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Master your Project Management skills with a top professional project manager

Anca Onuta, Agile Coach. Digital Transformation

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36 Lessons (4h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction part 1 v10

    • 2. Introduction Video part 2 v10

    • 3. Scope management 25p part 1 v10

    • 4. Scope management 25p part 2 v10

    • 5. Scope management 25p part 3 v10

    • 6. Scope management 25p part 4 v10

    • 7. Scope management 25p part 5 v10

    • 8. Scope management 25p part 6 v10

    • 9. Quality Management 25p part 1 v10

    • 10. Quality Management 25p part 2 v10

    • 11. Team Management 25p part 1 v10

    • 12. Team Management 25p part 2 v10

    • 13. Team Management 25p part 3 v10

    • 14. Team Management 25p part 4 v10

    • 15. Stakeholders Management 25p part 1 v10

    • 16. Stakeholders Management 25p part 2 v10

    • 17. Stakeholders Management 25p part 3 v10

    • 18. Stakeholders Management 25p part 4 v10

    • 19. Stakeholders Management 25p part 5 v10

    • 20. Stakeholders Management 25p part 6 v10

    • 21. Time Management 25p part 1 v10

    • 22. Time Management 25p part 3 v10

    • 23. Time Management 25p part 2 v10

    • 24. Time Management 25p part 4 v10

    • 25. Time Management 25p part 5 v10

    • 26. Time Management 25p part 6 v10

    • 27. Time Management 25p part 7 v10

    • 28. Time Management 25p part 8 v10

    • 29. Risk Management 25p part 1 v10

    • 30. Risk Management 25p part 2 v10

    • 31. Risk Management 25p part 3 v10

    • 32. Communication Manangement 25p part 1 v10

    • 33. Communication Manangement 25p part 2 v10

    • 34. Communication Manangement 25p part 3 v10

    • 35. Communication Manangement 25p part 4 v10

    • 36. Closing v10


About This Class

Do you see other people getting their projects done while you struggle with scope creep and are late on deadlines?

Do you want to know how to keep your projects organized and have realistic estimates?

At the beginning of my project management career, I read all the project management books, articles, and case studies that I could handle. BUT the reality of day to day projects was that after few weeks in a project, all the estimates were obsolete and things were getting out of control.

What am I doing wrong? - I was continuously asking myself. 

Why are we bad in doing estimates? 

How do I stop the clients from changing their mind and continuously adding to the project scope?

Is it because tracking change requests don't keep me away from scope creep, but pushes me away from project completion?

It took me years to truly learn what it takes to keep projects on track and to successfully deliver them.

The key to my project management success has been "stealing the job" from the other successful project managers. I learned and I asked the other project managers who I admired, HOW they do it? How they literally define the scope, how they lead a meeting, how they manage the team, how they do the estimations so they can complete the project up to the client's satisfaction?

Learning how others do it is what made me a successful project manager. 

So I made this course to start giving back from my knowledge which is the product of many years of work.

This course is a strictly practical course. I use 3 different projects examples: 

  • Opening a coffee shop
  • Launching a coaching business  
  • An IT project

Using real examples, I'll walk you through everything you should to consider in your projects:

  1. How to define the scope and manage your scope to avoid scope creep? I'll take exact examples of scope components, define them and show you how to manage it in real life situations. You'll see how I manage the scope in different situations.
  2. How important it is to define the quality of your project deliverables and how to do it so it doesn't look overwhelming.
  3. Team management from the project perspective.
  4. Who are the stakeholders, who we should consider? Who are the ones you should focus your energy on? 
  5. Time management in practice. This will not be about methods and formulas. I will show you how to move from "we made bad estimations" to an objective analysis of the assumptions we make when making estimations and how to see that information for a better time management in projects.
  6. What should we communicate in projects and how? How to share the information with the team so it makes their work more enjoyable, and how defining the communication expectations can prevent so many issues.
  7. What are the positive risks and how to maximize them and how risk assessment can take your project to the next level?

I'll show you all that with step-by-step examples of how to do it. No theory, no stories, BUT real-life successful and failing projects. This is what makes this course perfect for both professional project managers but also for entrepreneurs and team members.

For whom is this course?

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project managers
  • Team members
  • EVERYBODY who works in projects

What can this course do for you?

You can take your own projects and work with me at the same time to all the aspects of the project.
At the end of the course, you will have a completely defined project scope, an organized project and you will know how to manage it.

You can also take a running project and work with me to update it while taking the course.
In that case, at the end of the course, you will have an organized project and you will know what you need to do to keep it on track.

