Master The Basics of Creating PowerPoint Templates: The Slide Master Function | Roland Adriano | Skillshare

Master The Basics of Creating PowerPoint Templates: The Slide Master Function

Roland Adriano, Storyteller, photographer and daydreamer

Master The Basics of Creating PowerPoint Templates: The Slide Master Function

Roland Adriano, Storyteller, photographer and daydreamer

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14 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. 1 - Slide Master Course Introduction

    • 2. 2 - Course Objectives

    • 3. 3 - Introduction to Slide Master

    • 4. 4 - When to use Slide Master

    • 5. 5 - What Is Master Layout

    • 6. 6 - Intro To Placeholder

    • 7. 7 - Creating Content Slides

    • 8. 8 - Check Progress After Creating Content Slides

    • 9. 9 - Creating Matching Type Layout

    • 10. 10 - Creating Multiple Choice Slide and Reshaping Placeholders

    • 11. 11 - Creating Dialogue Slide Layout

    • 12. 12 - Renaming The Layouts

    • 13. 13 - Finale: Project Brief and Recap

    • 14. Hyperlinking Slides in PPT

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About This Class

Creating online curriculum on PowerPoint is fun (but can also be time-consuming). Add some style to your slides and make your online classes much more engaging!


Or even play along with the Picture Placeholder to come up with different picture layouts.



Expand your creativity in curriculum development or even in presentations (offline/online) with the Slide Master function of PowerPoint.

As a curriculum developer for online teaching, I'm going to share some tips on how I create some student-engaging and teacher friendly slide layouts in a very consistent and time-efficient manner. Also, presenters (online/offline) will benefit from this course as we altogether learn how to use Slide Master in creating themes or designing/customising our slide layouts.


In this course, we will:

1. Learn the basics of Slide Master and how to use this to create our own/personalised/customised PowerPoint themes

2. Find out how to create our own standardised PowerPoint templates which we can let other users work on it without losing consistency in a very time-efficient way

This course will greatly benefit those who:

1. Create or design PowerPoint templates 

2. Curriculum developers who use PowerPoint in creating classes

3. Presenters or even public speakers who use PowerPoint on a regular basis

This video includes demos on creating some slides such as content slides, matching type slides, multiple choice slide, etc. These demo will give us a very clear understanding on using the Slide Master options in creating or designing our own themes or templates.

There will be one project which is to create your own PowerPoint template or theme using the Slide Master function.

Get ready, get creative and let's all have fun working on PowerPoint slides!

