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Master Your Design Tool - Sketch App (From Beginners to Advanced)

teacher avatar Ishan M., Product Designer, Frontend Dev

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (3h 52m)
    • 1. Part 1: Introduction __ Master Sketch App

    • 2. Part 2: Getting Around Its UI __Master Sketch App

    • 3. Part 3: Shortcuts __Master Sketch App

    • 4. Part 4: Artboards & Pages __Master Sketch App

    • 5. Part 5: Shapes & Layers __ Master Sketch App

    • 6. Part 6: Masking, Resizing & Scaling __ Master Sketch App

    • 7. Part 7: Grid & Alignment __Master Sketch App

    • 8. Part 8: Symbols, Nested Symbols, Overrides, Shared Styling __Master Sketch App

    • 9. Part 9: Boolean Operations & Maths __ Master Sketch App

    • 10. Part 10: Drawing Vector Shapes __ Master Sketch App

    • 11. Part 11: Designing Icons __ Master Sketch App

    • 12. Part 12: Plugin One __ Master Sketch App

    • 13. Part 13: Plugin Two __ Master Sketch App

    • 14. Part 14: Prototyping __ Master Sketch App

    • 15. Part 15: Exports & Handoffs __ Master Sketch App

    • 16. Part 16: Making Design Live __ Master Sketch App

    • 17. Part 17: Conclusion And Resources __ Master Sketch App

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About This Class

Its a full package made for beginners to advanced users in sketch app (UI Design Tool). This is made for UI/UX designers, Product designers,Icon designers and Creative people. It gives total in depth understanding of the best tools in the design world and how to master your tools.

Moreover, This course contain in depth tutorials of more than 20+ powerful plugins to enhance and speed up your workflow. It teaches you ways to master your toolset. So, join me in the journey.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ishan M.

Product Designer, Frontend Dev


Ishan is Kathmandu based Product designer and Frontend developer. He likes learning and teaching things he knows. He is a growing Youtuber and active Blogger. Where he shares his learning during his career. 


 He likes calling himself an intersection of developer(Fr) and designer. I like front-end development with React/Gatsby/Vue/TS/Redwood and sometimes Node. I love trying out new technologies and update with modern tools helping our lives more easier.

Please see his dribbble post, read my blogs and take a peek at the youtube videos to support him as well.


