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Master the Vintage Logo Design Style

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

Master the Vintage Logo Design Style

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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46 Lessons (3h 30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. What is Vintage Logo

    • 4. Vintage Logo Shapes

    • 5. Vintage Logo Colours

    • 6. Colour Examples

    • 7. Font Introduction

    • 8. Sourcing Fonts & Refining Search

    • 9. Serif Fonts

    • 10. Script Fonts

    • 11. Sans Serif Fonts

    • 12. Vintage Logo Design Questionnaire

    • 13. Completed Questionnaire Bristols Barbers

    • 14. Reference Material

    • 15. Moodboard

    • 16. Mind Map

    • 17. Rough Sketching

    • 18. Refinement Sketching

    • 19. Scanning & Photographing Sketches

    • 20. Developing Brush Symbol Part 1

    • 21. Developing the Crown Brush Symbol Part 2

    • 22. Backing Shapes Elipse & Star Part 1

    • 23. Backing Shapes Ellipses & Stars Part 2

    • 24. Backing Shape Circles & Rotation

    • 25. Custom Brush Shapes Part 1

    • 26. Effects

    • 27. Acquiring Fonts

    • 28. Font Selection

    • 29. Developing the Backing Shape Bristols Barbers

    • 30. Adding Text

    • 31. Kerning

    • 32. Intergrating the Symbol

    • 33. Applying Ornaments

    • 34. Applying Negative Space

    • 35. Colouring Bristols Barbers

    • 36. Applying an Aged Look

    • 37. Sealing & Applying Negative Space

    • 38. Review of Final Logo

    • 39. Questionnaire Firestone Denim

    • 40. Planning Firestone Denim

    • 41. Development Part 1 Firestone Denim

    • 42. Development Firestone Denim Part 2

    • 43. Development Firestone Denim Part 3

    • 44. Colouring Firestone Denim Part 4

    • 45. Activities Please see resources

    • 46. Final Word

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About This Class

Master the all popular, ever trending Vintage Logo Design Style!

You'll learn every step of the logo design development process from planning to sketching to digitization within the software!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Evans

Logo Designer



Daniel Evans is a Professional Logo Designer and Graphic Designer from the North-East of England with 20 years dedicated experience working freelance and for various design agencies in Utah, Seattle, New York and Britain, including 6 years working for Hewlett Packard's design division. 

He holds 5 WOLDA Awards, an ICMA Silver Award, a Hiiibrand Silver Award and an Amazing Pixels Award.  Just recently Daniel has been awarded an ICMA Award of Excellence, a Hiiibrand Bronze Award and he claimed the WOLDA 10 Silver Award.

Daniel's work is featured in the publications: 