Meet Your Teacher

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Roland Adriano

Storyteller, photographer and daydreamer


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1. 1 - Slide Master Course Introduction: Hi, everybody. I'm Roland. I'm unusual teacher and a curriculum developer. In my job, I use power point to create online classes. So I have to make sure that the layout will not board the students. So now here comes a dilemma. Different people have different preferences. Some people have different design, different layout, different themes. And this actually confuses not just the teacher. Also this to this. Therefore, I came up with some questions when I was creating these Power Point presentations. How could I make it less time consuming? Not just for me, but for other users to use this particular template. How could I make them be creative, but at the same time consistent? How could we come up with this standardise layout again without spending too much time? As we all know, in a normal editing view, you can create and edit layouts there. You can even rip position. The objects are the text boxes in a way that you want them to. But if you want to make it consistent, then you might have to do first copy paste. Or you might have to rearrange them in a very meticulous way. And that is very pendency me. I came up with a solution and I learned the use off its light master. In this video course, I'm going to share my experience in using sleight master in creating customizing and editing layout. I'll tell you more about slight master later, and hopefully you would understand how slight Master can make created layouts and at the same time, consistent, energized in a less time consuming manner. So hang on there, stay tuned and hope you enjoy this video course. 2. 2 - Course Objectives: all right. So before I move on and talk about the slight master, let me just tell you a few things. Why we have to study this, and who will benefit this? First of all, if you are a curriculum, developed her or if you are a presenter who uses power point all the time, Or if you are an online feature who creates power point and that shows them online and you have a lot of power points to do and you want to make it consistent, you wanna have a standardized layout or you want to share this with other users without them changing so many things, you want to stick to one particular theme. You wanna have uniformity? Then this course will benefit you because I will tell you how we could come up with creative, consistent and less time consuming way to create power points lights. So why do you have to watch this well again? Very simple. If you're aiming for consistency for activity and time efficiency, I'll do my best in this video course to demonstrate to provide you some examples on how to create a theme or design your layouts in the less than consuming way and coming up with a uniform or consistent power point presentations. So let's get started 3. 3 - Introduction to Slide Master: once again. Hi, everybody. I've been mentioning slight master a few times already. And probably you're thinking what slight master is for those of you who are familiar with slight master on Power Point, I believe that this is going to be an additional information or kind of fly grow enforcing your knowledge For those who are not yet familiar with slight master, let me explain it. It's like Master. It's a feature in Power Point where it allows you to great themes. It also allows you to customize or added your power point slide layouts. Now let's go have a look at the screen. Here we are, in a normal editing view in their normal anything view. This is where you could eight your power point slides, which you are going to show it in a presentation. Now I'm going to write Blake on the slide and then choose layout. You would see here different kinds of layout and actually these air very useful, depending on what kindof slide layout you want to come up with. On top of that, there is another option, which is cold. The themes and you could find that when you click on design And there you go. You would see different kinds of themes that all you have to do is to choose. Now, for example, you work in an institution where there is a prescribed layout. And using this theme, it's not totally helpful of all you need to start from scratch this where you have to use a slight master. The crew ate your own theme for you to access its light Master only have to do is to click view and then it's like master Now here it will take you to a totally different view which they call it. Asked this light master view earlier, you were at the normal editing view. Here we are at the slide Master view and this light master of you, you would see here on the left panel. Their friend kinds are slide layouts and these are the kinds of layout that you see when you rightly on this light, when you are in a normal editing view, I am going to make a few changes here. Okay, and later on, you would find out the changes 4. 4 - When to use Slide Master: all right. Did you notice any changes that his house light master effects your slide layouts? So when do we have to use this light, master? Now, let me give you two conditions when we have to use this light. Master first. If you want to come up with your own theme Bigger eight if well at the same time having a consistent layout in a less time consuming way. Then go through this light Master second, if you're working in a team and you have a template that you wish to share and you don't want others to make huge changes on your template, for example the layout, the collars and the folks settings then working on this light Master, those are the two reasons why I use this light master up. Next, I'm going to demonstrate how the access is light, master and how we could work on it. 5. 