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Master Public Speaking: TEDx Masterclass

teacher avatar Francesco Samarelli, TEDx Speaker | Author | Father

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Why Engage like TED?

    • 2. Course Project

    • 3. What to Expect

    • 4. Foundation

    • 5. Ingredients

    • 6. One Formula

    • 7. Visual Storytelling

    • 8. Important Tips

    • 9. What's your color?

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Let's Keep It Simple - The KIS Method. 

You want to engage your audience? - Not just share an idea but make sure it captivates them and sticks, then you are in the right place!

In this course.

I share what I have used on the TEDx stage twice plus 50 different speeches in the past 3 years. 

1. Foundation

2. Ingredients

3. Visual Storytelling

+ Plus Extra tips

You have a message to share, you will learn how to share it with IMPACT with this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Francesco Samarelli

TEDx Speaker | Author | Father



Simply passionate.

As a TEDx speaker & TEDx speaker coach, author and entrepreneur my goal is to humbly share with others what has helped me get so far. 

As the founder of and becoming a father, I quickly realized that we need to be the best versions of ourselves in order to guide others. And that is why I am here, to show our growing community that we have the strength within to follow our dreams. 

What am I passionate about teaching?

Public speaking (How to give a TED talk) Self-worth & Build up confidence Becoming Fluent in a new Language Cooking & more!

Check this out this video below to see who I truly am!

If you'd like to find out more, please do my SKILLSHARE profile, and if you're a fan of my ... See full profile

