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10 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Introtosymbols

    • 2. Historysymbolsexamples

    • 3. Dollarbills

    • 4. Homespiritcommunicates

    • 5. Dreams

    • 6. Colorsindreams

    • 7. Messengers

    • 8. Synchronicitiesangelnumbers

    • 9. Strengthenmessages


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About This Class

Have you ever wondered if spirit was trying to communicate with you? Have you ever questioned synchronicities, your dreams, or repeating patterns in your life? The truth is, Spirit is ALWAYS trying to communicate with us, help us, and guide us - WE just don't know how they are communicating. This course will teach you how to understand the language of spirit and how to decipher their messages and symbols.


  1. The history of Symbolism and popular spiritual symbols and their meanings.

  2. Dreams and popular themes and the meanings behind them.

  3. Different colors and their spiritual meanings.

  4. Different ways spirit communicates with us (animals and nature, synchronicities, ect..)

  5. Different tools to strengthen your spiritual connection and symbol dictionary.

  6. Meet your spirit guide guided meditation

  7. 20 exercises to strengthen your psychic centers

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Erica Russo

Intuitive Life & Business Mentor


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1. Introtosymbols: welcome to mastering your spirit signs and symbols. This course is going to give you the tools and resource is to help enhance her intuition by learning the language of spirit and how spirit communicates with us on a daily basis. So let's talk about what we're going to go over in this course because there is quite a lot of information. First, we're gonna talk about the history of symbols and why it's so important in our society and in our everyday life, we're gonna talk about some common symbols in the spiritual community and their background and meanings. We're also gonna talk about physical manifestations and signs of spirit, you know, spirits of pretty intense magical thing, and they can use more than just symbols to communicate with us. So we're going to be talking briefly about some physical signs that spirit is trying to get a point across. We're gonna talk about tools to help you grow your personal symbol dictionary. So you can really understand the language of spirit, and we're going Teoh give you a whole bunch of re sources and tools to help you learn more about mastering your connection to spirit. So I want Teoh briefly introduce myself So you know who the talking head is throughout all of these slides? My name is Erica Russo, and I am a psychic, medium and spiritually mentor. I'm also the host of the intuitive Souls Podcast, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, play stitcher, basically anywhere where you can listen to a podcast and that has a bunch of more. Ah, lot more resource is for you. If you're interested in listening to that. I also have a bachelor's degree in business administration. So I like to say that I have a good ying and yang balance of the spiritual and the Wu and the down to earth and material side of life. I have two boys to basset hounds and one husband. I live in Connecticut and teaching this stuff and helping people understand just how connected they are to spirit is my passion. So I am so excited that you are here that you decided to take this course You're gonna learn a lot. And I'm really excited for you in the next section. We are going to talk about the history of symbols. I will see you in the next section 2. Historysymbolsexamples: symbols have been used since the beginning of time, from higher a cliff, ICS and ancient Egypt to the walls of churches, ancient scripts, toe bumper stickers on cars, symbols are and always will be a massive part of our world. So it's no wonder why spirit will use symbols and symbolism in order to connect with us and relay a message. You know whether you are aware of it or not. You probably come into contact with some type of symbol at least once a day, and we're gonna touch more on that in this lecture. But for now, I want to talk briefly about how symbols have been used throughout time, because this is going to give you a much better understanding of the subject and how you will be able to decipher the symbols you receive from spirit. So, you know, it's pretty crazy if we think about it. That before man learned about words and letters and the alphabet and numbers, he used drawings and pictures to communicate stories and narratives toe other people. Certain drawings or pictures were commonly used to Cono particular things. Thus symbols were born. So through the years, people all over the world have used symbols to mean many different things. They have become a very easy way to point out an idea Lau on ideology or religion or to express an abstract thought or to denote a group or community who share the same goals and beliefs. So let's go through some of the well known symbols in the spiritual community and what exactly they mean. So the first symbol I want to touch on is the flower of life, and this flower of life contains patterns of creation, and it denotes perfect form and harmony and balance. And architects and artists and philosophers have have known about the flower of life and what it denotes. You know, pagans actually consider it to be a form of sacred geometry that decide picks. Sorry depicts the basic form of time and space and what secret geometry is. It refers to the geometric patterns and laws that basically create everything in our universe. They believe that the flower of life symbol is a visual, represent a representation of the interconnectedness of all life and things. So when we talk about, especially in the spiritual community, that we are all one the flower of life is basically the symbol to that. So the meaning of the flower of life is that it is believed to represent the cycle of creation. It depicts how all life from one singular source represented by the circle in the middle of the pattern is connected to each and everything else. There is believed to be actually a secret symbol within the flower of life symbol, which is said to have the most significant and sacred pattern of the universe, which is pretty cool if you