Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert + Learn Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites all in one. | Chaitra Deshpande | Skillshare

Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert + Learn Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites all in one.

Chaitra Deshpande, Professor | Web Developer | Mobile Dev

Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert + Learn Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites all in one.

Chaitra Deshpande, Professor | Web Developer | Mobile Dev

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26 Lessons (2h 51m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. What is Google Drive ? / How does it work ?

    • 3. What can you store in Google Drive

    • 4. Why Google Drive ?

    • 5. Basic Requirement to Set up Google Drive

    • 6. How 2-step-verification works ?

    • 7. Different ways to open Google Drive

    • 8. Google Drive User Interface (GD UI )

    • 9. GD UI - 'New' Feature

    • 10. GD UI - MyDrive

    • 11. GD UI - Computers

    • 12. GD UI - Shared with me

    • 13. GD UI - Recent

    • 14. GD UI - Starred

    • 15. GD UI - Trash

    • 16. GD UI - Storage Information

    • 17. GD UI - Miscellaneous/Settings

    • 18. Google Drive Tips and Tricks (12)

    • 19. Backup and Sync Feature of GD (Important)

    • 20. Google Docs Part 1

    • 21. Google Docs Part 2

    • 22. Google Slides Part 1

    • 23. Google Slides Part 2

    • 24. Google Sheets Part 1

    • 25. Google Sheets 2

    • 26. Google Sites

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About This Class

Hi there,

Welcome to my course, Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert !

I am Chaitra, I am your instructor for this course. I am here to share my experience about Google Drive which I have used from last many years.

If you are really interested in learning all about Google Drive and all its few integrated applications functionality as well which are available freely then you have come to the right place.

In this course I will tell you in detail not only about Google Drive functionality but also all its integrated applications functionality which are listed below.

Check out my Course overview  :

We go step by step from creating a Google account to learning different applications that are integrated within Google Drive by following some tips and tricks. We will also create a professional demo website with the help of Google Sites.

  1. Create Google Account
  2. Setup/Download Google Drive for Desktop
  3. Understanding interface of Google Drive
  4. Explore and understand the main features related to Backup and Sync
  5. Google Drive : Introduction, interface, tips/tricks, file sharing, backup and sync and much more!
  6. Google Docs : Interface, Document Setup, tips/tricks and much more !
  7. Google Slide : Interface, menus, tips/tricks, presentation, layout, and much more!
  8. Google Sheets : Document set up, tips/tricks and much more!
  9. Google Sites : How to create a professional website and publish to web.   
  10. So What are you waiting for ?

Become Google Drive Expert Today !

By the end of this, you will learn the following things from this course :

  1. Google Drive functionality and its latest 2020 Features and its all Integrated Applications  functionality which are listed in course content.
  2. You will gain complete proficiency over Google Drive and its applications even if you are currently a complete beginner.
  3. You will not only learn and master Google Drive functionality but also you will learn cool quick tips and tricks to increase your productivity at work.
  4. Learn Google Drive by doing.
  5. Note : Google Suit is not covered here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chaitra Deshpande

Professor | Web Developer | Mobile Dev


Professor | Web Developer | Mobile Developer


Hi there,

I am Chaitra.

Teaching is my passion and my profession too. I have taught courses related to Computer Science and Electronics Engineering in engineering colleges for more than 5 years.

I have a degree in masters in Electronics and Communications (VLSI and Embedded Systems).

I also have experience in web development technologies - Typescript, Angular, React etc.

Thank you for showing interest in my course.


Happy Learning :)

