Master the Light & Mood of Your Head Shots | Lucy Lambriex | Skillshare

Master the Light & Mood of Your Head Shots

Lucy Lambriex, Let’s feel great around the camera!

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8 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction and invitation

    • Grab your low tech materials

    • The very basics of lighting

    • Reflect light and sculpt the portrait

    • Move the curtains; make the mood

    • Depth & layers

    • Some kitschy romance

    • Your turn: class project


About This Class

Natural, dramatic, romantic, classy, kitschy... In this class I’ll teach you how you can drastically change the light & mood of your photos and videos by playing with some very basic materials. 

You really don't need expensive or professional gear. At all. The stuff you’ll need for this class, is probably in your home right now:  a window, dark curtains, aluminum foil, white paper, twigs, some lace or other translucent material, black paper, tape, a bowl, a torch and water. (And Christmas lights or the free hack I'll tell you about.)

After and during this class there will still be room for happy accidents, but there's no longer a need to hope for them.

Start experimenting and discover how to influence the mood of your head shots! 

The music in this class is by Tom Beek (saxophone and piano) and ShadyDave (piano and cello).

The photos in the lesson on kitschy romance are by Valentin Russanov, Zeljko Santrac, and me. 





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Lucy Lambriex

Let’s feel great around the camera!

How would you feel if cameras were your friend? If you are camera shy or feel intimidated by photographic technique, keep reading! No matter which side of the lens you are on, I make photography and video creation a less daunting experience. 

If you need good portraits for your business or private life, I'll help you gain the courage to show up in front of the camera for your portrait or talking head video. Even if you are camera shy.


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