ask me. It is believed to be a blueprint for all life, for everything from every Adam toe, every speck of energy, toe, every heartbeat. So it's it's pretty intense. So, really, when we see the flower of life, we want to see balance and harmony and how we're all connected and we are all one. That's really the symbolism of the flower of life. So another symbol that you might have known about or come in contact with is the symbol of home. Now home is a symbol and a sound, and it really has a very rich meaning and depth, and this is very common in the yoga community. Um It's the vibrations of home sound. The OEM sound Okay, Create the thought to energize the chakras throughout the body, especially the third eye and crown chakra, which those to shock rose, which are also called the brow chakra. And, um yes, So the third eye chakra is the brow chakra. Those to shock Ra's are basically our spiritual connection. So this home symbol really helps us connect to our divine Selves and to the universe. The meaning of the OEM symbol in its visual form comes from the state of consciousness that own represents. So in this symbol, the Weiqing state is represented by the bottom curve. So we can see that over here, the dream state and the middle curve, which is over here. Okay. Ah, let's see the sorry guys. Um, the middle curve represents a deep sleep or a deep state of sleep, and the crescent shape above the curves denotes Maya, or illusion, which is the obstacle that sits in the way of reaching the highest state of bliss, which is also called enlightenment. The dot, at the top of the symbol right over here, represents the absolute state which is the four state of consciousness and his absolute peace and bliss. The forced A is believed to be the state in which someone could truly connect to the divine . So home. The in the history of alm is the vibration in which, when you chant home is bringing in light force energy as well as helping you connect to the spirit of the universe as well as opening up your Shaqra. So home is a very, very powerful symbol. This is why it is so powerful and so popular in the yoga community. So another ah symbol I want to talk about is the Ying yang symbol. So as you can see, this is such a popular popular symbol and it's probably my favorite symbol. And the yang right Yang represents the belief that everything in creation consists of two forces which are opposing but complementary. In other words, you know, like cannot exist without dark cold can't exist without he and good cannot exist without bad. This is really this shows us the duality of the universal law that we abide by of the law of duality. So the relationship concept in Chinese culture that has developed over thousands of years basically shows that light and dark crea beautiful harmony within each other on And this is a This is really like one of this is probably my favorite symbol. And this is going Teoh, help you understand that with light, you're gonna have to deal with dark and with good you're gonna have to deal with bad. It's the law of balance and the law of duality, which we can't we can't not live by, cause it's a universal law. Another symbol is thes hamza hand, and the hamsa hand is an ancient Middle Eastern, an amulet symbolizing the hand of God. This is really this is a really awesome symbol, because this is recognized in all religions, and it's recognized as a protective symbol, which is believed to protect from harm against the evil eye. More importantly, this symbol brings abundance and wealth and good fortune and process parody. So the hamsa hand sometimes includes an evil eye within the symbol, Like I said, which is thought to protect against the evil eye, and it is often worn independent or in a necklace or on a ring, or have, um, as a house decoration. It was also in baby carriages for a long period of time. It's a very, very powerful symbol because it is respected in all religions. Okay, so the last symbol I want to talk about is the Christian fish, and the Christian fish represents the phrase Jesus Christ, God's son is Saviour and some readers. Some researchers have suggested that the fish emerged in the first century, or even before Jesus passed on the cross. But nothing has been confirmed as to when the symbol and it's meeting first began. You know, during the times of persecution by the Romans in the first centuries, the fish symbol was used among Christians in hiding to display meeting places for everyone to me and worship. They could be spotted on trees or doorways or even tombs, and at the same time, the fish symbol was also used in several pagan religions, so they wouldn't bring about suspicion from anyone about what it could be. So, really, the Christian fish is a symbol of Christianity, and it's still very common. You see a lot of cars with this on, and it's a simple way of identifying oneself as a Christian 3. Dollarbills: Okay, guys. In an earlier lecture, I talked about how we as people go throughout our day with coming in contact with at least one symbol a day. And I want to give you an example of this. And that is the good old American dollar bill. Now, if we ever actually took the time Teoh, look and examine the dollar bill, you will see that it is build with really powerful symbolism. I am very sorry for the blurry picture right now, but that was the only one that I confined. So let's go ahead and take a look at just some of the symbols within the dollar bill. So when you turn over the dollar bill, you will obviously see a pyramid. And this pyramid on the dollar bill represents strength and duration. And some actually interpret the missing top as a sign that the country wasn't finished yet when they were creating and developing the dollar bill. Similarly, the western face of the pyramid isn't a shadow while the front is lighted, which some say indicates that the nation hadn't explored the West yet or figured out what it would do for Western civilization now on top of the pyramid. There is a I now this I is actually called the eye of Providence. And this is also known as the all seeing eye, which also did, um, which also is symbolism for the third eye Shaqra or just the third eye. Now, this is also known as the Eye of God, and this is a symbol that has been used for centuries by not just America, but different cultures and nationalities and in all religions and