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1. Introduction part 1 v10: Hi, I'm Uncle. I've been working project for more than a decade. And today, out of your instructors, I'm a PNP certified number 17 to 8905 and I was the holders Kromm Assess certification. I've been working with Project spanning from I T Industry, Food, Oil and Guys Education Marketing. I've been working with big corporations for 500 but also small entrepreneurs. I also be writing several white papers, doing some researches and got some international of words. One of them was the in 2014 when I may declare me one of the best young project managers of the world. And today I decided that it's time for me to share my knowledge to welcome to the class. 2. Introduction Video part 2 v10: welcome to the Project Management Course. In this course, you're going to learn how to do project management like a professional and what to expect from this class. The main thing that you can expect is that you learn how to manage your own projects, and we're going to talk about how to sculpt your project. And this will be our main focus because it's also the main issue that the entrepreneurs face. How can they called the project in such a way to avoid the scope creep? And then the second focus will be on how toe estimate the projects. So we dont have big deviations from the initial budget or timeline and let's get started. That didn't include this cop management. And here I will show you exactly how to sculpt the projects, how to define the project scope in such a way that you avoid as much scope creep as possible. Then I will show you how to set the quality of your project, how to manage the quality of a project so you can avoid again this scope creep, and also to make sure that you accomplish a successful project. Then we will talk about stakeholder management and we will identify together the stakeholders that you have to care about most, the ones that are the most important for a project. And after the stakeholders, we would talk about the team and here I will show you a simple metal and simple a path on how toe duty management and of course you are, Frito, I'd your own knowledge then, after we do, all this is when we're going to talk about time management and you learn in the course why I left almost again this important step in project management. Then we're going toe, learn how to do communication management in projects, and how important is to define it from the beginning of the project and exactly after the timeline is defined. And last but not least, DeVries management. This is something that not everybody does, but I will show you why it's so important to have a closer look on Reese management. And not only that, but what means risk management, what means the risk and as a bonus, you will get the project management tools. I will show you exactly what was amusing. To manage the project. I will have different tools for different situations, so you can see how they can be used if they can help you and how they managed. Then, as a second bonus, I would exemplified old on the project management areas with study cases so you can get a clearly understanding about whether notions means and how you should actually do it. Remember, this is not the class about theory. It's a class on how to make it happen that are not, Of course, it's other that can teach you very well theory. And I'm sure you may know it already. And what I'm going to show you is how to make it happen. How to accomplish the project's success, using all the theory that all the books have teaching you and blessed but not least, the bonus you can get all the materials and the templates that you see me using during this class. And, of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to address it in the question and answer area of this course. Let's get started 3. Scope management 25p part 1 v10: Hi. Welcome to scope management less in this class. I'm going to teach you how to define your projects called in order to accomplish the particles and avoid this way, the first thing that is very important when you start the project is to understand why you do that project, why the project is required. Sometimes it can be that you have a project that is requested by kind or is a personal project. So when a plan comes to you, let's take that situation first and you have a client who comes to you and ask, Okay, I want Let's a mobile application that would help me to take decisions and your first question to the client will be Why, what is going to be the usage of that application? If you understand the why, if you understand the so called elevator beach of the need, then it'll be far easier to take decisions throughout the project. It will be far easier to help with this coping and toe Guider clients to get more in this CO in such a way that you cover all the aspect of the project of the project scope. If you don't understand why the client needs that. What is the need? What is the usage of that of the final result of the project? It will be very, very hard to deliver a product or a service that is up to the client expectations. So once we understand why, it would be far easier to do that. And let's say come the example of the mobile application when the client comes to you requests that project the clients Why will be I want to do a mobile application because we made a research study with in collaboration with I don't know, Cambridge University. And they found an Al Khoury based on which the humans are taking decisions and we managed to reproduce that space. A spark of the of the research may do the Cambridge University, and we want to extend those results into the market. And I think the reason with possibility there and a lot of people will have a specialized help from one application to help them take the best decisions. And then, okay, and then remember that that is something. That's why it's going to guide you throughout the project. Let's take another example. Let's say you want to make coffee shop right, And that will be your own. Your own idea, your own your own project. What will be the main drive? Why do you want Oh, to make this to make this coffee shop when there So many out there in the market and you say, Well, I'm very passionate about the coffee and together with a friend who has a coffee farm, we are making a research and making a new coffee. It a bio coffee. And we want a coffee shop to distribute and to show the entire world that they can be a local coffee that is made here and they can enjoy it. Okay, that took with White. Let's take another example. Let's say that you are, um, a business coach and you want to start your own business. And what the beauty, What? Why do you want to do that? And let's say you you want to be a coach to help the women to Let's think toe like the memes, too. Find a job or toe have on income while growing up the colors, and that'll be your mission. That will be a why, and that is something that is going to guide you throughout the project. In Second Gap, your business 4. Scope management 25p part 2 v10: know that we have the answer of the why Let's go to the step number two of setting up the scope. And this is actually my favorite one, because is the moment when you start to learn. What is this about? What is the project about and what do you really have to do now? So how do I define the wife of my projects? And I wrote here lives down all the description futures of the final, the verbals. There are different ways of doing it. There are different ways of brainstorming it. You can start with the five wise, and you can have a word race structure and let me actually show you how you can start defining what you want to do in the project. But what your client wants from the project sometimes the time may come with a consistent scope of work. When there is when there are a lot of the taste and sometimes they may count weight. The idea. Let's say the situation when the client comes just to the idea. And let's take the example of the coaching business, and I'm using here of software to brainstorm or to do my maps This is a very helpful way to help you brainstorm for it. So you have your Centrepoint like the central topic here and then you start braced for me. I already made a trap to make it easier. And how it works is that for example, you have ah coaching business, right? So what are all the aspect of this business that you should concede there inner projects at their project is about launching these coaching business. And what should you consider in your launching projects? And one thing I know here is defined packages. Then you go a little lower High level packages, lower level packages, midlevel packages. Another aspect would be marketing and any marketing we cannot. Let's say website website. We cannot Oh, you cannot Your branding You cannot Your, uh, three beers and anything as you think. For example let's go and we can go a lever deeper on the website. We will have content content. We can have, um, vetoes. The website can have CEO so it can be found. And then when it comes to branding, for example, you can have the the colors, the other materials, and you can see you can go as deep as you want. This is in the situation when you don't have too many details for the project. When you just get started when you are brainstorming about it. Now let's say you have Okay, So once you define on that and you have feeling pretty confident with a red that brainstorm and have a clear understanding at least at a higher level of what will be the content of project school, then you can transfer toa software that can help you manage. I will show you three examples. One is with asana and I'm using the same coaching business example. In order to show you how you can track your scope una Sana and basically what I did, I took from my brainstorming tool I moved all the sections in tow asana And this is not the training about how to use Alesana how to get started and so on. But this rather supposedly that you can you've been using it before you'll figure it out quite easy. How to set up your account and so on On the way I do it is I have a section for each part which important part of the of the of the scope. And here we have the fine target audience. This is a rose. This is, um section. Then we have marketing website and I'm going one level down marketing website content. And this is I prefer to structure the content in this way because if I'm using sub task, then it is very difficult to follow. Let me show you. This is on example sub test And then, of course, if you get into this one, you can get level lower these seas on example of sub does in sub task. But then when you are during the project execution, you have no idea which ones have bean executed which one have not. So when you get into your project in asana, it will be very hard to know which which from Poland's of the scope have been accomplished , which are not and what we are. So that's why I prefer to keep it at the higher level Toe have everything in one view because if I click this tomorrow is done, then I will know very easy what has been accomplished and what has not been accomplished. Good. This is about the managing part of Scorpion was like a break it Let's come back to how to define the projects. And after you see, I think this is something that most of you know to do define all the elements that you need to do. But there is something which is very important. And I'm very keen that that is defined together with this cope. Is that for example, this stance dropped? The content is not left at this stage. Because if you come back after a month of this content of this task, we wonder. So what does that mean? What is an acceptable way of the content? What do I have to do? Right. So you found a business coach and you are outsourcing this part of the project, or you just get somebody else to do it or even yourself. You may not remember what was this about and what you expected, where we are just going to do something to do it. And you may meet a part of the a very important part of what you initially thought. So what? I really strongly re comment, and I'm emphasizing this part. Is that you right here? A description description description while you can write description. You cannot write word description, but I recommend you write the word description because during the quality management, I would show you why that is useful. We're going to introduce one more section in the same part of the description. So in terms of description, drop the content for us will mean, um have the bullet points. The bullet points of the website sections what will not contain out of scope the paragraphs , paragraphs nos of the content. So when it comes to drive the content, it is expected that we have with bullet points what we want that paragraph to contain. But we don't expect the paragraphs to be written. Yeah, let's take another example. Let's they lo the content what is expected in low the content and we have a description. It is expected, and I will give you another one. More important, keep what is required required. In order to low the content, I will need the content right so required content and not any kind of content, but I only the content proof read to make sure that there are no grammar mistakes, content return and proof lead. So I will right there always pays free then and another important thing. I will require the images. Images have part of the content, right? Images, images could be images cut uh, the the the required size quite size. Because if I will need toe low the images and cutting images, and then that may take me far more than what the than what I would initially thought about . So and actually, yeah, let's talk about that. There's a side note you want to say. I love the content and we miss the fact that the images need to be in the right size. And then we have somebody from the team helping out loading the images into on a website. It can be the any kind of website for a client or any kind of project. And so the person who loads the content needs to also prepare the images. But then, when you made the estimation off time, we didn't estimate the effort that takes to prepare the images. Then we will have a huge deviation in the timeline, and we will wonder why the person is not ready. What takes so long to love the content because it's supposed to be a very quiet is a job, but the relative where the person has to do is to love the content but also prepare the content, prepare the images to be loaded and the depending on how many images we have. Because if you have on e commerce and we offer to the client to love the content but part of thes activity, we also have to cut the the images and that will take, let's say, a week for somebody because there are a lot of images then we're already talking about the difference cope that we didn't initially plant and it wasn't included in the scope for the client and we have toe toe alternatives here. Either raise the change request or have a discussion with the client because he may think that it was included. And now I will even go a step for their and I will ask, Is it required toe? Do the sea or the stage? Will you be part of loading the contact because it is very easy? Toe also said. The tighter is the caption and everything. So then if that is required than that takes has to be prepared. So I were right it here takes needed four CEO or any other text that has to be set. That has to be loaded. And, you know, sometimes we have the situation that no matter how much were specified, we are always missing something. So in this particular case, in orderto avoid, that is any content. Any piece of information that history loaded has to be provided in exactly this. The shape that has to be loaded. So I would write up here. All the content and in brackets are right. Pictures. Thanks. Descriptions. Anything. And you think that has to be loaded? Has to be loaded. Load it will deem provided beforehand. And this is what is required. And you see, we didn't even get toe the description. We didn't even get of what is expected. So I will. Right here. Loved the provided calm, you know, in the section of the website. And as I write this, I already notice that Dory's part which has to be defined. What means what are the sections of the website? How much volume off content are we talking about? And these have open questions. Sometimes we will have the answer to these questions from the beginning. Sometimes we may not have them. What is very important is that we part them there so open questions. What are the sections of the website? We wouldn't, uh, way will need to load contents. How many pictures? Because we are talking about coaching business. It will be a very small website with few pages for images, maybe for videos and some contents were brought low post. But if this will be on e commerce project and an economist website, that may be a long, long time. That may be a very big scope of work that we should not underestimate it. This is very important to take note, never under estimate a project scope. It may sound easy, but my experience all the project that looks so easy the end up being huge, So never underestimate them. How many pictures would they be? Okay, these are out of work for questions. We leave them here. Um, so we know what we have to do. We know what we're supposed to receive in order for this to happen, and we know what is expected. It's very important that when we said that the content we are doing this for everything that we know. We don't need to know everything from the beginning. We may have a section which saves presentation, video, patient video. We don't even know what is that. But it sounds cool. It's like an idea. So the only thing what we do with the beginning at this stage is we just leave it there. We can also write a comment about what we're thinking about. If you think about something or we can just say on the stage at this stage, we don't know what is this above right, which is perfectly fine. Okay, so this is the example for the coaching business. How do the scope? Then let's go into the coffee shop. 5. Scope management 25p part 3 v10: for a coffee shop. You may not be the technical, or you may not need that much where you may have projects which are quite straightforward, but they will have a lot of pieces, and then you can variously use trailer, for example, and turn. It is very easy to use basically what you do. You you can procure your actions, your components off the project in tow, least. And let's say we want toe add one, which is called coffee machine, and then you press enter and then you cannot. We can see you cannot automatically another one, which will be furniture. Perfect answer on. And then let's say you have on the coffee machine. You'll have toe, uh, select local machine coffee machine. She and then you want toe. Eventually, before selecting you, you need to define the requirements, the requirements of the coffee machine, right coffee machine. And then, after he defined the requirement. OK, so what can It's actually the other way around, so you have the bullet to switch them places. Ah, now I define you. Selected your coffee machine, eventually have toe by it, and by the coffee machine here it may not be that easy because it may cost you light. And you are the beginning of your coffee shop business. So you may need toe have payment plans and you may need toe research, the payment crisis. Search the payment that's this way. And then in order to let's take this one and you can see here we have a description field and this description feel we're going to make the same. What is this research? The payment. Plus what if in the middle of the road, you decide to get an associate any share in this project plan, So he will be like he will get to this point and he will read research the payment plants. And he will wonder What is that? So and then Because that you will be in the middle of a movie or something like very tidy schedule. You may wants a wonder what is that payment plan? And you will forget that actually find a good coffee machine that you wanted to buy and you needed some payment plans because you couldn't provide it from the beginning. So in order to avoid is what was that about? We're going to do the same. We're going to have a description and some payments, Some good wishes. Some coffee machines might be my big too expensive. Or it may not be worth it to buy it straightforward. You may be more worse it to buy the payment plans now for e my worth e to buy them with a payment plan. And then what we will need for these on we can say quiet. In order to research the payment plies, we may need to have an idea about what coffee machines we want to buy. So I would hear this requirement short least, uh, coffee machines. And this is it. You don't have to get into too many details, especially if you have a very small project. You don't want to lose too much time on these. So you really have to right to find the right balance between how much is called and the benefits that to get out of it. Yeah. You don't need to spend half a year in finding this cope for one month project. Yeah, but you can write two lines for each deliverable that is going to help you out. So bigger the project. More detail. Description. Smaller. The project a smaller would then perfect safe. I actually research and what is expected. Because this is the description. What? I know I wouldn't get to death late. 6. Scope management 25p part 4 v10: Okay, so we so how to sculpt a project if you have different kind of businesses. And now let's see how we scope of the project I want to use that I was on example to. So let's say let's come back to the mobile application about building a decision making application and I will use gelato exemplify again. This another training about your It's training on how to use different tools in order to help you track your scope on. And I will. Let's say I will create so here before I move further, I already looked in some stories where you can see this cold on one is user looks in application User is helped to take a random decisions. I ran the decision and the user can create an account, and these can return to on account. And let's say we can have another one, which is called the user. Can