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Master Premiere Pro Effects In ONLY 1 HOUR

teacher avatar Reverse Cuts, Master Media School

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Promotional Video

    • 2. Overall Concept Of This Course

    • 3. Creating Some Of The Basic Video Effects

    • 4. Animating Basic Effects

    • 5. Animating Advanced Video Effects

    • 6. How to Import And Use Presets

    • 7. Learn How To Create Your Own Effects

    • 8. I'm Signing Off... (MUST WATCH)

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About This Class

Learning has never been this easy! Especially with our brand new Premiere Pro VIDEO EFFECTS mini-course.

If you are trying to master video effects in Premiere Pro, learn the ones that are professional and eye-catching, this course is the right way for you. Our course is a unique and voluminous video editing effects program used all around the world by companies, individuals, youtubers and much more. Our course is the answer when it comes to "How and where to MASTER video effects in Premiere Pro?".

Not Only I will teach you some awesome and complexed effects, but at the end of this course, you will know how to create your own video effects the way you imagine them. You will even be able to replicate any effect that you see created by Top Video Editors. We will even slide in some free Presets to help you save up some time and work efficiently!

Make stunning videos that will WOW everyone around you!

This course will teach you how to create epic effects the way you imagine them and have fun while doing it.

By the end of 2 first sections of the course, you will already understand what effects are and how they work!

I will be teaching the newest version of Premiere Pro, but any other will work as well. You can learn to edit in any other version.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Enis and I will be your instructor for this course! I've edited thousands of videos before I started my Master Video Editing School. I created tons of Youtube videos, done Freelancing work, edited videos for lots of other YouTubers and Online Companies. So trust me, I know how to deal with people and get the most out of them. With our Youtube Community which has over 14.000 students at the moment, 2 years ago, I decided to expand my Master Video Editing School, on Udemy. In only 2 years I have managed to gather over 5000+ satisfied students and here are some of their 5-star reviews from my Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro Courses:

"Wonderful online course and source that I did not meet with such training videos before. Video quality is perfect and sound volume is clear and not disturbing for ears. Thanks for its creator."  - Mehmet OZDOGAN

"Great course, now I got confidence for editing my own videos!" - Jairo Vera Chaly

"The teacher is very thorough while providing a lot of helpful information on video editing. Thank you." - Bobbie Smith

I have been working in the Video Editing Industry for over 5 years.

My Promise to You

I'm a full-time video editor and online teacher. I will be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. I will be replying in no time!

What is this course all about?

In this complete guide to mastering video effects in Premiere Pro, you will learn the basic video effects, move up to the advanced ones, learn a lot of popular video effects. Finally, you will learn how to create your own effects and sprinkle it up with some totally FREE Presets! Basically everything you need to know to start creating awesome effects in Premiere Pro!

This course will cover everything when it comes to video effects, including:

  • Getting Familiar With The Course

  • Learning The Basics Of Video Effects

  • Learning Some Basic Video Effects

  • Practicing New And Advanced Video Effects

  • Learning How To Import & Use Presets

  • Learning How To Create Your Own Effects

  • Expanding Your Knowledge Paths & Creativity

By The End of this course, you will upgrade from a beginner to a professional video editor in Premiere Pro. You will be ready to look out for job applications and increase your income! You will edit advanced footage and know how to tell a story using your video within Premiere Pro! You will finally have an understanding of how to use Premiere Pro effects for fun or carrier opportunities.

Enroll now and let me help you work your magic!

I Hope I will see you in our first lesson!

Reverse Cuts®

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Reverse Cuts

Master Media School


Hello, I'm Enis, founder of Reverse Cuts.

I create/edit videos and photos and teach others how to do the same! 

Before Skillshare I started my journey on some other platforms:
Youtube: 15,500 Subscribers
Udemy: 7,000 students

So I decided to expand here, on Skillshare. 

Join us now and let us help you work your magic!

"Let's create, we can do it."


