Master Watercolor Techniques: Learn to Paint a Watercolor Robin

Louise De Masi, Artist - capturing beauty with watercolour

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14 Videos (58m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Reference Photos & Class Project

    • 4. Stretching the Paper

    • 5. Tummy

    • 6. Orange Feathers 1st Wash

    • 7. Wing, Tail & Head 1st Wash

    • 8. Eye & Beak

    • 9. Orange Feathers layer 2

    • 10. Head Feathers

    • 11. Wing Feathers

    • 12. Tail Feathers & More Wing

    • 13. Feet & Finishing Off

    • 14. Final Thoughts & Thanks

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About This Class

Watercolor can be a difficult medium to use because of its uncontrollable nature. It has a mind of its own and is often unpredictable but its elusive qualities are part of its attraction. Professional artist and teacher Louise De Masi has been seduced by this beautiful medium. Join Louise in this 58 minute class as she demonstrates why watercolor has captured her heart.

In this class, Louise demonstrates step by step, how she painted this Robin.


Discover how Louise:

  • Stretches watercolor paper
  • Loads the brush
  • Lays in initial loose washes
  • Works wet on wet
  • Works wet on dry
  • Adds detail
  • Mixes colour on the paper
  • Mixes colour on the palette
  • Interprets a reference photo

The aim of this class is to help you develop more confidence when you paint with watercolor. It is suitable for intermediate watercolor painters but beginner painters will also find it useful.

When you enrol in the class the photographs below are available for download so you can see the progression of the robin.


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Great to watch a piece completed in real time, rather than sped up.
This is a very thorough class. I found it interesting and challenging as I watched through it. I look forward to trying it or ... "giving it a go" as she mentioned.
Another brilliant class with Louise





Louise De Masi

Artist - capturing beauty with watercolour


Louise De Masi is a professional watercolour artist and a qualified school teacher from Australia. 

Louise has a Bachelor of Education degree and has worked as a school teacher within Australia. She is co-author of a watercolor painting instruction book by Walter Foster- titled 'The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor'. Her work has been featured in Australian Artist's Palette Magazine, Australian Country Craft Magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald. ...

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