said that his own decision making packed user can said top, he's oh, decision making pack. Wow, that sounds very fence, you know, and this is going to be our said. It is an epic because it's a very high level, and we can call it decision making path. No, actually, let's call it like that. And then is a summary. The user, um, the user, uh, is a well, too. Oh. Said have questions and options based on, uh by himself in that in the application in that perfect. And now here I would said the priority of this. I think it's a very, very important future. So it's it is high primary, and I believe it at the state, you can also use labors. Um, but, Andi, that will help you afterwards to manage it, to filter it and so on. But I will make it simple at this stage. Okay, What means this creepshow. Okay, good. And then here on the description arrive description the user should be able to set have questions and possible answers for the application in the applications in the application. Good. What is expected for these? Well, it is expected what is required. They were to have an account right? Because everything will be lost. Let's say good. But then on this one, I will go a step further, more decayed, and I will add a task. And the task can be, uh, create user Kent, create answer questions, questions and then description. What does it mean that these can create questions the user can select? Oh, they user, you can type in any question question he wants to. Odd. So we can say, in order to do that, you clean the plus button and then select, then select at question question and then select at questions and then would be so. I would make it even simple. I would make bullet points to be easier to read. Select a question that type in the question questions that number four select like the question sequencing miseries want associating sequins could be associating door she this fun upon to five Senate, Okay, And then visualize the question in the up and you see already when somebody on the developer will get to this, one user can create questions. He will have a lot of the pace about what this means, because otherwise we'll be lying. So what does this mean? Or even at a higher level you are. You may be thinking that that would be an easy Foshan ality, but relative the client doesn't want what is here. While the plant once used to have, he's let's say he wants either to scan it from his phone or toe load a text document with questions. You know where to have on infinite number of questions and the least goes on. So it's very important that we defined as soon as he can. All the details about what is expected again. You don't need to do that. Exactly the beginning of the project. You may do it in a very high level, and then as you proceed in the project, you will figure it out. Only sensors. But by the time it is sculpt and budgeted, you should have very clear what invited for. Yeah. Okay, then always being said, I'm going to create this and I cannot another one, okay? And this is how we scoped the project. I'm stressing that it's very important to get into the details toe to mention all the description for all it has, and if there any requirement in order to accomplish the task to write them down 7. Scope management 25p part 5 v10: The next step in defining the product scope is to define the how. A lot of times we might have a very clear on what we have to go like in this situation, as I showed you before. You know exactly what has to be done, but it can happen that you have very clear what has to be done. But you have no idea how to do that. And this is another reason why we end up with Scott Creep because we think we have it all clear because we know what is expected. But when we start doing it, what our teams are doing it we realized that we don't know how to do it or the way we knew where we thought will be done. It doesn't work out. So that is why it's so important that when we define this cope is to also right the how and let's go back to the examples that we define before. Let's stay the cooperation example. Okay, so we talked about this test research, the payment plans. What is the how how we are going to do that and well, we got this idea. We heard from a friend that there is a bank that offers special payment plans for the small entrepreneurs. So that is an idea that we heard and is very important that we write it here because if not , we may forget it. So let's say ban investment. I will call it overs payment plans. Stands up to up to two. 10-K Not then. Okay, let's make it 100 kick commission everywhere. Expensive after 100 k No, thank you. After 10-K for small entrepreneurs trip nurse. So I'm planning to use that. But of course I will need some more information before to do that. So I will say that on Let's go to the mobile application example. In this situation, I have users can create questions. Let me open this one, Andi. Then I would go into description and I will meditate and right. How'd I do that? Oh, when I'm in the stage, I just realize that I missed what's required. So I will go in and add it required. And in order to achieve these, I will need some wires. So wires are designed and how I will do it will be replicate the wires waas and connect to do, connect the design points to the piers. And then, while I'm writing this, I realized that here I will also need a P eyes ready. Yeah, perfect. So then AP is ready. But from the project management perspective, I realized that actually, this is not only from 10 ties, but it's also bacon tests. So what I'm going to do while I'm doing this, I will create cept us and I would be one would be create the front end and the other one will be created. Bacon create the they can't so and then the front end will need front and will need the backing to be right and now getting back out agenda. This is the finest type on scope. It's called definition. Define the how and about the class itself, which is called scope management, as you could see in the moment when I was creating the tasks hours already giving yourself tips, how to manage and how to say the top in order to have an easier management when it comes to management but is very important on the scope is that keep on updating it that, as you could see in this example with the mobile application. When I got in to check something, yes, I realized that in the description there was something else missing. There were some past that I have toe Adam. That is very important to do them as you progress in the project. You don't need a special moment to review the scope. You don't need a special moment to do that. Any time you have, you get to know more about the project. It's very important that you write it down and something which is even. What is important is to take notes. Let's say, for example, in this situation with the mobile application, we can have we we know from the development that the the, uh wires have been rejected by decline. Right? So then that's a small comment that we're doing. And then we added here. So when you look on the history and we wonder what happened there, then we know All right, this is what what is the status? That's why we're not working on it. 8. Scope management 25p part 6 v10: in business, for example, let me go to Sana and here on loading the content, we can say content loaded. Poor bitch. One expecting the bitch tool. But we don't know when that will come. But then this Coleman will help us to know what we are. It's very, very important. And I emphasize that we track everything in the individual task. Not a name is not on wording that chats. Of course, you can also communicate by chance by Amos and so on. But it is important that you associate all the history to that task in the tool. Because when we come back to this one after a week, we may forget tales, or we may need to spend so much time in the child or in the image searching for the information. But if it is here, we will always find it. It is there. You just have to read the history and we know what is the situation. This is how I recommend you track your scope, and I will give you even another reason why it's so important to track it here at this past . Clever. Let's say the climate change his mind and say No, I don't want I will not give you the content ready. I want you to load it. And that was over a phone conversation. So you will posit information to your colleague. The cooling will do it. And after a month, we will see that that took so long. And we don't know if that is ready. That is not ready, because was never any conversation. And you wonder what is the status of that? But then if I would take that information and I will write it here saying the declined the client will not even nice decided with the client during the, um and October, uh, conference God called that the that we would do the image preparation, preparation Steve of clients do you and say to be it's coped before proceeding. Proceeding any further or you can say include the images include precisely size the images to 400 poor 600 before loading that and then in a project more manned up with 2030 tuhs which are slightly different. And in the end, this may adopt and that is a huge scope creep. So in order to keep track of that, some of them we may decide to just do it for favor to the client or just because we want to do them. But it's very important that no, my 30 should do them or we don't do them to track them to track this cop deviation silk. So it is very important that we keep the history of the task inside the house. And if let's say we are in the example of the mobile up, I don't have the client who asked us Toe may a new design because they didn't like the existing one or they just wanted. And future, which is called, um, book upload, upload of them questions. And this wasn't initially sculpt, but then we agreed. I mean, they requested it. We thought that one Okay, we can do that. And then But then this wasn't initially schooled, and it's important to be aware of that and to keep track of that. And the easiest way to do that is when we low the task is to call it, as does a new future or change of school and how you can do that. The simplest way is to other label change change before we can call it change your quiz? What We can call it CR, whatever works for you. But it is important that this label is used only for such situations. And why is important toe the label? You will see that later. What you can do, you can simple filter on this label. And you know exactly what is your scoop? Deviation? It's loading, but you will be able to see it. And this is it. Well, I only have one. And this is it. If we will have more of them, we can see. At least then we can like them and gets exactly what happened there. Yeah, so right, This is how we keep the truck of the change requests. And this is something that is very important. All the projects have called deviations, and this cop deviation can be because initially we didn't know was this cop about and we end up with the different, completely different scope of the project, which is perfectly fine. It is perfectly fine as long as the client agrees with that. As long as we get paid for that is perfectly fine As long Gers it is approved to be implemented no and raising and labeling a change request. It's not something bad. It can also be the situation that we were in the conversation with the client and say, Well, this is a change request. We are in a very tight budget or in a very tight timeline, Do you really need that? And they can say, Oh no, I don't need it and I can give it up and that's perfectly fine or we can park it later for future these, Well, this is all about scope management. We will have more information in the coming. 9. Quality Management 25p part 1 v10: Hi. Welcome to the quality management class. In this class, you learn how to set the quality of your projects. There is a personal call that I like to use and to follow. And that is quality is one way. Why I'm stressing so much to say the quality of the project of the beginning, that is because it's the moment when we are the most enthusiastic about the project is the moment when we have so many ideas that we want to do that. We want this project to be perfect, and later on, when we start delivering, when you start having problems, this image about the quality may be affected or may get blurry. So let me show you exactly how to do that. Interpret. The first step is to say, the quality of each delivery. Well, we're going to start small. Let me show you exactly how to We will take the same examples that we've been working on now, and that is dumb. Let's start with the coaching business and here we have loading the content. Our example. What is the acceptance criteria of loading the content? What will mean that this task, which is very important. What? What will it mean? That is completely done. So I write your acceptance criteria and for from our understanding, loading the content will mean that all the images images are loaded to the website. But from a climate perspective I may not cure if they're loaded. If they're not visible, there is a slightly difference. Right? So from a client is a client, I will care. I will not care that they're loaded. I will care that they are busy, but in the right place place. Uh uh with the exact size and adapted that did to the screen. Oh, you see the difference? I would feel that they have to be loved it. But the client things that they have to good and dairy. There are some other things here. Life means right place with me is exact size adapted to the screen. You see these already sound like Scott. Create me now, right? What is right? What is wrong? These air words that we can see that are back to the scope it's called which is not yet clearly defined. So that's why is important when it comes to quality to define what is acceptance criteria what is the quality that the client needs but is the quality that client expects from this project? Let's take another example. Let's take Azan example, our coffee shop, what we mean to you to buy a coffee machine. What would be the acceptance criteria of buying the coffee machine? I will write it here. Acceptance Christ, you ram. And it's very important that you thinking not from only from your perspective, but also from the perspective of what if somebody else will do this action for you. What does it mean for you to be satisfied? Because in a project you never have, you can never do it all. Of course, their projects that do it all by yourself. But it's also important to set for herself what means for something to be really done up to this inspection. So let's go back to them by coffee machine Example, except this criteria will mean that I get of coffee machine, which does expressing Go few machine, which does expresso and cappuccino. Cappuccino. I Miss Baker Gino car pool Chino, and it's very important for me that this coffee machine also does, um uh, does the oh, but then we're ready for the ones who consume coffee. We already see some unknown. A certain words, right? Because cappuccino, maybe cappuccino for everybody. But depending on which is my target audience, they may be very picky. And what means cappuccino now And for cappuccino, there is there is a way to define what means cappuccino that the phone has to have a certain part which I don't know what I know. I want a good form. So say Italian cappuccino, cappuccino, and I don't know exactly what are the part of meters, but I'm putting here is a note to research to research the exact paddock commuters of the phone because I want this coffee machine to be able to deliver that high quality of the phone. So And you see, this is why it's so important to think what is an acceptance criteria because coffee machines air so many. But then I'm so picky about the cappuccino and the quality of the form that I'm very interested in that. Okay, then I'm going to save this and you see, I'm keeping you very simple. It will take me 10 seconds to write it down, but I need to be very useful because when I will go to research to cough machines Oh, it's already written there. I have to think about it. And thanks for body smoke. Now listed his example The mobile application in which we are in the situation of user can create questions. And here, I would add, except this great year, great to you. The first, the forest acceptance greatly that will have the place. Battle is vz. Well, the user question is is select a but yeah, this is what When I will ask my client, this is what they come and say. But then what would that mean? No, But then if I'm asking the developer, the developer will say, Yeah, you can have your question. They use that. Can't question the question. Thank you, Ive I'm asking somebody else there will be like what? I don't care. I just wanted to see the question there. So But then you see And then you see there already different ways of seeing the same acceptance criteria from different perspectives. That's what is important to define it on. If the client say's I want the plan's about to be visible, be busy, would that is visible visible. That is an uncertain word. What does that mean? What is your understanding? Is a client of this visible so easy? But I wanted to have a color to be black. For example, the black Once I had a project in which we had gray on gray text on like that grey on a lighter grey. And it was looking very, very nice from the design perspective. But because the client his the audience of the client, was between fifties plus, they had difficulties of distinguishing those colors and read the text on the phone. So you see what it can mean his visible and that's can. We can have a lot of troubles because of that, and we can, and it's very easy to avoid. It just clarified what these colors, what these on certain words mean? So be be, be visible. It would be just making black now. So then, instead of feasible, the glass bottle has to be back with white site. No, I can't ever recall it, Michael, that use a question is selectable and this is selectable. What does it mean is selected? What? Because you might have clients? It should be Well, I can put my finger and Joey no or some other clients will be no, actually have toe click a button. Now you can move it around. So that's why it's again very important to define only sense of the words. 10. Quality Management 25p part 2 v10: Now that we know how to define acceptance, criterias and we have been defined from the project. Let's talk about the quality assurance, pro process. How do we make sure that these quality standards that we justified are respected? How do you make sure that we are indeed going to get a coffee machine that is making a real cappuccino, the cappuccino that we're expecting and let's go into exactly the pace and let's take the business coaching And on this project when we are setting up, we're launching a coaching business, and we have loved content off the website. We are in the situation that we know that all the images have to be visible, have below it in the right place. How do we make sure that that that is what we get from a project management perspective? I want to make sure that this is what is going to be delivered. One of the actions that I can set is that the person who knows the content afterwards checks the content that is indeed displayed what it's supposed to be. So then I will have a process quality assurance process. I was right here. Create a checklist not really viewed the quality checklist. Check, please. But what we know this year, this is already another action that actually similar actions one is create Create the checklist. The other one is, uh if you review the content and check the chicken on the report and we see already that this obviously actions that we have toe Adam toe our plan, they have taken time, time that we initially may not have been estimated. And depending on how many how much content we have, that may take between one hour toe one month, but even more, depending on how much contact we have. So what I'm going to do, I will go to my list of tasks and here on load content, I will add Load the convent that create the Cuba Chiklis. That's that's, uh, create, um, check, review the loaded content. Yeah, and I will need it's either the same person or somebody else. But these are actions that haven't been added initially to the school. And this is part of the scope management to continuously reshape this cop. These are actions that we saw. They came up in the project a bit later is when we learn more about the project. So during the scope, management and quality assurance and everything, all the areas in the project management are continuously have to be done continuously during the project. They're not just one time the beginning of the product. This is what all this theory is also teaching you. But I'm showing you how exactly that is. That has to be done during the project. How you have to build a habit of doing it. Yep. So, as you can see, I already added toe checklists. Perfect. Oh, sorry. I already added to us. Now let's go to the other example the coffee shop, the coffee show we were talking about by the coffee machine. How do we make sure that we get the machine? That is indeed a machine that can do the cappuccino that we expect? And here we may have different options. No one can be. Let me right here to process gin specifications. What I may say, You know what? I don't care about the specifications. Whatever they do, I'm not a technical person. I just want open my coffee show because this is what I like doing to make coffee and make people happy serving the coffee. So what I will do? I will research who has that coffee machine and go and try it out by set. So who has Who has the coffee machine figure out? Oh, who has the coffee machine and go getting contact? Gave him con with that person or the entity, The coffee shop, whatever it is and ask them to try the coffee machine or even the producer? No. Sometimes they may have some symbols. And very important. I want to try to my coffee because I'm very, very peaking. Coffee machine week. My own coffee. Yeah, and this is my quality assurance process. You see, it's nothing to do with hiring a quality assurance. Person has nothing to do with anything. That's it's my quality cious processes how I personally make sure that I get a