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1. Part 1: Introduction __ Master Sketch App: on. Welcome to the course. Any course designed to master your skill in sketch app a popular you I designed to this course will teach you about the basics and get deeper into advance. Label off using sketch for fossil, a manageable design workflow. So why to sketch other than the available tools online? I for the shop administrator at a vexed E, Fremer explained. And many, many more. First of all, skated cheap and affordable. It just $99 per year so we can get on and adopted within the year purchased. So it's good to talk to invest upon. It has a lot of a lot of good features, like symbols. See your stars are boards paises multiple exports, Responsive Group, precise ing I just few of its features, among many, many features, So we'll discuss this in detail. This whole core structure is made for your A levels get users to advanced sketch users. Moreover, the content and metrical off the course are apathetic to the sketch wars never level. Now let's discuss about what this course covers and what are the parts inside it and how far it goes and what you recovering in our upcoming videos. Part two will discuss a party use interface of sketch in poetry releases about that sort goods and how to get around efficiently inside Skitch and thoughtful managing, designed with our posts and pages bought vibe about shapes and working with layers inside sketch in boxes. I'm asking you sizing and scaling about seven symbols. Nitze symbols all right and said styling and bodied groups in alignment told weaken use grades and how we can align limits inside Sketch in Part nine Willing operations and Mets Bodine drawing vector shapes in part 11 design icons and I have I prints inside Skitch in part two of plug ins used inside sketch, Part one and plug ins used inside skates. Part two. Because the power of skits lies, I mean, it's plugging by developers. So in Part 14 with design and put a type inside sketch about 15. Uh oh, we can hand over our assets to developers and export our assets. Part 16 Making design alive with the new Auriol Inside sketch and lastly in parts emitted. Conclusion ambled sketch. So let's get started with sketch. The most popular you I designed toe in the market. This is just a short introduction to sketch in the upcoming parts, we will get to know the basics and slowly movinto advance level of fusion sketch in our design. Workflow. All right, guys, I see you in the next part. 2. Part 2: Getting Around Its UI __Master Sketch App: welcome to part two of the course and in this spot real discuss about the user interface inside Sketch. So let's get started. So guys sketches quite powerful tool, and it's loved for its simplicity. It also loads much faster than other tools, like for a shop and a three year. It's a complete vector editing software, and we can do illustrations are within sketch as well. So Jin really talking about the user interface of sketch they using the face of skits can be divided into four main section the 1st 6 And these, um the pace is an art board section on the extreme left. Uh, here we can see our PAISES and on ports over here. So for now, it's try them. I have just created in a simple art board here are pressing so good A and then which saw the option for different devices and, um, sizes here. So, um, I just used android and then are right in the left. We can see we have just used one piece right now. So they are just one piece, and the more the name moron is a name off the airport. So this is our for one if we need to make some other oddball weaken so it could eat and just drag it. Or we can just press a and then used the sizes have level over here so we can choose antics up tablets more while to 20 by 1024 and then we can just Jews the sizes of level. So, yeah, this is on port. We can manage our design with our boats and pieces, which will certainly cover in upcoming videos. So if we need to, um, at places, then we can add pieces over here. As you can see, I've just added a piece, too. And I can create any other our boat over here using that piece inside that piece. So from the section, we Connexus the places and not bored on beacon search for our layers layers. Uh, we concerts for our layers over here and then disorder. How many sliced meats we have. And then, um uh, we can even show in Hyde layers with a single click over here. So on this left section is for these stuff. So at the main section off the sketch APP is the upper part where we can access, different tools and stuff we can. We can also use the foremost bar. But for now, we'll just focus on this toolbar. So the toolbar, it is the main place we re Connexus outwards. So we can even customize toolbar with our own. The favorite tools which are African only used by us in our design. So we can just drag and drop the limits. Um, over here to the big, onto the bar, so on. Or we can just drag the whole default and place it over here. But a Z, you can see the plus green sign eso for now, I have customized, uh, the two bar as berm I need So I have, um even we can add I couldn't only or we can have icons indexed, so so it can be fully customizable. Um, but I didn't really prefer to use sort goods rather than taking on on these tools. So, um yeah, eso Well, obviously, this is about the sort goods, and I will provide you with the shoot containing all the sort kids. So, um, to body the place where our tools live. So So we're talking about the right 16. Uh, right six and we have the alignment section I have. We can align our our design elements in the page so we can distribute it presently vertically, we can align it left, center right top land vertically on airline Borten. If we just draw in ship now, then on these tools becomes active. So it's quite intel isn't that we can get, So it's quite intelligent enough to know that we can eat it the tools. So I quickly Kandahar Borg on the other tools become inactive. So, um, if we click on any layer for now, rectangle is our layer and we can use the portion x and y axis. And then we can change the size from here, even transform it, rotate it or flip it or isn't clear vertically, Um, and use the regis option where she depending moves like photo shop has. But sketch is not primarily is editing software, so we can have border saddles gorging, blur, and even we can export on different multiple sizes and on multiple devices. Um, off the image. We can even even even export, uh, the different device in sizes off the image. So yeah, on and the other section ease the in finite canvas Over here, the canvas is total in fine it, and we can germinate upto on limited level. So, yeah, sketch also provides it's good feature of creating simple so that we can use a symbol on bond Modify a symbol, and it modifies in every our boat that we have. I used that symbol So are really time saving. We can even have dext styled And for, um, designed consistency on the uniformity. So, yeah, this is, uh, basic in direction of sketch. You further experience, um, wonderful features. So see you in the next spot. 3. Part 3: Shortcuts __Master Sketch App: welcome to the par for the course in this court will discuss about managing designed with our ports and bases. So let's get started. So why working with really, really huge funds inside sketch? It would be really difficult to manage it within our single pays or a single are poor. Let's see in past when I used to work with Photoshopped files, Um no, their own 1014. I didn't have even our boats in it on then. Our porch was recently introducing 2015 cc. Eso managing designed filed in those times were really hard. And then we have to make a different, uh, screens on a different document for different design falls. So the art boots and places have made our designers lives are much easier. Let's take a look home. We can. When is our design files with tape of bases on our ports? So as we have already discussed, Um, no sketch canvas is quite infinite inside, so it can hold thousands off our ports in it on by thousands of bases in it, So a single sketch file can contain thousands of faces, and one paces can contain more than thousands of art boards. So, for example, I have, uh I made a quite a few number of our ports here. Um, yeah. So, uh, this this is Jim. These are number off designed fast that we have, um, on. Then we need to manage these design faults with help off, um, arm pulled. So first fall commanding toe do mean to object. So, um, are for rectangle. So let's assume that this is a bar, and then uh huh. And is it the food? So, um, are for rectangle. So let's assume that this is a map are. And then uh huh. And the photo? Yeah. Doom. Yeah. So we have a single are poor and single design file in this are poor. So we have made some design elements here and cooked them toe there by pressing control. And G um, come on, g for Mac. So then come on off for renaming Delia. So here. So this is just a small, small example that how we can many our design parts in such way. So, uh, for avoidance since I have on our border and in designing meant within our for which I manage it with the fold recalled groups and then I have are born and in the the collection of Art Boone and then the pieces and then a collection of multiple pieces. So in this way, we can many czar designed funds. Let's take this is, uh this is an ongoing process on So this under boarding process? Yeah. So, in peace to weaken, Just, uh, cause he dashboard didn't way Have some It's, um, boots here so we can just manage Our design found became for peace in our ports in the street on also creating a small group on New Year's. Um uh uh Uncle, please. Hartwick grating group players within dartboard. Um, let's go yet. I will get around with our ports and places greeting a real designed mo cook. You know, coming into trios toe. See you in the next topic Saves and layers 4. Part 4: Artboards & Pages __Master Sketch App: welcome to the par for the course in this court will discuss about managing designed with our ports and bases. So let's get started. So why working with really, really huge funds inside sketch? It would be really difficult to manage it within our single pays or a single are poor. Let's see in past when I used to work with Photoshopped files, Um no, their own 1014. I didn't have even our boats in it on then. Our porch was recently introducing 2015 cc. Eso managing designed filed in those times were really hard. And then we have to make a different, uh, screens on a different document for different design falls. So the art boots and places have made our designers lives are much easier. Let's take a look home. We can. When is our design files with tape of bases on our ports? So as we have already discussed, Um, no sketch canvas is quite infinite inside, so it can hold thousands off our ports in it on by thousands of bases in it, So a single sketch file can contain thousands of faces, and one paces can contain more than thousands of art boards. So, for example, I have, uh I made a quite a few number of our ports here. Um, yeah. So, uh, this this is Jim. These are number off designed fast that we have, um, on. Then we need to manage these design faults with help off, um, arm pulled. So first fall commanding toe do mean to object. So, um, are for rectangle. So let's assume that this is a bar, and then uh huh. And is it the food? So, um, are for rectangle. So let's assume that this is a map are. And then uh huh. And the photo? Yeah. Doom. Yeah. So we have a single are poor and single design file in this are poor. So we have made some design elements here and cooked them toe there by pressing control. And G um, come on, g for Mac. So then come on off for renaming Delia. So here. So this is just a small, small example that how we can many our design parts in such way. So, uh, for avoidance since I have on our border and in designing meant within our for which I manage it with the fold recalled groups and then I have are born and in the the collection of Art Boone and then the pieces and then a collection of multiple pieces. So in this way, we can many czar designed funds. Let's take this is, uh this is an ongoing process on So this under boarding process? Yeah. So, in peace to weaken, Just, uh, cause he dashboard didn't way Have some It's, um, boots here so we can just manage Our design found became for peace in our ports in the street on also creating a small group on New Year's. Um uh uh Uncle, please. Hartwick grating group players within dartboard. Um, let's go yet. I will get around with our ports and places greeting a real designed mo cook. You know, coming into trios toe. See you in the next topic Saves and layers 5. Part 5: Shapes & Layers __ Master Sketch App: welcome to part five of the course in this part will learn about shapes they use on how to set up our own taste of preference inside Skitch. So let's get started. All right, guys. So I have bothered opened a news get but so I'm going to creative Newmar put food so Chris got a and then Antarctic stupas D for now would be fine. So with this selected, I'll just rename this art board on by command are and then shapes. OK, so we're still doing the basics of sketch. Um, and we'll gradually get deeper into the really advanced topics are very soon. Uh, so let's discuss about shapes. So shapes can be drawn from two ways. Now, one is from the upper top insert shapes and we have different shapes of level. On the other other part where we can access this shapes is from the inside. She Yeah, so we have a total of 688 chips of level. So let's first discuss belt lines. OK, so, um, I've just recently did line and then, um oh, frag line. So, um, it's always that line Creek shape greets the line and then in the right portion. We call this inspector as discussed lessons in the Inspector. We can see, um, different, um, information about with the shape he's in the airport X axis and one and why access and then lend. And then we can flip it recently. Option on Ben. Yeah, we can add jade styles. We'll discuss it in a bit. Intermediate level off sketch thickness. We can add a thickness to line, and then let's keep it around. The playing. Yes. So, rid. Yeah, it's great. It would be quite visible. So, um, line can be drawn also with the, um sort. Good. L So if you want some, um, it's our tag. Or maybe border eso weaken. Just, uh, Bruce l and, um a small transpiration it. Yeah. So, um yeah, also line can be created, and this is good. Simple. And we can also add saddles toe our line. So for now, I won't bad incentives, So yeah, this is like So let's issues to, um on the ship. And, um, that the one is so, um, Aero can be just, um if we press shift and then, um, just drag around. It didn't really, um, creates an angle So if you want, uh uh, uh shape. Um, of all were, you know, direction then just drank it. And then, um yeah, so, um, you know what I do see? Probably way will need some fields and borders and then send thickness. Some techniques would be fine. We do have also have the option of blending modes which photos up ultra hands, but that we have quite a few, um, options here. So But currently we won't be planing playing with bending modes with this area. So yeah, this era eso this, go to another shape, then I rectangle the shortcut is water so we can know create square as well as rectangle from the sheep rectangle itself. So oh, after a bracing shift, it it will be expanding and contracting with certain proportions. Um, So, um, we can add a recipe to retain Go weaken, we can add. We can resize it, transform. It s so for now. Let's this deal it it stops. So, actually, what happened when I just dragged it? Because it was constrained to a proportion toe. Generally, it was constrained to a proportion. Um, but anyway, uh, dis ease rectangle. So