. You don't have to, but trust your hand and started You think that with powder is very important. So let me show it to you. What I mean actually gonna use my fingers, the signs. So I got some father on my hand This actually not really good for reality and hyper realistic paintings. But what I'm driving something for something like sculpture or something like creative. I use my hands a lot. And during those kind of drive, really healthy out you kept the surface and huh? And look at the pictures. So depending on your model, you can actually do this. I'm going to do a comparison on Conteh line straight down the line. So another chuckle. But this timeless cues are brush. Look at the difference. I looks amazing for the new. So you just learned this two techniques and difference between these two. I hope you enjoy this episode. Not We have completed our shading techniques, and it's time to move to the next episode and learn how to apply all the materials and technology offline so far on different models. See in the next episode's but by and also don't be afraid to use your hands.