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1. Promotional Video: you're probably watching this because you're trying to master video effects in Premiere Pro . It's a real struggle to create appropriate effects and implement them into your videos. So actually tell a story. Hello, everyone. My name is Dennis, and I've been editing in Premiere Pro for over than four years now, and I will make sure that the next video agreed will wow everyone around you. Storytelling and eye catching video effects are an important aspect when it comes to producing High Pod reveals. It's not only about the effects of people are going to see. It's also about to think that people are not going to see. I will take care of that, starting with the most basic video effects and then moving up to the most advanced video effects. We will teach you how to create anything that you imagined using Premiere Pro. After this course, you will feel confident to create your own defects in Premiere Pro and to recreate any of the effect that you see nowadays music and film top industry. What actually separates any other course from this exclusive One is our comprehensive curriculum. We will start with the basic effects and then we will move up to more complex effects that will conquer upcoming fields, which will lead you to creating your own special effects. We will even give you for free some amazing presets that you lose your video editing, getting what do you use this for an upcoming projects, your career opportunities or even for fun purposes? This is the right place to learn with our amazing 30 day money back guarantee promotion. You have nothing to lose by enrolling in this course, and it's here from reverse cuts. Join us. Now Let me help you work your magic. 2. Overall Concept Of This Course: Hey, guys. And welcome to our video effects. Premiere Pro. Many course. I'm so excited to have you here. My name is Dennis. I'm the founder of Reverse Guts. And as you can see, I'm talking really hide because I just can't think enough for give me this opportunity to teach you How do you create awesome video effects into Premiere Pro? So, guys, uh, this is a little bit something about me. This is my background and how I started. What happened to out my video editing career? I'm going to talk about that just to make sure you'll feel confident learning for me. So my name is Dennis. I'm just the guy from Europe. Serbia. I've been editing videos for my whole life, actually that that had been my passion, Like forever since I was a young kid. Now it's playing games. I love to record those game place and Teoh jump in with some effects, some crazy stuff. So, yeah, I always like video production and stuff like that. So here I am today on your me with over then 5000 students here actually joined the enemy about year two years ago, I think, and from there it took off like people love my courses. I had a premiere Pro course which is full on built. But I actually think by the time you're watching this course, the the other primitive poor course will probably be on lock because it's kind of outdated . And I want to create new stuff for you guys. I want to produce new content for you guys. So this right here that you're watching is actually the thing that you need to succeed as a professional video maker. So from there, I kind of took off from, you know, me and my YouTube channel is really growing well, and it has over 14,000 students there, of course, subscribers. But there are also my students as you are, and they're always they're hungry for knowledge and they want to learn new stuff because I upload really, really unique content and tutorials for premier pro on YouTube. So make sure subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to continue learning after this course. So, guys, that was it a little bit about me, and I just wanted to let you know that actually, this course is everything that I wanted to know, once I started using Premiere Pro or once, I wanted to learn and master video effects. So, guys, let's jump right into this. Let me show you what this course is actually about. So right here. As you can see, I'm in my video effects Many course folder, which is for our curriculum of this course. And right here, this plan note bad is how I'm actually going to produce the score. So I'm actually going to talk about that right now, and we don't need to open that because I'm right down talking. So yeah, and the other folder right here, this presets, In case you know what appreciates, our deals are fully on built in effects. There are exported out of unique program, which you can use, of course, later as a full on built effects. So you can just drag it onto your video and have the full on built effect. You don't need to adjust it or do something with it. I will. I will explain that later. Once we get to that part, it's on. It's an Arthur section, I think. Yeah, it's in Arthur section, so I will talk about presets and where Can you find them? Oh, actually, be canceling a lot of them for free. So very good. Talk about that later. So let's head into our first section of the course, its introduction to the course and effects. So if we get into this folder, it's actually overall overall concept of this course and you're actually into this video right now. So you're actually just learning what you're going to learn into this course. So there's not much to talk about as you're watching this video right now, So this video will probably left as a preview video so you can get familiar with the course for free. So you know what you're going to learn, Of course. And that will be for our first section, which is covered. And right now we're going to move up to our second section, which is starting with effects. So if we get in here, as you can see, our first folder is creating some of the basic video effects. So right here you're going to learn how to implement an effect, basically, effect from the effects section Improvement pro. How to implement it onto your video so going show you some of the basic effects and how to create them and not a biggie, as you can see, so moving down to our second lesson is called animating basic effects. So this lesson is the lesson where you actually understand finally understand what effects are and how you animate the basic ones. So once you don't have to animate basic effects, you will learn the concept off. Animating the effect sir can know how to animate by yourself later on the advanced effects . But of course, before you finish this course, I will show you how to animate advanced video effects. Right now we're going to head up to our teret section, which is advanced part off effects. So in this section you will learn a lot of things. In the first lesson, you're going to learn how to animate advanced video effects as I will show you how to animate a lot of advanced video effects which are used in nowadays a video production, music, video production and stuff like that. So I chose like the top off the top video effects that you're going to use, and you're going to learn how to create So moving on right here on our second lesson, we have how to import and use presets and this. Listen, I was sure what presents are how to import them in Premiere Pro how to use them. I will handle you a lot of process for free, as I said earlier, and I will show you how to find presets on the Internet for free or even payable once, which are even better than the free ones. So right now we're moving on to our turn lesson, which is learn how to create your own effects. So in this lesson, I will show you how to create your actual own effects. Of course, you will be using the base of basic effects, but you're going to create some awesome things by yourself is I will show you the basics on how to do this. And by there you can take off and just use your imagination. Be creative and create your own video effects. So, yeah, that's a really awesome lesson, which I really love to implement It this course. And I wish somebody told me this once. I started out You used effects and Premier Pro. So we're going to go back. You are curriculum and right here we have my last words for the score. This is our last section, and we only have one less right here. But this lesson is not about Premiere Pro, as in our fourth actually. Turn lesson from Arthur section we finish with Premiere Pro and in our four section are only western. As you can see, I'm signing off. I'm going to talk about What are you going to do after this course? What are you going to do with this course? Once you finish it and where you're going, Teoh, learn after this course we're going to do after this course when it comes to your career paths or your I don't know your video structures and stuff