also non religions. So this I is set inside of a triangle, and it is a representation of the Omni presence and the Omni Science of God or Almighty or whatever you want to call it. And this keeps a watch over all of creation. So the symbol has generally been used to guide the wayward mankind and remind one that everyone's thoughts, as well as deeds are being observed by the creator of the universe or God or source energy . Whatever you call whatever you wanna call it, So another symbol throughout the dollar bill is the eagles Shields. Now, when we take a deeper look into the shield, there are there's the horizontal top bar of this shield which symbolizes the federal government. And then there are also vertical bars, which are 13 to be exact, that represent the 13 states. Now, obviously, we have more than 13 states right now. This was designed when we only had 13 states or the 13 colonies. Now, another symbol throughout the dollars bill are the Eagles talents. Now, if you take a deeper look, you're going to see that the right talent holds olive branches, which symbolize peace, and the left branch holding arrows that symbolized war. When I actually found this, I was like, Oh, that's interesting cause we never you know, how many times have you noticed that we're holding an off brand, Jim, both arrows and in the talents. I mean, when I saw that, this was pretty cool to me when I when I noticed this, um, symbol. So in the next section, we are going to get down to how spirit communicates with us. I'm really excited about the next section. I hope you guys are too. I will see you there. 4. Homespiritcommunicates: Okay, guys. So now that we have taken a look at some popular symbols as well as symbols throughout history, let's talk about why symbols are the language of spirit. So before we even dive into this, the very foundation that you must know is that everything in this universe is made up of energy. From the tree in your yard to your car, your ex boyfriend, your cat yourself. At the atomic level, we are all energy and energy is all there is. So what makes you different from, say, a coffee table is the vibration in which you give off. So your vibration is going to be much higher than that, said coffee table. You have probably have heard or used the term I like your vibe or, you know, you have a really great vibe about you. This is exactly that. So each and every one of us give off a certain type of energy, and when you meet or connect with someone who was emitting that same type of frequency, you like their vibe because honestly, it's familiar to you. And when we look at the different vibrations, the higher the vibe, the better. So someone who is anxious and angry and depressed, is going to have a lower vibration than someone who is happy and peaceful and content. Now that we understand how vibration and energy work, let's talk about the difference between spirit, energy and human energy. So spirit, whether it's your ancestor, your spirit guide up of someone who crossed over into the spirit world spirit vibrates at a much higher vibration than we dio. So in order for spirit to communicate with us, they must lower their vibration. And we must raise our So, for example, when a medium doesn't reading for a client, that medium raises their vibration in order to connect with the spirit and the spirit has toe lower their vibration in order to relate evidence and messages. So that within itself is pretty tough work for spirit. So what they will dio is they will use symbols in order to communicate with the media. So this is symbols through our psychic senses, which we will touch on later on. Now, spirit will use many, many, many different ways in order to communicate with us. It's not just through our psychic senses, and this is how we're gonna touch on some of the major points of how spirit will communicate with us in this section. So one of the first ways spirit will communicate with us is through animals and nature. Now this one's really super important because animals just kind of have a magical essence to them. All in in all of in, uh, sorry, guys, I'm tongue tied within themselves. So let's talk about some of the major animals that have a lot of symbolism and meaning within them. So what? I mean, when we talk about animals and nature, guys, this is the first thing. Maybe you are seeing a bunch of pictures of bears, right? Let's just say you know, you live in a place where bears are common and all the sudden you see bear in your backyard , and then you're going to see a bear on television or bears just keep on popping up within your reality. So bears are very powerful animals, and this animal is a guy to tune in with your emotional and physical healing and likely to be connected to someone who has a deep connection to the outdoors. So maybe you are someone who has always had a deep, deep connection to the outdoors, and you love being outdoors. But life has gotten in the way and you haven't been able to connect with nature. And then all the sun you're seeing bears pop up everywhere. You know what? Like I said, whether it's in a commercial or a Facebook ad, or or, you know, a picture somewhere, that on a magazine or any case, that is how spirit will communicate with you, that you might need to go back and connect with nature. Or that you might have some physical healing or emotional healing that you need to Ah, you know, get Teoh so another beautiful this one. Obviously, we know how spiritually butterflies are. But butterflies have always been a symbol of transformation, and the butterfly will appear through times of change and development. So if you are going through a massive transition in your life, if you have recently broken up with your boyfriend or a relationship or you're moving or you're getting a new job, butterflies are a beautiful symbol, letting you know that things are going. They you know they might be tough, because transition is always hard. But when you see butterflies around that spirit, letting you know that you are on the right track and they're gonna be there to help this transition be a little smoother and come with grace. Another spirit animal is the cat. Now, cats are just one of the coolest animals, if you ask me. I mean, they were known to be gods in ancient Egypt. So the cat always symbolizes curiosity and adventure and independence. And the cat can also