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Master Video Editing for Internet Marketers

teacher avatar Monja Wessel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Master Video Editing for Internet Marketers - Introduction

    • 2. The Screenflow Interface

    • 3. Why you should do Video Marketing

    • 4. Use the right Video Recording Settings

    • 5. Outro & Project

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About This Class


Have you ever thought of adding Video Content to your website or blog but find it way to hard to record and edit it yourself?

Then this course is for you! In this class you'll learn how to record your screen with the right settings, how the Screenflow Software works and why video marketing is one of the essential things for your success. 

Since the Internet got faster video is getting more and more important. YouTube is already the second largest search engine - just behind Google. And that happened because we all love to consume video content.

This class is just part 1 of three courses about "Master Video Editing for Internet Marketers". At the end of the series you'll be able to record and edit your screencasts in a way that is engaging for your students. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Monja Wessel

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



As a Graphic Designer, Artist and Illustrator I enjoy all things creative. I love designing and modern memory keeping (aka scrapbooking) as well as video creation, editing and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. You will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick you up where you are right now and help you discover why you mostly want to conquer the topic I'm teaching you.

I create my courses carefully so you can easily follow through but if you are stuck at any time you are welcome to write me so I can help you overcome the obstacle.

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1. Master Video Editing for Internet Marketers - Introduction: Hi and welcome to the course Master Video editing for Internet marketers. My name is Monje and I've your instructor in this course. After I got my degree in multimedia design and information technology, I've been working as an online instructor. Video marketing was 1st 1 off those things I resisted to do. But what if I lose started doing it? It totally changed my business. I could reach my students far better than was writing alone last, but not least because I could shoe what I wanted to teach while doing it. Also, I could build a relationship with my students, and I can tell you it was first really scary to get in front off the camera. But that wasn't the only skill I had to mar. Stir the other. Definitely Waas video editing. When you offer failure content, you need to add it. Your videos yourself because nobody understands better. What do you want to say with a video and you do? This class is split into three parts. We first talk about why you need to try video editing. Then we have a look at screen flow interface, and finally we set up the file for recording your first video in this class. This is what you should try. Record your first video. It doesn't have to be professional in any way. Just do it to have some material. For the second insert path off the class master video editing for Internet marketers endure the course. 2. The Screenflow Interface: in this video, I'm going to give you a quick overview off the screen flow interface. So let's start on top left and we come to the bottom right on. But I will give you a short limbs into each menu, so I know fire. You find the normal things you would expect, like new and open close save and the applicator. And, you know, export is very important, and you will have to use it later and, of course, published two. Which means that you have different options where you can publish your video when you go here. To save this means it will save your screen flow file with all the eligible layers you have , like the audio layer and video layer as always, good to have that first and export after that. So make sure you first save your file and then later click on export. The reasons easy. It can be that the program I quit crash when you start to export, and therefore we want to have this safe safe for your screen flow file, and then you don't have to worry about that. So then let's go to edit here. You also find all the usual stuff like cut, copy paste and so on. Onda. There are also short cuts for that. So we go to that later when we care about video editing. But that is just so you know what's going on here on here? The same. Here's a mark in and mark out point, and that means nothing else, but you click in the video and then choose Mark in, Um, you see the video, It's Mark, and you can now make Mark outpoint like, say, here and from between those two parts, your radio will be cut out, for example, copied or whatever you choose. Let's see I can. If you want to clear the marketers, you just check you clear in an outpoints, and then you have insert like text blocks and annotation, clip or speech clip, or you can choose something you want to insert. You have the phone menu where you can choose different phones and so on and off course the action, which we also have on the menu on the on the right side. And we get to that in a minute, and then here view. You can enter full screen and zoom in and them out. But you can also do that with your mouth. So like that, I just want my mouth from top to back. And you see, I'm scrolling out, um, the other way around from bottom to top. And I'm scrawling in. I'm using the magic most, by the way. Yeah, And here you can get all the windows to front if you want. So if you have several videos open, you just have to chew that year and then you have it in the front. Right? Okay. And here is interesting stuff. Ah, here is the immediate media library run in the media library. You find everything you have in your video. So here you can see I have straight audio files. Country video files on all those are here in my video. 12 on straight unti here on the street. All your friends, you can also add J p G and MP three and PNG. Whatever you have, you can add that here I'm put it on your video later. For example, your logo might be an idea or and call out like culture action If you want a j p g at the end as we have. Sometimes I'm just say click here to subscribe to our newsletter And then we put a jpg file very end. And yeah, people hopefully subscribe to our newsletter. If they like what they see, Alan, here are when we shot here on the left side. Here's appears of video. Actually, this means you can scale in and out the video at a reflection or a shadow. Um, choose color controls, which means to make a video more saturated or brighter. More contrast. Or here you have some video feel toes, but you have to at the action first to see them, and you can also rotate your video and so on. He can do different things to your audio. You might see that right now, but when it shoes an audio layer like that one, I can sad. For example, the fields are removed, background noise and at other audio filters I have here. Once I said the action, I can also mute audio on one layer if I want so on, have it on on the other layer, and beside that, you