like that. So if you want to if you want to use Premiere Pro for your business for your upcoming projects for basically for fun, I mean or for YouTube video, something like that. I will talk about those stuff and Harry going to use it. What are you going to do after this and off course? Talking about what have you managed with this course? What have you done with the scores for TV? Where this course is taking you to. So yeah, that will be it for our curriculum. There will be it for this first lesson which, as I said, we'll probably be free as a preview for those of you guys. We're not sure if they're said by this, but trust me is a no brainer when it comes to, if you should enroll or not, so you're going to learn a lot of awesome effects. We're going to create a special bond. Trust me. I'm going to help you with Premiere Pro a lot. And yeah, I think also that I'm going to upload at the same time. Uh, course, which is about video transitions. It's also going to be a minute course, but it's going to be about video transitions after this effects. Once your coverage on Lee, if you want you guys take the other course. But for now, let's stick with this course and finish it. So, guys, thank you for having me. I hope I will see you in our next lesson where we actually open up Premiere Pro for the first time. Thank you guys on a moat 3. Creating Some Of The Basic Video Effects: Hey, what is up, guys? And it's here from reverse cuts. And this is our actual first lesson in Premiere Pro. I've actually so excited. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to jump into this. So and this lesson, we're actually going to jump into Premiere Pro and learn some of the basic effects and how to use them and how to implement them into your videos. So you actually get familiar with effects and what they are so effects will just make your video look better and they will style it up. So right now I'm going to show you some of the basic effects, and the 1st 1 is actually not into our effects. Been right here affects pan. As you can see. Right here we have the effects option if you don't have this right here, which you will off course being eating. So if you don't have this option right here, this box if x box, what you need to do is go right here. To window is exceeds option window and make sure the effects is checked. So off course, if you're if you're I'm sorry, if you're a little your if your workspace is not the same as mine is, what you need to do is click right here on the effects steps. As you can see, we have a lot of these and you're probably on the other thing. If it's not the same as mine and you don't see these effects, click right here on the effects and this will show up as it's here. So right here I have some free John footage that I found on YouTube. You can find this one the same video on YouTube. Just type in free Joan footage and you can use it however you want. So this is just something simple that we're going to use just to add some affection or video. And right now I will show you how some of the basic effects effects work. So right now we're going to clear create the flicker effect. I don't know if you heard about this, but this is actually effect where the video just flickers on and you're going to create this just by removing some frames from the video. So if we quick on our time line right here, and you mean you can zoom in by dragging this in or under your shortcuts. So let me just give you a brief look out throughout my shortcuts So I have on my a I have my zoom in you can see on my s I have my zoom out my d I have delete Let me undo that on my f I have my ripple delete So if I have some free space and I click on this and I press f is going to ripple delete it and dragon in And, of course, on my via have to select to all my CIA have the razor to and that's actually everything you need to create these effects. So if you don't know how you can set up your your shortcuts, which you need to do is go right here under edit and keyboard shortcuts and find shortcuts right here and work around with them, see what fits for you or, if you want to, you can use the same one as I do. So right now we're going to create the flicker effect, and it's actually really easy. Just what you need to do is human. Let's do it right here. Zoom in. Impressing my a zoom in and what you need to do right now is take out your residual, which is under sea on default and make a cut. So right now we're going to move, frame are frame, and you're going to do that by clicking the right error on your keyboard. Make Kurt click Red Arrow click huts and just repeat this as you can see, make how many you want. It doesn't matter, actually. So right now, once we made a lot of cuts with what I want to do is click VT select my selection to click on this and zoom out a little bit. So right now what? I want you to do it to create the actual flicker effect Ace to delete the 1st 1 So impressing my truck, I d. Why I'm mentioning all these shortcuts is just you get your familiar with shortcuts and how they work and how they can speed up your workflow by 100 and 20%. Trust me, guys, you need to use workers. So right now I'm gonna delete this first frame right here that we make a cut on. So I'm going to press D and don't ripple the latest save. It's so religious. Delete. Leave the 2nd 1 and delete this one. Leave the 2nd 1 delete this one and just keep repeating this to have these holes in between . So once you've done that, you will have these shredded video right here. And this is the actual effects of efficacy. It will look, pray awesome. Even nowadays, people use this in their videos and their music videos and stuff like that. So this is a really cool the fact this is old school and it's something you can't go wrong with it. So let's check it out. As you can see, it looks awesome like it's flickering. I really, really like this effect. So right now I'm going to undo all of these and we're going to create our second basic effect, which is actually in our fax pan right here. So if you dont affects pan and go to video effects folder right here, what I want you to do right now is go down to noise and grain. Get this down and choose this noise. One What I want to do is drag this and take it and drag it onto your video. Once it adds, This should appear right here. So this is where you're going to adjust your effects. So right here is you can see we have noise. If this is then appear Just make sure to click on this, and it should be right here in the effects control. We have our noise. And as you can see, we have an option called amount of noise. And we're going to boost this up to actually get the noise into our clip. So if we drag it out, as you can see, it's going to look just awful. But what I want to do right now is actually uncheck this use color noise. So actually, get this old TV look kind of efficacy. And right now, if you play the clip, you can see that we actually created the noise video, which is actually really popular, and it's really cool looking. So these are some of the basic effects that really can. You can't go wrong with these and they actually look awesome. So thank you. See, you can animate, of course how it appears, But we're going to learn how to animate effects in our second lesson. And this was our first actual lesson I really enjoyed, I hope injured two guys. You learn high grade two awesome effects in only a couple of minutes. So right now we're going to top off this lesson and we're going to head to our second lesson in which we will learn how to animate effects so they will be for this episode, and it's and I'm sending out. 4. Animating Basic Effects: Hey, what's up, guys? And it's here. And today in this lesson, we're going to learn how to actually animate our first video effect. So you're going to learn how to animate a basic very effect which will actually lead on Teoh animating advanced video fast. We're going to learn that in our second section of the course, actually, our third birth from now it's our second section two. And so right here we're going to learn how to, uh, animate video effect, which is called invert bump effect. And this is really used and really popular video effects. So right now I'm going to show you how to create it and how to animate it. So what you need to do right here, amusing. First of all, I'm using the same video right here as in our last lesson. So it's without the effects. And if you want the effects control to appear, what you need to do is click on days and you can see we have the place where we're going to animate the effect. So what I want to do for the first thing is click on this effects control thing right here , affects Panchal when everyone defects folder section effects