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1. Why Engage like TED?: do you want to learn how to give a speech, whether it's for a Ted talk or any public speaking event? This course is dedicated to helping people not only find words the structure, the foundation given engaging speech, but also the tips and tools that I've learned after giving to Ted X talks in 50 prepared speeches in the last three years. I'm humbly here to help anyone to give a speech that really engaged with the audience. If the audience doesn't connect with audiences and take something with them, your words may not have the last impact that you want. This course goes over the foundation ingredients and tips that have helped me with visual storytelling. Come along, this journey, I guarantee you, I promise you won't regret it, because in the next videos you will learn more than you will ever, ever have talked 2. Course Project: My goal is not only for you to listen to what I have to say and take my knowledge to use for your next speech, but to actually implement it with a project. This course comes with a project that not only I but the community here will be humbled and honored to hear what you have to share. What is the class project coming up with an outline? What are you gonna be sharing? Having a quick outline that breaks the part Exactly what your speech is going to be about then, writing your speech using the tips and tools that I share in this course, you can structure a powerful, engaging speech with the outline with the concept. And then this is gonna be the tough part for some recorded y recording. You get to see with your own eyes, hear your own voice and start to learn what you're exactly exuding, promoting, radiating when you give a speech at the end, you uploaded to YouTube. You uploaded here a skill share and then boom, boom, Shake the room. You got yourself a speech that you can use whether for your Ted X speech for a workshop or for a presentation. Well, for a best man speech that is now jam packed and you can get other people in a community that can support. So please do not just take this course for the knowledge taking notes them, do something with a project with us and watch how you can grow with community. 3. What to Expect: I have a secret to tell you, and it's not easy for me to share this, but I I hate. I hate Ted. Yeah, it's true, I hate said. Now please, listen, I'm talking about my neighbors said, Not the organization. My neighbor Ted, He's obnoxious. He's loud. He's just a guy who's always asking weird questions. But what I do love what I truly, truly, truly love is Ted X, Ted, Ted women, said University Ted, Everything the organization to the max. You see, Ted has given me so money, moments of inspiration. So money talks that I've learned from that changed my life. And I know for a fact if you're watching this, Ted has a huge impact on you. So if you're on the same page of loving Ted videos or great speeches out there from the past, then this course right now is dedicated to you into understanding what control we make a great Ted speech make any great speech truly great. And it always starts with one word. Engage engaging the audience. If your content, if your facts, if your stories or all great but you don't know how to engage the audience, then you are possibly wasting a lot of people's time. And to be completely honest with you, in my humble opinion, time is all we have. It's something you can't return. So if you can learn how to engage truly attract the minds of the people watching, then they're going to be leaving with the lasting impression that could possibly change not only their lives, but their families, their friends. Here we are. I'm gonna be sharing foundation of a great speech ingredients and the visual storytelling that have been a part of every great speech I've watched, dissected. And now let's jump into it because you are gonna be creating structuring in formulating your own great, engaging speech. 4. Foundation: Now we get into the three foundations of a great speech. We're gonna be talking about authenticity, talking about being you talking about exactly. The seeds that are being planted in the audience is it's enjoy every single speech that you have watched or I have watched had one foundational points that made sure it kept true to the top and that was following your heart or following their hearts. You see, if you are the speaker and you're not following your heart, let me be honest with you. People will see right through. If you're not following your heart and you're just saying something, let's say your teacher wants to hear or the curate er's or the coaches whoever is in the hierarchical form, telling you what they want to hear. I can see right through you, and you will be knowing that suit and you know what that does? My friends disengages the audience because if you are not believing in it, if you're not feeling it, if you're not following your heart, what makes them want to do the same? Following your heart is the first part of the foundational structure. The pillars in the next part is being yourself. You are the only you in the world, their 1,000,000 sheeps. There's a 1,000,000 people who are following. There's a 1,000,000 people doing the same thing. Yet when one person stands up and does something different, it takes courage, bravery and someone to truly know themselves. And that also stands out. The engagement factor on someone who does something from their heart and making sure that themselves. It's not only classic, it's not only wonderful, it's what keeps someone watching. It's what keeps you the audience, knowing that this is worthy of watching because he's taking a step unlike anyone else. So never ever forget to be you. I'd like to talk about our brains, our minds in our soul as a garden in this garden. We have the option to put seeds or have them planted for us. Let me explain. I could read the books that I choose tohave those seeds. I put my mind to grow or I could do nothing. And by defaults, everything could go in things that we follow the people. We follow TV with the advertisement, everything everyone says, whether you're on a train, a plane or a bus, so your friends, your family and those seeds go in. You as a speaker have the choice, so not only crack open the brain of the audience in a gentle Conway. I don't want to hurt anybody, but in the way that you can actually slightly cracking and put positive seeds that can help them change their lives. How do you put those seeds in? I'll tell you more later on in the ingredients in the visual storytelling. But the idea is to know you are dropping seeds, and if you don't not conscious of that, you might be putting bad sees. Or you might be putting nonsense. So concentrate and focus on what really matters. Believe in yourself. Every single great speaker who has ever had a group of people who truly followed had belief in himself. I talked about this earlier. If you're not transparent and yet riel people will also see right through you when you truly believe in yourself. When you step up on the stage when you're speaking to a friend and you believe in something so much, there's no way that they can't joining because look at that belief. They know if they feel that they can see it in every single step you take every single moment you move your lips and talk, believing in yourself and in the concept that you share is vital. 