5 - What Is Master Layout: All right. So let me show you again. How the acid slight master. It's very simple. First you have to go through view, then choose this life master. Then the power point screen takes you to a totally different view. Which is they call it asked the slide master view. So this is the master layout. Master layout is good for editing your background settings. For example, I could add objects, So let's put a circle here. Also, I could add text. Now take note that anything you add in the master layout is fixed or permanent, which means that in a normal editing view, you cannot add it. Then it remains fixed. You cannot delete them either. Okay, so once again, first I use master lay out the ads of objects and text or even shape, and they are permanent. Second, I use matter layout to change the font settings, for example, defunct type and the font size. If I want to add some style on the backgrounds that say, I want to change the collar such as this so you know it is that if I change the collar off the matter layout the color of the background of the slightly outs under that also changes . It reflects any changes that you do in the master layout, particularly on the background settings. Now, I don't want to use caller here. Instead, I want to use a picture. Okay, so now I upload a picture and use it as a background. And there you go. So now you see that these lights under the master layout slight have also the same kind of background picture. So any changes that you do on the matter layout will be reflected on these lights under that. Okay, so this is going to be our cover slides now. How can I put contents? Lights? So contents lights are slides where you could add that pictures or basically the content itself so it covers light is just a cover where it introduces the next part of the presentation. Or let's say the next part of the class so now I'm going to show you is how I create another kind of layout. Eight. Note that in a master layout, any changes that you do there will reflect on the layout under that. So if you wanna have a different kind of layout, that all you have to do is to insert a new master, lay out how to do that for simple Here, insert master layout, or you could right click on this life and then choose insert master layout. Actually, editing on these light matter view is just the same when you add it on the normal editing view on Lee that you're working on this light panels here or slightly outs. I like in in normal anything. You're actually working on this light presentations. Okay, so now we have two different kinds of master Layup one. The first master lay up is for the covers lights, and the second master layout is 40 conference lights. So I've just shown you guys have to use master layout and what master layup is? 6. 6 - Intro To Placeholder: all right, so this time we're going to talk about another thing about slight master. Earlier, I talked about the masterly out, and this time we're going to look into one option or one tool that we're going to use most of the time. And that IHS, the place holder of the placeholder, is actually one of the things that you will find it very, very useful. And this is where we actually plays different kinds of objects, taxed pictures and even videos. That's why they go leave the placeholder. In a normal editing view, you would see by default these placeholders, one that you could write on the handing or the title and the other one where you could concert, text, picture, smart graphic charts, tables and even videos. And we're going to find out on how we could add another place holder or customize your placeholder in this light master view. 7. 7 - Creating Content Slides: So now we're going to resume working on the contents Lights in the second master laid out here, I have by default this slightly out. Actually, I don't wanna use most of them and I want to start from scratch. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to delete some of the slides. But keep in mind that there are some slides which you cannot believe, and you could find that out when you see the delete bottom is great out or if you cannot delete this light, no matter how many times you pressed the delete by. So let's delete some of them. Okay, so now we're ready to start from scratch. OK, I'm going to insert a new slide layout. It's very simple. It's just the same when you are in the normal editing view, right? Click insert. You lay out or you could see that in the menu. Now you see here do placeholders want for the X and want for the content. Now, I wanna have a to content layout here. So very simple. I'm just going to resize this and then copy paste. Now I have a two content laid out. Next insert a new one, and then I'm going to add Ah, picture any content. But before that, let me just take you back to the 1st 2 content layouts here. I'm going to write down instructions so that the other users would know where they can place the pecs or what they're going to do with those placeholders. So here the headings I can write down, write the title here and then here, right, Tax or place. An object? Yeah. And the same thing in the T content slightly out. There you go. All right, Now we're gonna move on to the third kind of layout, which is a picture and a content layout. So I'm still going to keep the pipe ill placeholder at a picture placeholder, go to insert placeholder, and then look for picture. Now, when you click on insert placeholder, you will see here different kinds up placeholder. You just choose which one you want to have on your sleight. Okay, so now I'm choosing picture. Okay, so I have here a picture and a content place holder. Add instructions for Fick. Okay. Next one, I'm going to add another late out, and it's just going to be a next placeholder is still with the title placeholder. Okay, Dan, instructions next layout would be the picture. And that's placeholder. Okay, then instructions and trying to make it easy for the other users to understand what they're supposed to do and what they can do in every layout that I am editing at the moment. Okay, Next there is a picture and then a X placeholder inlet thing. This is my favorite layout, actually. All right, so how many slightly outs do we have under the contest? Lights? We have 123456 8. 