section It doesn't matter as long as it works. So right here, under effects when I want to do is search right into search. Been invert once you searched that under very right here under video effects and channel folder we have the invert effect and which you need to do is take this and drag it onto your video. And as you can see, it appears right here, and the effects controls that. And what I want you to do right now is enemy effect. How are you going to do that? You're going to do that by right here. Under invert, we have the struggle watch, toggle animation, stopwatch thing right here. And the option is blend with original. What I want you to do is Kulik on that and actually no, actually delete this. And where do you want the effect of happened? Like I want it, Hugh, seconds after the clip starts. So two seconds should be enough. And right now you need to click this and this key friend should appear. So this is key frame, and this is this will appear if you made a change. If you added anything to the video, the key frame will appear. And of course, we also will meet another thing under need Scale option. Right Here we have this stopwatch and click on this. I'm sorry, guys. If I'm talking nonsense from time to time, I'm really sleepy. It's two AM and I'm recording is with We need to get this counted out. We need to grind this out. So what I want to do right now is once you've got these two key frames, this underneath the blend with original option. Take this to 100. Wouldn't want to blend out as we don't have the effect and give the scale at 100. Go one frame in front by clicking this right here. Step forward. One frame or the right there, off course. And once you go frame in front, what I want you to do is take is born with original and lower it down to zero again and you can see the effect will appear again. And it looks Hayes. But of course, we're going to animate this to look good. Uh, another thing you need to do is go to scale and boost list up to 1 50 So we zoom in the image and we actually get the bump effect. So the next thing you want to do is go on from the front and the repeated start. So get this the 100 to blend it and get this 100 he'll get the normal view. Go on from in front, get this zero and get this the 1 50 So, of course, if you want to make this longer, you're not going to do all of these 3000 times you're going to just zoom in right here. So click on this, zoom in and drag over these key frames. Thes key frames contained the effect. So drag over these and right click on any of these And just copy this. Make sure this market right here is on the last one. So go from in front as you can see, right click and paste it. So we actually got the effect longer because we pasted these. And as you can see, the invert bump is happening, as you can see in the previous section. So let's go on from in front again. Pays this. Let's go. Let's do it one more time and we actually got the effect. This this should be the effect were actually done. So let's check it out. Actually, I forgot to mention at the end, you need Teoh lose the effects. They're going to do that by, of course, taking this 100 to blend with the original and 100 for the normal view. Still, let's check it out one more time and as you can see, looks awesome. We have this invert bump effect, which I really like, so I hope enjoy. Guys, I hope you learn how to anime things. So off course, If you want to animate things in Premiere Pro, especially effects, you're going to use this stopwatch to get these key frames and to animate them. It's cause not Carl Taco animation for no reason. So, of course, you learn the basics of animating and in our in our second lesson, which will be animating advanced video effects, you're going to learn how to animate and create some of the best video effects possible out there in print. Pro. So there will be the guys for this lesson, I hope enjoyed. I enjoyed. I know that. So, uh, make sure you stick around. Make sure to leave a nice review off the course at the end, if your joy and if you learned a lot of things, so there will be it for this lesson and I'm out. 5. Animating Advanced Video Effects: Hey, what is up, boys and girls and is here and today we're actually inter turd section off our course. So this is most important section of this course, as you will learn some advanced video effects. How to apply them. How are they called and stuff like that. So these are really years effects. They're really popular. They are really dope. They just look with great. So do they were going to learn how to create the twitch effect, a glitch effect and purple invert effects. So these are three of really cool effects. The 3rd 1 is the easiest one, but the 1st 2 ones are actually kind of trip it. You create show. Let's straight jump into this. So first of all, we're going to create the twist effect on Let's zoom into the timeline. These are just marker that I placed for no reason. So today we're going to create twitch effect First, soju menace, much as you can, and what I want you to do is create a cut where you want the effect happen. So go one frame in front, making cuts go one frame in front, make a cut to my friends. So you have three friends and from the start, make three frames on the right to do so. One from here, one from here and one frame here. So right now we have six friends. Let's go through middle. We have six frames tree on each sides. So what I want to do right now is go to the effect stab and search directional blur. So they directional blur and place it on to your first clip. As you can see, nothing is still happening. And what you need to do is increase the blur length right here under directional blur. Take this to one dish. I think it really depends on how are you feeling? You can go in up to 40 but I think I'm going to give it a 20. And once you're blur, length is on 20. But you need to do is change the direction to about 40 so it faces the right upper way. Go to the second frame, take the directional blur and place it again. So what you need to do now is take like 2 20 the direction take this 220 so it faces the left way. So As you can see, this is what we got for now. Sides on swishing about directional blur. So right now we're moving out to the third and fourth frame. We're going to do something different on these. So delete this and search in the effects tab. Arithmetic, that's in effect. We're going to use this under video effects in the channel tab right here. The 1st 1 to use the 2nd 1 Take the arithmetic and place it on. Actually, no, I'm sorry. Hold all down and drag disturbed frame upwards. That's how you copy clip. If you didn't know, Hold all and dragged upwards. Right now we have to same frames. They do arithmetic on it. Place it on top of the 1st 1 I'm sorry. So that's what we actually do. And change this core option. Excited. Know how to read this, actually, but change this Duke Max right here and you can see are pictures blank. So we need some colors. We have the red, green and blue. This is basically on our GPS, but we're going to create, so boost the red want to about 200 go up and lower the scale to about 80 shore 85. Even so, once you got this red looking picture, what I want you to do is boost of the scale. You can also move the position if you want to, but I just like to boost up the skill to about 100 and 50. And as you can see, we've got this little trip effect right here happening. So right now, this is what we have for now, the Blur, the blur. And the next thing is arithmetic going to the fourth frame and dragged it again upwards. But right now, we're going to use Earth Matic, but another color. So let's say you can even make the colors like, let's say we want the blue and the green one mixed and, of course, changes to Max. So it doesn't look stupid like it is now. So, Jenny, this the max and we have this blue color so off course, drop this down to 85 or even 80 and flutist up 250. So we got sexual. It's about 80. So right now we have this blue thing happening. So we have the red and the blue thing happening. What I want you to do right now for the two last frames is builders blur once and right. Click on the 1st 1 Copy it. Go to his fourth frame, Noah said. This fifth friend get their fifth frame, right click. It's right, right Click it and based attributes. But this is going to do is going to based every single effect that's happening in this video in this frame to this one so you could see paste attributes. We have only directional blur, and we want that to happen. In our fifth, friends were going just to paste attributes. Okay. And we have the effect happening right here without having to adjust it again and stuff like that. So we don't waste our right click this 2nd 