5. Ingredients: Let's talk about the ingredients, just like when you make sauce for your pasta or when you make any type of delicious meal, you need the ingredients. Here are the ingredients humor, vulnerability in a touching story watching there. All right, now we're gonna get a little frisky. Okay? I'm about to show you a naked picture and notices something you didn't expect is a little out of the ordinary. And I know it's a little weird and I'm a weird guy. Do weird things, but nudity sexy, you know, Let's get a little sexy. Here we go. Oh, my God. My wife is gonna kill me. But here's a new pitcher. Hey, I told you, is going to show you some unity. And the statue of David here happens to be the back part of his body is being poked by somebody. Now, this is all fun and games that his buttocks is being poked. This picture is meant to show that sometimes we could be a little light hearted. We can play a little. We can have a little fun. We have to think out of the box. Sometimes comedy is what I'm trying to bring to the table. So in this sense as a foundation, we could use comedy to make people feel at ease. When someone's laughing their show this go down the clouds shell, they relax, and in the moment that you make someone laugh, you're sending us serotonin, other endorphins to their brain. It also happens. They, as the audience, start to find you as speaker. Likeable. And the person who's more likable is also person that people would trust. So if the audience trusts you, find you funny is more relaxed around you. Remember what I told you about that garden you just cracked? Open that garden little and you could plant those seats. Imagine speakers closed off. No humor, no joy telling you the facts and what you should be doing now. Now, now I trust him. I don't feel him. I can't relate to him. But when someone uses comedy along with being transparent, you start to open up your heart and you start to take those pieces of knowledge. It's a consideration, so use a little jokes, use a little comedy. Throw a personal story about how you messed up or how you wish you with something differently and watch how people will start joining you on your revolution of whatever your share. The next part year has to be the most powerful foundation of a talk, and I emphasize the most powerful part of a talk. Vulnerability is the word that I want to tattoo in your brain. When you're vulnerable, people see that they feel it. They also notice that you're taking off all masks. We're not showing this facade. It's sharing a story or time. You messed up or day that your business went bankrupt or when someone passed and you didn't know what to do anymore. You showing them your heart and let me tell you they start to open their see you as well. If you become vulnerable and share how you're not perfect and you are human as well. Now you just captured the audience engaged to a higher degree. How can you be vulnerable? You have to wait for that because I'm gonna tell you the ingredients. But I already know that you can start imagining what your stories are, What your ways of being vulnerable up based on a true story. You ever see that in a movie based on a true story, and right when that movie starts, I always think to myself, Oh, man is gonna be good. Why? Why do we like when we see based on a true story? Because we can relate to it. If this was a movie based on a story in Mars or Jupiter, I can't relate to it. I've never been there, guys, if this was a story based on another planet, another generation, another year, sorry, I can't relate to it. But when it's based on a true story, that means there's a possibility that could relate to the characters location, the incidents that they went to, the situations that made them happy or sad. You got me. I need a few seconds to to come up with this heart of my two story that I want to share with you. So here goes, it's This is a huge part of me trying to lead by example. Based on a true story, I would like to share with you all the best day of my life and the worst day of my life. On January 15 2019 my fiance at the time called me over and she goes, Come here come here. I got something to show you. So I said, What are you gonna show me? Shows? We got to go do this. And I looked at her and I said, What we're gonna be doing with that pen. She was no silly. This is not a pen. This is a pregnancy test. So my fiance and I went and went to the bathroom when she had to do her thing in anyone who knows how pregnancy tests work. She did her thing and we sat on the floor, cover the cap like this. We sat on the floor, we looked at each other right in the eyes and we waited and we waited and we waited in. The best in my life is when I saw that these two lines came together, Jenny and I were pregnant. We were literally on the moon of happiness, holding each other's hands, imagining the baby's names, talking about everything from the baby's gonna look like, you know, the baby is gonna look like you are imagining how we're gonna hold the baby and going for walks. And it was seriously the best two weeks of my life. I remember when I was walking. I was walking like Ah, Father, like I'm a big Papa bear. I was in such a high of a high that if you were to, let's say, throw a piece of shit at me, I probably wouldn't have cared because I was literally on another level of joy. I would like to share with you the worst day in my life. And on February 1st, 2019 Jenny, my fiancee, called me and she said, I'm at the hospital. I said, I'll be right there. I rode my bike as fast I could. I threw my bike. I hugged her. She said, I don't feel good. My stomach hurts And I said, Don't worry that that's that happens. I have met women who had cramps, too, and we went to the gynecologist who happens to be in the hospital, and the gynecologist had an ultrasound. Um, and we lost the baby. That was the worst day in my life. That's been almost a year, two days from now, and Jenny and I literally we held each other for days crying, and we went through a hard time. We also grew to love and hold each other down and be there for each other. Whether I was crying should be there for me. When she's crying. I was there for her and we became this a stronger couple because of it. And we decided to write letters to our baby and we decided to let a sky lantern flying this guy tell him that we will always remember him and we even give our baby a name and never forget that day. After a few months, we decided we were ready to take a leap and try again. In November 27 we decided to do another one of these, and Jenny and I found out we were pregnant again. We are not only pregnant, but we have gone to to ultrasounds and our baby is healthy. And of course, we still have months to go. But what we've learned is that we're there for each other through the tough times and the great times, and learning how toe be a team was truly, truly the most incredible part of it all. They never forgetting, but we have when it goes. I want to thank you for listening to experience from my life, and I'm sharing that with you for two reasons. One because it comes close to me and also to because when you understand that a true story could only be told by you can't be told by your cousin, sisters, brothers, uncles, soccer coach can be told by your friend. Can only be told by you in the true story has the effect of people relating to it. Whether they've been through or they know someone who's been through it, it draws them in. It brings people together. It makes a community a community based on a true story. Is a foundation of any talk because it makes it human, considerate, considerate, whether it's vulnerable or on the borderline. But it has to be yours. Thank you. 6. One Formula: Let's get into the not so secret formula that I have. I start off with a hook. Remember when I said I have a secret to share with you? You were curious. Or how about when I said I want to share the best day of my life in the worst day of my life draws people in that hook