weaken. Let's remove border. Let's add quaked Greece ready? Step on a type of bowler and then we complain with the radius. Now we can play with the radius of the rectangle. We can use this war masking and the maze masking Bring up a shape with image. We'll discuss about masking part six of the material just after this material. But for now, we'll just focus on shapes and how to get around with preference. So, yeah, we can play with the opacity capacity of the shape and then we can use the rectangle for creating vendors or buttons and then provided with smooth corners. And so, yeah, we can also had some multiple fields inside a single shape. For example, um um, way have just created to feels one ingredient with with, um uh, greenish ingredient. Um uh oh, it's goes into color behind and we can give this a bit of opportunity and then the one the color that's been it'd will appear. So if yeah, um, yeah, so we can also play with Planing lords before now it's living normal. Yep. And we can have my bill pills and then look in at border. And also we can have saddles, settles for it, and we can add shadows. We can have any number of saddles. And as we want, So, uh, for now, um uh, Now, let's play with, um, Shadow. Actually, we do have optioned for, um, to bring out too sad. Does On one is on the after part of the off. The after all shape. The one is in a part of the ship, um, eso to make it clear. Its first. Make it make it a British. Um, does the x axis this way? Access on disses blurriness off the also shadow. So when it's in greed, it increases the blurriness. I mean, it makes the shadow blur. And then, um, disease developed for spread. So no xxx will be to do. I'm sorry. I just God. Okay. Eso for now, General Leo, in reality, shadows are, um uh are seeing on just, um, one part off the object. I mean, if the source of flight is here, then this portion and this portion, we will not be, um, having shadows. But this and this age will have setups, So I like that, uh, I'm going for five. Five. Um, yeah. So this is isn't one shadow. So? So this is a new example of auto shadow. Now, let's play with in a shadow. I know said, Oh, is he's quite opposite off what we have just created. I mean, um, it's, uh it's in a part in a part of death off the image. Right. Here s so, um, if we goingto converge it and go back and we can see the difference on Doctor said, oh, goes off the ball is over the shape. But whereas the N asado is inside the CIB still, it's so yeah, it's a difference between saddles and in the shadows on bond. There's also option for go Schindler, but they want to we'll be discussing Award goes in blur in future. Um, future topics. Um, So, um, this rich dio un into shape, um, over. So hopefully is going to simply do what? We have them by presence. If to weaken, growing resize it in proportion. So, yeah, inspector souls, what we can do with the sheikh A. So, um yep. Um, so, yeah, it's just like, um, tangle. So not much. Yeah, this is circle. So that's switch to enter the shape. Um, roamed it Um, yeah. Actually, this is just if we give rectangle around it corner stand this it becomes, um you get becomes this. So, yeah, it's not much of a difference, though. And yeah, So, um, this is only rectangles, so the next shape would be stopped. Eso star star shape is quite interesting. Uh, if you draw the star and then we can add a really stood out star. Which which generally Gibbs makes the inner part off the star pointed eso we can add the points into a star. Um, so a list everything. It's designed discount sticker so we can design it this constant. So you so no border no for a discount sticker. And then points would be This is fine. And then this would tickle, particularly in all radiantly send in the mood. Um, it's not good for Davis. T didn't 10%. I can't read this because it's white. So let's make it blank for now. Um, again, it's Felicity. So, um, pain percent. It's right off. Um well to go, we can 20 for dis elect. So yeah, um, this is our discount sticker, huh? What is right? So just was just in example off playing with the shape star. So now it's this, uh, this Do you need this sconce digger were graded. The other one is bullied in public unease. Quite similar to what we have drawn, like circle and rectangle. Um, quick. It has one option like sides, and we can make a polling and any side we can. We can. You supporting and turning Teoh a square as well so we can drop within and you can make it a triangle as well. So yeah. Spoken. So the other shape a strangle its simple on drink? Yeah, it's strangled. The same options are a believer, so Yep. We can add anchor points to the strangle, like, discussed earlier by double clicking on it. And then, um, we can add anchor point. You can see a plus sign up after we can add anchor point. We can, um, in take care, you. So, um, I would like to discuss some in sort about the Pinto tool. Ever live inside sketch. So will end in anger point. We have been toe active. Pinto so are going to live active. So we have four options. Generally straight mirror disconnect and asymmetric as only in the diagram here on the street. Just it just the two corners. The two sides where would be in straight line? So on the other option is mirrored, mirrored means if the girl in the decide would be opposite to decide So just just like watching a mirror it be just distinct were being to go to the height of on the this So it'll be, like quite opposite. So disconnected disconnected it. It won't be having any real issue between the two sides. Um, one can be extended to any shapes and then other can just go with this. So yeah, we just created litter Are Yeah, eso The other options are isometric. Yeah, it's a metric is, um, somewhat close to mirrored, but, um, and close to mirror and disconnected. So, um, we can, uh, use it or when polluting the seeps as we like. So yep. So so eso have already drawn some shapes and these are just rectangles desire for demo purpose. So, um, so Soto Goto Preferences Way can write go from sketch and preferences Or we can just hit command in coma. Uh, and then preference dialog box would appear So now. Way have a lot of preference settings over here, and we can customize it according to our need. I would like to show how I've customized it. Do my need. So, first of all, I would like to, um no. Introduced to you. Is Otto saying feature on by sketch? Yeah. Sketch has auto save feature integrated in itself. So I think it's generally owned by default. But out rather suggest you are making the auto feature or to say feature on because it helped a lot in saving files on. But in case we just forgot our document to save and it saves for us. So where does it say for us, then? So, um, no. As we know what's getting the Mac app. So we have I got dr. Here we have, ah, sketch. Then you can see Entitled the sketch, which is this one right here? I opened. So actually, I haven't seen this document yet, but but sketch by default is saving it. I am too under a cloud. So it's good feature, right? So, yeah, the 1st 1 was on to say feature. The second feature I would like to suggest you is, um is in the canvas, and it's called nudging. So in urging what is nudging Nothing. These, actually. Sod cut. We can do it in salt content. Well, if you hit command and go on sifting a Pero we can see the shrink in the picture frame. So if you see the inspector right here, then we can see that every nudging every shrink in the element off design element inside the dashboard. I mean, inside the sketch fire, we see 10% I'm in 10 pixel decrease mint detriment. So sift Kamande and up and down Arrow helps in. Like if If we just designed something and it doesn't matches with with the other elements, then we can just nudge it. And this make the pixels correct. So, yeah, eso safe to command and up and down Arrow. Um will not 10 pixels a z we can see here. Uh, whereas just come on and up and down Arrow. Um, not just one pixel. So, um so, actually, this is said this is set up inside on this can wish immunizing model object. Want one picture using arrow keys, More tape, pixel using sift animal skis. So no, this the other day on. This was the second preference. Now I suggested So Now let's more want to deterred. Prevents the terp references. Pixel are fitting. S o what is pics of video first? First of all, let's discuss what it looks so fitting. And let's set up pixel fitting anti preference. So pixel fitting is when we just increase. If we manual drank at ailment and Ingrid site, we can the RC it increases by one pixel. Right. So, um, it's good to have these on this set up because if you're creating a pixel perfect tumo cups , then, um, then every pixel Magistrates for picks, a perfect designs, then, um, it helps a lot. So, uh, pigs in pics of eating 1st 1st let's see what it does when it's off. So, yeah, now you can see that the each pixel has its decimal value, so it has 70 point now it has 70.1 72.48 with So how do not like to design with the's additional values by myself? Because I want my designed to perfect the perfect So and that's why I would rather serviced you going down to preferences now, the years and me pixel fitting long so that we can, um, begin designed with exact pixels. 1 72 Um, if you just drank it, then it's just one pixel in Greece. Mint on crim it so it won't give any decimal values. So that was third preference. So now let's talk about the 4th 1 What one out like to suggest is, um yep, renaming duplicate duplicated layers for civil list. This discuss about one are duplicated layers. Um, for example, here you can see that this is a rectangle shape created in this environment Canvas here. So and this one is also a rectangle. This one, this one every object is a rectangle here. So for for drawing each and every object like this I'm not I'm not just making a every rectangle separate, but instead I'm just using the old trick rectangle that I have made and just duplicating it . Hold, shift and dragon. A shift is for going in a straight line. There's Ault oppressing Alton. Drag is full duplicating the layer, so no. Yep. It helps a lot while one duplication. So So we were talking about renaming the duplicated layers. So, um I know Here we can see. You just duplicated this there. We just drew duplicated this read Mr Again. We just dedicated the rate layer and then it implicated here and then the name off the cricket and duplicated layer is rectangle as well. That's the same is no the British one. So Yep, our already like this. Um right. Ready? Like this set up. So, um, difference the years there's the name duplicate it is. Now let's see what happens. No, you can see rectangle copy. So we made it. Uh uh. I was just going to Seoul you that I'm beginning this one, Not the other layers. So here we can see on the name had changed to rectangle copy. So I would rather like to have the original orginal name for the layer. So, um, Basil, uh, yeah. I personally love making stretching it off. So enemy. Yeah. So now, now, the fifth preference I would like to set up personally is Celik group content, which I would rather make it off. So let's discuss what what's group content selection. So I've already made two groups here, as you can see, preference one in preference to. So if I just over over one over of this at this section right here. And it generally have. It's offline. Blue or Klein here. So if I click on this, they need selects a whole group. But, um but I want this later to be cilic selected. Um, I don't want to my work flow to be, like, select this one and then go to the drop down and its aural written and see which layer is the 1st 1 because it has all rectangle in the same. So this is the one. Okay, so there were rather hectic, Alvaro, so that rather time consuming as well, So I would rather press command and then ah, horror over it. Then you can see this blew off line, which helps, which doesn't seem like the whole group, but being steed the layer. So when you click Yeah, this one. This is just this. Okay, so, uh, this can be done in the reference panel. Know where we have, uh, nears leers? Uh, they're silly. Yep. This one, this ellos you to select objects inside groups directly from the again was without opening the group first. If this is dis elect, you can still select the group player with common click. So yep. Nous this off. So yep. Just like this. We have one group. Prefer another person's too, if you want. If you wanted this item off Preference group one. Any real command and selected. Yeah, simple as hell. Simple. So, uh, no. Now I would, um last tip of preference. I would like to search is two years come off it off duplicate layers. So we're two years. Yep. Often toe undereducated years. So what this does is if we just take on one command chicken and this layer and then copy this one and then pieced it and we can see, uh, there to to layer on which a copy. Two layers. But it sees on the same portion as as it was previously. So what I mean was, if I cooperate in this control or command V it, um, command and be, then it stays in the same portion. It where it was before. It really helps me win during during some time. Where during times when you just click and drag and I see where the it's in perfect line or not. So here it really helps. So, um, yeah, uh these air The difference I personally would like to suggest. So, yes, you do have other preferences, like plug ins, libraries, these clouds and always stuff. So these were the primary preferences for smoked a sketch workflow. So I hope you elect it. So thanks for watching. 