represent patients and wholeness. So if all of a sudden you're seeing a bunch of stray cats around, that might be spirit trying to tell you that you need Teoh, embrace your curiosity and go on an adventure and have some independence and and do things by yourself It can also mean that you know, you have to be patient with your manifesting and you need Teoh. You know, be okay with waiting. You know cat, sir, I love cots. Now another form of spirit is the dove and the dove has always represented piece. And as a spiritual message, it symbolizes blessings and new beginnings. And I want to tell a really beautiful story about a dove. So I bought this house back in 2014. And while we were cleaning it up and everything, it took us about six months to even move into it. And on moving day, I kid you not. I pull up with a bunch of stuff in my car to find a white dove in my front yard, and that was just such a beautiful symbol from spirit telling me that this is going to be a beautiful, blessed new beginning. So when you see a white dove, this is a really great great sign from spirit, letting you know that there are blessings in your new beginnings and that you know, to stay positive and to know that spirits on your side. So if you are really into connecting with animals and this is something that you feel drawn to, Dio, I want to give you guys a couple of recommendations for aural Oracle decks for you to help connect to spirit animals or your spirit guides. These are two really, really great Oracle decks. Oracle decks are very easy to use. They are the common very handy, and they just bring a lot of great guidance and and clarity if you if you use them every day or you don't have to use them every day. But these are two of my favorites. The 1st 1 is the spirit Animal Animal Oracle by Colette Baron Read Andi. You could see how pretty it is. Oh, I love it. And then there's also a deck that this is probably my favorite, Um, my favorite spirit guide deck, which is messages from your animal spirit guides. You can purchase these at any you can purchase these on Amazon. They should be available at a new age door. But if this is something that you feel drawn to, Dio, definitely check out these decks. 5. Dreams: another way spirit will communicate with us is through our dreams. Now, this is probably the easiest way that spirit can communicate with us. Because really, when we're in a dream state, when their when we're in that Al Firth ate a state of mind, we're not dealing with our monkey mind. We're not dealing with our to do list. We're not dealing with our ego. We are in a complete state of relaxation, which is easy for spirit to come and connect with us. So in this little section, we are going to talk about some symbols with dreams and what they usually mean Now I'm not gonna go through everything. And what you know your dreams. You know, if you see things in your dreams means because there are so many things that we go through within our dreams. But I'm gonna talk about some of the most common things. Ah, that happened in our dreams and some of the symbols behind it. So when we see animals in our dreams, if we're being chased by a predator, this is suggesting that we're holding back or repressing emotions like fear instead of confronting issues. Now, you also want to pay attention to the animals you see in your dreams because they can really speak to you about people and situations in your life. And you also want to remember what animal it actually is because, as we spoke about in the last section, just the meaning of animals can mean a lot as well. Another thing that we see very quite commonly in our dreams. Our babies now dreaming about babies is usually less about your own offspring and more rooted in your own inner child. But of course they can represent, you know, um, your own offspring, Um, but most of the time it is your own inner child, and they represent a need for love and nurture and support. And babies can also represent the birth of new ideas or new chapter actors or new beginnings in life. Another theme that we see a lot in dreams is being chased. I don't know about you, but I feel like 80% of my dreams I am being chased by something or someone and dreams where you are being chased by someone or something are rooted in our fight or flight instincts, which sometimes bleed over into our dreams. So it can mean you are feeling under threat by someone or something, or you are suppressing emotions or healing. Um, which in this case for me is very true because I'm an Aquarius and I'm very much in my head . And, you know, this is something that I'm always trying to heal. But you know a lot. A lot of the times when you are being chased into dreams it's really a very subconscious thing because we are programmed for fight or flight instincts. And this will very, very ah, lot of the times bleed over into our dreams. So, you know, a lot of the times you might just be feeling extreme stress. And when you are being chased in your dreams, that's your subconscious telling you, you know, to chill out. Or that's that's basically what my subconscious tells may. So another theme that we see in dreams quite often is death, and a lot of people freak out when you know death is apparent in our dreams. But really death just like the tarot card. It doesn't necessarily mean death. I I have, you know, the death card entire, This is kind of off the subject. But you know, the death card in tarot represents change. And when we, you know, deal with death in our dreams, it can represent birth in your waking life. It represents chains, change and transition and an end and a beginning. And if you have recently, ah, lost someone that you love dreaming of death, maybe you're on your subconscious mind its attempt to come to terms with the grief that you are feeling. So you know, dreaming about death is not a four warning of anything. It's usually more of allowing you to be okay with transition and change and coming to terms with things. Another theme that's very, very common in Dreams is falling. Now. When we fall in our dreams, it's it's very common, and it connects to anxieties and fears about letting go. So if you are having ah lot of dreams about falling or something like that, you might be subconsciously blocking things. Maybe, you know, ending a relationship or, you know, ending Ah, contract of some sort