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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

49 Lessons (5h 49m)
    • 1. Intro: Welcome to Lucid Dreaming!

    • 2. What is Lucid Dreaming?

    • 3. Who can Lucid Dream? Religion? No problem!

    • 4. Short and long term joy.

    • 5. Healing Recurring Nightmares

    • 6. Getting started.

    • 7. Types of dream journals.

    • 8. Dream-Wake transition.

    • 9. Importance of Serotonin.

    • 10. Transcribing your Dream Journal.

    • 11. Time to create your Dream Journal!

    • 12. Using keywords.

    • 13. Using points for references.

    • 14. Waking life recall.

    • 15. Performing Reality Checks

    • 16. More on Reality Checks

    • 17. Importance of constant awareness.

    • 18. DOs and DONTs before bed.

    • 19. Creating a MILD lifestyle.

    • 20. Dream Incubation

    • 21. Creating reasonable goals. ~ Dream stabilization

    • 22. "Magic Charm" Mantra to MILD.

    • 23. Body asleep, mind awake.

    • 24. How to silence the mind. Great exercice.

    • 25. Deep body relaxation

    • 26. Reaching hypnagogic stage (REM Atonia)

    • 27. Path to Astral Projection / Out of Body Experience (AP/OBE)

    • 28. Save / Extend your Lucid with L-DEILD

    • 29. Chaining dreams. When is it too much?

    • 30. What to do during WBTB?

    • 31. WBTB to enhance recall.

    • 32. Alarm vs Natural Awakening.

    • 33. Flying

    • 34. Telekinesis

    • 35. Teleportation

    • 36. Control de Elements

    • 37. Summoning

    • 38. Time Travel

    • 39. Space: The Final Frontier

    • 40. Dream Sex

    • 41. Importance of dream stabilization and techniques

    • 42. EILD: You don't really need the heavy expense to EILD.

    • 43. Learn how to create your own dream world.

    • 44. Taking on challenges.

    • 45. Lucid Dreaming Challenge December, 2018

    • 46. Thank You

    • 47. Dream Sharing

    • 48. Lucid dreaming: Questions and Answers 1.0

    • 49. How to meditate.

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About This Class


Learn how to Lucid Dream using popular techniques but with a personal touch. Not all methods work the same for everybody, and this course will ensure that you can lucid dream if you follow the teachings. This course is upbeat and dynamic! The course will challenge your learnings by quizzes and especially by home (dreamwork), so you can track your progress and success.

** Now included in this course: Lucid Dreaming Induction tool! **

I taught dozens of students outside here, and I am passing these teachings here at a very affordable price. Everybody interested in Lucid Dreaming will take great advantage of this course. You can't find anywhere some of the techniques that I teach here!