6. Part 6: Masking, Resizing & Scaling __ Master Sketch App: welcome to part six. Of course in this part, we'll learn about masking re sizing and skilling inside sketch. So let's get started. Have all these great did some basic seeps, which is exactly how it looked in the 1st 2 to real. But I have just renamed the layers on one into So, um, the Mustang re sizing them Skilling, first of all, just talk about masking. So what is masking? Masking is a quick way to get inside any image inside, uh, created shapes. So if you want, if we want any, any images inside these these where we called saves, then we can use masking. So hey, so we can do it, you know, quite many ways. So I would like to show you on the aegis we that is, with this craft plugging, um, golf tees of drugging provided by invasion for sketch. So well, for the discuss about it in in future parts in plugging section off the we do. So for now, let's go to photos in this great beach or road. Yep. Yep. So this was really from really fast. Reto, um, get around with Skitch. So Yep. This is your first example off masking where we way We didn't cropped the, um, Asian with shape. And then we just used you just masking, um, so we can see, hear, feel stretch. I feel time. Uh um from here, yuk unjust. Many relate your masked images. So for now I'm already to field. Um, from here also, you can choose images, so there was first masking step. So diverse. Released math. The signal, please. I'm just this And then we couldn't just go do the this flower baton feel the plan. Except so we can. Here we can see a button, choose women's so we can just go into a local local machine. And just for new read like to this. Okay? Yep. This was disagreed was in my local mission, and just and I marked it in inside this small shape so that a second way to marks an image inside sketch. So now the terribly to mask any imaginative sketches do go, director, do the finder and then go to designed and then just she Okay, um, drag this from the finder and then go to here. Just place it that doesn't work made. Oh, yeah, that's Greg. And that stroke it here. It doesn't. Okay. Uh, okay, just a quick on this. But it actually generally works if we just drag and drop it. So just dragging up, click on these, then we have a marks option here. Mm. Remarks. An image inside. You know, all the shapes inside in James monks. Um uh, any shapes inside Skitch? So there was, um, significant tarred way to marks any amazing side sketch. So generally, yeah, everything you can choose any but rather love to have this plug in, or I couldn bro's any web website and saying and back us. Come on, Lake. And this here it goes, mocks you. So, um, your goal weight remarks sketch. So now let's talk about how do resize his eyes a objects inside skitch seem is same as I'm asking. Resizing them. We have a different options for resizing elements in san sketch. The first option we can resize any government inside sketches on and just get on the element in response and weakens from get down. Um, actually, at this strength from all the four sides. So the strings from walls force like if if we press Alton that wreck from the border off the elements inside sketch. So yeah, so other adoption, ease and safety and wreck. It generally recites from from a single point and 1.1 side would be would be fixed, or so a scene here. So there was the other, often suicides. And then then that the tone option to recite inside sketches. It's quite weird. And then it's great surprising that way we can just use mathematical calculations on to allocate with, in height, off any elements inside sketch. So let's let's do a thing the week off this element, every element here is 1 27 Right, So So I would like to want food 37 I like to our reduce seven pixels from the width. So now you're going to see 1 15 1 15 1 of the ones that do you want 51 50. So, um, the deception is optional. Was using meth like calculations actually out. I will rather cover this in bullion and operation and mathematics. Future part of the video. Yeah, for now, Yeah, we can just do amendment calculation and just use. It s so the other option is, as you can see at the lock symbol here the locks and bolts symbol elite means constraint. Its size. I mean, gone street its proportion. So millions proportion if we don't lock it. And this increased the size. Is this the we just down degrees. But if you look this one and then I decrease the size, then it it decreases it Size are proportionally so this another way, uh, reciting, watching this kitsch. So 1 40 plus 10. My is fine. Yep. So that was reciting. So we can just don't do the multiples election month projection and then locked down. And then I used it. Sift and enter for 10 political agreement or just up in now here for one people. Good pics of incremental decree. So yep. So these were really, Really First we need to get reciting. Any objections had sketch. So I would rather like to introduce, Like to introduce to another in that auction off reciting insights, kitsch. Let's say now we have some icons that were using in our design, and then the icons need to be, you know, some proportion. Right? So, um, so I guns on that we use in our design. So, for example, we have to use I could, um, that he's unify and to invite It's a square. So, um, do environment during flight inside inside our design. So I already searched you just outlined are rectangle and give you the tick missed and just align it inside the rectangle. So, um, line it like this. So and I need inside a rectangle and lead and only and then later, uh, just total of direct angles. It helps a lot while in the situation. Like like when one I can ease when I Kenis um, training by 28. It's just grant, but I can eat coincidently. It's also square right now, but when I concern multiple use of icons are not in a square shape and we can use this approach and and play around that I consumed Ikenson play around with wagons and, uh, deciding nonsense, which so Yep. Yeah, this is how we resizing sketch. So I hope you learned it's a near skills. Um, So our in our next topic will diving to intermediate level off using sketch. So, you know, next we will talk about great alignment and the layout inside sketch. So, um Yep. See you the next video 7. Part 7: Grid & Alignment __Master Sketch App: Hi. Welcome to part seven of the course in this spot will discuss about greats alignment on layout. So let's get started. All right, guys. Now it's discuss about how to, um, set up. Um uh, the out inside sketch eso we can customize layout according toe. Oh, need, um, foreseeable this time, use off and go to your teachings, So Oh, 96 big. So Okay, Sander. Now offset is So now this is where we can customize our layout sitting something. The left sitting is separating two columns and rows. I personally would like to use, um generally like to use off what depicts love gotta with my general design and then, uh, and then calling with would like to do is a And then, um, I think, um, I'd like to introduce you to a formula that that to generate undoubted sent sketch for the formula e's calling with us. You gotta with, um, if you add these two and multiply it by on the number of columns, then we would get the total with to do with Ah. I mean the total wig off the whole, um off the container or let the total bit off one. The content holds, so calculate it. So the gutter with he's too. It's, um it's keeping 30 for now and then column. What is this? S 0 30? Thus, um, anti and then into to work is total bit One treat do there. Okay. One 3 to 0. Cynda. Yep. Yep. Um, this is what the current really looks like. Um, but it's not published. Indie it So I think I'm ready. I used all. Sit, You know? Yep. Yeah. So yeah, this how we generally used allowed inside sketch. So, um ah, uh, I feel great. Um, kept. So I don't really give you the phone so you can just play around with them the column with and got away with and at these two and then multiplied by the number of columns, and you will get total container with off your layout. So yeah, this is how you set up, um, knelt in ST Sketch. So now let's talk. Let's talk a bit. The belt alignments. Uh, so, actually, uh, limits inside skate can be aligned with with the with the toolbar here on the top. And then, um, I would like to show you some different drinks. How? Weaken airline object inside sketch e Jimmy. So if we have on these three objects inside element, if you have these three governments inside out designed way would like to have a uniform gap in these three s o b of your choose, the first option would say's distribute horizontally. So, um, it distributes and gives us 1 70 pixel in the left and wants him to pixel in the right toe . Distributes ernments inside sketch, um, orange in to be So, um, in case of vertically, um, we can just use dis option like it's into everything. Um, vertically, um I mean, center everything core instantly and then distribute vertically so it helps and greeting. Um, good pixels 1,000,000 meant inside sketch. So now let's discuss about aligning any object on a left extreme left off off the port. So host option for instrument. So in case we have, we have to limits hopes. Actually, I looked do we denied if it so, for example, if we have this object and then we create control and be we have another one on, then me just drink it down. Did you use some other color inside it and then. Yep. Now, if we select these two and then used these options and we can easily no, um how to online in sketch. So this is the baseline. This is a vertical center. This is the top line. This he's extreme. Right? Alignment. This is our middle and in middle, and this center is left little center. Okay, so, yeah, this is how we aligned object inside sketch. So now I'll give you a next tip about layers. Then if we have clear one and then and then there, too. Um and it's it's like this I need to is quite darker. And the other one is going to like by using the sword cuts if we want our layer two on the top off a one way, we can press option commanding up brookie, which helps to, um, screech, um, leers up and down. So it helps in managing the leaders without just dragging and dropping on it, like so. Like so come on, option and open down here. Absolute. So Yep. There was just a dick. Um, I hope you got something new. So, um, from our next to deal will get into some intermediate stuffs inside sketch. So our next, um Ah, part of our necks. Listen, we will discuss about symbols, listed symbols, override and shared stylings Sketch. So see you there. 8. Part 8: Symbols, Nested Symbols, Overrides, Shared Styling __Master Sketch App: welcome to Part eight of the course Spot will just dispelled symbols Mr Symbols overrides and seared styling inside Sketch. So let's dive in. Firstly, Um, first, let's learn about how to use our symbols in sketch. So what are singles? Symbols are pieces off design companies that we make inside our design. Eso. They are a reusable component, which can be reused in multiple screen. Eso if a 11 screen has a symbol, A. And if other screen also has a symbol? A. Then if I make some changes to symbol in one screen, then it will be automatically updated in other screens. So for this demo purpose have created to heart. Boots won his home screen, and the other one is Contact US Screen. So, um, let's let's go and, um, make on navigation bar for our first screen. So are ripped England click and drag, and I don't need some bulls. Um, I'll make it complete. White, uh, f a f f b I give back on tools that we have 50. I didn't know give you some sad does. Ah, and rename it into Yeah, group it on. Really meet? Never. OK, so ah, no um So I made a rectangle for night bar. Now I would like to do Is peace I would like to do is place example over here. So her. So now I will dragging some dummy logo. So No. - So , no, I have based local. Then Now let's create some navigation links here. Like, uh, home at home. Uh, the boat. Um, Jane, The phone, too, mon. Destruct on. Make it 16. And a tiny vertically center. No idea. Another one about fruity. And then our renaming this one too. Features futures will make another one here with 40 then. Now we're in a me too. Services so And our make wreg or dragon in it. The 1 40 big off what? Pixels to the right and making contact. So So these are new developments. Our group it about 30. So So we just made a simple navigation bar on the talk. So what? What I'm gonna do is, um, make us make this navigation and turn it into a symbol. So it's easy toe, turn it into a symbol. I have customized my, um, tomorrow and then have pleased a local, um, a button here, off exam or you can click on the It's Simple button and Navigation. No. Okay, now we have our created assemble navigation have. Now, let's let's do one thing. Let's use this symbol, which we have created now home screen and use it used in here as well. In other other pages, that is contact or speech. So, um, this could be considered symbols Navigation now. Okay, So notice linings into, and I need to talk. So, um, tendon back on caller. He's Oh, yeah. Now what we have done is, as you can see here, we have used our ones symbol go named allegations last time and then used in another screen navigation on having inside contact with screen. So, in this way, if we make some changes in home screen navigation, never then it would be changed automatically in other screen, which uses the same singer. Now we have, um we have used a single symbol intact inside our multiple pays off design. Eso um this This see symbols are one of the ball for future in sketch because it saves time , and it's smart if we make some changes in one symbol and the entire sketch file would bear updated wherever this symbol weeks views. So this makes changes to a symbol. Oh, for instance, let's make it. I do. Let's go to then, um, as we can see, we just made our changes in a single symbol on and but it changed over the other art boats as well. So in case off we're working with, that's making it the change in case we're working with some, uh, some off big a big number of our boards made. A number of our boats can begin. Just use this. We can just use symbols on change it to the other airports as well. So, as you can see, I made some changes in this. Our board this symbol on digits here as well. So, um, I think didn't scraped blue. Looks good. Like a light. So yep. So So this is this concept of symbol. So now let's dive into another part sub topic off the spot. Now it's called honest symbols. So how do we missed assemble. So, actually, in sketch, we can nest a symbol, Um, as many times as we want. So for example, uh, let's make a noticeable in the symbol. I would like to nest about as symbol inside a symbol. So, um, a simple inside the symbol is called necessary symbol. So soon moments at a Simonyan said symbol. You can nest it many times as you want. So, um, like, do I just nested about and then, uh, the juice. Okay. This about so about, um, Now, let's talk about now. We were talking about telekinesis in molds inside, um, symbols inside symbols. So, um, I made a mistake symbol off about inside symbol net bar. So now what I don't like do is go to about and changes to read. Rid. Now what? Now, As you can see, it just turned. Turned on this one. Was I really mean that on this one turned red as well? Because it's a nested symbol inside now, bars. So, no, Um, uh, as you can see, I just made changes, so we changed our both. Now, let's talk about, um, using some other Mr Symbols inside. Have a boat. Okay. So, um, back So, uh, this way you can stretch between symbols you have made like this. I give this about black. Yeah. You can see just Okay, let's skip that vault lead. Let's keep it features hunky so, uh, you can switch between the symbols and nest different symbols inside a symbol. So I just told you an example. Help to create a symbol on been missed another symbols and make some some coolness and symbols. So So now listen, get into another topic that is override over a symbol. So it's easy, All right. In the symbol, it's quite easy, because once you have created a symbol and you have the option to override a certain part of the symbol So what does over, I mean, over, I mean, over I visa way to James certain parts that a symbol has without eating thing, the symbol itself. So when you click a symbol, then if you notice on the right hand side, you have all rights to have active. So here is the place where you can over a car and symbol. Um uh, we have toe. We have this, um, we have this left is about every black and about Great. You can all right it here as well. So, um, you can just use a couple rename your symbol texts and like, yeah, so this way you can change a change. A symbol without affecting other symbol using overwrites. Uh, Harry wrote Inquire toe are contact, but it doesn't sync here. Why? Because we just wrote in our all rights, so contact or, um, fiction. Then we can not see a dick. Two different things into two symbols. So in this way, you can I All right, you're symbols inside. Sketch. So now let's This'd a basic concept off overriding symbols inside sketch. So if you use Metical symbols and this is symbol and all right, then it would be great time saving for you. So this stretching to enter the sub topic, it's called shade Staying. So what is here? Styling? Styling is on t o really time saving, time saving process. So for now, let's let's listen, I would like to For now, I would like to add a simple slide to this page. So zero rectangle alignment here. Peace and off the you mean? Uh oh. That means you office here, so, no, I would like to add some text over it. So and then I did something, like simply citied ultimate sophistication. Use, uh, more ball, if only and then get him early on. It would over leaves like over here needs a lot because you have to distinguish, um quite blanked enemies and and take stone it. So quite a big want with it Big vigilant on it. So for now, again, So what I was going to do waas you to see its dining for this headed dicks over here. So take on it, create human styles. Name it in. Van indexed. Yeah. So I just made a style that is ban itics you, as you can see right here. And it's like here in techstars van text. So wherever I used this, ban it text style, and I will get that style. Exactly. So it's used this banner over here on didn't changed, uh, background to something other than that, and right, some ticks on it. Technology is growing fast. So, um, just now it created No, isn't it? No one we can do is we're getting here to seem stunned that we had that he's better text and then used this distinct style, um, inside here, or we can just changing here. And then this refers era, which replaces the entire screen so we can use one 61 on she had started here and, um, she had the style of the designing limit across the month of our boat. So this helps a lot and saves your time. And then, actually, by the way, just takes is great. Not really able. So there isn't I want to do some readability issues over here, Will. So, yeah, I think this is just fine. For now, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Anyway, living up to here. So in this really weaken you serious, darling, Inside Skitch. Um So I hope you learned something new. Um, So thanks for watching. 