or something along those lines, I'm telling you, spirit and our subconscious are powerful things, and it's just up to us to understand what exactly they're trying to tell us another pretty popular theme within our dreams. Our teeth and having a dream about losing teeth or anything to do with teeth symbolizes just basic general anxiety of losing control of our every day life. And it can also represent hidden fears of getting old and being unattractive to the people that we love. So you know, these are all very basic common things, and it's really spirits way of letting us know that we're safe and protected. Another theme in dreams and this one's very popular in my dreams is dreaming of water and water can symbolize the overall state of your subconscious mind. So if you're if the water in your dreams is calm, then it reflects inner peace. But if it's choppy and strong and there's a lot of wind, this, consider suggest unease in upheaval within your within your everyday life in reality. So these are just some symbols, some very common symbols that you will receive throughout your dreams. Um, I highly suggested this is something if you have very vivid dreams and it's easy for you to remember your dreams. I highly suggest, you know, diving Mawr into this because or this type of symbolism, because a lot of people don't were remember their dreams. But if you remember your dreams vividly, um, definitely keep a dream journal and write everything down, so it will help you understand the messes messages that you're getting from spirit. Also, you know, there are a ton of resource is out there. There are encyclopedias about dreams and themes, so definitely take a look at that If this is something that you are interested in pursuing . 6. Colorsindreams: in this section, we are going to talk about different colors that we may see or experiencing within our dreams or our meditations and the symbols behind them and what they mean. So if you are experiencing black within your dreams or meditations, this symbolizes the unknown and danger and mystery and darkness and morning and rejection and hate. And when we experience it, when we experience black or blackness, this invites you to dive deeper into your unconscious in order to gain a better understanding of yourself. So when you are first meditating or waking up to your spiritual path when you're meditating , you might experience black just complete black. You may feel the color. You may experience the color. This is normal. This is your unconscious, letting you know. OK, now it's time for you to gain a better understanding of who you are as a soul. So don't freak out, you know. Allow yourself Teoh. Be the student and toe. Understand yourself at a much deeper level. If you are experiencing the color of blue Blue represents truth and wisdom and heaven and devotion and loyalty and openness and being open to spirit. And when there's a presence of this color in your dream or your meditations. This may symbolize connections to your spirit guides or, you know, optimism about the future. So blue is a really positive color to be experiencing. If you are experiencing Brown, Brown is of Brown represents the earth and your connection to Mother Earth, and it has a sense of worldliness and practicality and, you know, being domesticated. It is physical comfort or concert on and conservatism. And this is a very matter of fact kind of connection. So Brown represents Earth and might be a sign that you need to connect with nature. Or it might be a hint that, you know, maybe it's time for you to go for a hike by yourself or to go hug a tree or to go Earth and put your bare feet to the ground. This is this is a really good I. You know, when I when I connect when when I see brown, I know that it's my time. Teoh get outside and to connect with nature, being anim path and being a sensitive, it is super important to have a connection to Earth and to stay grounded. So when you see Brown just kind of know that. That's kind of like for me that's always been like up. I I gotta go ground. I got to go for a hike. I got to go, you know, lay on the grass, hug a tree so it's It's just kind of like a times up. Okay, you need to get out of your head and just relax and be at peace and be with nature. So when we experience fuchsia in our dreams or meditations, this represents your connection to spirit or your soul or your higher self. And if you're dreaming of this color, you are most likely letting go of the old stale thoughts and teachings from your upbringing and welcoming new concepts and ideas and embracing being a student of life. So this is a very positive color to be experiencing another color. Um, is gray Now? If you're experiencing gray in your dreams or in your meditations, this might indicate fear or fright or, you know, dealing with depression. You might be having some health problems. You might be confused or lost or just, you know, feeling alone, and you may be emotionally distant and detached at the moment. But please know if this is something that you're experiencing. Everything is temporary in life. Every storm runs out of rain. This is just spirit helping you know that you are not alone and you're going to get through this. Another color is green. And when you are experiencing feeling or or touching green or ah lot of green within your meditations or your dreams, this signifies a very positive change and good health and growth and fertility and healing and hope and vitality and serenity and the appearance of green in a dream, maybe spirit telling you to just go head and bite the bullet and do something, you know. Oh, you know, open up a business. You know, Ask the guy out, do something, just you got the green light. Go head now Green can also be symbolic of a struggle or to gain recognition and establish independence and being okay with being yourself and to know yourself and to trust yourself when we experience red in our dreams or in our meditations, red can indicate a very raw, aggressive power. Um, intense energy, very impulsive and just very like girl. The color red has a very very deep emotional meaning and spiritual connotation, you know, and they and it comes with both positive and negatives. So when you're experiencing red in your dreams or your meditations, this can indicate a lack of drive or energy, or can also indicate a sense of just raw