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Master Shadow - Create The Shadow Don't Just Imagine

teacher avatar Ak Desain, Logo Design, font creator, Illustration

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. 1. Simple Shadow Effect

    • 3. 2. Complex shadow effect

    • 4. 3. Long Shadow Effect

    • 5. 4. Hatched Drop Shadow Effect

    • 6. Resource and Inspiration

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About This Class

in this class I will show you my process to create shadow effects on CorelDraw and make it look attractive. A simplified method, I will teach you to make a step-by-step shadow with several techniques that will take your work to the next level. I am very happy for this class, this will be very fun!

I can't wait to see what you make.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ak Desain

Logo Design, font creator, Illustration


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1. Overview: Hi. In this class we are going to learn how to make my associated effect on coral drought obligation. They have. I'll show you this data, how to grade. It is saying that we have media. 2. 1. Simple Shadow Effect: from what I would lay over a duel. Yep. They'll come back in this video. We will make a simple shadow. Yeah, On the screen you can see the Zais Both paper 1000 and 80 p saw. And the first step we are going toe tied the leather and clean the textile Click on the works tip and hide the sentence Simple Shea do Jews of the corner and pickle and change the phone Lobster 1.3. After that, you seem control gray on the cube er like thes and look did Klay and choose the comfort to curves our control. Que, uh, we'll try to combine simple and shadow. Um look re combined using well, Okay, um choose Cold Tour for the effect. Click this one on the phone and pull up as you can see this Okay. And next press control Q control que onda control You just back to pick Tal, click outside and change using the great color. This is the result and press control. See control fee on sliding one time to the right and under right Klay, just order Big off page dispersed. We can change the color in the inside Fun is why color? The shadow we can arrange depend on you like this. Um, the whole park. Just make square and look just so why juice reeled back and press shift on the keyboard and click the black Quiet. Just Louisville get 3. 2. Complex shadow effect: Max, I feed you. We will make the shooter ever complex. Here we are, Type custom. CDO Then we chained leather control K The letter off custom reused Latina heavy for the letter off shadow We will give counter. It's about like these control you bundle k and control you and change the contour color to greed The the result off concert me You seeing the extra If that click the object and pull it down for the slope we can change it here. Extraction type just here just the salon and regis spittle block. So it's estimated according to result off the contour clean and just order choose different off page and clean click again Just order and back off page The result off extra earlier reused control you'd and combined Using real for the letter off custom we can what? Advocate and make a circle share. Then clearly this custom Just text and feet next to pat. Move it to here and chain the minimize Drink it to upper case as usual controlled T control Do you and erase these circle Make it to okay like this Make it to like Tunisia Pay attention and then the river turns off color. Just color Palace. Move to the work site. So copy the result off extra Click the Underwood Press. See if on Cavor and just that man is front Moved to the right. Next todo to use the busier. So, uh, trying to touch lines are object, then block and we can combine. Then click the great object with press ceased on cable. Then click the object. Choose, uh back menace front Like this He is this can you can erase, book and combine. Then click the great object And then just in front this leather off shadow we can give contour, but inside put it inside and control que control key and control you change the color red Then go be the right breasts She is on Key Bird. Then click the object and just bet menace Front. Next we're going to tee up the subject and you can change what unit you can edit this like this year You can Eddie these by your own. If you want to change the point in just double click like this, he have for the color we can take use. So the color dropper. And yes, this one the red color we reaching to be white and give transparent tool effect which is uniform chang to 70 person. Click the red color used interactive tool up and clean This click this one white color and curious color. Don't Drobot then. Remember the new point and double click here is slain. Just pay attention carefully. This radio Good. So here you are. You have next the second customs. We make the shadow effect on leather. But before we have to gives the color big room and then click order. But off page block the legs gift off White burger. Yeah. What murder area? The Rutland off extraordinary can erase then the object. Using busier tool like this, you can use Pell Tool. Then press sift on the keyboard, played this letter, Then choose the Intersect. And here arrest this one. Any object? We can change the Blake color and give the transparency tool move from right to the left. Oh, this is the result. But if you can aid it more, you can do it. It's depend on your creativity. Thank you 4. 3. Long Shadow Effect: next we will make loan shadow effect. First step we met leather like and shadow change of phone You seeing Latina heavy Make a bigger put up center on worship Make a square according to the size off the paper Click re tingle tool off thirties We can take the pellet color Chang The big grown color the leather off light we give Contour Contra agree contra Okay control you and change the color to white the counter phone and using effect Extrude who up then control que between the result off extrude and big crowd really really cut according to the size off the big ground So we press shift on the keyboard weekly on the extrusion Then we click the big grown, then reselling intersect Then the result off intersect We're right Click Then we combine using well for the color It looked like this And if you want to be changed too transparent the result will be like this 5. 4. Hatched Drop Shadow Effect: in this video, we will create a hedge drop shadow. So for grating we tie a great shade o So for the writing time, the letters using Latina and the writing is chained toe upper case. Then we control Kate Rico P down below. We change the right thing. He said, Dan, we make a circle. And this one the fit text toe pet then control K contract you delayed. And this one real But in the Mido, then we block. Um press the C k on the keyboard. Look again and come ride extra. Oh, sorry. I mean contour. Dan, throw you G on control. You here. We could be Max are there and sell it. Better to page like this. And in the resorts there's there is a great fine We drove to the workshop one off them and re minimized. Click on the right or they're select. Bet to page then which we change color first district color. We intersect with this grip object. So we received. Then we click the line and select intersect After dad read Elated on the result like this. Okay, next. This is the result Off the counter we clicked then we pressed. Then shift on the Kieber. Please line. Then we select bed Minnis Frahn! And for the color we can use gold. Then we make the big grown order. Select back off page right on the click on the right. Then polar clean inside you will change the color. Hold down the control K on the key bird and you see it gray color. Then re real group are controlled G and block control G again we delay tedious tree off the H line and this is their self. 6. Resource and Inspiration: There are many parts in research and inspiration. The 1st 1 is idea for share effect we can use for presentation to clients for brief you social media pose ed for Gazmin and T shirt. Our logo design depends on what needs are we used for the gun There are placed too Great colors. The sample off calorie can take here the park off place to grape color es flood three colors Really greedy INTs Grady and home color. Adopt and all off. This is free. The third is inspiration. Example These says the result off shadow effect for your inspiration. So thank you. And see you on the next last