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Master Presentation Design Framework With A Proven System

Mariano Goren, User Experience Lead & Strategist

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7 Videos (37m)
    • Presentation Design Framework: Intro

    • Presentation Design Framework: Thesis Statement

    • Presentation Design Framework: Structure

    • Presentation Design Framework: Storytelling

    • Presentation Design Framework: Aesthetics

    • Presentation Design Framework: Time

    • Presentation Design Framework: Tools


About This Class

Get a simple, repeatable framework to create fantastic presentations, understanding your audience in the first place.

** Change the way that you approach presentation design with a repeatable system **

How can we ensure that our presentations go well, no matter what?

In this course, you’ll find a simple design framework focused on giving you the tools to create a stunning presentation in short time.

And even better, understand what are the most important things to affect the audience with your message. 

The course gonna take you by five stages to create a presentation from scratch: 

+ Tesis Statement: Understand what is the right message to convey to your audience. 

+ Structure: Go from the brainstorming to a clear view of the things to tackle during the presentation.

+ Storytelling: Craft a story to captivate the audience and help them better assimilate the information.

+ Aesthetics: Obtain a beautiful layout for your slides, following this simple guidelines. Lots of templates and resources available!

+ Time: Maintain the interest of the audience.

+ Tools: A set of resources to get the best results.

The contents are based on my 9+ years experience working as a digital business consultant and speaker

I created a course I wish had been available when I started my career; a how-to guide for building a bullet-proof presentation. 


• Why some presentations go well and some don’t 

• What makes them successful 

• A proven pattern to make them better

You’ll get:

• A simple framework to follow when creating a presentation. 

• Practical advice based in live-fire situations. 

This course is for anyone that wants to create an amazing slide deck, and has a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee! 

So there’s no downside: take this fundamental step to improve your life, enrol now!






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Mariano Goren

User Experience Lead & Strategist

Mariano has +8 years of experience in the digital business industrywhere he has developed well-rounded capabilities in both businessand technology. A natural born entrepreneur, with the ability to adapt to any challenge, Mariano founded his own bond brokerage firm, an electronic music production project and an e-learning start-up - among other projects.

As student of human dynamics, business and finance, Mariano has developed the first framework for digital business strategy. He was an...

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