service, a product which is up to my expectations. And I'm also the project manager of this project, and this is how I make sure that I really get the Whatever I'm doing is me think acceptance criteria. It's meeting the target. So but then, coming back to the school management, we already identified new actions that we need to add them toe our plan. We need to add them to our scope and we'll see later. We'll need toe add to the timeline. So I would take to dismiss fish are really sad because I'm not going to do that. I just say I'm epic it. So to go from machine. So what I will do I will you get other do it our checklist here. But I don't really recommend it. I would rather recommend adding I would rather recommend a being a separate item. Andi, make a least of coffee machine. Owners of the Celek coffee machine owners are the ones who owned the commission where you can make it as clear as it is for you. Quantock the coffee machine owners, try coffee machine. Then again for all these. Oh, for all of these, you have to other description. What means? Tried a coffee machine is really taking the coffee. Go there and so on And contact the confirmation owners. Sometimes you have to try it several times so that it's very important that you are the description because you may need to figure out, uh, the contact number and when you see it just a title here it may sound. Oh, yeah, we just contact them one day, but it can be that will take you the full week. And that is an effort that he didn't estimate that can happen. So it's very important description what we need for that to happen. So you can make sure that's ready by the time you get action. And what means What is acceptance Great here for some items, like sometimes maybe so straightforward, that you may not need to add all those. That's perfectly fine. But at least think about those because if you will go to try coffee machine, but you forgot that you need a coffee. And actually you forgot that the Brewery Brewery is broken since a week and actually many to find a solution for that. You may not be able to try to confirmation, so it's important to ask those questions. Yeah, and if you write it down, that helps the process. Okay, now let's take another example. Let's come back to our application on this application is what is the process of creating of making sure our software, this application meets the quality standards when it comes to software. Um, you can use either on specialist person that will guide you through the system. And they used the process where and they would say, Well, thesis how you can do it, we can test it. We have to define how many boxes acceptable for you. How many bucks are not acceptable for you and so on and so forth. And but then, if you have a smaller project and you want to keep it simple, you can do, um, me as a project manager for the project manager of the project, you can check by yourself the deliverables because you are an external party. You didn't develop eight, and you can have a fresh look to the application. And also you are very close to climb, and you have a good understanding of what they need. So when it comes to quality assurance, you can say, um, thanks. The up was a final use Syria, and that could be a step. Another step can be test the up against skins, the requirements, and then you see it. This is very easy to do because you have the requirement. If you don't have anything great and you are you will test against your imagination. And sometimes it works. Sometimes he made non. Sometimes you may not see the things, so that is very, very important to define it another way is to taste the up against, uh, against the in other ways to taste up against the design. Yeah. Can you get all the user device and you name it? It's going. Okay, Now we see, we saw how toe establish the quality issuance process. So you know what it means A deliverable to be accepted. What mean? What is the quality standard that you define Any know how you're making sure that that happens? But now there is a point which I want to talk about. How you deal with the moment when you don't have too much time like or to my budget left, and you see that you are not closely quality you expected. And this is actually what is called the scope creep. This is a very sensitive topic, and it's it depends always on the situation, of course, on the project, on the length of the project, how the project is a top on. But what I recommend doing is to be open and to show it. This is what we are. And this is what we expect the application to do it. And this is how we felt in doing it. And when you look at the entire history, let's take, for example, content loading the content. When you look at exactly the history, we have a description. We saw what was required. We had some open questions, and then we had a selected way of how to do it. And we ended up almost at the end of the project and we saw that we are half away, the loading, the content or we are, huh, The quality we see that they're not looking as they supposed to, that images are card, so that's not okay. And because we loved everything we can look and see very objective. What was the history? And we saw that we I don't know when the bench to is coming. We ended up loading the images. So instead of the client and then we're in a very tricky situation. But because we have everything there, we can look objectively, and we can remember exactly what happened without any kind of blame is just here. This is what happened? Those that fact. So we can take this information and share it or analyze it? What we do do we low blue loved less content, but at the same quality Do we load all the content and then we get an external party or we get somebody else in the team toe, make sure the rest of the Skopje's delivered. What do we do? Depending on the situation of each project, you will take the right decisions. My scope on this training is to make sure that you are longing all this information because when the time comes and you need this information, you have it available and you'll have all the information that will help you to take the right decision for always being saved leads to the next chapter. 11. Team Management 25p part 1 v10: Hi. Welcome to the team management last. In this class, we're going to learn how to be reliable team and how to keep it accountable throughout the project way. All have different ways of managing the team, and that is the reason why I will not cease. That might how to do the interaction with people because some fix may work for some people . Some things may not work, and it's also very important that you bring your own personality inside the team that you identified what it works for you. And if you have those particular things that makes you be more efficient and that I think so, they work. When it comes to collaboration, use them, use them to build a team, use them to build partnerships because the team with whom we are working today on a project , maybe the team that you will work on in some years maybe more on another project and sees that it's important to bring your own personality not only to learn the books. So let's see how you can use your own personality and your own way of managing the team and managing the relationships with the others into this class. I will work it through the faces of the team and what we should do in each stage of the project. So the 1st 1 is the forming. It's the moment when the team gets together. It can be that you've been working together in and in other projects what it can be that you don't know each other. If you don't know the team or the team doesn't know you, I would suggest that he used the stage that this more car toe get to know the team and to go to know them as humans with a relationship, to know who they are, what, their patient, about where they come from, if they have any passions and any things that they like doing. What if they have a very interesting story or just the story, the life story. And while you do that, I would suggest that you also ask if there are some particular things in the way of working that works for them. I met the team members that they were very happy if all the task one nail down in a tool in the same time, our summit people who said Well, I don't I need to interact with humans. I need to interact with people. So for me it's very important that we have a meeting to chicken is very important that I have some colleagues to rely on to talkto have a coffee. So these things is good to know them when you start the project. It's exactly on these forming part because that will help you to set up a team to sit on the project in such a way that you accommodate everybody's way of working. And in the same time, it also helped you. To understand several rash actions off behaviors on a later stage is especially when it comes to difficult times and all the projects. Absolutely. All the projects have this big time. When the things are very tense past. We'll talk about that in a moment. Face one the forming. It's crucial that you set that this product structure. It is important that you write down all the scope, everything that you know about it. You have to have the description acceptance criterias, then, is when you do it. You don't have to do them all if you don't know them. But what you know at that stage in terms of the sculpt. Write it down. What do you know about acceptance criteria? Write everything down. We say everything. Make the team know. Where are the things? Build a habit off them to use them from the beginning. They may not have to interact with them every single day, but later on the project, they will need them. If they get a habit at the beginning, when the team is still for me, then they will inclined to use them even later on. 12. Team Management 25p part 2 v10: Then once you build the structure of the project, Woz, you start establishing some habits and, of course, a positive attitude. Then we have stage two of the team will face toe, which is stormy. Sterling is the face. When we realized most of the time that the scope of the project is not that easy, we may realize that our timeline may be very tight or we may have known before. But now is the time when we actually get very scared that women are able to make it or say , Oh my God, that is so much work. I don't know how we're going to make it and the team starts working overtime or they work a lot and you can see that there are patients in the team and there are people who may not like the others. And then it's all when everything that is bad comes up, and this course is not about how to deal with human relationships in particular, but what you can do in the more objective level in order to meet a gay. This things they had a whole going to of books and courses and how to deal with different kind of personalities, So I will let you take those courses that those books and so on from the project management perspective, What is important at this stage of storming is that you keep the habits of the team. It's very important that the peelers that you defined the former stage they keep their. If you have a recurring meeting, you make sure that still there and everybody at pants. If you have a scope that is not clearly defined, you must be there to make sure that it gets define. And you have to make sure that the pressure of on a scope scope, which is not defined, is transferred to the team, but rather to your client, where whoever needs to define it, that is, your Lord, to make sure that the team has everything they need to work. There is another station. You have the Barbary, and this is also the moment when I think it's important to empower the team. We set up a lot of tools in the beginning, right. We show you how to love this cope, using the tool during the execution. It can be the situation, and it's always the situation that the team discovers new task to be done, and in that moment they have to be able to get into the tool and added for themselves to communicate by themselves. So let's take an example of that launching the coaching business when your theme, while loading a competent, they realized that they have they received, let's say, the bench to of content. That, too, is received and loaded. But then and they run quality check and they realize they're still. Images missing are loaded, but during the quality check we so that they are 20. There are many images missing, and this is something that the team discovers hit right So they have a tool. They have a son in their Frito only school there and loathe status. So what they do in this situation, they will owe the status and they would trigger. That image is missing. That is looked first of all. And it's important that any team member can locate, especially in the storming situation storming state. And then they feel confident with you to trigger that so you can take that information and pass it to the client and claim ask it or even better, your team can have direct access access to the ones who can provide images so they can go in here and they can say, um Alice, let's say you have Alison in the tool. Please provide the amusing images right? And then that is taking a lot of tension out of it. We already know that there is a lot of to be done. There are others into there. There are a lot of still uncertain seas, but the reason Terry communication there is a base. This is not falling apart. This doesn't come over to you as a project manager. It's important to empower them because if it goes to you and you have some other situations plus some other things that you have to do, then you will become a button like and that project will get stuck. And guess what? The storming of the thing would be even bigger. So that is, why do you have to do from the project management perspective better at everything. Logan. Make sure that the team looks in everything in every single task and empower them to use the tools, empower them to keep the discipline, empower them to contact the others, feel free to bring the contribution 13. Team Management 25p part 3 v10: the surf ace is the Normie in the warming face. The team already knows whether have to do. Detentions are model assault. People start getting along with each other. They already know themselves that they already know the team members. They get confident they trust them and they know how it works. So it's exactly the moment when the teams are executing on Auto Pilot till the project is completed. What is very important at this stage is to make sure that because you got to confident because you got to relax because the store past you are, you should not accept more scope. It happens that the client comes. Oh, this looks so nice. What if we add that little thing that legal search far in the website? What if we add one more table in our coffee shop? What if we add one more service on our coaching business? You know this is a change of sculpt. It can be accepted. It cannot be accepted, but it has to be treated as a change request. If it becomes part of this cold and we are okay, time for it badgered. Resource is, that's perfectly fine. But if we are not willing to do that, is may affect your timeline. This may trigger delays and sculpt 14. Team Management 25p part 4 v10: than the last stage and when it comes to the team is the performing stage. From the project management perspective, my suggestion is that you use this time toe celebrate with the team who really share the success of the project with the team to love the lessons learnt that will help you later on to improve the protest that we're doing and also to improve them was in professionals. And another thing which is very important is that you build the next step in your relationship with the team. You might work again them. It's good to keep in contact with them. It's good to have a good connection. Maybe you want to share references after you, but celebrated with share the success that don't see in the next class. 15. Stakeholders Management 25p part 1 v10: Hi. Welcome to the stakeholder management class in this class. We're going to learn how to identify the stakeholders and how toe assess them. In order to make sure that we are locating our energy and time to the right stakeholders way before we move further, I want to make sure that we all have an understanding of what means they call you a stakeholder is everyone who has or who thinks they have an interest in the project. The first step is to identify the stakeholders and I would show you how to do that. I personally use an extent in which I have different columns. I have the name of the stakeholders, the role and then I have impact and influence columns and some comets. What means impact and what means interest? The impact of the stakeholder is how much the actions of that stakeholder can influence the final result of the project. Let's take on example let's take an example for the mobile application. Let's see, we have a developer and I right here development and his name will be Joan. How much can he interfere with the final result of the project? He has a quite high impact because he's doing developing, so he's not doing a good job than our final application. Is not going to be very, very smooth. Women have issues. It may crash. It may not be a good user experience, but on the other hand, there are more people involved in toe into this application. There is one who designed See, there is one who requests for you. So in terms of requirements there already done, the path is not decided by Joan. He can decide only when it comes to how the code is written and that these reason why I will give John a six. Because whatever he does, he cannot completely destroyed. The project cannot completely destroy. He can have completely changed the course of this approach. Off course, we're not going toe. Underestimate. No. We also have situations when a particular individual can affect toe very hikes that, but let's keep it simple. So I gave him a six. When it comes to the interest interest mean what is the professional or personal interests of that particular stakeholder in this project? In Joe's case, he's a young developer, and he wants to make this project in his performance. You know what? He really wants to give his best because this is his biggest projects of fire, and he thinks that if he's going to make a great job, then he can market himself a medium level developer. He's not going to be a junior, so I will pull and ate through his interest. And I, right here as a comment, is his his biggest project, and he wants to add it in his for For you poured for you now is a side note. You can do this exercise together with the team in a nacho, and everybody can brainstorm. You can. If you are in the same location, you can use sticky notes to write them down. Everybody can write down a fully stuff who they believe they're the stakeholders, and then you can put them. You can stick them on the on the world, and you can move them afterwards in the next exercise. Or you can do it as an excel. If you are a remote team, you can do it. Doing go remote were show or everybody cannot be mean offline. Their several ways of doing is together with the team, but it can also be your own exercise. I usually recommend that you involve a team. You avoid all the other stakeholders in order to crush. Stick with them they interest, and they couldn't tell you to make sure that you are assessing them in the right way. There are some things that it would be very hard for you to know. You may not have a new idea that Joan has a personal interest in this project because he wants to market himself afterwards. But you may see that as the progress progresses and you can have your own stakeholder assessment that you can keep it for herself. And one which can be probably depends on the confidence that you have with team and the pants on. How do you write the comments? But in general, I recommend that you keep it objectively and professionally in such a way that it can be shared with everybody. Then let's take another stakeholder here. I will take Alice Alice. She's our requirement lady requirement. She's helping us to sign the contract and to make sure that everything is done in a legal way. I do recommend toe add surnames, so I will call her. Johnson and Stones on and John John. Mary Mary. Let's Go Intercept. Al is she has a very high empire because she's the one making sure that everything is legal and everything that she does has a high impact. Because if a contract is not in legal, it's not according to the low. Then we may end up in a low this food instead of doing the project, so she better do a great job. So I give her the seven. No, honey, let's give her at night in terms of the interest. He doesn't have any personal or professional interests other than doing a great job because that's that's a job. So I would put it to then when it comes to stay holder there to stakeholders. The reason. Very important group that you should consider always. And those are the ones who pay your buttes. That's one of the stakeholders that you should not miss. If you don't know who pays your bills, you better know who pays. This happens, usually in big organizations. If you have a project with big company, you know you're talking to the one who is giving the approvals or who are doing the project , but it's not the one who pays to be. You better know who pays it being and added here, and I will call it projects policy. Now, when it comes to the ones who paid, appears larger. The organization you may have different levels of who pays the bill will be the ones who is responsible of the budget, and you'll have the one who will actually do the transfer, and you want to make sure you know both of them. And I would put payment payment transfer responsible, and I will explain why they're so important. Then there is another role, which you want to make sure you know who's who is the one to give the approval. Who is the one to sign for it, saying that this project has been accomplished, that this lever world has been accomplished and then they leave it about the legal world owner. Depending on the project, you might have responsible for each deliverables, and you may have a final responsible for the project delivery, so I will speed them deliverables owner. So the liberal burn