9. Part 9: Boolean Operations & Maths __ Master Sketch App: Hi. Welcome to part nine of the course in this part Will discuss about bullying operations and mets inside sketch. So let's get started. I mean, a empty our boat. Um, inside my sketch. Five, uh, I made it and empty on board inside mine. Skitch. So, um, that's to be clear about bullying operations. First we would like to do is creed a simple icon shape which which generally expresses, which describes Boolean operation will. So, um, let's draw a simple like like the family Aiken own That's don't draw complex shape for now , this draw this simple sheep inside sketch where you can, where you can and you can understand bullet operations inside sketch. So let's draw this this stuff, um for so for that, we need around and then a see me wrong. A semi circle with quite oval shaped with the big gray dish on it. Um, so, yeah, so for getting the oval shape, we can click on all and then click and drag ashamed. We can send to it in the center, but and then the movement feel and add a border to it. And then here He's also so designed for now. Now Let's dragon in the shape and this shape, which is good. Uh, which Rick tangle in shape. So? So this would be in center And then, uh, this time off this exactly like that. And then the border read Border would be quite quite much so. 19 I guess. Or five in 19. Because so I've created a rectangle and copied to ship off copied the style of this one to hear using, um, shift. Come on and see. Um and then baste it over here. Six to come on. And so, um, created a religious on a rectangle. Now, what I would like to is I would like Dewey's please enter the big table over here so that I can cut out the lower portion of it. Actually, if you're really good in a stranger in the street and Photoshopped, then you can easily easily do D's Boolean operations inside sketch. So hind minus take. And 123456 Emmy in 19. Okay, so somewhat these. Look, look to see. But I think writers from get down a bit this drink get down a bit. Yeah. So now, actually, I've just created a shape with some 1,000,000,000 operations on it. Now, as you can see, I subtracted down, subtracting it with another rectangle. We have some bullion operation over here like union subtraction intersect on difference. These are Boolean operation have lived in sketch I like in a straighter on before. So also have these fascinating like in the street. Now, um, Now, as we can see, a Z, we have used use multiple shapes. This generates quite complex a shapes inside a single shape. So if we like to get a void and avoid these multiple shape and make it quite clean and we can flatter name is which generally, um, make it into a single ship, Then we can just use your union and this makes a shingle shaped, and we can also flattering it. And ultimately, it brings us to to shape. And then, uh okay, so it just can't be much flattened. So yeah, on this is General Boolean operations inside inside of sketch. So you can play with the unions objection into sick village and then can flatten shapes and make it into one. If you don't have to for the play with that shape, and then you can a combined union it and make it into one single Aiken. One single cool shape like this. So we have just made a simple Aiken structure that we choosed have been choosed. So this thing is somewhat looks the same injury. Um, Anyway, this was a general concept of playing with bullion operation inside sketch. So I hope you learned something new over here. And then so So how toe? How do we do mats inside? Sketch. So, as we have already discussed, we can just add and subtract numerical values over here and get get some mats done, and we can lock it, and then we can change it. Um, days we can use the exact well, like, 300 general general concept of Matt inside, playing with measurements inside sketch. And you can also do it with the ruler tool with control and are disabled. Ruler. Um, So see you in the next part. 10. Part 10: Drawing Vector Shapes __ Master Sketch App: Hi. Welcome to part Tain off the course in this part will paid around some vector shapes on, uh well, gross, um, simple administration inside sketch. So let's get started. So growing off simple shapes and side sketch is quite interesting on bond. It's quite fun. Um, because generally sketch depends. Skitch is vector drawing software, so it can be scalable. So it's great fun to play the victor shapes inside sketch. So for them a purpose, I'm going to draw simple house like shape, which I've created a minutes before into disarmed board. Um, so, um, I do This would be a great learning point. Andi, you can learn about hope. I mean, these shapes and how you can make your own more bitter and she illustration like this. So, um, first, let's start with Rick Tingle. Before that, I will enable the rulers with control are And then I would, um, read, uh um, view, um, dough. Um, so let's get started with a rectangle at first. So I've just made a neck triangle control C for color picture. I just picked my color control seeing control before for the A little card. And then I used it seems one here. So and then, Yeah, I was thinking are for creating this simple door like structure. Um, with control C control v do and all to option option drag to dragon and then create some hand like sheep for the door. So, um, this one and then make it wide. And then, um Makesem Who, um, something like vaginal here. So see, control V. This one is used to seeing color as this one remote border and is the group together and then drank it or here with their own two in depictions, right? 20 pixels from the bottom and then grouped it all. Then shrink it seep regularly. So they are just like windows, Small windows to be out of towns. So, um, no eso now this rectangle and we can create some Reedys or some anchor points on how we get great. A release in someone opens This week is great. Um, rounded corners in four sides, but we wanted just these Tom, uh, two sides o in the first in the top, but for now, it's good, but this one. Okay, so, uh, with all abortion, uh, you wanted something like this. And waters? What is borders are no just in the bottom part. We need some rounded corners. No, you can see a black selection over here. Also on the top part, something like this. And then we can drawing some rectangles. No Kumpulan pasted over to the shame shake German Frank. It'll here and then group it and then subject did or we can just Yeah, we can subtract it as well. I take on these two and then uhm union it and then flat in it. Okay? And then substrate acted. We can get this'll right here, and then we can displease him over. Come on, ships. That's planning once more. That's, um, used thistle here. And then this is somewhat looks the same, but I've changed a total toe. But if it enemy actually I wanted to show you about how do the whole re good subtract something? But anyway, now let's create some rectangle with seeing cola this one known border and then align to its center. Then the dog gone it It's a purport six drinking another anchor and then growing it called this on dissent. Decode d select Set a goal. Yep. Somewhat. Don't love. We have created a building shaped on, then would duties. And then in this way you can play with colors and then you can get a different different. Um, moved it. You can, um, I believe in shape. That way you can play with colors and shapes on being someone single school administrations inside sketch. So I hope you learned something new. Um, seal in the next tutorial. 11. Part 11: Designing Icons __ Master Sketch App: Welcome to part 11. Of course. Spot will create some icons inside. Sketch. Um, so let's dive in. So I've made three our boards inside my stretch file. So the chart board is 24 by 24. I do with, um, So I'm going to, um good. Good to my first art board with cheese develop. The 2nd 1 is calendar. That old one is locked. Um, I will show you the Demoff, the three icons. How Aikens can be created inside Skitch. So the 1st 1 is envelope. So, for for designing icons inside sketch, it's better to have your grades turn on. Actually, I already configured, made great a bit, but toe treat Three fives. Yeah. So I always got for configured my great. So I helped it out sitting on three. So for the first on food Oh, design invalid by gun, which I have already selected. This one so offline, curbed, shaped like this. So yeah, I thought versus wound its drag rectangle rectangle and clear out it's border and then send it in the middle and in border with beating center. And then, uh, see war. This is flights. Okay, Life. This is five did you to and then this is Treat all right. Three. Actually, it's calculating the Yeah, so yeah. So for now, it looks fine. I will add Cem surrounded corners to it and then me, um, group it. We name it Teoh Video below. Sorry e. And the okay. Envelope and then create off. It is somewhat looks the same. The outer radius on the altar border. No. What I'm going to do here, create a line which you don't It's from decide to decide on Didn't de selected no budget. Um Then, first of all, I would like to, um do symbol. No. Frank Destry in this is ST Help of parties five. And then don't 46 life London school. Now it's looking good. So now let's add angle Won't somewhere in the middle Here. Let's kick on the anchor point list. Drop it down. So it's at a corner. 345 Okay. Yep. We made our first Aiken. It's, um it's going simple. Um, Teoh tonight. So you man that Did you get into the from outside? That's go. What? I don't know. Kids. Uh, this one. Howard looked schooling me bound to make a leg and then to call nine side. Okay, so lines diabetes white? Yep. Uh, yeah. This our first simple invalid bike. So now it's dive into the other. Our boat. Uh, now, let's create some Klondike. So So now let's do calendar. Aiken. So I had already picked up. I can design. So this time when we are going to make inside sketch so somewhat it look, it will look like this. So, yeah, planned Aiken. Um, first off. Oh, that's a Children to outboard. Let's make a rectangle and let's make it lying. Style, style, way have list. Sprinkle a bit centred, particularly of origin. Lead s Jake The oh border Release of this is three yoking. We'll have three degrees here as well on Ben good bed and had some a few lines over here. If you lies over here and, uh, here and still and they were added border on when you won't be aided. Any national politics will copy and paste it. Group it send in the back side. Um, and then people cilic these two, uh, white border on it and said to thickness to three. Yeah. No, no thes d. And then, uh, we'll make it Quit border code border in the ages? No, I don't know you a bit more in Crete. Line on the major. Nudge it a big more because I need to descend. So I think we have just made our rectangle shape, and then we'll, um, group it all and then look it, Virginia to it. Well, all right, so now it's movinto lock. I can. So I've already choosed a design. We'll make a long time like this one side skitch, um, to get more into designing icons inside sketch. So, um yeah, it's a lot like so, first of all, we'll make curved and in a tangle and in circle and that line. Yep. It's quite easy to design icons in sketch as well, so we'll insure us basic wrong shapes first, um, we'll make this trying to line own style. Did it line style. You, uh, keep the border radius and then nudge it a bit and then make it center. And then no, What I was going to do was subject some of its shape here. So one here and one here. Well related. Do you need it? And then we will, um I need a Pinto. We'll shrink it a bit. Shrink. This is there. I think this a bit. No. Okay. And reduce its with and then please to send. Yeah. Oh, for now. Double part of Loki. Somewhat seeing, um Yeah, what a scene. Now the ball. What a portion of look Chris are. And then click on it. Good to line style. Oh, style. And they want to three and then shrink it a bit. No, listen to looking. You make a circle. I, uh autumn you're Take it to 333 and then we will have line designed toe be this one, and it would be same color. So, um, so line Dean too. I think this one enough. I used to and drink. I decided thesis to and then awarded have been What did you do? The down and then All right to the sent up. But on bond group at all, you can just planet next if you want to knock it down. Yeah, uh, yeah. Long, cause me from what, um, is the same, uh, So just now we have I learned something new about designing icons inside sketch. I hope you have learned something new. So, um, seeing in the next video 12. Part 12: Plugin One __ Master Sketch App: Hi. Welcome to Part Two about the course, and this part will discuss about Coggins. Logan's bought one skit is a powerful tool because of it. Have level begins made by developers will. Thank you developers. Um, the black instead level are totally awesome. And then it helps us to many sound files and make a wall through much faster. Eso in this part one and part 22 on sub topics. Let's learn about plug ins. Eso um, we will talk about more than, um 21 plug ins in total eso. Let's start with 1st 1 The first Bogan. The first plug in is, um, it's, um it's by envision, so it's called Craft. Here you can see the Blufgan Do Bar, which paid after the installation of craft begin. So that's first and go to the website. So So we'll be discussing about more than 21 plug ins inside sketch, so it's a bit at one scores into sketch. So this is the first plug in which I recommend then which needs to be inside, Um, our sketches up so you can don't let the bug in here. It's a believe before for the shop and sketch files. So after downloading an after installation, you can see the blogging at the top with, um, with literacy. Um, So, um yep, it's every full force opens gets. But I have heard in the installed it in sketch but not force up, so I don't generally used for the shop at past. I used for this up for a lot of my designs, but sketch rocks, man. So, um yep. So list and talk about draft. So graft plugging has its ah toolbar here. So I would like to introduce what each Deuba does and how craft can be a useful tool inside sketch. So let's the first time talk about, um, the 1st 1 So the 1st 1 is about, Let's see, on its we have prepared our design, and it's really so it's ready to be Joan for, um, for the client. So we need to upload our designs, um, into somewhere toe show to the client. So, um, actually, craft has ah, is it's a plugging made by Univision. I am. So we have weaken doctrine, synchronize our design with the help of this first button. So, um, I have mine was an account