1 I think a 2nd 1 Copy it, right Click The last one and based attributes. Of course, we have directional blur in the other side right there. And just like that, we created the effect. As you can see, we have this triple thing happening, so let's check it out. It looks really dope for me, and I really like it. So of course, if you want to make it a little bit more dramatic. You can increase every single scale of these for the Blur from for the directional blur and stuff like that. Of course, you can make you buy two friends like to create one by one. But if you want to look, make it look more dramatic, you can go to buy two frames. That's also fine. But right now we created the twitch effect. Right now, we're going to move up to our second effect, which is really, really cool. It's called glitch effect. In case you don't know what the glacier fact is, it's something. It's something similar to twitch effect, but it's much more U s and its it books like crazy, crazy good. So right now what I want you to do is zoom in right here. Whatever you want, the effect happen and cooked like five friends on sea or six. Ah yeah, actually cut. What is this? 1234566 frames. So what I want you do right now is delete the 1st 1 As you remember, we created the strove affecting our first lesson of premier pro and deletes the 1st 1 and let this turned one so you. Seriously. We have this frame alone, and we can actually leave these two together and lead this one. So we have nothing. One, nothing to nothing. So we have this little loop strobe effects is except perp up on right now, we're going to you. Just something. So what I want you to do right now is hold all and drag all of these upwards. But you can do right now is guilty. The 2nd 1 right here. And drop down the opacity to about eighties and, of course, move up the scale a little bit and increase. Increase the scale first. But you can then move the position, as you can see decreed this little ghost effect. And right now, what I want you to do is move up to the 2nd 1 and do the same thing. So drop down the opacity a little bit, increase the scale. And of course, you can even go up off this right here. And right now, what I want you to do is go to the last one right here and use the Earth Medic one once again. So place it on top, change this to Max and increase the red value jumped on the opacity and move this a little bit on the scale. So another thing that you can do is go to the last one click on this or in the first point . It doesn't matter. Close this and go to limit tree colors, which you can do is play around these options to make it pop out, as you can see. So just make sure that you don't lose the effect once you used these. And of course, you can even add a little bit of the colors, tent and stuff like that. So we actually created the glitch effect. Let's see what is happening. As you can see, it looks really, really cool. I really like it. But if you want, you make things pop out. What you can do is actually add some sound effects. So I will right now show you what sound affects me into the video and how can they make it look 100 times better? So what you need to do is go to Google. Oh, you do You go to YouTube and search up. Yes, I'm a fortnight addict. Don't at me. So what you need to do is go to YouTube and search up Glitch. Sound effect. Of course, you can type in free download. Basic seal of them are free downloads. So click on any one that you like. We're right now watching the ad way. As you can see, there are a lot of cool which effects, but we will use Onley one. So copy this. Go to any MP three converter base this download this on imported in here Inter project. So what are we going to do is we're going to drug this and let's actually drag it in that zoo mouth and choose an English effect right here. I don't know how this one sound, but I'm gonna accuse this one. So right now we're going to add this to our video and let's see how good it sounds and looks. And you can see the glitch effect Sound really makes the effect pop out because with salads here in that there are two fish effect. As you can see, it looks much better. And it increases the quality actually, of the video once you add the sound so sound actually tells the story. Guys, remember that when it comes to the video editing sound tells the story. So that's how you create a twist effect, Andi, That's how you create a glitch. For now, we're going to delete all of these. Zoom out on our time line, but the effect step and we're going to ads this free stock footage that I found on you, Cube. And we're going to use this for our last effect, which is the purple invert effect. So what? This actually does it. It's purely amazing. You're going to make a trip he would effect. So these words will look purple once we've finished with it. So what I want you to do right now is good. The effects and type in invert. You have this invert and place it on top of your video. As you can see, it looks stupid now, so we don't want it to look stupid. We want to do is change this RGB right? You're under invert change this quarter prominence once your changes As you can see, it looks awesome. It looks so natural, like if free, like even it looks like these woods are purple. So this is really used nowadays in music rap videos. And it's a really cool effects. So what? What else you can do is animate this? So how you're going to do that is by going under pressure prominence to blend with original president stock, awash animation and boost its up 200. As you can see, we allows the effect. But if we go just a little bit further and Trump is down to zero, as you can see, we created the effect the woods will just randomly appear as purple. And, of course, if you want, you can add while the color is changing right here, you can add some. You can add some twitch or glitch effect, so it's kind of makes the transition, so it will look really cool. So you guys, those are the three effects that are really advanced that are really years, so they are awesome to use. Make sure to master these effects as you will use them in your upcoming projects. So in the next lesson, we're going to use how they were going to to learn what are presets and how to use them. And in our third lesson, we're going to create our own actual effect, which is the that's the most fun thing to do, actually. And I can't wait to jump into that. So that will be it for this lesson. Guys, I hope you enjoyed. I hope we're something you make sure to practice these effects and amount. 6. How to Import And Use Presets: Hey, what is up, guys? So welcome back to a brand new lessons. So today we're actually going to learn how to use and how important presets and ah, one thing that I didn't mention is that I'm going to teach you also how to create your own presets. So that's really awesome. If you want to sell them, if you want to share them over, if you want to save in effect and you don't want to animated leader to have it saved up don't worry, I got you. So you guys, today I will show you how to import and use presets. So first thing you need to do is, of course, download the presets. So I left three pre set backs for you guys to download, and they're there. They will be. I think you can link on your me Oh, or skill share. I think you can link the things like right under the video, but we'll see. We'll see where we like. Where will I leave them? Intercourse. So right now right now wants to download them. They should look like this. I will show you how to use these two right here, and I will show you the process off. We're working with presets, but for the 3rd 1 you need to experiment with them. I'm going to leave them just for you guys. Sell. Make sure you unpack. These do. But for this to show you how to use them so they will look like this. And where they will be like type this B R f b s the file. So right now, what we're going to do is go into Premiere Pro. You were going, Teoh, Go to the effect stab right here. And we have presets right here. As you can see, I have a lot of presets. And I already implemented these two like these two right here. But it's really, really easy to do that. What you need to do is right. Click on presets and records because you have important presets. Find your process, like located right here, and click on this one and just open it up and they will appear right here since I got them already. I won't do that. So if you click open, they should appear like this. This is their name. And right here if your girl right here you have a lot of these, so they actually have a way to use them. You can just toss them into your video. They won't look as good because to make them available just to place them on your video work well, you need a lot of work. So these presets are made a little bit different, which you need to do. Let's import this video, which you need to do. Guys, right here. Let's say we want the effect that happened right here for the first music effects. Volume one right here, which you need to do, is zoom in right here and go make a cut. Go on from in front. One frame in front. One frame, one frame. That's 1234 Right. 