one. Let's make it owner deliverable tool. You will call it exactly how is it called, but I'm just making it simple and final application approval only. Oh, these are Roy's that you don't want rules. Then it's important that you are the project there. An important stakeholder. They have a new interest in the project. So we added Jonas to defend a part of. We are the palaces, the procurement responsible. We cannot attest her tester. And let's the ones who are affected by the by the results of the project, the users of the application. And when it comes to users, I will goto a step further and divide them in tow. Pilot users for users, they users and finally users flying and users. Then you can go ahead and add more stakeholders as you go. But these heard toe once who should never meet. Then let's give a name is very important to have a name. You know, the project are always about people that is always an entity. Even though we took a company, the company is just a piece of paper. We're talking with the humans from that company. So are the name Perchik sponsor. We're going to call him Tom. Home come comes. Um Tom. So payment transfer responsible is O. V. Maxxim. Let's keep the monks the irritable owner, Um, and in this particular example of the mobile application, we can have responsible for the payment hunter that would give approval from that. Then we can have a responsible for the dumb module, which allows you to configure the questions. So that's why we have different responsibilities. And we have, uh, Maria, Let's say then let's say we have God again. Let's say we have what the names. Well, let's call the same home. But it will be another time. Actually, it could be the same Tom Trump's Yeah, let's use the same. Then comes the tester. We will have, Um, But when you guy his name is Anthony, then let's say, God, yeah, Laura ends. Then we're we, uh, Maria John. Then finally, users don't have, um, they don't have a name now that a group of people so we can give them better users and final users. Now let's define the influence in the interest for each stakeholder. And in the case of tone, he's a project sponsored with the print exposures. Usually they have a very high influence and a very high interest in approach now, depending on the reason that why that we spoke about at the beginning of of the class. When we're talking about the skull definition, that first thing you should know, it's why we have this project and here you are going to use that information. Why is this project? We question? Because if it is a project requested by Low, then home will have a high interest in defined in getting down this project. But he may not have a high influence because it's a low compliant into low requirement and has just a compliant it. And that's it, right? So then you know, which thinks he can influence and you know, which means you cannot influence. And in this particular case, the mobile application. Let's say it's a requirement from, ah, higher level that he is is doing, and I will have three years in impact and A and the Niners in interest. Then the payment guy, the one who pays. He doesn't have any impact. He doesn't have any interest. He's just there to make the back transferred, and that's it, then, deliverable one and let me actually be more specific here. We're talking about the payment payment. More Drew. Um, Maria has a medium into interest and influence. She has an interest, only this particular motor that she wants me. Then Well, so I'll give her a six and she has any back. Only on that models I'll give her for Well, let's give her a five gavea. Let's give him a four and a four, then the final responsible of the approval. He's actually the one who who may the research in the camera university. So he has a very high interest that this is getting done. He's the most interest into this project, and I would give him a 10. And when it comes to the influence on the project, he's the one with the idea. So I will give him out and he's definitely one. We can guide us to my kid to make their requirements. May the user expire experience and everything. Then the tester. He has to make sure that we don't have any crushes. Application is respecting the requirement, so I will give him off three only in park. Now let's give him a £500 on interest. Give him a three to find the users they don't have much impact on application. Well, they can give you be back, but let's give them 12 and interest. They want to use it. So that is going to be 54 then the better users. But I users have more impact on the application, and then the interest it will be again four. 16. Stakeholders Management 25p part 2 v10: Now let's take another example the coaching business example. Who are our stakeholders in this situation who love the same things? Who are the ones who most are the most important to make this project a success are our clients, is our business Coach is our team who are the ones Let's start race for me when I would. The project is about launching a business coaching now coaching business. Let's take another example. Let's take the example of the coaching business. Our project is about lunch in this business. What is going to make this project a success and what can affect it, that it will not work out? Let's think about it. We will have a team right? That may be the first thing that we'll always think team and the team will have. A designer will be a legal adviser. Advising will be my own business. Coach Coat will be the clients anyone more than the clients. I have somebody who will help me with feel that let's say I will have a group of friends. So I write them, um, first clients or the test Klein clients. Traction of my friends. All right, Impure. My friends um, Then I may have, Um the first real clients were Let's say, the lines close. And then the final plant. Oh, you want Let's split this into high end clients and clients The ones we're going to get my high level package. And the low end Lo and Keach is back teaches clients. And as I say, it is very important. Want some names? And my designer is called Julia, and the legal adviser is called my again. My Yeah, my coach is called Andy. I am actually, I remember I will do a partnership for one of my packages and my partner partner for for, uh, five weeks in 10 c package And his name is Let me see. Fastball This ride, his name is killing. And then the first clients let But here, my friends, many Lisa Lisa. My idea. Morgan, there will be my friends. The ones are going to help me out. Then I will. What I will do, I will take out this break it and put it here on comments. So I know that. Then let me break this row so I can see them properly. And now what we're going to do is to add the interest and impact a vase. Since I'm doing a coaching business, you may see that I may not need toe are the last names because I'm working with very few people, and at this stage I'm calling them only by their names. So I don't feel comfortable. But I think the last name and that is perfectly fine. But if you are working with 100 people, you might want toe last night. Good. So now let's say the designer Julia, she's the one who is going to help me define that my brand. So she's having a very high impact, but it's not that crucial. So I will give her a seven, and gender interest is thing she wants to do greater. But I'm just another client for her. Mariaan de, legal advisor. And I always give a very high inference mark for the advisers and everything that is legal contracting than the interest list with the to. And this is my coach. He has a high influence on me on, but then when it comes to my business, he's let's say I'll give him a five and the interest will be five was well, he thinks that he likes what I'm doing. So if this is a success, it's going to be very useful for him as well as a reference. And my friends, they have a very high in back in what I do because they're my friends and because I care about the opinion and that also some potential clients. So depending on the feet with that, I would get from them. I may just my packages, so I will five of them and the interest They just can't because they're my friends. More so I would have than the better clients. They will have a high output, the hiring back because they are the ones who will help me out in getting Start E. Then getting some reference e is so let's even keep them on eight. Let's get the minute and the interest. They're interested in the product that I'm sending, so I would give them with four the highly clients. Then let's give them on aid than interest. Let's give them a six. Actually, that was that supposedly are bringing most of my most of the money for the business. So let's keep them. You want us and impact. I would be nice. Lo implants. They will be as a whole. It will be for important, because it's for my business case. They are bringing a lot of money as well, but more of them little. So I will give them a six if they can impress the can influence on the low end packages. But then there are so many that what is the whole? I'm thinking them with Hoi. I would give them a seeks and interest. I give them four. And then there's of Caylee, my partner. He has an interest in this package. Toe. Go head on. You will have impact on that because it's, um it's so they call it, um if it is successful, he will benefit out of it and the other way around. So his interest is also high. But he also has other businesses. So tonight, that crucial for him. Um Then let's I I will have somebody who had now loaded content content loader. Her name is Christine. And her impact is another big and her interest. Our particular okay, then this is how I do it for the business coach 17. Stakeholders Management 25p part 3 v10: Let's take another example, the coffee shop on the coffee project on the coffee shop project. We are going to have the sinkhole, my their city city home. They're the ones who have to give all approve er's so I can open it. We will have the owner of the location owner of the location. Let's call it location honor to be more simple. Location owner. Then let's take. I would have an architect. Arche Take will help me make the entire architecture and design of the coffee shop. Then I have my partner, co founder. What will I do them? The coffee. Then I will have a social media manager manager. Then I may have the neighbors, neighbors of the restaurant, one of the official. And now let's give them a name. The city Hall is a city. Hold the location owner. His name. It's Tom is a very cool guy. Oh, and then I was have furniture makers for our future makers. And then let's say they are called for neutral for me. Sure you make it. Oh, no, You did. Then my neighbors there Maria John, then the social media manager. Her name is Julia. Michael Fonder is is Crease. My picture is called Mardian and the City Hall. Good. Now let's give them the marks in terms of the city hole. Did I have any interest in my business All? It's another basis that if it is profitable, it's bringing money for the for the local budget. But I'm just another one. I would put it. The one leave the have any of my business. They have, from the perspective that they need to give me the approvals to run, can open my business. So I I will add them five, then the location owner If he has a high impact on my business, Not really. If he doesn't agree with that, I can take another space. But because I'm running a coffee shop, I would be interested in having the same location because my clients we know where to find . Oh, by the way, I didn't other clients, clients on client. We can have everyday kind declines, and I have the occasion appliance flat. Then the clients like, let's call them brand ambassadors. It sounds nice, And, um, that's throwers parfait the location owners so he may have high impact his interest. What he wants toe rag. His place, my architect, her impact. Her work would be very crucial because this is what is going to attract My clients is going to make my brand unique and is going to highlight my coffee. So I will add it at a. She has an interest because it would be her her business, business card, whatever she's going to work on. So I will live. Seven. Good than Crease. He is very important. Here is a very high interest on these. I will even on my sense, no co founder. My set myself. What? Let's see Unca. I'm also a stakeholder myself. No, I would not write it. Good, then the social media manager The impact is quite high because I really want to attract a lot of people through social media. It's a very important way means of communication of my clients so like seeks for interest is a poor. Then you will see that as you progress it is you'll have a better sense of what points to give to whom then my neighbors. If they can have a high impact, they can recommend may, so I will add that four. If they have any interest. Well, if you have a partnership with them, we can comment to each other. Let's see, then the 42 guy, because I have my team part doesn't interest. But he has a high interest because he wants to promote his business. He's owning a small business, and he wants to use this project is a recommendation, so I would have been a then my clients. They can influence more less. They can have an entrance, will have an interest in the coffee and final result. The brand ambassador plants. They can have a high impact on my success there. When I'm opening, they can help. It's spreading the world if they have any interest. That's really occasional clients. The impart. Now that march, let them dream the interest. Three and my co founder. Well, that's me tonight. Great. Now let's move to the next thing 18. Stakeholders Management 25p part 4 v10: on the sub number two. We're going to prioritize hours stakeholders and we're going to do that with the help of the assist McMahon trees. Let's have a look on it. Here is the interest, influence magics. So we have on the or something in the interests of the stakeholders. More. We go towards the end of the arrow, higher the interest of the stakeholder on the vertical line. We have the influence power of the stakeholders, more go up, hired the interest higher the influence of the stakeholder. And you see that they have a special color and there is a text written under. You can read it if you're curious, but we are going to get into that later. And let's start with the mobile application on the mobile application. What I will do. I will take columns and move them a bit so I can have more space on my screen. And let's start with Join boat. I want to thank you. Thanks. And John is hey has a six of influence on the eighth of interest. So we have high interest and high influence. So let's put him over here. Right, John? Then we have ls She has a very high influence with very low interest. So I would like Ali's here and he's or then we have Tom. Tom has a very low influence on this project, but he has a very high interest. So I lied Tom Little him here then all of it. He has toe to let's at him here. Then we're Maria Maria has 55 so we're going to add Maria here. That's exactly the media then. Gabrielle Gabrielle has 44 and that would be so here for faith. Then we have Oh, let's give him another maid. Come, Tom Consul, that's called King Tom Thompson Jr. Let's say Tom Junior Don Jr just to have a different one because he is the one which is more interested in this. Tell him to year por favor. And then we have the tester. He's Anthony and he has quite high interest, but very not quite high influence, but a very look interest. So I would put him Yeah, and then the final users final. Users have to influence a for interest, so I would like them. I'm just here. Then let's bet I users they are 44. It's like up here for France, that's hard to hear. Okay, good. And we can already seem that we have some key players. We have some and and the others good. So now we can see that Good. So now on this metrics, we can already see who are the key players, who are the ones who we need to meet our needs and the least important once. So let's have a closer look to this magics. We already seen that we have common. John John is our developer, and we may not have think about him. And we have Don't Tom. We may have expect him to give a lot of attention and to give to be an important player. But John, we didn't expect it. No, a developer is usually just somebody else in the team and then, but what's important is that the ones who are here on key players are the ones who have to invest our energy because are the ones who can make this project a real success or can make it miserable. So any time and every day in a briefing that we plan, we have to look at them and our most of most of our energy has to be here. Then when it comes through, the ones who are in the yellow screen, the Yellow Square, we have Alice here. It saves me they need with these people who have a high impact or our project. It's important that we know exactly what they need, and we give them that part. In honest case, we may need to give her the right information about the project so she can. She can give us the contract and that's it. Some things you may have stakeholders who will say, Well, I'm I only care about that model Nothing else and actually here. You see, when we made a assessment, we thought that the application, the the ones, was going toe approve the payment model. Maria. We thought that she's not that important. We gave her five, But now, looking at the screen, we see that she's in the media and we may think, is really she somewhere in the media. Or she's rather somewhere in the yellow part 19. Stakeholders Management 25p part 5 v10: Now let's take the example of the coaching business on the coaching. Besides, I have Julia. She's our designer. And we have, um so one influence and three is interest. So what I will do? I will put her here true Young. Then we have Margon. She is. I would operate with more towards here. So my yet my Yet you can do the son of paper. It may be faster drilling. Then we have Andi. He's somewhere. So I live on the over here. Andi Oh, are there on the, um you know? Then we have my friends and the so it's calling friends. Try it. Plans. So, friends, I will love them. They have five minutes there somewhere. Hugh. My friends call them like that. Then my friends. Then I will take my better clients. And it's moved there on eight and four. Somewhere here that I have my high end clients. They are nine and seven and they're the hang clients. Huh? That's called HD client. Then they are the low end package clients. A very important thing here. We're talking about the clients with Actually, this project is about starting a business. When we do project and we have the final product. I believe that if success of the project, it's very much related toe toe if it is going to be used or not, because if we are doing a mobile application, but it's not going to be used. Is that really successful project? If we are launching a business which is not going to bring us any income, is that really a successful project? I would say that naturally. So that's why I'm giving so much attention to the final clients. They should be part of this scope. They should be part of the project. They should being part at least the first doctors. They should be part of the project. We should have a faith of the project that is assigned to involve them. Yeah, so now closing the bracket let's talk about low inclines, low inclines, low end package clients. That sounds better. So they are six and four. So there somewhere here and then we have Kelly Kelly's six and six. What is killing Lee? This is Caylee, Then he is so here. Then we have Christian and she's somewhere here. So that's right Free Steen. She's just being a to So I love Christine here, and this is how my stakeholder magics looks like. And we can see here that we have some key players, key players, my the key players at my high end clients and k my partner. Then the ones who need me they needs are my better clients. My lowing low and package clients, my friends Julia and true lies my designer Mari in. So, for most of the energy goes to the key players and key players. Second level of energy girls too. The the ones with whom I need to me they need than the 30 social consideration and least important. Then I'm going to take another example. 