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1. Course Introduction: Hi. Welcome to my course that this master who will drive from big note export I'm chatter. I'm your instructor for the scores here. I'm to share my experience with who will drive in this course and this course you'll learn all the tips and tricks that make it pleasure to use Google drive by the end of this course , your master in exploring Google Joy, complete functionality and latest 2020 features, you will also understand some off sticks and tricks on how to use Google. Drive on some off its integrated applications like Doc Scougall, slice little sheets and global sides so that you can incorporate in your work to increase productivity. The major topics from this course are in for section. We're going to study about introduction to who will drive in that? What has Google drive? How does it work on what can we store in Google Drive in second section? We're going to learn about basic requirements or to work with Google type and that we're going to learn how to create a global account ology mail account in the 2nd 1 We're going to learn about how down or and set up a Google drive or desktop application. This is the software which were using it for backup and sync. And then we're going to learn about our different ways. Toe open, Google Drive in third section. We're going to learn about Google dive user interface in that we're going to see different menus like my drive shared with me. What is recent, what a start. But a stash on backup related information on store racial ended information In this section , you're going to learn about Google Dive or Dip Centex, and also you will learn some of the integrated applications of who will drive like or the world docks. Google ships will slight on Google site in the section. Now you'll understand some of the tech send or tips and tricks on how to use the's. Applications are also with the help of Google Science. You can create professionally looking website for three. This course is designed for anybody who wants to explore in master. We will drive any training features this so courses for beginners, students, teachers, professionals and if you want to create a professional outside your single side for free than this course, is definitely for you. So if I'm going to learn Google Drive and of some off its integrated obligations, like law docks, Google's life's Google sheets and Google sites. Then this course is definitely for you. Thank you. We will see you in the classroom. 2. What is Google Drive ? / How does it work ?: Yes. Let's start for section one. That is introduction to Google Drive in this, we're going to learn what is Google dying? How does it work? What can be stored in Google Diamond? Why Google divers required So basically, what is Google time? So this is basically our most versatile glow Cloud service story service and synchronization service available today in order to store your files in the cloud. So what happens is if you're getting exhausted with all your room hardware devices like hard drive, pen drive, then it is. Bye, Toto, we know opt for a cloud or service provider like Google, which is for free. Because whenever you store some data, if you're using all these or ah hardware devices for starting, then you have to carry these devices everywhere. The very body you go. But with the cloud service. So what happens is you can access it from our anywhere and any time. So what that does want the benefit off your single cloud service. So, actually, how does it work on the basic thing? How does it work? So it provides a synchronization nor technique here, it means with the help off Googled rival feature Okay, So suppose I assume that you have some files on your rest stop. And you have some files on Euro Google's I've Okay, So with the help on Google drive or feature that we are going to study later in later sections with help off this Google dire future. So whatever changes you're going to make in order or files in your desktop or laptop, the same changes are going to reflect in your Google drive. So it is similarly, the vice versa. OK, so whatever changes you are making it, do you know Google Drive so the same changes will get reflected into your our desktop files ? No, that is what the sink annihilation means. So in this topic, we learned what is actually Google or store eight service on synchronization moments. So it actually the main purpose is to expand your ability to story or files beyond the limits off your hard drive. 3. What can you store in Google Drive: Yes, In previous topic we learned What is Google dire? And how does it work? We understood What is the meaning? Off synchronization and this stopping We're going t o alone how we can store what defines We can sort in Google drive the files. We can sort in Google driver documents like pdf so ah, documents. Txt fides Nana defies like Microsoft are the Microsoft Doc documents, Excel sheets and on. We can also start videos for doors For photos Explicitly, you can started in Google. Photos are taken started on Google Drive. Also, we began store email attachments, spreadsheets, presentations. Well, here we have to just remember that for the Native Fights it will or take less space, but has felt for non into fights like Microsoft or documents and files. It will add up to your space on the stories. Your space, so here, provided by Google, is 15 GB off for free cloud storage. It's provided by signing up to your Google account under so free special shared between a Google drive Google four doors on Jim in so you can see here have already opened my what Don't you go? Will drive a county are So if you want to buy storage and if you want to see anything or so racially their information, you're again. See that those 15 JB or for free story spaces of a liberal on again there are more or no plants are available if you oh, you know, add up to your space like 100 GB. If you're digging men's that are the blanche. If you're taking 200 GB if you're taking to debut Mints lettuce, another glance at every level. Yes, this is all about This is all about what again stood in Google Diamond. Next in next topic will see why we had to choose Google Drive. 4. Why Google Drive ?: Yes, in previous sort of pick your we have learned what is Google drive? How does it work and what began sorting Google Drive. And this we're going to learn. Ah, my goggles. I was required. Basically, it is a free on because 15 GPO for free or cloud storage is provided by Google On the second are very important. Feature is the security. It provides the basic password security blessed to step of edification, that is, authentication security. So which is provided by Google, which is so very important because so if anybody knows your password, basic passport or any hacker row No, if hacks into your account if you If you can crack your password, then he can easily enter into your account and again steal your data. So if you provide a basic or step authentication in your account, so it is very difficult to enter into your account. So this is the very young arm good feature provided by Google. So next one, as though you can access your files anywhere in any time on door, you can upload and share files anywhere in any diamond. The backup Lansing feature, because already be discussed this and again where we discuss, we're going to discuss this in coming topics, but also how the synchronization works with help off Google dive desktop application feature. And the next one is a collaboration with permission. You can collaborate. You can share your fights, you can collaborate with your own police and all by giving them a permission, whether they can add it, your files or video, they can only view your files or whether they can only comment on your files. So this is the very good feature provided by Google on the operation is very easy and automatic here on with the help of for some off the Google chrome extensions. Oh, you can explore more features in despicable jive are like or safe to Google die option is there on Google off line is there? It means so. Whichever fires you want a window, there is no Internet connection. If you No, If you don't know on that Google off line, you can open that particular document or file even though you're if even though you're off like so this is already Gordo feature provided by Google. So this is all about Section one. Ah, well jammed. Oh, next section. Thank you 5. Basic Requirement to Set up Google Drive: Hi. Let's more onto a second section that is a global die basic requirements. In this, we're going to learn how we can create a Google account holder down Lawrence, that Tebow Google drive the stop obligation on what are the different ways to open the Google drive. So let's go and create a Google account I before using Google Chrome what is one the default toe chrome browser for Google. You can use any other browsers if you want. So, in the browser, I attempt how began? No, create a Google account. So the link opens. Ah, so this is the interface. Where do you get you can just endured all your first name. I'm just entering my dummy. Or did our Because I have one dedicated door, many of bones user name password. Also here again use letters, numbers and read it. You are creating over the head of both for combination off all these things. So password you are use a daughter more gators with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. So your boss, where should be all combination off all these things so that it becomes really strong. So just trying to hear in order to confirm your entering the same password. So click on next. I saw Rich for number. You want to link here? Okay. So any phone number if you want, though, then you can Ah, Broida. You can run that number here. Recovery militaries, Whichever you want to use u N dirty Ordell. And it often boils. I'm just saying doing dummy day done just to show you Harvard walks. So click on next. So this is the new feature. What? Google has introduced that as a link your account with your parents. So it means so until you don on 13. So your bed and can handle this account. So you have to give your bed in the melody. So once you enter, the parents seem an idea. And you do next, so your Google account will get created. Yeah. So this is all about how you can agree to 6. How 2-step-verification works ?: Hi here. I wanted to show you how Google's or two step verification vigil box. I already have my account. So I'm signing into my account by and during my humility. So next it is asking me for my brush word. This is the basic over edification what it does next to this two step verification against the here or text message. But this excreted verification court or just cento my mobile number. So I'm just store entering or double me. Oh, number six rich number. So this is how you are providing or two step verification for this particular account. So here you can see this is very important. You can now or don't ask again on this computer. So for the chrome browser I know Dido, Check mark on this so that whenever I entered into Chrome browser on my laptop, So it doesn't ask me for the toaster gratification again and again for this particulate account. But when I'm into Firefox, Okay, so I can, you know, disabled Right now I'm in tow fighter force on leaders asking me ah, again for the rest of ratification. So that door no one else can and didn't do my account. So this is how the two step verification works so similarly, or whenever you want toe or sign in from under the other devices, like your phone or laptop bomb dog or what they were so at that time with the same account . So if you or you food, turn this on that issue certification than it is Sure program it is writing. You don't second layoff verification so that no one can enter into your account. So this is very good feature. So no, we'll see how we can do this. Our two step verification again just aiport was the fortification. How are you going to do it? In Gmail, you can see the first link. You get started. I want to get started. So it will ask you for though how? Number off Remy ladies. So which everybody male idea Want again? No. For richer. For which a county oneto known on that coast of gratification. So it's about if I want Oh, don't go step certification for this particular account. You can just sign indoor your account and it will ask you protect your account with two step verification here again. See, add an extra layer of security. Keep the bad guys out so you can test here by using get started. So to continue first, very fries that it's you only. So I'm getting you any drink dirty or draw rice would basic crossword. So use your phone as your second signing. So no eso, whatever the number you are giving it for this account. So it asked you for, you know, two step verification for that particular number for that account. So we just need to Okay, try it now. So no materials and new or six rich number to your account. Okay, so you get enough Google Center pronto drives iPhone open gym a lab. So you just need to follow these steps. So after that, are you gonna be? You know, dawn turning on this two step verification, our security you're providing do your account as well. So for this I have already provided. I have just sure you Harvard works. Thank you. 7. Different ways to open Google Drive: hi next will mourn to the topic. What are the different ways to open Google Drive? I'm assuming that you have already are created a Google account. So once you created your Google account, which we have already learned in the previous topic, so now we're the first store step in order to go toe will drive. Issue can just type. Then you can just type in your drawer browser. Dr dot google dot com. So once you do that, you can definitely go to your Google drive. If you're already created, your account step was. So If you are, I'm signing out from my grown. And if you're driving your browser like dr dot google dot com, it will take you to the account from. And it will ask you from which a county want to enter Google Drive so that for that particular drive again, see or related files and folders for that particular account. This is the first state. In the second step, you can goto Google application. I could, so I suppose if I type google dot com in the Web browser against the Euro Google Maps Aiken . So if you click on this icon, you can. Also, you can see the application here. Okay, I just show you again. If you click on this icon, you can see all the Google related applications lang global dog sheets slides and that toe here also against it will drive. If you click on that, you can go to Google time again. It will ask you from which account do you want to go to Google Drive. So this is not gone, which I want to. Also, it will one my Dr work on the authorities. So this is something over which is a very important for the general for ah, Google drive. That is backup and sync. So for that, why this also, you can open a Google drive, our count that does your water settings and you have to click on this. Get dry for the stop, and there are you can see here two options. One is for personal use. And I'm that is for our business. For bus. We actually wandered for personal use so you can click on download. Once you click on or download indoor agree to their terms and conditions. Then our don't BMG find Willow. You're generated. Sure you can click on Save, so since I have already downloaded it, this is like on what? You can see backup prancing from Google. Okay, so this will be or downloaded to your application again. Otherwise, you can. Are some laptops have Warren automatically installed or the supervisor. If you don't have it in your laptop, you can just or install it on. This is since I'm using map, it is Don gm DMG file. If you are on windows dot txt file will be created. And if you click on or DoubleClick than this application will Lord, you're gonna see this since I have already in my laptop. So this is the we'll go to drive or the stop application what I have for my different accounts. So anyway, this So we're going to study in detail because this is a very important regional for Google time. This is again. Now we're going to study in the coming topics, so this is basically heard. These are, though, on three ways from which we can go for Google Drive application. The last one more day centres. It is actually a feature. So again, in the terrible study that time 8. Google Drive User Interface (GD UI ): hi. In tribute sections, we learned the introduction to Google. Drive on. What are the basic requirements? In order to set up a Google drive account in this section, we're going to learn, Ah, Google Web ou y interface in that we're going to understand some off the terminologies like my drive my computer shared with me Recent start thrash back up the little information on storage related information. So let's jump into that. Let's jump into my account that does. I have a Gmail account. Eso here. What you have to remember is so if you have ah, any off these accounts like Gmail or Google Plus or you do count, you can directly access. So Google Drive that is our dr dot google dot com If you want or you can just statically goto diet brought Google account already my ing a countess Hard cash to with this my jail Dr account So I can radically goto this my drive account. So here already we have discussed like or we can shore up to 15 GB off for Hyundai down for our personal use. So this is the you I how it looks. So here you can see This is the left panel on. This is the center panel on. This is the right banner. They will see this one by one. So in the left panel, you can see or the terms like dich ins like new my drive computer shared with me recent start trash on storage. So we'll learn this one by one. And then this center panel you can see here my drive or you can see the are terminologies like a quick access folders files. This is how the Google drive is organized. So how creator Some off the meal folders and or file so that I can explain it to you, Andy at the right side at the right panel again. See? No, your account