*     Logo Lounge 7, Logo Lounge 11, Logo Creed, Damn Good, LogoPond, New Graphic 30, Logo Nest 02, IHeartLo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to the course. It's my hope that the forthcoming information will enable you to excel as a designer. If you're succeeding in your skills, it means I'm succeeding as a teacher. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to start a discussion, and I'll do my very best to help I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up the date, please be sure to click. Follow next to my using them by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share, Resource is and when I launch contests. 2. Overview: before we begin, I'll introduce myself for those who haven't taken my courses in the past. My name is Daniel Evans. I'm a graphic designer from the northeast of England. Despite being capable of many forms of graphic design, my main focus is a log or design software wise are mostly used Adobe Illustrator. And so this is what I used to develop my locals Adobe Illustrator as also the industry standard tool for log or design law orders. Hanging is a very broad topic. Sensors, many different log or tapes. We can develop some logs designers air skilled only in one area of law or design, while others a more profession. Across the board. One type of law goal, which they develop often, is the vintage style. And so I'm going to go on to reveal the you everything that I know about vintage law or design as a professional log or designer on, we're going to study all steps of a log or design development. If you're logged. Orders a nurse, someone who wants to start out as a log or designer. Learning vintage log or design is invaluable in, and that's currently rife with log or designs as too is the real world. Keep your eyes peeled and you'll note vintage log or design styles everywhere, from product brands to themed shop front posters. So let us explore what vintage log or design is and how we go about designing one professionally. 3. What is Vintage Logo: we're going to explore the development of a vintage local. So what is event that the law go on? How is one different from the other local types? Obviously, the best thing I can do to demonstrate event local. It's assure you a selection off them. Aside from the visuals, however, we need to be able to encompass the style of graphic and words to vintage logo is quite often an enclosure local and then closure log, or is one that contained within a tidy shape or a neat arrangement. Such formers may include primitive ships such as a circle square, rectangle or diamond to name, but a few others may have nor shapers of backing and simply be a composition of text arranged in a pleasing way. It's common for a vintage law. Got a feature graphic, but this isn't mandatory, so more feature basic graphic. Whilst others may feature an elaborate illustration, In some cases the text itself will be the focus, and it may be illustrated to shine as the main attraction text is commonly wrapped around the circle, or Orval laid against shape edges or simply presented on the horizontal. The position of the text depends largely upon the overall shape of the law goal. But those which don't have a back in ship allow for free reign of tax placement. Text on the horizontal might be paired with arch text is one example. So let's consider the overall style of a vintage local when I look at a vintage log or I'm reminded of the order, the advertisements that were painted on the side of shops. I'm also reminded of all their products, which sported this style, which trended at the time. Other people might be reminded of vintage gas stations in America, the Wild West or all cigarette parrots, the vintage laurel styled and be used for literally anything in this day and age, as it was in the olden days, the vintage local style them be adopted from almost any era to usually pre 19 seventies. Needless to say, the Vinge log on graphic style has gin sudden traction in today's design trend, and so I'm going to go on to teach you how to develop some of the most popular styles of Venjah logo. The beauty is an effect of avenge local needn't be complex. Simplicity is always key, and some of the finest vintage log was produced very simple and their form. So without further delay, let's proceed to design some stunning vintage a local designs. 4. Vintage Logo Shapes: a vintage log. Orders ain't and be best around almost any kind of ship. There's no hard and fast rules. Quite often, however, you'll see that many are composed of primitive ships, such a circles or ovals and squares to name but a few. So here we are on Illustrator and have presented a range of examples of primitive ships, which may be used as a base for a vintage local at the top left. Here, you'll see we have a circle on that obviously made with the Ellipse tools on the toolbar here on. And another alternative is an oval on that, obviously using the Ellipse tool. Once again, it's basically just a squashed circle. Here's the Oval with an outline so that might be used as a basis for a vintage local. Here's an oval with slant applied to it. On Dhere, we have a square. Obviously, this is made using the rectangle tool in the toolbar. On Dhere, we have a square on 45 degrees, so that's being turned slightly. He has an outline version of a tilted square. Here we have a diamond, which is essentially a squashed square. You have a rectangle obviously made two, using the same rectangle to as this square. Here we have the rectangle on the vertical rectangle on the vertical. With an outline applied, he'll have a rounded rectangle with a slight adjustment made so that it's protruding at the bottom. On the left hand side, he was a hexagon hexagon. That's tell that 45 degrees so that the points at the top and bottom you have the outline of that hexagon. We have a triangle event logo might be made with a triangle. Here we have text only versions, so avenge local might just consist of taxed. And maybe the taxed might actually make one of those shapes above. You see that this textual text here makes a kind of rectangular shape. You say this makes an arch on. This is a kind of explosive pinched effect. On this tax year, we have a wave effect applied to this tax year on you see, that's a completed ventaja log or design consisting of various text effects. So every arch text at the top. We have the pinch taxed central as the main tax on. We have standard horizontal taxed as a kind of tag line at the bottom now touching upon these ships on the right hand side, you see that a vintage log or design can also be made from almost any shape. You say. We have a cog at the top here. We have wings at either side of a circle here on below. We have, like a starburst kind of effect on the next one, down as a shield. So by those examples you'll see that there's no hard and fast rules. But you will note that vintage logo designs are commonly made with these kind of primitive shapes. 5. Vintage Logo Colours: So what colors do we consider for a vengeful ogle? The first question we need to ask is. Do we want to develop a vintage dialogue? A. With a modern touch? Or do you wish to stay true to the tradition of the era to elaborate upon The first we can develop with vintage log, or but we can bring it in line with modern trends by applying bald, bright and saturated colors. We have brightly lit color screens and vibrant inks in this day and age, so we have liberty to do this. If, however, you wish to stay true to tradition, more muted on neutral colors are appropriate as opposed to saturated. Here, you can see the muted versions of the saturated colors above. Beneath the muted colors, we have neutral colors. These colors are matched as close as possible to the muted colors above without brightness . Spain present. It's these colors, which a typical oven ear, which predates the time when muted colors lightly above, were used But neutral colors can also be used to depict faded versions of muted colors to represent the age vintage aspect, and this is often the case thinks weren't as bright in the olden days, but we also reduce brightness of color to make our law goes look old, So there's two aspects to consider. Now you'll know that I haven't assigned any dates what I've just described as a very loose rule of thumb. Brighter colors were seemingly less present and law goals and general advertising the further week or back in time. This isn't the sea. The materials for bright colors weren't available. Beetles have bean, the source of bright red coloring since the dawn of time. It's just that these materials were less obtainable, and so the result was use of more neutral colors and later meted colors. Naturally, the specific colors here are gonna be considered a hard and fast palette, which you must use it simply for the purpose of demonstrating the differences on providing examples. You can obtain your own variants by experiment with a spectrum in the color palette on the color sliders, so that wraps up the overview of vintage. A log or design color theory will be applying. Call it or vintage log or designs. Once we've developed and perfected their form 6. Colour Examples: So let's take a look at some examples of ventaja log or designs, which allies muted, and you'll colors the circular vintage log or utilizes dark red, a dark gray and cream color, which is typical of muted colors. These colors, particularly the red, give this law go a more modern feel, since the red is actually bordering on being a bright, saturated color. Next we have a taxed an icon Best Venjah logo with a straightforward black, slightly reduced in saturation black claw goals late, less 10 to be the exception, since black is a key color used everywhere through all eras. The color black friends, since results from a branding iron by way of burning is one such example of a cheer availability. The color, therefore, in this case, wouldn't lend to the era as much as the form of the local. Here we have a unique shape vented log or demonstrating brilliantly the use of a muted colors, snowboarding's and modern sport. But with a use of muted colors, they have underplayed the intensity of today's extreme sports to appeal to the over fifties . Next, we have a shield shaped vintage logo utilizing three neutral colors. The choice of colors gives an earthly feel whilst depicting the vintage quality. This circular shipbuilding local features a bold, neutral blue with white, the sticks of the vintage trade whilst depicting the deep blue sea. Sometimes simplicity in color works very well this way of tax based piano servicing local gives a traditional vintage feel with neutrals of black and fossil green. Here we have a simple but effective horizontal tax ventaja logo, arranged in a square shape with mild decoration above and below. Again, we have neutral with a military green, coupled with a clear color, which helps the capture that old and feel. Finally, we have a playful, secular local with protrusions of the nail and bana. The colors are muted to give the old fashioned vibe, yet not ancient whilst keeping upbeat. So these example show how the muted and neutral colors have bean utilized in ventaja log or design. We've seen that one or two dark, neutral colors helps to capture more darker all the field, but this does depend upon design form to muted colors can still be used to capture the same era, but the range of more vibrant colors within gives the designer opportunity to depict something MAWR Recent toe. Add a little bit more life designed for Miss Kay, however, and colors just add that little bit extra, but it's important to know how to use them properly. 7. Font Introduction: a quick and reduction to fund types. The three primary fun types are Serif San serif and script. Sarah Fonts is a label state off those which contain characters with Serifis. A Saref is a small slab or curled shape, which sits at the end of certain characters. Sounds means without and saw sounds. Serra fonts are those which do not contain serifis and therefore generally look more straight or smooth in appearance. Since there's usually nor treatment. Given the end of the characters script fonts also known as occurs of fonts or simply those in which the characters look hand written, it may look as if the current is being written using a pencil or calligraphy, pan sung script, fonts and more realistic than others. Some script funds look too rigid and too consistent. Pass Off is being written by human hand, but the still hold on aesthetic quality, so that covers the main three types of fund style. The many different sub styles of those three categories a fund described as decorative, for instance, could be serif san serif or script. You see all the categories visible on the fund websites, which in Norn as font foundries alg wanted in just these next 8. Sourcing Fonts & Refining Search: there's many places to acquire fonts on the Internet. My favorite of present happens to be font space dot com. You see, hear clicking upon browse. We can see all the fund cut degrees available. We can browse the top tier prime categories such a serif san serif and script. Always in simply, browse by AM or find means. As you can see, you wouldn't choose categories which pretend toe old English, medieval, Western and antique is a few examples, so one was selected a fund for a specific project. We can take full advantage of these labeled categories to select an appropriate front for the era. My second favorite website for fonts is deaf on dot com, from which the similar categories of visible from the homepage. Aside from those categories, be sure to take advantage of the search feature to, since it might reveal something which would otherwise take a while of find or be messed if you choose to browse a car degrees. If, for example, you were designed in a medieval law Google feature of sword, you may just go ahead and type sword in the search field in a bid to find fonts, which a sharp in appearance to complement the overall local design. Obviously, you might also wish to search for sharp or pointed. So this concludes Overview of sourcing fonts on refining your search. 9. Serif Fonts: the following pieces of text are examples of Sarah Font. Here. You'll note the slab or kill at the end of certain characters. Sometimes the prominence of the times not so much. The first fun we have is a condensed block capital font, which is quite sharp and rigid, condense fonts of balls that feature tall slander characters. Contents Funds are considerably common amongst vintage log or designs in many business sectors, while so don't work too great as a tagline. Block capitals and general are ideal for eligibility of a company name. Block capitals, particularly with a serif, tend to be serious and hard hitting. Their styles really open ended and would perhaps be a suitable for a whole range of different themes. Next, we have a font style, which represents machine engraved lettering in Would the fun is high impact, and it looks great. But it may only be a suited to certain business sectors. Pubs, restaurants, carbon as an furniture Companies, for example, would benefit from a fund style such as This is an M suggests we have a fit in style. In this font for a fast food chain, diner or restaurant, the characters are very readable with fun around treatment. Sarah FSA very subtle on this font, which lends to its eligibility. An italic is present, too, which could depict speed of fast food delivery. As you can see, the fund would work nicely to for a tagline. Even when the spacing of characters is considerate, the style looks curly, mushy and somewhat medieval. It might be a fun that's suitable for something related to Halloween fancy dress or even kicks the former. This former really leaves it up with imagination. Whilst they can be fitted solidly into any segment, it is a fun that would look great. Incorporated an appropriate vintage, a local Do the oddly shift characters. This isn't one that would function as a small a tagline. This fund perhaps needs no one reduction. As the name suggests, this style is typical of carnival or circus lettering. This type of fund also hold great similarity toe Wild West styles. As such, the stale could be sent to be wild and wacky and suitable for any business that adopts those traits. So that wraps up the examples of vintage Sarah fonts in a variety of styles 10. Script Fonts: Let's take a look at some example script funds, which may be suitable for range of different venjah log or design project. Each instance of tax reads actual font name so it can explore these. If you so wish, the first Fund Street Way offers a bald in off beat Look where the italics Landon to feel of movement. It's style is a modern yet reminiscent of the 19 fifties. As the name suggests, it may be associated with some form of sports way or a restaurant or diner. As a few considerations, while so fun offers reasonably good legibility, it would probably only be used as a company name as opposed to a tagline. This script, fond force of very personal style it's stale suggests that it's being very neatly written by a human hand using pencil or a ballpoint pen. While so isn't a lot of weight to this font, it may be suitable for a more airy styled logo. Its characters are very clear and saw the font may be used to function as a deck Quit of tagline. A farm like this is ideal for the Pickton, some sort of craft off family stroke home based business as two examples. The name of this font gives him towards the feel that it's trying, which ive Onda achieves it well. This styles reminiscent of the 19 fifties and 19 sixties record player brand. Needless to see, the style would be well suited to a music business or company who specializes in entertainment. Onshore manship. The style of Sina's hip hop beat, cool and exciting. This form, a suggestive of handwriting in a very neat style, are such it depicts a personal touch whilst keeping all lettering perfectly. Ledge a ball. This phone could be used as the basis of development of prestigious law. Goal for almost any business that wants to portray the personal touch. Perhaps clear enough to to be used as a tagline with the different font utilize for the company name. This fund could be said to have its style origins from the 19 sixties. Based upon certain food products. The farm to May depicts fruitiness and freshness. It's inviting fun and modern, and appearance is such There's really few restrictions upon where this type of fund could be used with great effect. This is one such example of a valuable script fund, which is regarded is vintage, so that's just a small range of script fawn examples, which can be utilized to develop a vintage local. These are just a few of the hundreds of suitable script funds available, which is suitable for vintage log or design, so be sure it explore the categories of the font website. 11. Sans Serif Fonts: Now you're about to see a range of example, son Sarah fonts. You'll know other characters do not feature slabs or kills at the end, and so the font is called Son Saref. Meenan were found Serifis, the first Fonda's decorative feature and shadow under the right of each character, the styles typical of the Art Deco era in the late 19 twenties and 19 thirties. And so it's a style I might remind some of The Great Gatsby. This fund will be considered as condensed, since all its characters a tall and slender, although that would have fonts 10 to content, too much detail to be eligible at smaller sizes with adequate space and between each character, the style seems to function reasonably well. Those some characters maybe Miss Red if the text is significantly small. This fund is a basic condense son, serif, which offers high impact, effective ledge ability. The font style is to the point with, nor bells or whistles due to this quality, even though it's condensed, it will read reasonably well is a small tagline. This type of Fancher perhaps be considered when readability is all important above decoration. This font features bald vertical stems to the characters in may remind some of music, particularly the Olden Day Jazz Club, circa 19 thirties. This style offers a sleazy yet distinguished feel. Do it form. However, this isn't a fund that would be appropriate for display it smaller sizes and even goes far to say that it's perhaps only suited for short company names, often labeled a stencil style. Here we have a font, which is typical of the military, that stylist fashion to appear as if it's being painted using a stencil. Hence why some characters on a solid unit, this fund boss, a high impact feel. But the separation and form of the characters means that it only serves well at a large size. It's not a fun week or for for a tagline. Besides the military, this style of font may be considered for many different applications such a street style clothing and production of beer and wines to name but a few. Here we have a rustic feel font, which gives the impression of age and emphasized by speckled texture. It may also give the impression that the characters have been painted. There are many different rustic feel funds available and they are very common in vintage locals. It's important, however, to make sure that the overall log or design matches the same rustic feel of the font. Despite the speckles, many offer good legibility and serve the purpose of presenting good old fashioned looking logo. Solar covers a range of examples of sun serif font styles that may be used in vintage log or design. 