20. Stakeholders Management 25p part 6 v10: the coffee shop example On the coffee shop example, I have the city hall and then they are 51 So here then, I have Tom with the location owner is a for and tools. So he summary here. Then I have Mariaan, My young Andi she saw here. And as I do these I just remained where that is very important to right here. Money and holds 10% of the shares. Holds 10% of the shares. The increases My co founder. He is very important. I let him here then Julia, she's six of war. She So we're here. Then we have my neighbors, Mali and John. Then we have furniture makers. They are eight and two. So like them here then we have clients. The client are I know I said that I separated them toe brand ambassadors who are very high . We're here and we have occasional plans there. They're here and then and then that's me on this metrics. It's a bit more this course so we can analyze different situations of the stakeholders. So this is how the stakeholder magics looks like and we are going to go to the same numbers on step number three. We're understanding the stakeholders. What are the interest? What triggers them? What are they desires? How do they work? And because now we know who are the key players and Iwas to focus on. We we started them and I will use the coffee shop example to talk about it in our situation we have Mari an increase in their key players. We have to make sure that anything we do in the project, the opinions matters. We're going to make sure that they are informed that there, there, there, consultant when it comes to decisions, Then when it comes to the ones who are to whom we have to meet the needs, it's very important that we know that that we know who they're and and best of show considerations. The ones who were in this square, it's important, have a good relationship with them. They can help us with some things. We may help them with some things and you never know when they can move. Throw the project. We may have a change in where the stakeholders our position it can be right. Right now we have the city hole somewhere in the media they don't have any interest. But let's say that throughout our land throughout the project, because we did an amazing marketing because our was the name of our social, their manager, Julia. Because Julia made such a great job, she is starting to have a very high interest in the project. So she will. She's going to move here and then the city Hall is so much interested in our project because that is a way of attracting visitors of attracting tourists. So they decided to include our coffee shop in the tourist attractions of the city and they will support us with lunch so they suddenly they pies to be a key player in our approach when it comes to the management of the stakeholders, besides assessing them and defining what we have to do when it comes to was the project is running and once the project is running, we have to come back. Once you know. Why do this magics have a look updated and another thing which might come out of here is, let's say the city hole decides to include our coffee shop in the tourist map. Then we may need to do something for that. So what I'm going to do, I will go into my project plan, and I will have a day that so I will goto my project plan and update that, and I will add another list, which is project with the City Hall. And for here I may need to add some. Some actions create special off where it's a discount discount offer discount offer, um, sand logo to the communication occasion responsible. It's possible so they can add it to the to the touristic map and so on and so forth. And as you can see, this is a change in my project. This is a change of scope now, depending on where I stand, I may not have the badges of doing that because I may need to allocate a person just for this project to the city hole. And I may decide to don't that collaboration. But on the other hand, is such a great opportunity that I don't want to miss. This is all so far about stakeholder management 21. Time Management 25p part 1 v10: Hi. Welcome to the time management class in this class. We're going to learn how to set a realistic timeline for our project and how to make correct estimations. It's get started way. Start with how to make the estimations. There is something that that always do at the beginning of a project. And even though you are in the middle of a project and you are taking over the project, there is something you have to do as the first. And that is what I call pre settings. What is the availability of the team and this is how you do it? I asked him if they have any plan. Vacations, Eve, What is they? Availability in tears of time? What is the way of working? When is a team available? And I'm taking that information and I'm adding it in the project plan. They're software's like Microsoft Project, which allow you to set the availability of the team inside the tool. So then the software is making sure that you cannot load more the resource than what the resources available. But those software are not always in hand or they're very expensive or they're mostly enterprise solutions. So when it comes to the timber availability. We're working with a small team. You can either remember what is the availability and take that into consideration or simple added your calendar. So what I do is I'm setting a resource calendar. Most of you may use Google Solutions, and I will show you how to set a calendar. What do you know? What is the availability of resources? So this is Google calendar. What I do. I'm doing other calendars. I'm creating a new calendar. Very important. This calendar is accessible by the team, so the team can always go and updated. They can always go and at the own vacations. And this is something that you are empowering team to do in that forming stage of the team . The beginning. So let's call it resource. Pretty source. Availabe leading. You can call it vacations. You can call it anything else, but I will call it resource availability and I will add create calendar. And once this calendar is created, you will see it here. Resource availability. You make sure that this calendar is shared with the team very important, and I insist on that. Then you can always add an event and you can call it uncut location. And I'm putting 11. And I'm saying that let's say I'm on vacation for three years and let's say it's upto fort . No, and I'm not inviting anybody because that will be visible here. Uncle Location. Everybody will do the same. We have Alice. Let's say at least vacation. You can even write a note available for emergencies for emergencies. And you will know that Ellis can take cause or you can access her in case you need something cogent. Oh, you see, I forgot toe. I need to edit it. There is a way, right. We have to put it all the event because if not, it takes, it shows. Just is a meeting with what we want we want, like all the event. In this way, you can also block hard deadlines. You can block reminders and so on. Now, once we define what is the availability of the team? Keep in mind the public holidays. If you are working with the remote thing, ask the team about any public holidays. Usually, if you're using Google calendar, the only thing you have to do is to set the country and then they will report. But it's always good to validate with the team because they may work on those public holidays and take some other holy days, so it's good to check with them. Then again, when it comes to availability, keep in mind that they're people who take longer vacations, and they may not know it at the point when you ask them. But you have to keep it in mind. For example, August is application month in Europe, even though we are at the beginning of the year, and then people may not know if they take a full month of occasion. You have tow. Ask them again in May in June because as we're approaching that period, they would have a better understanding on how modification they take, and that's very important to know. Then, if your project has a deadline that you cannot move, you have to set that. Let's say, for example, that you have to release an application which is required by the low, Then it has to be ready on a certain day. It cannot be moved no matter what. So that's very important to know if there any information. If there is there any days, so that's very important to know if that any dates that you know them or the team knows them or that have to be mad, then you have to set those before anything else. 22. Time Management 25p part 3 v10: Now let's take another example of our mobile application we have this past when the user can create questions. So there is somebody who has to do this, and we already know what they seem. Fours. It's supposed to have an acceptance great here I seem no. So now I'm inside the project and I realize that I didn't have acceptance criteria, and by this time I should already have acceptance criteria. Because if I don't know what is the Leeward, how can I make an estimation? If I don't know what's acceptable? How can I make an estimation? And if I have, if I find this TAAS when I'm doing the estimation, then I will complete it. I will add acceptance criteria. So in this particular situation, the user, that's what we're asking the developers to create this screen clean the plus button, the user can click the plus button and select that question. So from the flying perspective, important if I don't have this information, but I need to give an estimation, I have to make sure that before I even estimation I have the information. If I don't have the information, but I'm still but I still have to do the estimation. I will right here. Presumption. What is the acceptance criteria based on which I'm making this estimation? So the estimation is made based on the except that scrape the react we find. And that means acceptance criteria. The user can add question when clean look, plus the user. And then the question. The question Is these you? But in the questions sequence Perfect. That's my That's based on what I'm doing. The estimation. Yeah, it's important to don't remain on words because we may not remember it. We may not remember all these details. If we're talking about the three months project, we're not going to remember every single little thing that we discussed. So now let's go into to add who is going to that? And we are talking with John, somebody who don't. Then together, John, would the estimation and generous same Okay, if I have to just add the plus battle and the question, I think that is going to take me one day a fort. It was John say's It's going to take me one day. You're right. Eight men hours and you can validated him is one day. That's what they mean eight men hours for their working on that, or it means four hours in a day. Asked, the question is important and he would say to think me a fool, our full. They working only on that Good. Then when it came in consideration, If he works full time, then you can ask him, Will you do that in one day? Or How do you think? So it would happen if you're at the beginning of the project, General, have no idea if you will work one today on that where we'll work on two days just because you don't know exactly how his cage look at that certain point. So what I suggested do you write two days just to play it safe and as you are getting closer and it's usually the week before, he's going to start doing that when you have a validation of the duration, then you will know for sure, and then you can come here and updated good. While we're talking with John, he was mentioning some very important information dessert options based on which he made this estimation. He say If I have the one years and if I know what has to be done, what is expected then I will be able to finish in one day. So I will have this information in exemptions. Um, John has the wires. Jones is the one who was implemented. These who will develop the file of these emotionally teams, then John Joan has has the description, the full description of what has to be done. No. If you've been working with John before, you will already know that he may be willing to spend one toe extra hours to figure it out . If he has any questions or he may people this before or he may complement the missing information. If you didn't work with John before, you have to make sure that he has everything he needs, right? Or you may add a buffer here. Bufford. Yeah, and you can you should it. The buffet is like 10% of the entire project for the unexpected things that can happen. Or for the change request that you want to accommodate in the project. Like a side note about the buffer. I'm just making him apparent. This is here, depending when, to each stage of the project you are and how much information you have about it when you know how much information the buffered can be up to 100%. But then that's not That's not a real estimation. No, it's like a very, very high level estimation. And that's why you put deceptions. Yeah, assumptions. When you know a lot about the project, you have almost 10% deviation. But again, your Presumptions are very close toe relative, so I will leave this part and I week, in fact, why it's important to have the assumptions. 23. Time Management 25p part 2 v10: The first step is to define who is going to do each task each activity and let go with our examples. Let's take the first example, which is the coaching business. And let's take this example loading the content. We know what has to be done. We know what is needed in order to start this activity. We know we have some open questions. Yeah, we know how we are going to do it. We know what it means for that passed to be acceptable and how we're going to make sure that that is well done. But now we can either go and say, Well, I think that will take me like two hours depends a lot. Who is going to do that activity? Because if you have a junior, that may take today's. But if I'm doing it, it may take me two hours. This is what I'm thinking. But it can be that in those two hours that, um, allocating to do this task, my phone would be ringing and then I would be interacted. Or that would do that from a noisy place and I would not be able to focus. And in the end, I will spend a day. Yeah. So that is why it's very important to know who is going to do the task. And in this situation, I will define who and let's say I'm using Julian. And then I will have to allocate this task to Julia. Yeah, good. Now that I know who is going to do it, I will go toe. I can go to the step number two, which is going to be the estimation of the effort. If the point that I'm doing the estimation I really have Julia is part of the team, then I suggest you avoid Julia and Toe. Make a real estimation about this task, about how much is going to take her and there, to me, reasons to do that. One is because Julia becomes responsible and accountable off this task because she gave estimation and she's going to feel in duty to respect that deadline that she gave. And so if you have setting it for her, she may do it, or she may not do it on time because she may not be accountable. It's a human nature, then also, it's very important to involve her because you may have missed some things, and you may not have the full overview about what Past him falls, and she may have a different experience. So you are involving Julia and you let it tells you I think it will take me two days for a five page, five page website, five page website. But as I released ask. I see that at this point we have no idea off how many images we have, what we have to do because there are still some who wish chance. So then what you are going to do? You are going to the road down that so then what you're going to do is to write down that information. And there is something called assumptions. Assumptions. The website has five pages. Yeah, then the five pages. And then we resume that everything is prepared. Everything is prepared pages and then, with approximately four images, each page, Yeah. What happens if you don't involve Julia? If you don't involve Julia and you will say, Yeah, I think it will take hurt one day, one day what he will say. Well, I think three days, then. Okay, Now we have the estimation, but when it comes to the estimation, we also have to add the duration. Duration means how many days will take for that has to be accomplished. It can be that it takes two days of effort. Let me out here and this is actually ever it worked. But if I'm working on two projects in the same time, then it will take me for days. So it's not the same thing. I suggest you use mine hours rather than days, because two days we may forget that, too lays part time. And she actually meant that is taking her eight hours here. So it's important that when it comes to effort, we use men hours, men, hours for many days, men days. Yeah, men. They should mean eight hours. Even though we have the team working 10 hours, we have to keep the men day at eight hours. So in this particular case, our correct estimation is that it takes 16 men hours. So 6 10 men hours. This is the shortcut meant hours to complete this task with the assumption that we only have five pages in the website and four images each page. And because July's working different other things, she can estimate at this point that she will take four days to accomplish this. That would mean four hours a day hours a day. Yeah, but we have to adhere. What is the assumption based on which she gave us this estimation of duration? Julia is working four hours a day. Another thing Why is important to write everything here and who is responsible? Because if the moral you need this content done in a day, you know that if you take Julia for time and somebody else, you can get it done in one day. So you When the time comes in the project, you can play with this information. But if you don't know it, then you'll have the guy have asked. Julia, Julia may not be available at that point, or you may just the noise, So it's always good to have all the information together. 24. Time Management 25p part 4 v10: now we are two months later, we are planning the we're planning than explained together with the team and we see the stars and we will have to review again the effort estimation and John says, Well, we have wires, I haven't seen them. We don't have wires at this point. So he said, OK, but then we have to deliver this. How do we do it? Then? Julie's having a discussion. Meeting with architect and the architect is explain him what is expected to be delivered and then we don't have wired on stage. Very important. We see here no wires. But there is a discussion with Martin based on the call with my Leon, I will implement will implement the following and you write down and say, Plus bottom last button. Even though journeys not the one writing this down, it's important that somebody's documenting them. Yeah, and I will tell you shortly when you're going to need this information written, so he says I will. But the plus button the picks area with no validation and this is used used toe the question and, uh, a button add question. But he's not going toe other cancer. Yeah, were, Let's say what? We're doing a great job. So we are cancer bottom. Good. That's all he's going to do, he goes. He implemented this on and we show it to declined. And the clients? Hayes. Yeah, but the plus button, I can see it and they should be more visible. So and then he says, Well, I want to odd also associate that question with some answers, and our spring looks different. Yes, what would happen? This effort will have to be done again. And instead of spending two hours toe toe, eight hours, one day, one day I actually spent 10 hours because he didn't have the wires, he needed to have the meeting on Mariana and he had a lot of questions. So this was his 14 again. And he has to repeat it because the wires we have new wires from the client that have been approved to the plan. So he will spend another six hours in doing that. Then, uh, then we already have a deviation of eight hours. If we had eight hours but screen and just making you mad of the impact on the project. Eight hours. And if you have per screen. And then if you have 10 screens on a project, gets what you already have 80 men days deviation. Yeah, you make the month of the budget so very important when we are in this position and we have new wires from the client client. This pass needs to be redone. This screen, it needs to be redone. We can have one such situation. But if you have this repeated in the project, we already made month and that's quite father for the project. We're really burning out about it. So what we have to do on this happens will raise it. We either stop the development until we have everything defined for that face. We don't have to have everything they find for the project, but at least for that phase. So we either stop the project, we define exactly what we need. And then we did the development or we allocate the budget for such at hoc the development. But this is not with practice. So here you're going to have a trigger. What is going on? Do we have? Is our team delayed? Then let's see if we have any areas of the project. When we have to supplement. Is our architect too busy to deliver these than we either have somebody else? Um, world were We do it in a different way, but we should not spend the budget like this. We should not have somebody developing something that is going to be over written. Unless the Reese does that intentionally. If we don't have the budget, If you don't have the intention to redo the work over and over again, we should not do it. And you should stop it. Yeah, very, very important. When you have managing the timeline of the project, if this something like this happens, you stop it. It can be once done because one Monday is not going to hurt anybody in a project. But you should not have 80 minutes because that is courting the approach. That is the babble of the project. Yeah. So this is a trigger. When it happens, you stop it. What then? Let's say you didn't see it or because the project moves ahead. Sacrifice be it. You pass over such situations and or you agree with your client that they're going to pay for this later. Perfect. Fine. Or you are the one bearing the costs. But in the end, you need to know how much this cost. So what we're doing over here? We're checking the effort and we can adhere a label. Where is the late words? Here is the labels. This is part of this coal. But what we had we had on a Ford Aviation airport Yes. Would you? I have to write a labor has to be one word. So afford deviation. So money and label toe all the house that had for deviations. And afterwards I can simply filter and see what our old past that had a four deviation. And then I can make a month and know how much it actually costs you lot here in the notes. Or if you don't want tohave it visible for everybody. You're have your own excel where you keep track of what is the effort? Deviation off all. Discuss it after you have you want to do it. But with this simple able you can track the deviations 25. Time Management 25p part 5 v10: Let's take another example, the coffee shop and using this example, I will show you another way to do time management. And we will do it backwards, starting from our due date, and we will organize our task backwards. So what we will do is we can either use trailer and other deadline. But the problem with trailer is that we don't have a clear overview about timeline. So what I would suggest is rather to use Excel and I'm your cussed there and the line's in a concert. A gun's chart is the chart. What he can see your time Night. I will show you. So let's take, for example, the finding location, task finding, find location, find location and sub tas are, um, leave the needs of the location and short least of possible locations and visit the locations and signed locations. So, like here, um, police, the needs least the characteristics thing, these digs of the location, then short least locations, then visit locations and then sign location. So I'm listening to sub tests. Let me make a beer. Then we have a due date. We have effort and duration were ready supposed tohave the effort and the duration from from the