again signed out from your account. All you can do some settings or on the somewhat applications you can see on the right side that is Google calendar Google Keep Google US Bill Seen these about these or applications incoming sections here again see Google APS Heiken, which we have already discussed in the previous section. From this also, you can go directly to Google drive or directly to any off the invigorated Google applications. So this is about settings. Onda in detail will started this one by one incoming sections. This is about if you want to ask anything good if you are or getting any emails or anything , you want to ask it. Toe Google to you. You can send them food back or again. Radio terms and policies, any updates if you're regarding or Google drive. So all this information you can get it here. Okay, so let's so see this one by one. 9. GD UI - 'New' Feature: Hi. So let's understand these or Google Drive or baby, why in the face terms one by one so that those first will understand what are Tom's sound there in the left panel. So they know that the 1st 1 comes the new we can see at the left side against you the new wall option so you can create. Ah, there are multiple options. You can see you can create a new folder here. You can upload Ah, file. You can upload a folder from your or the stop or laptop. You can create that. These are some off the integrated applications. What are available from Google Drive If you want to, can connect off more traps. You can interrogate integrated mortar or applications into this Google driver can account also. So how we can create this if you click on this, I want to create a new folder here. So, uh, here, whatever I'm doing on the left panel so you can see that is visible in those center panel s . So if I want to create a folder So it was If I want to create a fuller like festivals so I can create a folder, you can see here the festival folder God created so similarly if I want to create, if I want upload a file from my or they stop, it's from my laptop. So you can applaud any off your files from euro laptop or any of your files or folders. And ah, here if you want to applaud any folder So the complete folder also, you can no, no upload from your laptop to the Google drive. So and if you want to create ah, Google dogs, these are some off the integrated applications provided by no Google. So you can that does. Google dogs, Google sheets, Google's light and we will forms drawings, my mop site. So these are the applications. What you can see in Google drives for in detail about these applications. We're going to start incoming sections, so this is all about new. Okay, so here also, you can create new folder and this is one option on you can see in the center panel. Also, you can see the similar you know, options like here. Also, you can create a ah new folder. You can upload files, upload folders, the exactly same thing, whatever you can do here in the left panel. The same thing. You can do it here also. Ondo, there is one more option again. Now that is the easier option. What? I find it so if you right click on the Inno Centre panel. So here also again her do you can create a new folder can upload files folders You can definitely go toe to any off the integrated applications. Who and this is also here Also you can't wear. So these are the three ways that is. The 1st 1 is from the left Colonel. Second oneness from the center panel were backed by clicking on my drive on. The third option is by clicking right on right click. You can get the same options also. So this is all about new. So we have just created a one folder indie available study in the coming sections. 10. GD UI - MyDrive: high in the previous topic we learned about new on in the stop. We are going to learn about my drive, my driving something where you can access all your are stored or files. If you click on the left side in the left panel, you can see all your raw You know, Storify, these others also my store files. OK, so these are organized like this by Google Drive now does the quick access men. So whatever the files I have edited recently, that is so whichever files that have opened recently, you can see in this quick access section on the next action against these folders. Okay, so I can just create a new folder here. Okay. Ah. Suppose like Christmas this month created one foreleg Christmas, so it gets created here. So the list off folders you can see in this folder section on the list of files you can see in this file section also the like, the spreadsheets, majors, videos, documents on door deputies, representations, everything you can see in files on he had also against You can see the hierarchy or folders here, so Ah, this is how the you know, Dr Organizer's. There's folders on the left panel. So all the folders I can see in this, you know, left I can like this on 11 thing here I wanted to show you is okay. You can drag drop the things in. No, no. In this in any particular folders apart. If I wander, drag drop, okay. Dragged us on. If I want o drop it into this festival so you can see the information here. Contact information has been more from my drive to festivals. If I open this, you can see here. I can, you know, with the help off easily. I can, you know, more files from in a one folder to another folder or one file to another fight. So this is and you can see here about Okay, this is the hierarchy on this is the part which gives. OK, so it is from my try to festivals. If I want to create any folder, you just can, you know, right or click condo, this particular part. And if you want to create any folder here like Okay, I want Dodo some introduction again. Create Ah, folder. If I'll go inside this. Okay, Nothing is there, but I wanted to show here the part. So now the part is where I am actually is within my drive festivals with an introduction so you can drag and drop files over here. Okay? And if I want Oh, come back again, Just click on my drive. You will come back to the you know where you have sore all your fights, OK? And this is all about my drive. Thank you. 11. GD UI - Computers: Hi. In previous topic, we learn toe regarding my dive. In this topic, we are going to learn about Michael and this computers. So at the beginning, you don't so see this. Ah, I cannot option. That is my computers on your my drive account. Because when you set up this, that is get dry for the stop. This is for backup and sync. Okay, So when you install this application, then only you can see this computer, so option on the left side. Otherwise you don't see it. So this is all about how the synchronization works from Ah, you're stop or laptop to the Google drive all from the Google drive to the ah, laptop or desktop. So this is all about, you know, backup and sync. So when leaders So in my Google drive account, so this since I have already set up that I know my desktop if I goto my folder So they here you can see for my account this Google drive or the stop application is installed on whatever the folders are there in my Google drive, so that those are all folders are visible in my laptop. So because off this, this computer Seiken is visible in mind. Google Drive account. So anyway, we are going to discuss this so in detail about this topic in a backup and sync. So right now we don't worry about this. Thank you. 12. GD UI - Shared with me: Hi. In previous topic, we learned about the computers in this topic we're going to learn about what is this shared with me now in the left panel. So shared with me is all about how many people order what kind of files the people have shared with me that is all available in this center panel. Okay, so if I click on this So these are the files which your people have shared. Okay. Ah, so but And they have provided some permissions but that I can edit these files Or I can just come in these files or I can just be these files, OK? So if I opened this, I can just ah show you, but that I can come into told or I can I did this. Ah. So if I opened this, this is already got shared. Ah, from other people to my account. So here you can see our request at a Texas. It means how the person who I shared this this document with me has not given me any access . Ah, toe comment or toe edit this document. Okay, if I could right click on this, Okay? I'm not able to write like also because all these all those options are disabled. OK? Similarly, if I can show you about the on adulterer application, that is if I click on this file. Okay? If I click on this file, you can just see here. That option was not available for me to request for Eddie Texas. It means this person has so given me permission in orderto just the right click on this Ah particular document you can see here. I can come in. I can comment on this. Ah, what? They were document or particular lying? Or I can suggest at it. If I click on this, I can come in and out and I can assign to some person. So this option was not available in the previous so filed. What I should have support If I right click on this. It doesn't allow me. Do we know no right click order. All those options are disabled. So this is how the permissions are, You know? Said on how the permissions are said how we can share the file. So with others and all, we are going to learn those in the, you know, coming go sections. So this is all about shared with me. Okay, so these although you know her and here you can see the option whether you want to arrange them according to date or name, the law last modified. So if I click on this particular document, Yeah, again, If you want. I can share this document. What? I can just every click on this I can request. Ah, I only shared this eso again. Noor request or not? Do we know whether I cannot get the permission to Where did this order? Whether the permission toe comment us document or write anything about this document? Yeah. So this is all about you shared with me? No, thank you. 13. GD UI - Recent: hi. In previous topic we learned about shared with me in this topic, we're going to learn about the recent recent is all about Ah, what? The files we have opened or recently So I just know I have a window. In the previous topic, I have opened this goal document who are all about data structures this document. And previously today I have opened some other files. So recently whatever the files, I have open door. So it gives you the list off all the files which I have open door recently at the top on down next, followed by earlier this week, which files I have opened. So last week which files that have opened so earlier this month, which all files I have opened. So it gives the hierarchy like those today? No. In this week, last week in this month. So that had argued you can see in this saw recent option. So this is all about, you know, recently access toe files, whatever you have used, whatever you have accessed in this can see in this recent option, that's all about recent. Thank you. 14. GD UI - Starred: Hi. So in previous topic or we learned about recent. So in this topic, we're going to learn about our days. So start. So start is all about Tom. If you have made Oh, any document as or any document If you have tagged as important document, then you can view all those documents in this start related section. So this is the started later section. So I suppose how we can make it as a star door or document? Suppose if I suppose if I go to my soul, my store fights, okay? If I go to my drive, you can drink, right click on particular document or any presentation or any off the file. Okay, you can see here option as are too Start. So it means it means that I get this so document is important for me. So later. Whatever law important documents you can I instead of searching and, you know, normal google drive files eso you can make we can make It s so important document. And you can see that in starred section. So I make it this as a start One fire ladder to start. Okay. So if I go here Oh, and I checked this. So this document, I can see in start section. So it means these 12 This is already admitted as important one. So all these important files documents, presentation in majors, videos, whichever you made it. And so, whichever you are tagged it as a star who can all all those files again within the section This is all about starred. Thank you. 15. GD UI - Trash: hi. In previous section or we learned about, um, start. And in this saw topic, we are learning about trash. So trash is actually your recycle bin. If you don't want no any off your ah files or folders or imagers or anything, Okay. So you can just remove them on day. It all goes toe trash section. So I don't definitely goto my drive. Okay, any off euro, any off your the sections, you can go resend or again if you want to click here. And if you remove this okay, then it will go toe trash If you if you come here in the start also, if you just like a little right click on particular folder or particular document on if you click on removed and it will goto trash. So I don't know why doesn't want to remove it. I'll show you if you want to say boys so I want to remove this. So the motion one. I just right click on this. Okay. I just removed us so I can see here removed one file if I goto trash. OK, so I can see that door the most shed one here. Okay, so this are promoted from my store fires Ondo support If I right click on this, if I want to restore it, I can click on or restore all if you want or delete forever s so I can know our deal it off forever. This file on then later that want to be available for you. So if you want, or you can just hurry store it right now. I don't want to restore so you can. You can have adoptions if you want to can restore it. Oregon deleted. So it actually works like a recycle bin. So this is all about Oh, Tash. 16. GD UI - Storage Information: Hi. In previous topic we learned about trash In this sort topic, we're going to learn about stories related information, as I have already mentioned. Or once you signing into Google account, you will get your 15 JB off for free cloud storage. So if you want the more low memory space so what you can do is you can click on this that is by storage. So it takes your toe Google one for more stories he had again see 15 GB Oh, for free or the dies available ones You sign into Google account if you want 100 door G B. You had to pay this much for month and 40 years so that do you can get all these features If you want the 200 g b you had to obey. Oh, these men this much off amount Foreman, daughter, this much amount for your if you want to otb off data. So this is work related information and you can see this is my account against this is my account on here Also, it is providing me some information regarding how much I used until now. So was your opine 04 GB awful 15 GB is used. So this storage this 15 g b or four stories storages or shared between Google Drive on Gmail account and we will photos on one wanting your here we want Oh, I remember, is if your door you're single. Ah, native war dogs like Google Doc spreadsheets. It will take very much or less memory. No, if you are using like or non ity war files to documents of power points like Microsoft or or some third party files If you're bringing and all, then it will add up to your space. This is what you heard toe are remember. So, yes, this is all about storage. Related the information. Thank you. 17. GD UI - Miscellaneous/Settings: hi. In previous topic we discussed about this left panel and the central panel. The left panel Law. We learned about a new migrant computer shared with me recent Sarda trash and storage. Two little information. And even in the central panel, we learned the how the things are or how the files and folders sort of organized help me again dragged off some of the files and folders how you can delay did how we can shared it . So in this topic, we're going toe discuss about some mortar features. That is what we can see in the, you know, right panel, okay. Or the right most sure corners at the top. So here is your account related information. This is my account. And here again, see if you want designer from your drawer Google drive against. I note my colleague England this in the cycle. And if you want to goto drive or any off the integrated Absa Currently, condos overlaps Aiken, this is the settings. Okay, if I if you click on the settings No. So here you can get the information like these are the some different sections, like general, no notification and manage herbs in general again, See, or there is information regarding storage or which we have already discussed in the previous topic. Again, it will take your toe that Google one No storage related information and you can, ah, up Florida. No additional storage. And here there is a one more option that has gotten word up floors if you click on this, Okay, this is about one word uploaded. If I was to Google Dogs editor format, it means suppose you you have some files like or Microsoft of files or, like no Microsoft documents or ah be Bt's or are some documents you have from the other party. So if you are make it check marked, then I'd Wilken Ward those applauded. No files to Google dogs and it and format. OK, right now I don't want to do that. So the next one is language, so you can change the language if you want again. I don't any other language if you want, so I know how to use indoor languages. English on door. He ordered off line again. So if you want to make use off from offline editing, even though it means or even though if you're Internet if you don't have Internet connection so you can use the Sophie general for Google Drive Has are are some of the documents you can be verbal in offline, moored. So this so in detail, we're go going to study in for those sections. And this is our density. It is about how you want to arranged or Gmail account. Ah, here. Some suggestions. Make it 11 file signed even you need them in a quick access. Oh, yeah. If you checked. Monk this So you are enabling this feature in notifications. You can see browser get updates. See, these are all the body four door, you know, check marks already or it has put by Google