Personalized Mentorship is a crucial part of this course! You will be lucid dreaming and/or increase your skills within weeks!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. Intro: Welcome to Lucid Dreaming!: Hello, everybody. And welcome to my lucid dreaming cars. So Well, I'm glad to have you here. And you are actually going toe loving scores. You know, this is all about lucid dreaming and lo fi Dreaming is knowing that you are dreaming while you're asleep While the dream is a Kareem on Well, you can imagine, Do you? In a dream, you can do anything you want. There is no river questions. There are no issues here. You are free to do as you please. You say you want to fly? Yes, go ahead and get to fly. You say you want to kick your boss back? Well, you know, maybe you can do it in waking life because you need your money about Well, in a dream You can, of course. And trust me, it will be satisfying deep them to the heart. You're gonna love it. You can even go to space. You know, this is a dream that we all have flying through space base in other planets. You know, you can do it in a Ruth dream. You can even go crazy. You know it doesn't matter. You can meet celebrities. You can distract hound you know everything that you please all Thanks, Dorothy. Dreaming on. You know, in this course you are going to learn how to Master Luther Theremin. You're going to learn from different abilities such as the mild deal wild that will help you become a master in this ability. In fact, I have been lifted remained since having a child for my entire life. In the last years, I've been doing research in order how, toe Master even more disability. So in this course, you're also going to learn to approach Ruthie dreaming with a personal perspective because it has my own personal touch. Added the cars, You're going to get homework, you're going to get DreamWorks. You're going to get to the lots off exercises here. You're going to learn how to take your mind. You're going to learn how to go into trends. And you can even learn a little bit about astral projection in the scores. Definitely. I can guarantee you that once you are over with the scores, if you put all the fourth you need to put your going to be able to lucid dream at wheel on dwell going to bed would be never the same. You're going to love it. You're going to be excited. You're going to look at your bed and you're going to say who adventure time. So definitely you should go for these cars because you're gonna love it, and you're going to learn a lot. 2. What is Lucid Dreaming?: Hello, everybody on Welcome to my lucid dreaming cars. Well, as you have heard on the intra video, you know you are going to get started into an amazing journey. But in case you have miss it a I'm Fernando and I have been looted remain since I waas a child since I can even remember In fact, I can still remember my very first lucid dream. I believe I was even a total er because even recalled being able to work. Andi, I had one flashlight on Dwell in the middle of the night. Suddenly the flashlight turned on with a green light on Dwell, I realized that it was a dream on Dwell. I remember a little more, but that was my first lucid dream. You know, that's a naturally triggered lucid dream. But like those I had many on, I have researched on discovered that this isn ability, it can be mastered. And I have been working years after years to make this technique flawless. To make this an amazing Harvey. In fact, you're going to learn in discourses, you know, to master the ability off lucid dreaming to be able to control your dream body at wheel. And to be able to recall your dreams beautifully. It's an amazing journey. It's an amazing hobby. You truly are going toe venture in tow, something lovely, a lot off bliss. It's about to start for you. In fact, you're going to realize that that time is going to be yes, More than sleeping, you're going to look at your bed and all mostly excited, because for you, it will be like a poor ALOF adventures because you will be able to anything you want. You can fly. You got me with celebrities, you can go to space. You can kick that bullies, but if you want to, you can fire boss or kick it spot. Also, if you want, you know you can heal recurring nightmares. You can connect with your subconscious, you know, from the most spirit, while holistic colored whatever to the very down to air fund crazy thing. Driving a Ferrari, speeding, getting tickets. You know anything, anything you want, you can fulfill your heart's content all thanks to lucid dreaming on in the scars. You truly are going to learn how to do it and you're going to master it. But exactly what means looking women. Well, if it remains, is pretty much knowing that you are dreaming while you are in the dream. It's like saying, Oh, wait a minute. This is a dream. My baby to sleep in the Met. It can be called like waking up in a dream. Okay, Becoming loose it becoming fully conscious from where you are so you can explore your dreams consciously. You know you're going to be completely aware, like if you're awake. But in your very own dream on, Trust me, it's extremely fun. You will be able to say I'm sleeping and this is a dream. Is that easy? And, you know, in this course you're going to learn to do this with little to no effort, it will require dedication. It will require a 14 year end, but absolutely you will be able to make this a huge, an amazing hubby. So keep going to go to an ex course as an amazing experience, it's about to start for you 3. Who can Lucid Dream? Religion? No problem!: Hello, everybody. And welcome to lesson number two from these amazing Luthi dreaming cars. So well, you already have. So, my dear of what truth it remained. I'm sure you are all excited waiting to get started. But let's cover. I have a few ground questions that most people might have. Okay, so let's get started in saying who can lucid dream, you know, pretty much everybody can ofa dream. Okay, this is a very safe humming there. No issues there, no problems at all. You know, kids Luthi dream all the time. In fact, most kits probably are aware off most off their dreams in terms of in a dream, it is likely that when you were a child, you know how to dream how to lucid dream. Obviously adults kind of dream, you know? A I have seen even elderly people mastering the ability off both dreaming. In fact, I had a student who waas I believe 73 Andi Well, she had some wild dreams, you know that you would say Whoa, this old lady rogue on you know what I mean, So well, yeah. Hey, best novels l very men and women on. You know, most likely Even your duck can can have a little drink. You know, it's proven that animals to dream on. I'm sure they have lucid dreams also. So you know the birth in one word? Yeah. Everybody can Lucy dream? No problem at all. In fact, I can say that louder, but not clearer. Everybody can learn Lucid dreaming. So you're wondering Do any real change my belief system? Maybe you are religious. Maybe yours. Your baby atheist movie. I bought this. You know. Who cares? No. Doesn't mind what religion you are that you can master? Lucid, Dreaming Luthi Dreaming has nothing to do with religion. Nothing at all. Okay, so it won't get on the way on your beliefs. Very sad. Fragment off the scores that talks about astral projection on while it doesn't touch any religion. That's more on the spiritual end. But definitely you don't require any astral projection. Toe Master Ruthie dreaming. He has have the option to experience that I label of forwardness on. We're going to talk about that in a later course. Okay, but for what? Lucid dreaming stands. No, you only to change your belief system. Whatever it iss the only belief system you need to change is that you can and will lucid dream at wheel. Okay, your feet dreaming is he s dreaming with our witness. Nothing out. Obviously a well dream every night. So that's a matter religious or spiritual, Believes, have not including these cars. They only maybe more metaphysical event could be the Astra creation part. And that's actually completely voluntary. Okay, do the dreaming is all about discipline and practice, nothing else. And remember, there's no danger settled, You know, it's a dream. If you fly high and you crash in the ground or you get shot or whatever, things are not going to go wrong. You know, it's most likely that nothing will happen, that your dream mercenary will change or that you will wake up. So that's not a big deal. Remember, Lucy treatment is 100% safe. Or will we get spire lies in bed? We're going to talk about that in the later lesson on. Well, you are in your comfy bed so nothing will happen to you. Well, you know, if one day a home burglar enters the house and makes a mess Well, you know, that's something that you can't blame Pruthi dreaming, But other than that, trust me, you're going to be fairly safe. Okay, so see you next. Listen. 4. Short and long term joy.: Hello, everybody. And welcome to lesson number three from these fun on amazing, lucid dreaming quarters. So you're really know a bit about Lucent remain, You know. What about me? I'm Fernando, even lucid during my whole life. You know the drill. OK, well, you know that Ruthie dreaming is 100% safe. You know, you know that within Cremin is for everybody on, you know, that there is no religion, no issues involved in these cars. So let's talk about the benefits from lucid dreaming. So we both have short terms on long term benefits. Definitely. It's all about benefit, you know, contradictions. Littleton on. Maybe you will lose a few minutes for sleep. Or maybe you have to put more time into writing down your dreams. Big deal. That's that's not a problem at all, is it? So let's talk about the benefits them things. There are no obvious a contradictions. So a certain benefits Well, imagine you have these amazing, like a dream. You are flying space, you go to Jupiter and you know, you find some extraterrestrial and you then find a dream girl or dream guy on. You know, whatever your heart decide here you have this amazing Lucy dream, and then you wake up, Trust me, you're going to wake up, energized, excited on with an afterglow that can last for weeks. It's pretty, pretty amazing. You're going to have a huge level off personal satisfaction because you're going to say I did it. I finally have a lucid dream on, especially the 1st 1 is going to be pretty pretty unique. Might be a short one. Might be a few seconds might be the best time of your life. In fact, most likely it's going to be yes, a few seconds. However, as you develop the ability, you're going to see progress and you're going to see that you indeed Candleford dream and can develop. You also will be able to be satisfied when you accomplish your tasks. When you realize how easy is to take that they asked to a dream and accomplish it on. Then you're going toe, see Wow, that was an amazing dream. I did lots of things, and you're going to feel super happy feelings of accomplishment, as I mentioned, obviously we all have personal fantasies, you know, maybe want to go to space. Maybe you want to meet with a certain celebrity. Maybe we went, too. Play football. Super Bowl. You know it can be, you know, maybe we lack some other things, but dreams and hard desires. I believe we all have plenty of them. Well, you can accomplish them on dreams. Most off them, I guess, unless you an astronaut, when you're listening this from the Isis, you probably are at your home or from your cell phone on. Most likely, you are not a restaurant. If you are lucky, you, then maybe you can try to go to space without the space with. But for the rest of us mortals who are no astronaut, our only way to go to space A In addition of us of travel is the dream. Andi, trust me, it can feel very, very riel. It's very empowering, and it's very fulfilling. Promise Holden. It's another important benefit, and you know there has bean scientists. There has been surgeons that they practiced their surgery during the dream, completely lose it on. Then they do it in real life on it's also proven that many sports people, you know, they are many athletes, they are developing, and they are practicing in the roof. It drips. So definitely this is a skilled for lots of fun, but also for serious business as well. And obviously it's a great way to start today. A great starts gives a great day. You're going toe, wake up positive, excited because of your dream, almost looking forward to your next trophy dream. But you're going to enjoy life more also, because you're going to have this afterglow on. You're going to be more positive and, you know, like attracts, like So you're going to be having a great day, but it doesn't stop there. You also have long term benefits having a more perceive approach to life. As I said, the afterglow we're going to be carrying looking forward to something, you know, life. Maybe they will at some point in our existence. Maybe it's a boring job. Maybe their family problems. Maybe one off markets are sick. Maybe they're the run away. You know, I could be hours naming all the prolific with half. However, having a lucid dream into your life will allow you to see those problems in a much more boss give way on especially. It is something that you cannot change. For whatever reason, at least, having excitement on other areas of your life will bring a positive on overall benefit. Improving performance in sports work that they mentioned before there. Many athletes there, many surgeons there, many teachers, you know, there many people, they practice whatever they have to Next day, in their lucid dream, they induce out of the dream. They practice it and then they re Luit. In waking life, you are fully consciousness an elephant room so you can function the same way you function in real life. In addition, off course of having any superpower to the cider. Obviously, if you plan to run a marathon and you want to practice even one toe have superpowers of running because we're behind the counter productive. But you steal can practice. And trust me, your muscles will get activated, their paralyzed. So you will move, but they will get activated. The electric signal will be sent to them, so that will, at some preparation to your muscles, half a deeper understanding of yourself. This is an important one on the recent is you can connect directly with yourself. Crops use you have direct access, their subconscious you know, recurring nightmares or were events You can always ask the dream. What's going on? What happens? Poem. Who am I? What's my purpose? You know what's the meaning of this? You can ask all the you can ask all off the questions that you, the sire, you can feel a suffice. All these big questions that we all wonder you can ask them and you will get an answer. Trust me, you can also hear subconscious fears and limiting self lives. You know, let's say you have a phobia toe. Whatever you can work on it on your dreams, lucidly on you can help yourself to hell that four year on toe heel, the limiting Silva lives. I have seen many people who has fear off talking in public on then, in a lucid dream, They practice, you know, they money fares the lucid dream, and they then they evoke the public. They booked a scenario, whatever, and then they do their speech on the waiting. The dream is like they haven't. Once they feel more comfortable right now, it could sound a little over it up, especially if you never had a little dream. But trust me you will reach there. This has a huge amount of potential. You can't even imagine how much that I said. You can connect with your self conscious on. You can be more present and aware. Both awaken asleep. This is an important people. Goes through life like a robot. You know, there are many wonders erroneous and with a notice. But society, it just has to be this way. This court is going to teach you how to prevent that because they more off a robot. You in waking life, the harder is going to be free to live it. You're going to learn to be lucid in real life. Toby Lafitte, in your dreams on being rooted in real life will bring many additional benefits that obviously we are going to mention because this is about dreaming, not about waking, but still you're going to see it for yourself. So let's proceed to question number three. Um, A Let's more to next lesson 5. Healing Recurring Nightmares: Hello, everybody. How are you doing today? Any goofy dreams so far? Well, since it's hard that maybe Eve you had a If you heard some of these lessons before going to bed, maybe you might have something. Maybe you have drink our Children and if not well, so it's goingto happen because you know when you could start talking about lucid dreaming on when you get into the topic, even if it's yes, pretty much nothing, because we have done nothing yet. You still are going toe, have it in your subconscious tints. Really, that is going toe app beat two year possibilities of being elephant. So if you had a lucid dream, congrats. If not, don't worry. This card is about learning, so you soon are going to get it. So a Let's keep talking about some extra benefits from lucid dreaming that I haven't mentioned on the previous lesson on the reason of that, it's because it's a bit off a different area, maybe not the most in travel area off dreaming the negative side of it. Obviously, you know why this is nightmares. No one likes those, but everybody gets them every now and then on its part oflife on through the dreaming You can learn how to understand how to control and even how to negate a Magner. In fact, I want to share with you A. I barely remember my last name. Er, okay. And I remember when I numbers, you know, this is freaky, but in my case, I would love for someone. Freddy Krueger. Yes, Yes. They're very Freddy Krueger from M Street. You know, I saw the movies when I was a child on Instead of panicking, I said, Well, maybe the king of the nightmares. If he becomes my friend, he can help me. Obviously I knew that Freddy Krueger tea and exist, but it could exist in my subconscious. While it couldn't do anything to me like in the movies, I knew it would help me. You know, I could mention many childhood neighbours where he saved my back. And that's thanks to Ruthie dreaming because I've been able to be consciousness aware that there was a nightmare on for whatever reasons, I had little control of my dream body, much steel. I had the power to summon him. You know, that could be in one way. There are many ways to deal with nightmares again. We're going to mention them here. So I want to focus most, especially on their recurring nightmares, because I random nightmare can happen to everybody and maybe has no meaning at all. Maybe yes, our brain generate that nightmare, you know, for whatever reasons. But recruiting members, on the other hand, are something to pay attention. When there is a recurring nightmare, it means there is an issue leading me to address. If you had look it, you can face the threat. Let's say that you have a dream off the doctor following you chasing you. You know, chasing dreams are very common, terrifying my common if your life it you can say, Well, this is a dream. So when it's important for you to stop and face at the face, that threat focus may. Let's see. Well, I looked or can entity. But let's say a monster A J and wolf with two heads, a lot off tooth on a snake tail and a scree p, as you can imagine well, even more crippling and is chasing you down a very dark forest. If you're looking, you know nothing's going to happen to you to stop right there. Face him and say, What do you represent? Who are you? Trust me. Even if it's a monster, a duck, a beast, that's a matter it's going to answer to. You know, game. You could always try to destroy it. But if you want to heal a recurring nightmare, you want toe, understand the threat. You want to understand your nightmare. That's very important. You know, I have worked with many people through dream healing, okay, understanding a recurring nightmare and then face net full of it. Trust me. Once that record namer ISS for field, you understand the meta from it, it will never come back. And this is actually proven okay, I say mentioned chasing nightmares. Normally, it means that the dream has something to tell you. OK, has a message for you. Catastrophe nightmares. These could be related toe either interferes. Are this balance in your current life. Okay, I want to get very deep into this, but a you know, generally, if you have catastrophe nightmares, it's because your life is not in a good level of balance and you want to ask the dream what they need to change to change the outcome off your life on bond. Well, you can grow a lot personally. It can be truly, truly amazing for nightmares. These can be quite different, you know, And these status a little bit the yes, for protection part that I want to stay away from in order to avoid any degree of spirituality. But, you know, for the neighbors, in terms of lucid dreaming, we can account them as an abrupt awakening. Or you were dreaming off flying and you crashed somehow. And then you woke up a joke that I'm scared. These nightmares are not likely to be a record him. And if they are, then I would recommend before you go to bed tow for five minutes, take a few deep breaths, calm yourself down. You know, drop the cellphone on. Yes. Give yourself some peaceful time. Because normally this could happen. Also in there is out of stress or there is no a period of time off. Relax, ation between the hectic life they today on day, peaceful dreaming. Okay, Andi, you know, once you heal it, once you work with it, you're going to say goodbye to your agree neighbor. Not coming back at all. Nothing at all. Trust me on this one. It's going to be fantastic. So this is pretty much all about nightmares on now. We can proceed toe next lesson, so let's go for it. 6. Getting started.: Hey, hey, everybody, How are you doing today? So this is lesson number five. Before we get started, I want to mention something they forgot from the proves lesson We're talking about timers. Remember about hitting the neighbors. But what if if it is our non recurring gig, mur Yes, around the neck merits a first mentioned Well, you know, you can transform that nightmare into animation of dream. You will have full control, and you will be able to change the outcome of your dream. If it's a runner nightmare, you may ask what's going on or you may yes, completely obliterate the threat that will be up to you. You need to pay attention to your recruit neighbors, but to a random nightmare, you know, devious and the threat, or move on or, yes, base allies in a different dream, you can transform it into animation lucid Dream on. That's that for $9. OK, because today we're going to talk about something extremely important, and this is the first tool that you need. Toe get a dream journal East one on a turnout, which he said, dreamer, as I knife used to a chief. I'm sure you saw all these cooking contest on the TV or you at least hair of them that it shapes. They even take their knives with them. Their knives are, there's, they say, grit tools. They wouldn't share it, ever. The same goes for your dream journal. Okay, In order to be successful and lucid dreaming you need a dream journal. You cannot succeed with a dream journal. This is a must. The reason off that is because it's going to help you increase your dream, Rygel, in order for it, do not forget your dreams. Because if you have no during miracle, you're going to forget your dreams. Even if you have the most amazing lucid dream, you're going to forget it in a split second. And trust me, that can be very frustrating. Okay, so you must get a dream journal or NATO note. It's the traveler off the dream world. You know, we say a cyber note for the one who rough is the Internet. You know, astronaut, obviously, for those who have the space well, and on a low note is a dreamer. Okay, you are hopefully on a or not. Okay. Say you might be wondering. Well, what it really why it's so important. Thes thesis journal. I I guess I can recall my teams of a one. You can three the way, So definitely it helps to Mordecai to this hobby. It provides some degree off seriousness. Yes, for the sake of having your dream journal right next to you, it's going to help you to understand and toe realize that you're serious about recalling your dreams that you want to wake up in the middle of the night and take a few notes. The do you want in the morning to be able to feel of a whole page that is going to put some pressure in your subconscious for you to remember your dreams. You know the brain without careful dreams. Society Society doesn't train us to care for teams. It's like it's obviously it's yes, toe to recover on. We meats a very important part of our life. How much time do you sleep? Every. How much hours? How much days? How much years off your life have you spent sleeping? Well, while you're sleeping? A blacklist cloud, you know, making life out of it on Definitely having a dream journal is going to help you wake up every morning with memories for you Read at night. It dramatically enhances your team brickle. Maybe the first week you just get a few words. Maybe the second week you get a couple paragraphs. Well, you know, everybody has ceased on base, but trust me, I have had dreams where I had three or four pages that I will say, Come on, this will never end. You get to a point and you have so much to write down. Nothing will be overwhelming. But also this course will teach you how to record your dreams when you are in every or a miracle so much that you want to only type down a few key words and that's important, OK, It also dramatically enhances the vividness of your dreams. And why is that? As you read your dream journal, you get more familiar with your dreams. You get more used to them on the same way you put some pressure in order to recall your dreams. The brain is going to force you to be more aware in the dream. It's going to make everything more clear, so you're able to recall it. It's like If you look at a screen, a TV screen on the distance on it's like Fassi with snow. You're going to recall very little if you understand anything at all that's going on on the TV. But then let's say that you have on HDTV 10 80 p in your home, 70 inches now 60. That, by the way, we're going to take our TV's also in these cars. Um, well, obviously, if you watch a movie from this huge, massive, top quality TV, you're going to recall much matter what happened right? Even you will be able to see the smallest details that maybe you have missed on the not so good to be dreams is the same. The more you enhance your business, the more clear your dreams are, the easier it's going to be for you to recall them on. Also, it's going to increase the amount of lucid dreaming. Yes, indeed, it because he said there was more baby. Chances are that you're going to know that it's Children. We're going to look about it in a forger lesson, but they're way too many signs that tell us this is a dream. The face entering this is a dream. But since we work when we function like robots in waking life women set with a proper dedication, you would miss it anymore. This is right at in journalism asked because he's going to enhance that. And that's a very key feature for you to be successful with women. It helps you to become more familiar with your dreams and hand stern. Look it. This is exactly what I was mentioned but doesn't fall on that. Also, you're going to learn how to use keywords. They're going to learn how to use keeping things. You're going to learn many things that are working around your team journal. Okay, in orderto great points off, recalling on points off 13 Lafitte. But you know, if you are more family with your dreams, everybody has a unique way to dream. Okay, Everybody has unique dreams, hangs on many facets that are unique, tweets individual. The only way to learn about this is through journalism, and we're going to talk about journaling especially or next lesson before we get to the fun part. We need to be serious. A journal in this is your foundation. This is This is a foundation patient only work. I could see it higher, but it's not clear. Okay? Also, you know, a I like every now and then to grab my comm journal, read a few dreams from five years ago, and I'm like, Wow, that's an amazing dream on. You know, it brings back that after blow, it brings excitement, having that excitement toe it to your heart before you go to bed. It's very beneficial for lucid dreaming. We're going to talk about that also. Okay, but definitely it's very rewarding for you to read your most successful dreams years later . It's a very good really is the very best book you can. Great, because it's what your mind has been creating. It's your very own life imprinted in that journal, Your adventures is little fun on. Trust me, you're going toe vividly. Recall your dream once you've reverie that even the feelings it's amazing also enhances your two incubation visualization. We're going to talk about these enough order lesson but remain Croatian on visualization is very important for a successful lucid dreaming. Okay, if you're successfully are able to dream incubate, you can dream with whatever you want on that's going to increase dramatically your abilities to turn off it. We're going to talk about that in a further lesson. But I want you to be aware of that. That remain journal will also enhance your incubation. In fact, I have to repeat it without a dream journal. You will have little to no progress and see your destruction because you're going to try for a few days. You might Bakley, recall something you won't write down. You will forget. You will try three or four days and you would even finish these cars. So place go ahead and grab yourself a dream journal because you truly are going to need it . It's a must. Okay, so, you know, they were going to talk our dream journals in the next class, so you don't have to run away. You have to run to the store and buy one, because you might have one at home. Maybe you want to use your phone, we have a notebook. We're going to talk about that on next lesson. So I recommend you to go ahead and listen to a next lesson before you come up with the final deficient in what type of journal you're going to get. So see you then 7. Types of dream journals.: Hello, everybody on. Welcome to lesson number six from the Lucid Dreaming Course. So, as you know, in last lesson, we were talking about Dream Journal in on how important, worse and why to own a dream journal. So at this point, you should be pretty convinced that a dream journalism asked for succeeding in lucid dreaming. But, you know, there are many different journals, and we're going to talk about them, and we're going to get started first, talking with the Paper Journal, which, in my personal case, it's my favorite. So paper journals are great, you know, they have many advantages. Such has been convenient for me. 19 chartering You know you can place your team journal in your night table and, yes, reach for a small light a pen and write down what you get without even getting L. A bit really pretty comfortable. It has little impact on your serotonin, which is a very, very important and see him in our body. Serotonin helps us to half dreams. It's our best friend. In fact, in Luther Dreams on, we're going to talk about it shortly, but for now, please be aware that certainly is very weak to life. So you want to avoid light at all costs for the serotonin, and soon you're going to know why it is easy to throw an immense or to even it. You know, some of you might be artists. Some of you might drop their land, right? Something you maybe have seen in your dreams. So definitely in a piece of paper, it's going to be much easier for you to get to draw what you have dreamed about. Also, it's very good for quick notes or keywords. You wake up in the middle of the night, your room breath rim. You write a few key words and done. However, obviously it has some contradictions as well. The first and most obvious poor handwriting. So well, you know, if you're writing, it's not that great. Well, take a thing. If you are writing it in like 3 a.m. in the morning, well, it might not be s legible as you desire, so if you have a terrible writing, trying to consider to maybe write in all caps or maybe even a different journal. But if you can have at least some decent, understandable writing, this will be a big deal because this journal it's yours to keep. You're going to transcribe if all your dreams, so it's not a big issue at all. Okay, as long as you understand your writing, that's a mast. Obviously it created small expense, you know. How much can you pay for Adam Journal. Three box. Well, it's not a much to be honest, but hey, I have to mention the negatives, right? It creates expense, but we'll definitely it's not a huge expense on. Well, if you get to have to buy a dream journal every couple months, that means you're having thoughts of dreams. So I guess that's good. Italy less portable If you travel a lot, you know, I do travel a lot, and it is my favorite method on sometimes is a nonsense to having to take in your suitcase . They dream journal, you know, so you want to make it a a supportable as you can. In this case, it could be another supportable. I just want to remind you that you want to dedicate your dream journal only and exclusively for dreams. So if you travel nothing like taking notes and Eddie for a notebook. No, no No, no, no. You should take your dream journal. Okay? It's very important for your subconscious. So if you choose this method, you will always travel with your internal with you. At first, it's much more time consuming, you know when key words are not enough for a good dream. Rickel, you have to write word by word. You can take a while, but you know it develops quick. So as soon as you get to know more of your dreams on that way is through recalling your dreams on through Jordan your dreams. It's going to get easier for you to journal, so an exception, probably one of the most common once nowadays, their cell phone obviously is faster than writing, especially if you have a proper keystrokes pit there. Plenty of fluffy dreaming naps. You know they can track down your dreams, your loaf. It's they make stats. You have night mode. You know they have a tone of things. Truly, you ever need all of the's member jumbo. But if you're more comfortable with a phone than your notebook, then by all means get one off these haps because I'm sure, then extremely helpful. Obviously, it's very portable each. Your cell phone. I bet you even go without your cell phone anywhere, and much less you are going to travel without it. So it's the most portable one. However, it has some major eases the 1st 1 It may destroy your accumulated. Certainly on that has some contradictions that can affect even to your sleep. OK, so it's important to try out what works the best for you. The 1st 1 is having a hard thing to fall back asleep when light is destroyed in your mind, Serotonin breaks your mind certainly in breaks your dreams. You know, if you lose your shirt owning, you will need to reveal it. You will need to re accumulate it again. So it is important for you to realize that you want to have a least some decent drink. Rickel. And you want to at least have some memory. If you realize that the cell phone is ruining your dreams placed, stop using it because it's not going to get better. Okay, this is up to each individual. Only you will find out. For me, it's fine. It doesn't affect me that much, but for other people, it might be hard for them to go back to sleep. He feel generally have time before asleep. This is a method you want to avoid. As I said, partially or totally forgetting your premise dreams serotonin. It's connected to the dreams on. It is important for you to realize this, because if you don't, you can lose your dream entirely. You can also get distracted by other APS emails. You know you want to definitely avoid that. If you are going to do this in your computer, make sure you don't check your emails at all your APS your games Nothing. Yes, go ahead. Focus in your dream when you are done. Closer. Cell phone and get back to it. Okay, sleeping next to your cell phone. It's not medically recommended. It is something important. Like to point out, cell phones are releasing waves. You know, im. It's proven that a cell phone effects dream patterns and affects their brain waves when we're asleep. I personally do not recommend sleeping next year. Cell phone. That will be up to you. Okay, but is ideally, if you have your cell phone is your tool of choice. You want to work in a drawer or on the edge as much as you can, as far outweigh as you can from your bed on. Even you can put in airplane mode where it won't be connected to any network on First would be releasing any waves. OK, so next one boys recorded in this case through the phone is the fastest. Nothing fast, like speaking out. It can done without even opening your eyes, which is positive because his ideal for serotonin even though that doesn't mean that it would remove any. But it's better than nothing. Ideally, if you can get yourself up, boys recording the BIS without a screen that will live so kind of like a monochrome screen where you yes, push a button and it starts recording. That will be awesome, because then you can do it in complete darkness, which is the ideal way to do it. Also on yourself. When you can learn how to open your boys recording up without opening your eyes, you can even leave it maximized. Then, when you Yes, wake up you Yes, A. Well, you know, you have some bloke your came or whatever and then you access Europe with yes, one click that should be a good waited with also. But remember, light affect serotonin even with there's closed because this is happening at our forehead. OK, so our boys recording device without a lighted screen is ideal, as I mentioned earlier also, you know, you may have a sleepy voice like maybe you will be talking like this. Oh, so I waas in the forest? Andi, I was flying very high in a space, You know, I cannot simulate it. Sleepy boys on, you know, probably you only had to do is raise your volume on. That's it. Probably. You understood everything I said, I hope. Well, definitely. You're going to understand everything you say. Okay, in your own. A sleepy voice. Definitely. Much better than trying to understand some irritable regular, however, same issues as using the phone serotonin it's affected on, you know? Want to sleep next to your cell phone? Okay, Now the computer, you know, you can take your entire dream. No meat for later transcription. Transcribing is something very important. And we're going to talk about it in the dream recall fragment off the scars. But for now, you want to account that every single dream you write down in your journal next day or couple next days the latest. You want to transcribe it if you take the whole thing in your computer. Hey, it's done another recently eggs excellent for way back to bed and dream incubation, especially if you write down entire dream. You will spend some time into it, and you will be able to even read about lucid, very material. Don't worry. If you don't know what wake back to bed or dreaming. Commission means we're going to talk about this during these cars. Also, you can enhance your way back to bed researching Luther Terry material. As I've been mentioning on, definitely, it's much quicker than Paper Journal. In fact, a few times I went to my computer on Grow the Truman Step. When it sells very large one, it saves time. And you know, walking away from bed and spend some time could help recall more details. Because you go to the bathroom, maybe eating some water agent in your computer, you open your work on your focus and return your dream, and your mind makes 1/4 off. Working harder to recall a dream how either it drastically strangers here told me way too much light. This is something you have took out with. Let's say it's 7 a.m. And you want to wake up to write in a dream. It's likely that when you want to go back to bed, if you can sleep later from that, it will be hard for you to go to sleep. So, you know, computer, you want to do it. If you are okay in no going back to bed, Okay, you're still can go back to it and fall asleep. This will depend or nature individual, so you need to realize this. OK, it's different for everybody. It's all about trying. This is why Paper Journal is my most recommended one. It works for everybody. So might be a major destruction, especially with those who work from home. Either work from home. And for me it was another instruction because had discipline, but it's very easy to yes, quickly check the email on. If you say something, you can get engaged, and that's not the way to do it. And your computer only dreams or lucid dream materials. Extremely important. As I said, depending on the individual, it may wake you up too much on. You know, once again, it's person is different. You know. You can find what works there was for you with three. An error. Ah, nice dimension. Paper Journal is the best for me. Especially during a way back to bed. So you know you got right. What works out there best for you Because there are many ways to journal years have to find your way. 8. Dream-Wake transition.: Hello, everybody. How are you guys doing any lucid dreaming so far? Well, maybe not yet, but, you know, it's getting more interesting. I hope you guys have got in your journal. Maybe you're listening to all of this at once. That's totally fine. But you know, if you're doing that, definitely you want to refer back to make sure you don't miss any steps. If you haven't had any dream yet in a lucid dream yet. Don't worry about it. You know, because I grow inability. I will get better and better. But I am sure if you'll really have been a few nights into this, you have had a lot off improvement, especially in dreams. Rickel on. I bet some of you might even have had a literature price. I would love to hear about that. Okay, so we're going toe. Keep talking a little bit more about journal in on, in this case about the dream wake transition. So we have a false awakenings and, you know, false. The weekends can be your best friend or your worst full. And that's something that you need to pay. Very close attention, toe. Okay, probably We're going to talk more about false awakenings later. But what I want to mention for you here today, every time that you wake up from it, you want to make sure you do a reality check. We're going to talk about reality checks further in these cars, but basically are rated. Sex stands for checking out your reality, your surroundings and even your very own self to see if everything is in order. If you're in a dream, you're going to find issues. Maybe your hand will look weird. Maybe you're Ceren is we look weird. Maybe you will see people that in real life you cannot see or during the other edge of the world there many cues that you're going to be learning through the progress but false awakenings. It's pretty much a dream off waking up. This can be fantastic if you learn how to use them. As I said, doing a reality check. But they can also be terrible because especially in the first days that you have this amazing Luthi dream. You will be all excited and you will wake up. You will write down your dream on you will believe Wow! Why? Don't know some dream. I brought. This is Gracie. And then suddenly you're going to feel yourself in bed very comfortable. Everything stark. And you're going to be like, Wait a minute. Do you write that from from? And you go ahead to your journal and you see nothing. Well, no big deal if you notice IP, but the brightness if you skip it, I have haired stories that are almost like crazy, you know, thanks to these false awakenings. So it's important to beware of him. Okay. However, this is Yes, I mentioned. I want to talk more about force awakenings in the future. Okay, You need to find what's best for you in terms off dream wake transition. You know, when you're waking up from a dream, you want to make sure that you know if it's best for you to yes, quickly journal down everything you got or waiting bit a couple minutes and then greater trimmed down. This is something that only you can find, and only you can discover in terms off knowing what's best for you. Ideally, do you want to stay in bed for 10 15 seconds? Because if you made a book moves, you can lose your dream, and then you want to start taking some notes. Once you believe you have no more notes, you can stay still. Aaliyah. Marine Bed Scene If you can grasp something else another option during the dream wake transition. You know, if you know you hear from a lucid dream and you knew your waking up or you find yourself in twilight have have wake half asleep. You may want to consider skipping journal in the previous stream in order to wild or even deal. We're going to talk about that in a further listeners well, but definitely you know you'll currency there if a dream is worth journaling or not. Obviously, this will happen when you are a little more skilled. At first, I want you to write down every single word, every single piece, every single, failing, every single anything you can get from the dream because you want toe work. Your recall first. Most important, this is something that you should not forget. So now we're going to go ahead into the next lesson. 