currently, I've, um this push. I mean, it's this thing this files into envision so we can directly sink to envision after we can recreate, we have created our accounting condition, then weaken signing with the same credentials here. So after signing it will connect. It was generally so these are some of my files here. So So, um, so we can just a single fathers from here, So, um, the 2nd 1 Okay, the shaken option that we have been craft is library. So if you and your team is combining walking on a single design point, you can just see a library or import a new one from here for for example, in fact, created, uh, library called demo. Then choose my destination to desk on deck stop for now. And we can just add symbols, colors and textiles that are used in our design on boasted changes, which helps to sink the design vials to all our team members. So, yeah, this is general concept off creating libraries using the seed, um, often led over here. So I'm moving little bit faster because I have a lot of plug ins, took over and just to apart, so the next one is document weaken, generate. Um, soon styles should start from, um here. So, um, seeing styles. And, uh, we can generate us time going from here so you can check it out. So are moving to the next parties about this about type type typography, type of Grafite typographical design elements such as? Name hating, article dates, currency email. I've just given them off it. Suppose I have Teoh apple is eaten by mice. So, um, so I just created a ah, simple fixed. So, um, we can just add name like me name, female name or weaken and boat so that we can get a random named generated silicon. I had a hitting based on the topics of label weaken. Right. A big text of paragraph article with the top acceptable. So, seem, goes to did Awaken and its currency. Email countries, cities address a lot of Timor oblivion numbers. I customize it and added my own like numbers. Actually, we can create a sequence of the custom items over here, and we can preserve the order if you want. So we can also have photos, dummy, dummy falls, you know, design way. We don't need to import manually, you can add, like click on a beach Aiken or a road Aiken, or nature fees or any items you can hear here, which which helps us to get the dumb images over here. Um, so we can use from our local folder Dropbox, on this place as well. So the other one needs. We can also add for images from online stuff. So So I saw on my different language. Now you re ah, we can just click on it and get any any. Any images online are directly to our design vials. So it is really cool. Really cool. It's a 1st 1st particularly in vision, and it's a really cool. They have done a really great job making this. So the next option everybody's importing Jason files. We can definitely import Jason files from speaking. I have tried this one yet, but you can try importing Jason data files and designed with you're really dark time saying to decide So the next option every lease on to pick it so we can do get into picket on Lear . Since I did, uh, so your simple dimple, um, weaken, uh, for example, you can have some reaches over here and thread, like be Jimmy's. We can use digs. Um, like this. And, uh, something this train this Thank you. Yeah. So we can have a fixed length this and then profit, and they wear going to see how to typical years we can duplicate it can duplicate it vertically as well as you know, for a gentle access. So this number of count this number off down 1st 1 So I'll tell it for four. Count everything pairing between the items. As you can see, it has done it vertically in the train paying We need increased depending with the slider everywhere here. So it helps a lot in, um, designed and repeating stuff. So we can also do it presently like this. So, um, dream Day three. Yep. So saves a lot of times you see eso? Yeah. This is, uh actually, it's down waken get treated. You too. Hey, didn't get to control. Oops. Get going to then for No. Yeah, it's good for now. So yeah, it saves a lot of times. So the next one I would like to discuss is a really good one. This is a free hand. So we can add a free hand to it. Toe designed part. We have graded, which creates a link, and then we can have Ah, just like online video shooting with, um, audios. Now, for real time feedback into anti sign, the hot option we have is to import I stock files. So, Aled getting Mrs Right from a craft. So, um, so the next balconies called sketcher. I've already installed the plugging. So, um, so on the least a block and then I have unsold will be. We'll be here. So is that plug ins? So, um yeah. So scared, Runner. So we can generally now you to spunk. This problem is really, really, really recommended and useful. The command in a pro coma, the sultan is there. Here. Come on. That pro coma. What? You Clyde, we can We can get the devil books by person, socket and a, um it bothers us with the with the common like line going like interface. So where we can type type something like same or something. So no waken a run, run a plug in or medium go to appease our poor, cripple their inside down design and insert a symbol or create name or apply should styles , which we have great and already sell a broken right here. Eso It's really, really, really good, too. So first, I would like to, um uh, introduced to other Parkins using this Plug it. I would like to introduce you to the other plugging named, um, let's let's use tiny faces with with with, um with runner. So I have my directed some rectangles play a placeholder that I have, you know, in my design files so it can be copied like this command and deep so we can grow up it. You can call center, and then we gain, um civic. This all and then we can you a person socket for runner and then type in something like Tom Tiny faces? Yep. I feel the placeholder with the meal images. Family raises. Actually, I have tiny, vicious plugging, which I have installed. I'm existing. The plug in with the help of runner. So? So for now, let's go with feel high. You miss it with high quality images. So, yes. What happened? I clicked on it and eating it is fittings. Um, random images of person face. So eyes created so It's a really good, good toe. So yeah, so, yeah, until they miss it, it really saves time. And so really useful drugging. So let's move on to next. Plug it now. So next plugging is now. You can just play around with schedule owner, but we will do play around with this. Kitchener runner sketched running to explore on our other plug ins. Everyone inside sketch. So for now, I would like to, um, let's talk about something about the blogging, which is treated outside Sketch, which is called, um, how sketch packs. So Sketch packs is a plug in EV label for a deputy protector application to Manny's, Our progeny, Prague UNDATED So we have, like, a list of Bergen so we can remove or update our slogans inside sketch from skits backs so it gives on the option for every loved it, um, new new new plug ins. All right now, I don't know why. Oh, it's a time away. So it's taking much time than required. So, uh, yeah, new new plug ins have labels a list of new plug until you concert lessons. Over here. Pablo Brogan's in aid to Egypt on off a particularly intelligent plug ins. So it's all everyone here. So you can check the object update if you want or launch your own starter. I started off you, um, machine Or um yeah, uh, this really helps to manage your bag or role, so yeah. Alright, guys. Now let's talk about in this blogging. The next book is called. It's really Useful. I generally use it most of time. What's the time? Generally, when I create buttons. So for patents, it's on the plug ins called dynamic buttons. So let's see it in action. So first of all, let's type something like, uh, just that something something for the better. So, um uh, next So, yeah. So generally, Oh, I've already downloaded and installed the plugging it's called Donald and installed the plugging. So so Yeah, well, excess it with the runner. So I grew up this one. It's not group this one. So, uh, I'll just take Colon 20. Yeah, and then I will appreciate my, um it's runner and then, uh, dynamic buttons. Yep. So, as you can see, I have, um, a button. Everyone here. Actually, this drugging is also can be generated with with different command or this different talk it just command and Jay. So yeah, so really, really handy. How this plug in works is you have just a teen and 20. It's called Just Tim painting up and down the top and bottom on twenties. Right? And let if you just change this to five and 15 then delete this one and command J. And if you look at it, then 10 is top When he's right, five is boredom and Putin is left so it runs clockwise. So in writing cold, you can just if you just write patting, patting 10 pic 19. Come on, 20 comma five. Come on, 15 pixel. Then you'll get the same same regional. So is it a drunks Clockwise? Right. So, um Yep, This is a really, really good plug. It s so let's talk about the next next plant or gas. Now let's talk about let's learn about another blogging on the another Broken is called Rename it so So first haven't deleted my heart boat, which I made before, so our border one. Let's suppose that suppose we have multiple years in turnout designs and we want to rename these multiple layers as we have It's all the Rick Temple rectangle ending, so we have just copy the layer and duplicated it. But if you want a different name off earlier if you in case if you want to export it into principal A So as prince boys really sensitive with name me there. So in such cases, you can just use on this broken. So to run, to run this plug way, just create a runner and then rename it if the name Duggan so rename it. Uh so direct person days one So you can preview on the name of their So the name names of earlier has been updated. So to group to name, uh, a group you can just control are indicated so yet adjusted on basic demo, you can still explore our rename it layer so you can Lear a person with one person. His height person tees off number sequence on Ben off of electrical sequence. Andres numbers can be add, so, yeah, be checking out. It's really, really helpful. Working with wasn't duplicating years and the naming on the duplicated leaders. Let's learn about another plugging the another plug in is called on Matt generator. So if you're working with dashboard, and you have some map on your design so you can import a man mats into your You're saying so you can enter address or places where you can check the June value and then whether you want to road map, satellite or hybrid, Terry or you have some standing map style coat, then you can place to here. So for now, it's, um uh so for now, let's at New York s Oh, yeah, So we have generated a random map shape within a couple of seconds, so really, really, really time saving. So you condone Expo this broken out and then go with, um, different. A different type of, um, um stands doing table styles so you can check out the Bergen. It's really useful. So now let's talk about another plug in the end of the plug in is called Lauren Hips and generator. So if you even want some big paragraph of text besides generating some random article, uh, name or from the Web, copping the typography from the Web so you can also generate some lower ipsum into your parent of boxing, which you have just dragged in, um made out so Um, yeah. Just, uh, we can use, uh, how we can use a bug in to generate out some Lauren. So let's, uh, go for runner and then, you know, takes picked Lauren. Yeah, there we have it. So this is how you can create some dummy Laurie MIPs and text into the textbooks paragraph it takes? Um, yeah. So what is how we can created freak on populate you? Can this how you can use a lower moves and inside your design so you don't have to just go and manually. So it's really useful. So another plugging out like to discuss you Are you about is called font bundle or let's see, I conformed. So if you want to use them, I could inside your design. Eso This can be really here for in your work. So, Aiken fault. So you eso I conformed, Teoh. I helped in navigating different icons provided to us so we can just get back arrow key and drag it here. Drop it and then use it in turnout design. So yeah, this is really, really, really awesome tool which which helped us to just without leaving the sketch weaken, get random migrants as we need eso really helpful. So now let's discuss about and as a plunking Now the next booking you learn about is called front body, so this broken is really, really usual. I use it a lot in my digi in my design workflow. So let's suppose I have the design files from designer from our fellow designer of mine. Then if he has some dicks used, then but I don't have the text want installed locally into in my mission. This spoken helps a lot in such cases by installing forms S. So, for example, let's say, Jim, hey has his design a veneer and his design made with warned every new I don't have a veneer installed locally in what I can do is, ah, dialect. Bach's music want will appear here are detected by sketch where we can just install the front from there. Or we can just go to runner and then use our own all time favorite runner and then go to front body. It's created by animal. Any man. Um, it's good by any map, so we'll discuss about any map in our upcoming videos because any map has made a lot of lot . Lot more powerful bludgeons Which will disk assume? Aziz, you can see here as well a lot off things to discuss about. So hey, here in front. But you can search for free wants and downloaded without leaving sketch. So or you can detect misinformed inside your design so helps a lot. That's a lot in your workflow. So, um yep. Eso no, um I think this was the first face off. 13. Part 13: Plugin Two __ Master Sketch App: welcome to part two off plug ins. And this part we will dig down into more plug ins have level, which helps us in faster, easier and manageable. Design. Workflow Inside sketch. So let's get started looking. I would like to discuss about these Skitch midfield. Well, this book and helped us do incorporate metal designed to our designs. So So I have already installed the plug in It's called stretch material. You can find it online and their get up repository and then start So it has a bunch of different components. Um, mostly all components are a Baluch eso I'll be using. I'll be giving a demo about how to use the plug in. First of all, let's activate the runner. Then we can type in any metric design components over here, so chips, Okay, first, let's start with chips. So it has already generated some chips for us, but we would like to add some new chips. So let's stop in something like economics and then history and then extra losey something like this. So yeah, so as you can see, it already generated tips for us, So yeah, these are we generate chips, So, um yeah, Egypt. It generated. So this is the chip which you're gonna use in our design. So So now let's take a look at it's a mother component. Bullets on, um, now, sketch has its in built, um, metro design components over here. So it has different typography, and then these specifications and then icons. And then we can even have the top teams in the light teams over here. So you have the whole set of Madrid designed when you install sketch. So, um, as you can see, it's already created this for us. So this is 3 16 with were also working with 3 60 with our boat. So the school, right? So, yeah, the default front is rolled little and then we have the whole set of metro design sticker shit off here. So, generally on what we are viewing is metric design stuck soup version point your to So yeah . Um Jesus do Curcic. This is the speakership. You can use it for free and then create Metro