rife. So I'm not going to change this, okay? Because this is all about notification. Many where you get a notification. If somebody has shared order off, if somebody has commended order or given suggestions, if any Google or dive updates, then that those notification will come to you. So next one is money jobs you can see here, this is all about. These are all low integrated off Google drive apse, which are already there in the you know, Dr like against the Google drawings. Okay, if you go and see here, Okay. These are all low Google drawings. Wiggle my maps. Google Science, Google AB script. So the Google forms mogul dogs sheets that these are all a word I can color. Does the integrated or applications this You can see here when you goto settings money, jobs If you want to add more integrated Absecon. Just true story. No, you can put a check mark on their support. For example, a Google collaborate tree. This is a data analyst stool. Okay, so this is no check mark. So if you want, you can use that tool. And if you want booty though, about that document and or we can just go and visit this speech, you can get the information related without particular application. So this is all about how we want to my nature. There are different kinds off APS in your now go world rife. The next oneness support. Okay, you can go for any help if you want to require training updates on any Google Diab dates. If you want again, see here. Okay. And our next year said these are the terms and policies off the Google diaper on Sanford back. If you are receiving any off this bomb, meals and all, then you can send feedback toe Ah, Google dive team and they will respond accordingly. And here's some more features like, this is how you want to organize your files and folders. So this is the view. Okay, so right now it is in Ah, my old files are in list of you. So you're against seeing it is like a list. This is ah better be off organizing. You know, your files and folders. Okay. So by default, it is, in a good view, nickel. So it will be like this man. So all files and folders will be opened like this Raiders left to you whichever you want toe juice. And next one is a beauty deals. So it gives you the detailed information about your document. Suppose if I click on particular file. So this is a goal document. If I want to check its or activity ever means it is are basically later to my drive activity. How many files are have deleted? How many files are how mold How many how created, whether I'm what any fries whether I have created any folders, anything. I already did so on this. So no information. No it. Well, you can see here in the activity section off my drive on regarding details if I want to, you know, support. If I want to A I'll click on this. Ah, you know, went off the okay. So if I want to see the details off this any particular file again, See, you can see this particular file details. Like, what is the type off? This is a Google form, ethically quantify, like home or document that I will be global document. So the size again against here, the size it Since it is a native application this Google forms it is not taking any much memory stories used to zero bytes. So a very distorted as Jordan my dye, Who is the one not when it is opened, modified, created. So if you want around some description here, you can add if you want to download this. So all the related information you know, the girls off particular files, you can get that in. Did Elsa section. Ok, so this is all of our details. Ah, All these things were going to again. Start in, You know, for the other applications on in for the sections. So this is you can see in the right panel against Google calendar Google keep Google does again. These also perhaps in detail. We're going to study in for those sections. And one more thing you can get her. I don't if you want to add or any third party applications. Okay, So if you want to add any third party applications again so this year Okay, whatever you want ALS. Ah, so you can sell gender again. Added the good life and you can use them. So this is all about the regard information regarding the right panel and some more features off the Google life. Thank you. 18. Google Drive Tips and Tricks (12): right in this topic. Well, we will learn Google that drive or tips n tricks. So direct people jumping doing no you Why so already? Oh, my account is associated with this. There's a countries associated with my life. So intrasection we have more radical warned this left find in one day what you have So he had Ah, no Google drive Eccentrics will use so usually want people build were So they go on searching for the file send, you know, they see or where the files are. I know. So instead of for searching if you just very difficult to search these files and folders if you have enough no, very much in a large amount off, you know data. But you have wondered So it is better than no. You use this or such. So strike Okay, you can search only pdf's Gary again. See the search? This is the basic search. Okay, We're going only search for pdf. You can only search for documents, Spreadsheets, presentations I gave I click on this are presentation. I can only see presentations here. These are all presentations. What I have right now and playing this account if I want to see on the majors. For those and all them. You can see these are the majors, which I have right now in my account. Michael will drive home. Okay, so this is all about, you know, search. So whichever file so documents you want, you can search it. And if you want to go for advanced search, this is also very important. It was, if you remember. If you just remember though no final name. Okay. If you just remember the Ford of me, maybe may have some Landy text. But if you remember the short name also, you can just give it to your end against such again. See one type Mama Dada though it was a four door water boarded one. So we can just was it I wonder so it some you made if I want Oh, so much like 100. And Serge I want to do if I want to search for those any majors? Ok, because warned by me So datemodified if I don't remember all these things. Okay, So boys So I want to give the item name has the word send Edwards found in the fight part of the final name supposed to finally write something like Web. See, this is what I have given. So it will give radically as well. So I had remember this. So even though if you don't remember this apart, off the you know more if you remember, then also it with so much. So this is all about at one search? Okay, Next again. Now, this is the work that we can use. So in order to search files and folders on here also you can you know, you can organize how we can organize the files and folders. What if we created something? So you get this. Although these are the quick access files is under folders and these other fights Guess what I want. Oh, just create. You can organize your Google drives up. What if I want to show if I want to? 31 big says one folder. Okay, so it were created. So I can just stop again. Just drag drop though. You know, Jay, big order being Jeannie majors. You can drag drop here so you can see in the picks you can in the bigs folder you have or this image. So with the help often or dragging and dropping. Okay, again, An audience Joe finds properly in Google drive. So this is about how you can organize your files and folders. And here you can change the color off, though again, this is how you organize it. You can see supposed right diameters in gray color. All these folders are in curricular. That was if I want to change or the color offered. Okay. I want to make it red so we can again just use, like, Okay, all the big topics folders I want to make. It s keep It s so yellow. If I have something, like if all the pdf, so there you can make it some other color. Okay, so you can decide if anything related to your so it depends on you so that it is better for you to organize it. So this is how we can organize and agency. It's looking beautiful also, and again organized off files and folders like this on one. Wanting eso injured off for going for, you know, every time, in order to open no Google dogs or Google, she's You can just create files faster by just clicking or no, you know, our Dr New again. I could hear door a blank. Our document Google, Doc. So this is how you can create you? Just how do you remember our stereo type? There's about dark. Dark. Knew it will open up Google a blanket global document. Okay, so no need to go that a No need to go here new and you know it's good. So instead of for, you know, you can see him time there again. So for everyone, for the in Oh, sheets also, you can just I potentials sheets dark, new. It will open blank sheets Google spreadsheets If you want to go for a slice if you want to open. So it is a deck daughter knew. So this is how you can open now. Google slights. That is wiggle presentations. So if you want to open Google forms okay, that is a farm dot Knew you can radically open Google for forms. Going to see. I can definitely open google forms like this. So this is how you can, you know, create files so faster? Yes, on next one s o how you can show if I right click on anything Any off this you can see here , I can preview bit. Okay? I can share with other people. And this is sharing and collaboration. It works. So same foreign. All the integrated applications, you can make it public or private depends on you. And you can give the permissions here with that on the person whom you want to send hunger here again under he meals I want to send to this person. Okay. So that he can edit it. He or she can editor or just can't be. Randy can publish it. So these are the permissions and, you know, sharing option what you're giving. So I and here again, see, and settings here also, you have a really good options. Well, it's before going to that, you see? And what are their options? You have? You can check the fi location, Show file location. Okay. Again. See by? Yeah, we can check for ah five location here and you can move toe again. More dough or any folder. Suppose if you want to motor any folder this supporting letting If I want a moto this old Emma website supports. Let him there. This one. This topic I want more. Best cooler. Okay. So here something for less. You have You can radically model. That's warder again. See the test for that? If I go, I have to see this picture. So this is one day nobody gives. Oh, if you click on my show and test folder that it is visible. Okay, this is a bit that chose them location on here. So if we want whether you want to make a die, so start. So this also, I'm explaining your previous stopping. So if I want something to be, make a dice. I suppose if I want to make this India do arise Oh, no important one. Okay, you'll go here. Start again. See? This is important. So it has Marcussen next day. So what? Others? If you want to rename again, do you name device? If you can make a copy, I make a duplicate copy off this fight If you want to Can't remove this You know it will go to thrash if you want again started back So otherwise it If you want again directly permanently remove it. You're against trash which I'm already explained in the previous class again. Just our story story Doric and deleted forever before deleting it will ask you whether you want to. You can't. You can't. If you're diluting it permanently, there is a warning. You can't undo this action. Okay, so you have to keep this in mind. So this is all about the word options. We have one unusual vile Sandeno. Fuller's the next going to the intersections and here again before Winter section again. This is how we can organize it. This is going to be reading list. Oh, this is a list of you. Okay, this is this to you. This is or notice all these for vice and fold. Also. Want to mind me? I invented a date. The modifications off this. Okay, Onda hero. The final say's he remembered here. Donadio no to war. Knew the fights which are native to ah, Google Drive Google Doc School. They don't talk, they don't. You know the home. Take much of space. But as if you are some third party or you are using some files and folders like Microsoft, another word documents be bt's, then it will come soon. Lord off space. So it is. Oh, if if these are free and and I for said these are securely maintainable. Then it is better to go for a Google drive. No options related to integrated applications. So next one. So this is a list of everyone. This is a great view. And he Odo, you can see this is about of you Tedious. If you want to check the details Activity off this. So whether the dime order did I really did it. So this is all about choose regarding activity off particular to find Yeah, the details by one door. See the particular details off this document, you can see the details of the documentary. It is the location. Who is the one out my modifier when it is creator. If you want to are some description again, our description here. So this is all about the days, Okay. And here again, see, in settings, this is a very important thing here. The storage which, How much storage? I have wondered, you know, again by storage, if you want, which I have already explained in the previous section. And here convert. This is also very important Word uploaded files to. So what we'll do is oppose if you're using suppose if your files off Microsoft filed OK, if you put a check mark on this. Okay, So all your files can ward uploaded finds. True. So whichever files you upload so that will be automatically get water and food, you know, better docks and you don't for Okay, so So this is a very good option right now. I'm not marking it. So and here's one more thing. Gets a Google offline, see here and done. And they're gonna have used, which is used for an off line access er on this computer to mean. So what's up was, if you don't have war Internet access, Okay. When I said said, um, that I want to open this fight eso I don't have Internet connection. Okay, But still, I want to be of this file on. I want to make some changes. So what again? You're says So that is the one cool Google chrome extension. That is a Google doc off line extension you have. So which we're going Do we know, learn and know Google Doc So big. So with the use off that extension, what you can do even though if you don't have an internet connection, you can you can Still, that profile can be visible to you and you can make modification. So that fight. So this is all about offline? Featured. Okay then. City. This is how you on Gmail account. He wanted to look like comfortable, cozy corner back. Going back to on the next is so notification Get updates about Google drive. This is by default. All these notifications are turned on, but that you request what X is coming. Suggestion and accent. So this is no need to worry about us and manage ups If you want to see here whatever. Perhaps you're seeing integrated ups you are seeing on the in on Dr Google Dry on this My drive. Okay, this are all now here they are already marked, as you know. Or did he? These are ma Good night, if you can. If you want to see Google docks, is that we will drawing Sit there. Ok, this is by DE for two given by I want to create your account Will my maps is they Google sheets is But if you want some more room somewhat are integrated application to your account again If you want to, can just addict me or car undoubtedly supposed Google collaborator. So this application is not of their. So you can just read about this application water days. If you really want to use it, then you can indicate this to your Googled rife on If you want to do some more applications if you want, you can click on gonna more traps so it will open. And you why? Where you have one number off amps is about free in somewhat bid. Okay, so you can just search for what they would. Absolute warned. And you can integrate into a Google drive. Go on. So this is all about how we can connect more traps. Okay, so next one is ah, keyboard shortcut again magnetically. I'll use these keyboard shortcuts if you're inside. Alfano scrolling up and down against the store can use here. The different sections are there. Okay, if you're for selection that it's ah, some keyboard shark goods. You want to go to some you know, some of the navigation. Okay, so there are some people shortcuts if you are creating something. Okay. Possible. If you're grading something. Some document shift. Bless deep creating presentations if shift blast, speak on de. So these are the different sections in keyboard shortcuts. You can use the sections and so you can make use off these keyboards workers so that your productivity increases. Okay, so this is all about hockey boredom, you know, shortcuts. I'm here. One more thing Go. I want to do when you is. So I suppose if I want to start something, I suppose I'm searching something like Tiger. Okay, I got in majors. Yes. So from from the web content itself, I want to directly Oh, no, indirectly. I want to start it in a Google drive. Okay, so here there is a one option. That s O s. Oh, same to Google time option. Okay. So I can see erratically do. But if you if I want I can save link will drive What I can say it you make will. So this is a chronic extension. So which I will Look, this is a Roma extension again. Just a goto this chrome web store. Okay, so you do. You can type here, save Togo will drive extension. I'm already using it. So it is not showing you act a groom So again just radically saved the Google diamonds. This image will get saved to my Google drive. I won't have to check with the Children Were going to die stored the last my permission. Just close this. Yes. Again. See this image? This is all about Google drive tips and tricks. Thank you. 19. Backup and Sync Feature of GD (Important): Hi. In previous topic, we learned about some off the tips and tricks related to Google drive in this topic, or these are all the points we have learned in the previous topic related to go world life . In this sort topic, we're going to learn about backup and sync. Okay, so this is actually or the stop application, which