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Master SEO -KeyWord Research- the Art and Science 

teacher avatar Sanjay Banerjee, S.E.O.,Blogging,YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Keyword Research with Ahref

    • 3. Keyword Research with Ahref - II

    • 4. Find Parent Topic with Ahref-III

    • 5. Keyword Research with WordRecon

    • 6. Keyword Research with WordRecon - II

    • 7. Keyword Research with WordRecon -III

    • 8. Find Trends with BuzzSumo

    • 9. Keyword Research with BuzzSumo

    • 10. Keyword Research with SEMrush

    • 11. Keyword Research with Moz

    • 12. How to find Domain Authority with MOZ

    • 13. How to use Moz Pro to find Page Authority

    • 14. Analyze your Blog Post with Moz Pro

    • 15. Introduction on how to find KeyWord Golden Ratio

    • 16. How to find KeyWord Golden Ratio using Google

    • 17. Tag Optimization Title Tag

    • 18. Tag Optimization Meta Tag

    • 19. What is a Favicon in Web design

    • 20. Wrap Up

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About This Class

Students would learn how to Master SEO ,which is an Art as well as Science  -Basic Knowledge of wordpress is welcome ( else ask me more questions)  -Basic knowledge of SEO is welcome (else ask me more questions)  -Students will create a SEO friendly wordpress site , after researching the “Keyword” 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sanjay Banerjee



Hello, I'm Sanjay Banerjee from Mumbai,India.

32 Years in B2B Marketing;Display Ads,S.E.O.(Search Engine Optimisation) ,S.E.M;Design Thinking & Problem Solving.

I am a Blogger and a You Tuber.

Love Tech writings ..