1234 Yeah, So make a cut right here and what I want you to right now. On this four seconds. Cut. Right. Click this and change the speed in duration. Right here. So right. Click and changes Speed duration. Note that this this way right here will on Lee work for the first music video effects preset back. So this way. So only for the first back. So what? You need to do is boost is up 2 to 300 press. OK, so, as you can see will have only one frame right now and what you need to do to drag that up a bit. So what I want to do right now is open up the music video effect swelling one. And let's, for example, use flash one. You can just take this and 1000 on your video and we actually create the effect. As you can see, what is happening is this cool do flashes which you already created just by adding this onto it. As you can see, it looks really great. So another thing that we can do is let's delete the flash right here. Let's use this zoom with Flagler. As you can see, it looks great. We have ah, flash. We have a distort. We have a flash. Everything like this looks really great. So with no effort, you just created this awesome looking effect. So that's what presets are used for and anything you can do is combine all of these and make a cool looking effect. When I wanted to tell you guys, is that I'm not going to show you how every single one of these. Look, because I want to let you lets you use these, um, let you experiment with these and use your imagination and use your creativity to make them look great. So another one that I really, really like and it's helped make a video look cinematic. So you're going to do that by just you're going to do that by taking this letter box right here and place it on to a video. And as you can see, we got these black cinematic bars in no time. So we created this in no time. And the video looks cinematic now with these black bars, so that's really awesome. So let's jump into our second preset. Let's undo this Cuts on right now. What I want you to you is, uh, creating adjustment layer. Guys, I already have one. So create an adjustment layer and what I want you to do is make a cut right here and right now hold chief and press the left arrow that's going to make the video go. Five frames left, go back in the cut, hold shift and press. Right arrow. So that's another five friend. We actually have 10 friends right here. And what I want to do is place this adjustment layer and cut it onto the start and the end of 10 frames. As you can see, we need to cover these time frames go into music, video effects, volume que These are called transitions, but I actually use them as an effective guys. So what I want to do right now is take any of these in just place it on top your adjustment layer. As you can see, it looks really awesome. And I really like this. They're really easy, easy to use. And as you can see this every everything is animated right here. So that's really easy to use. And that's bad. Another one. As you can see, they're really cool looking. They're really easy to use. And that's what actually presets are. So they're really awesome presents. Save up a bunch of time for you guys once you add it videos And what I said that I'm when I said I'm going to show you how to create how to create. As you can see, I have a lot of our got this orange 83 dot com This ultimate earthquakes I have a lot of these. I have a lot of these. Uh, was the name Ah, lot of these preset because they ease up the work for me and I left another pack for you. Which is RGB distorts. Unpack this and use them and see how they work. Guys. So experiment with them. I want you. I want to see how creative you can get with it. So don't like don't be too shy. You can You can make a video and send it to me on instagram Reverse cuts. That's where you find me and I will break your work, guys and I can help you, so make sure to impact this to and all of these three. You're getting these for free, so make sure to find a download link somewhere there on under the lessons. What I wanted to tell you guys is a zay said in the start. I'm going to show you how to create, uh, presets. So what you can do right now is close the presets and go to the effects. Let's just throw a bunch of these. It doesn't matter. Like, let's add noise right here. Amount of noise. There we go. So, actually, I'm just going to, uh, just through a lot of these around, so it doesn't matter, actually. And if let's, for example, say we created the effect that we wanted that you can see, he doesn't matter. So if we want this to be our effect, So I know it's nothing special, like, it's not the actual effect, but I need something to work with. So that's great. Let's say you created an effect right here, for example, which effect, and you want to save it as a preset. What are you going to do is you're going to hold shift. Click on this. What she control. I'm sorry. Or command on, Mac, click on this. Click on this. Like they all the effects you used rightly Candies and pressed safe, preset. You can name the preset here. You can change description, so, you know, hurry going to use that. I want to use it. And off course you can make the anchor in and out points which you don't really need. So let's say this will be called, uh, test preset. Okay, So right here is because he would have the desperate set we can create them in a folder. If we go to Premier pros location into folders. So let's your this desperate sit and drop it in here. And, as you can see well, we added the effect to the second clip. So that's how you create presets. Guys, make sure Teoh leave a nice Really? If you enjoying the scores by now, we're learning a lot of things in the next lesson will be really important and really fun. Teoh to learn and to teach from my side because we're going to learn how to great our own actual effect. So, guys, I hope you're having fun. I'm up for this lesson. I'm seeing our next one. I'm out. 7. Learn How To Create Your Own Effects: Hey, guys, Welcome back to Premier Pro. Welcome back to the course, and today we're going to learn on how to create your own visual effect in Premiere Pro. So first of all, before we start, I want to explain something like, you're not going to use some third party program? Of course not. You're actually going to use all the basic a fax right here that you confined to create your own effect. So I've made a little bit something here, and I'm going to show you right now. I think it looks really awesome. Uh, I just experiment with things. Once you want to make your own video factor, just experiment with things, or if you add something that you like, you can make it as a preset, as I said. But if you want to create your own video effect, what you actually need to do is practice with these You you can turn them around and stuff like that, or if you have something imagined in your head. If you're like CR effect in the hat and you want to recreate it. Once you practice with these, you're going to know exactly what you're going to use to create at effect. A lot of times I see a cool effect in a music video, and I'm like, Wow, how did you do that? And I What I do is, for example, I saw the video on YouTube. What I do is I slow the video down on 0.50% and what I actually do is I revolt. We watch the effect, or I lower it frame by frame on 0.25 I watch what happens. Three effects. So I'm like, Oh, yeah, he added, the blue right here. He added a flashy at a flicker right here. He added a strobe effect. He I don't know. He added this transition. I confined this preset here in here and stuff like that. So that's how you actually recreate the effect that you want to make, or that's how you create your own effects. So this is a little bit something that I put up together in only two or three minutes. I'm going to show how do it right now. This is what I like to call right now. I just got it name whom I had. So, uh, this is a broken TV effect. So let's check it out. As you can see, it looks awesome. Like I love it. It kind of reminds me of some horror movies affect, but I really, really love it. So right now I'm going to show you how to create it. So right here we have, as you can see, let's analyze this. As I said, I like to analyze stuff, but of course I'm going to show you how are created it. So I added this sound. I added this glitch sound. I found you stoop. So