12. Vintage Logo Design Questionnaire: here we have the vintage log or design questionnaire, and it's these questions which I fought in my clients when I receive in order for a vintage logo. So I'm gonna go through each first question reads. What name do you wish to use in your log or design in brackets? I have Please ensure you've registered any associated doorman names Now, obviously, the client states here there company name the warning and bracket is for the purpose off protection so that the client doesn't come back at a later date asking for a redesign. Obviously, we'd have to change the company name if they couldn't register the doorman name. And so this might represent significant problems in layout. Or at least it's gonna be additional work. So that stands as the most important question. Question number one. And obviously, that warnings in place to safeguard us is a designer. Question two reads. What specific tagline do you wish to see in your log or design, if any? Obviously, this is where tagline will be stipulated by the client, and also a common element in a vintage log or design is a date of establishment, and this is abbreviated as a s t. So we might have a s t 1953 for example, next to a tagline or underneath the company name. Some vintage logo designs won't have a tagline, so you might find that this question or the answer is left blank. Question three reads. Do we have free reign to use upper and lower case characters where appropriate? My find in many cases when he developed a vintage log Old sign, you might find yourself using block capitals and many instances. But we also use lower case characters to on vintage a local design, and it helps to give a more softer kind of tone. This is particularly true when we use script funds. Question four reads. What is your business sector on important question, which is gonna dictate the design? Excess could be an ice cream parlor. It could be a carriage, and he set there, which declined, stipulates here is gonna dictate the overall appearance. Question five reads. What kind of products and or services do you provide? And obviously this is going to tie in with the answer given question for question six reads . Where do you intend to apply your local now there may be instances where we have to prepare a local in a certain way if it's going to be used in a certain manner on ink. Stamp, for instance, will be prepared in a different way to with Jay Paige, which will be used on a website, and I'm gonna go into less and further detail later in the course. Question seven reads. Who is your target? Margaret? It could be the lower end of the market. 20 year olds to 35 rules. It could be 45 year olds to 75 year old, so the target market stipulated here in this, too, will dictate the look off the design scrolling down to question it. What kind of field would you like your log or to project I A corporate classy fun. So anything that the client states here will obviously reflect upon how we go about designing a local question. Nine. Which of the following local shapes do you prefer and have given six options here? First, a circular. Next is awful square rectangle custom. Andi text. Now in laws, the custom option is a strange shape. This could be basically any shape, which isn't one of the standard geometrical shapes, such as a circle or square. So if the client's Alexis, we have free reign to design custom shape. Question 10. Which of the following font styles do you prefer on? We have six options here once again. Serif Son Serif script Block deck Quit of unhealthy script. Ideally, would want the client have a rough idea of the font led light using the logo design. But this might be left blank so we have free reign as a designer scrolling down to question 11. Are there any specific pictures you'd like to incorporate in your log or design? Now the pictures An important element because it gives an immediate impression of what business is about. Ideally, we'd get some sort of indication he have what the clients looking for, but we may be granted for a urine question. 12 reads. Is there anything you do not want to see in your design? So perhaps a person warm. Want to see a sunrise in the design? If we're designing a vintage log or for food, for instance, anything might bay stated here or again, it might be left blank. Question 13 reads. What are your preferred colors. And this does what stays on Tim question for In which colors do you dislike, if any began, this is straightforward. Question 15. How many colors would you like? The using your design now typically advantage local design as a single color or a few colors. If the client does go crazy, he and stipulates eight colors, we would advise that they reduce it down to a few or single color Question 60 and reads. Please mention any specific existing local styles which you favour. And here the client will state either brands with Triton research or links, which we can also research using a browser. So we're gonna move down to Question seven in, which denotes the final question. Is there any additional information which should like the ad, which would help? And so the client has an opportunity here to give some input, which isn't dictated by questions. A client who is well invested in enthusiastic and the project will have their import era. So this concludes the ventaja log or designed questionnaire on the questions they're in. These questions are paused pre project so that we have all the confidence Andi material that we need to begin work on a ventaja log or design 13. Completed Questionnaire Bristols Barbers: So let's take a look at the completed vintage log or design questionnaire for this project . First question reads. What name do you wish she using a log or design? The answer is Bristol's barbers. So we're designing for a barbershop. Question two. What specific tagline do you wish to see in your log or design gentleman styling E S. T. 18 92 So it was a business established in 18 92 on the Want These details on the actual log or design question. Three. Do we have free Renee? Use upper and lower case current as where appropriate were given the go ahead for that with the yes Question four reads. What is your business sector? Obviously to barbershop are stated here. Question five. What kind of products and or services do you provide? Haircuts, shaves, styling and men's gift Question. Six. Where do you intend to apply your local shop? Front on product line Package in ink stamp on website. Who was your target market? 20 to 45 year olds scrolling down question. It reads. What kind of feel would you like? A log of project and the answer is classy, luxurious under inviting question nine. Which of the following local shapes you prefer on they have selected a circular shape for their local Question? 10. Which of the following fund sales you prefer on they've selected script Onda Heavy script scrolling down to question 11. Are there any specific pictures It like the incorporate in your log or design on the stated An icon of an object, which signifies a barbershop so it's relatively open Ended here. Question. 12. Is there anything you do not want to see in your design on the state of people? Question 13. What your preferred colors. Browns. Which colors do you dislike if any bright colors question. 15. How many colors would you like? Mix using your design on the state that two questions. 16. Please mention any specific existing local styles, which you favour on the mentioned cost of coffee, and General Electric, which are believed to be a circular designs to scrolling down to the final question. Is any additional information you like on which would help have stated, Ah, law, our previous law. Gore's plan Horizontal taxed where Norn as a luxury brand. Since the business is family owned, however, Wade Light have a personal touch assigned to the logo, which in turn can depict an element of friendliness. So that concludes the local design questionnaire for this project, and it's this information, which we'll use as we plan on design our vintage logo design. 14. Reference Material: the first thing we need to deal before development of energy, log or design is seduce. Um, brief research to Ghana material to develop our mood board. The best way to research quickly and easily is to use a search engine to conduct an image search by conducting an image search. Using a relevant search term, we can take a look at existing law goes in the same business sector if I would be designed in a barber shop. Vintage local, for instance, had used a searched him barber vintage logo on. Did have a vast selection of image results delivered for May. To review from the image results weaken select log walls, which stand out, particularly those which feature assets similar to what our client is looking for. Whether the spaceship, fond style or picture we can right click and save image as owing, simply click the image and drag it to the desktop. It's important not to be too selective in this process if a log or grabs you upon first sight. Perhaps it's something worthy to use his inspiration. We want the mood board to not only give us inspiration but to give us a clear indication of what other people are doing From a business perspective, we want a clear indication of competitive brands Once you've collected a whole range of inspirational vintage law goals week and then going to Adobe Illustrator to place thes side by side in a collage. This collage is known as the Mood Board. The Mood Board AIDS US and Development. The mind map, which comes next. 15. Moodboard: So here we on Adobe Illustrator here, you'll say are prepared a document in the landscape orientation and I don't mess by going to file new ensuring that size therefore selected. Though this isn't too important. The most important is orientation is set to landscape as opposed to portrait. This gives us a way in a more usable area, so we click OK and you'll see it now creates the document which I have here. But in this document, I've went a file place on of selected my images which have previously moved to desktop and then select multiple images here by holding shift on the keyboard. So clicking valuable, self selected four of those law goes. So now when I click place, I can now place those fall ogles consecutively instead of individually. Now the next most important thing that we need to do so that these images are embedded in the actual document and not just linked. We need to select all them again on we click embeds at the top here. So when we open this document in the future, these images will appear even if they're being deleted from the desktop. So now, with deleting these on going back to the 22 inspirational logos, which I gathered. So what we'll do at this point is review each log or briefly to see what quality it holds, although we don't want to replicate, exists in law goes, and anyway, it's important that the law goes. We design fit neatly and ideally prominently in the market. In layman's terms, it shouldn't look out of place, and it should give an indication of the business sector at a glance. This is usually achieved by means of a picture so quickly analyzing these law. Gore's You'll see that too fun types of prominent, a condom serif and the bald script. So the issue perhaps bay strong consideration for the Lord. Will we develop circles? And Arc, taxed, as he can see, is a prominent factor. Also, General Leo to should be nor did especially Tex placement of tagline, date of establishment and bullet points, which helps to give balance to the design unless the client to specifically stated a choice of picture. As mentioned. It's the picture which will be strong consideration at this point. You see that scissors, corms and cut throat razors or common entity here, which represent the tools of the trade amongst a few instances of literal and abstract Barbara Paul's moustaches and beards less. Oh, also present to depict Monley, hood and styling. So now that we've developed the mood board, we can now say this is an AI file. PDF or and even printed out. If you want a reference, a hard copy in the next step. The next step is the main mounting process and will be taking a closer look at all. Law goes here in to give us ideas for our village logo design. 16. Mind Map: the mind map, also called a brainstorm, is a method of jumping down and elaborating upon ideas. We use the previously developed mood board for reference and inspiration whilst development the mind map. But as the name suggests, we're exploring our minds to the mind map helps us dig deep in the Senate that you'll find that I've noted down the company name. From here. I'll draw a line emanating from the center and not down something which comes to mind that relates to barbers. You also say that I've written down the word gentleman to censor. Also want explore ideas related to the male gender as a not down an idea on may also do a quick doodle to explore the concept and to make it stand out on the page. So glancing the mind map has a great a visual impact, an idea Miss Spawn. Another idea, and so are mere Draw another line and north down something else, which comes to mind. This is the beauty of the mind map weaken branch off in new ideas, which we otherwise may not have found using the mind alone. The mind, um, up helps us dig deep, and each concept can give birth to another, no matter how bizarre an idea may seem, we should always jot it down, since it might hold value later. It's especially important to appreciate that we can combine ideas to a tall hat, for instance, may not give the impression of a barbershop, however, Coupled with a moustache shape, we have ourselves a solid concept. So let's take a closer look at what I've came up within this mind map at the top and to the left, you say have gone it. Ideas relating to Barbara's Some ideas are from the mood board and some on my own. In some cases of went further with additional ideas, such as a patent and a razor blade. You'll see if came out with various concepts relating Barbas, including cross cut throat razors, open scissors, corm, shaving brush hair clipper and barbers. Paul, to name a few. And I've done a quick doodle here and there at the bottom until the right of Jordan, down thought religion to gentleman covering wearables and facial style, including mustache, beard crown and bought I. So I'm gonna take Titan analysys thoughts and ideas. So the night Android concepts of the pencil and the sketch and process, which comes next, nor the complementary stages of planning. We first start with the Mood Board, which gives us ideas for the mind map. And the mind map gives us ideas for our sketching. The sketching then ideally leads us to a final concept, which we refine in a pencil in the final sketching stage before placing in the Illustrator . So that's the main map. It's a vital step in the planning off a lawful design. 17. Rough Sketching: So here you can see the first it rough sketches, which drew on paper with a pencil. Using a pencil gives us the ability to churn out ideas a lot more quickly and a lot more efficiently than on screen. The sketch in process is a mandatory for law, cause with any graphical elements or features in the typography Thought isn't concrete rule . A vintage logo usually has a prominent icon featured upon the back in shape. It's this icon what you're planning in the rough sketch in stage. So from the mind map, I chose to combine two elements that shows a crown to depict superiority in nobility, coupled with the moustache ships to give it relevance. Eat your barber's whilst further emphasising the male gender aspect. I've done several iterations in each of experimented with the crown ship, including the number of points on it and it's curves. My aim was to have the crown floor, the shape of the mustache, and overall I wanted to create a simple but effective graphical icon. The first attempt, a top left, was the best of those with a literal crown ship, but I wasn't satisfied with the overall look in the two elements together looked a little bit odd. I decided to explore a more abstract approach, which can be seen in the bottom two sketches on the right venture and away from the crown, the shape above the mustache would now represent and nose. This wasn't a confident decision. So sketched out a very rough version of the completed law goal, which a envisage to see what the icon would look like upon it. I came to the conclusion that this to look to art and it gave the impression of an animal poor or claws. It was a great distance from being an asset to a barbershop local. So then I continue to sketch the sketch in process takes us a zloty long as it takes until we come up with a solid concept. Illustrator is only the final step. Our friend is pencil and paper until we nail concept. And so here the next set of ideas I was keeping explore some sort of shape and a razor blade. And so it Unless, as you can see, the top left and I use them stash shape. The razor blade was too primitive a ship, and it wasn't interesting enough, so I didn't continue to revise this. Still favoring a crown, A sketched a few concepts. A top middle, a one looked like a hand. He are a tapped into an idea. A top writer drew an abstract electric clipper attempting a crown ship for the curtain. God Ah, law. This was a great idea. That shape isn't immediately recognizable as a clipper. And so I ditched this and favor of another idea. The bristles of a shaving brush make a shape similar to a crown. This represented the breakthrough idea, and so I sketched four versions, which you can see at the bottom. The sketch, second from the right at the bottom din ordered by the Asterix, is the one I favored. And so I tried it out on a rough Ma couple Ogle as before on a deemed that the perfect solution. So this represents the rough sketching stage. You can see how explored ideas from the mind map on and a ditched ideas and favor of others . The aim of this rough sketching stage is to ensure that we end up with a solid concept. Take through the refinement stage, which is next 18. Refinement Sketching: so you have my refinement sketch of the chores and concept of the shaving brush and crown. Traditional barbers pride themselves on their shaving services, and the shaving brush is a commonly used tool. What's more, shaving brushes off, Seldom seen and logos. So I have one here, and it has a double meaning to boot. There are Feinman Sketch is the drawing. We do as close to perfect as we can manage its this sketch, which is then scanned or photographed and then placed in the illustrator to trace directly over. You'll see, however, that I haven't quite achieved perfection, but it's good enough. The shape is symmetrical and saw. I only need trace over one side copy and flip it. This is good, since it gives me an option of two sides to choose from at a glance, the right side is best. As you'll see. I've used what we call a doctor pad for the refinements sketch the doctor used for measurement reference so that we can develop a tidy, drawn the pages of a dot part off thick, too. So there's no impression made upon the next page by pressure on there's no ink bleed. If ever a pen is used. So overall, the crown at the top or the Bristol had is going to be the most difficult part of development as graphic. And it's really not going to be too difficult, given that only half the drawer one side. The remainder of the graphic is a simple circle in the middle, blended with an oval lake shape at the bottom. So we covered four steps of planning so far. The mood board, the mind map, the rough sketching on the refinement, sketching. Now it's time to head over and illustrator that digitize the crown brush. 19. Scanning & Photographing Sketches: Once we have completed our refined sketch, it's time to get it on the computer to place and the illustrator. We can do this by two ways. We can use a scanner. Many print has come with the belt and scanner on a quick and easy to use. Or we can photograph our sketch with a digital camera or foreign camera. A scanner tends to offer the best results, since it's right up close to the paper. Given more clear lines and nor shades, however, a digital camera or form is more than adequate. Just make sure you get a clear image and you can see the pencil lines. Once you have your sketch, you can place it in the illustrator by clicking the file drop down and then please. 