you're using it for synchronization. So let's jump into Google drive directly. So this is you need to have one account to him with. This is my account, which is related with my Google drive. So here, what you're doing is you're you're directly going toe settings and the your clicking one does get joy for the stop. Okay, so once you click on this, so you're you have two sections. One is for personal section and oneness for another one is for business. So this software is for personal, and this one is for business. So we are using it for personal purpose. So we are water we're doing We're downloading this. So he agreed without those costumes and our conditions. Okay, So he ordered You can see, though, you know, if I limb is installed backup and sync which I already have in my applications. So I just show you are so you can just install you can save it. Okay, So I in my this thing, I already have it, so I'll just statically goto a leader steps how to follow. Okay, so there is already one file. Okay, Installed backup and sync are two files, actually. So you can click on this if you're using windows. A Dorte executable file will be generator. Since I'm using mine. That does, though. Don t and the m g find so I can just double click on this. Okay, one suitable. Like uncle Cornice. It will ask you for in or dragging and dropping it to the But this is the software and the sister Aiken. Okay. This operetta with the cloud mark. So the sister Adul and Sister, I can fourth row this back up and saying you can just drag drop obligation again. He had also I have it already, so I'll just make it stop. Okay? And I'll directly go to this software in your room if you are, or if you're simultaneously. If you're doing with me where you need to job double click on this one suitable flick on this. Okay, this is daikon. And here, also at the top. Right side. Okay, you can see this. I can. That doesn't with the arrow with the cloud. Okay, so are the beginning Use? You will see. Okay. No need to For you. It is if you're doing at the for the first time. So no, no, No need to go for rhino preferences and all. But I'm showing you what to you. Why it will open. Okay, so it will open. Not this year. I with some off this things checked, marked. So here. You need to understand one thing. Your how it works. So it is basically a synchronization. So it means what any changes you make. Ah, in your renal Gestapo files. Now, in any off your folders or any off your files which are used, which you are using on your desktop or laptop. Okay. If you're low, if you want to do Ah, With the help of backup and single gifts, the same more changes will reflect on the Google Rife. Okay, so similarly vice versa. OK, so whatever changes you are making Oh, I know heading file changes any changes you are making in the Google drive. Okay, that will. That same changes will reflect on your her desktop. Okay, so this is how it works. So this said this. You are. You can see this is from my laptop, the Google Air. How the synchronization I'm doing on this is from Google Device. Over. So this is from Google dive, though. A laptop or the stop. Okay, It means what files I need to sink. Okay. What are the changes and home kind? I want that to be reflected. Also, see, what is the what is the name or days? It means what suppose or if I'm making any changes in nine or documents has opposed, assume that any changes in this folder. Okay? So if with the help of this backup and sync Okay, if you don't want to solve this on the, you know, laptop or the stop, the same things that are, you know, available for me on the Google, right? Even know if the data gets corrupted here or if if you want, you can delete this data. OK, but the same things are available. Ah, on Google drive. So whenever you make any changes. Okay, in this particular folder. Okay, So if you are using backup and sync for this particular folder, what will happen is suppose if I'll include one more four letter year. Okay, so it this fuller have included, So the same changes will appear in tow him to Google drive. Even though, if you delete it here, or even though someone No. If the data crash crash happens, then also that will be available in your Google life. Similarly, it works from Google type to the eso. If you're making any changes here in your folder or in your is you may or in any off your file, the same things are going to reflect on your desktop. So this is how the backup rinsing featured works. Okay, so let's so going back to the U y. Okay, so this is how it works. You can see here from my MacBook air. Okay, whether dodo, I want to you. So, you know, choose folders to continuously back up to the Google time. So whether I want completely that stop folder Toby, sing to the Google drive. No, I don't want right now. Okay, So if he warned or documents holder Toby. Oh, Document folder Toe basing to the Google drive. No, I don't want all the documents to be so if you want to choose only by one particular folder OK? Which is a very important folders. Okay, Okay. And just, you know, click on any off your folder And only that particular folder will be nothing to the Google drive. So this is Harvard in the photo library. Okay. Eso if you want any photos any so that we want to sing toe Google time, then only picks. Also, you can seem to walk away, but I prefer using Google photos if you are. You know, if you want I know photos to be saying to the Google drive, it is better to go for Google photos. Okay, not Google drive. Okay, so here also Onda again for those library. If you want to go choose for photos, you can go for $4. Otherwise, OK, so then you can click on OK, if you're ok. So I applaud. Newly added for those and videos. Yeah, Here you can see you can add it to Google photos, so you need to just click on, OK, okay. If you click any off this Check boxes and Oh, okay. We have to click. OK, Right now I have nor choose in anything. So again here. Now what did I just know? I did it for Oh, just No, I did it for well from the stop from laptop to Google drive. Suppose if I want to sink from Google drive. Okay, This is how it happens if I want to sing critically from ah Google drive to the stop. So any just need to click on this? Okay, so think my drive to this computer. Okay? You can see here on these are world of folders which are you can see the folders which are have already again Just check it out here, Build website again See these other four legs which I have built Website Christmas classroom festivals. Okay, You can see the same folders here also. Okay, just show you Where is data? Okay, so these are those things. Okay. Ah, these are the same folders which are having Google trying. So when I you know I think everything in Google drive single only these photos If you want , you can choose only build website folder if you want to think itto Google diamonds. OK, that part only that part will come. Okay. Eso if you want toyou again, sink. Yeah. So if you want to think all these friends you can just click on all these files that will go to your best stop. So it means from are the stop to Google drive and from Google Tikritis, stop. This is how the synchronization happens between both. So any changes you make in your files, OK, that will be automatically single to your Google drywall to your the storm, depending on what application? Water. You know, feature here you are choosing. Okay. Did you get this? So if you click on OK, so it will day someone off Time it on our hosting. The state are here to wait for that much amount of time. OK, I have already single this data, so if I again start singing the day tight will take a load off time. So right now I'm not doing it. But you can try this option on again. The next one is you can go to settings If suppose it wouldn't do. If you have multiple accounts against you, hear multiple low backup and sync. Or, you know, I can still come here. You can see here. Okay, I'll just show you again. See? Ah, see, this is ah, updated 20 minutes ago, right? So this is all it does sink and to buy their stop. Okay, so this is about a Google for does this is directly opens the Google drive here. Also, you're opening a Google Drive folder who can only to worry about this right now. So you indirectly go here. Okay? And again, if you can't see that you are you going? Just click on the preferences you will get Daddy. Why? You are interface off backup and sync. Okay, Ondo, if you were supposed if I click again if you If you want to quit back up and sing for this particular account, see? You can see there are account here. Okay? This is my particular this account which is related to my Google driving to from this account of them sinking from the stop, The war will drive and from world I've gotta stop. So if you want to you some other account, I suppose if you want to use more dipaula card so another I can also will come here. So it means you have some more folders and files in your other account. Okay. So that particular for that particular account, you can apply backup and sync. Okay, so at the beginning for that, you have so sign in with the no log in name and password. So that account of whichever account you're low, you know, using it for backup and sync that account. Welcome. Okay, so this is all about the backup and sync. And even if you go toe preferences, Okay, here, you can have said things okay in the settings, if you want to disconnect from this account, okay? If you want. If you don't want toe are do any, you know, backup and sync on things if you don't want Gordo. Okay. Ah, I don't want to suppose if I in future I don't want to back up anything. Any of my folders on files with this account. So we can just directly where the candles or disconnect this a camp. Okay, so this is all about the backup and sync feature off Google drive. It is a very important feature off over day. Yeah. Thank you. 20. Google Docs Part 1: pipe in previous topic. Or we learned about the Google Dia tips and tricks. And then this topic We're going to learn about the Google dogs or tips and tricks so radically will jumping dome my drive. Okay. Eso here, Right there. You can go here and you can create so we can open Google dogs here, although they can just right click here and you can go to Google dogs here. Okay, so I just opened the one I'll just open one a blank document. Okay, so this is how the U I looks like ah for Google document. So first you can give a name to this Documenta. Ljust give it us or they're more Doc. Okay, so let's start exploring the, you know, features off. Ah, Google Dog. So here I am just typing some moors I'm using. You're saying Googler, doc. Okay, so let's goto file. This is the shared future share and or share permissions and collaboration it is or saying this visually. Same throughout all your are indicated applications off Google drives. So what again doorways You can share with this document you can share with other people, so I know I have only one are dressed so associated with this account of the riser. If you have many addresses associated with your account, it will list all your Lord, you know all the names off the other people. Okay, so here again, no. Give permissions whether the person can only I did this document or he can only come in this document or he or she can only view this document. So the and you can are some description here, and you can ask questions related to know anything, the other person. So this is how you're sharing with other people, and you can go for some advanced settings also here. And this hard won setting tells so whether you want to make this her document as a public or private or you want those and only to some people. So if you want to make it as public available, throat on the web so you can make it as a public Horrell. Some and anyone who has the sling, you can access that one or you can just under two specific people. So how you can create a link again? Josea here again. This is how the link will be generated for this particular our document. So you can share this link with others and you can give admission whether you want to make it public or private. Okay, so this is all about shared next one. Those are new. He only inside when you can open only to go toe. Oh, no, usually what? People always again they go toe my driver and they try to open. No different for marks like documents, spreadsheets who? No need to go there. You can radically open when your other documents are in open. You can radically goto go and open These all look for much off the Google time. Okay, you can make a duplicate copy off this. And this is also very important feature of Google drive. That s so you can download. Also are Doc Ex. You condone it as order defile, be defiled or text file. There's so many options that are available. Look and download this particular document in different formats. This is again a very important option. Email's attachment. So usually what people do is so this is one more Jake. What again? No follow. Now they go to Gmail account first they downloaded here in the Gucci mane and then they are attached. A file. No need to go there to know procedure he had only in built off the Children is available. That does I email as an attachment. So if you have order you whether you want to download as a pdf Okay, here. Only again. You know eso no need toe soon download and then a dodge. So they attach is a PDO for Dodgers on Microsoft Word Gradus html Play indexed. Okay, again, Which whoever we want again, hon, touch so subject and description of now. So this is really very important visual for Google, Doc. So one more thing is make available offline. In your case, if you're using a gold up for the first time, they need this maybe, Or this auction maybe, you know, disabled. Why? Because you have to turn under. So no make available offline? No, this is a This is a Google doc off line chrome extension. OK, this works only for Karume. So right now I'm using Crume. Okay, I see this. Doesn't this option does not work on if you're using Firefox or any other browsers? I'm I'm specifically telling it for Karume because of chrome is up on already for the browse and for Google. So it works only for room. So how we can use it. You can just go toe Web store, chrome Web store. Well, guess model so you can go there and you can die. You can directly type there as so Ah. So he Oregon directly you can goto chrome web store Uganda radically die pr draw. Ah, Google docks off line again. So she ate Google dogs off line or in Google loaders. Oh, and my browser also, you can directly diable Google and dogs off line chrome extensions, or it will just directly open in that particular obligation for me. Okay, so you need toe Google dogs off line. So if you so what will happen? But this is so if you're choose there, so make available offline. See? Ah ah, you You might have a home, and you're having an Internet connection. You're doing everything you know. You know, you're doing all the required operations you're doing for the particular document. Suppose if I want gov of this. So, um, if I want to support this is a very important operate a document. Okay, so I can access it. They know from anywhere or everywhere I can access this document. But even though without an internet connection, if I want to access it, is this document then this feature is really very important. So if it this is a very important document for me are related to some project or some important ideas. Okay, so you can turn on this feature. It means he won with the Internet is off. Okay, even though the there wouldn't be the online connection, Okay, Even if you're offline, what will look or chrome always on this so document will be, you know, accessible, you know, offline. So this feature you can't oh known for no one particular account we cannot use on one off for one device. Ok? Supposed I'm having one laptop for one device for my one not going to, can he? Was it OK? So if you have a multiple, according to you can not to be able to do it. No, make a home, use this option. Then again, you're does I know from one account and you had to use it for the 100 African. Okay, this is how Let's make available. Um, no, no dogs available. Earned dogs offline. Walks. Okay, so you can see here. Are you already? I did. Oh, so this is that card. So, first at the beginning, what you're doing is you're to go toe chroma, your web stored, and you heard signing here. I have already signed in. Okay, He had it will ask you which for I which account? If you have multiple accounts for which account you want the signing. Okay, so the only for that particular account of that feature is available for you. Okay, This is how it works. So he learned for this account. It is available for me. So I have a soil in your drawer case. If you're using it for the first time, it will come. And so I took room. Okay. Eso You can click on that article. Rome. It will get installed. Okay, So once it will get installed, what? Your daughter is once it will all get in. Starling. Here again. Cedo. Here again. Um, you can no no CEO once it get installed. Warning You had a follow some procedure. So you heard a goto. Ah, here, doh doc, start dot google dot com. Okay, you have to go to this particularly non Google doc. So site okay, You have toe go to settings. You click on this menu. Okay, so you have to go to the setting. Okay. You can see here there is offline option or available. Okay. So create, open, edit Your really saying to Google dogs files on this device while offline. Okay. So not recommended on public or shared computers. So for this particular device, it is, you know, offline is for this particular device and for this particular account, Okay, Does this offline feature is enable So if you want to turn on this if you want, you can turn off this. If you turn off Desmond's how this year it will be disabled. Okay, here it is available for me because right now, because ah, in this Google Dogs, what time it is, I turned on this feature so it does available for me. Otherwise it won't be available for you. Okay, so this is a really very important feature off for no longer will. Right on the next