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Master Watercolor Techniques : Learn how to paint lights and shadows

teacher avatar Sweta Kaushik, Watercolor Artist & Urban Sketcher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Material Required

    • 3. 3. Sketching Shapes

    • 4. 4. Basic color mixes

    • 5. 5. Tonal Value : paint to water ratio

    • 6. 6. Continuous Wash

    • 7. 7. Poles & Wires

    • 8. 8. Final Project : 1st wash - catching light

    • 9. 9. Final Project : 2nd wash - painting shadows

    • 10. 10. Final Project : Poles & Wires

    • 11. 11. Final Project : Details & Atmosphere

    • 12. 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Learn the play of light and shadow and bring excitement to any watercolor work. I am Sweta, and in this 30 minutes class i will be teaching you techniques to put glorious washes, control paint to water ratio for tonal values and building up atmosphere. I have separately demonstrated the basic techniques so this class can be taken by all skill level from a beginner to advanced.

Using these techniques you will be able to further refine your own style in painting and better understand how to paint behaves on paper. And learn how to paint the Rustic House with beautiful effects of light and shadows.

So if you are ready, lets start the class and happy painting!!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sweta Kaushik

Watercolor Artist & Urban Sketcher



Hello Artists,

I am Sweta, a traditional Watercolor Artist, Urban Sketcher & the Founder of the 'Urban Sketching Circle - A Membership for on-location painting'. I live in Delhi, India.

I am a passionate teacher and present modern solutions to my student's problems, improving their observational skills and allowing them to visualize and interpret the 3- Dimensional world in front of us accurately on paper.

If painting from 3D world is a bit hard for you, then click here and download my free guide on Urban Sketching - 5 steps to simplify what you see.