20. Developing Brush Symbol Part 1: Now we're going to go on to digitize the symbol. So the first thing I do is I go to file than place. I don't think select this sketch clicking place. Then I drag out on the outboard on Dhere. We have sketch. Now I'm gonna click embeds at the top here. So it's embedded in the document rather than linked. If I was to delete this file of the sketch would no longer have it in the document, but a free press in bed. It embeds it in the actual file itself. So clicking upon that, the next step with the sketch still selected is to go the Transparency panel on bring the opacity down to about 30%. This is so that we can see the pen over the top of the sketch. Next, we're going to go into the layers panel on click Lock next of the sketch. Julia, this is a little padlock which appears next to the I. So now we're going to select the color I like to use hot pink because it stands out. Are the first thing I'm gonna tackle is the circle ship here on this ship below. So I want to do this using the Ellipse, too. I wanna hold shift and I'm gonna drag out a circle placing at this closest possible of the sketch beneath. I want to copy the circle using Alton shift. I want to reduce its size and shape slightly bringing it down. You'll say that it doesn't quite much this sketch below. So I'm gonna go to fact free distort, and I'm gonna pull in these bottom corners like saw the left doesn't have too much the right perfectly, because we'll only be using 1/2 of the overall symbol ship, which will and replicate for the other side. So as you'll see, we have the shape resulting. Now, this matches the sketch below more closely. Now, with that done, I'm gonna goto object, expand appearance. So now this is no longer creditable. It's a solid shape. Don't you see here? So placing a back over the top of the sketch, making some adjustments, so much is the sketch. So now I'm gonna hold shift and I'm going to select both these ships. I'm gonna go to the align panel beneath the line. Objects are going to select horizontal line, Senator. So there's a both brought into vertical alignment. Now you see that we have a curve. He had to join up the two ships. Someone to go ahead and select the pen tool clicking appear on the path of the circle above . I'm clicking on the path of the circle below on pulling out a curve. I'm gonna click over here to go to the central area of this. You see that? The pink line appears now, once this is done, I want to select all shapes. Holding shift. I want to go. The Pathfinder panel clicking top, right? I want to click Mick Compound ship on. Gonna select the rectangle to I'm gonna click out a rectangle and I want to pull it half way until the pink lying appears. Andi with a selection tool. Select that. I'm going to hold shift, selecting both ships in the Pathfinder panel beneath shape boards. I'm gonna click in the sect now. It leaves me with half. Now, with all on shift, I'm gonna click and drag to create a copy. I want to Right click, Go to transform. Reflect on with vertical selected, I won't click. Ok, I'm gonna hold shift to keep this on the horizontal, and I'm gonna drag it across until the pink and the second line appears. I want to select both these holding shift. I'm gonna go the Pathfinder options once again, top right of the Pathfinder, pile a click, make compound shape. Then I click expand to make this a single shape. So that marks the completion of the bottom of the brush using to ellipses and some pen tool shapes to join each. Now we're going to go on to develop the brush crown at the top. 21. Developing the Crown Brush Symbol Part 2: So now on, do the brush crown shape at the top of the symbol and I have the pen tool selected. So I want to click down here to begin on one force on the right hand side of this sketch. Because this is more perfect than the left. I want to click up here, creating una point. Andi, click here, pull out a curve matching the sketches. Clauses possible on the curve. Clicking this on a point following downwards. I'm pulling out with slight curve here. I want to click down. Found here. Like so I'm gonna close this shape now. The next thing I want to do is select the shape we're gonna go to transparency. I want to bring the opacity down to 50% so that I can see the sketch beneath. Now, I'm gonna focus on making these round corners to do that. Someone zoom in slightly. I'm going to select the pen tool on and I want to select White clicking on the path, creating anchor point. I'm gonna click on the path again. I want to pull out the curve like so I'm gonna go outside Clinton on a point outside of there using the selection tool and want to select both their shape. Andi, the pink ship in the Pathfinder, beneath shape towards I'm going to go to minus front. Now this redox that shape from the pink on well, after a face with a nice, smooth curve. Here, I'm gonna do the same again. Amusing white. Just so it stands out more over the pink, pulling out curve. Now I want to click down here, this time following the sketch beneath clicking and on the point, pulling out a curve. Now it's probably best is human at this point, so you can see this curve clicking the anchor points, pulling out another curve, clicking up following the sketch. Andi creating lunga point and gold on the path again at the top, clicking and pulling out another curve clicking outside. Are we going to the Pathfinder again? Beneath shape modes with both selected holding shift, we select minus front now that white shape is now deducted from the pink. Now on to the right on site, we click on the path. Click further down on the ship pullout curve. Click outside UN, selecting both ships with shift held. I can now deduct that ship using minus front once again. Now, assuming out, I'm now going to select the Ellipse, too. And I'm gonna pull out an oval like so matching a sketch so that we have a nice around it bottom to the shape, ensuring that the center of the circle is in line with the left edge of the ship, which is the sender of the overall shape. Moving this up slightly just with the keyboard controls the up arrow on. We can now select both or ships holding shift going to the Pathfinder beneath shape more Dari Select minus phone once again and you see, cuts out is perfect. Curve. I was zooming in. We're gonna tackle the final curve, clicking on a point, clicking another, pulling out a curve like so clicking the anchor point clicking outside Holding shift. Highlighting both or ships beneath shared boards in the Pathfinder We got minus front once again how we consume out. We can take the or passively back up 200% in the transparency panel. Now it's time to copy this, so we hold shift and oft drag one across to the left. Right click transform reflect with vertical slightly click OK, hauling shift to keep it on the horizontal and click and drag across until the pink in the sect line appears. Select both the ship's holding shift in the Pathfinder panel. The options up top, right, I click make compound shape and expand, so this is now a singular shape, selecting the shape on the shape beneath. I can now go toe a line underneath the line objects. I select horizontal lines center, so those now centered on the vertical. Now that marks the completion of this. I'm just going to switch off the sketch so I can see it more clearly to see if there's any defects. So going on the layers panel on a click the I. So now the sketch beneath disappears. So judging by this, I'm very happy. This is the shaving brush, which doubles as a crown up top, and it's this symbol I'm gonna incorporate into my village. Local design 22. Backing Shapes Elipse & Star Part 1: Let's take a look at the backing shape of the local. This is basically the shape of the overall ogle. We'll have tax on top and the circle will be behind or the tax will be within the circle. Together with other local design elements now lower, the clients stipulated that they want around logo. There's various ways to go about developing around local, so assure you the first selecting the Ellipse, too. On holding shift to keep the ratio off the circle. We now have a simple circle and which we could put the text the company name on the local design elements in a similar manner. We could have the same circle, but we could apply a stroke around it. So selecting stroke, I'll select black once again on Do using the lips, too. I can draw over a line like this, give it some weight, clicking the stroke up on selecting both e ships. If they go to the Align panel and click horizontal, align Sander and then click vertical Align Center, he'll say we have secular local with a stroke applied in a similar manner. Again, we could have multiple strokes around this circle, so copying not with old on shift. I could have a thinner version if in a stroke. Rather place between doing the same again. And the Align Panel, Horizontal Line Center and Vertical Align Center and Chua's. These are all perfect, so you'll see how have made use of strokes. They We have the Bay Circle, which works well enough, but it might be to plan for certain applications on the next one. Consists off a medium size stroke at a number three point. Andi the last has a one point stroke on the three point stroke, So this is three ways we can go about utilizing the basic circle. Now. I could also develop a circular logo using the star tool, so selecting a star to dragging out a star I'm clicking the start, The Short Options and the Sea. It's currently set at five points on. We have the five pointed star. However, if we make this is 100 points on, we make radius one two more than ready ist, too, as an example. So we'll take this up with 20 looks like. Okay, you see, we now have this result so we have the circular shape, but it's like a starburst fact. This is particularly common invented to log or design, so it's one you might utilize on a regular basis. So that's how we use a star, too. Be sure to play around with a star to change in the variables, to see what kind of results you can get. So say, for example, we have 50 points. Um, we turn this up to 20 clicking. OK, you say that this is the result. Let's go ahead and create another drawing out with Star clicking upon it for its options. I'm now going to keep this at 20 points as it's stated, but I'm going to go one higher with a radius one. So we have 15 for eighties to 16 for radius one with a cup of differences in decimal points . So this is the result. As you'll see, we have quite a different appearance. So that's quite an attractive look, and definitely one that could be utilized effectively and vintage a log or design. Now I'm gonna show you a popular trick that we can utilize using a shape similar to this one. So I'm gonna make a copy of this pressing Olten shift on the keyboard. I want to bring it down over here. Now you'll see these points off sharp. These actually corners in the shape. So to get rid of these to make them smooth like a wave like effect, I want to select the ship going to go or fact style eyes, round corners. We can preview this. I've got a radius of 3.5 on the way. You can see in the previous I'm just gonna go ahead and click, OK? And you see the effect that it gives for click. Listen, goto object, expand appearance. So it's no longer creditable. You can see what shape I have when I increase it. So you see, we have a nice, pleasing deplore my like shape, like a kind of rose that shape This too is very common. And Vinge log or design and it's a very attractive appearance. So I'm gonna take us down the size. I'm gonna put it over here. I want to draw out another star. I want to set the points to 20. Keep it as it is. I'm going to set the radius year to 16 to more than really is to the leading the old star with us done. I'm not going to do the same by going to effect style eyes around corners and I want to click. OK, I want to go to object, expand appearance so that it doesn't manipulate the shape when I resize it for done. This is the effect, so it's a little bit more pronounced waves than the 1st 1 and we have more of them. So let's go ahead and do another, using the star, too clicking for its options. Let's take this up to 50 for the points on For the Radius. Let's take it up to 16 which is three higher roughly than Reedus to clicking OK on, Let's go heads and just go to the effect style eyes around corners. Let's take the radius up to five. Let's click OK, object expand Appearance on. This is the result we get, so you'll see we don't have to use the Ellipse tool to draw circular shapes. We can use the star tool to draw much more interesting ships by using the Star Tool alone or the star tool in conjunction with effect style eyes, round corners 23. Backing Shapes Ellipses & Stars Part 2: So now I'm going to demonstrate how we can use thes ships generated with the Ellipse tool in conjunction with the shapes we've developed with the star tool on the star tool and round corners. So I'm gonna take the shape of the top. I won't use old and shift to bring down a copy of it on. I'm also gonna tear copy of this here. Now, we just saw that the stroke is expanded. I'm gonna goto object, expand here, and I wanna ensure that strokes like that this ensures that this stroke retains the same thickness regardless of its size. Now it's now no longer stroke, but a shape. So I want to highlight these. I'm gonna color them white. I'm going to go toe object, arrange Bring the front so that this these shapes on top of the shape left. I'm gonna hold shift, reduce in size, and I'm gonna place this over this image highlighting all I'm going to go to a line A line objects horizontal line center on and vertical align center. As it happens, thes are central. So you'll see now I've created something new. Have combined the circle with the circular shape which had generated with the star tool on the rounded corners effect. So now I could put my log or design taxed in here similar to this, I can also pick out the sick Loma Santa. And we could have something similar to this also, let's make a copy of the ship here with Alton Shift dragging down a version on, we're going to use these circles up top Alton shift again to create a copy. Just dragging down on. We need expand the strokes also so that they retained the same thickness. So I go to object, expand with stroke. Highlight that I click. OK, Colin, These white and sure, And there on the top. Bygone object. Arrange. Bring the front. I can now position this over the top of here. Arms in the align panel, we click horizontal line center on Vertical Align Center. As it happens, these two are near perfect. So we end up with something like this, which is an even more detailed version of the 1st 1 that we created here. We could take out the circle the white sick on the middle, like so on. We put our taxed in the middle. Oregon obviously big, curved round if we wish. We can also use a rectangle to to make a portion and the sander where we have our tax there . Also, we might put it on a slight angle, and these are the options that we have. We can bring this rectangle further in. I'm with a bit more attention to detail. We could have something similar to this, so you can see now the backing ships common together, and it was only few simple steps that we took to develop these backing shapes. So let's go ahead and try something else. Let's take this one here. So let's start from the beginning rather than using copies up top using the Ellipse tool, ensuring that north fill selected and using a stroke will assign a white stroke. We can now hold on shift to keep it on the perfect ratio. We can drag out a circle. We can assign the wit of that stroke here, doing select all of these. Go to the align panel on again, click horizontal line center and vertical Align center. So all of these are perfectly lined up. We can take another circle assigned no stroke, a sign of white Phil. I want to draw a circle in the middle, do the same again with the Alliance Horizontal Line Center, vertical alliance and the on week of have text going around here. We could do the same with this in the kind of negative form by having a black circle in the middle undoing the aligns us before horizontal line Santa on Vertical Line Center so we can have the techs going around with in the white space Andan icon or illustration in the Centre Surgical hadn't do. Another version will copy this one yet again on and place it down here on. We can also have using the lips to a stroke in the Santa we sat that one. Let's give another stroke, which is slightly thicker. Andi with increased that to three, highlighting all the allying panel align objects, horizontal line center, vertical align, center And this is the result again, we can have something in the center, and we have the text arching around. We could also do something, using outlines to manipulate the main shape. Let's take these three off top use Olten shift to make a copy of these, and I'll demonstrate with no Phil selected on a black stroke selected in stroke panel. We'll set this at two points. Andi. You'll see what kind of affect this has. So the shape is now being assigned. No fell and it has a stroke. So this is the result. And within here we can assign more strokes, have to make a fender circle. I'm places inside the other, turning down the wit and the stroke on. We do the alignments once again and the align panel horizontal line scent of it will align center. And you see, we have this a light, a type of feel. We go in on bond, do the same to this. Let's turn down the weight and the stroke panel to no 0.5 to sign another one, nor 10.5. Let's do the alignments again. Ness is the result. So as you'll see because we have no fell, we have the lighter mawr kind of transparent feel to the local. This is common amongst kick shops and boutiques to name but a few. Now, another thing we can do is this that with no stroke selected Onda Phil selected, we're going to go ahead holding shift, draw a circle. Now you'll see the shape of top. I will take all three down with Alton shift, and we also make a copy of the circle. We can place these on top, call it white, increasing and slightly on doing the alignment in the Pathfinder. And that's a result trying this one, ensuring that on top object arrange Bring the front on colored white. Of course, I would do the alignment once again. The Align Panel Horizontal Line Center, Andi Vertical Line Center. Now this is the result on the last one real color this white Onda we put on top object, transform or range. Rather bring the front on. There we have it. So that's what we can achieve with those initial rounded corner stars that we made. We place these on top of the primitive circle, so we've covered a wide range of possibilities here, utilizing the Ellipse tool, the drawer circles that star tool on the rounded corner effect bishoo. It experiment with the star variables as mentioned, since this will dictate the end result, it's important to to create something unique in every project 24. Backing Shape Circles & Rotation: Now I'm gonna show you how it develop around, backing shape using the rotate tool. So that begin. I'm gonna show you circular version, a circle composed of many circles. So I want to draw a circle they're using the Ellipse tool on. I'm going to select the rotate tool here. You'll see there's a blue target on the ship. I want to move this down here by clicking and dragging down. This represents the point where the circle above will rotate around now, holding Alz on the keyboard and clicking the left mouse button twice represented with the rotation options. Now you'll see it's on minus 90 degrees at the moment and you'll see that the circle has actually jumped at 90 degrees. Now. It's important here that we enter a value, which is a divisor of 360 which is a full circle. You see the bottom of detailed those devices. I won't mention all of them, but to begin at 12345689 10 12. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna end eight. So now if I uncheck preview, you can see the jump that the rotations going to make like. So, if I'm happy with that, the gap between each circle is it Jumps. I wanna click. Copy. Now, this. Create a copy for May. If I want to repeat the copy and go all the way around in a full circle a press command or control if you're using a PC on D D. So for each price of control or command on D Day that repeats the rotation, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to group these by going Object group. So now you'll see we have a workable shape and which we could build a local. We could place here a solid circle on Gus before we'll do the alignment in the align panel beneath the line objects horizontal align, sander on and vertical align center. Now there, we have a basis off ventaja logo. So let's go ahead and design another to see if we can get a different result to use in the circle. Selecting the rotation tool. I'm gonna drag down that little cross hair again. The point of rotation. I'm gonna hold ult. Click twice on the mouse. Now I'm going to select no state four for the angle on toppling off preview. I say this a smaller jump than the walls previously. And so I'm gonna click copy and control or command and d holding those two down on there. We have a tight and net of circles selecting all of those object group there we have different result. And again, we could put a circle in here. For instance, on we do the alignment in the align panel, horizontal lines enter vertical align center. So that demonstrates a kind of perforation using the circle ons. I'm gonna show you a different version. What we could do We could also place of those inside of the circle, so coloring them white, ensuring they're placed on top by going object arrange Bring the front Onda. We do the alignment once again Holes on the line Sander, I'm vertical align center and we have a definite result there with the kind of perforation upon the solid circle. Likewise, we can do it to this one. Coloring white and sure net above. Arrange Bring front on din the alignment panel. We caught a horizontal line center Andi vertical alliance Sander. Now I wanna show you something else which can be achieved with Sehgal. So selecting the circle once again I want to draw out holding shift. It's time making it a little larger. I don't want to select. Rotate to tracking down across hair again. Not as far down as before, holding old clicking twice, and I'm now gonna enter a value that will see the circle overlap upon itself. So let's try to degrees clicking preview. You'll see. There's only a slight move. They we could actually go to four degrees because of circles larger. Let's go ahead and try six with a preview toggled on and off and it looks like we've got Lee Widow increase up considerably. So I'm happy with that 10 degrees. So now I want to click Copy. Now I'm gonna use a keyboard shortcut, command and day for Mac or Control and day for PC I want to do. That's until it completes the full 360 degrees. Here we go. Now I want to draw a circle over the top of this to fill the gap. When I go to object, arrange Group on and Pathfinder make compound shape expand. So here we have event Lige logo design shape composed of larger circles as before. We can put some white space. And here, if we prefer setting the alignment again, and the Align panel horizontal align center, vertical align center, let's try another. Selecting the circle to make a larger on this time and the rotate to bringing down this just a little bit lesson before holding all in cabled. I want a pretty view this now we want it a little bit more than 10 degrees. I'm gonna move that up to 24 Pressing preview Gonna move up down to 20. Let's see how it is in the preview again. I'm happy with that clicking copy. Now on the keyboard, I'm gonna click or press command and day or control and day. If you're using a PC on there, we have it. We've got the full 3 60 of those circles draw a circle over the top using the lips, too, highlighting all going to the Pathfinder panel. Click, make compound ship and expand. Now there we have another version, and again we can treat it the strokes or circles anything so choose and obviously the local design elements. So let's go ahead and stroke under there to give you an idea like so on. We do all the alignment again. Horizontal line center, vertical align center on and we got object flattened transparency. Or we could expand, ensuring strokes highlighted so that a stroke inside keeps proportionate. So let's go ahead and design another this time with a bigger circle, selecting the rotate to dragging down across there. Hold on the keyboard. Click the mouse twice on and when an inner value here when I click preview to see how it responds 30 degrees. I'm happy with that. So I click, copy and command and day are control and de on the keyboard until we have full 3 60 on, we fell it in with a sickle, unwitting, go to the Pathfinder to select, make compound shape and we click expand. So the same principle for each of these, but with just used larger circles on different angles. So those are but a few examples of how we can utilize circles in conjunction with the rotate to to develop a backing for vintage local 25. Custom Brush Shapes Part 1: Another thing we can do is draw around backing shape or any shape with a custom brush. I'm gonna show you how we do that. With the stroke selected, I'm gonna slice black on the ellipse stool on a draw, a circle holding shifts to keep the ratio you see after on a circle with a black stroke or the point of one. Now I'm gonna draw the pattern, and this pattern is going to represent a rope. So I'm gonna go ahead and select no stroke and swatches by selecting non Andi, I'm gonna choose a brown to make it unique. I'm just gonna just the slider here and I'm gonna go ahead and draw shape. Now the rule put something which is commonly used in logo design. Someone go ahead and show you the rope. So clicking hear clicking down, making a point here, Pulling out a curve like so clicking here Pulling all curve on Going in The top woman saying the pink line on closing the shape here now with Alton Shift on Gonna replicate the ship. I wanna hold shift on When I rotated I'm gonna place it on top of the original shape I'm gonna select both. Gonna go The Pathfinder panel on gonna go the options a top right of the Pathfinder panel on select make compound shape, then expand. So you now have one single shape. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to copy the ship holding control and shift dragging a copy across. I'm not doing that again. Copying the three. What? You sing the size copying those six copping those 12. So now, with that done, I would highlight all. I'm gonna go to the align panel and underneath, distribute objects. I'm gonna click horizontal distribute center. Now, this goes make equal spacing between each shape here. So a fact done in Britain, the style in size and I think it would have caught me this again. I want to do exactly the same with the distribution clicking horizontal distribute center. So I want to go to object group. I'm gonna go with the brushes panel. I wanna go the top right. Options one of click on. I want to select new brush with art brush selected. I'm gonna click OK on. You can see the direction travel of the brush here. This isn't too important, so I'm just gonna keep it towards the left from left to right. Rather on. I'm gonna colitis rope for the name. I don't want to click. OK, now we can see the rope is in the brushes panel. So this is now a custom brush clicking upon the original circle with the black stroke, I can now select a rope. So in use this rope as a means to develop if in your logo design. So it's simply place a taxed in here on the horizontal occurred arch around could have it follow the circle. I didn't do anything wrong. Also use different shapes so I could draw a hexagon. And I can also assign the same rope ship to this hexagon with a fell or thout fl with the circle the ellipse to I can create an oval in the same manner going on the brushes panel un selecting rope. So this is how you create a custom brush to develop a vintage log or design border. And of course, we are not limited to just using a rope ship. We can use a variety of shapes, so let's go ahead and create a paint brush stroke. I want to select the green on and with the pen to I want to draw a very rough type of smear , as if we've had a slump of paint by a paintbrush. Like so It doesn't have to be perfect by any means, because we're gonna go ahead and stretch this. Here we go, selecting necks and got of brushes, the brush options again atop right. Selecting new brush with our brush selected on Juanita Go from left to right because we want the thinnest part first ending at the thickest. Now we'll call this paint for the name. I'm gonna click, OK, I want to copy this circle cross so they have to an online or sign the new paint border. And that's the result. Now you might find a use for this invented log or design, but it is a possibility, and you can see how using our brush brings all those possibilities. We can also use custom brushes several times in the same vintage log or design, for example. We could use this paint and bring it over here. Put it inside of the rope just using the cable controls. They got this perfect. We wouldn't use the align to less point because there's different wits throughout the arc brush. If we go to object, expand appearance first, so it's no longer creditable. We can now change the color of this. So if we choose another neutral color, you see how it might blend into something like this. So the rope on that previous paint splash, which is colored green, now looks like part of this local. When it's colored some local a rope so we can keep building. We can keep adding details to a vintage logo design by using the off brochure. Now, we can give a different appearance to the art brush and its creditable state by simply increasing or decreasing the size. You say that now the rule looks different. That's decreases size. You see that's effect. So the size that had it originally is the nice medium that gives the night rope effect. However, if you want to make this even thinner, we can do this by making a copy, highlighting all going to distribute objects and selecting horizontal distribute center going a group grouping those two together reducing the size are we go to the Brushes panel . Once again, let's make this a different color Brown just suing, picking out on we click the options New brush, selecting our brush as before, I'm calling this rope too un selecting. OK, I'm gonna take a copy of this. I want to highlight the rule stroke, and I'm gonna select rope number two, which we've just developed in the brushes panel. And you see, this is the result. So go in and build upon this with the Ellipse tool. I'm gonna draw a circle. Cool it, brown. I don't want to give it weight off three full on the next one. I'm going to give a weight of two. I would highlight all of those and then I'm going to go to what line? Horizontal line center than vertical align center. Now you'll see you have a basis again for another vintage log or design attacks can go in the centre on it and go around anything you choose. So this is how we utilizing the custom brush again, a doing even thinner tape of pattern around the border. Once we're happy with how our borders look, it's important to remember to select all goto object, flattened, transparency, clicking or K. This now makes these non edible shapes so that if we decrease or increase in size, the thickness of the strokes on the brushes and the fact always remain consistent. And so that's how you utilize the rope on the pain like effect using custom brush. 26. Effects: in vintage log or design. We can utilize effects with an illustrator to give our text different appearance. And it's a very valuable feature of Illustrator which would like to go on explore. So selecting this text here, regard or fact Onda warp war is the primary effect which is of use to us. So once we select about you'll see we have another drop down. The first is arc and I'll click upon this to show you this effect. So this is the effect that it imposes upon the text. This is the Ark and we can adjust the bend with this slider here and you'll see the change that it has on the taxed on the art board. We can also change the distortion on the horizontal. It has this effect bringing up the Slater. You see, it has the opposite effect. So bringing us back to 0% I'm gonna show you the vertical on the vertical imposes this type of effect like so. So if we cancel s and revert back to the original weaken Goto effect one small and the warp and select Arc Law Now we'll see the effect that this has with the band slider are gonna just this and you'll see that the band forms Com cave to the bottom of the text when I do so. So that's the Ark Lower effect and in a similar manner in utilize horizontal and vertical slyness To have this effect not just give this some band, Andi, that's the Ark Law effect. The CIA was having a go back Teoh effect and warp up top here. We can just select this style from the drop down. So clicking upon that and going to the next, which is Arc upper, and I would say the effect that this has. In addition to this, we also have a vertical option on we did for the others previously. Now, for click upon vertical. You see, it has the effect on the vertical not so much used as horizontal, but there it is nonetheless. So that's the ark upper looking at once more. I'm just gonna bring the band up. And this gives you an idea of the Ark Opa effect. So going at the next one will drop down, we're gonna go to arch bringing the band slider up the 61% you see, It has this effect similar to arc, but it's more vertical on either side. So using the horizontal slider, you'll see we can achieve this with a vertical slider. Manipulated. Also on that way is the arch effect. Using the drop down again, we're gonna go on to bulge, were sent in a default on manipulating the band's. Later you'll see the Bulge effect. Bringing down the band slider has this kind of effect. So with horizontal and vertical sliders, we can achieve this. Bringing down the vertical I'm not the bold effect. Next go to shell law. Let's reset the sliders close to is possible. I will take the bend up. So this is shell law. We're gonna bring the bend down now even say it begins to overlap. Taxed, manipulating, horizontal, slighter Bringing that down, you'll see that it does the same as previous on vertical slider. So next we have shell upper bring in the slightest down the default. I'm bringing the band up. You'll see it has this effect. Horizontal brings it over to the right hand side on bringing the slider down brings it over to the left. The vertical has this effect selecting the next flag So, as you'll see, bringing up the band gives a text a wave, the flag like effect. So bringing down the band you'll see it has a wavy effect on the other direction. Horizontal. We can make it larger on the left hand side or larger. On the right hand side, Andi Vertical does the same by making it larger, the bottom or larger at the top. So going on the next effect, which is wave slightly different from flag. As you'll see when we manipulate this band slider, it gives a wave effect without affecting the horizontal of the top and bottom of the tax line. So bringing down the band you can see we have the wave type of effect in some characters there. Horizontal makes it large on the left, small on the right as we see him. Previously on the vertical does the CMAs before the next effect is fish, as you'll see from Mexico, gives a fish effect to the local larger on the right hand side, and it kinda smaller tail on the left hand side. Moving the band up. You see it applies ifs in the opposite direction on the horizontal and vertical as before, apply those different effects it either side on the horizontal or vertical. Now the next one is rise. So we're sentinel Slater's again. We're gonna bring the band up. You see that rises given to the right on site of this tax line on bringing the band down rises given to the left hand side of the text line on the horizontal and vertical do as what we've always done with previous effects selecting the next, which is fisheye. We're setting a default and bringing up end up. You see that it gives a kind of expanded appearance to the central portion of the tax line bringing down the bend. You can see kind of sucks in central portion of the tax line. Let's go on to the next, which is squeeze now, reducing these sliders, but the default want to increase the bend? I will say it's squeezed laterally it either side left and right, bringing down the bend. It's pulled outwards, left and right, with also some kind of squeeze at the top and bottom there. Next we move on to twist. Finally, I'm bringing up the band. You say that a twist effect is applied to the tax line bringing down the band. A twist is applied to the text line and the A pause and direction on. We have the distortion effect, as always, to give precedence to right or left on the vertical or top and bottom so that they represented the warp effect and those of primary facts, which we can utilize and illustrator to develop attractive text for our vintage log or designs. 27. Acquiring Fonts: There's many websites available to acquire free and paid for premium funds. These are known as font foundries. The sites, which offer funds for free, tend to be high quality most cases so they are always a viable option. One such free fund foundry is font spacedotcom from the home page Weiqing Select browse to display and select a fund count degree. Once we select the cut degree, weaken Pape in the company name and the preview box, and each font will be shown with the specified word. This saves us time, since we don't need that down Lord, the fund first to see what it looks like. If we are satisfied to the font, we simply click with Down Lord Button and install the font in accordance with our operating system, whether it be Windows Lennox or I us. All funds on free fund foundries are license for personal use, so these a great to use for practice some funds to convey used commercially, that is to see you can use them for client law goes. Be sure, however, to read the license details pertaining to each font by clicking in necessary a little there certain loopholes. It's best to avoid non commercially license fonts for client projects as mentioned. Feel free, however, download anything that your heart's content for personal and practice use and look out for those funds, which you can use commercially. Another similar site is different dot com, which I also use often, and this site works in a similar manner. Although font foundries, tender horse, the bulk of the same fonts, you confined unique funds to Sophie looking for something in particular, it's worth taking a look at more than one site. So this is where we can acquire our funds. All that's left now is to install them and the utilize them in Illustrator. 28. Font Selection: after preview and several funds on the fund foundry website of a whittled down to a selection of six you'll say have presented them in Illustrator with the names of the fonts above for reference, have a sign the company name and have placed the funds on with dark background to. Obviously, this helps me visualize how well the fund will show on a dark background sends. It's likely that the vintage log or designs L develop will be a solid dark color for this business. At the top, I've chosen three fonts, which a typical of 100 rating stale, the strokes relatively thin and typical of a thick pan. The font top right has a rustic imperfection, and so this gives the effect of having being painted with a brush. It also AIDS and suggest in edge, which is useful in the vintage local. This effect, however, can be easily applied to any font and the entire law. Golf we saw wish and I'll show you exactly how to do this later. The top right fund offers maximum legibility of the top three with a font on the left offer in the least fund to this nature of very effective, depicting a personal touch but true, the limitations of actual handwriting. Some lines words ca NBI difficult to read, utilize in 100 font for this word sees the are look similar to an end. The phone in the top right doesn't have this issue, since the first letter is not joined to the are. For these reasons, the top right front is one I'll carry through the next age. It also looks just as effective, if not more so, on a dark background. The bottom three fonts are marginally thicker script fonts with the front in the middle offering the greatest thickness. These fonts, in layman's terms look less of a scribble. The font bottom left consists of characters which are more uniform under more legible. The fun in the middle also offers reasonable legibility whilst offering greater impact due to its weight. The bottom right front is a chunky brush or Marcus style. Also offering high impact, though perhaps is a little bit too playful in its appearance. The bottom middle font is another angle now carry across to the next stage, the form of the characters a pleasing. It looks traditional classy whilst being big and bald, and fits the bill perfectly for a vintage barbershop. Local 29. Developing the Backing Shape Bristols Barbers: So I'm now gonna commence work on the back and ship for Bristol's barbers going back to the shapes we developed previously. I've picked this one out of something similar to what I want to create. I'm gonna make sure that I don't use This is a pool. The take from for each project. I want the bail that develop each local from scratch. So I'm gonna select the star too. Holding shift, dragging out with star clicking in for the options I want to set the points to 20. The radius is 23 at the bottom radius too, So I'm gonna select Steer The top one was 25 I'm gonna press OK, this is the result here. Now we see we have pointed corners troop to the shape of Stop now going to select this I'm gonna go to effect as we did before. Style Eyes round corners on with a radius Separate 5.5. This looks OK. Clicking preview confirms it. So I've got a nice rounded nous to those points which have now being flattened slightly. So when I click OK, now you'll see at this point if I decrease the shape and size, it changes the look off the star. And so to prevent against this, we're gonna go to object, flattened transparency. Okay. And this makes a shape solid and non creditable. So there we have it. When we increase s and size, it retains its look. Likewise, if we decrease in size, it still retains its look. Next, I'm going to introduce a stroke circular stroke to this design. So I'm gonna ensure that there's non selected for Phil on Dwight selected for stroke with the Ellipse, too. I'm now gonna draw out a circle holding shift on I'm going to select both Go toe a line horizontal line center on Vertical Alliance. Ember, I'm happy with that. I'm just gonna make a copy of this with all turned shift. I want to see what one looks like with a stroke A to two points. So I go over to the stroke panel and click up on the weight of the stroke to see what this looks like. Onda A quite like this stroke to better than the previous, just so I can see another and want to increase this stroke again 23 just to give myself several options and I'm actually more attracted to the one that has the weight of three someone of your heads. And use this before. Do, however, one copy this now ongoing. Copy the stroke. Would you sit and sigh slightly on? Give it a weight of one highlighting hole. I'm gonna go the align panel Horizontal Elaine center on Vertical Line Center. And it gives me this. This is another option for the backing shape cop in this. I'm going to decreased this in size. I don't want to highlight all horizontal line center once again and vertical Alliance center. So this gives me another option. Taking a copy of that one small. I'm gonna increases to 45 perhaps, and see what this looks like. Now I'm going to review all of these. I might change your mind later when I aren't text. But for now, I'm quite happy with this version off top because it's quite simple in comparison to the rest down below. And so this is the backing shape a top right, which I'm gonna take through to the next stage. 30. Adding Text: So here we have the selected to fonts on the backing shape that I chose. I can also go back to those backing shapes and developed and try any of the alternatives if I so wish. So let's go ahead on duplicate this backing shape for each font on slapping the front. I'm gonna bring it over the top of the baton ship. I wanna go to object, arrange bring the front so that the text is on top. I'm also going to call it a tax white. I don't want to do the same for this one on the right onside. Arrange Bring the front Onda when a color that white slightly decreasing this one in size so you'll see that it just merges very slightly with the out of border with white stroke here. So I want to bring this and just a little bit more because we have a gap between the men body of the be here dictated by this girl. So I'm gonna bring this in and just bring it look very slightly adjusting this one on the right on site. Okay, that looks good. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to see what these look like with an alternative, just out of curiosity. So let's take this one, which is a little bit more complex at it. Copy Back to the document. Angora Edit, pissed or Control and V or command and V. If he using a map, I say we still have these strokes here as we increase the stroke. Size doesn't retain into ratio. And so we need to call the object flattened transparency here clicking. Okay, once that's done, we can replicate this with Alton, shift on and selecting these two fonts holding shift to select both on with Alton shift. We can create a copy of these driving down object arrange Bring to front. Now, glancing at this, this is a little bit too complex with the second ring, as I thought it was initially. So I'm just gonna go ahead and delete these. It's important that we try things up. I'm quite satisfied with the basic look of these two. So next we look back at the client question and you'll see it stipulates gentleman styling est it in 92 is the tagline. And so this means that we're gonna put it beneath Bristol's. Are we gonna arch around the bottom or even perhaps the top. So now I'm gonna go ahead and do that. So I'm gonna copy this from the client questionnaire on a pace to them, make a copy of this with control and ult. And I'm gonna make this capitals I'm going to separate these two words. I think so certain puts the established debt in a different place from gentleman styling. So I'm going to go ahead and decide where one puts each of these on each of these locals before do. However, there's an all important thing missing, which is barbers. Because the name of the business is Bristol's barbers. The most important thing and deemed necessary was the name and barbers, perhaps being second. So barbers is gonna be the tax that I have placed beneath the word Bristol's so clicking upon this typing barbers, as it stipulates in the client questionnaire Bristol's barbers on and I'm gonna place this underneath object arrange Bring the front and white. I'm going with sign some tracking off 400 tight into the current the panel. This gives me a great a distance between each character, as you see here now, currently, this is on myriad pro font, which is a standard a door be font. So obviously you want to choose something more unique for this local design. Next, I'm gonna choose to put gentlemen styling around the bottom here, almost like a smile of shape. To do this, I'm going to ensure that there's no fell selected. I'm gonna use black Stroke. I'm going to select the Ellipse, too. I'm gonna draw out circle next when I click the type tool and I'm gonna select type on a path to I want to click on the path of the circle and I'm gonna type in gentleman style again. I will say the truck during is stated at 400. I'm going to reduce this down 300 for now. Now we'll observe that this text is the wrong way. So to combat this, we go to the line on the path which is protruding outwards until we see like a double l backed back with an arrow pointing upwards next to the cursor we click on, we pull inwards, we can rotate. And there we have the tax the right way up. Now we need to bring us taxed over the top of the local going object arrange. Bring the front so that it sits on the top and we're also going to give it a white Phil so that we can say it. Now. We're just This circle is close as possible so that it matches the circle beneath. We can also use the A Line a Line Objects house on the line center and vertical line center , as we've done previously. Now I'm going to is select a more appropriate font for this tagline just so that we're not using the standard door. Be front, myriad pro. I'm actually keen to use something similar this fund because it's alleged ble sounds serif . So a favorite I like to use is a fund called Ace up. So I'm gonna type that in to the text, the current the panel rather on that changes to suit. I was coming in. I want this tax at the bottom to be positioned correctly so that the top of the G is in line with the top of the G here. To do this, I want to draw a makeshift rectangle across. So here you'll see that the right hand side is a little bit more higher than the left. So I'm gonna rotate necks just very slightly until both off flush to the rectangle, which they're now just to ensure that this text is perfectly, you're lying around the circular of the backing. I'm going to select the text on the backing ship on. I'm going to go to the allying panel again. I'm going to go to a horizontal a lion center on, and I'm going to go to Vertical Align Center There. You'll say there was no movement because it was already perfect. So the next thing I want to do is I'm gonna take a look at Barber's, which is also in the ace up front. I want to ask myself, Am I happy with this? I need some more tracking, I think so. I want to set this to 500 the character panel, so there's great a distance between each character as you'll say. I want to bring less towards the left so that it's more central. I don't want to bring it up slightly to make it more tighter. I want to zoom out. The final piece of text is the established date, so I'm gonna drag this over. I want to go to object. Arrange Bring the front. I want to color this white Andi. I'm going to assign the ace up front to this on gonna sign trapping of 200 to give a greater distance between each character. Now, this needn't Bay Lodge. So I'm gonna bring it down to a small size adjusting that if I select barbers on the establishment date and go to a lying align Objects house on the line center. This will send the each using the keyboard to make minor adjustments. Bring us down slightly, and I'm now happy with that. So next I'm going to highlight all the text here. I don't wanna all shift drag across to the other local. So first, let's go ahead and try something different from the text on the circular path via So we're gonna go ahead and delete that. Obviously, we need to bring this barber's down slightly because it's crushed against the top. Perhaps the establishment date could be appear, ensuring it in the center of the circle. Just bringing down again on gentlemen styling, as I said, could go here. The white Phil, That looks nice. So Let's select inappropriate front for these. I was a font called American Tiebreaker, which I'm fond off. So I'm gonna go ahead and select that and see if this is any use. Looks nice. Gentleman styling needs further turning. So I'm gonna type 200 into the tracking in the character panel. Now, this is a bit small, so I'm gonna settle for 100. I'm bringing that out adjusting Bob us to make this a little bit more bigger and sure on establishment still in the center there. And I'm pleased with that. So now weaken. Go ahead. Andi, in juice, the symbol off the crown brush. 31. Kerning: there's very important process and log or design called turning, turning as a spacing of individual characters in accordance with their form. In this project, there was Norc earning involved. This was due to reasons ah, use script fonts, which tend to call less for turning due to their rough handwriting style. The second reason Waas that the small text for the first law go consisted of block capitals , in which case Kernan tends to be near perfect. In many cases, As the name suggests, block capital characters are based around the shape of a block with curves assigned where appropriate. So let's take a look at the tax from the first log or a top left. This is the default state of each front who are simply type out and they required nor turning. Now if we take a look at the version beneath, I've made some changes to this so that it's now incorrect. T or L and S are fine, but those four characters need bringing in to the left, so selecting them, using the left cursor on the keyboard. I want to press it three times, and now that makes the Kern ing for Bristol's perfect now on the barber's. You see that the X is a little off to the right, so I'm gonna select not use the left cursor on the keyboard to bring that in a little bit more on You'll see that e r and s a little too distant from the be so selecting laws. Three characters and using the left cursor on the keyboard three times to bring medicine are now This tax is perfect. So that's the turning process for this taxed. Now you gonna have to Kern. In some cases, other cases you may not have to co. It depends upon the quality of font. First and foremost on the characters that you use, some of the best fonts out there still require turning for certain characters. So now let's take a look at the text from the second law. Go on. Four was on the warm at top, right? He is the perfect version, and this was fine by default. Simply typed it out using those two funds. So I've done the same again of copied this and have made some imperfections to the local below. Now it could be argued. There's a space between the our and the eye here. So if we go ahead and move those two current missing seeing the result now, this looks a little bit to squash now, and saw the Kern ing now in my eyes is incorrect. Even though it be nice for that are to join up to the I. I don't think that was the intention. So moving this back, you see that the R looks much better separated, and this is the form that perhaps intended as a style of handwriting, now one of the barber's tax beneath. If you look carefully, you'll see there's too much distance here between the are in the A in comparison to the rest of the letters. There's also too much space between this e and this are here. So I want to highlight all of these characters with the keyboard to press is off the left cursor on. That solves a problem for this R and X. I want to do the same on there. We have it. So this is the all important process of Kern ing. Remember that our work is log or designers needs to be as close to perfect as possible, and so we put all effort in analyzing every detail taxed is no exception. As mentioned, there will be cases where turning isn't necessary, but it's imperative to keep a close eye on your text and dawn. Simply trust spacing as it's typed out. Keep your eyes peeled and use your best judgment. 32. Intergrating the Symbol: Okay, so now to incorporate the symbol, which is the crown brush. So I'm gonna go back to that on and gonna copy it on. I'm gonna go back to the original document on paste. So once this is in, I'm gonna go to object, arrange, bring to front. And when a whole chef to keep the proportion on, I'm going to bring that on top of the local on. I'm gonna color it white. So here we have a common together and you can see how it looks with the symbol. Now I'm going to do the same with the logo on the right hand side, it needs a bit of our size. So holding shift to keep the ratio on, just nestle that it in the center with the keyboard arrows. Now, you may be wondering why we need to put so much effort in the planning and developing the symbol when it's such a small element in the overall log or design. Well, it's because the symbol now is an integral part of the company's branding. The company now has liberty to increase brand recognition by using the symbol independently from the local social media is one example, allows a user to have small avatar. The symbol, in this case is a perfect solution to display to raise brand awareness, assemble to convey, stamped or printed on the products easily. It's simple. Easy identify an easy print. So now this brand isn't confined toe haven't a use it the hell log or for marketing. They now have a simple Tyree symbol, too. So with everything brought to gather and now going to review these law goals and ask myself , does the symbol need any subtle changes? Now, the first thing I see is this gap is perhaps too thin at smaller sizes. This gaps gonna be hairline and saw it like this a little bit more defined. And so I'm gonna go to object on group to part these two pieces of assemble Andi, I'm gonna move up. The crown brush had, like so now, analyzing assemble further feels if there's too much weight to the body of the brush here on, maybe it needs on element of detail. Not too much detail, but something else there on the handle. So I'm going to zoom in Onda, have an idea for this. I'm going to use a circle as a means to suggest a gleam of light, A shine on the brush if you will. But this is gonna be black because obviously we're working with negatives. So a black shine now apply to the brush, gives it a different kind of dynamic and doesn't look as if its too bland. So I'm quite happy with that. But I'm going to zoom out just to review this further, and I'm happy with that. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut out this circle by holding shift after selecting it, then going to Pathfinder on selecting minus front. Now that circle is no longer a black circle, but an actual cut out from the handle of the brush. So now that I'm satisfied with the symbol now since have made a couple of changes, you should not at this point that it's never too late to make changes. If you put your symbol on to the vintage local design and discover that things are perhaps not what you expected, just go ahead and make those changes. So the next thing I need the deal is to delete this and replicate this new brush across holding shift I'm gonna go to object. Group of the selecting bowlful ships Onda Olden shift to copy Rece izing once again, hold and shift to keep proportion on ensuring this is in the center. Just bringing this down on this marks the completion of the symbol integration. 33. Applying Ornaments: So now I'm gonna analyze the two law goes and ask myself, Is anything else that I need to add? Or just now, what I'm looking out for predominantly is gaps in the design. You see, we have gaps here at either side of the word barbers and gentleman styling. We have gaps up top, but we want the symbol of stand now to those gaps are relatively fine. So a simple under effective solution for the logo on the left is bullet points someone a zoom in and show you how this is done with the Ellipse tool. We certainly draw two circles on that, talking across on one here. Now you can see that this provides a form of balance. It balances the word barbers, so there's no spaces that either side and simultaneously. It also bounces. The word gentlewoman styling because it fills a gap appear also, so we've killed two birds with one stone. With these bullet points, it's filled the gap, and it's made the overall design most substantial. Now we can go ahead and zoom in and use a block. Just ensure that we've got the spacing the same for each and we caught me that across and you'll find those are exactly the same. So zooming out, we can now say the effect of those bullet points and we're now going to focus on the local on the right. Now we'll see. We have the space is at the top necks of assemble. But again, this is fine because you want the symbol of stand out. But we have a space at the bottle. Much looked rather odd. Some keen to fill this. So what I've done wasa reverted back to the sketch in process to draw a little pattern which resembles hey, being a barber's, I thought this was appropriate. I place this in the illustrator under lock it down after increasing the opacity or other, decreasing the opacity of 50%. So now I'm gonna go ahead untraceable This So starting with the Ellipse tool, I'm going to draw out a circle holding shift. I'm gonna go over the sketch. I've got hot pink selected as a color. I want to take your capacity down to 40% starting to see this sketch behind copying the circle on reducing and size. I'm gonna place over here so I can cut out the negative space holding shift and selecting those two shapes, I'm gonna go the Pathfinder panel and beneath shaped molds I'm going to select minus front . Now we have the curl here. Now you say there's a bit up here which is gone astray. So I'm just gonna take your razor and take out this portion. Now, I'm gonna continue my work from here using the pen to so selecting the pan tool I want to click here on the path of the curl I'm gonna click and una point out here and pull a curve out like so next I'm gonna click and un appoint down here at the bottom point of the hay I'm pull out a curve that in gold The mouse button clicking the anchor point Andi clicking another under point appear on the curve like so adjusting ever so slightly Clicking another on a point here, pulling out a curve ons clicking the path off this kill once again on the right hand side on there we have it hauling shift, selecting both the shapes. Gordon of the Pathfinder panel clicking the options. A top right clicking Mick compound shape and then expand. This is now made into a singular shape. Now we have one more shape in the owner of the curl to complete. So selecting the pan tool once again, we're gonna click in on a point there and under point here to draw this crescent clicking the on a point, pulling out a curve on closing the shape by clipping the an appointment This stopped. I'm pulling out the curve, zooming in just to get this perfect with a direct selection tool. I'm gonna select this on a point and I'm going to adjust with this control handle like so. And we now have a perfect shape zooming out, selecting both shapes. Go in the Pathfinder panel, may compound, ship expands. So this is now a singular shape. Go on the edit copy back to our locals at a paste or the short cut commands and V or Control and V for using a PC. Now, in a play space at the bottom of this logo, I'm gonna color it white zooming in now. We don't want it as prominent as the symbol by any means, but we do want it to fill the space. So if we put it there, perhaps reducing it in sighs on the vertical on, zooming out. It could perhaps be turned like so. Andi, I'm happy with that by the looks of it zooming out. Indeed, that confirms that I'm happy with those two law. Gore's on the ornaments that have, Bean added. The only thing I see left to do is to add some bullet points to barbers here because I'm not happy with the space between here. So again, I'm going to use circular bullet points a little bit smaller than the previous one. I want a copy across with Alton Shift. I'm just gonna measure those up using the rectangle tool. Once again, I want to drag out a rectangle and see if it's the same as the other on that will do. Zooming out. That's those two law goes complete, complete with ornaments ready for coloring 34. Applying Negative Space: before we apply color to the log or designs we need to apply negative space on, we need to apply a negative space in two ways for two different functions. First, we need to be able to color the log or design two colors. Here. You'll see if I sign a color to this, it colors the entire backing, so we need to subtract this ring from the backing. Likewise, we need to do the same for the right on when we subtract the shape, that's what's called is negative space. What we're left with now. The next is we need to be able to use this log or design like any other local design in a single color, and the Babel do this. We need to detract. All of the white from the black White is classed as a color in some cases, so this needs to be detracted from the black shape so that it can be used to as a kind of stamp. If we invest Egemen log or design being made as a rubber ink stamp, you'll know that when we press it on the paper, the white points of those which don't contain Inc and saw this log or works in a similar fashion. If we display it in a single color, someone go ahead, ensure you how we go about a sane and negative space. First, I'm going to take a copy of those two locals. I want to highlight the ring on this holding shift. I'm gonna then select the backing I want to go. The Pathfinder, beneath shape boards. I want to click minus front. Now you'll see clicking object on group. We can apply independent colors to each area of the local. So I'm also gonna think the same for the local on the right on site, selecting the ring on the round backing Pathfinder shape modes minus front, object on group and you'll see you. We can assign a color to this ring. So now onto the law, Gore's below What you're gonna be made so that they can be to split in a single color. Assuming in, we're going to select all the elements, including a symbol text on the rink. Finally, we're going to select the backing ship. Behold and shift to select everything. Pathfinder Beneath shaped molds. We select minus front. Now I'm going to demonstrate what this is done. I'm gonna sign a background to this object. Arrange sent it back. So now we have the law go upon black background how the law Gore has lost because the original version was black. Now account of this, we simply select the local color it white and then all of the elements of visible so zooming out and we'll do the same to the other, selecting all elements, including text symbol. The bullet points on the hair ornament down below. Andi finally selecting the backing, going to the Pathfinder panel. Bunny shaped knowledge clicking minus front. So let's copy across the square. Put that in the back two object. Arrange back Onda. We call it the local white. So here we have the result off the single color local so that marks completion off negative space assignment. We cut out the negative space from the ring and the law goes above so that we could assigned to colors to the border. Onder, the inner circle the law goes below, are treated to a complete cut out of all elements so that they can be presented in a single color 35. Colouring Bristols Barbers: so now onto coloring the completed vintage locals for Bristol's barbers. Now these down here, the single color locals would be provided to the clients in white Andi black colors, and they can change those as they see fit, using basic controls in Anne Graphics program. So as we know, vintage, a log or designs mostly consists of neutral colors. So that means, in layman's terms, that the colors aren't too bright. As it happens. If we have a look at the clien questionnaire, we'll see that the client stated that they want browns in the design with a maximum of two colors. So let's go to work and select some Brown's. What I'm going to do first is is replicate these and do several versions, so we've got more than one or two to choose from. So let's start with the inner circle in the first logo. First, I'm gonna used Brown in the swatches, and then I'm gonna use the sliders and the color panel just to make a unique color. So turning down scion, bringing up the black, turning down in magenta. I'm happy with that. So next is the Furley border, clicking upon that with a direct selection to I'm actually going to use the eyedropper tool too much the inner circle. And then I'm going to use the sliders to make a different brown. Now I'm going to choose a doctor Brown. So bringing up the black. But I reduced the scion. Andi, I'm happy with that. So on the next, looking in the inner circle of the next local with the Direk selection to this time I'm going to select the brown from the color panel in the spectrum. I'm gonna drive the I drop until find nice Brown. I'm happy with fact, No alterations and necessary. So I'm gonna much this. Andi, I'm going to increase the sliders and the color panel. Let's try a light. A color, I think a darker color for the outer border. Furley Bowler is gonna be more aesthetically pleasing on that. Looks nice onto the third log or selecting the inner circle again Choose a brown from the swatches. I know just the slide as again a little bit too green. Bring in a fact of brown Help me with fact Well, much the inner circle once again under just the sliders. This actually looks nice and it's a lighter color than the inner circle. So under the next, when you choose in the spectrum selecting a brown, so just a Justin Sliders asked before. So we get a different result every time. Now the outskirts. And when I use the eye doctor tool too much the inner circle, and I'm gonna bring the black up like quite a lot. But I'm actually going to make this more brown because it looks green, having that on to the next. Clicking the inner circle. Let's find a brown on the spectrum again, Andi clicking the outskirts of the local, going to use the eyedropper tool just the much going to use the spectrum this time on and make it less green on the next. I'm happy with that onto the outskirts. I want a much with the eyedropper tool a little bit too orange there. Bring it back into the brown territory. So there we have it, six colored locals for Bristol's barbers. Now, out of the three on the left hand side. I am favoring this one, but I do want it. Britain, this brown up a little bit more to make it darker, so increasing the black and the slider. I'm happy with fact, I'm with that done my favorites, all these two. So these two represent the final vantage log or designs, each with a different tax layout for Bristol's barbers. 