worked Overview. Whether it's three or four. You to your number. The story. Personal touch. Then it comes into the solution. Then it goes into the moral. That's one sexy presentation you can use whatever order you want. You could use even my formula. I don't care. Even Simon Sinek. He's a famous Ted ex speaker as well. He starts off with the beginning of the end mind his style is different. But do it is you because only you could be you. That's where authenticity and transparent it comes in. So be you 7. Visual Storytelling: Now we're gonna get into the visual piercing vocabulary and ways to get your audience to feel what you're sharing by the small details. Enjoy. Let's get into visual verbs. Visual storytelling. When you use your words strategically, consciously, you can directly go straight to someone's heart. How can you do that? Many writers do it all the time. Also, people who write speeches, air doing it and when you're improv ing or having a conversation, you could also be aware and conscious of the words you use. Let me give you an example of visual burbs and visual story. I gave its headaches. Talk about forgiving my father. Here comes a speech. I flew all the way from Germany to America in the middle C squeeze. I finally arrived to my father's house, shaking and knocked on the door. He looked at me. I looked at him and then there was silence. They said, Hey, Dad, I'd like to talk to you, he said. Man wiped his eyebrows. This must be serious, said It's pretty serious. Please take a seat. I had him sit down in the moment, he said. From my back pocket, I grabbed the notes. The note was folded. I unfolded it to the point where you can even hear the paper moving in my hands. I had a letter. I've written him. I call it my forgiveness letter. I grabbed the left part of the paper. He grabbed the right part of the paper together. We looked at each other and started reading the letter. His voice was quivering, so it was mine. As we read it out loud, my face started to feel little warm, and I started to cry. My father did as well. Fulda back the letter, put it on the bed and he told me he was sorry. That's a short clip for my Ted X speech. What I'm trying to share in this talk right now is the verbs that I use. Unfolding is quivering the moments that I visually described to you so you could come along with us in that room on that couch where we were talking with that letter. When you use those words, people go on a journey. You have them with you, don't lose them. Take them with pauses when you can actually use the power of a pause. Do you remember when I told you the story about my wife for not losing our baby. I paused for two reasons. One because it was revisiting a painful day of my life. I need to recalibrate all of my emotions on my thoughts to I want you to fully absorb. But I just share with you magic. I just share that with you. And then I rushed to the next part of my talk. I would make you I would rob you off What you could have. Actually, I thought about for a little longer. And using all emotions when I tell you using all your emotions is key. I really mean it. Sure. Your joy. Show your sadness. Show your fear. Show it. Show everything because more human, you are more that they want to connect with that. Take that advice and use it. 8. Important Tips: I want to share some extra tips that I think are super, super vital and important. Number one be over prepared. I used to go to these cabins in the woods for winter runaways, and I would ask the managers of the people who live there. What are you doing with all that cut up? Would you only need this much for the winter? They always said to me, Francesco, you never know. You might be right way. Probably only need that much matter would. But if the winter gets soup cold in the last too long we're gonna need that extra book. I always shook my head like you guys are crazy. I'm a city boy. What do I know now? I take that memory and I use it when I give speeches more prepared. I am the less nervous I am, the less nervous I am More impact and emotions I can share always over prepare practice when you can really listen to your own recording over and over and over. No, you're structure. That's the next step I want to share with you. I always have numbers from 1234567 And I always have one word next to each number. Number one could be your intro keyword of your intro Secret, for example, Or best Day Works Day. The second part The second number could be your overview in one word. The third part can be what you want to share. But remember, it's one word. Number six could be your solution And number seven could be your moral. The more you have that speech in your blood, you remember those key points. You don't need a paper because you already have it in you have structure. And finally, I have a message worth sharing. Make sure whatever you're sharing is gonna read this world a little bit better. You and I are not here forever. It's a fact of life. But if you share something that is worth sharing that really have an impact, then my friends, you will be immortal. You will live forever. Do your words, do your actions that line up with your works. 9. What's your color?: remember when I told you in the beginning that I hate my neighbor Ted? Unless they'll do? And I still love Ted, Ted X, the whole community to the maximum. I know I'm pretty extreme with my love hates, but to be honest with you, there's a lot of grain middle. And that's where I want you to take what you like, what you like or didn't like and use it towards your advantage. Life is filled with colors and different strokes for different folks. What I share with you today is an opinion. It's what I think can actually be extremely engaging. Help in for a speech that is worthwhile to listen. Do what you think because you're color your flavor, your blast of whatever you think is gonna work can't have it. It's fact. Take one of my tips. Take two of them. Take them all. But remember, you know yourself best. And if you can give a speech that will last hundreds of years well then, my friend, you're the expert at that. I also wanted to share with you that we have one thing in common. You know what that IHS We love to be taken on a journey we love when we can actually listen to a message, understand it with our hearts and go on that journey. Every single one of us you are taking people in the journey. You're the tour guide. While you give that speech, you are the conductor, making people feel something in their hearts and their blood in their minds. Never forget that's what we all have in common. And you are in control of that. I would love, love, love to end with a quote. My Angela. I've learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel. They will never forget how you make them feel. How did I make you feel when you give a speech? How do you think people asked get evaluations, death feedback? Because that's what's going to stay with the people that you touched from. I hope you enjoy it. I think 10. Final Thoughts: I shared with you my heart, my soul from two talks that I've given for Ted X for all the speeches that I've been giving the last three years, in the countless amount of times that I spoken to human beings with same mentality of being passionate, structured and making sure our plan seats with consciousness, I hope this message comes across generally from my heart is genuinely your heart. Please continue to follow me where they're on kiss method dot com or Francesca sam morelli dot com where I promote self love and I try to help people help themselves through self love. Remember happy people? They help other people hurt people. They heard other people. You have the choice, Thank you.