one Is ah, washing history again. Okay. I can give different versions. Suppose if this is my force Virgin virgin 1.1. Okay. So I can give the friendly street of this named an abortion so I can check if a few are sharing it to put anybody he can. You know, he or she can check. What was didn't see was in history. You can see here. Okay, this version when I am ready fighters how modified it on most when he thought at this time modifying by this particular or not Onda was Eunice. Okay, so if you have a very big document and or you can give different versions or you can other people's also cannot sign the virgins. Okay, so this is very important feature again. So here this you can rename the fine right now I have a name that has day Murdoch. And you can move it toe. You know, you can move a tow. It will radically open my drive. So whether you I want to move this talkto but I want TEM way to classroom. You can wait here. You can just click on this particular folder, whichever you want Tomohito. So you can more. There were good. I know. I don't want no more. So next is or this will go to recycle bin and you can publish to the web. Also, you can provide the link. Oregon, if you're having your own website and you can there also, you can if you This is something that this document is something related. I know what you want to display to the public. So you can at that time again Ember in your website. Okay, so we can document details. Okay, Who is the winner? Location modified. Created. So this is all about document or details. OK, so these are the important features what it has. OK. And next topic will learn some mortgages off Google. Doc. Thank you. 21. Google Docs Part 2: I In previous topic, we learned about the some of the tips and tricks related toe Google, Doc. So we learned all all these things. Okay, so in this topic, we're going to learn about some mortar tips and tricks related to Google dogs. So once you go to edit, we finished over the files we go to edit. There is a copy or cut based options and copy based options. These other basic options which are available for a Google doc. Okay. And if you want to know, will bring full screen and all. If you want to do with eso, you can do it in view. Okay, if you want. And so here are there are some more important features which are available. You can if you want to insult anything from your computer. Okay, you can insert its own, you know, need to go home to your desktop or laptop, then in or downloaded uploaded. This one only Togo dude act so radically you can insert it from hero here, only a land from your only directly to the dock on again. Search the web again. This is a very good option, so you may just again search your you know, on the web. You can see here on the right panel again seeing Google images again. Search it here. Okay, So but if I want to wear so it's something like No, my good. Okay. Eso again. Such a major. Signed again. Just store dragon. Drop the images. Okay, Andi. Ah, once you're drag and drop again, you know, grabbed a he majors, OK, so you just need toe drag and drop on these. Are you majors. Okay. So usually what? People always say they go toe with the open one more wrong. You know google dot com and then they are search for the majors. Then they don't order than they uploaded here, so no need to do that. Okay? So you can radically Grendel. So this is all about the Know how we can insert images by that it researching on you know, this acts as a miniature Google. Oh, he may just upset that on here. Directly again. Not goto. Dive also. Okay, You're draw from my drive if you want. Don't Okay with in recent in began directly weirdo my dry. So no need to goto my drive here. Okay, so here again? Nah, The miniature Google Overdrive. Here it comes. And from what I would you warn door, you can just Maybe Internet is lower. So it is not loading Google Drive. Or if you want the Lord anything. Any folders and files from here, we can just Or you can drag adopting center can directly you can. Including your doc. Okay, so next us Google photos, OK, Similarly, like Google photos from Google photos. You can include photos into your Google doc. Ongoing camera. If you have a camera in Oregon, take the images automatically from that. Okay, So if you want a table insertion Role column insertion drawing. Okay, So whether you want to create any new drawing here, so no need to goto Google drawings. No need to open now. You know, my browser bewilder and drawing. So you know, applications. We can just open it here. And if you want to do any kind o for you, no signature or we want to draw something. You want to make a quick logo and all so again, does include a Google drawings. You went in. You know, it is a bill feature in no Google docks. Okay, so then eso had those photos. You can add eso for a body glitter. So here again, See when most immortal link. Okay, here. Suppose I have honored something major right here. You can directly search. So this is searching on the web. Okay. Again, directly or such, If you have any any off your particular raw website you have. OK, so it will. So should I looked directly. Ah, you know it will search here. Women search under bit. Okay. So you can apply that for the glory. No link. Do that. Just check whether the internet is working. Yes, it does. Work lingers. Doesn't look right. Okay, So if I died, a blind doesn't look right. Bows. We went a little bit of blue dot but dark Rome Yes, if you just know. So I didn't have the previously I didn't give up or the blowing. So if I get you're this link So it worked. So it means that just taking this link will dot com So this is how the again, you know, insert some links, then you can comment. Okay, So you're supposed Are you So you want to check with, um Whether you want our somebody. What happened here? What happened? Wartime. Sorry, one happened here. So you always remember that you had to use. Plus, if you want to include, if you want to assign it to people, Okay. Suppose if I assign it. Oh, uh, so just maximize this, Doc. Okay. Again. See? Here. What happened? I can you know, I was just asking in the document. Okay? Somebody has it. And okay, what happened to you? I'm assigning you to this particular person, so again, just click on this. Okay? So the sign wasn't will get a notification that you gotta sign and again do editing and all modifications he wants. So this is all about you know, you can directly comment on your dock. You can bookmark this particular you know, dark. So this is all about no in social. And this is for Martin Klein spacing. If you want to make a wall, how does? And photos. If you want page numbers, if you want to add. Okay, So if you want, go there, do anything with the majors, whether you want to crop image where they want to mask an image. You have these eBay Joe. No options. Okay, so here again, some more important features off Google Drawer dog. What you have is a spelling and grammar. Okay. Here. Spelling and grammar check. Okay. So what do you feel? Really very big document right now. More hamandiyah. Just delete this image. Okay? You know, I know how lonely this so one line. Okay, But if you have really big a very big document, you can do a spell. Check option? How? It will assure you. I marked it for I put a check mark for all these. Okay, so it will show me what, grandma situation Spelling suggestions, spelling anagram magic. And there is one more important feature. What again? Are there? So you can add your own personal dictionary? Some boys or you tend to forget somewhere. Suppose collaborate Any any word you can take on collaborate? Collaborate if I suppose if I'm eso seek and see the underlined Oh, you know, this is a redder red marks. So it means this spelling is not correct. OK, so you can are this or particularly no word to your dictionary and whenever you want. You know, I suppose if you're using this particular word in your dark, many times. So it will take up from your personal little are dicks study. So this is how it works. OK, so that is all about personal dictionary in spelling check and award account. Okay, so here you can see home now. So what usually people do is so they go to someone on the opening known you. They opened some software. They go toe Deborah browser and the Jake for some server software and they are attaching a document and they are scored. How many words are the? Because I'm off the website will ask how many words are in this. How many characters on art in this Harmony pages are in this. So what the Google realizes with a little dog go in built we generally rights that are so you know you can you can see how many pages it has on you can check the world's 123455 words a number of characters in this okay and number of characteristics excluding faces. That also does giving you okay, So if you want again check monk this because if you're really Oh, you're really very strict about the No, no in order because some off those Are you today? Ask you Hominy or this is restricted toe only this much off for world account. So if you're really very much, you know, restriction about how many were country can just go in in glory This among dis option so that whenever you're typing that word account will come so directly again No radios it instead Off going every time and seeing the world come. Okay, so this is all about word count. Okay. On DA next. Isso compared compare documents. Okay, if you want to come back broke or documents, Okay. So again, just to go toe some support If I want to, I want you to some documents. Okay? I suppose. High al Jews. One document does. Okay, This one is so days. You may okay. Can I want to compare these two documents support this document, and but this do what you want to go in combat is on s s. So I'm doing the wrong comparison. But I'm just explaining you the feature off how it works. See, this is my first document. Okay? And this is my second documents. Show what they can. How they you can use that this is a This is a new feature off in a Google doc. Okay, so what, again? The way Suppose I have what you have to raise Amis, for example, to resumes and you want to make or that it copy off. It'll just you wonder did few things there. Okay, so you can compare like that. So here I'm doing go wrong comparison more because, um, how would lift your words in my document? Okay, so you can do comparison off both the documents on and you can you know, you can send the reply toe that person. No, Ondo, you can comment it all, and you can see the no heading style and all you can change it. Okay, So this is how the calm batters in feature works. You can explore more about this comparison. No document and one motus are very important. This is all about comparison. One murders and tools you have explored. So what a candle. Where so? Ah, So it's your dogs on the web. Okay, so? So if I want if I'm searching for Reno some I just I appear your day me. Okay. So what? This is really very important feature. So you are. Yes, we want. Usually people do is they get their goto in order to search in the web. Do it the Courtauld google dot com In order to search for the images, they go to Google imagers. Then they go toe my drive. So is it off doing that again? Just ah, you know, for this option that is explored on you can search here itself. Okay, again search. If you want to use to this particulary majors, you can just drag drop it Or if you want to choose anything from the You know Dr Also who can just Are they kowtow? Oh no. You can take these things and you can put it in your dog. So this explored creature is really very important Dictionary Ondo, you can search your dictionary support so no need to goto again google dot com here again. So it's your dictionary like give it out. The whatever Dispelling a farm using in the Google Doc is correct or no support. If I made collaborate. Okay. Okay. It will give me Yes, it will give me the correct and you can find the synonyms also for this. If you don't want to use this world. If you're if you want to use or some synonym for this collaborate. Okay. I made it as B A. So it has already given me, you know, Red mark yard underlined with nerd marks. It means it is wrong. So he ordered. Does I'm making it also water collaborator. So you can just check, you know, the synonym off this and the description off this so you can go. You mean, you know, dictionary. It is like, you know, you can make own dictionary on your right, planner, and you can see with what words you are using, but that they are correct. Next one is that translate this order document. So this. You know how this document will get this particular Documenta? Choose any language. Okay, off your choice and you can translate it. So it will just open a new file with the translator door. Our document. Okay, so this is all about the one. Still, I think Internet is low one, so it will calm. It'll show you that. Okay. Again. See? It got awarded in Do. Ah. What? Chinese traditional language. Okay, Some part offered to do. It's gonna watered in tow. You can know if you are using this again. Check it out. This transfer document again. Check with different languages Also. Okay, so they can just see translated Carpet created. Okay, Next one s o. Why striping? This is also really very important. Ok, here are your most off the order. I'm will be saved Instead of typing everything you can I use this hole. So it is great elements, right? Nominators are not, does not connected twice typing. Once I click on this, it will be Ah, no, no one's likely condos. It will Don't on the speaker or get on your gun. Start off dictating So it really start diving. Okay, so red. Let's let's try dessert. Hi. Hi. I'm jaded up. I'm teaching Google Drive you Tammy. This is how it works. Okay, so this is all of our door. I can't I This Why stopping? This is also very cool. Fidget off Google. Okay, next Ihsaa preferences. This is really very important. OK, so you can see you can not replace home automatically. You can't play. Suppose if you're using anywhere in your role in the order document. If you're anywhere you are using this cooperate like this. Okay? It will directly it will get done awarded into like this. Ok, so it was up always. So if you're if I'm using something like Oh, replace, I want to replace Google with www dot google dot com. So anymore, I type a sort of Medically, we learned the text given where I diaper does a google. Okay, we're gonna die presse a Google in my documents so it will automatically it will replace it with this particular link. OK, this is all it harbored. Works. Uh, that is our preferences. If you want some more, I don't. To your dog, you can know some are paid. And some other three you can put additional in awe. Some indicated a door in obligations again. Take it from here and get Arun's. Okay, So whatever changes you are making into your drive, it will automatically say Vento Cloud And these are the normal law, you know, support If I want to make this is these are all related to formatting. Okay? Whether I want to make it s title with it, I want though use or some forms Ok, Some different forms, some more forms. I have Okay, This is again a really important one again. Just use some list off orange and again try adding them. Onda, choose the whole text for this. Okay? I want to make it big. I wanted to make this as a board. Okay. Attali and underlined if I want to change the text color again Angie in the text color also . Okay, if I want to insert a link. OK, so I just told you whether google dot com inevitable Dumbledore if I want to insert any link. Okay. See, it just made this as a link. Okay? So you can use this feature Can our command erratically. This is already I have told you can heard in 30. Major, this is a book. This is what you have. You This is the same thing, OK? And again, this is although again for months paragraph like this at the sender on the left side, right side you can for murder like this and here also open. You can open the commander in history and you can check or whoever have you know than any comments right now. They didn't know governments. It is not showing you any governments. If somebody has shared some finally finds with you, and you can check if any. If there are any comments for this particular Google doc, you can check that. And this is all about, you know, shed at the beginning itself. I told you regarding this. So how the share work share is the same for all the indicator applications. Okay. So we can enter the names again, give admissions again. Check for are the ones you want to make it as public prior it. So this I have already explaining in detail. Okay. Yeah. And one more thing is Ah, a very important in Google docks. I suppose our house some images. Okay. Support if I'm having this image. Okay, so I want to convert this as a tech start. Feet Pdf. So what I can do is so again, just suppose if I have this image image with their so it for this. So you have to be but the image and with some text. So if you want to go unrewarded this whatever on this emails, you have some drinks. And if you want to convert this amazing to attacking star pdf so you can go unmoored. It just by are doing Go. You just have to right Click on it. Onda Then you you heard open with Google dogs. Okay, so you can just see this. This was that. You may judge. OK, so now you can see Ah, it got going awarded in tow. Tow said the text got removed separately. So what is the use of the and again just raided this again Store Take some colored or again ? No. Okay, you can see Oh, you can do some modification. So if you have a bigger remedial send all if you want to take out from the MEEN, sure you want to take out some text and you want to does from some modification, So no need to type that again and again. So what? A Google doc has a really very good feature. Like we have to just openly conduct in major near open with Google dogs. So this uses some the technology Korda's OCR technology That is optical character recognition. Okay, It uses this technology to win or recognized this kind offer in order to do this kind ofa, uh, you know, translation. Okay, this is a very important