36. Applying an Aged Look: event. A dialogue or design often has an aged look. The law. Go look speckled as efforts being worn, suggesting that wincopin has flaked off throughout the years. This is achieved by what's known as a grunge, rustic or distressed texture. This is basically a composition of a random placement of speckles and clusters of speckles , since we design in vector in log or design, the texture to must be vector. This is so that the speckles increase in size and men tend the clarity with the rest of the local. There are other ways to do this using bit maps, but we should never combine vector and bit maps in a professional log or design. Here we have the vector texture above. We can compose our own by drawing out random shapes, reducing them, copying them and forming them in the clusters zooming in. You can see in greater detail how this texture is composed. We then take all the parts and Megan or compound ship so that the comes single unit. So here we have the texture up top. We have our colored law go at bottom left on. We have the negative space version of our local at bottom right here. You'll safer place a background behind this that all the elements are cut out. So the blue shows through the tax on the symbol, so ensuring that this is a compound shape we got the Pathfinder panel may compound ship expand, which it should be. Ensuring the textures. The CME compound ship. Go to the Pathfinder. Options make compound ship expand. Now, you say there's a bit of slow down there, Jude. All under points. This is a disadvantage of using these type of textures. But if you wish to use them, this is the way to do it thing expand on. Don't wanna move down this texture. And I'm gonna choose places of this taxi that I want a short like this cluster here. So I want this to show on the top right hand corner of the local. So with that behind object, arrange sent back on this log or at the front. I'm gonna select both andan the Pathfinder panel I'm now gonna select in a sect. So now it leaves may with the dots that were behind the local. I'm gonna color these white now. I want to drag them across holding chef to keep on the horizontal over to my local. Now we'll see. This is quite distorted. And so I'm gonna proceed to reduce the opacity off the texture. I want to bring that down of 40%. Now, that looks great. But before we consider this log or design complete, we need to rid of the stray speckles which might lie outside of the local to be able to see them with a rectangle to I'm gonna draw a square. I'm going to send this to the back by going object. Arrange send to back now if a zoom in a will see these stray speckles now all looks good, but immediately I see it. Bottom left. I have some. So with a direct selection tool, I want to click upon each I'm pressing delete on the keyboard, going around the entire law. Go to see if the stray speckles on this one up top to a top one here on one here, which is slightly overlapping, assuming out. So with the background removed, this represents the log or design with the age look applied and vector and cleaned up to a state of perfection. 37. Sealing & Applying Negative Space: So here we have the aged Look, Log on the left with color applied on the negative version of the law. Go on a single color on the right hand side. I'm going to apply a background here to show you a couple of things. Issue in particular with a logo on the left going to object or in Santa. Back up. What? The background in the back where it belongs. Now you'll see we have a negative space cut out of this ring on the local. Now, we only put this negative space in there so we could differentiate and separate the inner circle from the fringe circle. So it got a sign, a different color to each. Now we want this ring to be white, just like the symbol and the text sort of do this. We're going to select the Ellipse Tool Onda, a white color on holding shift. To keep a rare short, we're gonna pull a circle over the top here, moving at slightly in place with the keyboard arrows. We can now send this to the back on sending the background to the back so we can see it. So there we have the white ring and this law go on the left hand side is complete. Now what happens if we want to include that age? Look in the single color negative space, local on the right. Well, we take a copy of it Dragon across using all shift, ensuring that this texture is a compound shape. Because the Pathfinder make compound shape expand, we now keep the texture selected. Holding shift, we select the log or in the background, which is already a compound shape on. We go to the Pathfinder and select minus front. Now you'll see it's cut out the actual rustic texture. It makes tax less readable, but this is the single color version, and on the less and so these represent the finished law goes with the age look applied. 38. Review of Final Logo: So here we have the completed vintage log or design for Bristol barbers, complete with the aged effect. Ah, begun with the planning of a symbol. The symbol holds important, since it's a valuable aspect of raising, brand awareness assembled and they used where use of the full or Gore's perhaps inappropriate. The symbol is a flexible, tidy means of representing the company on the log on on it own. So the planning of the symbol holding such importance consisted of several stages. First, I construct in a mood board consisting of inspirational and reference images. The mood board gave me ideas in the mind mapping process, with a few ideas garnered are began. Medusa Marouf Sketching in the rough sketching process together were reference of the mood board. I came up with an idea of a crown shaped shaving brush. I refined this concept and created a clean version, ready to trace and illustrator After development assembling Illustrator I chose a suitable backing shape for the log or design chores. A circle with wavy edges generated with the star tool and rounded corners Effect. Next was the text shows a heavy script. Funds are stated in the client questionnaire and positioned it on the backing shape. I also positioned the barber's text established text on tagline in a pleasing position. Next was the coloring. After dividing out of waves border from the inner circle, I was able to collect each different color of brown. I select the delight of brown for the wavy border. Last step was application of the rustic texture. After the trimming less down, I was placed on top and opacity was reduced to 40%. Help give the law go an age look without interfering too much with allege ability of the smaller taxed. And so this marks completion off the Bristol's barbershop local. An alternate version was also made with different funds and taxi out for comparison. Following the same procedure in the Sultan of Design, A deemed it necessary to fill a blank space at the bottom of the logo. And so I took the sketch in process to draw on ornamental piece, representing curled Hey, I traces an illustrator and added it to the local. A negative space version was also developed by selecting all elements and using the minus front option and the Pathfinder. This version was made so the log or can be displayed in a single color. The final files provide the client will include a color version, a color version with the texture, a single Cullen negative version under single Cullen negative version with the texture applied on deducted. And so these are all the versions, and this brings the process to a close. 39. Questionnaire Firestone Denim: So let's take a look at the questionnaire for this project. First question reads. What name do you wish to use in your log or design on the answer that given as Firestone Denham? Next question. What specific tagline do you wish to see in your log or design on? The answer is Premium Brand established 18 11. Next question. Do we have free reign? The use upper and lower case current is where appropriate and have stated yes, What is your business set for Manufacture and retail of clothing? Question five. What kind of products under or services do you provide on? They've answered Casual denim work way. Question six. Where do you intend to playa local? They've answered product label shop, front websites, documents and ink stamp. Who is your target market? 18 to 40 year olds scrolling down question. It reads. What kind of feel would you like your log or to project on that answered? Rugged, raw and masculine Yet simple Question nine asks which of the following log all ships do you prefer on? The client stated that they want the taxed based law Guell. Which of the following font styles you prefer and the Kleins Selected script. Heavy script on block. Scrolling down a question 11 are the any specific pictures you'd like incorporating your logo design and the stated that they want nor pictures. Is there anything you do not want? The scene, the design and the state that despite the name, we don't want to see flames in the design. What are you preferred? Colors, black and perhaps some dark red. Which colors do you dislike, if any? Any other colors rather than black and the red? How many colors would you like me using your local design on the stated two colors? Question. 16. Please mention any specific existing log or styles with you favor on of stated Levi's vintage local on Did Jack and Jones vintage logo on scrolling down to the final question. Is there any additional information you'd like to add? Which would help? And the client stated, Our aim is to establish a more modern brand. But at the same time, we'd like to capture the vintage feel. Being an old company, we'd like to emphasize that the design should be muscular yet simple. So that's the client questionnaire and will be using this information as a basis to design logo for Firestone denim 40. Planning Firestone Denim: So now for the planning of the Firestone Dan um, local. Since the client has stipulated that they want a taxed based local, there will be nor refined and sketching process, since the design will actually be the formation of the layout of font. This isn't to say that attacks based law go allows us to skimp on planning there. Still, fat list to plan and good planning leads to good results. As such, we have the following stages for attacks based local. First, we have the mood bolt. Secondly, we have the mind map. And third, we have rough sketching. He is the mood board I developed from this agency. Competitor law goes past and present, and I can use the images for inspiration. On the left, you'll see competitive law. Gore's including laws, which the client state that they liked in the questionnaire towards the right arm or generic Denham orientated law goes which arm particularly associated with any company but still serve is valuable inspiration. The clients stated that they want a black log or possibly with some dark grad saw snorting design form takes priority over color when referencing the mood board. In this case, using the mood board and the power of the mind, I developed a mind map. The company name is written in the middle and divided so that I can brainstorm fire and stone independently. Denham to is featured in the middle so that I explore things associated with denim on the mind map UC of also placed on Asterix next to some ideas off these ideas of northward bald stroke, powerful font stitching, cliff and the triangle shaped to depict a jagged aspect. A swell is tough and masculine. These ideas will be carried across as much as possible to the rough sketching stage. So my ideas will be utilized, however, when I come to select fonts. So he is. My rough sketching have explored some ideas, drawing out the company name and a crude form just to help me visualize the goal in the rough sketching stages, chiefly to arrange text and a pleasing way and in some cases, to come up with ideas for the text form. Here, you'll see that have used to stitch is a horizontal rule on the top log or sketch, which is a product of the mind map. Also, you'll see that I have an idea to give an effect to the text by arching the bottom as seen on the sketch bottom right. This is a subtle suggestion of a cliff, which I also came up within the mind mountain process. The triangular ornaments that either side of the text significant of jagged rock were also ideas garnered from the mind map. Finally, I sketched out a rough concept of a bald script type font, the form of which represents the flames of a fire. I'll keep an eye out for a font, which holds these qualities when I browse and search the font Foundry website. So with each plan on stage compliment in the next on now have my rough ideas for the forthcoming design process In Illustrator, There will be North Iraq tracing and Illustrator. Since this is a tax based local using fonts, you'll notice that even though UN designing attacks based local planning hold great value in adding meaning, we can devise ideas which perhaps wouldn't otherwise have being explored, and it makes each stage of the development process so much more easy as a born us. The result to will be so much better 41. Development Part 1 Firestone Denim: So here we are an illustrator, as in sea of place the rough sketch up top in a done this bygone file and place beneath, I've selected and whittled down to three funds I like for the word Firestone on beneath this of selected four funds which might be suitable for the small attacks in the local down here, I just have the text, which I'm gonna use in the log or design, which I'm going to sign fund to. So without further ado, let's get the work and test out these fonts and differently out arrangements to see how they look. So first, I'm going to select the fund here. I'm just gonna copy aversion down. So beneath the word Firestone, we're gonna have Denham. And if you look both, you'll see that have Denham beneath the word Firestone in a capital san serif. A script onda a capital son Sarah upon a banner. So I'm gonna go ahead and draw this banner. Once have done that, I'm going to apply an effect to both attacks in the banner so that it does this curvature effect, as you can see here now, this is in ordered in the rough sketch is meant to resemble a shape of a cliff. It's not a parent, it's just very subtle, and it's a good effect. So let's go ahead on Bond copy down when this word Denham here on, set up beneath the word Firestone. Now I'm gonna with just the tracking at the moment in the car, the panel attracting set to 400 for this I'm going next 8 800 And so the word denim is now further stretched across and it will be stretched across the banner. So let's go ahead and draw that banner. It's a simple process. In the banner is something which is featured regularly in vintage log or designs. So it's worth learning how to do it. I'm gonna show you one such way to design Bana on, and we do with using the rectangle to so selecting that, I'm going to draw out a rectangle like so beneath this, I'm gonna draw a shape using the pan tool. So I'm gonna click here to make the first and the point holding shift toe lock on Teoh the vertical. I'm gonna make another under point beneath on still holding, shifting and also lock on to the horizontal. He you'll see if I move changes to a 45 degree angle on. Of course, the vertical appear so holding shift achieves this. So the next on the point is gonna be clicked out here like so now, utilizing a 45 degree angle while Soling shift. I want to click appear still holding shift. I'm gonna meet the line which shows and pink This denotes I'm in line with the UN appoint beneath. I want to click another. Aren't the point still holding shift? I want to click another one here. Another on a point on. And I'm gonna click down here on the last one here. Now, just to make this a little more perfect with the Direk selection tool holding shift. I'm gonna move this down until that lines horizontal here so that don't zooming out. I'm just gonna position last piece, so that is a bit more gaps between here. I want a copy. This with Alton shift. I wanna right click. I'm gonna go to transform, reflect ensuring left vertical of selected. I'm gonna click, OK? And I want a position this in a similar manner. So that's good. We can make this perfect by going to Pathfinder if we wish gonna make compound ship expand on taking half a copy of this with the rectangle to selecting both holding shift. We can go out the Pathfinder panel and select minus front. This leaves us with 1/2 weaken. Goto Alton shift transform reflect with vertical selected weaken. Click. OK, so that's one option to ensure that this is perfectly symmetrical. It was good enough to begin with. You get better as you use illustrator and it gonna learn to use the eye. But this is absolutely perfect because we flipped the same shape across. So with that done, I'm gonna go Pathfinder once again make compound shape and the options on clicking expand. Just so this is a single shape. I want to place this appear. I want to send us to the back. Bygone object Orian sent back so that my fund is up on the front. I want to color the phone white. So then say it. Gonna increase this in size a little bit more. I don't want to reduce it on the vertical. I want to ensure that the rectangle of the spanner is perfectly beneath the tax. So you'll say, this is Felicia. I'm going to utilize one of thes fonts for the smaller text of denim with denim selected, I'm going to utilize the eyedropper tool. I don't want to match it to one of these up top. I want to select this one. Now you say it's also replicated the color. So we'll have to re color this front white one small. And it's also affected the tracking, which is the spacing between each character here. So I'm gonna go to the tracking in the current the panel on I want to set this at 800. So now the word Dannon has spread across the banner here, and I'm in position at using the cursors on the keyboard. That's the arrows. So just ensuring this is centralizes best as we can. Judging by I, we can trace us down by gonna type create outlines. We got a Pathfinder make compound ship to make all those characters off the line. A single shape clicking expand. This is now a shape. We can highlight the banner on the text and go to a line underneath the line objects horizontal line center on This will perfectly. Position denim with the banner. Okay, so now I'm going to bring down this taxed with own shift on. And I'm also going to use the same font as they did for Denham. So with the eyedropper tool, I want to click that font above. Now I want to sign some tracking the decks because the current is a too tightly knitted. So in the car at the panel, I'm going to click trapping Andi. I'm going to sign 200 to this. See how that looks. That's fine. You wanna reduce it in size? I want to bring down the established 18 11. I'm just going to reference the rough sketch. Now we see I've made a mistake. That premium brand I had at the top here. So I'm going to see how that looks with the established at the bottom. So bringing down established on Premium brand goes up top on gonna click upon the established using I got with dual. I'm gonna match this text up top on. Of course, the tracking. So everything not to sign to this text when we use the eyedropper tool it copies including color trapping and all other tech streets which have being assigned in the character panel . So putting the established at the bottom here like so, I'm going to make a copy of this to experiment with some font. So selecting all ons using shift and Ault, I'm gonna drag copy across Ondo another. Now I'm gonna concentrate on the word fire storm to see how those are the funds. Look that we have up here. So clicking upon the word fire stone on the middle version, I want to use the eyedropper tool again and I'm gonna click this. Now, you see that some of the characters here on Perfect. So I'm gonna duke some kern ing here. Turning is the spacing off each individual character according to its form. Somewhat different from tracking, which assigns the same spacing. Teach character regardless. So I'm going to go to type, create outlines Now you'll see the all has too much spacing and contrast to the F in the eye. Andi, the art and the I even has too much space in relation to the F in the eye. So I want to slept all here. I'm gonna go to object on group now I'm going to select these characters here. I'm gonna bring these over to the left using the left cursor on the keyboard. The A needs bringing anger has too much space between it and the are so using the left cursor Once again, we need to bring the tea and slightly on the other characters with it. I need to bring the all and e the enemy a on the A like So now I'm I didn't even choose this fund. But I do want to see how it's gonna look in a reasonably perfect state. So highlighting all of this reduced sentence size and I'm gonna bring premium brand down. So they're at visualize how this fund's gonna look next. I'm going to try this one appear so selecting less using the eyedropper tool. I'm going to match this fund above and already like the look of this front in the tracking , I'm going to reduce it. So in the character panel in the tracking options, I'm going to select minus 50 type may not end on that a little bit too much. I'm going to try minus 20 on, and I want to do the Koerting process again. I want the type create outlines object on group. I'm just gonna make some slight adjustments bringing Stoerner over to the left, Andi bringing the eye away from the F just to give it a bit more backup. Now I'm happy with that. And that's enough for me to visualize how this font looks. Andi, it's actually this font which I'm going to choose and uses a basis to build this local further. 