Master Terrazzo: Creating Vector Tiles with Adobe Illustrator | Rich Armstrong | Skillshare

Master Terrazzo: Creating Vector Tiles with Adobe Illustrator

Rich Armstrong, Product Designer

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11 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Master Terrazzo: The Intro

    • 2. History and Inspiration

    • 3. Make and Arrange Your Tiles

    • 4. Color Your Tiles

    • 5. Copy, Tweak, Imperfectize

    • 6. A Subtle Texture

    • 7. Psychedelicness and Compound Paths

    • 8. Patternize It

    • 9. Present Like a Pro

    • 10. For The Lazy and Adventurous

    • 11. Next Steps and The End

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About This Class


In this class we’re going to learn how to create Terrazzo artwork in Adobe Illustrator – in vector, with awesome colours and innovative shapes. 

Besides being an awesome Venetian look for floors and walls, the trendy Terrazzo style can be seen in a lot of creative sectors – fashion, textile, illustration, graphic design, and web design. After this class, you'll find it quick and easy to create the Terrazzo style in Illustrator.

The class covers the entire Terrazzo process and we'll cover tile creation, color palettes, deliberate imperfection, pattern making, semi-automatic workflows, and tips on presenting your work. There are countless tips and tricks shown that you’ll be able to use on non-Terrazzo projects as well.

Terrazzo is messy, it’s awesome, and I think you’ll have a lot of fun creating your own.

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