aggression and power and gaining courage and momentum for, you know, doing something that you've been afraid of doing When we experience Yellow Yellow, just like Red, has both negative and positive attributes. And if the dream is pleasant and you're enjoying the dream and it's in a beautiful place, the color yellow symbolizes intellect and energy at happiness and joy and harmony and wisdom. And, you know, if the dream is kind of negative, yellow can indicate disgrace or betrayal. Or you might be experiencing things in your personal life that, you know are giving you kind of a warning. So it really is. It all depends on what's going on in your physical reality, but knowing what color symbolizes will really help you understand just how connected you are. I can't I can't tell you, um, how much more I get out of my meditations and my dreams, understanding what the colors that I am experiencing within my dreams mean So like I said, Dream Journal the way. Go to the dollar store, just get a dollar journal and write down your dreams because you're going to learn so much from them. 7. Messengers: I want to talk briefly about how spirit will use messengers to relay a message to you. Now, how many times in your life have you had a talk with a friend or with a loved one? And they told you exactly what you need to hear it that moment. Like how many times think about it. Ah, lot. Right. So spirit will use messengers, whether it is a friend, a coworker, a family member to give you some spiritual guidance or just some wisdom to help you with whatever it is you're going through Now, I want to tell you guys a personal story of how this kind of I experienced this firsthand. Now, a couple of years ago, when I first started my business, I came across a office that was for rent. And it was I believe it was like the rent was $350 it was right next to a rake E Ah, massage therapist, which I knew it was gonna be quiet. So it was great. And it was just a great location in a very busy area. And this was literally when I just started doing readings and and doing Reiki healing sessions. And it was like I said, I think the rent was $350 I was so gung ho about it. I was so excited about it. I knew I was gonna get more foot traffic and more exposure for my business. And, um, I was just about to sign the lease, and I pull a terrible card for myself every single day. And for about seven days, I kept on pulling the King of Swords. Now, if you are not aware of, you know, tarot, that's totally fine. I'm just going to basically tell you what the king of Swords means now. Swords air all about intellect and lot and being logical and being analytical. And, you know, obviously the King of Swords is a very strong representation of just kind of being logical and be assertive And don't make any rash moves. And I can't tell you every single day I pulled this card and I was like, What is going? I'd like stops stop. And I wasn't listening to the Turo. I wasn't I was like, No, I am getting this office space. Whether material likes it or not, it's too good of a location. It's too easy. It's too hard to pass up. And, you know, I was just about to go and sign and put my first person last deposit down. And I went to lunch with my aunt and I was telling her all about you know, the new ah location and how it's such a great look occassion, and I'm really super excited about it. And her being an entrepreneur entrepreneur herself, she said, Well, ah, how many you know, whats your like weekly income? Like like, how many sessions do you have? You know, Are you going to be able to afford this? Like, I know that it's I know that it's very reasonably priced in a great location. But you know, why are you going to do that when you can do all this at your house for free? Especially when you're starting out? Andi, it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. You know, she just basically told me, like, just be logical. You know, something will pop up when you have. You know, once you have established your business and and you have a clientele and you have you no residual income coming in. You know, just wait. Hold off. You know, everything will come in due time. This is not the time. And, you know, I personally believe that that was spirit, you know, coming through my aunt, trying to tell me to not be so impulsive because I was even with the Turo, telling me every single day to chill out and just to, you know, be logical. I needed to hear it from somebody else. And I, like I said, that was truly spirit coming through my aunt telling me to relax and to just let things fall into their own place. And things will happen in the right moment. So that's my own personal experience. But, you know, spirit will use people in your life to relay a message. And that's super important to know. Because sometimes, you know, just talking with a friend over something, you know, something that's going on in your life, know that that might be spirit, letting you know that everything's gonna be OK. So keep in mind that just yeah, you definitely want to keep in mind. All right, so in the next section, we are going to talk about synchronicity, ease and how important they are in understanding the language of spirit. 8. Synchronicitiesangelnumbers: Okay, so now let's talk about synchronicity. Ease. Now, Synchronicity ease is basically the universe telling you that you're on the right path. And, um, example of a synchronicity is seeing repeating numbers. Now these I like to call them angel numbers. Um, because each number has a meaning behind it now. Ah, lot of the times people will see repeating numbers. Whether it's on, um, you know what time it is or on a receipt, or you could see it on a, you know, license plate. This is the universe telling you that you are on the right track. So let's go through all the numbers and what exactly they mean now, these air just very basic understandings of what the numbers mean. Um, they can mean something different to everybody, but these usually are pretty universal. So let's talk about this now. When you are seeing a lot of zeros, this is you receiving divine guidance. Guidance. Excuse me. This is one note Oneness, things air coming full circle, and your energy has an impact on what you are creating. So this is definitely, you know, when you see a lot of zeros, this might be the universe letting you know. Okay, check