Master Productivity: How To Set Goals Once And Then Focus On Them Forever

Niklas Göke, Writer, Book Nerd, Habit Coach

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21 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Welcome To ONE GOAL! Here's My Story.

    • 2. Case Studies: Facebook, Noah Kagan & Ted

    • 3. Alice & The Cat: Why Step 1 Is The Most Important

    • 4. Question #1: What Is Your Theme?

    • 5. Question #1: My Answer

    • 6. Question #2: What Achievement Would Have The Biggest Impact?

    • 7. Question #2: My Answer

    • 8. Question #3: Have You Ever Felt Drawn To A Discipline?

    • 9. Question #3: My Answer

    • 10. Question #4: What Completely Consumes Your Attention?

    • 11. Question #4: My Answer

    • 12. Question #5: What Makes Your Heart Race With Excitement?

    • 13. Question #5: My Answer

    • 14. Question #6: What Do People Disagree With You On?

    • 15. Question #6: My Answer

    • 16. Step 2: Formulating Your Goal Into One Number

    • 17. The 3 Kinds of Numbers (& Which One's Best)

    • 18. Step 3: Keeping Your Goal In Sight At All Times

    • 19. Bonus 1: My IFA Goal Setting Cheat Sheet

    • 20. Bonus 2: Two Extra Ways To Never Forget Your Goal

    • 21. Wrap-Up: Thank You!


About This Class


“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.”―Sylvia Plath

There are two primary reasons most people never reach their goals.

  1. They set too many at once.
  2. They track them in weird and complex ways, or worse, not at all.

This course will help you eliminate those two goal-setting pitfalls from your life.

You will learn and implement the ONE Goal strategy, so you can set bold, audacious goals once and then focus on them until you've accomplished them.

When I first started trying to pay my own way through life and get off my parents' back, I quickly lost sight of my original goal: making $500 so I could pay for rent and food. Finding and using the ONE Goal strategy helped me get back on track and reach that goal.

This strategy isn't a quick fix and it won't show results unless you put in the work that's necessary, but if you use it right, your New Year's resolutions will never bite the dust again.

Here's how this class will teach you to find ONE, big goal and focus on it consistently:

  • Where I found the ONE Goal strategy, who's successfully applied it and how it made a big difference in my own life.

  • Why the ONE Goal strategy works and which key hurdle with setting goals it resolves.

  • Which set of six questions from brilliant minds you should answer to clearly identify your ONE Goal.

  • How I've answered these questions in the past + more sample answers so you know what to look for in your goal.

  • Why it's important to formulate your ONE Goal into a single, distinct number.

  • Which kinds of ONE Goal numbers there are and why some are better than others.

  • How to find the right number and time frame for your goal.

  • What you can to remember your ONE Goal at all times.

  • How you can use your ONE Goal to align all your actions and tasks with what you're trying to achieve.

  • Plus: My I-F-A Goal Setting Cheat Sheet with more questions to help you narrow down your goal.

  • Bonus: Two more unique ways to keep your ONE Goal on top of mind. Always.

I've been exploring productivity strategies for 5+ years now. Out of all those related to goal-setting, I found this one to work the best by far.

If you're ready for a new approach to setting goals and want to give this focused, effective approach a try, join this class now!

You can find all resources for it here.