9. Importance of Serotonin.: Hi, folks. How is it going to the So we are today on lesson number eight on. We're still talking about Rim Brickell and the importance off three memory and we're talking about serotonin. Serotonin is your best friend. So I guess now it's time to introduce you to the magnificent. Certainly. So let's introduce you to the serotonin here ago. He said. Pretty, isn't it? I guess you can even read it unless you are into biology. Then by all means place to read it. But you know, you truly, though, need all of the science a thing. This is a lucid, dreaming course, not a chemical corps. So don't worry about all of that. Yes, belief. It ends him in your brain, where it helps the magic off our Lafitte and all of the dreams to accord. Obviously, they have a long list of medical benefits, you know, they control our sleep. They control many things. You know, Ask a biologist if you want to know more about it, but you know, definitely the serotonin. It's a very important handsome for us to leave, but also it's required for dreams. When we're dreaming, our serotonin levels are very high. There's also all their body chemistry events, shutters there in phase sleep, paralysis on others. But as soon as you get embedded in your dark room, your serotonin starts building up. This allows you to fall asleep on doing asleep, especially when you get into the longer room faces. Dreams do a core. Remember, light destroys certainly lights The worst enemy from certain on that is something you need to understand. This is way Devices that to have a light screen are ideally not the best for dream brickle . But again, it doesn't mean that a small being off light will grew in your serotonin and you will have to start from square one. It may happen, you know, it depends up to each individual, but in most of the cases you could be able to fall back asleep. But the brighter the screen it is on, the bigger it is, the more serotonin it will destroy. Okay, Also on abrupt awakening could mess up with our serotonin levels. You know, it has happened many times that the alarm starts ringing on were jolted from bed, and we are even this rend it. That's a terrible way to wake up, So it's important to have a gentle sleep wake sleep transition in order to keep our serotonin levels high. Obviously, here I am, mentally in the sleep Wake sleep for the only reason that I am believing that you this event will happen it for a M in the morning. Obviously, if it's time to wake up well, I guess you need your light. You know they start unit your serotonin that much. But if you're waking up in the middle of the night to write on your dreams, you still are going to dream. Or or at least you're planning toe so you don't want to ruin your serotonin. Also, it is likely that you will wake up from a dream after your A after four fight with our self deep sleep. So definitely a you want to lose the shell told him, because the last couple hours of sleep are they ones that you're going to have more chances to be Lafitte to have a more vivid dream and to have a longer dream, for the only reason that Rim face gets longer. Okay, so you know, a gentle transition. It's important. Don't just jump out of it. Unless you feel the dream vanishing from your mind. Jump out of it to get into your journal. But make sure you avoid clocks. Your boy very bright lights and you avoid abrupt noises. That way you will be losing unnecessary information from your village dreams. Okay, guys. So? Well, let's go toe the next letter now. 10. Transcribing your Dream Journal.: Hey folks, how we said going really, really intellectual. Nine. And if you are staying with me, I truly appreciate it. I am very honored toe help you guys out these cars. It's going to get much more interesting when we get into the abilities. But, you know, I believe that creating a strong foundation, it's very important. So that's why we are getting out of the way. The more technical on, the more mechanical profess off lucid dreaming okay on. Then we're going to get into the induction abilities and is when things are going to get super super fun. So please, guys bear with me, you know? A. It's important to have this foundation because it's then going to help you for their remember, all of this information is recorded in your mind. That's intention of these cars on these will pay off in your dreams. So please bear with me, OK? Because now today we're going to talk about transcribing your dream journal. Okay, so, you know, obviously a we have agreed that Dream Journal in its very important OK, it's very important, and it's something you can't miss. However, you want to be walking around with 50 pages illegible Dream Journal or a dream journal full of keywords that after several months you will have no idea what happened. The best on most joyful at Bennett's off with Dreaming is for you to experience a dream, of course, but then, to relieve your experience in the future, you know, last week I have read some of my 2011 a youth dreams on That was like, Wow, those are some cold dreams. I mean, it's like I feel happy because it was my mind that created those dreams. And in Lego, good job upstairs. So you know, a obviously you get to relieve the dream. You know, trust me. If you write down and you read it in a few years later, you're going to visualize crystal clear your dream, obviously relieving the best of your dreams. We'll give you a motivation. We'll give you will re enable that afterglow and will make the whole journey much more exciting. Another good option is sharing your dreams with your friends. You know, there plenty of blocks there, plenty of sites online that you can get to learn your dreams and share a lot with your friends. You know, as you read, all the people streams on as he read your own dreams. You are getting deeper into the dream world. You are adding to your subconscious a lot off dreaming information, you know, because even reading your friends dreams could well open the door for you to have some realizations for year two. Maybe dreams something out from what you have read from your friend. Thanks. Toa daily residue that we're going to talk about it also in these cars. Okay, Andi, I sense that you want to have lots of fun with this and you want toe. If you can win with friends, it will be even better. Okay on. Hey, if you want a friend to work on these cars, you know, let me know on Well, as I thank you for referral, I could make some discount. Okay, so let's alleged that so you know, also very important and very beneficial. If you transcribe it, you will have a digital file with all your dreams. A chief. This is wonderful because you know you can misplace a notebook. It can be thrown to the trash accidentally. It can. You know, many things could happen obviously having a digital file. It's much more security, especially nowadays that we have so many devices on their more clouds online than in our very own sky. And with so many clouds, you can have several backups to your heart's content. Maybe you know, either recommend a couple backups. You know, a couple in devices you own on a couple in clouds. You know you want toe have some decent level of security. But, hey, if you need more back, perhaps if it makes you feel more comfortable having 789 you know, there plenty of them. So a definitely make sure that at least you have a few backups. You don't want to lose three years worth of dreams because your computer broke down or your cell phone fell into a toilet. Okay, so make sure that you back up, please. Everything that you have digital Okay, losing information this way. It's extremely deep iterating and frustrating. Backing up takes a couple seconds, and it could save you years off lost work. Also another reason when you transcribed your dreams you want toe analyzed Between on do you can discover your dream signs? Dream Sang's our keys are are are symbols that you will get on all your dreams. I want to share with you that these are unique to its person. They are unique to you. For instance, let's say I dream with a Ferrari. I will see to for rays not only one. I have a dream With a helicopter, I will say two helicopters. It has happened to me that I have seen airports. I have seen bass stations. I have seen places like this and there has been always two vehicles. Two Masses, two airplanes to helicopters, two boats. This is what I call a dream sang on a dream sign should trigger a reality check. As I mentioned to you earlier, reality check is questioning our reality on learning or dream sang's Every time we see them , we should do a reality check way because, you know, it's maybe you can see to rid cars Park one next to another one. You do write it checks Well, that I'm awake. It sounds some kind of silly. That's it. Well, you know, a what is in the dream? What if you get used to the array to check every time you see it from saying he will do already taking your dreams, and we're going to talk more about this in future lessons. But this will help you understand that knowing your dreams hangs on doing reality checks, every single thing you see them, it's going to be a way to do more reality checks in your dreams and turning with it also help you to study here. Dream symbolism. You learn a lot about your inner personal self when you analyze your dream symbolism. You know, I could make a whole new course of a dream. Symbolism on the view. Desire one, please. Rail means. So I guess that to me. I will take it into account, Okay, but a starting your dream symbolism is also something that you will be doing with your injured. So that's all for today, folks. And soon we're going to get into the most interesting stuff, all the techniques. So see you next lesson 11. Time to create your Dream Journal!: Hey, folks, how are we going to the So we have rich lesson number 10. Andi, we have done most off the theory already. Okay, most of the technical part off Dream Journal in. It's already done. We're still need to talk about dream recall on the importance of it. And then we finally can get started on the fund particles, but, well, you know now, everything about journal in everything. Elgin journals so gets work. It's time to create your dream journal. I seriously advise you do not progress in this course until you have your dream journal. Until you at least have made dietitian off what type of team journal you want to get? Okay, let's say that you saw these beautiful Cole dream journal that you love so much and you buy it on Amazon and it's going to take seven days to get home. You know, you don't need to stop that long, you know? Yes. Grab yourself any random note path and start recalling dreams right now on when that journal comes to you, start using it. But you know, A Unless it's a situation like that, you want to get your team journalism as you can start your Smith and as a room. As I said to you, please do remember, your dream journal should only be for dreaming. Obviously, if you have chosen your cell phone as your tool of choice, you can use your time for your dream. Your see, You could have that. I rated check right now. Okay. And in fact, later in the course, I will try to make some randomness, something to confuse you. Something that makes no sense in order for you to do a reality check. OK, But in this case wasn't my intention. My intention Waas simply to say that as long as you use your dream journal only for dreams , it's going to be fantastic. If you are using a cell phone, then you know a make sure you have your lucid dreaming up ready to go. If you your boys recording it, then I recommend you tow them. Load a boy's recorder up. Yes, for your drinks if you use your voice recording for something else half a different app by Do you want Oh, teachers have confuse that that journal whatever it is, it's only for dreams. And if a journalist there it means you need to work on it. That way, when you go to bed, your mind will see it. A newly like that dream journal. It's we feel up. I need to remember my dreams and your subconscious is going to create emotion off awareness to throw through your brain toe, work harder on recall your dreams. So go ahead, get yourself a dream. Children at Dream Journal If you haven't on and, well, time to enjoy. These are mission adventure because you know it's never start recalling dreams. You can only progress. You will never go back. So get your dream journal and when you are ready, let's go to next lesson. 12. Using keywords.: Hello there, folks. Welcome back. So I figure you already got your dream journal. It's already on your night table, ready to be fill up. Maybe at this point off the course. You're really been starting to recall dreams If you haven't Congress. Very good job. If you haven't yet, don't worry about it. Please remember that for dream recording, you are only going to experience progress. You will never go back unless you slack. Of course. But you are not going to slack, are you? So now that you have your dream journal, it's time to work on your you have gets right. Your dream, Rygel. Most important tool for lucid dreaming. Obviously remembering your dreams is a key to success. Let's say you have these amazing Ruthie dream. You go to space. You meet with some ex cetera stills. You save some fantasy world. You come back to earth, you gain a noble prize. The NASA hard. You know we can go on forever. Let's said you yes, had on awesome lucid dream. But you have no dream recall skill. Guess what's gonna happen. You're gonna forget your entire dream within seconds on. That can be very frustrating. working on dream recall. It's a key of success. Now you have your dream journal. Now you can work on your team. Brickle first step keywords Key words are very important, especially when you have some decent level off ability I have mentioned earlier. If this is your very first time getting years to this, if you are the type of person that says I don't dream, I can't recall my dreams I'd remember blackness. I only remember a few words. That's okay. If that's the case you want for a few weeks to write down, every single finger comes to you. If you're only able to write down. I was feeling happy. That's fine. Write it down. Don't be wrote to your brain. If your brain, maybe a fort toe even remember that you were dreaming. Okay, you should be grateful for that, and you should reward your brain. Trust me, it's much better to have in your journal. I was happy and I believe I was at home. Definitely. That's not very fun. That's not a lot for a dream. But, hey, you have recalled a fragment on If you have moved from no dreaming at all and I want to make a point that we all dream Okay, Every single night. We don't remember it. So those who are saying I don't dream Yes, you Yes, you. Yes, you, though. But the problem is, there is slack off the record. So if you are moving from zero toe a tiny little word Hey, it's a progress Congress. Good job. However, it's a point that your dream recall could be very decent, that maybe you are able toe remember 678 paragraphs on maybe takes for 45 minutes to write down a long dream. Well, wait back to bed. 45 minutes is amazing, especially if you don't have to work next day or go to school or whatever. Let's say you're five or six dreams that are as long as 45 minutes worth off writing on. Trust me, it's possible. I remember a few times waking up at 6 a.m. Is starting to write down a dream on not finishing into like 7 30 I was like, Oh, well, I guess I will yes, move on from bed because the race have a ferry, it's time to get started. That's a big point. Either one. You Toby, doing any escapism? Okay, It's important to leave your life, meet with your friends, go to your work, be with your partner. What a nice movie. You know, find violence. Okay, Don't overdo anything. And this is a very recent I am giving you advice for key words. Keywords are great for dream brickell because also a straight it's a muscle. If you are able to remember a right from two towns, okay, by car. Maybe at first you will need to write every single detail. But then you can go, then toe keywords, and you can say forest. Okay, the only key work you're right on. Let's say you write down in your journal forest a flight space on son. Next day when you transcribe your dream. And I want to point out that if you're going to use keywords, you want to transcribe it. Next day, you're going to be reading. Okay, Forrest? Oh, I remember. Yes, I was in the for EST on. I was talking to some reindeer on. Guy was able to see some elves, and he was out of family because we were doing some our ocean. Oh, yeah. on flight. Yeah. So then I was able to take off, and I I started to fly. I flew about the clouds that he was amazing on. Actually, I decided to go to space on. I met with some extraterrestrials there. I ve said some alien planet and I was their savior on. Well, from there, I decided to travel to the sun on. He was very warm and cozy. You know, I made up dream right now, but you know, everything they said when you only wrote down for key words. So keywords are great for that because then they're going to train your mind that out from the world forest, you need to remember the whole fragment with practice, it becomes expert. OK, definitely. Faster. 14 journal in the wrong run. Also, it's easier to attacked Dream Sanks, if you want to make a study off your dreams, you can check out. Okay, So what common key worked? I have in my dreams, let's say, a sports car, for example. Okay. You want to find something that is not pretty obvious, even want to say yeah, a tree or yeah, my wife. Because you see trees every day you see your wife, your parents, your husband, every single e. So you don't want to use that. But you don't see a sports car every day. Well, you know, you can I have leaving something that you can. But you know, the key here is to get to see something you can see every day. Let's say a helicopter passing. And maybe you see the helicopter person every day or twice a day, but not several hours today. Okay, so let's say you see a helicopter passing is already check it. Mayor Menino, the a dream. Maybe, you know you're awake. You're still want to do you write a check? But chances are that it's a dream, because if it had room saying it can show up on several of your dreams on having keywords is easy. Because if you ever if you have 100 dreams on in those 100 dreams, you can find that in 70 dreams. There is a German shepherd duck, for example, that it's not your very own duck. Okay, you went toe. You want to realize that German separates our common appearance in your dreams. So everything you see one you want to be ready. Check. You would see them awake, but when you see them asleep, you will do have righted check in it. So they said the main reasons why teams things are so important. OK, but day your time, Don't rush it. You know, you start using them, sings when you feel comfortable on radios. Okay, so let's go ahead into next lesson. 13. Using points for references.: Hey, hey, Fiddle dreamers. How are you guys doing today? Is that dream journaling getting Toby improve it? It's Are things getting better? Well, I'm sure that if you have been a few nights are reading into it, you might have experienced some level of improvement. And if you are like listening all in one shot Well, a I personally, even with advice that but you know, you can do it once, and then you can do it again. That really up to you are you understand that it's person has his or her own way to learn. But, you know, I want to make sure that you integrate every single No, let's that I've been shamed with you into your pool of knowledge. Okay, so you know, another way to enhance Dream Journal in is through using reference point. OK, reference points are exceptional for very long dreams, especially if key words are not for you. The words are for some people, but for some people, they don't work well. Reference points. On the other hand, it works great for everybody. Okay, let's That has make sample off a reference point. Let's see, I would say referent point number one when I was in the forest with the elves reference point number two when I was flying above the clouds. Reference point number three. My travel through space on that alien planet I visited. And I was a savior, too. On reference number Point Nathan number four. I've decided to some obviously it's more writing than keywords. Definitely. It's not that much from keywords on this already could start a could. Could a jump start your process in remembering your dreams? So if you find yourself you are thinking way too much time to write your dreams down, they start using reference points. They're also very important. If you have a very long, lucid dream. Some dreams can be very long. You can make a few pages worth of writing from a single dream. So you know your mind is very powerful. Don't tempted. Okay, so a about faster journal in, you know, factual journey is always have manage, you know, and it is your do not wait back to bed that we're going to talk about it soon. You want to journal as fast as you can, so that way you lose the minimum amount of possible dream information OK and definitely also is going to help the stretch your dream recall muscle because you wouldn't be telling your brain toe. Yes, read everything that you vomited in your theme general earlier. If you do a reference point, it's going to help you to create checkpoint in the dreams, but also is going to help to stretch your dream recall muscle. So your progress in the empirical it's going toe get empowered and is going to grow. But you need to have a foundation, some decent Rickel, because if you lose information yes, because you have used reference points or keywords, it can be frustrating on. That's something that definitely you want to be about him. Okay? And he said it aids recalling big fragments of dreams, and this applies through toe non lucid dreams. Also, if you could use toe the rumor big fragments, you know, A Once you write down a reference point, you will be able to recall that entire fragment. I have had many lucid dreams, but also I have had very large, non lucid dreams. I remember there was a novelty dream that it took almost like eight pages worth off writing . It was insane. Obviously, I haven't 100 all of that because it will be crazy. Steal. It took me a whole page. I like to use reference points. Keywords, you know, under my most favorite tool. They're fantastic for some, not a fantastic for others. As I said, it's about individuality. And it's about how it works for each of you. Okay, so definitely you will realize that. Hey, when you have a fragment, you know you will be able tow, Remember much more from your dream. In my example, in that huge stream, it still was a point. I mean, a whole Bates worth off reference points on. Then when I started to transcribe, it became 10 pages, 8 10 pages. Who was? It wasn't same. That was too much. Okay, But he was a very significant, non lucid dream, and he was worth it to write down. Also, while you are love it very important using reference point dramatically enhances our recalled. Let's say that you have perform your wild technique. Okay, that stands for wake initiated lucid dream. You're going to learn that also, let's say you do your wild. You know it's the beginning of your last grim face. And, you know, you have about a Knauer worth off, Rheal time in German time, in dreams, it's very different. You know, five minutes in real life could be a very long dream If you have a whole hour class that he was going to be massive. So you went to say, OK, I go to the mall. This is going to be a reference point. Then you keep dreaming and you get the park. Oh, I got now to the park. This is my next reference point. In fact, since you are looking, you know you're dreaming. So you're going, you know, you're going toe, wake up eventually and write the whole thing down so you can You can stop the dream for a moment and say in the very dream, this is a reference point. And then continue with your dream on when you feel ah while has passed or a mayor event happened. Can that you think in the dream? I need to make sure I went to Rimmer. Remember this? That should be your reference point. You should use it. You should say it out loud in the dream. Okay. This forest is my reference point that we'll make the brain hold the dream as soon as you wake up, write the reference points down on the next day, in the morning or in the afternoon or even in the evening. You shoot. Transcribe it. Okay, on also it help us to accomplish Dreamgirls, especially those looted goals is easier for dream incubation. We're going to talk about the incubation, as you know, but it helps you Dobisch allies better. What he went on. Why is that? You may be asked him the same way you're using reference points to recall the dream. You can use reference points toe, incubate the dream and keep your incubation. Insert off dreaming your dream before you have Children. Imagine it. Imagining your dream. Let's say what dream I go to space during the day. I will imagine myself flying through space on then at night. It's likely will dream off space, and we're going to talk about that, Okay, but definitely it helps us to accomplish goals because we can map or dream some like somewhat like if we're going to travel, let's say we're going to make a drive around the country, you know, definitely you want to map your you might map your route. You want to book your hotels, you want to get yourself ready. So pretty much doing that for a dream. And it's actually fantastic. When we took our dream incubation, I will share more about this. Okay, folks, so already they should give you some push. Andi. Well, let's go on in the next lesson. Because now we truly are about to get into the techniques. Okay, guys, So see you next lesson. 14. Waking life recall.: Hello, everybody. How is it going today? So we are already in election number 13 on You know what? I got good news because this is the last lesson for the first part of the scores. More off the learning, boring part of it on. Well, after this lesson in lesson number 14 we're going toe array, Talk about deals, The first lucid dreaming technique. Yea, finally getting there. But as I told you, it's very important to have a as much information as possible to have a good foundation and to have a good label off awareness to make sure you start, you start with a right foot with on the told unit and you know this is one less tool. I do not find it personally required for succeeds seen in looted women. Okay, you can succeed in lucid Dream in without a waking life journal. However, it is true that especially off those of you who have a very busy life or lots of things going on or if you're going through rough times, you want to work on a waking life journal as well. It refreshes your memory a lot on it refreshes your mind a lot, especially if you're having a hard time to write down your thoughts. Higher. They went as well as looking into what he could have. A well, what? You home better, you know, kind of like of analyzing your day. This will help a lot in your personal life in your personal development. And also, it will help with women. So this is more up to you. Okay, I do recommend it. You know, maybe not at first. But then when you are holding up your skill, you want to trade this. Okay, If you make sure that the Waking Life Journal it's different from your dream journal, this is something that you should know. It is a must. Okay. So as I was mentioning, if you are able at night to write down everything about your day, you are kind of letting go all your stress, all your negativity, or even all your positives. You know, it doesn't only have to be all about issues. Let's say you had a very exciting day. You're thrilled. You are rushed on, Ben. You realize you have to go to bed and you are energized. Make for another 40 hours. Andi, that definitely is not good being able to write down somewhere or at least go through your memories off a during the evening. We'll put your mind that IHS because it will help your mind organize your day on first, it will help your mind toe have a great sleep on first, more lucid dreams. Also, there is a big positive about this, you know are waking memory. It's better than our three memory. But, you know, maybe if I told you Hey, what do you have for breakfast today? Maybe you could remember. Okay, that's fine. That's normal. You have breakfast every day, almost like the same. But also maybe I could say so. A How many school buses you saw on the road today? Probably you will be able to remember, and that's normal. You are not intended to memorize every single second of your life. However, working in your mind stretching to remember little details, it would also enhance your dream recall muscle. So if you take a few minutes to write down higher they went, that will be beneficial. But if you are able to write down a little more off the details on, you know, strength strengthening your mind, focusing on remembering that will also be very beneficial because then it will improve your dream regal. But that I said, When you get started with this, don't jump into a waking Life journal in, especially if you are quite basic already. You want to get years to recall and write down your dreams first. This is a method to enhance even more your trim, Rygel. But you know, we all have these mind Parrott that doesn't stop talking every single night. And there is a way to take the charter. In fact, later in a wild technique, you're going to learn how toe completely shut the parrot up. But for now, you can think that being able to write down your thoughts from the day we'll help the parent to be more quiet. And for now, that's all you want to be focused on. So if you have a very busy life, if you feel overwhelmed with all the things have to do if you have a recording thought something that bores you, write down in a different journal and European Journal, but right down and put some thought into it, it will bring complete benefits in all areas of your memory as well as your tranquility on . So another powerful technique I like to mention is the chest technique, the chest technique. It's in order to be able to shut this parrot up on it is a simple as imagining a chest in front of you. You can imagine this chest for of any color, any shape that's in truly matter. Then, from there you want to focus on one of your foot's. Whatever thoughts comes first, let's say I'll have to take the car to the shop, okay? You be so nice. All of that. Be grateful for effort on. Imagine the filled inside a bubble going into the chest. Do this for the next thing that comes to you. If for some reason the same thought comes to you, you want to focus on, send her back to the chest. There is no problem if it comes back, but you want to insist that you want to send it to the chest. Do this for a good five minutes when you are feeling your gayness. Sleepy already. Okay, try to not go over 10 minutes. If the thoughts keep recording to you, then leave it for today and next day you will do better. This is our practice and it is about repetition. You will get better. You would have stretch your muscles. So don't worry. Everybody has their own progress. Okay? This chest technique, once you believe or once you feel that he has been enough, you want to imagine the chest closing up on vanishing away? Don't worry. This chest will be available for you to open next day. In the morning. You won't lose any of your memories. You will lose any of your thoughts. But you want to put your mind at IHS. Okay? This technique is recommended to use it especially if he had a very busy day. If you had ever find normal day. If you're relax, even it okay? You want to use this technique every single night Like a ritual? No. You only want to use it when you truly feel that your mind is loaded with us on the same goes for your waking life journaling. Okay, so that's pretty much it for for this lesson. And well, we're going to go into the deal technique on less number for team. So finally you're going to get hands on work. So see you next lesson 15. Performing Reality Checks: Hello there, folks. So welcome back. And finally we're here. We are in lesson number for Tim. The first technique. The first induction technique in order to manifest the lucid dreaming that you are second so as you will, where this technique is called Dealed dream Indios lo fi dream. Personally, this is a foundation off with women. This is a foundation off having your lucid dreams off, growing your technique. You know you can induce a lucid dream, that wheel. But you can also grow your deal. Amount of truth dreams. You know the birth. In other words, at some point of the dream, you realize that you are dreaming, Andi. Then get her looking. Let's say that you are walking down the street, going toe work on. Then suddenly you see a elefant riding a bicycle and then he's like you say, Wait a minute. Does this make any sense? On any of you can realize Holum to the watchman to be Saturday, and it's supposed to work through the what's going on. And then you start questioning, you start looking around you, and then you say, Oh, this is a dream balm. There you have it. A dealed You have induced a lucid dream as the over stands for dream induced low fee to dream, turning out loose it in your very own dream. Imagine their rush that will give you especially, you know, if you in a dream that you are not enjoying so much. You are dreaming of school year dim enough car problems. You're dreaming off work. Maybe your home now said my name. Er, you know, it can be many things to silently realize. Oh, nothing of this happened This is this a dream on? In addition off the relief that whatever was going on, it's not actually going on. You are Look it and you can do whatever you like, you know, to some extent, but you can a have the freedom of being in the world. So let's say that you, you know, you have your first look a dream. You know, you're dreaming about the beach and then suddenly you see a friend who lives in the other side of the country say, Say hello. How Comey I see you on then you say on dreaming with you this is a dream. Okay? You have turned with it. The first thing you want to, though, is definitely not taking off flying or jumping to the ocean or looking for some hot dream character too, you know? So well, let's say that that's not the best option for you. Okay? You cannot turn the Superman and start flying right away. And you neither will be able to become the world greater superhero. Okay, Definitely. You could, but, you know, normally takes some practice to get there on especially you want to get used to your lucid dreaming body. In most cases, when you realize, Oh, this is a dream. Then suddenly you find yourself in that opening your eyes and you're like, Whoa, that was aloof. A dream That was awesome. Young it. I woke up, you know, that's normal. So that happens to you. Don't feel frustrated. It might have been that you even already had a lucid dream as you started to work on the scars on. Maybe you haven't got until this lesson affiliate later on. That's fine, you know, In fact, I want to say the first Luthi dream that you ever have will attract many more lucid dreams . As soon as you have once in a little dream. You already are going to grow a lot into progress. This course has some techniques that will teach you how to induce one at wheel so everybody can have a lucid dream on. Once you have your first lucid dream in your life, you are going to experience much more progress because you're going to know the feeling off with a dream in. You're going to know how amazing iss on. Then you are going to be moving forward and moving fast. Okay, so you want to stay? Relax, Okay. Let's say you to loaf it, then. You know, stay relaxed. Stay. Okay. This is a dream. This is called and then I started looking around. You okay? You want to explore the world? You know, we go through life like robots on Unfortunately, with so much technology and so many screens around us, every single second off our waking life, we are missing most of the points in life. Fortunately, you need no cell phone in your dreams. In fact, if you ever done with your cellphone chances, Sarah even work, okay? And we're going to talk about that also. But you want to look around because you truly don't know where you are. You know, maybe you're dreaming. You're going to You're going work, okay? And you're walking down the street and then you're going work here. The usual buildings you see every day. Well, then look again. You know, you can't imagine how many times I was dreaming of being working downtown San Diego on, then suddenly see myself surrounded by houses on. This was even more mind blowing when I was living in Chicago because I was dreaming off downtown Chicago that I can tell you massive skyscrapers. And then I would see some country yard homes. And I was like, Oh, nice one brain on. I would become with it. You know, this is why it's important to look around, even if you are coughing. And why is that gaining the Fadi that's and mean doesn't guarantee that you're going to stay lucid and pay your dream? It is easy to get very involved into the dream drama on. Then lost lose completely your acidity. If you look around, you're going to see anomalies you're going to see Oh, this is not true in real life, because they're going to have waking memories in your dream. Okay, That's what's the most amazing thing you're going to have waking memories off your dream off your waking life in your dream. So you're going to say, Wait a minute. See, this is one error. This is one way can prove this is a dream. This building doesn't go here or this house doesn't exist or there are no a pirates in this neighborhood. You know, you can start looking around and trying to analyze every single point that our dream related that obviously you can identify a stream related because they're not as they are in waking life. This also will help you to identify, you know, your dream signs. It's a good way to also the reality checks, and we're going to talk about them very, very soon. Okay, but looking around is very important because it will help you toe anchor further in the dream. It will help it to start saying and start getting familiarized with how you dream, the more experienced and the more connected you are to your dreams, the better is going to get because then you will be able to recall better your dreams and gain more lucidity So as I was mentioning, performing created checks when you're awake. So when is her ready check already checked. Is questioning your reality? If I would tell you right now, prove me you are awake. How would you do it? Okay, well, maybe even know. You know, we are We We buy so much our physical reality that we don't question it, you know? And that's why we don't turn luth it naturally on every single dream because we don't question anything, so we do not really identify the difference. We're doing dreams and waking we dough from awaking perspective on most likely in our dreams with you as well. That's why you could find that many dreams are dull and boring. Because you drive your car, you walk to work. Maybe you even goto work about the school or walk your talk or take the key to soccer. He now it was a matter you may be. Dream off your same day to day life because you believe it's rial, You know, like you would for your waking life. You know, it becomes, though than others are fantastic. And you know you're still buy them because they don't question anything. Why do you want to start questioning your reality? Okay, that's something that you want to start doing again. How can you prove to me that you are awake? You could say, Well, I know I'm awake. You know, at some certain point, it would be valid, but only if you knew how a dream feels. Especially if you haven't had any Luther dreams. You don't know that yet on. You need to know that in order to be able to identify the feeling of being awake on the feeling of being asleep. So reality checks Okay, they're away toe help you identify in what reality you are. As I was saying to you, how can you prove me you're awake? Maybe you can say, Well, everything you are telling makes sense to me. I can read in the screen right now. Check your hands. Become a lucid dreamer expert. I can really in the screen. The computer is working fine. Their volume is working. Fine. Excellent. Those are perfect forms off reality checks. In fact, you can see many off them as you can see. What's That's too much. See how many reedited sex you can do. OK, These weren't as an example I made to you. It's looking at your surroundings. Okay? The computers working Fine. You can read the text. My boys is fine. I will make strange noises. Your computer. That's to make funny things on me. For any reason you are seeing something other than letters in your screen or you're saying something. Extremes going on, please. A dual ready check. Take your hands. Count your fingers because you might be asleep. But you know, chances hard that you are not dreaming all of this and you are awake. And if for any reason you're dreaming all of this, you have a very, very good recall memory. So good job. So sometimes looking at your surroundings it's not enough. Okay? And I wouldn't use this as my first reality check. Let's say you know, if you is he something a strange. Okay, let's say that I want you see a look running down the street. OK, well, you could say, Hey, it's Sadak a stray dog or its havoc that escaped from the house. Yeah, definitely have seen dogs ran down the street several times and he was awake. But, you know, it's not something that you see every day. It's something random. You know, when you say something random, you want to do every I did check. You went to question, Make sure you're awake, because in a dream, you can feel you're awake. And that's something that you need to pay attention, toe. OK, so I am feeling that this is going for stew long, so I'm going to stop the lesson here, and I'm going to start the lesson. And I'm going to continue that, actually in the next video. So yes, you know, if you can listen to an Expedia also today because we want to stop finishing about the reality checks. Okay, so let's go on to the next lesson. 