8 - Check Progress After Creating Content Slides: Okay, So now you have seen how I created contents lights for this. Let's find out what are the results are what are the effects of this changes. Let's go back to the normal editing view. Okay, Right. Click on a slight and shoes lay out and there you go. So now you're seeing some changes, right? So it's very good that you somehow from time to time review or check the changes so that you'll know which part you have to improve on later on. And you won't waste a lot of time here because anything this light master might take some time. But believe me, once you have finished editing or applies and changes in this light master, creating power plants, lights in the future is going to be very, very easy, less time consuming, and you can come up with so many creative ways up next, I'm going to show you guys on how I could eight. So I think that these lines such as matching tie, multiple choice and other slightly outs, which I think it's going to be useful in this particular power point presentation. So stay tuned 9. 9 - Creating Matching Type Layout: welcome back. And this time I'm going to demonstrate on how I create a matching time layout in certain use light. And then I'm going to put three pictures and three x placeholders shoes. Picture placeholder. Okay, There you go. Copy paste. And that's it. Now, I would rather choose a content place older so that the other users can add something other than the tax. And there you go. So I got a matching type. Very simple. Three picture placeholders and three content placeholders. So how is that? Isn't it? Okay, next one up, I'm going to demonstrate on how I create a multiple choice placeholder. 10. 10 - Creating Multiple Choice Slide and Reshaping Placeholders: And this time I will show you a few more pics on how you could make your slightly out much more great. If so, let's look into this certain use life. Okay, then I'm going to add a picture placeholder here. Okay, Wait. Hang on for a second. If I'm just going to add a picture placeholder, probably it might limit their creativity. Probably some of them don't like to add a picture writer. They want to add a video or a text. So I'm just going to add a content place holder. There you go. Then I'm going to have four placeholders here conduct placeholders. Okay. Copy paste. Okay. All right. So very simple. Okay, now, this is something that I would like to do next. I like to add some different kinds of placeholders where they could write down 1234 or a B C nt. Okay, so I'll insert a X placeholder here. Okay, then. Look at this. They are all in squares, right? I don't want squares. I want them to appear in circular form, so I want to reshape them so I will reshape the placeholder and reshaping placeholder. It's not difficult. All we have to do is to click or highlight the placeholder that you want to reshape. Choose for met. Then you would see here change shape and then choose the kind of shape that you want. So in my case, I would choose circle, then resizing it the moment that I res eyes it. There we go. We can see now the changes, right. Another tool that I'm going to introduce. This we call it the merge and sub strapped tool. I want to have a rounded cut out on the corner. So I will choose or insert circle and then put it on the corners. Okay. There you go. All right. So noticed that there are four circles on all four corners off this particular place holder . And then what I'm gonna do next is first I'm going to click on the placeholder and then hold click on the four circles. Merck shape, then said, Try. There you go. Now you know what is the change? Right again? How did they do that? First, let me take you back to the starting. Right? So I'm going to delete these circles here. Okay, Control Z, go back. All right. Insert object circle, and then I'm going to place this circle on all four corners, then click on the placeholder, then click the four circles, then added shape. Merge shape, said Strike. Now, in doing this particular kind of reshaping, you have to make sure that you click under placeholder first, followed by the objects. Then proceed the merge shape, then obstruct. So now I demonstrated, but how? I ate their matching type and multiple choice layout, and at the same time I showed you guys and how I change, I reshaped the placeholder up. Next, we're going to talk about other kinds of layout, such as putting down some dialogue or role playing layouts, so stay tuned. 11. 11 - Creating Dialogue Slide Layout: All right. So we're now moving on to the last kind of layout that I would like to show. And this is where I will like to add a dialogue layout. So my objective here is for the developers or other users to come up with a layout that shows dialogue. And they could present this online and then have this dude, that's practice role plane. So let me take you back again to these light master view in certain use light. Keep the title. I'd like to have the title here and then insert place older, and I'm going to choose a content place holder. There you go. Then what I'm gonna do next? ISS reshape it. You know how? Three shaving. Right. So click on the placeholder and its shape change shape. Then let's look for the speech bubble. Here. There you go. Okay. Change it. Okay. All right. So now we have a speech bubble content placeholder, and have another one. Okay, easy. Right now. Let me have a few more objects here. Let's play something here. Okay? So that is for my dialogue layout. Okay, so now you've seen how I create that those different kinds of layout, but I just want you guys to remember this. If you're going to insert an object like a shade or a text, which is not in the insert placeholder option, it will be permanent or fixed. The other users cannot delete this. They cannot riff. Decision this. They cannot modify this. So if you want some shakes to be added in your layout and you want the other users do modify this later on or you want them that they can also add some text for Everton. Texan it. Then you have to go through the insert placeholder function, then reshape the placeholder according to the desired shape, the jazz circle or a speech bubble or anything. Sky's the limit. So in this light master, you could come up with so many creative ways to make your life. Recent patients or your slight layouts look more out, say interesting engaging. And it also allows the other users to come up with different ideas on how they could work on this template without losing consistency without spending too much time. And most importantly, you have a standardized layout, so that's about it. But before we move on in the project. Let's find out what the changes look like in the normal editing view. So that's what I'm going to show you guys in the next video. 