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1. 1. Introduction: Hello, guys. I'm sure the Akashic, a watercolor artist based in Delhi, India. I have been painting from last two years, and, needless to say, the journey has bean full of excitement and challenges. You can check my watercolor walks on my instagram handle watercolor dot consultant. I'm often asked about how it being the starts and light, 80 years and the effect of shadows in my painting. And now, in the first class on screen share, I'm going to teach you the same master watercolor techniques learned how to paint lights and shadows. We'll be painting a rustic house with the playoff light and shadows in the end. Off the tutorial, you'll be even toe acquired practical skills and get new insight on how to make glorious Porsche's controlling water and paint ratio on how to read noise in the atmosphere. Believe me, you will be inspired to dry off new techniques and end up with a beautiful painting 2. 2. Material Required: materials required. You would be needing a pencil for the sketching purpose on. We'll be using wide variety off brushes number four, rigor for the detailing purposes on to make holes on silver brush number. Eat for putting washes in the smaller areas and Escada a Corio. You can use any more to put this guy washes another than that. A synthetic or a sable brush would be useful to put some veteran rate effects. A masking tape can be used. Put Benet the board you're using so as to tell Tate, and it would be helpful in putting the washes. Other than that, I'm using arches. 100% gold pressed paper. Ah, the sizes. 15 into 25 centimeter. You can use any water color page off 100% cotton under pains I'm using in this painting. I'll be discussing it with you. Eso I'll be using viral orange permanent rose ultramarine blue, cobalt blue and yellow car rosiana, Ponsana bunt amber. So delight genuine permanent sap green and cerulean blue. I'll be also showing you some youthful mixes before proceeding into the final project. It would be also needing water container on some issues of needed on ah White wash our white paint. Confuse Chinese white or titanium right 3. 3. Sketching Shapes: so guys sketching could be tricky spot for some off us. But by keeping in mind thes instruction, you can really make it in a one goal. So if you observe carefully, the upper half off the paper is larger than the lower half off the paper. Also, I'm focusing only on making the big shapes the house on a background on a foreground, and I'll be dividing them with help off the mountains on. You don't have to put any detail, windows or anything in just mark the position, but not thing. Els is required, and the polls. You need a larger area in the sky so that your balls can really shine out on. See, this is how we used a perspective by making thes circular lines. It makes us feel that we're going to enter into the paintings and gives a better sense off step. So mountains are adding up to the tap on Ah, four ground that brings us into the painting helps more 4. 4. Basic color mixes: over the time artist develop their preferred color nexus, and in this video I'll be sharing some basic color mixes that are used in making the final project on practicing. These will help you in understanding how we're going to make them on the paper directly or in the palate. So many do. The final painting will be already prepared about which calorie have to approach. And also, when you're putting washes, he will not this time in thinking, which means to approach for the desire makes. Otherwise, the wash will be keep on trying in the middle and not be able to get a profit wash first makes Ese Loker plus permanent rules. So some part I'm going to mix on the palate on some part. I'm going to make statically on the paper and for clues mixes. We have to basically apply alternate washes off cool and warm. Baines here. We're going to apply alternate washes off your Loker and permanent froze on. It is advised not to keep on babbling. Andi put something been in the paper because we need the drop. Continuation off drop will be falling at the edge of the wash for the blowing washes. So all this put your paper in a tilting position. Now here I am, putting a local directly from the pained, and now I'm going to add the prominent rules and the next one, these the plant number and ultra marine blue. At some point, I'll be also using bond CNN ultra Marine blue on you can practice board the washes she's you have toe act and put another layer before the edge of the layer. The edge of the washer putting tries and the next is cobalt blue with Haman intros, and the last is so too late. Gen line on several Indu thoroughly, evolutionarily okay, and it gives the body toe any paint makes. It has a different characteristic on I find it that it's been really youthful. The next video, we'll be talking about that how you can control the tonal value by keeping in mind the pain toe water issues 5. 5. Tonal Value : paint to water ratio: to understand tonal value in border color, you have to focus on the pain to water issue ham, demonstrating how can create very tones for the lightest own. I have added around 10 to 12 drops off order toe one drop off paint on for the final, the darkest own. I'll be playing the paint charity I have used permanent rose from inside Newton. You can choose different between for this exercise. This exercise doesn't have a specific rule off pain toe water issue, but this is what I have felt helps me for the second mix. I'm adding more, being toe the same mix. Just being toe occupation also readies if you do some other things. So in the bus wash off, our final project will be using the emission team in the second wash off. Our final will be using the third in the second values and for making the poles and wires will be using the direct being. That is the buttery consistency the knowledge of basic color mixes, along with understanding how you can very tonal will use. You'll be easy able to make the country news wash, which is our next 6. 6. Continuous Wash: continous wash your surface should be tilted and I'm using and Escada Curium or Brush number 14 you can use any more brush. I'm using a mix off your Loker Rosiana with a hint of ultra marine blue. Make big strokes. Try to cover the maximum area in one stroke, that's all. No need to go back into the wash over and over again. Try to make it in one. Go on. Don't correct it. And if it gets spoiled, make it again. I'm removing the excess water commuted with the brush, and now I mean moving the water from the brush and picking something consistency of the paint, as we did to paint the third and fourth value in our previous class and makes us expressive marks. These are supposed to be the flowers in the sky, so don't keep going into the wash to correct it. And that is the only trick make doing skies 7. 