16. More on Reality Checks: So hang a and folks, I felt it was better to Yes, make a pass. Okay. For they produce lesson on their related checks on, then resume in this lesson because it is one of the foundations off Lucid. Dreaming on definitely is something that I don't want to rush you. Okay, so, you know, we were talking. Let's go back. A little bit of a pompom. Okay, so we're talking about the deal technique. What's going to be the very first technique? Okay, which it means realizing that you are dreaming while the dreaming. Well, the dreams recording. Okay. So very much stretching from a non Luthi dream toe A lucid dream. Okay, place a think off this. We all have a percentage off chances of having a lucid dream every single night. There many things in life that lower the personage on their many things in life that increase that percentage. Definitely. Yet for the sake off doing the scores, you are drastically increasing percentage. Having a dream journal will increase that percentage, you know, doing a different exercises that I will share with you through the scores. Well, increase that personage. But a one point that well drastically not only increase that percentage, but also give you a good gateway. And I could randomness toe have Luthi Dreams are the reality checks. Okay as well. You remember that your first lucid dreams, you understate. Relax. Look around on stay call. Okay, so reality checks, as you know here. Okay. Every time you know you want to be focused, you want to look around, You want to be present in life. If you're present in life, you enjoy life much more. In addition, you will be able tow spot anomalies in life because even in waking life, you can find many Al Amari's. Maybe you can see a weird car driving down the street, you know, or a ban that is that has a missing door or you can see, Like I said, other running on the street, you can hear a strange noise, or you can you know, there are many, many things that are not from your every single day, you know, same same old thing, you know, very some degree off randomness on, you know, also ready checks, you know, a you can perform them in many ways. Okay. All right. Check as I mentioned, to you. It's questioning your reality, and they can be us PC as checking your hands. Okay, let's say that you see like it's like that. I looked right down the street, OK, it's It's something that is not common. It's something that is not from the to the, you know, experience. Check your hands. But you know, every time you feel righted, check you want toe put. Focus into it. Truly questioned your reality. You know, you can say whoa a right on the street. You can see it every day. I'm a tree awake. You know, even if you know you're awake, doesn't matter. I want you to still do the ready check. Look at your hand. You know, count your fingers. You have five fingers. Does your hand look like your normal hand? Trust me in a dream, hands wheel, morph. You might have very large fingers. You might have very thick fingers on most like you'll be missing. Rough your fingers or you will have extra fingers. Or maybe you cannot even find your hand. Obviously, if something like that happens, you want to a realize that you're in a dream, OK, maybe if you're not sure yet you want to do another very check. You know, you can choose. You can do many writing checks through life, you know, In fact, when I waas is training myself working on the young technique I developed myself here. I would say, Well, I'm going to the right. A check for every person I see that wears a blue shirt and I was working in a visa store. So imagine how many people I so without a shirt, I was checking my hands nonstop and, you know, looking at your hand can take a few seconds. It's not strange at all. So even if you're surrounded by people, you're fine because they will find that you are doing any odd behavior. Okay, Another good red check is to test the gravity. Obviously, this one, you want to do it when you are alone, Okay, because the best way to test the gravity is jumping on. I figured that if you're around people, it would be a good idea if you get to start jumping, OK, because if it's a dream, then that's fine call. But if it was a dream, I guess it was kind of embarrassing. So you know you want to get more in your privacy, but still, you know, you can taste a gravity like dropping something to the ground or, you know, or yes off serving your surroundings, you know, are the cars a writing on their wheels? Is everything a weights mentally, You know, another good one. You know, a that probably you cannot do it in what you can do. This one even I run people, you know you're going to scratch your news for a few seconds and you can, yes, do that. And it's a reading with your no speech You want to pitch your nose on, then you want to try to breathe. If you can't, chances are if you're awake, OK? Definitely. If you can still breathe. Even if you're notice pitched, you are definitely asleep. OK, Another great ready check is to use electron ICS and actor. Nick's work awfully in dreams. I'm sure you have dreamt off your cell phone trying to go someone with a clear success or calling the wrong person or not been able to connect on a strange stuff like that. Computers even work worse. Okay. And cars, you know, some things they work erratically as well, but especially cell phones. You know, digital watches are also a good way to turn off it. Cell phones, tablets, all of these. All of this work pretty pretty bad in dreams, you know? And that's exactly a good way to Verity. Check. Let's say that you are working in your computer or you're listening to this on DSA. Suddenly, it makes ah, it gives an error. Okay. The computer that something weird. You want to make a radio check? Okay. For the sake of the computer, you know the rated check. It's about combining one or more of them. Okay, you hear them? And in fact, I recommend you to at least do a two or three different ready checks, Okay? To make sure you are in a dream. And also in waking life you wanted the way that way. So you get used to within dreams, okay? And it is one of the reasons related sex are so important. You know, let's say that you have to drive up, and you say, Well, every time I every time I see a red car in their free wing, I will check the time twice on the digital watch off my car. Okay, Maybe you do that 10 15 times a day. Okay, In the dream, if you if you get used to that, everything you're driving in your dream in your training dreams, because you are definitely If you definitely spend so much time driving, you're going to dream off Arabian. Then you're going to dream. You do the writing checks. But here is the good thing about it. If you're away, you're going to look at the clock and the clock is going to mark the appropriate time. But if you're in a dream and you look at a digital watch, maybe you can say a for 25. Okay? It's working. Yes, but you want to talk twice, Muna. It says 9 15 Think Well, that's strange. Then you want to look for 1/3 time? Maybe it says it's 57 79 or you look again and eats dollar saying to ferry later e pl you know the old nonsense even read UNP actors. It's amazing the rush that you get when you look at a clock on you see all messed up get you see, While this said dream awesome. Andi, you know a digital water great for this. You know, that's why your cell phone is great to this. Try toe. Try to rouse. Try to to your email. You know, those are good point of writing checks by when you're trying to check your email, make sure you do it with a purpose off questioning to see Is my phone working right? You know, if your phone a, you know, make something funny, don't yet to start. Whoa, I'm dreaming because, you know, electrics to fail in real life. But then you can look at your hands and there you have six fingers and then, well, definitely if you see that you can take twice. Okay, That will check. It's always good on. Not because you can see, like, you can imagine you have more fingers, and you really can. But some things you can dream your actual hand to be pretty accurate toe how it is at least to have five fingers. But then, if you look at it again, then transit salad is going to be different because it's very hard for the brain to change that. So that's something that you want to go Okay, every time you say something and we're going to be talking a lot more about reality checks through the length of the cars. OK, but these are a few examples that you want to do trying to reach something. You know, reading goes to the left brain dreaming goes to right brain. So you really don't don't rate in dreams. You imagine you dream you are really in. So if this was a dream and you can see in blue letters we come a lucid, dreaming expert. But then maybe he look again and then you're saying a for example, Lincoln wasa great prescient from the United States on. Then you look at it again and it says something in Germany, you know, in German or, you know, or USC pick Achuar or whatever. You know, you can change because you are dreaming that you're reading something. You are actually dreaming. The text is like a a J p g. You know J P. T. Worth of picks. You cannot select the text we could, sir. Jpg even you're saying decks will think of really like that for the computer. Okay, so you know we're going to be talking about them. But I want you to start doing write checks from today A king. So if there is something weird, if you see something going on, you know, you definitely want toe do a write a check. Okay? Like I said, check in your hands is the best one pitching your nose, checking the gravity, you know, on get usedto plenty of writing checks that you went over 15. 20 off them, at least. And you want to put 1/4 into them. Okay, so? Well, that's it for a ready checks. There is definitely a lot more about deals, So let's go to next less, um 17. Importance of constant awareness.: Hey, folks, how are you guys doing today? Well, so how have seen those reality checks rolling him? I hope you guys have been doing plenty of him. Well, maybe you have already jumping to this lesson right away because you're all excited. I am very honored for that. That's fine, then. Probably you haven't on anybody. You know, I want year toe assis head to toe every IittIe check every single time you can. Okay, Like it at 15 to any through they okay. Especially if you're seeing something weird going on something. I'm actually not working the way it's meant to be, you know, make sure you though plenty of him. Okay, because they're more ready. Checks you awake, the higher the chances are you're going to their to them asleep on. We're going to talk more about this in the mild technique. But for now, I want you to get used to write a check. Every time something goes strange, something goes off. Okay, So this is something that was mentioning on the last lesson the importance of constant awareness. Unfortunately, now they's especially with so much technology, so many screens, so many everything. We are not focusing their surroundings. We could see a $1,000,000 laying on the ground that most people would miss it because there yes, moving forward without even looking. What's going on around. So do you want to train yourself to be present in life and ways that you know? He went to do your writing checks every single time, uses something that's off or something different from reality? Okay, you know, at the jumping down a walking down the street or running down the street by itself, it's No, that's strange. You know, dogs do run away sometimes, but still is a common. And you want to do a variety check because all these site all this type of madness off randomness, it could happen on your drinks. So if you start looking around you, you are going to be able to start on notice many details about life. Okay, you're going to be able to notice many things that you don't notice. Normally, maybe you can see a sports car that you know it's not coming to see them. Or maybe you will see a group off. Then Children, you know, holding hands and walking down the street. You know, you can see that the flowers in their very own bash that you walk by every day, are extremely by Brent or like very sabi on every single flower. You know, there so many things you can observe, you're going to enjoy life much more. You're going to love your life toe a much deeper level. It's going to be truly fascinating. But also, you know, when you see a oath patterns as you know, you want to read the checks. So what's going to happen? As you look around, you are going to see many things that are not common from the data. They a doings, okay, and so you're going to be doing out more reality checks. Also, you are living a life with more colors, more vivid, and so your brain, it's functioning at a very low level. You know, it's it's it's enjoying more European more present. And if you're used to be very present and not to act like a robot in real life, in your dreams, you are going to start questioning are more everything on What is that? If you know you know our dreams is the reflection off our waking time. Okay, we dream our week in life. If you are focused on present on your surroundings every single moment you are going to be in your dreams on, you know, chances are that nothing that is extremely out off the ordinary well happen in gree a life . However, in dream life sound is higher on. Definitely something is going to be off. So if you are used to look around you to look at your surroundings, you are going to be able to realize that you're dreaming many times because you're going to do on behave the same way in your dreams than you, though in waking life and you're going to get years to question and to look around their reality that surrounds you. If it's the waking ready than fantastic, you can yes, receiving with your very if it's not waking reality. Well, it's dream reality. You are Lafitte. So welcome to your lucid dreaming world. Okay, so that's something that you should know. Lauren Epsom dollars. Setem it, 60 additional eight Practicing. Nikolas. Molly, Is Sisi solely? No, no, no, no. Nothing is going on here. But I figured guys that you should have done a reality check I'm pretty sure that most of you haven't. And you know, that's fine. Probably you were not even expecting that. However, you know, there was something off. And you know, the amazing potential off our minds. It's unbelievable. Okay, I have seen I have heard from students that have dreamed off doing this class like they would do it. And then at night they would dream they're doing the class again. So you should have done already check. Because while it's something that obviously myself has programmed for it to happen right now in a dream chances silent something that will happen. And, you know, most likely you wouldn't go back as easy as to the screen that we are in. You would either staying something like like crazy, like days or something. Very weird, you know? Definitely. You don't want to A Yes, they things for granted. Okay. When something goes off, you know, you want to make sure you do already check. Okay. Like I said, there is no better ready check than looking your surroundings. So place a since you're so your computer when something funny, you know? OK, it was me. Well still look around you Yes. In case, you know, maybe you will find that you have an extra cat. You know, I check. And actually, both my cats are here, so that's fine. If I would see another cat, then probably it would be driven. But I don't on. If I look at my hand, I can say 12345 fingers. I look back and I look again. Five fingers on the hand looks the same. So Yeah, definitely. I'm awake place to that also, you know. Are you awake? Okay, so then let's proceed with the course again. So Well on if you're not awake for any reason, you know, you have check a few times. Probably you are really not even listen to this. And this cursed face it to exist in your dream world most most like. But let's go back to the waking world, which is where most of you are. Probably Andi. They were saying there is no better rated check than looking at your surroundings. The reason I mentioned earlier, if you look at your surroundings, you're going to be able to the plenty of Freddie checks, and you're going to be able to know how things are if everything is in good order. And if everything is functioning normally because obviously, if 70 you look out the window and you see Batman and Superman fighting your town, you know, trust me, you're dreaming. Okay? Left. They may check. Those two folk are yes actors. So as we mentioned your we surprises how much colorful life iss, You know, you're going to enjoy the detail you're going to even enjoy at the beauty off a flower that grows every single summer in your home and you don't even notice it. Okay, start noticing your surroundings and you will enjoy life more on. Definitely. You will enjoy your dream life much, much more on it's at least the lifetime we're working on for the scars. So it is important that you're well, focus of person in your day to they do, it's on. Make sure you keep doing plenty off created checks. Okay, folks, so well, definitely there. Still more for deals. So let's go on on. Let's keep moving 18. DOs and DONTs before bed.: we went as Ticos A C. Kono Ramos, I reckon, Alec Fear, no matter the essays case, Thomas Orlando will see e nos antes echostar's. So what a deal. Come O m o Estado. Okay, hold him. Something is wrong here where the heck I am doing talking Spanish. I hope you guys have made a great check because you know, your mind could be playing tricks on you. You know what's going on with his Spanish, and I'm talking in English, but I'm still see Hispanics. Are you guys awake? Well, I'm sure you guys are okay. This waas not an accident. So you do have now. REITs. Lesson number 16. Okay. And now we're back into English. But, you know, I want you guys to We do indirectly checks. So if you haven't done it, you know, I still want you to do it. Okay, Let's re Harris. Let's practice. So do you write checks? Questioning Everything is okay. You know, maybe you want to even play back the video. That's another good way. You know, you could dream off watching a video. Andi. Well, you play it back. Any place different, play the video back, you know, If you are able toe Syria video in English from the beginning, then you know something Office here. But, you know, probably you will hear it in the Spanish again. So, you know, I want to a you guys to be doing your writing checks. Okay, There they are. One of the foundations for your success in Lucid Dreaming. So, two, they were going to talk more about the deuce on the Don's before going to bed. Okay, I mentioned to you deal. It's like, you know, we all have a percentage to trigger a deal. As you can remember, deal stands for dream induced Luthi Dream, which it means turning. Look it in a dream. Generally from a ready check. But sometimes you can also spontaneously turn. Look it, maybe you Yes, You know, you have a false awakening, and we have talked about those on. We're going to talk more about them in the wild course. Okay. In the same class. So we're about it. You're not going to miss it. I intended to say the mild class, not a mile course, the deal course or the Welker's and I'm blending things up against something is wrong here . Okay. You guys should do a lot of writing checks with me, so you lose track. Nice skating. I will stay serious. But you know, I want you guys to get used to this. So where was I? Okay, on the deal. So I was saying that on the field, it's about increasing that percentage off your chances off, triggering a Luthi dream. There are many does and don't that will increase or decrease the chances to have a lovely dream on. I hope you guys are ready for a big one coming because you know very something that you won't be very happy to see. But it's going to make a huge difference in your success, but we're going to leave that for the end. Ah, I think that's an evil guy. Okay, so let's stuck out the positives first. See how nice I am. I like to start talking about the positives, so really never grossly trimming topics. Or, you know, you can even be working in these cars. If you are right now in your pyjamas. Listen to me and you are starting to get dreamy. You know a party's cars get comfy in your vet. Andi think all about everything I've been telling you. Do a few reality checks as you fall asleep on, you know, maybe tomorrow you will come in with a surprise. Hey, for Member had a lucid dream. Let's not gay, Okay? If you're rather no, listen to me and I, you know, want to deal with me late night, um, annoying you, you know? That's fine. You can? Yes. Crap at work. They're planning off books out there that you can read. You know, you can even find other lucid dream material online. You know, their communities. There are many, many things you can do. Okay, so, you know, a That's a very good thing to do before going to that, you know, we're going to talk about the rest of you, but especially the last things that delivery for Go to bed. If we go to bed, changes shadow. You're going to dream about them while you are dreaming. While you are reading about lucid dreaming topics. Place toe plenty off ready checks. Okay. Make sure your computer's working fine. Look at your hand. Picture knows you know things like that. You can also read your dream journal. You know, It's a very rewarding technique, and it also get you in the mood, especially when you are able to have a few lucid dreams that are At least I feel paragraphs long. Okay, at least that you took a flight and you're so feel forever. And then you went toe wherever place and you had a fight and you won on. Then you were able to pretend the water. Okay, that will be plenty of Pharaoh's dream for you. Toe. Make it worth it for our retreat. But Rainier them journal in general, it's very positive because it's going to connect you is going to get you in the mood off Freeman. And you know what's the best way to connect with your dreams than reading your very own dreams so differently? Really, your dream journal is something fantastic, Okay, especially the bigger it gets, the funnier it history on even, you know, a If you digitalize them and you want toe prescribed them as you have learned already, you can you know, you can separate your Ruthie dreams from your regular dreams on. Maybe you don't want to read your boring drink from every day, but you want to read your lucid dreams, That awesome dream I went to the moon that awesome dream I met with my dream celebrity. Whatever you know, you will read it. You will ever experience it. And you will go to bed with such a good, impossibly feeling that it will drastically skyrocket your chances to lucid dream working on dream incubation. This is something that we're going to be talking about him Probably an exception. OK, But you know, for you to have a general idea dooming Croatian, say Let's say I want to dream I drive a Ferrari. Okay, so during the day I close my eyes, you know, when I have some time, I close my eyes and I imagine I am driving that Ferrari and I'm trying to feel the wind in my face and trying to feel the noise of the engine, the rash of the speed, everything you know. And I do it several times on the day that's called dream incubation. That will also increase our chances to live the dream because of receive you memory. But for now, I'm going to Yes, leave it at that. Okay. Also, something fantastic you want to do before you go to bed is to imagine and recall the feeling off with three D If you never had a lucid dream, then Braley this one will work for you. But you know, don't worry. Sooner or later you're going tohave. A lucid dream on this one definitely will work for you. Okay? Drinking a glass full of water. You know it's good for your system. You know, we most of us, you know, don't drink enough. Far enough water, flu, They so you know, drinking that additional glass of water. It's fantastic. OK, it's medically positive for you on also will wake up will wake us up for five hours later to go to the bathroom on, you know, A after waking up in the middle of the night and going back to sleep, your chances to Ruthie dream also, we'll go to their growth and especially, it's very positive for the wild technique. Okay, Also, playing video games are very positive, you know, these are more positive for dream control. Okay, When we get to the dream control section, you will understand better. But, you know, video games. It's a world that you control from your controller. But you decide most of the events on the beginning, and that's very positive for your subconscious. Because if subconscious can believe some things that your dream is, yes, a video game and you can control it on. You know that will help you to control on, to raise your dream abilities. However you want to play it relaxing games. OK, don't go place, shot him up games or racing games that you are rushing. And then the last thing you want to use to go to sleep. Okay, don't do that. Neither place passive games, you know, like type of final fantasy games. You know, RPG games that they are loaded with very long on complicated a dramatic videos. You want to avoid those as well, you know, platform games like Mario games or, you know, a. Those games are are fantastic. Okay, games. They're not extremely a a stimulating, so now they don't going to bet on a very heavy stomach. This is not good for your health. It's not With further yesterday is not good for your body to be able to relax to hell on deafness and good for dreams. Your body will be worn out and you won't have enough arrested sleep, so your room faces air going to shorten and you're going to be completely relax so you don't want to go toe better now. Very heavy stomach. How to solve this? Well, you know, if you enjoy eating heavy in there, you know, some people doing that's great. Give yourself a couple hours at least to the yes, most of the foot don't eat a massive dinner and then, yes, lame that that's not good. Most of you probably won't do it any way that I like to point it out. Focus on work related task And this is especially for those a that are self employed. You don't want to be focused on work thinking out work. You already working off three day to keep thinking about work. So there's something that you want to take off your mind, OK? And here comes Oh, the year What's going to happen? And this is the biggest. No, no, no awful times on. You know, unfortunately, most people won't like this one on, you know, even more. Unfortunately, this is the one that is the most important tow. Avoid. Okay, Andi, you can't be afraid because that one is no TV, no, no TV for at least one hour before going to bed. Okay on. You know, I even know. I know these doesn't make happy many folk, but you know, the TV has a major major major bountiful for loose women in a dream. You want to be us active, especially well, given one toe by the reality you want toe question the reality. That's all about affinity. You need to question your reality in order to be able to lucid dream. If you question your reality, are going to say when I'm in and this is not really this is a dream bomb, your life, it what's room with a TV? The TV worked in a way that we affect where the TV is offering us. We that we we don't control the world off. Leaving the world arbitrary controls us. You know, if here what's the movie were passive and we are leaving the movie. We can feel, you know, the thrill, the drama, they terror, whatever on the movies. That's why we like the movies because we get involved in in that very movie. But you know, in the same way we getting both from the movie, and we watched the movie known lucidly. That happens in our dreams. So if we are watching to me before going to bed, we are telling our brains two years affect. And yes, by everything that comes to you on the same way you are buying it and leaving it through your coach. Stain Relaxation. What's in your TV? You're going toe. Do that as well in your sleep time, and it's going to decrease dramatically. You're losing dreaming percentages. So unfortunately, you know, I recommend you at least one hour before bed. Avoid the TV. Okay, this will be very beneficial and no, you know you cannot neither. What's media's movies are serious? New computer tablet phone Smartwatch smart Whatever you own, you know, keep your rain off from a new facility. You know what's in the movie. It's the same on, uh, 70 into screen 40 inch screen to any aid into screen 12.5 into screen. Hey, seven into screen like a cell phone on. If you can even watch now a movie in a smart watch, your two Interesting. All of them are screens on. If you're what's in any movie, video or anything of from sorts you are passive is not the actual TV itself. Okay, this is now the anti TV paranoia conspiracy in know, nothing know nothing to do with that. It's the fact that our brain becomes receptive when we are watching a video. A movie you know doesn't matter. Sports you could what, So in sports on TV by the problem with the sports is that they have advertisements and those put your brain in a receptive mode. So if you can avoid to be or watching anything at all for one hour before going to bed, you're going to do yourself a huge favor. Okay, so well, that 19. Creating a MILD lifestyle. : Hey, folks, how is it going today? So we are really in little number 17 and we indeed have made a long journey already. We still have a long way to go about. Hey, I want to say thanks for you buried with me. I hope you're enjoying the score so far. You know, I welcome any suggestions? Anything you need toe to share with me regarding this? Okay on. Well, you also may be wondering what's going on with last video. Even a video link is broken. Or if you leave, you broke down or if it ended abruptly, you know? Well, let's say I have to admit it was kind of fun accident. But, you know, I have decided to fix it because I hope you guys did a ready check after that video. Or at least after seven. The image that's indicating me that the video we had something wrong because you know that some of you probably will do that. Probably have the little really. But if you have, if you haven't done so pleased, they don't do it because it's not a broken. Okay, it's I was going to say thanks for reading with me within the past lesson, and I was as going toe invite you to less number 17. Okay, so you nobody was good. You know, it's an a brute way to end the video on. You know, I think that doing a write a check, a would be important there also, if a 1,000,000,000 stop 70 you want to do a ready check. Okay, so we're going to talk today about another technique, Okay? And you know, more than induction technique for me, it feels to me like a mile like a lifestyle technique. Okay. For me, in fact, the mild technique which stands for magnetic in those lucid dream for me it's kind of I can augment like an upgrade for the deal to technique. This course, you know, mainly focuses on the deal. Technique works around it, you know, to make it very, very clear. In fact, my very first with the dreaming course waas about the meal lifestyle. Okay. And I am gifted that course to you. You can download it here, eh? If you want, and it will be done by boys. Okay for voice files. But you know everything is going to be covered in the scores. But if you want to refer to them, you can also have those okay there MP threes. And maybe you want to listen them somewhere else. You know, that's though they will be yours to keep. Okay, But for me, the mild technique is the most important one, because it's going to dramatically increase. You're amount off deals. Okay, So what does exactly this means? How can you create a mile lifestyle? Well, it's as easy as focusing on a low fi three men. Okay? Foreign passion and celebrating your lucidity as well as the civilization in a very important key. Woops. Well, I really think it would be good to the radio. Check their or not. Really, it was no big deal, but, you know, it gets to a point that every time a computer that something strange, you know, I do have Ready check breath. You were not expecting to see that black screen on. You know, it's a good excuse to make a right check. Okay. Are you feel that every single moment, every silly thing that happens is a good excuse to have for a variety check? You can't imagine. You know, I've been looking through me for my whole life on a steal. It happens to me that I kind of say in a dream like, Well, these kind of socks. You know, I wish this was a dream, but I am sure it's not a dream because I'm awake on this. This is horrible. This sucks. Look at my hand. Five freakin thing. Wait a minute. Six have awake. I must leave. I must leave B A. You know so well. That's something that you know a happened. So, you know, a still do already check. You know, when you say something out. Okay. So as I was mentioning to you, you know, focusing a lucid dreaming, You know, we think about many things to a day and you know you want toe put dreams in your life. You want to think about dreaming as much as you can. Okay? This doesn't mean that you need to the touch from your waking reality. This is not good. I want you to keep going with your friends to keep being successful at your work or money. Fish that successive haven't reached it. Get with greater school. You know, a be a good household. Whatever you do in life, you know, focusing it. Enjoy life. You know, we have lost our night life. We have to get it back. Our dream life. But we don't want to lose our nightlight night a day, life for dreams. Okay, that's not good. But focusing mostly German. I mean, as I mentioned before performing great checks, being more present, looking around or even, you know, doing some day dreaming. If you have five minutes and you can do some daydreaming that's going to be beneficial to you, you know, for the dream incubation technique that is going to be thought in this section. Okay, putting passion and celebrate your city. You know, you cannot imagine the strength off our potential to manifest the abundance we want in this case. More lucid dreams. You know, it happens that when someone has a lucid dream on has the after glow the whole day and goes to read Very excited, very happy thinking Whoa! I bet and goingto have on amazing with the dream tonight again, chances are they're going to have it because they are going to bed with so much passion on the airport in so much passion into their hoping that it is going to pay off. And you know, there are many ways to trick the brain with this. Let's say that you goto a soccer match on. You are watching your favorite team plane on. They score a goal. And this was a very important match. The whole stadium goes car, they go nets, they get screaming. You know, you your ice almost fall from their orbits and your ear spot up because off extremely noise , you can scream out loud, Yeah, scarred. And tonight I'm scoring a low fi dream. Yeah, you know, with all your lungs Trust me, no one will hear you on. You know, if they're here, they won't even buy it because they're on their own. A celebration and they wouldn't Yes, notice it. OK, But you know you have trick your brain like you have put their rush off a very exciting moment into celebrating your success on Lucy dreams. This is going toe put in your subconscious very a strong mark that having lucid dreams equals a rash of happiness. Our brain, chemically and naturally looks for happiness looks for well being on your teaching your brain that you are having well being thanks to loose it dreaming. Okay, so, you know, a birthday party or a noisy moment? You know you can Yes, with a silent celebration. You know, you let's say that you know something great at work and you feel very happy with yourself and you say, Oh, wow, I'm so glad I was able to finish this particular time. I It is amazing. And you know it's going to it even better, because tonight I will have a lucid dream. You know, you are making their a big connection off your happiness in whatever success, whatever positive experience you had in waking life, you're going to connect the two lucid dreams. So this is going to take this success this feeling off, joy to your dreams on. Definitely. It's going to raise your lucidity, okay. And also, the civilization is a very important key. OK, we have been talking about be civilization through previous courses to produce classes. Okay. On visualization, it's very important visualize your surroundings, but also it is very important to visualize yourself having a lucid dream. Okay, What? I would say day dreaming. Okay. You want to day dream? You're lucid dream. Let's And we're going to talk about that in the next few classes. But, you know, you want to visualize yourself. Imagine yourself. You are Lafitte on. Do you know? What would you do if you are looking? Have you even planned? You know, I want you to stop for a moment. And if you haven't thought yet what you're going to the when you turn. Look it. I would say for now. Yes. Think off. Something easy to okay, maybe kiss a girl. Or maybe, you know, Robert Store. Hey, I guess some people like to do that, I guess. I don't know. Maybe you want to have something that it's doable in real life. Okay, maybe you want toe something that most people want to, though. Maybe you want to grab a car and try to run with the car as fast as you can. I know that. Probably thinking No, I want to fly. Hello? Yes, that that's good. But you know, if you're going to started a flying isno For some people, it can be a little tricky. Okay, But you know, you want to be so ari for precise, and you can do it if you want, but you want to be civilized yourself, turning off it and you want to be size yourself celebrating your lucidity so you can even imagine yourself being so happy next day because you well, half another tree. So somehow you can imagine you are celebrating the Luthi dream that you haven't yet had, but you are soon going to have this very night. That's something that's going to be very, possibly for you. And that's something that definitely it's going to help you out a lot because the more you visualize, the more you're going to cement your hubby on the more connected to lucid dreaming you're going to be on your subconscious is going to get stronger. It's going to get more energized. Okay, so with the Sullivan said, we are going to be moving toe next. Listen, definitely there is much more to talk about meals, but you know, as you can see, all of this information is stackable. You are having real tools to your lucid, dreaming full box, so you want to make sure that you are doing this fine, OK, and you want to make sure you get the most tools. The better, so keep adding tools and you're going to see that at the end, you're going to have every single night. How huge person ETS off chances to have a lucid dream on. Then, with one of the more direct inductive techniques, you will be ableto dream whatever you went and you're going to see how amazing it is. So for now, let's go on and it's move to next lesson. 