12. 12 - Renaming The Layouts: All right. So I have shown you and demonstrate that on how I work on the slight master view and how I created those different kinds of slightly out. Let's find out what do these Luke lying in a normal editing view. So let's close this. Go to normal. Anything view? Right Click and there you go. All right, so let's try to check some of these. Okay. Over slides. Good contents. Lights. Okay, we're almost done here. But there's one more step I would like you guys to learn here, and we call this renaming. The layout now known is that when I right click on the layout in the normal anything view, you just saw the layouts. Probably It might be confusing for other users, probably for us. Well, what kind of layout are we supposed to use here? So we have to rename them. We have to give them a label. And again, it's not that difficult. We have to do is to right click the layout, choose rename, and there you go. And there's another way of doing that. Click on the layout and then here in the menu, you would see rename and there you go. Okay. And then I'm going to rename these and let's check it. All right, so now it's clear to me which one or we just like I'm going to use. 13. 13 - Finale: Project Brief and Recap: thing is about slight master and slide master Healthy eight themes redesigned. The layouts come up with different style. You can customize your layout the way that you want them to be. Then let's move on the project, and it's very simple. I'd like you guys to come up with your own theme with your own design, your own layout design or with your own. I would say layout styles by going through the steps that I showed you guys in the previous video. You could definitely come up with much more creative themes or layouts, and I'd like to see those two. So those start working on it, feel free to share does and let's try to help each other come up with much better ways off using power Point. If you have any suggestions or there's something that you come across, that kind of makes you feel confused or may just stuck. Please let me know we could help each other out, and we can find a way we could find some solutions how we could solve those, or if you come up with something new, which I didn't cover in this video, Of course, please feel free to share. I'd like to hear more from you guys, so we're about to end this video course and let me just quickly recap what we have gone through so far. So first, let's talk about slight master. So slight Master is one of the features in Power Point where you could create your own theme or customize or design. Your layout is very useful, especially if your curriculum developer and you are sharing a template with your team. Or if you use a power point percent patients on a regular basis, you want to come up with something consistent, something standardized in a less time consuming way. So those light master allows you to do those things at the beginning. In this light master, it will be very time consuming. But once you have made some changes in the slight master 18 Power Point is just going to be fun, Really? Then let's move on to the two things that I mentioned earlier, which are the master layout and the placeholder. So the master layout this where I make changes and this changes reflect on both life, such as the background format, as you can see here in the covers, lights, font settings. And if I want to add some objects that would appear in old slides, then I could do that in the master layouts light Now the placeholder iss something that we use all the time here in making power representation. I introduced you guys different kinds of layouts using different types of placeholders. And I have also demonstrated on how to reshape your placeholders the way you want him to be , the way I wanted to be such a circle or some odd shapes. And finally, I want to talk about how to rename layout so that way won't get confused when we start working on our point presentations using this lives that we edited in this life master view . So those are the things that I would like to share in the speed, of course, and I do hope that you learn a lot from it, a hope that it added a lot of things to your knowledge base. When it comes to power point, let's get started working on your project. I greatly look forward to seeing your project soon. Please feel free to share your thoughts about this again. Like what I said earlier. If you came across with a problem or we didn't issue that you get stuck with, please let us know. Or if you have something new during the course of 18 this project, please feel free to share Thing is Roland again, I'm an English teacher in a critical developer. It's my pleasure to share something with you guys, and I hope to have you once again in my future courses. So if you have any suggestions or feedback about this course, please feel free to let me know. I'll be happy to hear thoughts so that I could improve my classes, Thank you so much, have a wonderful day and enjoy being creative in the less time consuming way with power point. 14. Hyperlinking Slides in PPT: in this video course we're going to learn hyper linking hyper linking is when you link once lied to a nurse lied within the same power point file that you're working on. And this is when we assign action to some objects, which acts like bun, as if you're navigating a Web page. And this is very good when you want to make your power point slides more interactive, and you like to add some excitement onto your presentations. So let's learn how to hyperlink slides in this Power point video tutorial. Let's begin creating hyperlinks on Power Point. It's not really that complicated. Well, we have to do is to assign binds on objects. Now, I have already prepared this power point slides a while ago and you notice that I have here three Aikins and these Aiken such as the umbrella, the sunglasses and be pair of gloves are something that I created on photo shop while the squares here Okay, we're here are on power point. But this one thing that you have to remember all objects here are treated separately. Now, if I am going to group them, for example this one okay, then leak on group. You