previous activities? No. Then I have due date and duration, and I will start with a fort. Let me add. Actually, assumptions is when it's very important assumptions. If I'm the one who is going to look for for location than I would say the list, the characteristics, maybe to take me two hours in a day, one day. But, I mean, it consulted with my architect or with my partner. So I will put hit the hours in five days. Assumptions. I consulted my architect friends, and we have this perfect. And then and then I concerned did with my co founder. Yeah. Good. Then I have the shortly stuff locations in order to softly some locations, I will need to make some research. So let's say that will take me about, um, two days of effort today. Suffer 40 sexually. Let's remember, men hours, 16 hours, then intercept. Duration. It will take me about two weeks. Yeah, 10 days. What? Um, the assumptions I would use the local newspaper newspaper, uh, Andi. Then I saw some some valuable locations, so I already know one idea about what I want. Toe go. So I'm not starting from scratch. So let me right here not rain thing in the new, um locations. The new building in the new newly restored being your degrees toward area of the city centre. Yeah, that is very important. So basically I know it will take me about two weeks to find something because I know there there some places which I saw something nice. Yes, it's not something stepped in from scratch. I have a good base of assumption. Then visit the location. Let's say take me eight hours in the same 10 days, then to sign the location. I guess you me to take me eight hours in a month, one month and then. But I do know that thinking that I would rent in the newly restored area of the city centre the location with the in the newly restored area of the city centre. Very important. Because if something happens and I'm delayed, then I will know why. No. For example, if I will not find any place in the newly restored around the city centre, then of course my plan has to adapt. Then let's wrap this so we can see more. And as I'm doing that. I want to show you the second part of thes Excel and that is the month. So what they done? I got a month and four cells for each week of the month. I made it simple for weeks for months, and I took four months. Let's say our lunching date will be may. So here I have the months and every week what I plan to do till lunging the first of May. Then first of May. And so this would be my lunching. This is my target and what I have to do is to match backwards. So here we did it like going onwards. And now we're going to take another task and we'll do it. Beckwitt. So I will just somewhere lunch, and I will love the things that are crucial for the business force. The location is very important, and the decoration are. Get a picture of the location, then promo, then call commission Russian. But very important. No, the coffee machine should be Capri, so I'm having the location, how the location will be decorated, the coffee machine and the promotional marketing. Let's call it marketing, marketing model getting good then, so far I've been using trail. Oh, so I will have some things stored here. You can also use any Silas it of turning. That also works. So let's take wonders of the architecture. I have to find an architect. I have to sign a contract with the architect and have the first designs. Oh, then so fine. Keep take sign. A contract on track have for design. Um, final architecture. Picture of the place. Well, in the technical terms, the corrector, maybe interior designer. I will use it architect, just to make it more more simple. Yeah. Ah, then okay, then for the coffee machine list down the characteristic these sticks. Um, I think if I shortlist coffee machines, short least coffee machines shortly school from machines, then try coalitions. Few machines. Then I saw that, um, per chase for choose coffee machine. Yeah, I made it more simple than there's a marketing. I wanted the website website. Then maybe a Facebook page page. I'm just thinking then some many to be designed, um, then paper design for then some marketing material. It's Let's call them marketing. My theory is yeah. Good. And for this thing, actually, I need toe have a strategy. Find the marketing expert defined the marketing strategy. So remember, in this chapter, I'm showing you how to do the time management of the project. We supposed already have acceptance criteria as clear this creep sharing how we're supposed to do that. So to have a lot of the case. Because when we get to the step and then we know what we want, then it would be easier to find it, and to my estimations, 26. Time Management 25p part 6 v10: So if we have to lunch my first of may, I will let me color and be this so you can see the more clearly I like to use colors you can see clear where we are. So I would like a different color 42 months And then I will lose orange, maybe use a little. She's a green and then I use a blue like blue And then let's use on orange orange Perfect. So now if I want to lunch my first of may I supposed to have the location a month before, so I get training. So finally, a predictor it in place. Now what is that sign? Location to San location is to be ladies on the last. Well, actually, I don't know when I we need to sign it. But I know I want moving but and of march beginning of April So let me out here, move in in location. And so by the first week, I should have them done. So what I will do, I will have the green part here then is when it has to happen. Then I have moving location. This is actually a milestone. Yet then for that happened? I go backwards. Signed location. Well, the latest that I have to sign it will be in the same week now. So let's say between this, Yeah, Between this I've seen that it will take me a month. Right. So some were here, do the paperwork and no on oil. So in March, I have to sign the location so I can move in an April, then visit the locations. I should do that in in February. So I said, that takes me two weeks. And the shortlist locations. Well, I think they come more or less in parallel, right? So than days would mean this copes the great from here. Then I do them in parallel and then leave the correct ARY stakes I think can go somewhere here. Perfect. One week. Now let's take another. Another group, Doc. You picture. So by the time I I'm starting to drop the detector. I should have already the location signs. So the architect can No what these, dear? So let's say so. The final architecture is in place. Will be can be a week later. And now, So somewhere here then then you have the first design. Well, I think I can have that from the moment that I know the location. So let's say here I wouldn't know the location because I'm almost ready to sign. I'm just doing the paperwork before then to sign the contract with the architect and being what I think it can be any time to this time. No. So let's say latest by here then I have find an architect what I want to have with my march , so to start finding it any time before that is perfect. So let's say latest by this time then I would also need for nature now. So let's say for nature, then the design would be the one done by the architect. This s O order. Actually, I have to find a for nature maker. Let's call it, then order the for nature, then deal the for nature. Assemble it. Somebody okay? No, I will remove these colors because it got corporate. So you have to pay attention. So you don't copy the wrong information to find a furniture maker. Basically, I will need the for nature writing before the first of May. So let's call it ladies by here last week of April, then to build to build the furniture. I don't know how long that will take. Maybe two weeks, the weeks and order it. Maybe I have to order it one or two weeks before and then in order to order, read, I have to find somebody, So let's see here. 27. Time Management 25p part 7 v10: And as you look at this timeline, we see that they don't really match. We seem that if I have the architectures of the place defined by meet April, then there is no time to be. There is no time to be on the for nature. So what I have to do is to shift right. I have to shift the the picture somewhere in March, right? I shift everything. The easiest way to select everything. And she some said anything. Everything. And I'm shifting. It has to happen here, so let me come one does a 45 columns. So we have to do want O for five here. She think it's here. Good. Yeah. So this is adaptation of the project plan. You see, that's why it's important to start backwards sometimes. Well, it depends on the project. And if there is no like in a project, you're start. I, um, in the same project, you will start for some tax from some tasks. Beck, words and forks. Some tasks onwards. And but as you made this exercise, you will start getting a feeling on when to start backwards and went to start start own words. And it's usually a trade off? No. Sometimes, like in the media, because even though you use on backwards But then you realize that your plan is not realistic. Then you have to go onward and to see what is a realistic deadline if you want to make. If you don't want to compromise the scope. So in this situation, what I've done, I shifted them because they have to be ready. So I have time to be left to build for nature. And then, okay, then, if this moved, I need my location before I need to do the location before February. So I need to shift everything with 1234567 weeks. Well, actually, I'm in the beginning of January, so I don't have so many weeks to shift. Oh, on that being saved, I then should do some other things. Let me look. So let's say if I start right now, toe, know what I wanted this of the location. Then I have to have the location signed by meat family. So that means that I can't afford taking a month to sign the location. I have to take less than that. So to take lesson that that me basically I need to take maximum three weeks. Right? So from today from today I have 1.5 months to sign the location, right? That if I don't sign it on time, then we'll be very less time for the others. And as for my experience, I know that better Here to find a location Foster then compromising on how the locations look, the architecture, the design, everything else. So what I'm going to do, You see, it's that in backward, I realized that I have to start working on it. So what I'm going to do ISS toe really start looking for location. Go visit them in the following two weeks and then sign it. I still have a buffer here. You know, sometimes you need some papers. Sometimes the location may not be ready, so I'm still are locating a decent amount of time to do that. Okay, so this is an exercise of what happens when we stop onwards. And what happened when you start backwards? That's why I suggest that in some cases you stop backwards. Okay? Now let's take the other one. The coffee mission. The coffee machine is not something critical. No, it's like it has to be ready by first of May. I can bring it in any time. What has to be here? Let me put here. What is the coffee machine? So I really have such a long time to land. And when I have such a long time to do something, I suggest that we start what you need a soon as possible, and then we keep on eye on it. So let's down the corrective restates. They can happen while I'm searching for a location, then to do the short list of coffee machines. It can happen while I'm still dealing with the paperwork to sign the location because that's a good entertainment than to try different coffee machines. It can be here. Then you have to purchase any time till the latest week. Good then. One important thing is when we have such situations than we have a long time to do tots. It's important that we don't push it, though to the end, because we'll have lots of activities which will happen in parallel, and that will overload us class that that always activities that we don't estimate them. Initially, we don't foresee them and they come. So if we know something has to be done and we don't have a very big time, I suggest that we started doing them. Then let's say the marketing part, I think the marketing has to be has to start one month before. So we should start having the website live in this week. So everything should be ready in this week. So I would say we can find an expert somewhere any time. Here. Have the strategy? No. Any time here, have distracted. You die in the first week of March and then be the website, the Facebook page and the marketing mature years. So everything is ready? Yeah, can You would have them ready before I would have lots of things to do before launching. So better this to be ready. Yeah, and then we already see that in march. We have on one hand, we're working on that picture. And on the other hand, where working the marketing part, they might go hand a hand since they are both about my image. Okay, 28. Time Management 25p part 8 v10: now when it comes to time management, what is very important is that as we progress in the project, we update this plan and we use it as a reference. Now let's say we are in the first week of February and let's mark that action here with the left border. I marked with the red line, the moment in time where we are for the simulation purposes and I looked at my plan. And then I see that I don't have a location yet. Then if I have location yet, I'm But I have some shortly stated. It's just that I still need papers to sign that I still have. So I know that I'm not going toe sign the last week of February. So what I have to do is to add two more blocks. Uh, then I do have the coffee machine. That's okay. But when it comes to signing the contract, I will only have them last week of memory. That means that I can What is the sign? A contract that, as a matter so I can still sign a contract with my architect? I can steal, have the first design, but I'm not going toe. I'm not going to have the location before March. So what I can do in the situation? In order to don't delay the rest of the lunching, I have to find a mitigation plan. I have to find toe adapt my plan. So I will speak with the location owner, for example, and proposed that my architect and me are visiting location for the decoration purposes so we can start working on it even though the location isn't ready. Yeah. So this is how we adapt the plan. Then? Um, let's have another example. Let's say we are at the beginning of much perfect. I have my location, but I have my architect and then But then I'm not happy with the design. Or what happens is that we had more ideas and we are a bit the legs. We think that this is going to take two more weeks if they're taking two more weeks. What I have to do is to go in on the party plan. But if I moving if I take so much longer toe do the finalize That picture. I see that I will not have the time to be for nature. So I other make this activity smaller? Yeah, or I'm finding a way to get different for nature, to have it somehow done. I mean, pre made or have a combination. Yeah, And this is already a compromise in the projects cope. So I have to think if I want to do that or I'm pushing the luncheon date. Yeah, but what is very important is that we have dated. So we have a clear understanding where we are so we can take the right decisions. The thing that I didn't tell you on this one is about 1/4 and the duration. Even though I didn't write them here, I when I put the blocks, those are duration. Also here, it's 10 days, so you can go in at them here. So let's say this is so you can say signed a contract five days, And if you take eight hours No, you can, Adam. But since it is visual, you will. You'll also happen. But I do recommend that you are them in tow, a different cell, because writing it twice will have a different impact on on you and how you plan it. Good. So this is how we do the management of the time. It's important to give the Chacko need and updated and always have the big picture. See, how are they connected? See if you still have time to do something or you have to just in time, you may need to adjust your school or you may need to find things that thank you. 29. Risk Management 25p part 1 v10: Hi. Welcome to the risk management less in this class. We're going to learn what is the risk, how to identify risk and which was to consider and which risks are not with energy way Before we move any further, I want to make sure that we all have the same understanding about what means the risk a risk is an unexpected event. It can be a positive and expecting event, and that is called an opportunity, or it can be a negative on expecting event. And that's a threat. Always been said, Let's go to the first step in doing to risk management and that is identifying the risks when it comes to identify in the race What I do, I like toe. Have I didn't know shop with the team or start doing it by myself. And I love the information using an except as you can see over here and it has a title than the category that would be a threat or an opportunity. We want to make sure that we are assessing everything the opportunity so we can maximize them and the threats so we can meet again them. Then we have a description and we have impact the impact he's, how much that risk can affect our project. Is it going to complete this MACHIN? Is it going to make it a amazing success or if it is happened? Nothing my than the probability. What is the chance that this could happen, then? My manageability. It means how much we can control that, how much we can influence that risk toe happen. What did that happen? Is it really on our hands to avoid it or not? And treatment strategy we will define if we want toe, mitigate the risk if we want to prevent a risk if want to maximize it, what we want to do it an action e is exactly what we're going to do in case that risk happens or to prevent the trees to happen and who is accountable and when the action with the place. So let's take the example of the mobile application. Let's talk about the vacation season that is always a risk in a project vacation season. That is, I will put it a Z a threat description. August. He's a vacation season in Europe and the the responsible responsible of accepting the payment model payment more of our application. He's on vacation. So and then what will happen if this person is not going to be in always? Er, let's assume that our lunch date is for sub September. Our lunch they is the chamber than the impact. Well, if we're not going to get approval, there will be no lunch. So it'll be by high. Then what is the probability of that happen very high. What is the manageability of that? Not really. People go on vacation qualification. We can't stop them. So what we can do is to mitigate medication regular. And what is the action? Once we identified the issue, we already know how toe how to delete it, or we start thinking what we can do about that. In this particular case, it is the vacation season. We can I door planet and make sure that everything is done before he goes on location. Oh, are we ask for a deputy. So there are several actions that we can do. Finish dung the development develop month of the payment monitor before duh application vacation season. Let's say if you tell July because he many time toe reviewed and then approved it to night and accountable. Be out, take leader. And it's a my dad and mom by when this action has to happen, We already have a date this 15th of July to die to life. Perfect. Then we already see that we have an action out of these. Then what we're going to do with this action we'll see in the time management section. Yeah, this is a B. Then we already see that we have in action and we have a deadline, a deadline which wasn't initially included in our project in our timeline. So what we're going to do is to take it and toe update our delivery to the update, our timeline. We may also realize that when we dated that we are not able to make it in time. So then we have another risk of delay. Delay of the payment more because of lack of resource is and that's a threat. Initially, we weren't planning to finish one month earlier. So should you. The plan waas to finish the payment more toured. Oh, by always by Mido's by meat overs. But because the vacation season, season, euro, we need to finish before wait for me to finish one month earlier. But we don't have the resources that don't have their resource is sources for that? So that is a high impact. The probably is quite hard. Is it manageable? Oh, sorry. This was Look, if it is manageable. Yes, it is many to put We have the power of allocating resources. No either. But now dependent. If we have some people that we can shift, then we can have a high manageability if we need to hire somebody as that may be a medium Yeah, and the treatment strategy will be prevention. And the action will be higher than you developer Vale appear and then accountable for days would be myself. And it has to happen in order for that person tohave the time toe Learn about what has to do has to be done. Learn about the solution Plus the lever. We have two other barking step. Is eso the latest time? When that can happen, it would be for stuff. True. So where is it then? We're still good and out of this one. We already see that we have another part of scope of work which will deepen plan initially and that is to hide any developer. So what we have to do? We have to go in our Gina and at that to the plan to the scope because that's part of sculpt. We have to allocate resources for that. We have done keep time and, of course, margin. So time. No, I hire a new developer, and this will be an epic hire new developer for the payment mortar. And, of course, Labour's. We can eight power, and then we can assign it to me. And I see one planet, and it is a very quite high priority going back to their risk assessment. Important. Every time identify in action, we go and load it. We go and added to the scope. So it is truck, Yeah. 30. Risk Management 25p part 2 v10: Let's take the example of the coaching business that we're going to lunch. Let's take, um, a new opportunity. Let's say I have a discussion. Kaylie Kaylie used to be my friend, and I was telling him about business and what I want to do. Animal Project. And he said, Well, actually, we can partnership for one of the picky Jeez, so say, Well, that's great. So let's say partners she poor with kidding. Four. The five weeks intensive package type. This is an opportunity Tony team description to get that with candy, you're defining a package to a partnership package. Perfect. Then impact. It'll be very high. The probability is very high because we look on that the manageability very high didn't must that throughout the dream then treat my strategy. Since it is an opportunity, we have several options and we will go with the expectation we can either share it. We can either accept it, but we go to make the best out of it, and the action will be to define the package package and promoted accountable will be myself. It's very important here that under comfortable there is only one a company. They we don't have to counterbalance the counterbalance person. The final responsible of that action happen. If we have to responsible, then it can be that never happens. So we can have two people who are responsible of working on it with only one accountable. Only one is the final one. Make sure that that happens. And where, Let's say next week. Good. Then again, like in the same the first example. We are goingto bodies to the project plan. So I will go into my project plan. Oh, into a son of and I will add it. I will add. We find the five Weeks weeks intensity program. We kind actually. Okay. But then I would call out. I need to make a section five weeks intense program and I wouldn't move it. I would be underneath perfect and again here description, description except us Crazier. What do I need for these two? Can't happen. Maybe I need something for Keita. Maybe I need somebody from my came to do something about it. Yes, very important. 