Master the Watercolour World- Integrate it in your daily life! | Vero B. | Skillshare

Master the Watercolour World- Integrate it in your daily life!

Vero B.

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction video

    • 2. Grid painting

    • 3. Watercolor grid

    • 4. Conclusion


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EDUCATION Bachelor of Applied Arts - Interior Design from Algonquin College, 2012

Ontario Building Code Certification in the following classifications: General Legal/Process – 2012


Born and raised in Moldova, Ms Druta moved to Canada in 2008 to study Interior Design at Algonquin College. During the four years in the Interior Design program, Ms. Druta worked on residential, commercial, healthcare and hospitality projects gaining knowledge and skills that she later applied in the Interior design work field. During that time she developed interests in technology, art history,  contemporary and modern design.  

In April 2012, after graduating from Algonquin College, Ms. Druta  joined Dalton Distinctive Renovations. During her time at this firm she was responsible for the design and coordination of residential building projects. This included the production of working drawings for various residential projects, working with clients on product selections and ensuring the on time delivery of those selections on site.  Ms. Druta engaged in multiple networking events and gained knowledge of the industry. As part of her job she expressed initiative to be part of the  Awards Gala committee for the  Greater Ottawa Building Association (GOHBA) 

Ms. Druta joined Cornelis Grey Construction in May of 2014 as the project coordinator and later as a designer within the firm. She has worked on multiple projects developing working drawings, meeting with clients, working as a liaison between the clients and sub trades and helping clients with finishes and selections. Since joining Cornelis Grey Construction Ms. Druta developed an interest towards sustainable building practices learning more about different certification programs, building materials and construction practices. Most recent  Ms. Druta worked on basement designs, kitchen designs, bathroom designs, shed/garage construction. Ms. Druta remained a to contribute to GOHBA  joining the Reno Mark and Green committee. 


Outside work Ms. Druta is passionate about developing new skills, reading books and spending quality time with family and friends. 

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