your vibration because your vibration is manifesting your current reality. This is everything coming into flourish in and coming into closure. When you see once, this is your manifesting power at its peak. This is telling you to keep going. Keep your thoughts positive, keep doing what you're doing. This is a the ultimate manifestation number. So if you are trying to manifest something and you're seeing a lot of one's, maybe you're seeing a lot of 11 Elevens, one Elevens. Um, you know, you're you're seeing a lot of one's on license plates or receipts or anywhere. This is the universe letting you know you are manifesting your own reality, so just stay positive and keep going. So twos are right place, right time kind of things. You are being supported in both the physical and the non physical realms. This might be something along the lines of maybe meeting your next potential boyfriend or being at a place where you're supposed to be at this certain time because this was meant to happen. Threes are all about divine guidance, and when you are experiencing a lot of threes in your life, just know that you are receiving divine guidance in all areas of your life. You want to keep your eyes open and be aware you want to stay in balance and and flow with the universe because you want Teoh. Keep your eyes open because you are getting divine guidance all around you and you want to be open to that now when you see fours. And this is probably one of my favorite numbers when you are seeing force like if you check your time and you see 444 on your clock. This is letting you know that your spirit guides are with you. And this is basically a pat on the back from your dream team, letting you know that they are proud of you and they're there to support you and to guide you and you are being sent courage and energy and love. So fives, just like in tarot. I keep on talking about tarot because it has so much to do with numerology and everything. But anyway, five are a number of its time to release. It is a time to let go. It's time to make room for change, and big changes are coming so, you know, stay positive. You know, stay open and know that if you are in a place of unease or unhappiness, know that things were changing. You may not be experiencing it in your physical reality, but in the spiritual reality, things are starting to occur. Okay, Sixes are all about disconnecting and reconnecting. And you want to get back in touch with your higher self when you see sixes and you're experiencing a lot of six is this is a universe telling you Hey, listen, get out of your monkey mind and go meditate for a couple of minutes because you need to come back in contact with who you are and your higher self because you need to release this fear and to get out of your ego and come back to a state of love when you experience Sevens . Sevens are perfect alignment and you are just sitting there ready to receive opportunities and offerings are going toe appear out of nowhere. For you. So seven really is like the number you want to reach, because when you are at when you are checking and and getting a lot of sevens in your life , this is letting you know that great that your alignment in your vibration is exactly where it needs to be for offerings and opportunities that you cannot even imagine. So 88 is a very earth based abundance, and this is, ah, path toward material wealth and financial prosperity. So if you are having some money problems and you are, you know, asking the universe or your guides for help, and maybe manifesting some extra income or extra money to help pay with bills and you start seeing AIDS know that that is spirit, letting you know that they are working behind the scenes to help you get that financial prosperity that you are asking for and last but not least nine and nine is a number of closure and a number of of learning everything that you need to know. And when you are experiencing nines, you have learned everything you that that you can learn from a certain situation, and it's time to move on and walk away. And it's time to start a new beginning, and it's time to begin the work of your soul, and I want to talk. I want to give you guys a little example of this. So I had a client about a year ago and she waas contemplating breaking up with her long term boyfriend because they were just not on the same path. And I told her about synchronicity, ease and how to look around and just be open Teoh things that you know how spirit is trying to communicate with her. And she texted me one day and see it was crazy. So she texted me one day she went grocery shopping and her her receipt was her total was $99.99 and then driving home that same day, she was in back of a car that the last four digits were 99 99 Andi, I let her know what nines mean. And she was just like, Wow, that is kind of crazy. And she said that there were a lot of other nines that came into her life, but those were the only ones that she sent me pictures off. But you know, know that just being open and being aware of numbers and patterns and synchronicity ease is going to give you the guidance and the support that you look for, so just be open to it. 9. Strengthenmessages: Now that we have gone through both the history of symbols as well as different ways that spirit will communicate with us. Let's talk about how we constraint than your spirit messages. So I think probably the most easiest. An important thing to remember when you want to establish a deeper connection with spirit is to keep a journal and just have it specifically for your dreams or for the synchronicity is that you are a tortilla rinsing in your life and you will creates such a deeper understanding of what spirit is trying to teach you. You know, so many times I can tell you how many times things have come into my life, whether it be a message or a synchronicity, and you forget about them because life happens and life is busy and then it takes me months toe. Remember what happened or the synchronicity that occurred. So when I started keeping my own journal, it really helps me understand exactly what Spirit was trying to tell me. The next thing that you conduce oh, is to strengthen your psychic centers. Now we have to remember that everybody on this planet has psychic abilities. It is just learning to strengthen that muscle just like going to the gym. You need to do