Master Public Policy Analysis in Six Easy Steps | Dr. Warren Chalklen | Skillshare

Master Public Policy Analysis in Six Easy Steps

Dr. Warren Chalklen, Education Innovator

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17 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Welcome to Master Public Policy Analysis in Six Simple Steps: An Introduction!

    • 2. Course Outline: What You Will Be Learning

    • 3. About Your Instructor: Who is Warren?

    • 4. Our Learning Objectives: What Should You Know By The End Of This Course?

    • 5. Questions: What Questions Might you Have Before Starting This Course?

    • 6. What is Policy with audio

    • 7. Introducing the policy problem with audio

    • 8. Step 1: Define and Understand the Problem

    • 9. Demo Lecture: Methods of Assembling and Organizing Evidence

    • 10. Step 2: Policy Alternatives

    • 11. Step 3: Define The Variables

    • 12. Step 4: Conduct the Analysis

    • 13. Step 5: Confront The Tradeoffs

    • 14. Step 6: Write the Report

    • 15. Demo Lecture: Format For the Policy Brief

    • 16. Wrap Up

    • 17. Thank You for Taking This Course


About This Class

Last course update: April 18, 2016




Master the skills that policy analysts use everyday to evaluate and solve public problems! Learn basic concepts, tools and techniques through this easily accessible course!


Governments operate in complex environments with increased demands and limited resources. Policy analysts in this environment are often called to make ethical and far reaching decisions daily. As a scholar of public policy and a former analyst within the President of South Africa I developed a system that makes the complex simple, the methods accessible and the process replicable. 

And now…I want to share this system with you in this course.


21+ Lectures and Over 3.5 hours of content!

✔ Easy to Learn Material—free template downloads available to get started

Project Based Learning—Build your policy matrix to fit your policy problem

Use data to manage your analysis and make recommendations

Follow the best practices of top policy analysts

Five-Star Review: Perfect for beginners.

Here's some stats that prove that using a
system of policy analysis will produce positive results:

  • Policy Analysts move up in employment quickly if they demonstrate systematic approaches to issues. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that policy analysts at the G15 level can earn between $93,000-$153,000 per year
  • Policy Analysts are critical to the success of government, non profit and private based programs

There is no better time to learn the basic skills of policy analysis.

Here's what we will cover in this course...

Master the concepts, principles and practices of policy analysis using a real world policy example. Collect and organize evidence, confront tradeoffs and write reports in this hands on class.

BONUS PDF REPORT – links to important articles and blogs to learn
from other experts - Must finish the course to access this free report.

Don't forget to check out the free preview lectures to sample my course. Are you ready to learn with me? By the end of this course students will know:

  • The difference between policy and law
  • Basic steps of policy analysis
  • How to collect, organize and systematize data
  • Use a policy matrix to analyze and confront trade-offs
  • Write a policy brief
  • Much More!

Don't wait another day to begin mastering policy analysis for free.