and one more thing is So here. Suppose you have have already some Google our North star there. Okay? No. Which I have already. You're just a demo notes. Okay, if you want to use these notes Suppose you have taken some notes. You know when you're doing something. Okay. So I suppose if you have north and if you want to take orto, you know, if you want Oh, take those notes into your google Doc. What you're doing is you're just near to dragon doctor things. Okay? Again. Get it. Then. You can do whatever everything you want to do. Make you want to change for lower foreign size. We can change this. We just need toe drag indo things. Okay, so this is how we'll go. Will keep. So you know, north you can drag and drop to your document. So, yes, this is all about Google. Our document or tips and tricks work again. Use in doing in order to increase your productivity off your work. Okay. Thank you. 22. Google Slides Part 1: Hi. In previous topic we learned about the Google dogs in this topic, we're going to learn about Google Slight on debts related tips N tricks. OK, so these are the point. So we're going to covered in Google. Oh Ah, slight. So let's and Jim Jumper and the u Y in the Let's explain this one by one. Okay, so I have already my Google drivers open. Okay, You can just goto this saw by creating new okay audience you can directly no right click on here and undoubtedly border Google's lights here. Okay, so the U y o for Google slides will come. Okay, this is how Where? The beginning, How it looks. This is the U interface off a global slight. Okay, I just want to give ah to my presentation. I want to give up. Oh, name. Okay, so Google sleight is all about It is like a Microsoft up our presentation. So even if you were, if you're presenting anything, go Okay, uh, PPT s okay. So you're using the so Google slight. So the beginning. You can see once you select army against a letter, just start to click on this particular side. You know slight when you can choose in a what background and lay your team in transition so background or somethin. What colors you can use on If you want to upload something Majors, you can choose a majors from Europe. Oh, you see Can see here again You upload images from the desktop from Cameron from for those from Google Drive from Google, we made search directly again in 30 majors also. Okay, so for the co color also again and no changes again, change the color. Okay, so here this is all about background and the layout so that usually the first layer this body for clay out to this Is this because it has our title in a condom, but the second or layout water to you? Suppose if I click on this particular slide and if I enter this okay to usually chooses, though by default though Liotta as toe this one say 1/3 1 because it has so title and the body like that you can choose a different door layout which has only title, which has two columns which has title I know section and description so you can choose different layouts. As for your passport, Deodoro. Convenient. Okay, so, team, what team? We're gonna play Okay again. See that team here? Okay, so there are different teams. Okay. So again, Greg on this team means so what style you want? We're designing one for the euro particular draw, you know, presentation. So if you wanted to be, you know, if you want to choose it for only one no slide, you can choose for one slight, or if you want to apply it for all this light, you can apply that also. Okay, so suppose if I want to keep it, that it's a normal okay on Dhere in this again against a the simple light symbol. Dark. Okay. These other teams, which again or, you know, selected from the, you know, list off teams, So OK, next year. So let's come to this That those awful started from the file how we can create a new presentation. Okay, We can create a new presentation like this so again it will open. Ah, so I have since I have only created one presentation. I don't want to show you this. I just showed you how you can do it. Okay. And here draw if I goto so filed. Okay. You can import if you have already have slight Okay. From your you know. Ah, Google drive. We can import er you know, you can search for some slides, and you can import them. Or if you have on your desktop or laptop. If you have some slice again, just drag it and drag and drop it. Okay? This is all about, you know, important export. Who can make a copy off entire presentation or draw it? Just make you the copy off the complete presentation or if you want selected Ah, slice. You can make the selectors like the presentation. Also. Okay, again, you know, share. But no. With the people saying people removed so you can make a copy off this particular selected slights. Okay, so it will make take only that particular this particular slide. So next, oneness. So you can don't know this supporting representation. I So, you know, Power Point, Microsoft board, where this is a very important featured. Okay, Because many people will just present it like that if you wanted to be converted into so some other religions, like BBT x dot or baby Doc. Pdf PNG you can do this. Okay for this particular Google slides and again when you are on one more thing is email as an attachment. Okay. What? People usually do ways. Okay, Attach also support if I want our dash the self so particular slide as a Microsoft problem power point. So people usually ah goto my Google account. Then they they they don't Lord this, and they will attach it to Google account. Okay, So instead of for following that procedure Okay, you can. And I use this step that as a email as an attachment. Okay, so here in you can, you know, because there you open ah google dot com at gmail dot com. Then you again open power point presentation. And you don't lord it you attach it to the Gmail. This is a view many people follow it. But since you have this feature directly, which is in building do a google slight. Okay, so you can use this. Ah, you know, whoever we want again send right now for the my address book. Only one person is circulated. And if you want to any description regarding the, um regarding go Google Slight. If you want against ended. Okay, so this is all about a major email, A as attachment. And if you want, you can see the Ono awash in history is without our support. This is my first version. Okay? For his diversion closed local version watchin support if I wonder neighbor time. So if I wanted me was done. So version one for and one. Okay. Words in one blind one. I get name. It does, and I can see of this bus washing. Okay, so here against a c. Was in history. Okay, just no more have Sarah Kaiser, was your nose 1.1. You can see. Okay, if some post So you send this or or people to do some, you know, other people, and they can emit as a washing too. Okay, So, like this, you can collaborate by name and giving different words. And this is a very important feature so that there won't be any confusion who made a work changes and all What words instead into whether there's a wilder was a newer version, so there wouldn't be such confusions. Okay. And you, whether you want TEM or this presentation to anywhere in your row, so it will radically open my drive And in my some, you know, folders you want to move, so it will ask you which for Larry. Wonderful. So you can directly suppose if you do something like this, I want to move into a classroom for American. Just move so that time. Okay. If you want, you can open and on a If you open that folder particular folder, this presentation will be available for you. Okay, so next one is a publisher to the web you can directly publish. Suppose you have your website and this presentation you want to in building your website. Okay, so you can do that by providing go. You know, a link or door, Dwyane Slight. They want the boto the slide every three seconds or every minute you want to put so like that you can publish to the web. So this is all about publishing and ah, you want us to document details? Men's who is the winner when it is modified when it is created, so we can see that in the document details. So these are all about the important features off presentation on and then you can view of representation and off, actually, if you want to, you know, I know here can show the speaker notes. Okay, when you're presenting, if you want to tell something regarding this presentation Okay. So, uh, which you don't want, does it? Or write it on the side and then you want to explain it, which is visible only to you Not visible to the audience. Won't happen. Two years and description and four on the right. OK, so you can just Ah, in order to recall again right here, speaker. Nor so by seeing the speaker north again, in order, you can explain it to the audience. So that's all about, you know, show speaker notes. Okay. And here this is also a very important or here Ah, this important feature that is so you can insert the majors. You can in 30 majors from computer, you get in 30 majors from the Google drive. Okay, So against year, insert the major's from urine or genetically against Sergeant from the web. Radically again. You know, from the drive also we can insert from four goes by. You are girls. By taking a camera and a text box, you can know if there is a some audio clip. Okay. You have from in your drive again your recent. Okay, you can insert audio clip also. And if you have some air, any video, so it will undoubtedly decatur toe the was I want to include some bite and video, okay? And I'll search on YouTube. Okay, so this is how we are, including I'll just choose this if I want to select this. Okay, I can just seller this or that particular video. This particular video will come in tow. That particular presentation. Okay, if you want included, can include the charts about charge by Charles all charged. And if you want to include some you know, you want to extract some data from the sheet, you can do it that also hear from sheets, and you can put the different diagrams. This is also very important. Up was off in this light. OK, so it was in this light. I want to make it as a Google drive eso titled. Okay, in this I need to explain. That was something I need. L select this light and oh, you know Oh, particular diagram. Okay, I'll just double click on that, and I want to show some flow chart. Okay? Related to some, you know, of course, that was if I'm explaining beytin. Okay? I want to show something. Some hierarchy. Okay. So I can write it here. You can. It'd the next year. Okay. And ah, here also, you can see when you're inserting. This is also another very important feature. Okay? Different types of diagrams you can see and you can see the levels also in the, you know, color. Also support if I select this kind of slight Okay, if I want that to be in a red color and I want a different diagram. So again, see how different diagram will come. So you need to relate to the previous one. Okay. And the number off levels here, only three levels are have. This is one. This is two and this is three levels. That was if I wanted to be five levels. Okay, you can see here. Okay, the five levels. If you choose that, then the file a below you know, diagram will appear. So this is all about how we can insult though, you know, different types of diagrams in euro. You know Google Slight. Okay, we can insert a ones rows and columns. Okay, so this is all about, you know, slide them, but I can give, okay. Ah, with a slide number. Whether you want to give it all you. But they do. You don't want toe. Give it where they want to escape. Title, slice or draw. You just have to apply to a selector. If all Offerman's slight numbers won't come on, men's slide numbers will come. And again the how the organization you want again. See, this is ah, you know, good, though you are organizing it like this. Okay, this is organization off. When you're making a paper presentation, you can organize it like this. This is all about towards on the organizing the slights here. One more thing is one more ready. Important thing is higher than it's the master masters like so what? You have to make a suppose if you want to make a global changes, okay? By editing this, you know, Master. So suppose you want to make suppose you want to make changes to fly or five slides. Okay. Suppose I find Oneto a collect reddit master titles like so what if I may go here. The change Okay, in although, you know, title Oh, whichever has toe master title style. Ok, so that it will get a dated. So see, this will give you the hierarchy off your slight first levels again. Level toward level. You know, fourth level, right? So like this, eh? So if you want to make any global changes up was if you are If I'm selecting to slight Okay , I want to make changes in support. You have many slides? Okay? It doesn't. It is better to use this. So, master, you know, when you have a master of sleight global changes if you want. If you have many slaves, you want toe Jane stand slides after time, Okay. By editing some external said that time you can go for this. So, you know, master slide feature. Okay, so this is all about in or formatting and ah ha began in Sodo. You know how you can you can see here on you can see Nuesslein duplicate slide again created can deliver this particular scars like and skip this particular slide. We can change the background of this light handed the transition. This is also very important here again see organization. This is that I'm not about any transition to this particular slight. You can apply to only one slight or recon just if you click your men supplied. Also, I suppose if I just choose this Basil. Okay, Ondo, if I play okay again? See, that is all of you know, that particular row in our transition and got a polite Okay, How fast You wonder they want medium Whether you want you can see again. Choose it from here. Okay? I'll just make it s stop again and again. I told the does whether you want support if I wanted, like a cube. Okay, I'll play this. So it comes, Laker. See? It comes like a cube. This is all about a transition Again. I stopped this. Okay. Again. If I want to play a blade, I says the boy I want o fade. I'll be I'll play this. Okay, See this? Maybe this is how it place. Okay again. If I will stop this again again. Want to make us on the road? Yes. It was like a gallery. If I want to play again, See? Okay. So this is a Bordeaux. Dante Shinbach. This is about. Damn. So this is all about the transition part. So next thing is or regarding tools and all Alex Lin and the next topic. Thank you. 23. Google Slides Part 2: Hi. In previous stop, it could be learned about some off the tips regarding go related toe. Google slides on door In this topic, we're going to learn some water tips related toe Google slides. So you can just We learned all these things for related off. I love you in sort of a cannon. 30 majors diagrams I know so well. More so. Wilborn totals. Okay, so you can make those spellcheck, um, you can, you know, don't under spellcheck underline errors. Okay, So if you have any and all you having anything, if you are mistaken, did I ate it? And something you can? No. It will underline that particular room ascendance or particular world within, You know, regular mark. So that will come to know and again just usedto dictionary. OK, so this is all about on the line. It does. And here also, you can use your personal law personal dictionary and you can use for anybody you can go. Suppose if I won't do is collaborate collaborators. So here I can maintain a some set off for, you know, dictionary or wars here. So many What I want going from my personal dictionary, I can take out these words. Okay, So I'm not had created any dictionary so on. But this is also very important feature that is explored. Okay, so explore socio dogs and the web. Okay, So here's Or you can exploring eso. Usually what people do is are you open a google dot com. Are you open on, dr dot google dot com. Okay, you goto this to drive, then you start show searching and then you download the majors. Then you are bloated toe google slights. Okay, That is a very tedious process. Okay, Is enough going toe that you can just go toward home explored? Okay, you can sort your suppose if I wonder. So something like Google life Gold World rife If I want to write anything about her. So it is searching on the web, so it acts as a miniature Google. Okay, so if I want to search any major saying, we just I find wonder they called this image You can just show drag under, you know, drop it. These in majors. OK, so right now I'm deleting these images so you can use okay? And if you want Oh, radically. If you want to take some points from they know or dry. Or if you want, today some majors From the time you can get hysterically Goto this This is a really very important and cool feature. What? The Googles lives for rights. Okay, so next one s o our dictionary, you can search dictionary. Suppose if I want Oh, see any knock Supposed to collaborate if I want? Oh, check any, you know, spelling mistakes. Okay. Okay. You can see the dictionary. And there you can read about it against object for the synonyms about Ah, you know what they were the world, your typing. Here you can see the synonyms and you can include that in your slight. So this is all about dictionary. Okay, Q and A. So when your presentation is over okay, there will be option which you can or ask you to audience. Like or any? Do you have any questions and answers? If for the audience have given you the feedback regarding your presentation, then this is visible to you. The device additional traceable. So no, I have not presented any. No, you know, presentation. Dorian's this presentation have not presented anything to anybody, so I don't have a Q and A section right now. Okay, I'll show you where you can again. This is also very important. That is why is typing okay again? Once you we know Click on that. Now you open the Michael Open, and you can just click on that on it Will. Don't let so that though you already okay. So high. I'm do jingle Google Drive in. You're Amy platform. Yeah. So if you want go down off this again, just make it Don't