a couple of exercises to strengthen those muscles and to allow yourself to open yourself up to receive the guidance. And I am going to attach a pdf of 20 exercises that you can do to strengthen your psychic centers. There are different ways that you can receive messages and those air through your Claire's on some of the Claire's that I will give you exercises more are your clairvoyance, which is your clear seeing Claire cognizance were just clear knowing, um, what else can we do? We can do? Clears clear empathy. There's a ton of ways that you constraint in these centres and start getting clearer messages from spirit. Another thing that you can do, which is really super simple, is just setting the intentions every single day. If you have a spiritual practice, um, that you do every day, whether it be meditation or journaling or are, you know, praying. Whatever the case may be, taking a couple of moments to just set your intentions for the day and to set intentions for yourself to receive guidance that in and of itself will help you connect to spirit and to the symbols that they are bringing to you. I cannot stress meditation enough because this was really the gateway for me. Now meditation is if I can tell you anything. Meditation is the most important thing, especially with connecting to your soul to spirit Teoh your higher self to easing anxiety, depression and to just improving your focus and improving clarity on your life. 15 minutes a day will dio magic. I I can guarantee it, but it is all about consistency so you can meditate here and there, and you condemn finitely. Get some benefits to that. But it is a daily meditation practice that is going to take your connection to spirit in your connection to your own soul, to a different level. And, like I said, 15 minutes a day is totally fine. The American Meditation Society says that the best is doing two times a day, 20 minutes each time. Personally, it doesn't matter as long as you are doing it. This is going to help you reduce anxiety and depression and PTSD on. On a spiritual level, it's going to just enhance your Claire's and your intuition just by silencing your mind. So definitely keep this in mind. Um, if this is something that you are interested in, the last thing I want Teoh talk about is to connect with your guides. Now, if you are aware of it or not, we all have a team of angels and spirit guides in the spirit world that are basically what I like to call our dream team. We have one that has been here since the day we were born. And then there are others that, you know, coming go in different stages of our life. And if we take the time to connect with our guides, they will give you so much clarity and so much love and so much guidance on your spiritual path. And in the next section, I am going to be giving you a daily a guided meditation that will help you connect with your guides on a deeper level. So go ahead and do that. I hope everyone enjoys the meditation. Um, and I will see you in the next section. 10. CONNECTWITHGUIDEMEDITATION: find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Allow yourself to sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths in and with every exhale. Release any tension that you are holding your body. Focus in on your breathing and just your mind wanders gently. Bring yourself back raising as he quiet your mind. Visualize that as the store becomes clear, notice what kind of Doris Because it wouldn't has around. Allow yourself to preach the door. The closer you get to the store, more energy. This energy is here. Unconditional. We will have the sooner change now. As you reach the door. Place your hands. Allow yourself Has the door open. You see, you are in a beautiful and chanted garden. As you walk across the grass. Pass a sweet smelling roses. You see a high wooden gate, have you You can't see what is on the other side, but you open gate because you know you are going to meet someone who will look after you even but the gate closed, I feel a deep connection to the soul behind the game. You know it's time to me as you walk closer to the gate. You smell the beautiful scent of lavender and notice the rolling hills in the distance above the hills. You see a beautiful rainbow. - You keep embarking on the journey to the gate. Sure, you get the more unconditional love. As you finally approach the game, the cake magically opens as if it's been waiting for you. The light is so bright at the other side of the game, through your eyes you see someone standing there. Your vision is blurry at first closer you will, the more noticeable the closer you get to the soul. The more you remember, the stronger the connection you have and passing approach this beautiful being of life. They hold out their hands for you As your hands connect. Execution is now crystal clear. You see the color of their hair, the shape of their eyes. You notice there, smile. You noticed the clothes they are wearing. And as you hold their hand, you have you retracted. I love. And now, as you embrace your connection with your guide, you may now ask them what their name is. May be strange for very ordinary. It may be the name of your imaginary friend after you have received the name, ask your Soren's in the coming weeks that they will send you. Take a mental note of the signs that they will send you and thank your angel by name as you softly let go of their hands and say goodbye. For now, you're gently pulled after the game and back into the garden, where the sweet smell of lavender crosses her. No and beautiful smell of roses As you make your way back to your door. You still have the feeling of unconditional love and support, and you have a clear knowing that you can call upon your guide at any time Has your way back to your door. You allow yourself to shut the door and to bring spirit and your guide release experience, and you know that you can come back to this magical place. Pedometer. As you bring yourself back to the present moment, allow your body to naturally wake up. Start by wiggling your tolls and your fingers. Open your eye and allow yourself for just a moment. Stay in this place of unconditional love and gratitude in the weeks to come. If you experience any synchronicity, ease meaningful coincidence coincidences of your angels name in your day to day life. Then consider this to be your own personal angel.