20. Dream Incubation: Hey, folks, how is going? So how are those lucid dreams coming in? Have you guys have any deal already? Have you been doing plenty off your reality checks? I hope you guys been doing them. But you know, a If you are listening all of this in a row and then you plan toe work step by step, that's completely fine. OK, on, if you already have any Luthi dreams, that's fantastic. Congress. You're going to say it's going to get each year, but definitely place a bear with me and let's keep going forward with the cars because definitely there is a lot more to say. OK, on today we're going to be talking more about the mild technique. As I said, this is the most important technique for me to be added to your deal technique on today we are going to be talking about Okay, okay, nothing is wrong. That's me again, being silly, trying to make you guys to write checks. I hope you guys haven't done it. You know, probably you have done it because, you know, I'm a little mischievous sometimes, but you know it's important. At least you guys get used to them, okay? And you know, it's stuff like this could happen a dream. So never never be one the same way. You don't want to jump off the window and try to fly because you believe in a dream. They definitely don't want to do that without doing of write a check. But, you know, you don't want to neither miss the opportunity to do Afridi check. You know, if you miss it, you know? Well, you're going to You're going to lose a chance toe a having a lucid dream. Obviously, it's always better losing a dream than going to the hospital records to jump off the window . But, you know, wedding in. Okay, We both know you're going to jump off the window like that. But we also both know that some Luthi dreams will be missed because of the lack off every I'd check. So I want to make sure that I increased those chances for you guys the most. Okay, my goal here is for you to get through the dream, so I want to make sure you guys do it. Okay. So what's going on here? Okay, we're talking about a dream incubation. So you know everybody. You know, most people that, you know, I would say everybody experienced days at some point during childhood. Let's say the classic example. Okay, there is this child. He wants to write the roller coaster and he waits in line. Oh, it's going to be my turn. This is awesome. And then suddenly the employee says, I guess, sport, you cannot write it. You need to be the stop. What you gonna you know, security First, the child gets very supporting. That starts crying. Makes up a big deal out of it. Maybe not, You know, every challenge different. But you know, most likely the child will be the whole evening on the whole night thinking about the good , them rollercoaster Okay on. I feel that that child is going to most likely have a lucid dream with that roller coaster . And you know what? It has been really for me, OK? Not a crime part. I would just be frustrated, but they would understand that they couldn't write it. But Steele, I would memorize on purpose. Somehow I knew I didn't near about what he drew him. But I knew that I could dream whatever I wanted so I would memorize Hold roller coaster on , then righted at night, huh? There you go. No Wet. So, yeah. You know, this is something that people don't naturally. Okay. Adults, you know, sometimes can dream incubate Also, you know, they have a comedian. A very important meeting in in work tomorrow. I bet you are going to dream with that meeting because you're going to be never Rose. You're going to be anticipating the event. You're going to be worried about it. And most importantly, you are going to be thinking about it three or day. Why do you think you dream with school or you dream with work your dream with your partner , You dream with your kids, you know, with your animals easy. Because you are so connected to that that you are incubated somehow You know our mind. After all, organizer's the thoughts from the way during dream time on as these thoughts are organized , you are going to realize that obviously, if you had a pattern off many thoughts going through the day, you are going to dream them. This is why it's very important for you to do reality checks. People come to me and say, Well, you know, I don't remember how. I don't remember in the dream to r rated check. Technically, you don't, especially at first, but you can dream you through a right check, you know? And if you do a variety check in a dream, regardless, you dream about it or not. You are going toe. See some discrepancies. Okay, on you are going to the right to check in the dream because you're years dreaming it. But then you are going to realize that unit dream on. Do you know you're going to look at your hand like with her paid attention on? Then you're going to see it. A strange it's going to yell at you on. Then you're going to turn off it are of a blow. Also, you will remember when you get some practice, you will get years to the lucid dreams. I mean to the reality checks. Okay, there's something that it will have in both. You will dream you are doing at radio check or chances are that you already are turning Lafitte. You know, when you're in the process off question in the dream, that means that you are gaining lucidity It's a transition from a non lafitte toe, a lucid dream. So you're going to the ready checks out off that. So that's why it's important to the plenty three. Because you're going to gain many of them through dream incubation. Okay, It's pretty simple. You know, you they dream it while you're awake. Then you will dream it during sleep. Us E. C as that. You know, let's say that you went to dream about I don't know, right in a speedboat who came Well, probably, you know, more or less how a speedboat. Right? ISS Okay, you have seen them in the moments. Maybe you ever wrote one. You have seen another bitch. So let's say that you have five minutes, you know, free five minutes on. You are thinking of your speedboat on. You are imagining that you're writing the speedboat jumping in the water. You can feel the displayed wearing your face. You can feel the breeze. You feel that Sean shining and warming of your skin. Your feeling fantastic on. Then you open your eyes and you keep going on with your life. Great. He wants nice. Okay, let's say that you go through the and you have another five minutes. You go back to your speedboat. Let's say lunchtime. You have some time to relax. You go back to your speedboat. Maybe you have ended up thinking about that dream. You know that many dream 678 times a day. You know, as I could practice you could do are afraid to check every single time you are making that daydream. Okay? During dream incubation, you want to do plenty off reality checks, Okay? Because if you do, you're going to increase even more chances to have a lucid dream. So you know, every time you are saying, OK, I'm going toe. I'm going to daydream about my speedboat dream. You imagine a speedboat on when you are engaged, You know you want you can You want to open the eyes and you want to look at your hand. You know, try to not imagine the rated check itself. Okay? Every time you throw afraid to check in waking life, you want to actually do it physically. You then want to imagine it. So maybe in the meal of the dream incubation or at the end, when you start to feel the happiness you know, because you want today dream with 1/4 when you start feeling the happiness you want to do already. Check. And why is this Maybe you the word like it's at 678 times a day. Well, that's 678 times that you have visualized more or less the same dream. This is all going to go to the pool off Ressie City. Well, memories ovary on. You know, chances are that your brain will pick up that dream, especially. You have insane the intention to dream about your speedboat. So that's also going to give at a certain level off dream priority about that topic than a other topics. Okay, Obviously you're not going to dream exactly that, saying you have mean they dreaming, but it's going to be quite close on why you're having the ready checks. Well, because if you are right, it checking one off those dreams. Hello? You don't love it. You know, if you want to write a check well, you still might dream of your speedboat. You wake up to realize it wasa non lucid dream, But, hey, you're still had a nice dream. So, you know, this is a win win situation, but definitely it's about a stocking as many things as you can. So having dream A. I have a dream visualization on Gavin Reedited Sex to your dream incubation. It's very positive it's going toe truly pay off and make it much easier for you to turn loaf it one to successfully incubate your dream on. Definitely say it becomes very easily if you dream incubate as I was saying, thanks to ready checks, but also things off the fact that you have imagined yourself in your dreamboat in yours people, it's fine, but obviously is not the same as Imagine writing this speedboat then actually, rain a speedboat on definitely is not the same as dreaming. You write a speedboat, so you are going to imagine six or seven or eight times your speedboat. Okay, fine. But then you happen to dream it on your going to feel different, like feel more happy or it's going to feel much more riel than imagine it on, then is when you are going to start question your dream most likely to do our variety check on then to real if it and from there you're free to the y replace. Also wake, You know, having a seven saying with you waking life memories reflect in dreams. So you need to make sure uses from your vantage. Okay, This is what they was talking about. The daily rest of you. Okay, this is something that you want to go. Definitely something that you want to focus on on. Definitely. I hope you have made a reality check right now. Okay, on, if you haven't, please go ahead into it. Make sure you are awake. Okay. So, as I was saying, we can make memories reflecting dreams. You know, That's why all of these member Jumbo I'm doing with the media, it's also going to make a difference, because you might be dreaming of this off thes weirdness that is happening right now. Okay. You might You might dream of this. You might dream how the letters are dancing a little too. Okay, so that's why I'm doing this for you. It's good for your subconscious. Every time you say something weird, remember, reality check, OK? And, you know, know that your waking life memories are very important. This is why you want to use a chest technique to somehow help your brain organizer starts. This is where you want to incubate to increase the chances off them with that. Think of it. You organize your daily thoughts except obviously off the stage room. Thought Okay, definitely. That him. You're incubating. You don't want to put in the chest. Okay, I'm pretty sure if you knew that, but ah, yes. Went to make sure. Okay on then. You know, you are decreasing doing the chest technique. You are decreasing the amount of having some random, boring dream doing dream incubation. You're increasing the chances to have an amazing known Lucy dream that potentially can be a lucid dream. So, you know, it's all about increasing the percentages for your deal. Success. As I said, I did smiled in a point toe and power and make your deals more often. This is how I have lucid dreams. You know, if I want to induce one, obviously I can have it. So the wild technique, but deals I get them often, you know, very, very often. And if a focus on them, I can get them every night and you will be able to that also So let's get moving forward. on. The more we move forward, the more he will learn and the more he will develop. So let's go on. 21. Creating reasonable goals. ~ Dream stabilization: Hey, folks, how are you guys doing today? I hope you're doing great. I'm doing fantastic. I'm truly enjoying pitching, You guys his car. So I hope you guys having joining us. Well, you know, I accept suggestions. Topics that you want me to touch upon. So, please, do I suggest me anything you want. Okay? I'll I'm all years, or in this case, I'm allies to be able to see your requests online. Okay, So how have you guys been doing with their writing checks? I hope you've been doing plenty of them. Okay, so we're going to talk more about the mile Technique, as I said, is a very important addition to your lucid human repertoire. Okay. Do you want to create goals? You know, it's very important for our brains to engage on toe work hard and something to have reasonable goats. Okay, Those reasonable goes, we'll be around. What do you want to do in your dreams? You know you want to turn? Look it. Okay, fine. We all want to. Then what? Whether you went to the well, your life it? Yes, stand there, engaging to nothingness. Maybe you want to go towards me. You want to do homework in your dream? I don't think so. You probably want to do plenty things on, you know, A You want to set yourself from goals in order to put a gold, You know, in orderto give something, give him motivation to your mind, to increase that sense off Ruthie treatment. Okay. You know, in the sports, you know a team is going toe always work harder in the final match. You know that? Say the Super Bowl. You know, a Both teams are going toe play that office on the hardest. They can because the Super Bowl is at stake. It's serious. So they're going to put more energy into it. If you create a reasonable goal, you are going to put serious thought into it on your mind. We'll have something toe work on on something to focus on. Okay, So creating a reasonable goal is very important. Okay. If you are doing the scores, you know, chances heart that you haven't done a lot of fluffy tree. If you are really pretty good at Lucid Dream. Hey, I am honored that you came to the scars, but by all means, you need toe. Look at your ability. Okay, If you haven't had any Luther dreams, chances are that your first few lucid dreams they're going to be short. Okay, you cannot set invention to say, OK, I am going to my goal is going to be able to go to an alien planet, find some civilization, save them from a tyrant that has BC that planet on DNA, making the Milky Way polite, you know. No, you can't do that. You can. But not from your first lucid dream. Okay, for your first with the dreams you want to focus on some more basic, doable waking life tasks. Okay? Task like Asher dream character, their names, You know, You want to remember You want to focus. Okay, so next time, I am not looking Dream. I'm going toe ask a dream character. Their name. You know, these gifts? A peculiar rush. APA clear feeling off accomplishment. You know, you you you can take waking memories into your rookie dreams. Okay, on, if you said yourself a task, you know something easy, Okay? Like, ask at in character their name. You know, when you in the dream you are Lafitte and you say, Oh, wait a minute. I had a challenge. I have a task. I need to add a them character, the name you're going to go as a team character, their name. They're going to tell you on. Then you're going to be very happy. You're going to have a very strong feeling off accomplishment in your very own Luffy Dream on. You know, you either will wake up and you can write down or you will say Well, what now? We're going to try to fly, you know? Then you're going to try to develop because you're going to feel that you had your lucid dream and you had your goal and you accomplished your goal. Okay? And you know, actually, in these scores you can see a on the bottom courses. You can see some goals, OK? They look like quizzes. You want toe work on those golds? OK, you can also a think off some goes yourself. But remember, if you're gonna started, you want to do doable tasks. OK, take a look around and observe the dreamworld drive or attempt to a car or other vehicle, you know, while driving a car, it's something you probably the without. Even thinking about it in dreams, scars to work, very erratically. So it's something Frontal. Try OK on. You know, don't worry about finding your car. You can drive. Where a worker. It's a dream, right? Grand. See photo. Anyone Okay? So you can also tell someone you are dreaming and record their reaction. Obviously A This is something that you want to do when you know you're dreaming again. I went to the least if you are awake because maybe they will call the mental hospital. And that's a good But you know, at this point, we assume, you know, you have done your writing checks on, you know, you are dreaming, so you can say Hey, Andrew Min and you can see what they say. It's very funny. Actually, you can run as fast as you can. And you know this can lead to super running or running through buildings or even flying. But you want to focus on yes, running as fast as you can. You can get in waking life. Okay, you can use that image stabilization technique and we're going to talk about this in the next lesson. But this is something like grabbing your hands grabbing something from the dream world is spinning even though this one can report you. Okay, but we'll talk about that later. You can glide or even fly. Obviously, this is already more advanced. You can interact with your surroundings. You know you can go to a story, can shop a store looking the store. What they're selling, you know, going the supermarket. Go to the grocery store. What can you find in the gross sister is very fun, you know, to see some random chocolate looking like apples. Oh, yes. Finding you know a washer machine off the size of a pineapple in the grocery or you go into a bookstore and then you find, you know, whatever freaky booked you can imagine or, you know, you're going toe a car and then it's like a bus from the inside, you know, very, very insane things. Look at your surroundings. You're going to see how many crazy stuff your mind comes up with. You know, another basic double taxes trying to use electronic device. Good luck trying to make it work. Fine. Because I can guarantee you it want. But hey, even trying, it's always fun. So as you you know, let's say you have been able to try to use your cell phone. Maybe you could have called someone. Maybe you have, you know, got into Facebook. Maybe you have, you know, a top with some guys in the dreams, or you have be said some celebrities. Maybe, let's say you have run allowed. Maybe you have even flew a little. You know, you already have a decent amount off, you know, easy skills. So, you know, it gets a point when you can do, you can do something that is. You want to increase the difficulty, Okay. You want to keep doing basic tasks if your skill develops because your mind will board out of it. Okay. You want to make sure that you toe skills appropriately to your skill level. Okay. So when you get used to do some of the basic stuff when you can do easily things in the dream that you can do in waking, it's time to start doing harder. Things like flying at high speed. They feed into the ocean. You can even go to space on much more. But you know, don't overdo it. Okay? Don't sit ago. That is too hard for you. Be original. If you have a heart inflame, you cannot set a goal Flight of space. No, you need to set the gold fly hunger next time or fly faster next time. Let's say that you are not good. Telekinesis, for instance. Okay, on your going, I'm going to teach you how to telekinesis in your dreams in the later cook glasses. But you want to Let's say you're trying to likenesses and you cannot leave a little bottle of water. Well pleasing attempt to lift the car because Santa started with one work. Okay, you need to find some level off balance. So I hope you guys have enjoyed this glass. Let's move forward to a next class, but please check out the basic tasks that are assigned. Okay, it's girl all the way down and check them out to go back to your dashboard and check them out. Okay, so let's go on into the next lesson. Once you have found a few goals or you have assigned yourself some of the goals I have served, okay, but I 22. "Magic Charm" Mantra to MILD.: hello. And because how are you doing today? I hope you're doing great. I am doing fantastic here. So this is going to be a quite often interesting lesson on why that, you know, I came up years ago with a killer mantra that will enhance your success toe a dramatic point. Okay. It's a very powerful mantra. You know, my entrance are very important because they help us toe increase our success. You know, mantras. When they're repeated, they are drilled deep within your subconscious on, you know, dreams are drawn from some conscious as well, having a good approach. Subconsciously, it's very important. And it's actually very, very positive for this path that you are venturing into. And why is that? Because he will create some pressure. Some you will push your mind. You will increase a little bit. That percent. It's that we've been talking about for field for a random, lucid dream to accord. Okay, so I came up with a mantra at its very powerful Andi. I have decided to share that with you guys. Okay. On the man, treat a shirt. One I will lucid dream toe night or very soon, nothing are approved. on. You think it's like it's pretty basic stuff, you know, it's not. It's not nothing to be surprise about. So what's the whole deal about it? Well, you know, let's analyze the mantra closer. Okay? You're setting a very aggressive goal as aggressive as tonight. You know, that's a huge amount of pressure to put in your brain. It's like you're asking your rain tonight. Winning healthy dream, you know, on your brain will work hard to grant that goal. Okay, Because you have said it so many times. You have repeated your mantra so many times that you are pretty much demanding your brain tohave a lucid dream. When? Tonight. So you truly are putting your mind to the edge. There is going to increase your percent. It's to have a lucid dream. Okay, I will. Lucid dream tonight is like your mind has no other option but to create a lucid dream. You know, second point, let's say you wake up without a lucid dream. But thanks to this mantra, you will not fail it. You know, giving failure to your mind especially given failure to your subconscious is not a good month, OK? And this is where most mantra s failed toe work or they even become counterproductive. And this is why this mantra is a killer mantra because he's not counterproductive. What happens if you failed toe lucid dream? Tonight you have the second part of the mantra, or very soon on there is a specific reason, it says very soon, very soon. Doesn't said a specific time frame. You could say I will see him tonight or tomorrow. You know that somehow push says A. That somehow can confuse your mind because it is always going to be tomorrow, you know, and you can think it's always going to be very soon as well. Yes, that's absolutely certain. But for the brain, very soon, you know it's on. It's an uncertain time, so the brain has either tonight or very soon. So you know it's either extremely fast or either fast somehow keeps your brain always in motion. If you say tomorrow, you know you know how we are. You know, we love to say, Mayor, I pass Indiana today. I'll do it tomorrow so your brain is going to say, Now I'll person with the dreaming. I'll do it tomorrow. But if you say you have to deliver these tonight or very soon. Well, you're going to work very hard on it like Well, I haven't been able to do it tonight. I haven't had time. That's fine. No worry. You have to. You have to deliver it very soon, though. So you might want to rush on. Then you're going to be at high motion until you accomplish it. This is a trick. This is a drill of the whole thing. OK, But he said it still has its second part or very soon. Think of it, you know, at tomorrow never comes. But tonight is coming. So you're about to have a look. A dream. It's as easy as that. You know, since tonight is coming tonight, you know, you can realize that you truly are going to have very soon this listen to him as soon as tonight. But if you for some reason, are unable to, it's going to happen very soon. On, you know, very soon can be as miss tomorrow or a soon as in two days. And you know this great scallop, because every time you've you technically failed the first part of it that you are enabled . Truth room. Tonight your brain will keep in motion because your brain will know that steel next to full feel they're very soon. You get to the next night and you are backing score one. I will lucid dream tonight. So these mantra creates a loop. This is a never ending. Look, you cannot never fail this mantra. I want you to include this mantra in your visualizations. Okay, Every night as you are foreign asleep, I want to repeat it. I want you to repeat it mentally. Okay. You'll have to say it out loud. You can repeat mentally at least five times. OK, take a deep breath before and after they got the breath repaired five times. Take another. The breath. Don't. Yes. Fall asleep and you went to the with the savory last. After you have done your chest technique after you have done your incubation after you have done your writing checks because that's something else I want to mention on. We're going to talk about it OK in the next glasses. But I want you to ready checks every time you find yourself in bed. Everything. You wake up every time you write down a dream. You know, when the room is dark, you want to the most creative checks. Okay, so this is the mantra. And I want you now to start usin it. Okay, Think of it. If you don't look at him tonight, you will Very soon. So you will never fail your goal. I knew. They comes with a new night on. The cycle starts all over again. You will never, ever tell your subconscious again that you have failed because you can literally not fail this mantra. It's impossible to fail it. Okay, so that's it. I want you to include this mantra to your assortment off Lafitte. Human abilities. Pleased to put this mantra in the upper layers off your lucid, dreaming toolbox. Very, very important. O K. This is why I have dedicated a whole lesson. Yes, for this mantra. So now the mantra is done. Now, we can definitely move on into the next lesson. Okay, so let's go 23. Body asleep, mind awake.: Hello, everybody on. Welcome to my usage, of course. Well, definitely strength. The welcome human little number one. Right. Well, that was trickier. One for you to do a ready check. But I'm sure some of you have a mint. Okay, pay attention to that. So it's going to get interesting and fun today. You know, we get to one of the most exciting points in these chorus. You already have a very, very strong foundation in lucid dream. In a steel, there is much more to do. We are barely half the way on these cars. But the initial foundation you have all the boring theory a gave you at first, then the deal technique. Then the mild technique. We are going to get into an actual instant induction technique. Okay, You know, those of you who are Lacey to be doing the writing checks to be doing all the things I've been sharing with your so far might have a very unique ability into wild technique. It's a technique that comes naturally for some people. For some others, it will require some work, some effort, but definitely is something that any of you can to succeed. That and This is a wild technique which stands for Wake initiated Luthi dream. Okay, so you might be wondering. Watch Wild Andi either. Maybe there's something strange in the screener. Not that that would be up to you. I will just continue and you will do what you believe. You should go. So what's wild? That's when the jackpot in the casino, right when you see all this while connected narrow. Well, that's kind of true on, definitely. You want to get tons of Wilde's in your slot machine because stunts of wiles means tons of money means bonuses. And most likely, if you hit too many wilds, you're gonna get a check. But but, you know, this is not about a This is not about a casinos. And you know, if you're doing a course about casinos, I say, Yes, you do already check because you are blending two different courses because you are listening to the becoming a lucid, dreaming expert. OK, so wild is definitely a lucid dreaming technique induction technique. Okay, hey, said Wake initiated lucid dream on what this exactly means. It's jumping straight forward into a lucid dream from being awake, and that translates into never lose consciousness from wake to sleep, you are going to be ableto witness your dream forming right in front of you. This is a step by step technique, okay? And I'm going to be walking you through the entire technique in the next classes. This is the first class is the first class for wild on. You know, you're going to get to know a lot more about it because there is a process for wild, but it's very rewarding. You're going to see your very dream forming writing for of you while you still feel your body in bed and you're going to find yourself how you disappear from your room on how you appear in the dream and you know what this means. This means you're fully loof it right at the start from your room face and you are going toe, be able to enjoy your dream thoroughly. Look it from the very first point from the very first moment. So definitely this is something that you want to keep in mind. Okay? You can also experience a very amazing altered state of mind. It's called trends. Okay. You will go into trends when you wild trance, you know, thus you might maybe you're thinking. Then you say, this wasn't our really Jim the India. Sadie's wasn't out spirituality. Well, I keep saying it. This has nothing to do with religion. Has nothingto with trends. I mean, with spirituality. Sure, you can say that. Trances one off those freaky made ation mediumship psych stuff. Yes, it is, indeed. But also, it's a state of mind that simply the finds body asleep. Mind awake as easy as that. When your body is completely asleep on your mind is completely awake, you go into trends on it is something that you're going to be years in two in Does your Lowther dreams through the wild technique, you are going to be carving down your body. You're going to a silence in your mind, Toby. In the state of trends, Okay, I said you're going to be fully looted from the start off a dream that something fantastic on Dhere is when we get to the magic point, you can find a path to experience astral projection or out of body experience. I'm going to be talking very little about that, and at some point, I might make a course for astral projection. But there are some classes at the end about astral projection that you can take it. Your desire. OK, I won't require you this for you to pass the scars. I'm only going to require you toe do the wild technique to induce a lovely dream. But I want to mention that you will get to a point that you can decide either toe Astra project or lucid dream. If our separate action is against your beliefs, that's absolutely cool. Yes, you know, Don't take that, Luther. The Astral projection path. Yes. Take the Lucy driven bath, which is a simple as yes to keep base. Realizing your dreams, nothing else. You're going to know very well if you're going to project or the roof interim. It's very easy to to either option, so don't feel intimidated. You can do wild. You are not going toe Asher project unless your desire to the soul. But I want to mention for the sake of the common A for the common desire off getting as much information as possible that with wild you can also induce a lucid dream, obviously, but you can also induce an astral projection Okay, So that dimension in doing a while technique, you achieve a state off boy asleep. Mind awake. Police. Remember, Wild requires patience and practice. It could take a feel for 567 weeks. Okay, a row is different. Some people do it naturally. Some people would take a few days. Some people takes a few weeks, some people in and take a few months. But it's something that achievable by every single person. Okay, I could say it louder, but I cannot say it clearer. Wild is something that everybody can achieve. It's years records, practice, practice and more practice. However, if you master the wild technique, this means absolutely loss it dreaming at wheel Like saying I want to Rosie Dream I do a wild I am in the dream as easy as that. Don't feel intimidated Wild. It's pretty easy to do. Okay, it does require some dedication, some repetition on some practice. But this is a hobby, isn't you also are going to get some physical side effects. Very, very positive side effects out from their required exercises for your mild for your wild technique. Okay, you will get some relaxation techniques that that I mentioned will bring many health benefits. And, you know, I want to point something out. Wild is much, is here deeper in the night and he's extremely heart to do it right after going to bed, most people will claim that having a wild right before going to bed, it's impossible. And if you dream you have a dream right before going to bed, you have some degree off issues with your bind, something you know, I don't have horror story that our ally. Okay, you can have a dream right after going to bed. OK? There is no sleeping disorder, no mentally service, no problem. But it's true. That is very hard toe wild before going to right before going to bed on the recent off. That is because you can be very tired. You're gonna be restless from the they you can have your mind with the with all day issues . You know all the challenges you know on. You know, it is true also that if you manage to wild right before going to bed is going to be a low quality dream on very short, because he stool at the first good for five hours work off a sleeping time. It's your bully going into deep sleep where room faces, you know, are not existent. Sometimes they are very short. And, you know, while dreams can happen, they are going to be renderings on. As you know, lucid dreaming happens the most in Rome time. Okay? It can happen on a norm, Graham time. But it's much harder. And you know, naps are great for wild tomb. So, you know, if you ever have time to take us sort napping the couch chances to have a lucid dream. Well, go to the roof because you're going to get what's called ramp. Rebound on. You know, obviously you are yes, having a nap. So you're not in bed. You are. You have some degree off awareness off alertness because they is not done yet on, You know, when you are alert and when you are more aware, you should know by now whether it means he's here. Chances to have a lucid dream so wild is great, especially in the later hours off the morning, off the night. Okay. Like 3 a.m. for a m. You wake up your body is relax. Your mind is relaxed you have slept already? A good 56 hours on. Then you can much easier go back into a more mindful state off mind on. Then you can do the wild process that I'm going to be teaching you off course much is here . Okay, so it's time to mourn toe the next. Listen, let's go for it. 24. How to silence the mind. Great exercice.: Hey there. Nice. How are you doing today? So, what are you thinking about? Wild. How did you like what I think, Shane, with you so far wild is a very powerful and a very interesting technique. Definitely worth it. Toe work on it. Okay, Andi, You know, before I share the exact techniques exact process off wild, there is going to be this. And next lesson a little bit about more theory again. Oh, no. Well, you know, it's important. It's important because I'm going to give you very powerful mind taming technique. Science in the mine is a must for wild. Okay, Definitely, definitely a must. And this is something that you need to pay attention to. Okay? It is something that you need to practice. And it is something that you need to work on. If you have that annoying pirate that doesn't shut up, you need toe train yourself. Because in order to the wild, you want to be with a silent bind for a good five minutes on with a very relax physical body. Okay, so let's go for the mind first. Focusing is very important for wild on for mindfulness. Okay, again, this is going to bring some benefits of the health label. Us will, as at a personal level again. And you know, a You can be thinking, you know, a My life is very busy, you know, nowadays is very hard to have a quiet mind. And fortunately, society is not training as to the so society once asked Toby, completely busy, completely engaged with action, with drama with whatever. That's why we are every single day. You know, most of the time we spend our lifetime in front, off screens on Do you know that I would practice? But you know, it's what ISS on we have to cope with it. You have to work a little harder in breaking down all the noise from the day all the cloud are holding for all the madness. Okay. And you know, there is actually a very simple exercise. Simple but very efficient that work in five days, five minutes of a every day we'll allow you detain that mine parrot. So you know a the face one. The first step you want to do is you want to find a world that is as clear as possible from stuff. In fact, I recommend it to clear the well if you can on you want to place a posted Okay, A yellow Post it on the blank world. What you want to do is that with your vision you want toe only See the black world on the posted If this means sitting right in front of the world Like if you were in elementary school on the teacher, put in time out place to it place Put yourself in time out. Okay, I am sending you the time out, But please put a post it on the world. Okay? You can only see the posted on the blank wall. Okay? It's all you can see so somehow what you're seeing now should be your vision. But even though that bean shouldn't be there if you have a bean, make sure it's the same car off posted. But you know, normally the posted has some stick to it. We can add some tape in orderto yes. See a yellow square in your world. Okay. That's all you want to see. So on the first face, you're going to place your post it on the world and you're going to look at it. I want you to for five minutes to throughout Lee. Study it. Look at the posted on you can say, OK, so a It's square. It's yellow. It's about five inches long. It's square, you know. It's made of paper. You know, you went to this cry if you want to be describing the posted, but you want to keep focus on the post it chances are that you're going to be thinking Okay , they posted square. It's yellow. It's a piece of paper. It's stuck to the world. The world's wide Oh, well, I have to get I have to get the kids from school today. That's true because my happy AIDS working today and will I have to do these and Oh, whoa, whoa! What's going on here? Your mind charter is getting crazy. The parrot escape the jail