remember that guys, anything that you want to add to your videos, but you don't know where to find it. Google is the right answer. So I found I found a lot of presets on Google and for my sounds, I use YouTube. You can find a lot of sound effects on YouTube over free. So I found this for free on YouTube, and it's ah, glitchy sound. I don't know What is this? It looks really awesome. So you could see I like to experiment with things, and right now I'm going to show you how we created this effect. So let's actually delete this and right now I'm going to show you What have I created with this? So we're actually going to delete all of this on let's import our video in. And this is how I start. So basically, I imagine the effect that I'm going to create You can just go in and don't know what you're going to do. You will never create anything like that. So let's say I using this video and right about here, I want the effect happen. So I want to add a strobe effect. You like to let the people know what's about to happen? Uh, what kind of effect should expect. So what I like to do right here is you mean a little bit more, made a cut, make a cut and just made a couple of these, as you know. So right now I'm going to delete to 1st 1 for a little bit of bigger Paul's on a delete all of these. So we actually got a little bit throwback going on, as you can see, and right now I'm going to zoom out. We're going to cut this out as we don't want this and we're going to use this now. So what I want to do is actually see, how long does this take? Like somewhere Right here. Let's make a cut and go to video effects and let's I want to ads. That's close. All of these, let's say I want to add, um, noise or a glitch effect you can find in the immersive videos right here under video effects. You can find a lot of the artifacts. Don't worry. These we are effects look normal on normal videos. So what am I going to do is take this digital glitch and place it on top. And as you can see, nothing is happening. We got this, but nothing is happening. You just have a messed up pictures. So how are we actually going to animate this? Once you click on this, go into the effects control and what I want you to do right now is go down on noise and increase the noise a bit, as you can see. So we get this greenish and yellowish lights and of course, you can check check the color noise and make it a little bit better. But what I like to do is well, what I like to do guys is right now. Do you animate this is Click on this struggle. Watch for random seat and boost it up right away. Start track this over to the end and drag it away as much as you want. So as you can see now, we will have this glitch effect happening. And of course, that's how you create the digital glitch VR effect. And right now, I'm going to work with this. So let's see what else we can make with this. So moving on right here, I'm going to zoom in and I want to make some cuts right here. I want to make some frame cuts, so I'm going to make 12345 So right now, what I want to do is find a globe. I want to make the globe. So we're going to do this. We are glow because they are freaking awesome. I'm going to add their 1st 1 And right here is You see, nothing is still happening. What we need to do is we need to lower the loom a trash hole to actually get the effect happening. So about 0.20 should be fined or zero turning as you can see and you can just play around with the settings like the Creator own effect. You need to just testings out. You know what you're going to create. So if you want to use a 10 color, you can. But I actually don't like it. So it's all your president personal preferences. So you can, of course, lower the brightness of it. You can increase it, but I'm going to leave mine at one. So you can, of course, lower the girl low radius or make it bigger, as you can see to have that dreamy look. And right now, once I lower this, I'm going to I'm going to see. You can increase this for dreamy color, but I'm going to make this lower to actually get more glow from this. So another thing that you can do is use distinct color, but I don't actually like it. And when I forgot to mention is, once you use, we are effects. Always check this out Auto VR properties because I don't actually matters, you know are going to use of er, the our program or something like that. So right now we got this happening. And for one frame, we have the glow. So as you can see, it's kind of a flashlight. And right now, moving on to this one, what we want to do is actually at this Do so carpet this from the from this clip, right? Click on this and right. Oh, my God. Right Click on this and based attributes as you can see and we're going to have this VR college, and what I want to do right now is add an adjustment layer to this. Cut it on Lee on second and the fourth frame. So I want the effective flicker again. I like flickers effect as you noticed. So what I'm going to do right now is find a blur. And as you can see, we have some presets. We have a lot of these. What I'm going to do is choose a normal blur, which is a gadget blur. So once you add this as you can see, you can increase this and change it to horizontal. Let's make this lower a bit. Let's actually get it to one, as you can see and I'm going to make this horizontal. What? I'm going to do right now on this one is copy the first effect, which is our flash glow effect. Competence and paste attributes right here. His friends are so small, so I can click on them based attributes, as you can see. And we got this glow again passed right here. I copied this. The glitch effect and based attributes is you could see so we get this glitch effect again . So what I want to do right now is add the gouging blur. Take this to one. And when I want to do right now is not the juice horizontal, but vertical is you can see to get these lines. So, as you know, we're creating a broken TV effect. So for our last clip off course, you can add another gadget. Well, I'm sorry. You can add another. Can I have another flash light to it? As you can see And what we actually got is a glitch video with a gallon blur and some freaky lines going on as a broken TV. So, of course you can copy this once again. Added to rest of the video off course. Go right here, Zoom out, make a cut at the default transition make smaller. So it seems like the video the TV is shutting off. Actually, we don't need this much of a video to make this even smaller, as you can see. So right now let's see what we have putting out with. It's actually that it actually turned out the same as in the example, and I really like it. But another thing that we can do to create that old TV broken effect is go to defects and choose crops. So, as you can see, it's all about the ideas how to make your own effect, have a lot of ideas, think about him and make them into reality. So go underneath the video, fax and transform. Once you're typing crop and take this crop effect, actually, well, we're not going to apply to this, so we need an adjustment there. Since we can't, we don't have time to apply on all of these so taking adjustment layer. But this crop on, and as you can see, nothing, is still happening. Click condition. You have this crop. In fact, we're going to after at black bars to the left and the right of the videos. You can see, So about 15 ish should be right, as you can see, upset left and right, I said. So as you can see right now, we're actually getting that broken TV effect. But let's be honest, guys, when it comes to these effects like you really can't tell a story without sound. So that's why I found on YouTube. As I said from my sound designs, I always visit Visit you tube. So I found this glitch sound right here, and what I'm going to do is cut out for the whole video. But we're actually not going to use it the whole time. So what I want to do is cut it out right here and right here and right here. So where the blanks basis? That's actually we're kind of TV's shutting down already, so we don't need this sound right there. We need the sound right here, and what I want to do is take this audio gain for the first part where the pain is normal, go to the audio gain, said gained two and make it low over like about 15. As you can see, the sound is really low, so go to the effects on. Check this and go to low pass right here. 15. Lopez, I immediately taught off. If I add low pass to the audio is going to muffle the sound. It's like it's same like is we're underwater. So something is trying to pop out. That's why I'm going to add low pass right here, and I'm going to take this to 3200. And as you can see, the effect turned out great. Didn't even make this harder. As you can see, we got this broken TV