have more options here, like screen recording. You have different options for that again, you know have to use a video layer and you can add us click effect appointer capacity. And so we get to all that in other videos. So don't worry about right now, Aunt, here are the call outs, Onda, Um, here you find the touch. Call out the where you can boxes and text to your video. Yeah, And here is again the media library. And last but not least, he is the most important thing. You're different layers. So here are right now three layers, one is empty, one has a video on one has the audio. Don't worry about that. Really. You just need to know that these are the video layoffs. Well, these are the audio. Leo's aren't You can even rename them. If you want you, you can just do right click and then click Rename, clip. And, um, at some naming, we get to everything else, like starting and ending transitions at a later point in this course. So this is just for your overview. And with this one with his marker, you can go to one point off the video and then just start and play. Aren't you can see where you have to cut out something or not. And, uh, here is your magnifier. So you can really into this video and see very detail where you have to cut out something and we're not. So yeah, this is a brief overview off the screen flow interface, and we get to the other things in the next videos. 3. Why you should do Video Marketing: So in this video, I'm going to explain why WHIO marketing is the way to go these days. So we all go online to search for some information for an instruction for tutorial on. And we really like to do that and watch that video. So video is your way to go. And YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. So beside Google, it's YouTube where we go on look for information and that means we love watching video on Yes, I do s where. And I'm sure when you look at yourself, you will realize you do s well. So when I go to Google now, because that's usually the way we go, we go to Google, we go to YouTube and look for information, and I act now, for example, whatever suing back, um, I can see that here is a video results, So videos also listed in Google you should remember that YouTube is owned by Global, and that means that videos will be listed much better than most probably articles. So it is always a good idea to have a video for something because Google will most probably list that here in the top results on the search engines. So as you can see, this has been uploaded in May 2014. Right now we have November 2014 and you see, in no time this is ranking in the top three results. Single on the rest is Pinterest. It was not an article where you can go and read and and see the pictures. But you see videos and that means your videos most probably rank much higher than your articles on. This is a reason why you should do video marketing. 4. Use the right Video Recording Settings: in this video, I'm going to show you how to set up your tone. So let's do that and check the audio first. Before we start recording, you go to your apple menu and then click on system preferences, and then you can check the sound and you have output and input. Of course, you goto input put because that is the important part. As you can see, I have an external microphone and is good if you have an external one, because the quality off your videos will be much better in case you don't have, you can always use your internal microphone, but be sure it's not as good as an external one. You can get them really cheaply on Amazon, not come. Maybe check that out and see if you find a good external microphone, which suits your needs. You can also change the input volume. See, when I turned to the riot, my voice gets much louder onto the left and I'm getting much quiet, and that's because I always have it here in the middle, so the input levels always balance between left and right on the same with output volume, you can increase or decrease that. But make sure you don't have a too high, because then your videos were very loud, or at least mine are because off my external microphone. So Okay, once that is done, close that. Andi, when you have screen flow open, you have on the top right here, this little menu. So when you start recording, you go here on top, right? And click on your little screen cast. Michael here, this video camera on you cook young configure recording, and this window comes up. And then here on a new recording, you can record the desktop from whether you're Sanibel. Display were displayed all or your second display. You can choose that here. And if you want to, you can also record from your facetime camera. This means window will pop up and you will actually be in the video. If you want that, just click here, this little box and you will be in the video and off course. You need to choose the right microphone here, make sure you have chosen your external one. If you are recording was an external microphone and yeah, don't choose that if you don't have to, and you can also record the computer audio. This means you can record all the clicks you're going to do with your mouths or whatever. When there's a noise or sound in the background. You can record that as well. He's a second screen. Just click young a little bottle Onda Um, here. You can't say which frame right You want to choose so you can leave that your automatic. But if you want, for example, one frame per second is a very slow whio, and it will be, you know, kind of strange when you watch that. But don't worry about that too much. Just believe it on automatic. Yeah, and you can say, OK, I always want to stop recording after whatever second you or minute you put in here. For example, some videos shouldn't be longer than 10 minutes, and you said 10 minutes here. Okay, on this moved to new document screen dimensions is always a good setting, but you can always also choose other settings here. For example, if you want you record for your iPhone or your iPad. If you want to record for portray or landscape whatever you want, you can choose that here. If you want to record for wept, for example, or in HD or not, but screened I mentioned is a good choice. You can also set the manually Just type in here and set whatever with and hide you want. And here on a recent documents, you have the choice to open the documents you want to have. Just click here and it will open. Yeah, that is in the welcome. And you you have to amazing Cally set of these things here the record desk up from and record out from. 5. Outro & Project: Congratulations. You have Marston the first part off the video editing course for Internet marketers Onda. And now we are going to dive into your project, and your project for this course is to simply record your screen. What areas on it? Whatever you say doesn't matter. We just want you to get a feeling for how this works and how you can use this material in the next class to finally start editing. I hope, you know, have a good overview off the screen flow interface and you know how to set up your recording and then, you know, just do it and let's dive into it. I hope to see you in the next part off the course on. Then we start. Yeah, editing and adding a logo and adding music on others. You will learn until the end of part three off this class