again. Okay, you need to keep that parrot shot. So you're trying to focus on the posted on only thinking out the posted, But you feel that your ideas are starting to follow you. That's no problem. It'll, you know, be grateful for your thought. Send the thought away and go back to your post it okay, three times. If you're train of thought breaks your focus on they posted. And this issue on next day you will do better. Okay? Like I said, there is no rush. There is no need to push things fast. Okay? Yes. Allow the nature off things to happen when they are meant to happen. If you lose your focus three times and the exercise Andi, you try again next day. If you lose your focus place, keep it to a maximum of five minutes for now. Okay? And you want to be doing this exercise. You know you want for a whole week at least all certain days in a row toe not get distracted. This is important. And if my sound heart but it's not very hard, but it is the first face. And it's required that you master this first phase. What you want to do on face number one? Is that the parrot? It's going to talk about only about the posted And in order to keep the parrot motivated, you want to be gazing at the post it okay if it barreled gets bored of talking out the posted, you have to shut him up and send him back to the boat. It again. Three attempts. If within five minutes you are unable toe only think Oh, the posted then. And a session dragon. Next day you will see that you will get appointed five minutes. Start. Know that heart to get focused Me posted. Maybe you can find that you can do it right out of the bad from the one steel. I want you to work on it for at least seven days in a row that you have no missus. Okay, Sounds slow, but it isn't is important and, you know, definitely unit wild toe. Have a lot of dreams You should know for now, for everything they have shirt with you, you can have wild without even learning this technique a role. But obviously this is a technique to manifest a lucid dream and into said every single time you want, So it's worth it. So let's say that you've seen for a week, 10 days able to look at your posted on You are able toe only. Think of the posted. Great. Then let's go to face toe. Yes, Gaze at the posted. Okay. Then focus on it. Yes. Gaze on it on Focus on it in terms off looking at it. But don't focus on it in terms of describing it. Okay. You want to focus on it while you are? Yes. Thinking it's a yellow Post it. That should be your only thought. It's a yellow post it, but you want the third toe happen at a very passive label. Okay? You want toe happen at a very background level on obviously you and one other thoughts if you find. And if you get any other folks same way as face one. You want to set those thoughts aside and you went toe Go back to your post it. But remember, you are not studying it. You are. Guess gay Smell it. Okay, on is the same. You went toe. Wait. He went through these for five minutes. Okay, Five minutes is a good time that if you are able to not keep what you're going to with me now it's It is us trying to shut the parrot. But you are keeping the parrot distracted with the posted. Okay? The parent is kind of like waiting to be able to talk out. The posted on chances are that some of your distracting thoughts will be about the poster. They're going to be gazing at it and say, Yeah, it's a square, It's yellow. I don't need to describe it. And then you will Yes, go back at gays in it. Okay, that's important. OK, on again You want to be for a good week, able to get her to post it without having any talking thoughts in your head. OK, but only it's a post it. Yes, that yes, This yet the abstract point of view off being a posted without looking for retail. Okay, then you come off toe face three on these time is about removing. They posted, you know a from the world. Okay. You want to remove the post? It's from the world on. You want to imagine the post office there still with your eyes open? Look at the world and try to remember where the posted Waas Okay. The poster is gone physically is gone. You can't see it physically but you will serve, Remember where disposed Did iss so imagine us. Look at the only blank world. Imagine that the posted it is still there and make your whole existence. Yes. Media posted. Keep that be civilization. Don't analyze it. Absolutely. Don't think about the post there. Don't imagine. No, no, no, no, no. Yes, this will. I know like like you were doing for face number two. Do we think it's opposed it? In number three? You want toe? Imagine the poster. That's a different. Suppose it is gone. It's no longer on the world. So it's gone. But you want to imagine distillers you want to see. You want to gaze at the blank world and you want to imagine there is that yellow square in their when in reality is not and same thing, no distracting thoughts. Okay, you should have no destructive thoughts for five minutes. If you're able to these, you pretty much have mastered your mind. In fact, do you know A. Some people are good at visualizing something, but they are not good at visualizing nothing at all. You know, you are going to teach it face for but, you know, imagining a post it if that's your only thought in your mind for a good five minutes. If that's a thought, a good thought in your mind and you can have that you can hold for five or 10 minutes. You know, you pre mats can you can pretty much say you are all set in terms off quite in the mind for wild. But, you know, ideally, it's best to not have the posted arrow to have it entirely re most. Because that way your mind is completely empty on your mind can focus on creating the dream during the wild technique. Okay? And it is something important because, you know, the different year your monkey charter will get on the weight. Non stop. Definitely a furious thinking out the postage is going to be on the way as well. If you think you know, if you imagine they're supposed it. Well, you know, maybe you will have dreams about post its but, you know, still is going to be good. But, you know, I prefer a teacher. I prefer to advise you to go for face for which is moving the only object in existence. No more post posted no more. Well, you want to sit down and you know, silly as it sounds, you want steal the face in the same world. Okay? You're going to have your ice close for his face. But you want to be facing the world because it's a way for your subconscious to understand that at that time off, case in the world is mind training time and you want to have discipline. If you end up seeing in a chair in front of the world like you have a time out, then for face for you wanted would also okay, especially at first face for, is removing the only object in existence they posted. So pretty much is yes. Gazing at the world with your eyes closed, you can imagine for a few seconds oppose it and then the matter is gone. Imaginative. You only say blackness or whiteness. You know, you can imagine like a white screen that covers everything or a blank screen or or a black screen. OK, that's something that you went to again. You want to hold it for five minutes? Okay, five minutes off. No. Having thoughts at all, not even the post it. If you're able to accomplish this, you are gonna be able to stay blank for a decent period of time. Congratulations. You can even straight your muscle and you can try to take to take this up a notch and go for the minutes. Okay, The minute is the most sweet time. But if you can do five minutes, you are going to be a master. Definitely you want. If you want to try two minutes, you want to only try it when you are on face for because it may be too much, especially for face one. When you get to face for you want to try two minutes from your gazing wall chair or even you can try them back and see how you though. Okay, but it did this happen of these on work on it every day. It's only five minutes, so place does so. It's very important and is going to definitely benefit you very, very, very, very much. Okay, so I feel that I hold you the right to check, by the way. But I feel that with this knowledge, you can reach toe a level off mind completely. Relax and completely shut. And when you accomplish this, you know it's going to benefit you a lot, because even if you don't have the desire to the wild technique you can use is for incubation. You know you can use all off. You can empty your mind. Keep your mind anti for a good five minutes on. Then start imagined the dream that where your mind will clear itself on will focus on its power on the dream. On making the incubation much, much easier. There is a point in the wild process for you to manifest your incubation technique. This is not the point. Okay? If you're doing the wild, you want to have your mind completely. Silence for now. Okay, Now it's time to move on toe. How? Toe Calm down and how to relax our physical body because it hasn't tricks, Officer. Okay, so let's go to next lesson for that. 25. Deep body relaxation: Hi, folks. How is going today? So we are into lesson number 23 right now. Periods lesson We were talking about how detain that man parrot, how to get to a complete level off mental relaxation, which says a main requirement for the wild technique. So now we have to talk about how to relax completely. Your body. Okay, it's easy. It's actually easy with practice, but it requires some practice because at first it might sound easier than it is. But don't freak out, because with practice it will become very easy. Okay, so there is a very simple exercise. It's an exercise off tapping into 61 different points throughout the body following your attention or needs of this points. This is the largest exercise, okay? And this is for the very nearly that has no idea how to relax your body. You might have your own method. You might realize that at some point, this is a very long method, but is the most reliable one, especially to get started. Okay, So you want to count in your mind during 3 to 5 seconds for each other? 61 points? Okay. You want to visualize each of the points completely relaxed. And you can even inhale and exhale for its point. Actually, avian breathing exercise, it will relax your boy to afford their level as well as taking deep breaths Will help your heart to beat other more relaxed paste. There's going to be more oxygen at the level in your volley. Oxygen icing. Your body is very good. It prides many health benefits on. Definitely it will bring a deeper level off relaxation. Okay, at first you might ask someone to help you guide you throughout this exercise. Okay? And you can download the chart in these men. You on these cars. Okay, You have a right menu here in the course, and you can click on download additional materials. You can find your 61 point charge. OK, you're 61 point chart. And trust me, you know, at first I could feel like a lot, but let's say you're spending five seconds for each of the 61 points. I mean, I am multiplying five by 61. That's 305 seconds. Well, that's not a lot, you know. That's five minutes, you know, and that's doing the five seconds so it seems overwhelming, but it is not. You know, it's more about remembering their 61 different points. But if you miss one, don't worry about it, you know? And it's going to get to a point that you are going toe work in a more general voyage. Relaxation technique. Okay, there are plenty of them, Like brilliant focus by the melting on. Many, many more. Okay, brilliant focus. You know, this is when I personally recommend a lot, especially to do it in the middle of the night. And we're going to talk about the actual wild transition on performance in next lesson. Okay, but breathing focus is mainly focusing on your breathing. Yes, breathe normally, but yes, only focus on your breathing. Okay? This is going to help you at ah mind level as well. Do you remember in the previous exercise that the last stage waas? Yes. Closing your eyes on seem nothing and thinking off nothing, you know. How would you progress from Gatien at the posted to then imagine in the posted to then? Yes. Imagine in national Well, bring focus will help you a lot as well. If you're able to at least get to point number three, where you can keep a constant constant focus on imagining they posted. That's going to be fantastic. It's going to be fantastic because then you know, if you focus on your breathing, it will be already much more to focus than focusing on nothing at all. Focus on your breathing. We'll allow you to wild properly so it's even easier. This is why you want to practice both of these at the same time. Okay, really? None Focus on your breathing. It's very rewarding. Very satisfactory on. You know, I feel that if you focus on your breathing, especially at three or 4 a.m. in the morning as you relax already, you're going to perform a wild almost instantly on are going to share more about another technique. Is the body melting on? This is pretty much yes. Imagine that your body is melting in bed. Okay, If you are good at the solicitation, give it a try to this one because this computing to sleep paralysis like within a couple minutes Okay, us imagine that you are sinking within the bed on You know there are many more. You know all you want to do is. You want to forget that you even have a physical body, you know? So any approaches you have that will work. Good for you. They're fantastic. In fact, I welcome your toe a share. A with classmates? A When a technique works best for you on, You know, in the future we could compile a class with all the techniques that works. Good for you guys. Okay, on. Well, now let's move to the next lesson. Because we're getting into one of the most rewarding techniques, which is the wild on Now you know the basics. No, you know the mechanics. And now it's time to do the actual technique. Andi, Master Dave's and expect to Luther Dream at will. So let's wait no more, and it's go to next lesson. 26. Reaching hypnagogic stage (REM Atonia): either guys. So finally, we're here. We are in the wild, actual performance. So you now know plenty of things are both dreaming. You have bean checking out the deal technique. You know the importance of having a dream journal, You know all about Rim Brickell. I am sure that at this point, the course you'll really have at least increased your chances and increased your dream, Rickel, on increasing our awareness off dreams in general, I hope you guys are doing planning off rated checks. You know, record checks is a foundation to be successful at lucid dreaming on, you know, I mean ready checks. You know that it's going to increase your deal percent. It's randomness in orderto have a random, lucid dream, and, you know, that's very rewarding toe. You know, it's joyful to, yes, induce elephant dream, but then going to bed on our veteran with it. It's very rewarding as well, but definitely am. The wild technique can be very powerful once it's performed on, you know, know the basics. Okay, you know, know their very first steps. So we both know that you can't get into bed right away and performer while you could but he's going to be extremely hard on the dream. Result is not going to be the best. You went to the wild maybe before taking a nap, or especially if you wake up in the middle of the night after four or five hours of sleep. Do you remember on an earlier lesson? I told you it was good to drink a glass of water before you're going to bed? That's good for your health level. That's good for you to wake up and recall some dreams. But that's fantastic for you in order to be able to wild, because then you can go back to bed for a M. In the morning, you come back from a wild on. Well, you're going to get some of mice and lucid dream. So how exactly a wild works, you know? Well, it's a very fabulous technique. It has a couple I would like to call downfalls, but it has a couple of let's say tricky moments that you need to understand them very well . Tow. Avoid failure on the wild technique. Okay, it's all about trailer failure, but if they can help you skip this step, you're going to gain a lot of progress. So let's say your ableto calm down your mind on relax your body. There is going to be a moment. You know, you're you're still in bed, you know, laying down, focusing your reading. Fantastic. Your mind. It's going to believe your body is asleep, but before paralyzing your volley so you don't act down on dreams. The mine has to test if you're awake. So doing the world process you are going to feel the words off scratching yourself the words of clearing your throat. Maybe you will feel and each somewhere. Maybe you will need to move aleck or something. By all means, Please don't don't move. When you are feeling the earth's off moving don't move at all Because when you feel that urge, you are about to fall asleep, okay? Or at least to start the process of wild. You know the hardest part will be done. Well, this is the actually the hardest part. They're going to have a huge drive to scratch yourself to move. It's only takes a few seconds. It's going to feel like an eternity. Okay, it's going to feel like an eternity because, you know, you're really losing consciousness off the linear time we experience here on your mind is going to try hard to make sure you're asleep. Okay, because the mind probably will suspect that something is going on. If you are able to ignore all of this and trust me with practice, you can get it's going to go away. You know, you're going to be very itchy. You hold it for a few. They're investing seconds. Maybe might feel like minutes. But in reality it's like only 10 or 15 seconds on, then you're going to go into the first stage, which is called the hip McGary stage. Or it's called that remark, Tonia. So this is the mind awake body asleep. The trends, okay. The trends that you are going to be in tow, hypno going states is yes, your mind creating a dream. Okay, it's yes, your mind for me in a dream. Andi, I feel that something that a we'll go through, obviously, but we'll go through it subconsciously because normally our mind falls asleep before our body. But for the wild technique, it will be the other way around. Your body will fall asleep. Well, not for actually but all you know what? Some degree will fall asleep first on the mind. Okay, instead of the mind first on the body and they process I mentioned to you, it's exactly make it fall asleep. So when you're in this stage during the him ago during the hypno growing stage, you are going to have some degree of hallucinations. Okay, You might see random figures in your mind's eye. You might see cooler patterns you might see even though your eyes are closed. Okay, Obviously, if you open your eyes, it's likely that these hallucinations will go away and you will blow up your while. So you need to keep your eyes closed. Okay. You might hear some sounds. You might feel a breeze, you know, to be honest, and I'll be frank with you. Something's this can get very freaky and very scary. But it's about mental training, knowing that this is yes, your mind. You know, there many myths about demons about being abducted, you know, many, many member jumble. That is all. I okay. It's all fear free fear. So definitely You know. You Yes, Went toe. Ignore these hallucinations. Okay. They can be very sometimes it can be scary or they can You can hear a very loud noise, a scream, a baby crying You know, I have hair it some freaky stuff. But all you need to do is to realize that is only in your mind on for you to Yes, ignore it. Okay, Because you are very close to starting with a dream. If you manage to get to the hallucinations, trust me, you're about to get a lucid dream. At this point, asleep policies Wheel hit on I saw was mention dropped the myths Okay, When you're above When your mind say's Okay, let's see if we are awake. Let's a scratch. The knee is very, very itchy and scratchy little Scratch it. You're going to be in bed like I can't hold it anymore. But then, after a few seconds, that mine will say Ok, well, I guess that we are asleep then Awesome led to start to create a dream. Then your mind will paralyze your body. You will feel vibrations. You will feel like you can't move in bed. Please don't try to move because you know if you're paralyzed, you're going to break your policies. And if you are not paralyzed yet. Well, you're going to go back to square one, OK? Even if you if you're paralyzed, you still will goto square one because they're going to be sending your mind the signal that you woke up and you want to move on. The mind will be paralyzed your body on definitely ruining your wild. You won't be able to move in bed. You will have these hallucinations. You will hear You know some people. Yes, see colors. You know he's not common to see cry to hear cries or to see we're faces were stuff It can happen but isn't common. So when you feel you're going to know when you're paralyzed because your body is going to buy break Yes, ignore it. Okay. As I said, you actually vibrations bass in years on with phenomena year. Yes. Need to ignore it. Okay. After this, a dream will start forming. You know, getting both interact with objects you see on demand for bedroom quality. Welcome to the human world. Ok, that's something easy. You know, you're going to start seeing maybe you're going to hear the tear off some bird. So you're going to see a forest or you're going to, you know, whatever on a you know, you want to visualize this. You know, when you see some solid optics are forming, you want to start Imagine that you are in the dream. You want to start. Imagine that you are flying. You know you want to start getting engaged, Okay? In order to not lose lucidity, okay. You can even say mentally I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming, You know, doing this process that way it will. It will come you down. Doing your hallucinations on also will allow you to not loose lucidity as you get into your dream. But you know, let's say as you can be reading here, your wild failed The minute Let's say that you are seeing this dream for me in You're even hearing noise Says you can hear the sound of the sea. Oh, I'm going to have a bitch dream. That's so awesome on then. Boom! Silence! Back in your room. Partly. Nothing happened. No vibrations, no hallucinations. You can pretty much moving back on. Well, nothing has happened. You have failure. Well, what Obama have you? You're back in your room. You know. Well, this technique is kind of kind of that. Come on. What? What is his joke? Where my friend do already check. Because most likely you are going to be surprised. Don't never assume a while. Failed until you are ready. Check. False awakenings are extremely common when attempting wild. You know, I am saying here, very common, but I would have to say extremely common in Red Cap triple Underline letters. Okay. You actually want to expect false awakenings because they are very, very, very common. Okay, they are very, very, very common. So I hope you're doing some writing checks up on doing that. OK, but a same. Do a write a check, you know, And you want to actually take this Assad at a normal Anything to the every time you wake years, everything. You wake up everything. You find yourself in bed. Do I write a check? Even if you are going to bed, you can do one. Okay. We need to be the wind writing checks your whole night. Because if not, you won't sleep. But if you find yourself in bed, do all righty check. Especially when you wake up. Because false awakenings Duekoue also from a non lucid dreams. They occur many times. Even when you have a lucid dream and you say, Well, what are some dream and going to wake myself up and I'm going to write this down on. Then you get a false awakening and you dream you have a written down your dream. You know, in fact, there has been people who have lost made your dreams do force awakening. So please help yourself on your failure to yourself on Do already check every time you have a awakening everything you see in bed you see yourself in Mitt. Do a force How the radio check, Especially especially especially if you try wild and you believe it has failed. Hey, if you look at your hand and you're not dreaming, that's fine, you know? Yes. Fall asleep, whatever way, you know. Yes. Yes, he was for the night. And try next day. Okay, it's going toe accord sooner or later. But don't assume you have fail it until you check your reality. I have seen many people losing wilds and losing lucid, dreaming, lucid dreaming opportunities because they have bought the false awakening. This is important. Okay, so they're still a little more about a wild but next lesson. It's going to be a little different and going toe a mention. A bit out astral projection. Okay, if you're not comfortable talking about astral projection, you can escape the next lesson. Okay, but then please do receive with the scars, because only the next lesson. It's a little bit about astral projection. Before their lessons were going to go back to Lucid Dream in Ondo, actually induction technique that has a 100% success radio, it never fails. Okay, so let's go on. 27. Path to Astral Projection / Out of Body Experience (AP/OBE): Hello, folks. How are you guys doing today? So this is lesson number 25 okay? And this is going to be somewhat off a side lesson, okay? This lesson itself is not directly related to Lucy dreaming. But, you know, I believe this is a common topic that most people will definitely resonate with. On definitely is a state of awareness that you want to experience. If by any reasons, your beliefs do not allow you to talk about out of what experiences or or astral projection , you are welcome to mark this lesson as complete it okay. And you can move on to the next lesson even though I recommend you to not skip it because, you know, a This is quite quite amazing. Okay? But I do understand if this is something that you're not comfortable with, you can yet escape it and move on into Lexan number 26. So we're going to talk about a path to astral projection or out of our experience. So let's go back a few steps. We're talking about the wild technique. Okay, Andi, you know, we were talking about rich in the hip naco stage. There were Madonia, your mind is away your boys asleep. You know, you have your hallucinations. You know, you're you know, you're very close to start a lucid dream. You're paralyzed and you're feeling vibrations, boxing and other phenomena on. You're supposed to ignore them. Well, definitely. That's for with dreaming. Okay. For Ruthie treatment, you want to ignore your vibrations. You want to start doing some drinking incubation. You want to focus on your dreams, Andi, you'll have an amazing, lucid dream. However, if you want to indios on astral projection, you should not ignore the vibrations because the vibrations, it's a sign to say you are about to after project. Do you want to? Yes or no? If you have a desire to astral project. Well, definitely. I plan to do a course about astral projection. But for now, I can tell you that you focus on gracing immigrations on. You will be able to float out off your body. Okay. You want Toby Celexa? Vibrations getting expanded, Getting more intense. The buzzing off the sound in your ears, the buzzing sound. It's going to get even more overwhelming even more loud. You keep focusing Ament and you visualize yourself flowing on leaving your body on. Trust me, Astra. Breaking some Mason. It's very young. Amazing. Okay, there are many techniques to actual project. In fact, I will teach a New York. Or is this a shirt with you guys? But for you to have an idea? Yes. We slide yourself floating out of your body on, you know, from their venture as much as you want, because it's an amazing state off awareness. Okay, this is what's Yes, a little A, you know, a little fragment of the courtly wanted to share with you. I find important to share this with you because definitely doing a wild technique. You can attempt toe astral project. Also on Well, you know, if you fail, the Astra breaks from process, and I'm not going to get into that. But if you fail it for some reason, you're going to end up foreign asleep and you're going to be full of it. So it's a win win situation. OK, folks. So Well, let's go now. A back to Lucy dreaming in next lesson. Okay, so let's go 28. Save / Extend your Lucid with L-DEILD: Hi there, folks. How are you guys doing today? How are those lucid dreams coming up? Any successful wild so already? Well, you know, it's all about practices, so I will keep working. Make sure you the plenty of writing checks. Don't forget place. I do insist. OK on. Make sure you are having all of the material to your day to day life. You know, if you have bean having all the advice you've been receiving on if a good few days have passed, chances are that you already had a lucid dream or at least have increased. You're a witness in the case. You haven't. Don't worry. OK? Everybody has its own pace. But I am sure that your dreams at this point have already improved on. We're going to talk about the new technique today. Okay, this near technique is called dealed. It's a dream exit in those lucid dream on. You know, the aesthetic *** is quite stable, you know, you need to train yourself to the world, but it could be it could be quite rewarding. Okay, this is somehow like a wild express. Okay, I'm basically it's revolving around training yourself not to move When you wake up from a dream, these sometimes sounds easier than it truly is. But there is nothing that you can learn right. You can train yourself and you will achieve it. You know, it's all about waking up, realizing that you woke up and not even open your eyes. OK, with a good mantra. Such us When I wake up, I won't open my guys when they wake up, I wouldn't move. When they wake up, I'll stay still. Okay? Actually, when I wake up, I would move that to the good one. Okay, So please forget that one because you don't want to make a You want to make negative contractions. So you have. You have to say When I wake up, I keep my eyes close. When I wake up, I stay still. When I wake up, I am relaxing bed. Okay. Something in present on something? Affirmative. Gentle alarms can be a very good eight. Also. Okay, Gentle arms are some alarms that they sound in a very low setting on. Then they turned off by themselves. They don't have any snooze or anything. Gentle alarms are not to wake yourself up are two. Yes, it's slightly wake yourself up on Disney. Gentle alarm could be a good eight because you might be a dreaming that you hear the gentle arm, and then this will help you to understand that it's trying to not move. Okay, it's time to not move on. It's time to stay still. But you know, I personally recommend you to practice on, not using and opinion and gentle alarms, but more toe the focus off not moving when you wake up, okay, it takes some practice, but you know it's manageable. Okay, have worked with many people who are pretty good that deal, you know, because they remember not to move when they wake up on what's that ban? It's obvious your body will be most likely paralyzed because you haven't even at them. That move you haven't opened your eyes, so your mind is going to believe you are still sleeping on your brain. It's going t create another dream almost right away for you. Don't wake up OK. Even though you're awake, you're consciously awake, your physical boys asleep and your mind will believe that you are asleep as well. So the whole relaxation part from Wild one being necessary. Okay? And what you need to do in this transition and a transition of Yes, in a couple minutes, maybe nothing. Nothing more. Okay, you're going to feel yourself that he woke up from the dream and then yes, stay steel and give it to focus on your next dream are on your previous dream. Okay, If you're focusing your next dream, you can focus on any sire to dream. You can do a dream incubation process. If you will dream incubation. At this stage, most likely you're going to successfully dream with whatever you're incubating. Okay, so you went through this visualization in orderto held the lucid dream come faster to you on. You know, as I mentioned. Remember toe always do a ready check, especially if you believe you have failed after a deal is a wild on. It can trick you into making you believe you have not succeeded on it when you completely succeeded. So this is something quite important. Okay? Always do already check like a insisted on previous lesson. Every time you find yourself in bed, please do a reality check, OK? No. I have discovered years ago a technique on enhancement off the deal to technique. This technique is not found anywhere. You know. It's a popular actually, I think, teaching it. But it's not one of the popular techniques. It's called El Dealed Lucy Dream Exit induce Lucid Dream. This is an upgrade from the deal technique. These one has a 100% success rate. You on ways that well, you know, waking up from a non lucid dream and not moving require some training. And if you move, it counts as a fail because you have moved, you have blow up the whole thing. You will have to start over and obviously a it will no longer be a deal. It will be a wild OK, But you know, a l deal is all about starting the Lucy Dream from a previous lucid dream. Let's say you are loose it okay if they are glad I'm losing them. A sleeping by the dream has a horrible quality or you know that you're going to wake up and there is nothing you can prevent toe know to do. So OK, maybe your room face ended and you need to wake up for a brief moment in order for the next a grim faces start. Okay, So the trick here is in your very lucid dream. Knowing that you're going toe awake, you're going to repeat to yourself. I don't. I just I am looking. I will keep my eyes closed. I we'll stay stealing that. You know you want to start doing your field from the lucid dream As you awaken as you feel your waking up from your dream You want to already be doing the deal technique. This is why this one is called loose. It deal because you are in both In another Luffy dream from a lucid dream. Okay, And this is very good, especially to increase those low quality lucid dreams. And this is why it has a 100% success radio. In fact, it's a very instant technique, Okay? Because you get you start to do it in the dream. So you're going to feel your body in bed completely paralyzed with massive vibrations. You know, you could also try a You could also try a if that's okay with you to us a project here. But you know, a it's very very is a very quick technique on most likely in a few seconds you're going to be in another trophy dream right from the very first point in your next room face, which is going to be amazing on. You know, this one doesn't require any a preparation, only remembering in your roof dream toe do the l dealed. Okay. And if you are able to remember basic tasks like asking the name of the character telling someone you're dreaming or taken a flight something like that. If you're able to remember something from working life and threatening your wheel, it's it's common. You will be able to remember to the l dealed on. You know it cannot fail because you're fully conscious. You transition from lucid dream the waking toe Another lucid dream. Since you never lose consciousness, you never lost blue baby. Okay, you can even sacrifice alot quietly lucid Dream for a high quality lucid dream The example I mentioned to you Okay, you have these these terrible looking dream you know it's not clear you and half dream control. Then start doing your l dealed Wake yourself up and go back to sleep. Okay? They way Told you he would be Yes, And like jumping can only hope him. You helping the dream? You go for a few moments into the waking life, or usually without moving without anything on. Then you immediately are sent back to the dream fully. Lafitte. Andi, with much more quality. Okay, as I mentioned, is an excellent technique when you know lucidly that you're going toe awake. However, don't be greedy. Okay? Don't be greatly with a changing because there is so much dream memory that are brink and handled. Okay, so don't overdo it. Another point to the and El dealed. You know, it's it's a dream teleportation method we're going to talk about during techniques in a few lessons and you can you want attempt to teleport. But this one, you know, a could wake you completely up or could send you back to a non lucid dream or, you know, am it could yes, don't work at all, and you are going to be in the very same dream you are. And if you were waking up, you are going to finish waking up and you can lose lucidity as well. When you teleport, it can be quite overwhelming, not negative. By all means. It's very it's very far to pull apart, but you can. You need to be very well grounded into the dream. Okay, Until importation is not a technique that I would recommend if you are getting started, it's important for you to be aware of this. Okay, as always be where we false awakenings. Okay. While it's true that LDL normally has no false awakenings because normally what is going to happen? It's that you're going to appear right in the very last spot you wear on your previous dream Steel. They can happen. OK, so remember, every time you change planes of existence, you should do already check. So you know. And it is a good practice for you. Let's say that that that you were doing with a forest, you're going to wake up, do the oil deal and then you're back in the forest. Crystal clear dream, everything. Very quality. Still do already check. Okay. Remind yourself you are dreaming. Look at your hands tested gravity Do whatever you know because it really good for you. Toe anchor in the dream on toe anchor to lucidity. If you ready check. In fact, in a lucid dream, I recommend toe every now and then to a variety check toe double check that you are indeed dreaming. And this will help to increase the quality off your dreams. Okay, so let's move on to the next lesson. Andi, we'll see a little more about this. 29. Chaining dreams. When is it too much?: Hey. Hey, folks, How are those? Remain coming. How are those dreams? Come in. Are you guys having plenty of fruit dreams? I hope you're doing plenty of writing checks. I hope you're practicing your deal, dear Mild your wild on. Well, have you guys tried any deal or even any l dealed. I would love to hear how you guys are doing. Okay, so this is a lesson. I believe it's important to make a lesson. Yes, for this, You know, it's a little more about deal, but I want to remind you go easy with a change. Okay? Luthi dreaming is amazing. And when we have an altered state of awareness, it seems that we want war. We want more. We want more on some things. Have you seen some things over doing it? It could end up not so good as you well know. Lucid dream is completely harmless, so nothing's going to happen to you. But other than a forgetting dreams, Okay, you can lose a big dream or a big, lucid dream. If you go greedy on that will be a shame. Okay, so you know when you learn and when you get used to do deals on to El deals. Go easy with the change. Okay? Don't be greedy. Very important. You know, actually, after 1/4 chain dream, chances side of the first remark is going to be forgotten. Okay, on this is something I have studied or myself Ashwell us on other people on how you believe that you want to focus and you want to realize that if your chain a good two or three dreams Well, buddy, it's time to wake yourself up on journal. All of that down. Okay? Don't don't abuse it. Okay? In fact, you're going to get at some point that you are going to on purpose. Break the chain. You know, Let's say you have, you know, you turn low state from a dealed out off our non lucid dream. Obviously, because I mentioned deal your turn. Look it, you know, and you realize, Well, that was a very long dream. But now I, Lucy, that's awesome on. Then let's say that you're going to wake up. So it's an idea that the l dealed on. Then you appear in the same place. You know, for the Lafitte. And you have this large dream. You accomplish a few goals. Let's say that one of your goals worse to fly to the Empire State Building and, you know, jam head fares and crashed in the ground and you do it and you feel the dream still goes on . What can I do now? And you do two or three things. You will get appointed, He will say, Well, I am afraid I'm going to forget all of this. Especially that non lucid dream that was very exciting was a very nice dream. Then you want to wake yourself up, okay? You want to? Yes, To stay still. You want to gaze into something? You want to try to read something to wake yourself up? We're going to talk also about how to wake yourself up from a dream. Okay, But you will see that you will have the need to end the change. So don't be too greedy with the change, Okay? You know, your own judgment and skill will help you finding your sweet spot. But when in doubt, don't push it. Okay, folks, that's very important. When you feel you might use a chance or you might lose the possibility off Information off a dream. Definitely. It means to stand to wake yourself up, jot down your dreams on then you know, if each day we time the morning Yes, go back to sleep. And you know, you might even have another dream. Because when you wake up from a dream or even a lucid dream and you write it down with excitement, you're going