effect which looks actually great and recreated this on off over of the trouble ever had because this right here, guys, this is something that you can't find on YouTube, and that's your creativity. So make sure to work around with these effects. Make sure, Teoh, once you forget any of the facts, how are they created? Picture to go back to the course and learn them from scratch because that's that is a really useful That's what I do. You Sometimes once I forget how video video effect is made because I'm not a genius. Sometimes even I forget. But that's how you actually worked with these effects. So as you can see, let's check it out one more time, as you can see, turned out really great because we actually use our creativity to its fullest. And we know actually how to use these effects. Finally. So that will be it. Guys, this should be our last lesson in Premiere Pro. And in our actual last lesson of this course, I'm going to talk about something, so make sure to check it out. Don't leave it out on scene. So I'm going to talk about some really important stuff right there. Thank you for having me here. Thank you for learning with me. It was awesome, guys. I know we learned a lot of things and I know you enjoyed, so make sure to leave a nice review. Make sure to leave an honest review, guys, and thank you for having me here. And it's from the risk out signing out 8. I'm Signing Off... (MUST WATCH): Hey, what is up, guys? And welcome to our actual last lesson self For this lesson, we're going to talk about some amazing stuff. So, guys, first of all, I want to congratulate you because you have finished this course and you have upgraded from a beginner video effects editor in Premiere Pro to perfect master video effects editor in Premiere Pro. So right now, you're better, much capable to create their own effects, to replicate any effect that you see in any of the videos that you watch or even if you imagine something, some effect and you want to recreate it for some of your mind, you are good to go. So right now, of course, there's always more space and more room for learning and for for other stuff to learn. And, of course, right now, going to talk about those things. And where should you keep learning after this course? What should you do with this course once you have finished it once you have finished with this course and what are we going to do next? So, first of all, guys, this is our course right here. This is just a rough preview because I still haven't uploaded this yet. This is a preview. I've improving this as an I'm sorry is a student. So right now we're going to move up to course content. And as you can see, we have told the content right here. We have four sections which are divided carefully. So right here, we're starting with the facts Here. You will take the advanced part of fashion right here. You're watching this? This is the last lesson. So, guys, once you're finished with this course, don't think that you won't need it anymore. So first of all, you have this question section right here and this announcement section that I will be using. So for this question sections is if you have any questions or you didn't didn't understand something in the course or you need help with something, feel free to ask. Like I'm I'm online, like 24 7 I'm always on my phone and my computer working, watching stuff. So whenever you want to ask me something or you're not sure if you should do something, uh, in a unique where something make sure to ask me like I will help you or give you my best opinion on the things you have to ask. So this section right here is for questions and feel free to ask. So right here, this other, this recent instructor announcement section is for my announcements. I will be making announcements if I add any new Lexus Dio. Of course, if I change something a bit, if there are other things that you need to do in a other proper way because of some premiere pro updates and stuff like that, if I have, for example, if I found a good of log or blawg for Premiere Pro and something like that, so you can get some tips out of it. Ah, well, for sure, send it to you this way on announcements and make sure to check it out. So as soon as you see announcement, click on it. Make sure to see that to check it out. Whatever I sent to you guys, because for the most of them it will be some tips and tricks. So don't think once you finish this course, you won't need it anymore. So in this section I will be sending you as your instructor. Ah, lot of other good stuff. So from here. Once you finish this course, you you'll, of course, want to learn more. So what I would want you to do is go to YouTube and search up reverse cuts. So that's my official. You give Channel, which has almost 14,000 subscribers. So if we go right here and go to my videos, you will see that I have. I only do premiere pro tutorials, as you can see, and I have some pretty amazing tutorial. So there's nothing that I wanted to mention about. My tutorials is that they are unique. You will never find anything like this in any of the other tutorials, because I make my tutorials like from the top of my head. I don't go and steal other people's content like I go, for example, on theater, McKinnon's videos, C A C in effect that these has created and like, get on my channel and recreated for my audience. Now I make my tutorials 100% unique, and I think of these effect on my own. Like this one world destruction effect, this blurry light leaks effect. All of these effects are from top of my head and what I think off and how I made them on my own way. This also bounced. I would have fireball the fact fake him or focus. I thought of that This on my own. Like literally. I was like sitting my on my computer. I was like, What should I do as a tutorial? Next? And I taught off this. I tried to recreate in Premiere Pro. It turned out really, really good, and I just posted a 31 off that. So if you want to keep learning and learned a lot of other tutorials, make sure to pull up on my YouTube channel. Jobs subscribe. Turn under notifications. Bulls because if you do that, you will be notified as soon as I posed. Or if you have some special wish for a tutorial, make sure to leave a comment. I will make sure to create the total on that. Follow me on Instagram Twitter as I will upload their ah, lot of other tips and tricks and good videos. And right now I want to talk about some things, guys. So whether the you use this course to learn something for your business opportunities, your fun purposes or something, it doesn't matter. Actually, you learn the things you've learned, and they are really valuable. So what I'm trying to say is you should feel confident if you're trying to look, look out for business opportunities. You should feel confident right now because you you learn some amazing things and there's nothing used to be scared or because you've got the basics. You got the advanced stuff, and right now you're ready to conquer the upcoming fields to becoming a professional video editor because you got the knowledge you just need to put that into your work. So guys and everything that I wanted to discuss is about the review so off course it's forbidden to ask for your students to leave a five star review, which I'm not going to to do, Of course, because I appreciate your pain. I'm not trying to I'm not trying to bash out on your intelligence, because off course, if you took this course, you are a serious guy. You're not wasting here. Your time, and what I'm trying to say is, if this course helped you, if you learn something, if you enjoy this course, if you think I'm a good good instructor, make sure to leave an honest review of what you think. So I would really appreciate if, besides the stars, if you live on the review, which is totally your opinion, I'm not asking for five stars like Leave your honest review Once again, I'm saying, Leave your honest review. So once you are trying to leave an honest review, make sure to leave a rough comment or even a wire one, because it will really help me to you see where what did I do wrong? Or if I did something good to keep doing it and stuff like that? So make sure to leave a comment on the review and make sure to leave her honest review. So, guys, from now on we will catch catch up on each other on my YouTube channel and in the announcements and the question sections. If you want to ask me anything privately, feel free like I'm always up. As I said online. 24 10 24 7 I'm sorry, 24 7 Go into the messages right here and ask me anything that you have that will be it, guys, that will be it for this course, and it's from a vs cuts here. It was a great journey learning with your guys on that will be it for this course amount.