31. Risk Management 25p part 3 v10: Then let's take the coffee shop on the coffee shop. Let's take the example of the of the new project with the City Hall. So project with the City Hall. It is an opportunity description. The city hole. Okay, Things the the called the show should be included into the to re stick map and no, together with the the City Hall. No, um, coffee shop will be promoted by the see the whole cause. Part of a to re stick. Houston at traction. You said that I was deleting it several times. As I was thinking to that, I left it intentional to see that the reason thinking behind that, that the ideas don't just pop pop. No, you need toe allocate some time to it. You need to have thinking to it. Okay, The impact of this is very high. It's really going to boost my my business. The probability Let's say it's medium. No, we're still discussing about that. I don't know if it is high. What? Let's make it even though, no, because I just heard idea. I don't have anything about that. Tell my ability it's low if they would do it or not. And In case that happens, I want to explode. So what I do, I will employees, my social media manager Julia, time to enhance my social media promotion. And hence because I'm thinking that that can be something that may help the City Hall to take this decision opportunity hands the social media price since of the coffee shop accountable will be me by the next month. Next month I would put exactly that line if you know, then, as the project progresses, I have more discussion on the city hall and we get to signed partnership. What I do is to go into my risk register and toe update the probability of disgrace to happen. Because now it's high. It actually happened. So it changed from low to high. And then there's some manageability. I will change it from low to medium because now I have a direct contact inside the city hole with whom I work to make this project happen. So this is how you do your risk register, you identify your is. You said the actions for this Chris. They accountable for the actions and you update protest. Thank you. Way 32. Communication Manangement 25p part 1 v10: Hi. Welcome to the communication management Last in this class, we're going to learn what we're going to communicate toe and how, when it comes to communication management the first step before we get started, anything else is to define the contacted tapes of all the ones were actively involved in the project. And I will show you how I do that. I have an excel again, and I have here the first name last name, the position of the person that email, the phone number, the location. This is especially where useful when we have a remote him, Then we have availability. What is the availability of the team member if he waas work of the person in general, If the person is available only in the mornings or late evenings or is a different times on the hours, it's very important to write it down there. Education is if that person planned certifications or if we're talking about a group of people, ive the reciprocation period. The communication methods, what are the communication methods that we can use to communicate with them? What is they preferred? Communication method and any other comments? If you have, let's get the example of myself. I'm UNCA senior project manager manager. You can add here if you have vendor, for example, you can have you cannot another column and say company all. You can split them in different tubs. Project team vendors. Um client. So it makes it easier if you have a lot of people. If not, just put them all together from the company. Yes, Highway. You made UNCA ideas. Highway Comb, My phone number plus regime 68 as on location on France. I'm available. Own mornings, Central European time zone vacation. I plan to take location the month of August Since you plan them, we spoke about Oh, Roost. Oh, boost communication, my thoughts, everything. Email, phone, sky slack. Let's say I first cut because he's always there on common study. Now let's take the example of of the mobile application and we have Tom Tom. Tom Johnson told Tom Soehn he's a senior manager manager that he is currently to Racing Team. He's emailing. This is storm camera. Generous did, though, Do you? Plus for one and number country. That's eighties UK. He's available only from 4 to 5 from Monday. Friday, Yeah, location on the case he prefers form, of course, and his reachable only by email and for Or do you first please face to face? And then here I was a comment. I need to take an appointment with his assistant every time I want to see him. 0.2 months with the assistant a cease. So always being say, that means that I have to have the contact in case he's a system. Her name is Mary and Combs, personal issues, perfect university and so on. But Mary is available only from 8 to 9 a Monday to Friday, because afterwards she's most of the time busy with tall meetings. Okay and why it's so important. Write it down, you may say, Well, I took to my team every single day. I don't really need them and also my job to make an Excel toe. Have this contact DK's. It's just one. When you have more people involved, let's say tomorrow you get seek and you want somebody to call the vendor toe, announce them that you're sick, or let's say that you need a believable for from them and you are the only one who has the contact, but you are sick and kind of that. And then, if it is very handy, if you already have them down written down, the team can always get it and called the vendor and get what we need from them in order to deliver on time. So that really saves time. Okay, And this is how I do how you write down how low all the information. Also, another situation on you may need it. Let's say you are for the natural. You are awaking or shops and you just don't have the time and something happens and you need a contact. It is you need home urgently, so your assistant or your team members can go into this document. Grab Mary's phone number because they will see in the comments that in order to reach tone , you have to get an appointment with Mary, and they're going to do that straight ahead without any battle next, without any problems without any delays. Now, another important thing that I insist is that everybody from the team has a company email, and that is the email that used to give them access in old a system that you need to give the Max is and The reason why I ceased to do that is because once the company is not working anymore for you or in your project in the company, you just need to remove one email address and the access to all the system is cut. But if you give a personal email address access to all the systems, you'll have to go in each one of them and cut the access individually. And that's rather work. Always being said, let's go to the step number two. 33. Communication Manangement 25p part 2 v10: step Number two is about sharing the information. I believe that is important to share all the information. You have to be open book insider team, and we want that you are working with. So my recommendation is that after you gather only information about once where you are, which we are working with to create a protein folder that is accessible for everybody, this folder will contain all the documents off the project will contain. The plans will contend this car will contain everything. You may not want to give access to everybody to sensitive information like contract pricing closes. And on this perfectly fine. You can set up a different sharing rights for that particular folder. But it is important that the team is having access to the Project folder where they can find all the information and you're going toe. Are there the excel with contact? Keep AIDS 34. Communication Manangement 25p part 3 v10: then the step number three is to set up the recurring meetings. What is it, Me? You set the project. Your main mission, when it comes to communication, has to be built discipline to build recurring habits. And it's very easy to do that with the recurring meetings. So in the same document that I looked, the information about the team members I will go in and other information about the meetings, the meetings that this is having is stand up meeting or you can call it a sure fix meeting , depending what it was for the team. This is a meeting that you have regularly, either each day or once a week with the team. And the purpose is to disguise what has been done, what has been done, what we're trying to do. And if you have any brokers, depending on how much the team works on the project, you may want to do that every day. If the team is dedicated to the project or once a week or once every second day, it's really after each project. The agenda would be everything. Member will have to say what that dance is. The last meeting, what they thought the last meeting. Oh, what I will do till the next meeting. To what I will do you that next. Anything. If I have any brokers now, when this meeting is taking place, you need to take note. Those notes will have to be transformed into a project plan update in tow, Reese Register updates and so on. The audience will be project Team type is a recording meeting, and they and time we really have to define that with team. So let's say we do it every day. From 8 15 I saw my try these things. The A 30 Monday's every month. No. Every day. This will do everything court Mondays, Wednesdays and pray this. I really like the Monday mornings meetings or the morning meetings in general because they're setting up the pace of the team. If you serve them, they would a short meeting that is going to energize the team, and it's going to plant the means to know what they have to do where they are and just start digging into it. That is going to make a very productive day location. I would hear Skype, and while I'm sitting this, I will go even a step further and set up this meeting in the calendar. So I will literally open my calendar and said it hop and send the invite straight ahead. Straight forward. Don't wait. Don't say I would do it later. Do it then. Another meeting that you want to have is a project status meeting. This is usually either with the owner with team with yourself or with your coat with somebody to keep you toe. Look at the higher level. Where is the project going? Is it on track? Is not on track what is left to be done? What are the issues? How we're progressing and it is Review plan versus actress and estimation completion. Then the agenda will be. Do you feel plant? I learned versus come police on a timeline, then would be budget estimate versus actually but, uh, sure very Suze estimation to completion then will be between you and a project sponsor. So will be between the key players can be now. Then type would be required. And then we'll be every Wednesday, every first Wednesday of the month or any other time. Define ascendancy. First Wednesday of the month with and location will be will be WebEx and again. Second step after the final days is you get into a calendar, any scent they fight you copy paste that agenda constipated. Look the details to connected the meeting everything. Any Senate out the next thing you want to define of the report how the reporting should look like. Do you need your thing to report you? If yes, how should a port do? Your stakeholders need you to report to them. If Yes, how should that look like? And let's get some examples. And to define that leads, take the communication plan. Here in this excel, I have the reporting type, content, audience and delivery method, and I will lose Is an example the mobile application. And here I need to deliver start to support that support to the project sponsor. Let's call it to the key players. But actually what I have to do here is not to leave it so on Big was but rather toe are the names. So Tommy Thompson, Gavea and Maria I have to send them a report. I need toe when and so here date every Monday of the month every Monday of the month and I I I send it by email. This report has to contain the project plan Project timeline, action timeline plans versus actual versus estimation to completion. They want the graph on this. You need to be very specific. When you define that, they want the graph. Then they also want a budget budget overview. How much was planned? What is the actual and what is the estimation to accomplish land where Suze actually races estimation to completion. Then they will so want a full detail of all the features that are available Futures available for testing and futures planned for next month. Okay, this is what they want and their audience. Who knows exactly how this report should look like? So what you are going to do, you will make a draft of it, and you are going to cross check with them, if that is what they expect. So when the day of the reporting comes, it is already clear, and you don't spend time in creating the report instead of spending time helping your thing with an issue. Eso What is the extra situation in projects is that we don't send this report. We postponed them. We give priority toe other project activities. And what happens is that in the case of Tom Tonsil, who is not a black to the project and he's not hearing from ICE for three months, he may think that this project doesn't happen, so it's important to keep discipline on it. It's important to have the things clarified from the beginning and afterwards will be sending it out quite easy. Just obey the numbers and send it out. When it comes to reports, I will adhere. The example for you are owner for the coaching business. Here you have your team who is doing content loading, who is doing them the design so and you are using asana. So what you are doing is well, we're pretty much in touch than 30 day. So I will not need a full report from you planned versus actual estimation to completion and so on. But what do I need is for you to go in a sauna and toe locate to me each item that you have completed. So let's say, for example, you already drafted the content and then the my writer would say, content, content, drafted, drafted, loved it in We have approach for Remember in the Project Folder Content shop and the I get this command here and the task is getting allocated to me. So when the tech wins, I'm getting a notification via email and I know that istan, or even more my content writer may being me and tell me the content is available in the draft is available for the review. Please check it and then I go over here, I check it. If I'm happy with it, then I say draft proof draft approved. Please go forward. Go ahead with Right in the car, the con And then what? I will do our mark. This is completed and disappear from here. But I will know any time what items have been completed because I'm able to see the perfect . So this is what the only thing that I need from my business intercepts status reports. Then let's take the example of the coffee shop with the coffee shop. I will have a different kind of people working. Some of them worked remotely somewhere them work with me physically. So then what is the status of the project? How will What's that to support? Will they be. And let's take two examples on this one with saying, I'm I'm working with my partner and we always need to know what we are so inter self. If we define our target audience or if you have a short list for the needed locations, what we can go to make it very easy. We cannot label and let's say we make it green when it is completed, so we know that that activity is completed or we are red. It's important to have only one neighbor and say they seize very overdue. And I need your help. Port. You need to take a look on that and this is how we know what is the status. So you see different manners off making the support. We don't need to make them very big if there is no need. But it's good to have a track on that, especially for communicating with others. If you have bigger projects, remember, we have to define how the support should look like the beginning. What did the stakeholders need to know? What do we need your thing to report 35. Communication Manangement 25p part 4 v10: The last step in the communication management is the day to day communication in General Isis that I have a direct access to the team during the working hours during the hours that they're supposed to work on the project because situations happen is good to build a team, and it's good to know that the team is there. It's good toe, enhance the team member collaboration and have a very condensed weight off working. So I would suggest that with your team used happily direct communication for day to the usage, then throughout the project, they can be that the things that you define at the beginning, let's say the reporting that we defined with your team with your stakeholders are not bringing any value that you can always go back and adjust it. They may want at a certain stage of the project, a daily Landry list that they can go with. They can see the progress, then what you're going to do. You are going to go into the communication plan and you're going toe. Are that land released Landry list? All the to do's, too, on the to do's of the previously previous day, plus that plus status. Listen, your complete No, but sometimes they're not. So maybe that's why it is stakeholder. Start asking for that, uh, old well, when I mean stakeholders. Maybe that's why the beneficiary are asking for the oil DM planned, I think. Planned pass for the day? Yep. And audience will be just covered. Yeah. And they every day, every day it 9 a.m. Yeah. If we're working in different time zones, they find the time zone. Let's say CST good. They metals. It would be inhumane. Good. Or it can be injured as they go there. And they see it. Yeah. It can also be that you have meetings which are not making sense. You start with having a daily meeting about the progress and then throughout the project, you realize that you don't need that. You need just one meeting a week and that's working perfectly fine. Then you can always go and updated wherever it works for the team. Wherever you learn, adapt it that what's project management about toe? Adapt it as you learn more as you progress to adapt it. The personalities of the project attacked each project. Thank you for watching and seeing the next less 36. Closing v10: Hi. Welcome. This'd the final way. During this course, we learn what are all the aspect of the project management that we should consider in managing when managing our projects. But it's been so much information, you may have so many notes and so many things, and now you're wondering what's next. How do you actually take all this information and you start applying it in your day to day life in your day to day profession in order to have better projects. The first thing you should do is look at the projects that you have already running or the project that you are starting. If you have a project starting, take all the aspect of the project management that we learned in this class and one by one in the same order, start having the information start documenting, started doing all the things that the course is teaching you about. If you have a project which is running, then look at your project and take one by one. All the aspect that we learned about take this cope took. If your scope is enough detail, maybe you can improve it based on what you started in the class take the quality of your project. Is it defined? Is it defined enough? Are you confident in it? If not updated, use your existing projects toe update to apply the information, The knowledge that aren't in this course Take the team. Do you know all the aspect of the steams? Is there any information? Is there anything that you learned in this course that you can go and apply for her team? Maybe you are in the forming stage or you are in the storming or you are just performing They the information and apply it. What about a for estimation Are you are the this assumptions of your estimations in this moment in our project? If not, get into that and other assumptions. If you are in a project that he's very advanced, you may not be able to get much benefit out of the new assumptions. But write them down. You never know and practice it on the next project. That will be better. Thank you for watching the course. And remember, there is a question and answer section Drop me any question that you have and I will answer to it. Feel free to contact me also and connected me. Thank you for being here