back to bed, your foreign back asleep with even further excitement on that's going to increase dramatically. The chances for you off having a deal you can't imagine how many people Maybe they work about four yen. They do a wild the wild works. They are able to ah, feel tasks, feel challenges. They have they wake himself up or the yes, wake up, they write down and they say, Well, it was so amazing with a successful night on. Then they sleep a little more and they happen to have a deal like oh, the Asian of the cake. Awesome. So, you know, pushing it sometimes could mean less lofty dreams. OK, so don't be too greedy. Okay, I found this to be very important. Anyone you guys to understand this. Okay, folks, So let's move into Let's listen 30. What to do during WBTB?: Hi, folks. How we should going today. So we're going to talk today about way back to bed, OK? By itself. I wouldn't call. It's a technique. Okay? Because technically, wait back to bed ish. Yes, that waking up, staying awake for a while and then going back to bed by itself. It doesn't necessarily induced a dream, but it's a huge aid. And it's a huge at ban. It's to do in addition, off all their stuff. Okay, at the techniques that we have in sharing. So what's all about in a way back to bed? You know, you remember that glass of water I mentioned you that you could take? Probably. You will wake up at 4 a.m. or three a year. And you know it depends on it. Person, you know, metabolism. But eventually you will wake up to go to the bathroom. Okay. If one glass of where doesn't wake you up, then take two. Okay, then you know you want to write down your dreams. You know the same process. We have been mentioning a through the classes, but in order to get the best out off your weight back to bed when you wake up. You know you want to spend 15 minutes or 15 to 45 minutes a week. Obviously, these changes for every person. Okay, You need to find your sweet spot in how you can go back to bed. If it's easier for you to fall back asleep, you know how much you can. You can get awakened if you spend this time from awake. And obviously how much sleep time you have? How soon? Unit whose toe wake up next day. You know, wait back to bed. You know, I can give you the wolves. I can teach you. How about it's person will master their own ways. We'll be able to make their way back to bed on their own waste what works better for them. OK, but you know, for a general idea for you to know a the ideal weight back to bed, that could work for most people. Okay, It's first of all, you went to obviously write down your dreams, okay? Your previous dreams, everything you have received, everything you can recall. You want to write it down. Okay, Then you want to read lucid dream material. You know, you could do the scores if you want. You could You could read all the material. You know, if you have a dim light on a book, that will be much better. You know, that book could be yet in journal as well. Okay, you could retort in journal you can. Also, after you have written down your dreams, you can also do some dream incubation. Okay, That I am sure you are already over it already. But you know, dream incubation has to remind there is for you to daydream. Why do you want to drink? Let's see. You want to be said Marsh, you are daydreaming out Marsh. Every single day you're engaging your feelings. You are engaging your thoughts. You know, when you are dream doing dream incubation, you want toe, they dream with. That's much clarity as you can and put us much emotion as you can on. Then you can visualize yourself. Actually, three minute on, definitely. If you this a doing awake back to bed, you are going to drastically increase the chances to be successful at it. Toe flexes feli incubate a dream. Okay, Another option is for you to made eight. That's very beneficial. But make sure you don't fall asleep. So please, Enough. No maintaining bet. Okay. And if you're extremely sleepy, like falling asleep as you move around your house, definitely. You want to not try to make that because you will fall asleep. Okay, so that's it for the way back to bed. Here on, Do you know, I feel that it's something that you can add it to your daily practice you knitted with every night. In fact, I don't recommend you to do it every night because you want to create a pardon. But, you know, a wake back to bed, it's going to create a rim some degree off rebound because no, 15 45 minutes you're spending awake. You were supposed to be sleeping on your brain, believes that you're going to go back to sleep, so there remains like it's holding the next real face. But you're wrong about to sleep, so they're rent needs to go back into beta. And when you go back to sleep, when you finish your way back to bed, you are going to have a greater deal off alertness. Okay, On some people, it could be a little harder to fall asleep This is why you need to see what works best for you. But you're going to have a little more alertness. And also you're going tohave the rim rebound on your so the chances off triggering a deal are going to be much higher. Obviously, you can work on a wild as well. After a way back to bed, you know, you can do a wild. In fact, I have a I have been in some lucid dreaming contest on. Do you know him? Actually doing the wild A after a way back to bed is pretty much a guarantee off a roof. It's okay if you were made wild. Well, you know, you you way back to bed, your scruffy appoints writing some dreams down, maybe even some look it's on. Then you go for your big dream because also, you know, your room faces are going to be much larger. You know, when you wake up in the middle of the night on let's see, we got very soon. But if you wake up very some like an hour to after bed, then you shouldn't do anyway. Back to bed. Okay. Only four or five hours later on you will have a much larger time for dreaming. So definitely it's a very powerful technique. OK, it's a very powerful eight. So make sure you try out way back to bed. Okay on. You're going to see how it will push even further your progress. So let's move into the next lesson. And soon we're going to get into the dreaming abilities on Ben. How to create a dream world and lots of fun stuff. Okay, now, from now, you know this court is going to get easier. You know, we're going to be more relaxed now. Most most off the material off the technique off the theory. It's already done. OK, so let's more than 31. WBTB to enhance recall.: Hey, folks, how are you guys doing to the How are those three means coming in? I hope you guys are having plenty of dreams by now. Especially plenty of lucid dreams. So we have two more lessons, This lesson and next lesson to talk more about weight. Back to bed. Okay, on. Then we're going to move into the dream techniques. We're going to go into dream control, Andi stabilization techniques on how to prolong your Luthi dreams. So we're going to go into the mastering stage. But let's fares do more talking about the wake back to bed because I am sure that you felt that the previous lesson was not enough for the way back to bed. And if you believe that you are wrong, there is more on it. Okay, So wait back to bed. It enhances your dream, Brickell. Okay, You can get the best out of your way back to bed. Some things you might have no idea what to do for 15 or 45 minutes on. Do you don't want to be bored or you want to get engaged in tow? Beta activities. Okay, so you know, let's say that you wake up. You know, you stay a couple minutes in bed in order to organize your thinking. Or maybe you rush to your dream journal. You know, it depends up to each individual. But the first thing you want to, though, you know, in order to get the best out of your way back to bed, is to first write down with us much detail as you can from previous dreams. You know, if you're doing a way back to bed, Yes. Bears on the on your scene. Key points or yes, pass and using keywords, you know? Yes. Write everything down. Word by word to the very slightest detail describe for trees described the fruit on the trees. This crate that guarantees so discredited people this great aliens is Christ, the started scrape. Whatever you have dreamt with with as much detail as you can. Okay? Why do you believe that you are Don't want you feel satisfied. Then you can go to the bathroom if you need to go on. You know, if you could hold it until you write down your dream, then by all means go. If you cannot hold it and go to the bathroom first. and then go back to your team journal. But if you go to the bathroom first, be focused about the dreams themselves poking. So go to the bathroom. You know you need it. And, you know, if you really have gone to the bathroom, you can go again to sit in the toilet, for I could fight minutes or you can, yes, work around home. But the key is to focus only on the previous dream. Nothing else. Don't focus about way back to bed. Don't focus about your next lucid dream. Don't do any dream incubation yet for now, only focus on your pretty extreme because now we're using Wake back to bed to empower your dream, Rickel. Okay, wait back to bed is an eight to empower to Brickell and it's an eight toe Empower other techniques such as wild, mild or deal okay on many other alternates and variations that you can find. So you want to only be focusing the protesting when you have to spend a good five minutes or you are doing the bathroom. You have drank some water, you know, try to sit down in from of your journal again, and if you can actually sit down in a table in front of your journal where you're only destruction. That's per se. Is your general is best because then your mind will have no other option but to focus on the dream journal on the focus on whatever a information your brain could pull from your previous string. OK, And trust me, you are going to get a few fragments that you might recall. Okay, You might get that a few times. It's it's free common, and you can even get a big framing of a dream. Okay, if you if you get a lot like, let's say that you're right, your dream is written down and yes, remember, Ah, whole experience you had in under the sea, okay, in the Pacific Ocean. And you could remember a good three or four paragraphs worth of him. Then you want to go back toe State number two. You want to go into a bathroom or yesterday? It's a short walk around home. Drink some more water on, then you know, see different of your general trying to pose extra memories. What you are doing here is stretching the muscles. You are pushing your mash in your martial to limits. You know, this is like I am at Leeds, that they are lifting weight. They leave the £100 on. They do 40 repetitions in fragments off them on. Then they last three repetitions from the last session. They are doing it with extra weight on It's the most time. One on a second. See, my cat seems to want to teach a class also, but not sure if ever, really a great idea, because she can't do English. But well, she had something to say for sure. I mean, if you guys hair it or not, But chances are you did so a one. Do you feel totally awful? Feel that you can get nothing more from your dream. Now you can visualize a few times your dream goal and incubated. Now it is time to your dream incubation. Visualize it with fillings. How do you feel? Your next during. Okay. Lets you want to go to space. How you feeling? What do you see? What can you hear? What can you touch? You know, engaged. All five senses into your visualization when you are incubating a dream. Okay, once that's done, maybe you can find another good five minutes to sit in front of your journal to pull extra memory. And why is that? You have move on already from eternal. What's going on? Why you have to go back? Well, because their brain could have been working on a background on the police dream. You have to start to focus on a new dream. So your brain is engaging that near dream. But our Bagram memory could be working on that. And some things you can get a few more extra. It starts from you produce dream. Okay, so this is it for these A small enhancement off technique on the wild. Okay, so I hope you're doing some writing checks as you see this craziness happening here. Okay. Perfect. So let's move on to the next lesson. Now it's a little more about weight back to bed. And then we're going to go into the techniques on dream control. No, came. So bear with me 32. Alarm vs Natural Awakening.: Hi there. So this is the last lesson for Wake back to bed, and then finally, we're going to go into the actual techniques, okay? The actual dreaming a religious. But I find important to totally or more about the alarm versus a natural awakening. Okay, This is something that I mentioned earlier about the gentle alarm. Okay? And, you know, I kind of rush through it because this lesson waas all about that. Okay, so we're talking about the advantages on this identity gives off alarms. Bears was natural awakening. Obviously, ideally, waking up naturally is the rest. Why is that? Because you're going to wake naturally after Afrim face, meaning that you're going to start a brand new your in face from 0.1 going to you know, you could realize that if you naturally wake up, you are training your mind. Better to know, toe, wake up after a dream on. You know, it gets to the point that you know you can wake up toward three times in the middle of the night, especially a you're going to be able to fall back asleep fast. You know, these will happen naturally. So if you have a hard time falling back asleep. This probably won't happen to you. Okay? Their mind is very amazing. And it's very intelligent on its own. So you know, if it's if you fall us back asleep easily, you're going to wake up okay a few times, too, to write down frames. But if you don't, if you have hard time waking up naturally I mean going back to sleep. Probably you won't wake up naturally. And then it's best to avoid alarm cell together. Okay, Because sleep is the most important thing. Okay? You want to lose a lot off sleep because of lucid dreaming after all, Lucid dreaming It's happened when you are dreaming. So when you're asleep. So you went to sleep. Okay, so you know, using mantras to train your mind to wake up after your dream. That's something that you can gain with practice or so obviously I am giving you a few months rest to the course. You want to add them all at once. You want toe? Okay. Sorry about that. So you don't want to wake up? You're a You want to overwhelm your mind with so many mantra smoking. But if you believe you want to We want to work on they naturally awakening mantra You can do something simple as after my dream I wake up to write down After my dreams I wake up to write it down. You can repeat it a few times as you fall asleep. Okay, On this this will create attention in your mind that as soon as you are sovereign face ends , you're going toe. Wake up, then you need toe, you know, to fight the drive to yes, asleep through it on at least reached out to your journal and start reading or talking or whatever your dream. OK, Because if your brain bothers to wake you up, you should bother in tow writing down the dream. It's important. Okay, once again, the water here is the water again, drinking plenty of water. You know that will wake you up. You have to go. You have to go batting after we have to go to the bathroom. So you a definitely drinking more worried with for your body and it will wake up in the middle of the night. So it's a win win situation. OK on. You know, some of us naturally wake up, you know, And this can be using that manage. You know, I always wake are between three and 4 a.m. Sometimes at six. You know it's random, but you know, it's a good time to write out some dreams and toe their firm awake back to bed. Ah, while technique or both. Okay, on dwell. Definitely. If we're in a lucid dream, we can easily wake ourselves up. Okay. When we believe that the truth dream has been very long, we can wake ourselves up from it on the seaway is yes, toe demand awakening. But another good way is to stare at something. OK, because you know we're paralyzed in our dreams. Okay? But our eyes are moving. That's why we called the rapid eye movement, which is what stands for rim. Okay, on Our eyes are not paralyzed. If our I stopped moving, Ram stops moving. You know that's us E C s one plus month. Okay, so if in a dream we stare at something, our eyes won't be moving anymore on if this escaped for a prolonged amount of time. You know, it's hard to say because you're in a dream. But you know a staring into a world, and you're going to feel that the more you stare into it, the blurry it becomes on. Eventually you'll wake up. Okay? Always. We only do this if you want to wake yourself up. If you don't want to wake yourself up a boy a staring on in some in some drink techniques in something control and going to mention that Okay, so keep that in mind. Now you soon learn is also an option. Old year and using great red letters. That's not good. Well, you know, not really. Because no use in alarm is social option. But, you know, it may startle us and put the dream recalling Gia party. How many times it has happened to you that you were dreaming something on then sanity. Dignity. Did you today did it today that horrible noise from the land, Or maybe their radio or reveal your cell phone. You know, nowadays we have many alarms with all of them. Are can startle us. Okay, Because they were missing, silence were asleep and suddenly on approved noise breaks the quietness on the tranquility Onda we can wake up a startled on. It's easy that the whole dream will be entirely obliterated without any changes of recovering it. Okay, so that's something you need to keep in mind. Obviously, it could bother and wake up. Where? People in the room or even in the house. Okay, I have You are sleeping with someone. I am sure that lazier path near wants to the roof in German. Also is she or he would not be very happy hearing the alarm at, like, four am so it's, like, really gotten to know him. Okay, on, You know, you know, if it's a morning alarm, Well, is the morning learn, but they feel in the middle of the night, you know, you don't want to disturb the sleep off others. Okay? If this is a holy that only you are taken, you need to respect the efficient off. Others off the scientist sleep so you don't want to be annoying with an alarm at 4 a.m. In the morning. Okay. On also Well, you know something that you actually can get very frustrated on. A random could ruin a perfectly good lucid dream. Okay, I think that's what makes up with your room face. You know, mixing up with a different face. Something's gonna be good, but it's something a deal. Want to be the wind on? You know, you have your weight back to bed already to a to mess up with your room face. You don't want to mess up with the alarm, okay? For your room face. But imagine that you have your learned that for him. And imagine the 3:30 a.m. You start this amazing lucid dream on the night for him. Suddenly the clock starts a chicken and starts making noises. Trust me, if your alarm rings, you would wake up. You won't be able to find it. You won't be able to hold your Ruthie dream because your ears are going to be engaged with awakened. Reality on your mind is going to put you on your feet. This is why obviously we use a learned looks to wake up. They are made for that. They are not made for way back to beds. Okay, so if you happen to have a lucid dream, they clock the clock ringing is going to different Ruin it so I wouldn't use an alarm as an option. Okay, gentleman alarms on the other hand, they could be a better alternative than conventional alarm clocks because they have a very soft sound. OK, and even some gentle alarms. You know, you can look up the apse on gentle alarms. You know, you can put yourself some Samir blacks or something. You know, some headphones, but headphones. If they're very large, you will be very comfortable analysis on the app. But you know, and have you can Yes, wild. But you know, and you're going to use gentle arms turned up anyway. But you know him. If you are coughing, or maybe you even bother your partner, maybe you're sleeping alone, you know. But you know, gentle arms, you can look them up. Okay. A gentle arm could ruin a lucid dream also, but since it's not very abrupt, you know, it might not. Okay, you could try not hear it at all. Gentle alarms started ringing at a given time on. Then they stop by themselves. Okay? You don't need this. Knows you need to anything they will a slope, they will stop by themselves. This is where they're good, but they're still arms. And these still have the same contradictions that regular alarms half. Okay, So I believe it's important for you to know about the alarms right now. And you can know that natural awakening is much better. OK, so let's go on into next lesson. Next lesson. Already. It starts to be about the dream techniques. So I want you to know that those are my personal way to them on. You know, you can give you some tools, but it will be here who will master the gym control techniques. Okay, so let's go for it. 33. Flying: Hello, folks. So finally, we're here. We are on the dream control techniques. Okay, The next eight lessons are going to be all about ring control on. Most likely, they're going to be shorter lessons. Okay, But I want you to have a general idea in how to perform its off these techniques. Okay, You are going to find your own ways. Okay? You will make a faro exact same steps as I have them. However, it's good for you to have a general idea how I perform these techniques. Because that way you are going to realize that it's going to be easier for you. You're going to have all of this information in your self conscious and yes, hearing from them. You are going toe have an easier time to all of this. Okay. And since you are going to have an easier time to all of this, you're going to gain your dream control abilities. Develop much faster. OK, so these, when he thought flame flying is probably the most desired ability for everybody on normally , it comes naturally to each of us. Okay, But you know, there are a few ways to help yourself flying because some people can get stuck. It's all about practice, OK, But you know, there are two ways to very easy ways to fly the one and most obvious way it's a get off the house. If you started them in the house, go outdoors and it start running or yes, jump. OK, normally I take a small sprint and then jump. And that's how flight starts okay from here, you know, flying the actual control of France pretty easy. You know, you will do it by instinct. You know you want to go forward and you will yes, go for you can fly like in Superman mode. Or you can fly like in Dragonball mold, okay, Or like Ironman. You know, there are many ways, you know, that's our flight. It will come naturally to you. It's hard to take off, but then it's easy to fly. Then you can also opt toe a going toe, a hike level and jump from there. You know, if you live in a sky scrapper or if you are dreaming of her balcony or something, you want to jump off the balcony and start flying. Obviously, please a Let's, we might. Let's be serious here. Reality checks. Okay, Don't Don't see something strange in your house. Or if you have a strange feeling on believe you're flying and yes, jump off the balcony. That's not good. Make sure you're drinking. Okay, that's very important. You will know it. Trust me. You want the you won't be mixing realities. But you know what they said? A. Before you get all excited, you know, take a moment to check your hand. You know for sure you're going to see your hand is wrong on you have plenty of fingers and that you are criminal and you can jump on take off flying. If you fail to fly, you will crash in the ground and nothing would happen. Ok, so pretty much This is all about flying. Okay, two ccs that normally a jumping from a altitude is easier because you can at least light. If you can't manage to fly, he can at least glide. And that's our very first. A very good first step. Okay, so now let's go. One into the next one 34. Telekinesis: Hey, folks. So this is lesson number 32 on here. We're going to talk about telekinesis. The likeness, cities, another desired dream of really okay that it can be quite rewarding in order to be able to telekinesis. You know, you want to start for something small, okay? A small object. Apparel, crystal glass of water. You know something? I don't try to least a boat or to leave other people or to leave the mountain, because likely is that you want. And you know you can then point out with your finger. If that makes more comfortable with you. You know, truly the best way to the this is for you. If you could look telekinesis, how would you do it? You know, if I could have telekinesis in waking life, I would say I would get a stare into something and reach out the hand a little. Not a lot. Yes, Richard. Out a little on, then Visualized the item levitating on the items, staring him off. Think of it. Dream goes connected to creativity. So everything you think happens is not a ccs that okay? Sometimes we cannot accomplish 13 things because we have subconscious believes and you know , it can be very tricky, but in order to successfully you pelican, it's is the same way you would do it if you could. Waiting, waking life you want to within dreams. You want to feel in your chest that the item is moving and you want to feel the excitement . You know, actually, a guest thought of something for telekinesis. I'm so you guys. So the X Men movies, you know, And when one of the movies, when they go back when they were younger, I'm sure you remember when Shabbir Waas teaching magneto how to leave heavy metallic objects. Okay. After all, what Medina that is telekinesis only works with metal in your dream world with everything but the teachings that Shabbir gives him. Yes. Let go of your feelings. Yes, focused me the item and allow it to float. That's going to happen on that will successfully bring perkiness is as you are able to the one. Then you can try with a couple items at a time, or you can go bigger. OK, You know, you have your dream every night. You have plenty of fluids to practice this, but you know, this is the main foundation for telekinesis. So let's move on to the next one 35. Teleportation: Okay, folks. So more dreaming techniques. Okay, on this one is teleportation. They're importation. You know, I would say it's not one of my favorite techniques, but it can be very, very rewarding. You know, Andi, at some degree, this is the best method off travelling in your dreams. Okay? Actually, I'd elected importation. Okay, But there are two ways to teleport. There's one of them that works for some people. And there is another one that works for other people. And for me, but one that works for a lot of people. You can Yes. Go ahead on start spinning in your very own dream. Okay, start spinning in your own access. Okay? Your spin spin spin as fast as you can. And then while you're spinning, you want to imagine Where do you want to be? Let's say you wanted to report to Jupiter. Okay? You want to a visualize yourself in Jupiter, as it's been very fast. That's the first option for teleportation. He has a problem. You can wake up. Okay. For some reason, these can wake you up. Maybe you can maybe overwhelms your mind. I don't know, but it can wake you up on it can fail. So you can You might hurt the report at all. Second option is using an excuse. I was one challenge I was once challenged. Toby, See the great red spot on Jupiter? Okay, in a lucid dream on, you know, I I have a false belief, but, hey, it's our belief under can get in the way that is going to take a while to fly to Jupiter. Okay, I have been able to fly to the moon. I have enabled somewhere to fly to the sun, you know, But Jupiter I felt it was going to be a very long a flight. So I pretended that from a storm you could teleport to another storm. And I look for us term implying Earth. And I said, Take me to their great red spot. After all, As you guys know, the red great spot is a storm that has been there for ages. And that's a very reliable method. But sometimes you know you you know, if I if I haven't been able to find the store model, then you know it's a good on the last one. The most easiest When and they is most stupid one additional or, you know it's a dream. So even if you're in your home, let's see you in your room and you want to go to Paris. Well, get in front of your door and imagine that Paris is on the other side. Open the other. And chances are you're going to find Paris. Yes, Works River. And you're in Paris as easy as that. OK, you can also be civilized A board accessing the world's portals. You know, you can even ask a dream character. You know you can You can ask the taxi to take you somewhere on the taxi will be pretty fast because it's going to take you almost immediately on Well, if you have no have money to pay it. Actually, that's okay. It's a dream. So who cares? Okay, Andi, that's that for teleportation. Okay, It's all about practice. But you know, you now have a good general idea about it. So let's keep moving because there are more 36. Control de Elements: Hey, faults. So more dream techniques Okay, on this one is to control the elements. These won it will. Your success on this one will depend in how much animate on how much cartoons are. Maybe even superhero movies. You half watch, okay? Because concerned the elements island believe is something natural for humans, obviously. But you know, it's well is a welcome on trend in anime, in cartoons and in superhero movies. If you have seen those, you know, the best way for you is to connect with the element you one. Let's say you want toe. You want to throw a fireable? Well, you can try to copy these X men guy that they frame toward Torch guy. Okay, whatever it scholar for the Fantastic Four torts. Dude. OK. Or you can yes, imagine, you know, about a beam of fire coming after me hammer. That could be the starter. Okay, so if you see any a any control element controlling thing, you can try to mimic it in your dreams. Okay. So, you know, I tell your pointless to talk about each of the elements. Okay? Because you know you want to mimic a what? You know about elementary. Okay, I'm sure at this point in life, we're all exposed to all of these anyway, so it will come somewhat natural to us. You know, this is a legal, a bit of a harder trick. You could take a few fails, you know, like, let's say you want to throw a nice bold at first you might Yes. Have your hand a little humid or maybe even a bit of snow or habit off crystals off eyes. By this, you keep trying. It's going to work. So it's all about trying. And if you truly have no idea about Element and then a role, well, you can just imagine that they said Element comes from your hands looking that if you want toe, release the elements from within you. If you want to move the elements, you can use a combination of telekinesis on. You're no let's in superhero or any may freaky stuff. Okay, but you know it, really. It's out practicing. I cannot tell you how thought control the elements because, you know, in my childhood I watched Ragab all I watch many anime on. You know, I'm quite usedto for me. It's quite simple to? Yes, a control, water or fire or whatever. Okay, because I have seen it so much That is deep in my subconscious. So if you are interested in controlling the elements and you have a heart thing what, yourself, a fantastic four or X men, and trust me, you're going to gain some confidence. Okay, so let's keep moving. 37. Summoning: Okay, folks. So we get to one off the most favorite dream techniques on, especially for some of you very minds who are thinking in someone in a celebrity. Andi, I won't get into that. But, you know, I'm sure that someone is something that most of you have the desire to do. So anyway, on you know, for those of you who are very minds well, I guess maybe you want to me your favorite celebrity, even if it's in a dream or you want to meet a superhero, why not? Or you want to meet an extraterrestrial or you want to see your cat that you have when you were a child on past? Or maybe you want to someone energy on object, okay, for someone. And it's not only about people, so in someone incomes actually, quite easily. It's a very easy dream technique. Okay, let's say that you want to salmon. I know. Okay, let's say that I challenge you. I want you to eat an apple in your dream. Maybe you look around, you see no apple trees. You see no restaurants, you know, apparently is no grocery stores. It seems harder to get an apple than you first thought. Well, Rita, pocket when you reach a pocket and you visualize yourself holding apple, trust me, you will get an apple out from your pocket. Those of you who are women and on do carry a pours all the time. You know, a when you are, both of you can reach out your purse. And you know, if for some reason you ve had your purse before you can imagine, you are reaching out to your pores on. Then a purse will come. Okay, you will have a porters, And as soon as you place your hand inside the person, you take something out it wheel manifest. Why is someone in easy? Because, you know, you're you want something and you imagine that something your mind needs to find an excuse to present you that item. Okay. And there s excuse is and the item west in a drawer in that person. That bucket, you know. So this is a very good way to summon a to summon optics to summon people you know you can yes, demand the dream. I want to see. I went to see Superman and Superman. We'll appear, but you know it's not as easy as that. Something's a most. A more reliable technique is to use a door once again. OK, give your brain a chance toe. Create something out from a decent level of common sense. Okay, you adored. As a matter. If it's a large Dora smolder doesn't matter where their leads, even if it or its yes in it's yes, the door off your y drove for something that's a matter you know the same way you can open your door and be in Paris. You can open your door and say, OK, super money's on the other side. You open the lower on Santa's hard that Superman easing the other side. If Superman is not their clothes that are or yes, walk through the next room and go to a next door. Okay, by using door to someone people. It's a very reliable technique. Also another easy way to summon people. Let's say you are in town, okay? And you want to meet Superman? Yes, going to a store and say, Hey, do you mind calling Superman for me? You know? Well, I guess supervise working in that store because for sure, Superman will come out from the back Off the off the store. Okay. It doesn't mean that technically working there, but you know, it's health dream lows And this is how it works in a dream on Also, for someone objects is good. I remember once I was challenged to find the Pandora's box on. I had a hard thing finding it. So I just went ahead. I went into a store and I said, Hey, the you guys a Can you guys get me up under a box? Something's your mind. Place a trick and, you know, in that ring they said, Oh, we are out of them, I think. Oh, come on. But then I left the store. I went toe the next store and say, Hey, I really upon their a box A Could you get me one and then they will give it to you, OK? And you know if you want to pay them, yes, reach your pocket for money someone your money and pay them. But you know it's most likely they will give up on Dropbox. You will say thanks and you will turn around and they won't even care. Okay, so I decided the best way to someone and you can find a certain level of success with this technique because someone is quite easy. Okay, comes quite naturally, so let's get going. 38. Time Travel: Hola, amigos. Homocysteine Isco's goes to battle over again. Why am talking in Spanish again? Come on. Well, I hope you guys had leaves it already. Check. Okay, so? Well, a time. Trouble is the next technique. You know, this is a bit of a trickier one. Okay, Some of them are very easy, like someone in or you like flying. But time travel could be a little more tricky there Two ways. You know, the most easy and obvious way. Yes. Go into a store. You? No into yes or even a house. You can guess breaking the house. OK, don't be violent because you could change the album of the dream. Yes, Enter on. There will be open if the various luck you can someone a key or you can guess Pulitzer and it will. It will open. Okay. And then you can ask someone. Hey, do you mind if I borrow your time travel machine? Santa's hardly say Oh, sure, go ahead. It's over there on. Then you can travel. This is how I went in one challenge to witness the death of the dinosaurs. I asked someone, toe let me borrow their time travel machine on That's how we went there. Okay. On you know them. Worry in working the time travel machine. It will work Second option, much more unreliable. It's on its the way. It works for me. Okay? You need to try and you can even share. You can even share your time travel abilities on ways to do it on. I can even add it to the scores in the future. Okay. To this class back another way, it's that works for me. It's too close. The ice very, very heart on jump. And when he jumped, make sure you a close down your faced and you know you put all the strength you can, you jump and you think I want to go back. I want to go to a future. This is likely to not wake you up. Okay? But it's likely do not work at all. Or it can change the outcome of a dream. This is still about trying. Okay. You can also use portals, you know, teleportation also apply to time travel. Let's say a the same door You used to go to Paris, you say Well, I want to go toe futurist to the future on then well, your mind will create a future direction of years. And you will walk to it. Or let's say I want to go. I went to kill Hitler, for example. Then I open the door and I'm going to be in Germany on. Maybe you open leather and you appear in Germany and may be your lucky enough that you can also a someone Hitler, and you will get two shots toe Burton. One shot. You will be able to time travel toe the time off off Hitler, and then you can keep his back very hard if you want. Okay, so these are the wasted time travel. I hope that you you managed to do it because it's pretty cool, but it takes some practice. OK, they're still a few more, so let's keep going. 39. Space: The Final Frontier: Okay, folks, one more technique today on this one years space, the final frontier on well itself. It's not like a tree might be living, but definitely it's They made your goal that most of us, if not everybody, has go into space. You could say, Well, I asked Fly and go there True, it's a very good way to get there. But what if your mind? I want to trick you and you're flying on an endless sea of clouds and you'll never get to space. You can get to space in seconds. You can take ages, OK? Because, as you know, it's a dream. So the distance between the air and space could change from dream to dream. Okay, definitely. You know you before you go to space, you want to have your flight ability to a maximum, and also your summoning ability could help. Because, for instance, let's say you're trying to fly to space and you can't fly or you get high in the clouds, and then suddenly you are unable to fly for their or you believe you are falling or, you know, a many, many things can happen that could drive you away from going to space. Well, you can imagine that you have a jet back, you can summon it or you can ask for help. You know, I remember. That's for me. For some reason, going to the sun was very hard. I couldn't manage to go to it. And I went to Jupiter. I went to even different mentions. I went through wormholes by the Senate, something he couldn't accomplished. Well, I went down the street one day and I saw I was pretending they was going to ask for help. And then I went to a taxi and said, Hey, can you think of to a son and canned like the taxi? Does that dude, are you crazy? He's going to go to a san yes, go to the basket with their steel incense. But I went to that bus and it had, like, a couple off rockets. And I said, Hey, is about going to a son on, You know, he said, Yeah. So I sat on this on the bus and I remember there were other people on I would tell him Whoa , it's very cool. They're going to the sun and people was Yeah, yeah, and looking forward to it had signed the the bus. They start to run it start to fly. And we went to space almost immediately on who went to a son. Okay, so you know, is asking for helping the time when you don't know how to something. Ask for help. Okay. This is something important that you want toe realize, but space is definitely amazing, and you should try it. Okay, so let's move on toe. One more dream technique on this one, it's going to be quite a special for you. Very minds. Okay, this is how PCI course I have to keep it. PG, but still, it's something important to mention because let's be honest. Sexual fantasies can be accomplished in lucid dreams. On especially those fantasies are with celebrities on and retail people, other ways. So let's let's go for it. 40. Dream Sex: Okay, folks, one more dream technique to be mentioning about on. Yeah, this is dream sex. Well, if for some reason you're uncomfortable, you know, I'm not going to talk about any space. It's. But if you're uncomfortable, feel free to mark. This lesson has completed and you can move on into the next one if you're not interested in dreams sexual. But this is a very common topic. Most people are very interested, and I have to mention it. So I'm going to get into any details. You know, a sex is something very personal, but I want to give you a few keys. Number one. Think of it you can have sex with any being us higher. After all their fragments off your subconscious. It's in your mind you're not doing any harm. Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but you can see a hot dream character and asked that in character for sex, the character will say yes on either. Got to say Snow. You're gonna start a you're gonna start casing that in character or start talking in the intimate parts. And trust me, the Doom character will agree. Okay, Capital. I think now you know they're going to get into detail. But I want to point out during the during the act off sex, do not a stare into your partner s staring, wakes you up. So while you are at it, look around, you know, keep your eyes moving. Look, keep your head moving left and right. Look around you. I know this is weird. You know, Definitely you don't have sex without kissing or without, you know, you can remove your head left and right, like if you were nuts. But, hey, this is a dream, okay? And if you want to successfully reach to the orgasm, you need to give your eyes moving on its staring into the intimate parts off your bath. There doesn't matter how hot he or she is. Or looking at the ice of your partner or looking like that. No, that's not good. OK, that's not good. You should keep your ice moving, Andi. That's the main requirement. Okay. You want to go for the orgasm as fast as you can, OK? To not waste valuable dream time, you know, a you can you can realize and maybe you have a few tasks. A few looking tested you. And then you return loath it in your dream. And you see this very hard character. Maybe you want to have a quickie. So you go ahead, Andi, have the quick and then you proceed with your dream, you know, and you can even forget about dressing back up. That's a mother. You know, eventually your clothes, we'll respond or Well, if you're naked, you won't even remember it. So who cares? Okay, so this is the important, you know, Don't get extremely involved in the sex. Try to be at some distance, especially when looking. But also don't try toe feel emotions very strong. The orgasm is going to be very powerful on Santa. Sorry, it will wake you up. Okay. I have had times that they wanted to wake up and I went ahead for dream sex. That's a great way to wake yourself up. Okay? Finding someone tohave dream sex if you want to. If you have a partner and you want to look for your partner Yes, salmon humor here and have sex on. You know, maybe you can even maybe he will even wake up from it on. Have real sex, you know, you never know, but especially human half apart in there, you know. Yes. Yes. Look around for a hot drink character. Your mind will generate a good verity off different males and females. Then you can get very involving two sex and you will wake up. Okay, This will be their true method to wake yourself up in a very satisfactory way. But if you ever want to wake up, don't stare your partner and keep moving on. Try to get to the climates as fast as you can. OK? So we are getting toe almost the end of the cars. We still have a few lessons toe touch upon, but a You have most of it right now. We still have to talk our dream stablization. There's still one more technique that I will share with you, even though I don't like it on their a few more stuff that we went to touch upon. Okay, so let's go on into the next lesson. 41. Importance of dream stabilization and techniques: Hey, folks, Welcome to lesson number 39 on Wow, that has been a very long way. I am grateful and honor. You guys have stick with me on by your means. If you have any suggestions, please let me know because I believe in growth and expansion on. I want discourse to get better and better by the minute. OK, so we're going to talk today about dreams. Stabilization. Your masturbation is a very important skill because this can help you prolong your lucid dreams as well as turn a blurry, lucid dream into a very mind blowing, crystal clear, lucid dream. Okay, Andi, this is done through dreams. Stabilization. Also, if you believe you're going to wake up and you feel you don't want to wake up, you can prevent premature awakening. Thanks to the stabilization on the first and foremost ability is rubbing your hands. Asi is that you rub your hands that in quiet is going to increase doing dreaded checks. That is something they have mentioned. It's very important to the writing checks Every now and then to remember yourself, you're dreaming because you can lose his deity on also it's like, Oh, wow, it's true. It's a real dream on. Then you can feel that the whole reality around you thumbs in and goes more clear. Okay? It's an amazing feeling. And with practice, you will understand it. Okay, I'm going your senses to a dream world. This is my favorite one, right? My hands doesn't work very well, but you know interacting with him or is very important. You know, I remember at my 500 lucid dream. Okay, I wanted to be Well, he was actually my heart, my life, my 500 recorded room in here to be amazing. It needed to be lucid. So I years a wild windows. It onda At the very first moment off the tree my almost woke up. It will. Yep. It will be a Peter toe waste the 500 dream in a lane three seconds. Lucid dream Which off course, if your first Ruth dream is three seconds Fantastic. But when you get to a point off a certain level of expertise, especially when you want your feet your 500 lucid dream to be amazing. Definitely 113 seconds with a dream. OK, so whatever it is, I grab a branch from a tree and I start rubbing it in my hands holding the brands. Hold something from a dream world that will help you to manifest and that will help to create the reality you want. Another way is asking for more clarity. Yes, shot. More clarity, More lucidity. The dream will generate more crystal clear quality for you Spinning This is wanted some people uses I don't recommend it. Spinning is better for teleportation and steel is not reliable. Okay, if you spin, you can leave your waking up And you speen for sure you're going to wake up OK, so this one you know you can try it out but it's not reliable on also in dream visualization, as you are in the dream, you can t s imagine everything is clear. Everything is is more bright. It will happen because after all, in the dream it's your imagination Who is leading? So what? You mention chances hide will happen OK on then within control, especially those who need glasses, you know, Or even if you don't need glasses, you can pretend you're port at you. Put glasses on toe have more quiet, more crystal quality, especially if you have glasses. You know, maybe you are wearing them in the dream already. You can You can throw your pair of letters away and you can grab a new pair of glasses. Okay. And if you don't have glasses handle, you can a Some of them the same way. You okay? Yes. With your bucket. I'm think I'm going to put my glasses on reacher pocket. You're going to take a glasses off, and as you put them on, dream quality will be fantastic. Okay. And also, through the stabilization, we can prolong the length off our roof. It's you know there is a limit because when grim and faces, you are done. But if you're in your room, face that the brain was one Care if it's one dream or multiple dreams, so you can prolong it for us, long as your real face lists in order to prevent premature awakening King. So a. You know, it could get to a point that you prolong the dream so much that you will literally went away yourself have to write down. Either has happened to me, and it has happened to many students, so you can see how powerful dream Stablization can be OK, So now you know a little more about to Mr Realization, Let's go into next lesson. 42. EILD: You don't really need the heavy expense to EILD.: Hi, folks. Lesson number 40. We are almost reaching an end. But there is still one more technique I haven't talked to you on their recently haven't is because I don't find this technique to be the best technique toe rely on. Okay. And especially not toe. Not the best technique to get started. It's called Yield Elektronik induced lucid dreams. As you can see, we're at an artificial matter here. Lucid dreaming can be done on yourself without any external help, but, well, I still want to mention it. Definitely not my ideal eight. I I have tried bring replicable times and really make a difference maker because my ability is already pretty descent. But, you know, I don't go with it. It can be costly. Okay, there, glasses that in those lucid dream Ruthie dreams, think of 4th $100 Okay, there may be APs, but they won't be as successful. Also still requires training, or they want to know if it you know, they're these glasses that I like 304 $100 that you can take them. The glasses are connected to your brain. Somehow. You know, they, like you could see a sensors on when the glasses will know when you are into REM phase on, then they actually start making random colors. Even trained yourself, you know, you're going to wake up in the morning. Oh, wow. This guy head out off color star met. He was a glasses. I missed it. What a waste of money. Absolutely. Because you still need to train yourself toe. Recognize those flashing colors and turn off it. So you know why he's spending that amount, if you can. Yes, move forward. And if you can, Yes, a train yourself to turn left without any AIDS. Okay. After all, this is a natural skill, and it can be gained with education. And it is a hobby. There is no rush. So truly, You know, if you want to try bailed out, you can you know you have glasses, you have bring waves. You have made ations there many tools. But you know, especially at first you want to get started without any AIDS. Very, very important. There also other eights there drugs, their plants. You can have a partner who will wake you up to help with a deal. You know, they're the gentle alarms. They can also help to induce lucid dreams there, some of them that do that, buddy, if notice is also one. But you know, I Yes, don't state with this, okay? You can try it out once you have some decent level off skill. Okay, so that's it for the hell. I don't want to profound Isola into it, so lets us move on into the next lesson. 43. Learn how to create your own dream world.: okay Votes, so pretty much We have finished with what would be the content of the cars. Okay, let's say that what is remaining is kind of like a bit of an extra a an extra part of the cars. Actually, next lesson is somewhat important. OK, but you probably already have bean doing some work around that it's yes, our summary off a tasks. But this lesson here, it's about creating your own dream world. This is the ultimate task. Definitely. This is something that you want to get started with. You need to have a very strong, lucid dreaming ability. Okay, but it's something that you might want to do in the future. So obviously the first munity, though, is to plan ahead. Okay, you need toe do out off dreaming. In creation, you need to go a lot off visualization. It requires extremely detailed dream journal e dream journal in a dimension dreaming commissions amassed because you want to create your dream world are of your imagination on . Then you want toe dream incubate your dream world to be able to make it a dream reality. The reputation is a skill that is most important after all, your dreams will start in many, many places, random places and he want to go toe to the dreamworld. Obviously you need to teleport there. Assisi's hoping other you say my white growth takes me to my dreamworld. Fantastic. But you still need to report. Okay. Someone will be your best friend. Obviously. You know, your dream world will be maybe a planet. And you are going to start from scratch. And you're going to someone. Anything you want. Oh, yearly. You want to create your dream world in small If it's OK somehow. Like building a house. Okay, so today I will create a surroundings. You can play God here. You know I am. I don't want to get into any religion. But based on the Bible that created the war in seven days, every day, he created a different aspect of the world. Well, let's Let's we got here for the dream world on. You know, you want to create one thing at a time. You know, you want to create a few things in a lucid dream, Andi. Then wake yourself up right down and then visit for a few days. The dream world assists and then create a few more things. Okay, Building your dream world could take a good 23 months, maybe like 50 or 60 lucid dreams. But trust me, it can be done. It can be very rewarding because then you can go back to the dream world and it will get to a point that you get so used to your dream world to George. That's why journaling is so important. Because technically, you are not creating anything. You know, it's a dream after all. And if you're creating something, you know that's getting into spirituality and metaphysics. Um, I have I have a set. I won't get into that. But you need to rely on daily resting. You dream incubation extremely journaling. You want to read your dream journal plenty of times as you create your own dream world choking on. Do you know if I could create a whole course about your dream or, you know, one in the future? If especially, there is popular request, I will let okay, you will even be cities war non lucidly, because he's going to be so much a part of yourself that you're going to dream without beloved that you are in your dream world on, Well, you're going to recognize your dream world. So definitely it's a great way to related checks every time you are in your dream or even if you are looking, because then it will happen to you that they will get years to do reality checks. Everything you are in your dream world. So in a non lucid dream that you happen to dream with your own dream world, you're going to still do a write a check and turn off it. So it's amazing. Okay, Andi, I even want to get more into it because it's truly something very personal. Something about you. So make sure you work on this with all the time of the war. Okay, there's no rush, so let's go toe one more little 44. Taking on challenges.: Okay, followed. So we are, Unless a number 42. Even though there is one more reader coming after this one, we have reached the end of his cars. I hope you have enjoyed the course. I hope you have to learn a lot place to ask questions if you have any. I plan to obedience to answer questions. So any questions you have, by all means connect with me. Okay. Any side systems, anything you want, but in this glass glass, we're going to take out chicken challenges. We have talked about this in the past. Okay? And you can see a squeezes assigned different basic tasks advanced. Ask expert task. Ultimately tasks. Okay. You want to set yourself weekly monthly and even yearly looted task challenges. Use your dream journal to record this. And you have some homework from DreamWorks that you will require to do these tasks. Okay on. Definitely. You want to work on them? You want to set yourself from test, or you can if you want, check out with the course with that skirt. I'm going to be changing them. You want to check out with them in order to know what you do And if you have done them already and you will new ones and you don't know what we're saying to yourself, I gonna send you the death. You can send me a message, and I can I send you some of it. Okay. You have something asked of you on You can accomplish from basic toe teammate on you can develop your weighs a lot because working on dream task will get you to develop your abilities to the highest point. OK, Andi. Well, that's pretty much it for the whole course content. There is one more video, so please make sure to check it out on a thank you very much. You know, I hope you enjoy this and well, yes. Let's go to the last one, okay? 45. Lucid Dreaming Challenge December, 2018: 46. Thank You: Okay, folks. So? Well, this is an extra media. No class here, but yes, my way to say thank you. I am very grateful you have taken my course. I am very honored. Teaching is my passion on. I hope you truly are having tons off. Ruthie dreams on bean. Very, very successful. Every single night. Most likely you will be able to see a further video after this one. Okay, at fair the first few weeks, you might not, But chances are that if you're listening to this, you will already see that video containing questions and answers. Okay, through Billy, which is going to be fantastic, that where you are going to have a quick way toe consult many, many questions you have. If you have questions on the BDs is still not there or it's not covering the media. By all means. Place in your message. Okay. I will answer them for you because I want you to succeed. That's my goal for these cars. So thank you very much again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. On. Please check out my other courses. You know, this is the first course I am working at me, but I plan to be releasing many more. So thank you once again, on until next time 47. Dream Sharing: Hey, folks, how are you? Don't take no seen. So some of you have been asking me about creating the cast for a dream sharing on? Well, it's finally here. So a first of all, they may be here wondering what's room sharing? Well, dream sharing. Basically it when you get to share a dream with other person that at a certain degree you get to dream the same. I personally believe there is some astral phenomena included here. Okay, but also there is much more. Quit on. This is an ability that many Buller asking me on. It's something that you can actually work on and you can actually get accomplished. Okay, so you know, basically how it goes around, let's say that you have dreamed of writing a car on you're with someone. And then we went to a so on so on indifferent with three heads for an instance. And then at the next day, maybe you get to talk to this person. Hey, had that dream of you on You were with me in this car and went to see the zoo A. There was a few head elephant. You know, the person may say Hey, have. I have had the same dream. Sometimes it can happen spontaneously. But also, it is something you can develop and you can work with someone to accomplish that, to be ableto sign any share a dream with someone on in some cases, you know, if you get to be lucid, you, both of you get to be losing it can be quite interesting, because the both of you might even recall conversations or think that he has done or maybe even decisions that you have taken in the very dream that has influenced either of your dreams. Okay, She take quite interesting here. So, you know, one example I can share with you guys. I am many years ago, like, 12 15 years ago. I wanted to start room sharing with someone in a community of dreams on guy. Got to work on the steps and going to give to you guys. And then after several several times, you know, working in game two. No hair, greens, hair getting to know mine. I finally had a dream hair when I went and projected to hair energy on. Then, you know, I would describe the dream has been in a cave All blue. They were blue sapphires, blue Hemi tights, new quartz. Everything was OK. And they were like the color of blue all around. Well, you know, it's it wasn't to dream sharing, but she was awake, okay? And doing the time we had that dream, this person found her cell phone to freeze with a blue screen on. This is not like the typical risking for a computer. You know that cell phones doesn't go that way. So it went in a way that it frozen India's happened to be blue. So what could like a coincidence? And then several weeks later, we had a few dreams around the beach and around about an island and a few more things where our dreams were pretty much equal. Okay? And we managed to share dreams and to connect in the dream plane. Okay, which is precisely what some of you are looking forward for. So and then expect you guys the foundations of this. Okay, So, first of all, the most important aspect of this is for you to have a foundation in music dream. At least one person, ideally both but at least one person Okay. When burning in hell. The other two turn. They will tell how, in a moment, but, you know, ideally, and to make it the easiest. If it's something that you want a word with someone, the both of you will need to have plenty of sweet dreams and some degree off control over your dreams. Okay, that's the first state you're going to be able to induce a lucid dream at wheel, because this way it's easier to say, Hey, let's let's a sage or that faith Very a M, for example. Okay, And then, if you are able to induce a dream through the wild technique for an instance, then the both of you can syncretic times can induce. Even though even the times are no, the same do share can happen. This is why I have a feeling that it has a certain degree off astral influence. Okay, but to make it easier and for the personal evenly, you know, the questioning off himself doesn't get in the way for the process, trying to sing in the times that you are asleep. Okay, that's important between tohave foundation in able to induce a lucid dream through the while. Technique is ideal because you can assure you're going to have that now. What is important is for you to get to know your dream signs. Okay, this is something important for you to know your dream sense. Bring things. You can review lessons. What are they about? But to give your summary? These are signs or symbols or situations, people off chips that repeat in multiple dreams. Like in my case, hotels come in my dreams a lot, you know, And, you know, with these ream's things, you can do reality checks when you see them waking life, he noted, to bring more look dreams in your eyes, so you need to get your team saints very well on. Then you need to know the other person stream signs also on the repressions to get to know your dream sites the same way that you need to get familiarized with dreaming of that other person reading this person stream journal his wife essential. But the both of you are working for Ruthie dreaming. Okay, so you have to get used to check the journal off each other as much as you can. You know, it's often it. Can Andi have that connection that dream connection that this cider off, dreaming something Gracie on something amazing to share with this other person. Okay, so reading each other dream journal is essential. Okay, it's essential on it's very, very health. And this is how it will get to the both of you to connect more and toe make brothers okay. And he was sharing, you know, pinpointing the same timeline. It would be helpful because then your subconscious will know that you guys a that you this case are asleep on this. A conscience of the other person will know that is a sleep. All's OK. So it feels to me that this is an important point to have us aspect. Now that it's a stage is important toe visualize the same dream. Let's say that you guys want to meet up, you know, and say we're going to induce a while that three AM okay, and then I'm going to the beach. Well, you want to make sure the both of you visualize the beach in the most similar setting able . Okay, that's in cork. And, like, imagine, like an island, then with with two palm trees and maybe the chest. Okay, try to visualize this glow this possible. It can be helpful if you're saying OK, so let's let's me that Pandora, you know, from the outer movie. Well, that would be quite similar, Toby supplies for the both of you if you have seen the movie. So make sure to look for things like this. So they think they can commonly share or family. This one is the closer living, so it is hardly better. Then when I heard of you this case, when you find yourself look it well, you see yourselves next to the other person. Or maybe you don't, you don't You can go ahead and set intention Toe Court, where this other person it's most likely you're going to be taken to this person on. Then, if this person functions in a more conscious way and yes, your dream cockers normally function, you're going to know this is the other person. You know, the person listen seemed to completely be granted the dream. You can hear the person to snap inclusivity because maybe that person is dreaming there, but it's not lifted on. You can feel the difference in the game is quite amazing, actually, and I had moments of connecting with some people, and they would report that they would be in their dreams and wake them looking on. You know, I had the same dream where I would go ahead on with them. Lucy. Okay, so that's important. Is very important to make created checks during the day on recalling each other dreams during the day. Okay. And when you're going to meet where we tended your start talking or you are together, you went to go ahead and check your hands. You know, on performers me, Rick checks as possible. Okay on. Then, when you find yourselves in the dream, let you have sandwich order in the dream. In addition, you can also reality checks in order to make the dream more grounded. And you're committed reacted. Check together. Because then that's something you will have to share in the next morning. Okay, on they make sure when you get the next morning to write down as many details as possible. But to the tiniest description you can write down on the other person should be doing the same on. Then you should guys compared now. I went. Some of you are going to require commits about. So it is something that X practice medication. But, you know, if you're already working, heartened Premium, You can help your service for that person. You can work together with each other there, too, you know, promoting over there and to be able to progress together and then to share dreams. Fine. Okay. So Well, let's pre much it for the lesson. We have enjoyed it. I'll see your express. 48. Lucid dreaming: Questions and Answers 1.0: Hey, how are you guys? Well, it has been a way of hospital. Well, I want to read, You know, guys, I invite you to send me, You know, as many questions as you want, because I want to start to create more off this class soaking off these Q and A's classes about Luthi training. I feel that it's important to bring us much information as possible. I love teaching, and I am happy to create more bonus classes. Okay, so I'm happy to send every now and then some of these classes with your latest questions for you go half a bigger labor, early off information worth of courses and answers in these cars. Okay, so the first question OK, it's why they wake up once eternal. If this is something very, very common, Okay, it is something very common. No. What's going on with this? Normally, especially at first, you become very excited about Lucy cream. Okay? It's like I dreamed I can't believe it. You know, we all recall that this excitement of being in a war that you're free at 100% on their no bundles is a massive sense of freedom. He said rash off emotions. What happens if you have a very strong emotional sleep? Your fan conflict mechanism can wake you up okay. And wake you up in one split second on his ways, like cash, a new fit. And then you're finding yourself in there. You know, this is because you go to excite it. So it is important here. Do not get too excited, OK? It is significant to avoid. It was significant. Toe feel excitement. Sure, but don't use it, he's saying, and with training, okay. And then you focus on keeping yourself called. You already check again. You try to stabilize the dream on. Then you can try to keep going on with because another reason that you can wake up and get her Luther is because you can listen. And you try to start Frank because Or you see some random, you know, celebrity, and you connect with a person or you see a plant in the sky and you want to reach it. And then you know you overwhelm your mind and you wake yourself the bad, especially at first. If you lose, you lose some ground in monitoring. If you stabilizer, dream on. If you control your emotions, you are going to be having much less perimeter awakens. Okay, but this is part of the process. Is something normal? You will get better on every time. You will be harder for you could wake up. Sometimes it happens that you will lose. It was a dream entirely on something that can be possibly because off Iran face. But sometimes it is because it has to have cocaine on and you lose it and use it, but a bit more. In turn, we get with your dreams the east. Okay, they set free. If not, wake up. So second question can elusive doing with a fantastic you know, this is a conflict. Okay, Andi, I personally like to explain the classes from my own experience. And precisely I even hear from Fantasia. Quite the contrary. You know, however, I haven't happened with some people Heavy green a little bit about it on, you know, I found pay shocks can in the lucid dream. I am going to lie. It's going to be much harder. Okay, But is your enough inpatient? You know that you can recall your dreams based on emotions like you. You were in a beach on you were taking the sun on. You were having fun with a friend. You won't be able to remember your talking with a friend. You would be like to remember how their son looked or how was the beach or how it feels. Well, you consider how it it felt in a way off. They told memory, you know, But then you're going to be able that to know that you were in a beach because you you become that you felt your skin warm or that you recall that there was You know that the feeling off, both off doors or the feeling of having a good time, you know, you know it bear the mean probably which more about recalling events out from emotions rather than being able to picture it in your mind's eye, Seems on for committee. You guys can cannot. But, you know, X steals that basically emotions. You can apply the emotions in the same level. Both possums came that you would apply it for a new solution green, and you can be looted with a fantasia. When you recall it, you're going to recover the emotional benefit and that's very powerful. And you're going to recall you were in control of your dreams. You're going to recall you win the the place you want it. You won't recall the place because of a meal to envision. But you're going to be able to recall the thing. Okay, So definitely, you know, a from a sex scandal, the tree money for your one and you have something to share or you went toe asked me. Or maybe I should Something that you can't agree. That 100 person, please let me know. Because he's a cop in Italy. Hadn't toe the pain is OK, So now next question. Are there any other techniques? You know, induction techniques, there many, many techniques. Okay. There, hundreds of thousands. You know that, Ellie, that L dale technique. Okay, I invented it myself many years ago. He's like, Lucy green exit. Okay. It's kinda like operation off deals. Dream accident in those physical mighty No. L deal. It's an empowerment, and hence number they see may have done it. Many owners. Okay, I'm going to share to popular ones. Okay, The first nice feel finger in those loose sitting on. You know, it's kind of silly, but it's affecting. Locate me. You want to get comfortable in bed, lay down on, then get one of your finger and happy in your period like this or in the in the in the mattress. Yes, public. This constantly risky. The finger win happened down, trying to fall asleep when you keep your finger up and down but ready for us, Don't focus on your finger or on the fabulous ruin your finger. Yes, move it. You might find yourself in a lucid dream with your finger because they're going to get in a certain level of trans after a while. Okay, then there's a simpler when it's called killed tongue in those lucid dream. Okay, it's has a senior migration off the field on. It's precisely in trying to slightly thoughts. They they think that they they are British with the tip of your tongue. He and try to keep that constantly like that. But try to fall asleep. Okay, when you do that, if you've next time, you might find yourself. Oh, I forgot to do that in the town. And then you might look around your surroundings. Three women. I was doing this in bed. I am Nothing. Make I mean, losing cream, you know, because how you want approached, Okay? Because he will get you to be able conducive. Easier on then, Of course, in hypnosis is another good method off induction. Okay, self hypnosis could be good for us. We'll help you to getting that's what hypnosis on. Really? I would call it like a deal. Electric usage. So already it falls with her within a technique that's already know. And, you know, there are many, many other techniques. Okay, Many of their. So let's go to x questions. If you can suffer any traumas out off a lucid dream? No. Initially, you should know. You mean, you know, especially if you are learning. And you have a big scary have a few big scares you may reject a little bit doing lucid dream. Okay, but you is your own. Has a traumatic event s coast nightmares out from a nightmare alone or ultimate event. In a dream, you cannot trigger any trauma. Okay? Because the fight or flight mechanism doesn't act the same way. Dreams that waiting. So the fight or flight will know that your physical with east sinks okay, so you cannot bring any traumas. Maybe you can bring a dream trauma like you seem like a dream sign. Let's say that Freddy Krueger becomes your room singing even like Freddy Krueger. And can you dream? You see someone in a costume like Freddy Krueger, a humid Faye Kruger or you hear someone say, All my friends call Freddy Krueger and you're like, Oh, come on, you know, that's what a trauma like that something that gets in their way on that can bother your development. It's just the event is there is something very dream that gets in the way. Try to confront their that we try to question and try to find out what's going on with it. Much trauma in the physical life. Your dreams won't be able to bring it. Okay, on the last one of the least. Can you have a divination experience through a lucid dream? You know you can have indeed, he disappeared of time after four or five hours off asleep that you're more sensing through this type of our words. Anyway, bear steeper in here for respect of this front that any religion can for a visit. But you may have in both a lucid dream and a regular dream premonition. You can even feel you have met with someone. And you can feel that your connection with that someone who is in the other side has been Really You know, you can have very good experiences in a way that you feel that they're very powerful swinish remaining future Indians or dreaming of connections with a person on finding that connection with a person or getting to connect with that person. You have never met the person, okay? And they went to 12th deeper because of respect. But they want to share it. Indeed, divination tools are possible. Okay, Definition messages from dreams are very possible, but normally you don't control them. So this is it for our questions unanswered, for with dream. I hope you have enjoyed the cats on. Like I said, feel free to send in questions. People have weight, More classes will come. Okay, so see, Annex Class 49. How to meditate.: Hey, hang everyone. You know, I wanted to bring on additional bonus class that I find that it will be extremely helpful in every single course. In fact, pre matching every single course, if not all of them. I have been asked how to meditate. So I'm going to give you guys a brief video. You know about meditation. I do have a block. Made it with Fernando that come that if you search how to may take, you will have a complete guy. Okay, But first of all, it means share a few things. A get started with many myths that are not true. Maintaining is not about setting yourself in Lotus position on starting tenting on four hours pretending toe work. No, definitely. That's a wonderful type of notation that it's a mantra type of meditation that you may practice with or without the lotus position. But definitely that's just one off the many, many, many mate is yourself there. Okay, so you don't need that. You know, it's good for you to have a specific spot, communicate, you know, there that is the that is not the best place. Even though sometimes there is no other option and you have to go with that option. Expended another, made a little. But if it share or a room that you can specify it for maintaining them, that would be ideal. Okay, But that's the only thing you needing. No toe. Be able to set the right seven setting. Okay, Like if you have a family, you noticed everyone. Hey, I am going to may they now, So I don't want to disturb than you love yourself. Even if it's in your bathroom, that's fine. Okay, If you have any dogs and cats, you know, you definitely want toe prevent them from access in because they are going to access, especially care, because they feel drone toe a greater source of energy. Always and they're going to be covered. Your meditating that your energies concentrating on the cat will love to go there to put the poor and to receive some love. Trust me, I live cats, so I know that well, So you want to be the Easter you know on to make it the place comfortable for you. If you have an office and you feel it stressed out, then don't maintain their knighted somewhere else. If it has to be your room. Then find so be it. But make sure that they places the right A seven saying is very important. You may want to, you know, version insensitive You want, or like, a candle that it's not really necessary. Okay, you have to make sure that you are able to relax to lay down or sit down whatever you more comfortable with, you know, on make sure you're not going to be the start, Cain. Now, when you get to that there many many wish to meditate. And for me to give you guys a simple one, it's a simple US breathing exercise. Okay, us went toe. Get yourself comfortable. Okay, on. Then, allow your bring to go on its natural pains off surf you're reading. You can even question your Renick even think about oh, and bring faster and green slower. I feel that I have to take many deep breaths and the insured breaths that I don't recommend them. But every now and then you will and things like that to a point that you yes, allow your brain to keep on its own on for you to be observing it. Like if you would be watching a tennis match. Okay. You are? Yes. Observing You're not interacting. You're not questioning the athletes your years looking at their gaming until one scores. Then here. You just want to look at your breathing until in Aatish is over. These will put your mind at very relaxed state. And yes, out from that, you are going to find the huge difference. Okay, try it on. You will see. It will definitely make a huge difference on I want invite you to try this with some instrumental music. But also I want invited with without it. If silence disrupts you, then put yourself some instrumental music. I understand some people struggle with silence, Will even a very nicest society. But then put some instrumental music. Okay on when you can try some saying moments even if it's in the middle of the night because you woke up to go to the bathroom. Okay, but here to try, because you will see how much it pays off. Also in convention that I have a host of guide Nate ations in May date with Fernando that come and over there you can get medications to help you sleep to help you. Okay. Your shackles to Luthi. Dream toe. Check your akashic records to connect with your guides. Toe. Amplify your shack, Grass toe. Do in a research. Empower your self esteem. Everything okay? You can find it there on one less piece of advice. He's not so much about meditation, but it's about a man. Falls for you to try to go easier with life. You know, we live in a society that it's mad. The average person wakes up checks, their phone goes toe weather teeth both to breakfast, a coffee, checking the phone again while you do all of that driving and some even checking the phone , wondering they go to war Working, working, working, checking your phone, then talking here and there. Have to win this place. Other place, then activated in the afternoon. Think that it's here. Over there. Over there, you get a home exhausted, give cook dinner. You trigger something again. You're watching TV, checking your cellphone and talking with your friends, and then you go to bed exhausted with your suffering. Hand the secret by to your very best friends. You know, that's awful. And many people are going the page No. You know, you need to tack on constant activity and constant steel. You have to find moments off silence. You have to find moments off relaxation. And if you can decrease in the amount of things, they're not a festival. You're doing all these long then better. Because if the mind is constantly at 100,000 MPH, it's not going toe to toe down. Not even if you're trying. So you need to also have my finished in a day to slow it down. Okay, so with this, try both and you'll see how much easier meditation gets. Okay, so see an express.