7. Poles & Wires: Now we're going to make poles and wires. I'm going to use Dell around me. I could find Number four rigger brush. It's a synthetic brush, and it gives really good impressionistic marks. You can. You also use another synthetic brush with a good point. So using taken but re consistency off cerulean blue and so delay genuine, I'm going to make the polls. You can also use pain screen instead of soda. Like General, I'm going to stabilize my wrist and make quick line in a swift motion. The bull is leading towards the right. It gives a better perspective. - Now you're going to make fires. I'm going toe cutting. Both the bulls and some buyers are also going to be like going out of the picture. It's necessary to make it in a quick, swift motion and in some splatters and birds 8. 8. Final Project : 1st wash - catching light: in the final project we're going to use everything we have learned will start the world from the sky, then paint the valleys and then we'll move towards the foreground, all in one continuous wash. And now I'll be sharing the trick to do that. So remember that the war should not dried anyplace until we're done putting their entire first year. But how do we do that? Do you have to be really quick? And if something goes wrong, take the amount of water in your brush. And if pain spreads a lot, reduced the amount of water from the brush and always keep the border walking on in iterating position, I used a mix off raw sienna with a hint off. Go by, Fluto being the sky. But I'm not going toe paint in the heart of the movement. I used to think consistency of your loca. To put these marks, I put the Loker Horizon 80 also because now the valleys baby off ballot color. We all know that yellow and valid are complementary color, so it could drink out a nice contrast. I'm using a mix of permanent rose and Cobolli blue for the valleys. - See the value for grounded stalker than sky Onda. Highview survived frantic application off your local and violet in the foreground. We want this contrast of values and vibrancy for glorious washes. Now the next thing I want you to focus on is that I started painting in the hurt when the wash is still right. As we don't want any hard edges in our first wash, let it melt. In March, I used yellow ca and Farrell orange hair and I'll be using COBOL through. Also, I have not sped up the video here. This is how I make brush marks with quick swift strokes. - I have not been to in the places where the sunlight is hitting directly, and after this we like this layer dry completely in the next step will be put in the shadows. 9. 9. Final Project : 2nd wash - painting shadows: in the second year, we are going to put shadows, so the first here is completely dry. I'm going to use a mix of ultra marine blue burnt umber, Don't you know on battle orange your share. Those are never black. She's for colorful and glowing shadows. I use the same base color and de saturated, using the complementary color to elaborate the ages in the heart where I had applied. You're looking in the first year now for shadows. I will apply, doctor will you off your local but with a hint off a violet. Similarly, for places in the heart with cobalt blue, I've supplier darker value of cobalt blue, but with the handoff viral orange, notice how the top part of the heart is coming forward as you put its shadow, blew it. Here is a closer she's but a shadow on the ground. I added a handoff, viral, orange and violet to the local, and here I added burnt sienna and ultra marine blue. Notice how the entire shadow is a one. Continues using Escada Aquarium are brush. I'm going to make the shadows in the whole ground. - The shadow wash is still a bit and I'm going to add windows. But for that I am mixing. A battery makes off Montgomery lose lose for the like General Rain and Sienna. I have added a bit off viral orange for the part where the light is reflected, so both the layer certain and now we can make the polls. 10. 10. Final Project : Poles & Wires: you already have a painting with beautiful and glorious bushes on adding these goals will add to its beauty. I'm using a pick between consistency off pained Andi. I used sort of like genuine and settle being you for it, and I'm using a regular brush number four you can use any other synthetic brush with a fine wires not only adds to the composition, but they also increase the laptop, depending, - it's nearly done on in the next to be adding details and noise in the atmosphere. 11. 11. Final Project : Details & Atmosphere: for details. I'm using the thickest consistency off being and applying it directly carefully, please. Darks and splatters adds to diagnose spirit noise. Andrea Motion in the painting I before to use a rigger, Onda synthetic or stable for the videos, you can add splatters carefully place horizontal and vertical lines, which are to the composition. I didn't that you can also had windows and birds saying all these things. It's obvious there's it's easy to overdo it, so you have to figure out that water needing in your painting, despite being cautiously trick, is that two of yours I should look like reflected light on a part of fainting. Otherwise, the white banking easy instructors from the main subject here is a closer adding some splatters. This is my favorite team having some boards on via done. 12. 12. Final Thoughts: I hope that you like this class. I want to say Start observing Mawr. Notice how I made the strokes and which parts I paint it first. What a goal it is all about shapes, don's and washes. Try to minimize the brushstrokes required to fill a section. And if awash goes wrong, don't correct it. Instead, make it again and you know that's the most challenging part. And if you can do it, if you can restart it, you will surely move one step closer to your goal. I made this painting three times are even more than that to bring that perfection on. You also can do the same. Don't get this heart. And if it doesn't box in the first attempt, keep going and keep working. Guys, you can also share you Project with me on install and border color dot Consultant are on skill share. Andi, I'll really appreciate if you leave our class review for me as it will help me reach to my students. Don't forget to share that. What would you like to learn next and happy