notice here that when I go to the insert menu and then the link option or the concert hyperlink option is great out Meaning to say that there's no way for me to add a hyperlink here. The same thing goes, if I go over the other way here, insert the action settings option is actually great out. So that means I couldn't do anything all to add a link to this object. So I'm gonna do here is I am going to on group it and treat each object separately. Now I am just going to assign an action bind on the object. So I click on this umbrella and then go to the insert menu right here. If I click on the link option, which is insert hyperlink, I choose hyperlink to. Then I have this a scroll down option. Choose this light. Now, if you don't see these options here, you have an alternative way of doing that. So don't worry. We could do it this way and later I will show you the other way. So So again, I click on this umbrella. Okay, right, But it back in place, then go to the link button, which you could see in the insert menu right here with hyperlink. Choose this slide this one. Then it will show me the number or the slight numbers. So I just have to choose. Reach a slight number. I wish to connect or link this umbrella. Aiken too. So that's gonna be slight. Six Jesus 96 Okay, lace out. You may wish not to play sound. It's all up to you. But I want to make it more interactive. So I'm gonna click this one and then choose what kind of sound I want. So let's go for chime then. I want to highlight the object as I click it. So I have to check this one then for the mouse over settings. You don't need to add hyperlink because you only want the action to take place when you collect it. Not when you rolled the mouse over the I can again. You don't need to add hyperlink Action to the mouse over top here. But what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click highlight when mouse over, then review it. Okay, There you go. So I have already assigned on action to this object that will act like a bun in as if I am navigating on a web page. So what I did here was click on the object choose Link option, which can be found in the insert menu over here late, Then click hyperlink to choose its light. And then I chose the slide number that I wish to link this umbrella Aiken to when she is a slight six. Okay, now I'm going to show the other way. Okay, so I'm gonna click on the sunglasses. I can. This time I'm gonna go right on the top. Very go. So the insert option a lonely? The other options here appeared when I rolled the mouse over. No, I'm not quite sure what's gonna look like when you're using windows, because I am using power point on a Mac system. And this is Power Point version 2019. Again, I'm not quite sure if it's gonna appear differently or not. So then again, I have here another insert option, and I say click of that one. I will go to the action settings over here. Action settings. As a matter of fact, you can also choose some buttons prepared by power point so you could go through this. But then again, these are just objects. For instance, if I click right here, then it will ask me to assign on action. So once you choose that particular option, that's like this one over right here. Insert action buttons. It will give you some prepared buttons and only have produced a sign actions on it. But this time I did the bottoms myself. I did the Aikens myself, and I want to assign actions in it. So let's go back and hit the sunglasses. I can just insert action settings. That is where you're going to assign the action. Then the same thing. Choose hyperlink to go over dislike game. Now let's choose which is slide. That's gonna be slide number five. OK, lay sound mouse over. There you go, then the same thing we're gonna do to the spare of gloves. I can insert action settings proper linked to choose the slide number. That's gonna be slight. Number seven. Okay, All right. So I have already assigned actions that will link to their respective slides, and all I have to do is to copy these and based it on the other slights. Very. You go. All right, Now, these are the slight dancers. So I'm for aiding a multiple choice slide here. And I'm going to demonstrate how I'm gonna use the actions here or the icons that you see on the right side. Okay, let's go to the answer page. Now I want to assign this button to the very first life, which is just like number one. So you know how to do it, right? Click on this one. Insert action settings. Hyperlink to versus light. It's just the same when you go through this one. Yes, it's the first light. Okay, save it Lumps. Before I say Mitt, I want to copy this one. And then based on the other answer slides. Okay, man, save now we're going to test the buttons. Let's play. No, let's say I'm asking. The students want to beware on a sunny day and say, Once do then use the umbrella. Whoops. It jumps right to this page. Then I explained that we take an umbrella on a rainy day, not in the sunny day. Then let's go hit. Let's try again. Obviously, it's going to go back to the very first light if the sunglasses. So again, I'm gonna ask a question. Right? So what do we wear on a sunny day than we hit the sunglasses? I can. Oh, yeah. We wear sunglasses on a sunny day. Let's try again. Then it jumps back to the first slide. So let's see how it works for the other one. Okay, Black, Back, back, back. Okay. On a rainy day. There you go. So is, isn't it now, one more thing that you might want to look into is this gal. It's clean or highlight this one. Go to insert action settings. Now, as you look at the other options here, you will see that you can actually link this object to a Web page. Let's say you want to link it to W W dot linked in dot com, for instance, and it went up, and once you click that button, it goes to the Lincoln Page. Or you might also want to link into another power point presentation. But remember, if you're going to link it to another power point president, they should make sure that the other Power point file is within the same folder or the same storage. OKay, so that's all about Linking slides in Power Point recalling hyper linking I hope that you get to learn something more fun year, and you can add more excitement to your all night presentations or even online.