saying so for now, what? I would like to ism used the metal design sketch material plugging. So let's go toe. Let's use some icons. Let's say so. I can't sucking as your plug ins, sketch material and icons. Okay. Um, yeah. So we do have many, many, many, almost all likens is provided to us. So for use any Aikens and then we can just drag and drop it over here. But we can even search for Aikens like, let's say look, a lock. Yeah. Yep. So Harry had the Acton so really, really easy really good in our workflow helps a lot. So now let's take a look at some other The creature. What? It provides us that you take a look at form. Um, yeah. So this is a form generator generator. It's provided by Skitch material itself. We can play around with this. We can even export and import on. We can add add feels. But for now we can add origin Italy and vertically fields over here. So But for now leads experiment with this one. So type of dictionary A drop down ready but in check box For now it's used text. The label would be your need And then bliss Holder will be name and then help it takes No, you go find them If it has here than it would appear in. Read, read. Read. Biswas. If he has here, then you can just click on the check box of level. It shows no red color in it. So Bellow is a values John Doe. Okay, now that's generate. Listen, um yeah, The field from field is what ready? As you can see, we can I use, like, days and make our own metal design over here. So it helped a lot. It's a good plugging. You can also use the sticker City of level. So, yeah. Now, next plug. Now, I would like to talk about I would like to introduce to you about his auto now plucking by any map. So this plug in is really, really cool. Um, I've already made to our ports of here are poor one and are poor too. First, I would like to start with the simple demo eso so that you can understand what do they are ? Dug it. Well, so first of all, I would like to get some Kraft and on this Passover Kraft and put someone express over images already has this filled it with unspecified majors with help of craft. So to plug in which we discussed earlier So let's use auto. Now, over here. So after you have installed, um, spoken into appears over here, and then you can choose a vertical or original dealt. So where are choosing a heretical layout right down on the spacing would be 30 on, then it's all aligned to center. So no. Yep, it's it. So after the plug in is effective in this group, so it I can hear will change it to build and then three dots like here, just like here. So what this bugging does is tempt us to make a responsive design squints inside sketch. So, um, we have just Oh, no, uh, this chick Now we have what we have Selected wars 30 would be displacing between them. So it's sturdy. So if I just resize it over here No, it would be returned yet. Well, so quite cool on then. If we just make it here, it be in center because we have a Judas center over here. Um, because more where we can just stop the layers without it's changing its though making it and the marching or a priest. You 30. So it's quite cool. Now let's move on to the next. Demel have prepared a simple design over here. It's like two blocks, and then it is always a list of books over here. So we're gonna use utterly out inside these these knocks over here, we have just created orderly out. You have just used utterly out plugging inside this text over on the stars and over here and then among these do we have made another our end of the art layout use. Um, and God loved are here. Start grouped instead Creek. So now these are vertical, and this is horrid into so as you can see. Yes. So I like the 1st 1 we can use. We can Dragon drug the limits and still maintains the shape 19. And then it's 19. So, you know, here we have 1919 and then in 19. So details lock. It helps a lot off if we shouldn't. Doesn't faster did not walk up. So, um, we can just street the whole block free warrant. And then this one, not just one we haven't using Taste one. But where is it? Vertical. Now we can just slip Dragon girl. Yeah. So, um yeah, this it we can use. We could easily create different weaken. Just dragon became the poison. Create the response. Availed with this. Okay, now next bug and I would like to discuss about is called Looper. Well, Nipper is cool plugging into itself. So what lucre does is it helps to create an abstract shape inside, um, abstract corrupted ship inside sketch. So, uh, this is the Uriel of Looper. So it's created by a serious Kamar. It's a quite good, good target. So here in the website here in the website, we can see how what to look for can help us to it. Andi, have us create an abstract shapes inside. Um sketch. So really good, Blufgan. Now let's see a demoff. Um, it's created, not board dick Stop. For now, this German could go on to Let's rename me too a looker. Okay, Now let's create a shape like so let's German do it. This transforming a bit. This transform made a bit and two more words feel, and then places thickness to around five and the reading on, then command it's a dissenter. And then this command and L Luca and then number of copies Oh, get down into have been for now. Yeah, I think that just Dimel. So, as we can see, we have created a cool of strength shape over here, and we can use this ship inside our web, and then it's really, really weak or looking helpless in greeting abstract shapes really fast. Um, this is just a deal. You can never the make a complex shape inside it. Um, here in the website also, they have a lot off a lot of good Dimel a boat Do use deliver. Um, constructively. So number has a different option about skill. More moving the object in the direction with the increment picture on it and warming a great with the increasing a number off the shapes and then rotation and did with Joe 200 personal 110 person. This kind of options are available so you can just check it out. It's really good luck. So you can use these shapes inside your designed fires exported into SVG, and any made this stuff, so it's really good. So please do check it out. Um, now Yep. So now the next plug in. Now, let's go ahead and use the plug. So seven colon calendar. Okay, so now the first deal off starting would be August and the years disarm 17 and first a Sunday or could create Now it's creating calendar for us. Be using seven calendar blogging. So now it's already created eso. Now we can even resize this one. Besides it more as we need because, as we know, sketch defector based software so we can even add the starting date and the in date it's like we can override it. Well, now we could well, sit to stop dead with best one and, uh, the progress date with this one and ended with this one. And then the current did would be this one, and the deadline would be And the deadline competition. Okay, Now the calendar is created. We can override our stuff over here so we can even delete our background, and then we can even select Ah, a lot off. All rights, have liver. So yeah, this is a plucking so really easy. So, uh, please explored plugging. So now the next pope online to discuss about is she had textile. So now what this does is this park and helps us to maintain the textile inside different projects The same textile inside different projects. But how? Well, this department helps us to export or import dig styles, as we have defined in our style here for a demo purpose I would like to do a should start make us she make for Democrats. I would like to make a textile to this document on, then use it in another document but using the same dick style using in this document. So now, creating new textile first is hating on. Then this is some hitting. And this is a paragraph. Yeah. So now export on these export textile on export it will export is as don't export it as Jason file. So dick style project A takes time derogation. Okay, Okay, now let's delivery. Now let's make a completely new document and then let's delete this one. Let's make a non food. It's type something. It's type something here. And then let's import the dick style which we have made in the previous stock went over here. Now import import takes time from sketch. Fine. OK, this not from sketch file, but from O. J. Shin. These are important. So now let's group this up. Andi distributed. I wanted to be and then send it. Now that's you dissed art, which we have bread In other document, As you can see, the styles are already loaded over here, the same style steady we used in the document. And then we can just created Dick Star as simple. That's so so, uh, this demo, I hope still made you great clears involved what Blokhin offers us and how we can use the Duggan using, importing and exporting Justin files with shared styling. So please check it out. So now let's move on to next Bergen the next broken I would like to discuss you about. It's It's really, really useful. It's called symbol organizer. Ah, to make a demoff that present I would like to import or Laura to make a demoff. That project. I'm going to load a simple dem, a project of mine and then the symbols here. As you can see, the symbols are quite organized over here, so it's really organized, but in some cases it happens. That's it is organized. This one. It happens that the symbols are really messed up like this. And then if we just be at the symbols on, we can just read it, and then it will be a mess. So now let's use way Have just created a mess now. So now let's use that park in tow. Organize the symbols that we have. So symbol organizer. Yeah. So symbols are now organized. So as you can see, it has organized our each and every symbols over here and named it named even the naming convention. Er what cleared on then? Yeah, this is how reorganized the symbols that, uh, that I'm really messed up what I work with while working with huge design files. So yeah. So now let's move on to and then there, plugging Now the next book now, like discus abilities, name is optimum. Well, now this plug in is actually not inside sketch, but it's his lives Outside Sketch have already installed the slogan it is up to. Yeah, this is the one. So what it does? Is it generally recognized what we export inside sketch And it optimizes them automatically . For example, I have priest amazed over here in the rectangle. If I export this one in the export next all and name it something like smoke smokescreen on their inter. Now the team is already optimized by means opting as you can see, smoking dope Jeopardy observed 80% off the sides. So if you try again, it just it burst enough to sites Can even Dragon dropped it Amuses to do it from the other source memory. So yeah, this is it. Yeah. We don't have any less resolution. It's good quality. Yeah, it is also really good. Now the next plug in I would like to discuss Spout is, um, Slinky. Well, slinky is a bucking made for generating email templates. Eso that's do a demo off. Slinking. First of all, this is, uh, slinking patient. Then it helps us to automate our esteem on human templates. So, um, within a single pick, you can just use linking. So for now, let's go for dick. Stop and then come on to on then. - Now let's use Slinky. I Why did so one? It's created. Yeah, so? So this is a really, really before beautiful and he helped a lot. So increases it creates us. Cooled with him a generous Who has demoted goals until call columns with line. Um, but directed styles. Yeah. So really written here for plugging. So he's ticket out s now I think way are now. Yeah, I just this about a lot Duggan's. And still, there are a lot more lot more province to explore. But I can't just cover it in passing and the two videos. So please do Expo go himself label off there. So because it would be really helpful to you. So I have got word basic, um, and awesome plug ins, every label. Um, so Yet before we end this cart of plugging, I'd like to introduce you to a bonus backing or which is called or flawless. Act out. I'll, um, it's a blow, this apparatus. So it's actually a dick stop application so you can get free download over today to the domain. Wallace have denials less reduced. So it helps to optimize imagers on the TV news and then really optimize your script file and make it more Egypt so so that you can handle your double groups or other designers quite easily. So we chicken out. So this is the end up looking to. So thanks for joining them. So now, um, see you in the other tutorial 14. Part 14: Prototyping __ Master Sketch App: Hi guys. Welcome to Part 14. Of course, in this part, we'll learn about how to create prototype right inside sketch. So let's get started. So guys sketch itself doesn't provide us to create put type, but instead Kraft Burgundy between mentioned earlier in the beginning part after video to juryo, Um, help says to greet Good to type writing signed sketch. So let's learn about how we can create a demo prototype. So So let's learn about how we can create a simple what type with the help of craft. What I would like to do is open up a file. It's called football to typing. So this is Ah, android metrical design file. So what I would like to do with this design is if I click on chocolate chip cookies, which is inside, eat a break first. Then it would go and land on this screen, which is the description and the video tutorial of how we can cook the chocolate chip cookies. So, um yeah, and then if you click on the back button here, then we can we will go back to the home screen. So this is a simple prototype we're gonna make so so it's quite really strict. Simple. Uh, we just click on, uh, cod or a design element that we want to create a hot spot on. So if we take on this and here is a thunder Lightning, um, I can over here oh, where you can click on the tender lightning and it enables the prototype mood. So welcome to prototype moves selected layer and press see to begin so sees for craft. So that's why we can create prototype My braising shot could see after taking on any design element inside sketch. So I've clicked on a design element inside sketch. So now I press see, So the on the arrow like structure appears where we can just click on the screen where we want to land after taking on the hot spot that is Carters one. So for now, I would like to land after clicking. This is discreet, so a public appears, which tells me lead to the screen or just as overly so. For now, I would like to link it the other screen rather than overly, and the guitar like to do is stripe ah left and then transition would be push, let and add a link. Yeah, so I have just added Ah, hot spot over this. Caught over here. Two discrete over here. So now what I would like to do is when I tap on the back button and I would like to go to the main screen so I can place see Onda press on discreet, and then get your is tap, and then transition is slide. Ah, slight. Right. And then And Nick. Yeah, so I've just created it. And then what I would like to do is I would like to Celik the on board which I have created hot spot or created my prototype on and, uh, Sheikh this stuff in a vision. So InVision craft and sketch will helps us to create a successful for the tag to sort of our clients stakeholders, developer handoffs a lot more. So let's sink this two in division. Actually, I have not created any prototype with this need. And what I would like to name destroyed type is food put type demo, and I just created android phone, uh, now created about a type and then sink this in a vision. So now there are just two screens as demo here and then it's sinking as you can see the broken spar. Um, after completion, you would give it a green success or if it's not completed, then you it would give us a raid alert one. In the meantime, let's go toe all crime. And then let's go to English nap. So, yeah, it's green. So that's why it's success. We can also