Master Revit Professional Certification Objective: Filled Region | Marina Grujic | Skillshare

Master Revit Professional Certification Objective: Filled Region

Marina Grujic, Architect

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    • Create and Modify Filled Region

    • About the test


About This Class


This course takes you through one of the exam objectives from the Autodesk Professional Certification syllabus for your Revit Architecture Certified Professional examinations. I will go through this exam objective and try to explain it to you on an example. You can also use this course for your Revit Architecture Certified User examinations.

Please be aware that this is not an official prep course and this is not a given pass for the examinations, but if you go through this course, you should have enough knowledge about this objective to pass your exam.





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Marina Grujic


Hey! My name is Marina, and I'm an architect.

I've been modeling in Autodesk Revit for over 3 years. After many years of working for a consulting company, I have gone freelance and now I work from home. I get to use Autodesk Revit every single day for my job.

I speak English, Serbian, Italian, Spanish and a bit of Dutch and French. Feel free to contact me!

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