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1. Introduction: Welcome from Sanjay Banerjee, Mumbai, India, on behalf of skill share, I invite all of you for a successful career in the field off search engine optimization. Once you understand this concept, you'll be able to rank your businesses on hoover dot com. All of this are very, very interactive. Two Koreans, which would enable you to understand the intrinsic analytics off google dot com. Once again, I thank you for joining this course and look forward towards an active participation. Thank you all the best. 2. Keyword Research with Ahref: today were quick to learn about eight Red. How do keyword research using a sheriff. So it our last if he sold on Google trends, we check, people die. So we write the work. You know that. And we insert the name of the United States. What? Here it is short that you were difficulty the search for you re country clicks in the global will you You have to look at whether in the pennant topic, whether this world, you know that And over here, that you don't die with this proper Exactly. Let so I would say I do it. Riggen No, and I check. He made it. So I'm just chicken so that we have to find out. Like whether it is showing like Reagan tag on the Reagan type in a topic is the same. Let's check for Dover offer You Neil, like this is basically like suppose it is somebody looking for a form abruptly in your So we'll try to find out with Dennis that night. Billy, No, big on. No. So, yes, as you can see or hear photograph for in New York is not the right time. The right come is new York for the purpose. In case you're for the rougher, you have to find out like what is the betting topic? He h And then you have to thank yourself for that particular Cuba. And one year at Psycho or earlier. It is room as he would be frequently that search for you on the global warning. You really showed that the wallet was fired. Brick, find WinDix. You know, it's a search volume. Parliament on the profit potential is 1000 border. Now I request you to meet what? Research on legion and send it to me. Thank you. 3. Keyword Research with Ahref - II: in our last in the last girl trains the search. We saw a photograph in New York. So once they put for the graph are in New York, Missy or your keyword difficulty. The search for new the clicks, the Global one Warrior. The main thing is the parent topic Very topic. It's New York for the drivers. So what we will do is we will check. We will copy this. New York Pornographers Half Moon Bay Stick. What Here? Well, here we see the keyword difficulty. It's six. It has reduced. That means this isn't just an approximation you will need. Bakley is from seven sites to rank in top 10 for this keyword. This is the surf volume. So that's one in this finder traffic quotation is 1400. He would ideas New York for golfers, for the waiting for the golfers near me, New York Waiting for the breakfast NEW York Really New York City. Waiting for the happy for the golfers in your these are the inside suggestions and then newly discovered once I want here that mean main sites which is ranking is what here? 123456789 10. What? Here we seen the the mean thing which you have to see over here is the traffic. Which site is getting the maximum traffic? So what do you do? We see this sake. There is 5 to 1. Suzanne tripling for Gadhafi. So once we but we click this, then we will know the research for the 4. Find Parent Topic with Ahref-III: I put the word waiting for the gaffer in Toto in agent. In the keywords exploded, we find that a parent topic is total. No waiting for the gaffer. Thus, we have to use this key word as the parent copy and not this which we have put in there. Such town. That's were people who were very careful in choosing the key word. 5. Keyword Research with WordRecon: Right now, we are on a world record. What a record is a very good key. What food? What it does is it searches all these sergeant eels likable. You do Amazon Apple stores being asked if they will play Wikipedia. Ali Express, Alibaba Home people Wal Mart, Target exceed five. Or And I do. This is a very, very cool tool for doing that. The water is such 6. Keyword Research with WordRecon - II: on world record. We go to the dashboard and then we select the search engine. And obviously we will be looking at our touched you toe rag. What do you you do? And then we do it such well. Here it is, starting everything. Whatever is that in who will not calm. So basically, over here, as you can see easily Bitterness, Kodak, Kodak, Alcohol tonight and deputies. So these are the basic search terms which are being mainly searched on google dot com. So right now, as you can see over here, the search is going on. If we click on this, it will bring riddle this particular keywords indo for that, like in Kyoto, bag up. So it will be like whatever people are searching in Google for you to back up, the variations will come in when we click or here don't 7. Keyword Research with WordRecon -III: Right now, we are on a world record. What a record is a very good key. What food? What it does is it searches all these sergeant eels likable. You do Amazon Apple stores being asked if they will play Wikipedia. Ali Express, Alibaba Home people Wal Mart, Target exceed five. Or And I do. This is a very, very cool tool for doing that. The water is such 8. Find Trends with BuzzSumo : I know really on both suitable more here. Impossible. We'll be able to see what is trending in the last 24 hours. So here I am, clicking trending now and it will show all the topics all the topics which are trending right now. Example, I guess terrorist toe plotted to kill Prince Charles Stopped by fellow inmates. Or here you can see, like what is the engagement on Facebook? We're here. The Facebook engagement. The same topic 17 point food Culleton Or here Get ready for the closer plague of rats Summer 4.9000 Facebook engagements. Thus what? Here? The main thing is whatever topic you have your blood on, if you are writing any article related with this, you will also start trending on the search engines. Why? Because these articles are being shared maximum. And if your article is giving the reader the value, the main thing is you have to give the reader the value for whatever content you are providing them. If you're providing value, your content would start ranking on the search. INGE's 9. Keyword Research with BuzzSumo: we are on bustle. I have put the word Katoh died. You can see what? Here? The number one article is how the Katoh died. Head woman lose £60. It was returning Woman's mag. The number off Facebook engagement is to 36 productions. 