click on this one and click on Open. No, get trick on the open here. Oh, are we can just go to envision and sign into the account we have created and then this Wait for it and then we have our food for the type demo. Two screens. Yeah. So actually, it's sicked over here. And as we can see, it's, uh, android design. So android. And after hovering it, we can see the craft like no here and then after Clayton, this one, As you can see now the design is loaded, and then it looks really cool. Um, so off when I click on the elements outside the haunt spot we created it just used me lead , blink. Ah, And after taking on this one, it slides. So yeah. Yeah, it isn't what we have created. So it's looking great. Uh, it feels like we're using the app itself inside a mobile. So yeah, this is how we create the simple puts type using craft sketch and envision so rial. I think you have so thank you for watching. I think you have learned something new. Um, see you in the next Ponte after two to real. See you. 15. Part 15: Exports & Handoffs __ Master Sketch App: our guys. Welcome to part 15 of the course in this part will discuss and learn about exports and handoffs. Um, how weekend and off our design assets design specifications to other designers or developers. Um, so let's get started. So yeah, guys explodes and handoffs. So exports and handles can be done also with the help of Prompt on and InVision So we're inside sketch. And what towel for the team or what our year is is I think I will do the rest of part. This also Metro design over that which I am resting walking on. Well, uh, wrister so off for now. I'll just sink this to the project. I'm working on on Ben. Oh, but it seemed from our code, but never mind. So Ah, so it's a success. So now I'll go to vision and actually reverses itself. So, uh, here we can just see the a design and then go to inspector more. Hey, we can see the design and recovered the prototype section. And now the inspect mode. So what inspect mood does is it helps us to generate specifications of design elements, size colors on even the cord it's generated over here on the right. So all right, now we're walking on Android, so it denigrated me xml file. But if we were working on I was designs, then it would generate us some swift code or over here, So, yeah, um, so cold is already generated, and then we can just copy the cold. The code is copied and pasted to our text editor. So as you can see, the measurements are pretty clear. It's it's all written here it 89 dp from the top, and then it's from here began. Just know our document colors, we and screen colors. A document. Colors are the colors which, uh, he's which is from dissection. And then global colors the colors for all the descent vaults. So, um, no. Yeah, it's pretty easy from here. We can just hand over or design assets. Um, on specification. Yeah, it's pretty easy. InVision helps a lot of the designer to developer handoffs. Um, it's pity. Amazing toe. They have greeted. So now these are the specifications created for now. Let's take a look at how we can get the assets used in the screens. So, um, the assets used in the screens also um comes over here. So as you can see, I've just created the, um, example Dima Lucia. And it has given me one Ash it and I can just click here and down with the issue. Um, feel one. So right now I don't need that. So yeah, just selecting only limited help us to get as it to right from the inspector to Or, uh, we can go to assets and then in majors and then inspect. And then the prosaic name and the on boarding screen, Then splash, main, and then feel one. Uh, yeah, it's the same find over here. So, um yes, we can access it from here as well as from the inspect. Hold dear. If if sometimes inspect, mold doesn't source with the asset, then we can find it over here as well. So yeah, this is actually the developer hand off, and then we can We have already covered how we can create our style guides, gendered out style guides and then import libraries. So for designer handoff. So yeah, these are the basic on dim Porton, um, tools and techniques needed for handing off handing off the design file Two designers and developers. So thank you for watching see you in the next part. 16. Part 16: Making Design Live __ Master Sketch App: part, guys. Welcome to about 16 of the force. And this boat will discuss about making our design life with generated. You are ill. Um, so it's gonna be really fun to learn. Go on to have our design responsive. Um, adding brick points inside sketch and adding hyperlinks and even cementing forms that was filled in and even some eating form that we feel. So let's get started. Hope you guys first of all. Okay, guys, first of all, I would like to load up a document that I have recently made and then ah, it's so it Is it the document we're gonna work with? It's a simple, um, it's a free resource. I took it from free skits, resource. Um, and I modified a bit. And then it's just for demo purpose. Now I have boldly I have I have a copy right here. Uh, meet by and then I haven't done anything with that, but this is not made by me. Anyway. Um, uh uh, This is for just for learning purpose. So what? I created dictum size provided by sketch itself. As you can see here, Dick, step as de next up tablet and more wall. So I have used the same size that have level. So, uh, um, the design file that we're working is named siren. So siren dick, stop as D siren dick Stop and then tablet and the mobile. And then we have a phone, small phone, and then we have inner peace for demo purpose now and that it's fresh in Inflation is impressive. It's just a dummy takes here and then Feitian decks Lopez de operation like stop tablet and mobile. So some of the design files I have made here with the help of totally out um And then it was really Ah, good thing. What? A little as awesome, too. So, um yeah. So now, uh, to get started with the I generated, you are ill. Actually, it is provided us by launchpad. So it's talking by any map. So, um, have already installed the plug in so have launched bad over here. So any man also has out earlier blocking. So we have already discussed about this how we can stack and on stacked vertically, horizontally on and all off those thinks so Now nets to, um this. So first of all, what I do is I would like to go to anymore happened create a link here. So said this ad, my home piece. And then you can click on this and then again, click on this. And then if I click on this one and then first of all, let's sit some bad points. So it's it's break points. Yeah. So, uh, this, uh, after dext, often this and after this place will be this after this place with protests, Um, our polls going into the insane, please. Okay, so So now what we're gonna do is select defecation here and then and then click there inside, ending here and then again, selected station for deck stop and then cake here. Select. Um, actually, we don't have any. We have a hang up Hamburg coming in here, So yeah, and then tablets. And then no one. Okay, so, uh, so now let's work with forms, then, um, we have just made a simple fault. Uh, here. So we will click on this, and then if somebody take on this one that he was he will land into home, please. Or country. So, um yeah, no spread held Augusto selected, not ports and paises and treat hyperlinks. So now we have just greed created some break points with the help of our boat that we have created. As you can see, 3 27 68 Once I was waiting for honey and then 1414 and then 1414 um, for 1440. OK, so now let's work a bit with forms. So what with forms is quite, um, awesome thing We do have option for forms over here. And then, actually, what I've done is I've already this is the text simple so we can add a widget. We can add a video player and we can add a forms text in book. So it's also that it's a phone text input so and it's also form Dixon put, but I have already created a form digs input for this one. Um and then this is ah, form summit button. So, no, After clicking the phone and summit button, it launchpad no will direct the form submission on duh date are inside the form, which they use a field to, uh, imagine dress. So, uh, I'll type in my email address here on then she Well okay on. We can even add a spread ship name and then success. So siren more siren Mobile ste Ok, on success on failure. Um so to form itself for now, it would be better if the design different screen for failure and success, But for now, just it's OK for now. So I created a form summation. Okay, so, uh, now I think we have already Yeah. We have already created home hyperlink here. So now what we have done here is we have created out big points. We have created our hyperlinks. And then now, for now, let's just keep this one here, created by pulling and then go to this one on grope it and then the name means on then this is the most No. Yeah, um, I think we have already than most of the things you have already. Now let's straight Feature provided by, uh, launchpad at the feature off hovering the buttons. So how effect So grow Shrink Sadow. We have growth ring saddle glow For now, I would like to street this one so we can even add up. Causton ceases tragedies and properties over here. And then there would be easing. Andi wasn't be Jim 0.4 seconds. Okay, throw it. Now. If I click on quit, then you should read Attic Mito home screen. OK, so yeah, and then we can even add some views over here. So take away the mask widget on. Then we'll go to YouTube and then go some bits. Um, Richard over there. Uh, well, go and typing some mountains. Okay, run and gone. This one Where for? Now write. Asking me for the direct. Yeah, we're good for now. So that we have just created the auto pay. So I think, Yeah. Everything eyes here so you can even add widgets, repair of and forms of mission we have already covered. Um, yes, it pushin sticky. Okay, for now, let's take on this logo on then. We don't have any bank rectangle. We'll sit this poison sticking for now. Said collisions. Dickey. Okay, This also set the person sticky. This also said the police in sticky on Same goes to I think. Yeah, we have to just click on the every element in Just do it here. It doesn't. I think it doesn't help with. So I created. Even if we have grated. It does a symbol, but yeah, this Howard works now, I guess, uh, said the bushes digging. Okay, I think we're ready to go. And then if everything is fine, then we can click on the launch hiking over here to preview Web site in a browser. And then we can even add a custom Muriel over here, man in my sight. And then it it just let's the name off the site that we have. But I have recently deleted out some and then we can launch it Over here. You're on the go, go. Okay. It takes a bit time to process these duff because he tends to go to the cloud and it has to store the whole imagers. Um, I think so. How? For a bit, Um and and then a lot of stuff. So, uh, yeah, it has already generated a your own. And then we can even used the premium plans over here. But right now, I'm using the free bound here so you can go in any only monthly so we can even publish it directly to the Uriel, or we can just click and open it. So right now, let's see our design, How it looks. Oh, is looking fine. Yeah, This is fine. Let's go to fishing. No, it's fine. Actually, we have up in the local to the top, so that's why it's on the top. So let's go to form. Well, it's time something. Oh, okay. After the for machine vision is complete, it goes to the home screen. OK, that's why it's here. Quit. Okay, now we can just see the responsiveness. Oh, it's responsive. As long. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, it has really, I hope the loss. It has helped a lot in our workflow on a andi. Even it has created homes, but door fix, uh, you didn't take any whole or effect, but anyway, yeah, is how how we do it. Um, yeah, but I think there are some minor fixes we're here to make. Oh, well, but yeah, with a custom, Muriel, our we can share the u R l with anyone on. Then we can get feedback from it. So I hope you learned something new. Andi, See you in the next 17. Part 17: Conclusion And Resources __ Master Sketch App: Hi, guys. Why didn't we have a bridge to the last part of this Teutul Siri's? It was a long teaching, learning and recording hours spent and making it a success. I hope I have helped you a lot in getting to know sketch better on and using it for optimum workflow. Um, thesis tools helps a lot, and it's most youthful and most popular. Tool. Now these. So in this conclusion, part of the material. Siri's. I'm going to share you some off the youthful tools and resources for sketch, uh, which is formed online, so the 1st 1 is sketch AP sources. Eso This is full of resources like your kid icons Wire five. Web Grable's Iowa's material designed that forms markups real. And by the way, this is all in sketch format, so you can go ahead and just grab these on and play with your subs as well. So there are few resources and ah, lot off premier resources as well. So the region learns, gets community for for it as well, so you can learn some basics from here as well. Eso It's a good, really good resource for you do enhance your skills in sketch app so that the next are free resource where you can find, um, Skitch files is best one. So, uh, freebies bug dot com So you can find a whole lot off our stuff here, and you can just explore it, um, as well, So freebies bug. So really a good website. The next one is called Skitch Hunt. Those kitchen is primarily it gives information about on news about sketch, what's going on with the sketch community. And then we can, uh, nor boat begins on. Then we could just explore different a plug ins at level four skits now days and then a lot of stuff. So I highly recommend you to go to a sketch hunt and then explore what it has to give us. So the next website is skitch on the Skitch app hub. So skitch app hub dot com. So it's, um, best tools and bugging to sketch your workflow so it provides tons and tons of plug ins. So, um, you're gonna find a lot of a lot of skin on community video job boards. Duggan's over here, so I recommend you toe explode this website as well. So the other one is sketch of TV free skits, Tree resources. So a lot of freebies App icons on flat I guns align. Aiken's a lot of things. Yeah, sketch up TV eyes also great resource than the other. Good. It's not a weapon, but it's a tube which helps to delete the hidden sketch history files. So, um, actually, this skitch have it's, uh, cash, which stays in your machine. So it helps to get the cash. So it's a good tool so that you can add stoneware and chicken out so that you can clear some off your consumed space by sketch. So, yes, kitsch. CASS cleaner is a good one. And then the other to lease cleaning the history of Skitch. So, uh, it helps toe delete hidden document versions. Teoh generally recover space inside your drive. Um, so, uh, yeah, house gets took over 200 ZB off our Mac books and then actually sketch, um, does take some off your spaces. So, um, that's better. Here, check out the building history. Um, it's a plugging, actually. So I could have covered this in the plugging portion, But but anyway, please check this out as well. So ah, yet So I hope you have learned something new. And then in the end, I would like to thank you. All guys were enrolling into the course. And please feel free to give me feedback and compliments on. And please Also, let me know what you want me to cover in the upcoming reviews off this particular video. So thanks a lot, guys. Once again. And it's a lot to me that you guys have supported me along the whole of course. And then please let me know about the back and compliments. So it last guys by on cheers. Yes, I turned the page of the story again.