42. Development Firestone Denim Part 2: Now that the font for Firestone has been finalized, I want to make a copy of this local using Alton Shift gonna drag down a copy on another andan other. Now, I'm going to experiment with the small attacks to see if I make this law go any better. As you see, we have another three fonts that we haven't tried yet. So let's try this on the left hand side. So it select our small text with the eyedropper tool. We clicked upon the text. Now you'll see it's almost unreadable. This is due to the fact that this is in capitals and that's the capital style for this font . So I'm going to highlight, delete and re type this in law case like so and we don't sigh in tracking 300 in the correct the panel reducing in size. I'm gonna do the same with this in lower case. Now, this just gives me a rough idea of how this phone looks so in a position out there, and it's OK, but it isn't as good as the one on the right here. Finally, I'm going to select these two fonts with the eyedropper tool, ongoing much this text. Andi, with those two selected in the character panel on won't with Sign that trucking once again to get some space between each character on reducing in size on placing back into position . Now we have one remaining, so I'm gonna drive down a copy, highlight those two lines with the eyedropper tool. I want to select this. I'm going to re type this an actual capitals ongoing with Sign the tracking once again highlighting both of those assigning 300 on the tracking on. Get an idea of how this phone looks. As it happens, this one appear the original is actually the best. So I'm gonna take a copy of this once again. Now we'll say we take a copy off the log or as we go down the page. And illustrator, this is saw that week and refer back to the previous at any given time. So what's left if we scroll back up to the sketch, you see that we have an effect assigned and we also have to triangular bullet points at either side. So let's go ahead. And a sign that effect scrolling down now before we go ahead and assign the effect. It's important that all of our elements are lined up so that it's centralized with each other on the vertical. So highlighting all of this going the object group, ensuring that this text to is grouped with the banner object group Onda we're going Teoh caught a type and create outlines. Now, selecting all we're going to go to the allying panel on underneath a lying objects are gonna click horizontal align Sander You see, there was a minor adjustment here and saw Now this text on banner is perfectly aligned on the vertical. We're now ready to assign the effect now all text here, which is to be incorporated in the effect needs to be traced down in the shapes. And this is the reason why we used type create outlines for this particular line and you'll see Denham on Firestone are also shapes. They too have been created and outlines. So the next important thing is is that these elements are also a group, so we go to object group. It's these elements which will be incorporated into the effect the established down here will not, and you can see this is still an actual creditable line of text now to give the law go the same treatment as what we see in this sketch with the arc at the bottom on the flat top, we do the following selecting this those four elements the banner, the Dannon Tex Firestone and Premium brand, which is now a singular unit. We go to effect warp arc Law. With this selected, we can utilize a slider. In this case, we need to go towards bend like salt and you can see the bottom of the law. Goal here has an arc, whereas the top stays flat. So this is the effect that we want to achieve now in its current state. You'll see that it's all squashed up here. However, we're going to change this after we apply the effect. So with this done, I'm going to select minus 41% band here with okay selected. This is the result. However, we want to pull it down so selected again, we pull it down and this is the result. So now we're getting somewhere were actually applying an effect, and it looks high impact. It look stylish, and it begins to take on the form of a proper vintage logo design. So now we're going to take a copy of this law. Go. And this is so that the effect remains edible. Should we wish to revert? So, using Ault and shift, we dragged down a copy here scrolling down. And with that done, we can now go the object expand appearance. Now you'll see the form that the effect applied has now being made permanent. This is no longer edit. Herbal on those ships will be treated as if the bean actually drawn now to develop the triangles at either side of the text. This is meant to represent jagged rock, and at the same time, it gives balance to the local. Onda fell zin the gaps here above the banner. So to develop, these were going to use this Start to Andi. We're gonna drag out shape, which is a start moment clicking end for the options. Regular estate, three points clicking. Okay, We now have a triangle. So selecting that triangle on rotate net going to the top, right? Onside. Any corner until his arrows appear holding, shift, reading, click. It's to the horizontal there, and I'm gonna make this a nice point. That arrow so it's jagged, which gives high impact on, of course, the resemblance to the jagged rock which were aiming for. I will not reduce this very slightly, and I'm gonna make sure this is in line with the middle portion of the A here. I want to copy this cross with all and shift. I'm going to right click transform reflect with vertical selected. I want to click. OK, and I want a position this. I want to ensure that there's roughly the same, if not the perfect amount of distance between the character on the arrow. Here we can zoom in. We can take some measurements if we wish. We can use a square made of the triangle call of the square. Um, weaken. Copy across too much up the gap. I say this is relatively the same. So that will do. And that's the completion of those triangles, which essentially bullet points which gives balance to the design. And so the tax base vintage laurel design is now beginning to come together. There's just a few more things I'd like to explore. So review in the design in a similar manner to the balance which we've achieved with the triangles are also want to achieve that with premium brand up top. Ah feels if there's too much of a gap on the right here under on the left sort account of this, I'm gonna insert some bullet points. And just so that it differs from the triangles, I'm going to use something that around it. So obviously I'm gonna use a circle. So selecting the ellipse to I want to draw out a small cycle, like so moving across with a keyboard cursor. I want to copy this across with old and shift on creating one on the left hand side just adjusting again with the cursor on the keyboard ons. I like the look of that Someone highlight all object on group and showing that those bullet points Ah, one with the text So going the object group those air now a singular now with everything on grouped Yeah, I want to make some slight adjustments to the gaps we have. So here you'll see up top between this line of text and Firestone. It's quite a considerable gap in relation. Teoh the banner beneath on fire storm above and so on. One highlight that banner on with the keyboard arrow key down and want Would just this banner saw that it shares the same kind of distance between Firestone as the line of text above. So that done is more breathing space so that each element can shine on its own merit on Did It looks consistent. So looking at this log, or I just need to make changes to make this absolutely perfect. It's never too late. The mixture in there's gonna object on group. I just want to shift over this bullet point to the left a bit more, using the left cursor on the keyboard, and I'm happy with that now, under these triangles have just seen that these could line up with this banner shape down here. So hold and shifting, dragging down. I'm going to make this line up perfectly with this banner. So now it's flush something. Put it back into position. I want to do the same with the other. And sure enough, flush with a bana on putting it back into position. Weaken quickly. Ensure that these two triangles are lined up creature that just by drawing out a rectangle I'm going across. And as you can see they're perfect. So deleting that rectangle, which you've just used as a guide, you'll notice something about local. It's actually lost its establishment tax down bottom. These things happen, of course, so we simply revert back to our copy. Both take not established text. Bring it down. We can now said it beneath the local, so that demonstrates why it's important to have the old copies up above. So just a quick review of the law Go again. Just gonna move this up slightly. So this looks goods and you might consider it as complete a do, however, also asked myself the question Is there anything else I'd like to explore? And in this case, that is. And so the first thing I'm gonna do is revert back to the sketch, deceived this. Any further ideas and gone to explore toe adds to the local 43. Development Firestone Denim Part 3: So let's scroll up and take a look at the original sketch. You'll see. There's a couple of things which pretend to previous ideas are harden. The sketch, which haven't Bean explored of Morsi just concentrated on this local, But you see, I have script type in here for the word premium brand. Another idea. ISS stitching for the horizontal rule of this local. And so on it. Ask myself, How can I go about incorporating these two ideas? Well, the first It's simple. I can go on explore some script fonts, which I have done on, and I've came up with these Final Three. Now each has a different style. First is more like 100 eating stale. The next is calligraphy in the middle on the last on the right is also a calligraphy stale but in a more perfect tape of form. So let's jump right in and testy script fonts by making a copy of this local with Alton Shift. Gonna make another two copies, and I'm gonna tell the premium brand from three of these, and I'm going to simply drop in each one to the top between the bullet points, like so on the Final One. Now I'm going to review each of these to see if any of these script fonts looks better than the original, which adopted block capitals, this one on the left hand side. And I do feel as if this one all the one on the right, is perhaps better than the original on the left. I've decided that it's this one that I'm going to choose with premium brand in this particular font, and I've chosen this fund because it looks traditional professional and above all, its former's consistent. The other two funds are a little more playful, and the fun on the left gives a personal feel rather than that of dominance. And so I'm going to create a copy of this bring down and scrolling down. So, having introduced the new text for Premium Brand, the first thing to do is zoom in and take a look at the curling. Now the distance between each character appears to be perfect, and this is typical of many script type fonts, and this one's no exception, so each character blends seamlessly into the next. Now I want to make sure that this line of text is centralized with these bullet points. I'm gonna make it a little bit more longer on the horizontal stretching out across this at the same time sent is it with those bullet points just moving this down very slightly. Noting the distance between Firestone in the banner and premium brand in the top of the Firestone text. I'm just gonna move up the bullets by selecting both holding shift and clicking upwards. Now you'll notice something else about this design. Now the firestorm text is arched and thus the top of the text is arched also. So we want premium brands to follow this arch. Now it's ever so subtle. So we're only gonna apply very subtle effect premium brand. And we do it by doing this. We select the line text, we goto effect warp arc and it's it's 6% which seems to look good. Click preview to see how it look on the art board clicking. OK, this looks good and it follows flush with Firestone so zooming out, I'm now going to make a copy of this because the warning both has the edible effect. And with fact done, I'm going to expand the appearance of premium brand by gone to object. Expand appearance. How the effect is permanence and nor shapes are treated as if they have bean drone. So now, under the stitching concept, let's scroll back open. Look at the sketch. Once again, you'll see that this stitching is acting as a horizontal line. It's like a perforated horrors online, and this gives balance to the word Denham. In this example, however, the denim line that we've created in the log or which is down here is actually upon a banner. So this out ruled this concept. However, I'm still keen to incorporate stitching somehow into this design. So let's scroll down with the logo and analyze it to see how we could incorporate a stitched type of effect or analyze in the form of the log or this two things. I'd like to try to incorporate the stitch, so I'm gonna make a copy with all and shift dragging one across. I'll just increase these both and size okay to draw a perforation or a stitch, as it were, I'm going to select the line to I Want to Select North Fell. I'm for the stroke putting stroke. I want to select black Now I'm going to draw out a line holding shift to keep it on the horizontal on and in the stroke panel. I'm gonna click dashed line, tell us a check mark, and we'll see. And now get the dashed line with five points between now on the increase, the weight of this. You see, those got bigger. So the first idea I have is I'm going to move premium brand up together with bullet points and I wanna place stitch beneath. I'm gonna go to effect and click apply arc. Now, the supplies the 6% AQ, which we apply previously to the premium brown text. Like so that looks fairly good. But there's also something else I'd like to try. And I'm gonna do this in the log on the left, throwing our lying once again with a line segment to I'm gonna hold shift. I'm gonna drag across the line. My idea is is to incorporate the stitch into the bottom of the banner here. After I moved down this established text. By doing this, I'm hoping to achieve the idea that the banner all the label is stitched obviously into denim. So let's go ahead and try this to see how it looks. First, we're gonna move down. The established, taxed holding shift keeps it locked on the vertical so it doesn't drift to the side now holding shift again. I'm just gonna move up the stitch on. Do we need to apply the effect of the Ark? So go on a walk. Walk. You see, we're at 6% as we were before, but we need to increase this further because it's a greater degree of art. So we want this to run flush with the bottom over the banner here. Clicking. Okay, One that looks fine. I'm gonna move it down on in place. Just gonna give some space between the premium brand tax and the stitch on the right hand side local. And now I'm gonna judge both of those. Law goes and I feel as if the one on the left hand side has the better concept by far, with a stitch at the bottom of the banner. So concentrating on this highlight net dragging down a copy. Obviously you want to put the established tax back in place, so hauling shift to keep it locked on the vertical. We're gonna position it like so I was zooming in. You see that? This block on the right hand side needs to be a little bit bigger. So we need to extend that line clicking upon the line. We can dry. Go with right hand, side a point and you'll see it makes the block bigger. This needs to be centralized, so we use the curses on the keyboard. Andi, that marks completion off the stitch effect. Since we applied in effect to this stitch, we want to make it permanent. So we go to object, flattened, transparency, clicking, okay, sore sitting back and analyzing the log. Or once again, I ask myself, what else can I adds to the design? And of Northey established text appears a bit unbalanced, as if it's a spare part to the overall design. So to remedy this, I'm gonna results to the trusted bullet points in a similar fashion to those which had developed up above. So I'm gonna select the Ellipse, too, and I'm gonna draw out a circle here. I'm gonna wrap Look at this using Ault and shift, and I'm gonna position them so that each as the same distance from the lettering using the keyboard cases. I don't want to select all. I'm gonna go to type object rather on group. Now, I'm gonna move this down slightly just to give it some breathing space. I'm gonna zoom out, going to review the local one small our in some cases, a typical final step of development advantage. Local design would be to add a texture to suggest aging. The font we utilized for fire Storm, however, features its own default rustic texture. This works to my advantage, since if I leave the other elements without ataxia, the tech stands on its own merit to depict the embers of a fire and the rustic quality of stone. Thus, the texture reflects the content of the word. And then that not This marks completion of the Firestone Denham Vintage logo, which is ready for coloring. 44. Colouring Firestone Denim Part 4: So here we have the completed via Stone Denham local. Now the clients stipulated the colors they had, like are black and perhaps a dark red. So I'm going to jump right in and make two copies of this driving one of the left hauling shift in ult on dragging another to the right and I'm gonna experiment with blacks. Andi Reds In each of these now you'll know that I've said blacks plural. Now you may think a black is jet black, but they're actually different versions of black. These are termed is off black colors in log or design. It's important to not just surrender to a common color jet black or pure. Black is just everything turned down in the C n y que sliders in the color panel with black to end up 100% is creative designers. We should always in reduce variants. That's to say something different from the norm. Above all invented log or design. We often need to depict an aged effect. Using slightly faded colors helps us to achieve this, so I'm not gonna set off of pure black here. Instead, I'm going to choose a unique and suitable blackish color by utilizing the c m y que sliders . So let's go ahead and do exactly that. So I'm going to on group these items. Denham hands the banner. I want to select everything here on and I'm going to select black to begin now when a U Z sliders appear, I'm gonna turn down the black slightly. I'm not gonna introduce some scion 4% some agenda Andi yellow at 4% Also. So all of those air, 4% Cyan, magenta yellow on black is at 92%. So here we have a tourney of black. Next, I'm gonna go to object one group to do the same again. I'm going to select everything going to select black from the swatches on. Once again I'm going to use the sliders to make a unique black turning up the yellow to full going up to 10 with a scion. I want to switch down the block to 90 magenta. I want to take 26 So there's another tourney. Black, very subtle, but different from Jack Black again. Just need to own group banner from Denham, selecting everything holding shift, selecting black from the swatches and manipulating the c m y que sliders again to come up with a unique black 7% on the magenta on 9% on the yellow, and I'm gonna leave Scion at 0%. So here we have a unique black subtle but different Next gonna move on to the red. Now, the first idea that I have is to make fire storm the dark red And I'm actually going to use the CME like a spectrum here on and move around the eye dropper to select dark red Moving up the black in the c N y que slide on the color final Onda I'm happy with that. I'm thinking going to color the established text. So with the Direk selection to select that with the eyedropper tool, I'm gonna match the Firestone text. And there we have it. Here's one version here utilizing a unique black Andi Dark Red. Next, I'm gonna try gunned color the ballot dark red to see how that looks. So once again from the Sam Wyche a spectrum I'm going to use the eyedropper which appears to select Dark red. I'm going to bring down the scion just slightly using the slider. I will try coloring premium brand that same dark, right? See how this looks. Also, I'm going to color those triangles. The bullet points with same rat. And there we call. We have another version of the log or utilizing a unique black on dark red. So on the next, you'll notice that we haven't colored this stitching reds in any of these. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that, selecting a red from the swatches this time. And I'm gonna use the sliders to find the dark red moving the black, slide up yellow, slide it down very slightly. And the scion up to 18%. So there we have a unique dark red which is more darker than these two on the left. So now I'm going to select Firestone, taxed with the direct selection to dragging across on using the eyedropper tool. I want to match the color off that stitch. So that represents the next version I have. So with those color options have developed after careful consideration, I've chosen the final due to the relevancy of the dark red for the word Firestone, the one on the right represents the final local design solution for Firestone denim 45. Activities Please see resources: Now it's your turn to design a vintage log or starting from scratch. This includes the planning right through to the final product. When you've completely the project. Join me in the Q and A and I will personally review your work and give valuable feedback so that you can improve upon yourself as a vintage logo designer. Please say the resource is for the questionnaires, and I look forward to connecting with you to see your creations. 46. Final Word: well done for reaching the end of the course. I hope the information has proven valuable in extending your skills. As a designer, I post new courses on a regular basis, So if you want to stay up to date, please be sure. Click follow next to my user name by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share Resource is on when I launch contests.