19. Beatrice shot 21 go Delegate engagements to 76 This article when we go together, If you say it looks like a real life article which talks about kiddo transformation so you can see or hear the quality off the article. If you want able to give a much better article like this, it would definitely be shattered by all the search engines. And you will rank more faster on does who were not. 10. Keyword Research with SEMrush : at the moment, I am one issue mulish. I have searched for the keyboard ghetto like I called to the dashboard and I click on the bus page, which is ranking. I think that you want it, and I and I put it on most, and I do such so It shows that the domain authority is 22 and the page authority is one. 11. Keyword Research with Moz: What is Page authority? Page authority is a metric, which predicts ability for a specific page to rank in such Ridder's. It kills razors on a scale of 0 to 100. A high paid authority score means your page has potential to rank well in search engine results. 12. How to find Domain Authority with MOZ: domain authority. It's a search engine ranking score donor by bulls that predicts how well website will right on such Injun readers. A domain authority score ranges from 1 200 with higher scores corresponding to a credibility to rank. 13. How to use Moz Pro to find Page Authority: we're going to see how to use moves on page issue. So we're here. We are going to select one you are in which we want to analyze. We go over here clicking the U. N. We do such and as you can see what the domain authority Safety one on the page. Authorities 40. No, we call on Big Grated. We want to see exactly the full analytics for this page and we write our keyword risky Kodak. Then we do the search. Now what? We've found that keywords founder, cutie in title. Anyone. This I will explain. The factors which is helping is 23 hurting poor and the base qualities 87. It's a very, very, very high Does you're gonna understand, Like why this page is like being in text by well and told people now these are the things like which is hurting their school. These are the factors which is helping the score, and these are all factors 14. Analyze your Blog Post with Moz Pro: other repeated again. Three. We selected one site, which is ranking highly on google dot com. Re copy it. We called the most pro. We put it in the page Creator, and we put the keyword and we do such and we were CEO earlier that the base forties 87. If this was your page like suppose this is your page, then you must, but it the things which is hurting your score. So whenever you are creating a long and you want to check whether it is proper or not, then you must goto most pro. You must put up 80 Well, the keyword search and then what a What is? Over here, you have to analyze that and corrected. 15. Introduction on how to find KeyWord Golden Ratio: I'm going to show you how to get golden key words. I have gone to a chair. If I click here today or here, you can see these other newly discovered he was. If you create articles at on this, John says off you ranking on the search. INGE's is much, much, much faster than the traditional viewers. In case you don't have to have a trip. What you can do is you can just, you know, like I hope you can take some kind of a keyword which comes to your mind 92 warrior on entitled Ketogenic Diet Manu, I am really, really worries have priced and very, very happy who find that the Sarge volume is only six results. Even right now, if you create an article around this, you'll be banking on Google. So just imagine if you're working for yourself or for your organization and you find out the golden key words, you don't in a value to save thousands of dollars, which otherwise you'd have paid on Google AdWords No, I have to find like some would say what year it is so showing no such volume. So what I did is I went toe Google AdWords. I type my key word and I don't know that the he would ideas. Then what I did is I created this template which I'm going to share with you. What do you remember? I think you were on a title search for human that he would wouldn't reach you for the keyword. Some Polito died for beginners all entitled Fire on the search for you. He's 100. So it is judo upon, you know, fight which is really, very, really fantastic. The golden key word ratio. You can go to 0.25 I beat still your point to fight. You can go. And if you create an article around this, you'll be ranking on Google. 16. How to find KeyWord Golden Ratio using Google: No. We're going to see only by using Google how we can find Gordon keywords. So post your right here all indicted. I am writing you today and to such such and such time in 32 lasers. So if I have or entitle you don't like it is not a good no. Some would say we take this word, your diet, weight loss you don't Dad lost and such friend us. This is only six rivers. You're really showing no such value. Yeah, you can see it is showing no search volume, but or here When we were looking at earlier, we saw the such So that means the people are searching this. So we take this door diet weight loss which is having $6. And we we thank you Know what? Here these are having six others. No, let's checked other things. So joining died with lost plan He told unique die weight loss plan It's the same same thing . How long in ketosis before weight loss? How long in kiddos is how long in tow? Cysts before way Los Fantastic. I think it's a very, very golden day for me because even this thing How long in ketosis before. Weight loss has only $5 on the search engines. So my request is right. No. Do a search on Google for any off your keyword. And please show me your findings. Your findings should be less time. 20 not more than 20. 17. Tag Optimization Title Tag: tackle position that is an ex human element. Text busy face the title of the piece. Title tags are displaying on 13 readers as a clickable headline for a given reserve. On my important for usability issue on social sharing, these are examples. 18. Tag Optimization Meta Tag: mitt attacks snippets off text Take this cape if they just continue the attack exposed appear on the page itself. But only the pages cold, the only tax from LA culture and attacks are more or less the same thing. Little contain descriptions. That surgeon chills what a Web page is about. 19. What is a Favicon in Web design : What do you say Harry Connick represent? If every gun is a small, iconic image that represents your website, guns are found in the address part off your Web browser. But they can also be used in this a book mosque in Web roses and feed aggregators, this is example off record. 20. Wrap Up: I hope you have enjoyed the courts on issue. I look forward towards you taking a bright career in the field off issue. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. Thank you all the best.