off. Okay, so this is very Leo. Very useful feature. Okay, that does Weiss. Typing next is if you want to go for in I don't know if you want, and it's on more add ons again. Just we're gonna get Annan's. Okay, So next thing is so if you want again present can present it Or if you want, you can see Here I am Anti right. Click on this guy. Just close this. Why striping? If you right click on this If you want again you know you can send Do anybody you can commented to soar. Suppose high $1 or something. What happened? What happened here? What happened here? So this is high one So I can include some people and, uh, you know, right now I cannot Can I just check? Yeah, I can include some people and I can I know, assigned this or baby they do, so I can just write it here. What happened? Won't happened here happened. Okay. What happened two years, Ondo, If I want our toe some people, if I want to assign it to some people, you can reuse always a blast Mark Onda. You can assign it to people again. Assign it to multiple people again. You have to use a plus. Marston's in my address book. Only one person is there, so I'm assigning it. Only one person. So you again I just assign it to this person and again See our sign. So 3 may law on this girl. This coming was to this particular person and he can reply to that. Okay, so this is all about ah commending Ondo, You can hear also again Jane transition again. Jeez, teams and all. OK, And this is about Dino. You can just start representation. Yeah, since I'm a plan some transitions or do so showing me this. This is about our transition on Dhere. Also the comment history you can open and check. Just close this. Okay? No comment is if many people have commented on your slaves again, you'll see, though, you know, comment history here. Okay, on finally, you can share this slide. Do anybody okay? It's about if I want o share it toe one person and you can allow warm but that he can edit a daughter can come and or just can only view you can add multiple people And if you want to go for advanced settings in this Okay? So whether you want to make it private, you know this life you want toe make it private or you want to make it Probably don t want to share with you Live it So are some people specific people. Then you can you have all these options so it associating and collaboration thing is, you know, same throughout or the Although Google Drive applications Oh, go throughout the older Google Diamond decorated applications. Okay, so this is all about a shared Onda collaborating. So one more thing here I wanted to tell you is suppose so? Okay if I if I want to open though So here. What again? The way. Suppose off Google slight, which I'm going to explain in next topics. Okay, these are the some north which are aggregated Google. Google Okapi is all about You know, if you're taking notes, okay, it is all about taking notes. So if you're taking north, only feel really kept some notes. Okay. Again, Just our dragon drop, please. You know, Google keep notes. Okay. You can take Dana points from here on, you can put a no won't put it in a Google slide. OK on that. This is about Google keeps you can drag drop toe Google law slight. And once you present this Okay, you can see here. Ah, you can see question and answer which I explained you previously. Okay, Once you are, you went to finish your presentation again. Us for Okay again. Ask audience. My dad, I can ask Oh, are regulated to any questions and audience and equations and also us again. Start against at some questions and you can ask them. So you're going toe Frida back about this smoking. So this is all about Cuba, Andy, or for slight? And here this is also one more important feature that does you're using into Doctor. Sir, you Are you a single laser? You're turning on the lasers. Okay, so is he. So they had no need to use or any other device in order to use this laser pointer. Otherwise, typically, or people use, um, laser pointer the rice in orderto, you know, presented to the people. So need no need off that again. Just radically used this laser pointer. This is a very good option. Oh, in presentations when you're presenting a door audience. Okay, so this is all about good. Google slight. Okay. Thank you. 24. Google Sheets Part 1: Hi. In previous stop because we learned about the Google doc saw tips n tricks. Okay, so in this topic, we're going to learn about Google, Google or sheets our dips end tricks. Okay, so I'll ecstatically jump into my drive how we can open Google spreadsheets. You just create on the oh, no. New on your end, Gordo. Google sheets. Oregon just opened. Right. Click on here. Right. Click on this can go toe Google sheets. Okay. Again you are. And there is one more option that you can directly goto should start new and also again goto Ah Blanco sheets again specials you can open. Okay, so right now I'm telling you have again, you know, choose it from the template. There are different templates available. You know which of the Google provides. Okay. Ah, so you can better make use off these templates. Okay? So if you're wrong, if you're ah, great area, if it meets your these requirements, okay, you can use their so supposed to release you have. Okay, I just opened a studio list. There are some more templates. So again see our cruellest on template. You have end or so Just let some Internet connection. So here you can see the to do list. Okay, So if you want, you can use this template. Similarly, you have some some more templates. You have that this animal budget monthly budget calendar template. You have shared your template. You have traveled plan a wedding planner, our team, Mom. No team roaster. Okay, so these are the different many gamblers which are available. Okay, if you or any of your requirements meets this again, just can go and a grab this particular template and again start using it. So right now, I'm just going with the blank template. Okay, So all this so named this or template us first or the beginning. I'll just name this template. Us? No. Named this dog as shoots, demo sheet and dirt. Okay, so this is how the u i Or for another girl that spreadsheet look like, Okay, it's always good to remember. This is a one spreadsheet which can contain no many or sheets. Okay, so this is name off your shooters or sheet one if you want again. Justo renamed said about if I want something like data later Things I want to collect. I can just need this, Asa Data. No spreadsheet If I want to again add one more sheet. Okay. So again, again not rename that she does. So I suppose if I want to write anything our project ideas related with the fightin. Okay. So I can just do it as another sheet, like American, just like on this arm option and again animal tip our sheets on again. See whichever trust you typically condoms. So I can again in a speech to any off issues where if you want again, automatically goto the trash it Or if you want again, click on again Goto my attention by clicking wonders again. This is all about Have you gone, creator sheet? So next oneness or to understand this or your wife First, we need to understand the sheet structure. Okay. What are Rose and what are low, but our rows columns themselves. Okay, so this is what you're calling it? I suppose in sky blue color again. See? Okay, if I on the shifter or so this is work. You're calling it as a rule that has fifth row. I'm clicking on this. Okay, if I click on this A This is the ID column. This is a beat column. This is Seed Column. If, OK, you just need to click on that. Would a ghost it and click on that? Okay, the deed column. Okay. So if I'm selecting this, it is the first straw Second wrote Hold. Okay. If I want toward select complete sheet, you just at the top left corner, You know, you can hear. Okay. So you can just select their okay again. Just a select. And it will select the whole sheet. Yes. So this is how if you want to go disabled at uni, you can click anywhere, so it will get disabled. So you just need toe single click on, you know, the top left corner displaying corner, so it will select the complete shit support. If you want to change the color off this complete sheet, you can digest directly or no click on this. Okay? That was if I took some very religious click. You click on this. So do electrically and also like the whole ship. Okay, so how I'm more support if I'm doing any calculation And also how Obama calculating the cell have on my no selecting support. The sister eight column and that the first store. Okay, so if I if Superior suppose if I'm and drinks oppose like 100. Okay, I Lou ender. Okay, so the formatting and all again do it here. Okay, The formatting things and all again, you know. Do it here. How do we know? Topic Base it at the centre. Left. Right. Okay, so here what? I'm telling us how you can No, no, on the cell. How have you want to reconcile? This is the even sell payments. It is the eighth column and the first rule. So if you are writing it here, Okay, so it is What? The first Haruo. But there's a beat color. So it does. This is everyone. Okay, So he ordered us where you call. It does. Okay, this is what I see one. Suppose you are coming here, and if you're doing it, Okay. So this is the beat. Call Amanda. 50 row. Okay. It's a bold. This is 500. So it means one. This oneness be five. Okay. So that this is how the Arctic organizing you die. So send. So we'll started from the beginning. How began? This is the shared Hubbard. This is the same as at all For how it works with a Google doc. Okay. No, you can see here again. You get in dog names in my address book. Only one name I have. Okay. You can ironed on dresses. Okay, you can. You permissions! This is already we learned in Google Dogs. Okay, on again. Addo description. Okay. And you can do for advance toe sharing settings if you want. You can make this appreciate as a private or public. So that is how we hear you're doing the changes you want to make. It s public. You can click here. Okay. If you want to make it, I swear I wear to Then if you want to only send it to specific people. So this is how the Ordway Onda lingers on dreaded here, willing to share. OK, so you can send it to your collaborators. So the permissions you are giving it here. So this is all about share? It works. So same for all the indeed it applications. Okay, so next is so are you can not radically great new spreadsheet or from template again, Digger on The important feature is a whether you have already or some off the sheets in your drive. Okay, You can automatically import those shirts from the drive. Okay. If anybody has so shared some off the sheets with you, then you can No, no, no one else who shared an issue to me. So it is the blank right now. So anybody has shared with you, then you can take it from them on doubt. Ticket from that. And if you're if you're taking from the recent again from my drive. Okay. If you want to get uploaded from the he had a gun. Just need your dragon dropped from your desktop or laptop if you're using upload. So select a file from your and only device. That is all about importing and again Down Lords disaster again. Download this as a Microsoft actual Excel sheet. Pdf webpages. So these other different options on which again, you know, down Lord, this So again, this is also we have discussed in Google Dog. You can email it as a joke attachment. Do you want to do as a PdF for Microsoft Excel? Then again, you know, send it to whoever you want. So no need to go. Are Gmail an upload and download so you can use this trick and make this of available offline Now, in Google dogs, I discussed about this. So this is saying for all the integrated applications off Google drive eso you need to use Ah, Google Crume. Ah, you need to use a crow, ma google dot Google dogs off line groom extension for this. Okay, in order to make this option available, then you have to goto documents that things are especially settings. Okay, Support if your main coming down it little this video. What if in order to make this available Okay, so what? Er dodo is your how dramatically Gordo sheets don't google dot com She had start go Good. Don't come. Okay, so you're gonna make this So when such things again don't on that okay against a year and are here and said things. You can do it on this option. That is offline. Option you condone on them that make up the libel law offline feature will be available for you again. This also be discussion on bulldog named More. You can this card and don't name the current version. Suppose the sense off version words in 1.1 again. Just name it as a virgin and you can see the world. Drancy Watch in history. You can see it. Yard okay. Unleashed in. I'll just turn on there so it will be. My virgins would be short. Do you? Okay, So this is all about Georgians awash in history. Okay, I'm just doing off this, okay? Some more if you just really low a learning next radio. Thank you. 25. Google Sheets 2: hi. In previous topic, we learned about some off the tips and tricks related to Google sheets. In this topic, we're going to learn some more or tips and tricks. Elated toe Google drive So we learned about to make how to make available offline was in history Here again, More again, more door. Whether you want a more job, I drive. So whichever for that we want to move this, you know, it's appreciate you can move it by clicking on their support If I want tomorrow to class from again just radically more onto this. So no need toe the tip in so that Okay, no need to goto go back to my driver. And you know, I just tried to copy that and based it there or or drank drop so you can have the might Drive is accessible inside your bra spreadsheet application itself. Okay, if you want to publish, you can publish it to the you know web or if you want to embed in your drawer website, you can embody it. So this is all the same options which are available which have already explained in Google dogs. Okay, The document details on new which you want to print in that layout will come. Print layout. Okay. This is there are lurid options which are available. Okay, So he heard. Ah, again, if you want to insert. Okay. Suppose I suppose if you want to insert a rule, insert a column in sort cells, but they want the shifted right shifted down. OK, so you can just try and try all these things. Options. Okay. So you can insert Ah, If I suppose if I do that, I can insert room I concert column If I want to deliver this particular road earlier, this particular column or delayed the whole cells okay. And you can, you know, are directly if you want. 00 if you want. Oh, select all these or And this in this particular columns about if I wanted So we just need to winnow or drag. Drop this on. Everybody want to stop? Suppose there. I want to make one new done entries. So you just need to stop it here. Suppose I want to extend it. Ah, for the known number off rose. So you just need to We can see the square mark, your you know, and you just knew to drag and drop this. Okay, so you can just all the same. You know, copies will be formed. Yeah. So boys are now if I want Oh, I don't want to go next. So this is all about insert and here again chart in social image. You may joy. Oh, you know, in a cellar again, How began in certain image growing it will open directly. Will groins. Okay, Support. If you want to know, Dr. Any comment you want to do again? This also was there in Google Dogs. So what happened here or tap Pond year? Okay, so with help off bless you can assign it to people. So I'm assigning to this particular person so that notification will go to that person. Okay, so this is all about, you know, coming And the numbers percentage. This is all about number for mounting dia. Supposed the This is working this form our currency support. If I click condoms, I want to use dollars. Okay, so I want to use dollars. You just need to click on this, because if I want to use percent age, if I want to use their some decimal point like this if I to use double decimal point like this. Okay, so if I want to make it does a dollar 100. So this is how the, you know number for marking it walks. Okay, Listening against in this. Okay, this is all about the foreman. Whether you want to take strap it to store for in size, bold italic. This is so this is a normal law editing go no for my bingo pool. Water can use in order to change. These are all there here. The same thing. Foreign size. You want to make it bold italic. You want to add a Kyllo's you want at board borders you want? Oh, yeah. You want where they wanted with that descended on the left or right? What is that? Although formatting options. What? You have next one. And so were the tools option. You can create a form directly. Okay. You can make a mini a record. Mac Romans again Maker Amenia weren't audio's. And if you want to insert again in so ordered that as well, they call it as micro's spell check. You can do this. This is this was again there in the Google Dogs. Okay, spellcheck. Oh, option again. Enable it. No swearing situations right now. Okay. And our personal dictionary again. I told you. No. Suppose. Collaborate If you are pro north recalling some off the spelling options. What, again? The way. So you cannot do your dictionary so anywhere. You writing that? So it will replace with this particular world. Okay, so this is all about tools if you want any, Uh, I don't. Applications for your goggles are the door Willow shoots again. Take it with them. Someone three in some water feed. Okay, Onda, some order. One more important topic is related to functions. So how I can add this, I can use some functions you can see always, er to you. So equal to sign in order to get some functions. Okay. Suppose suppose. Find findings one function. Okay. Suppose if I want to add Okay, So some off two numbers. I can add a some off to number. So But anyway, in any way, anywhere you want to make it so you can no do the intercept. What if I want to add? Okay, So what is the function? So I'm just showing you some functions here. You want to know how to make it stick. Orlando, you had adding go. I'm starting here. You can check. It was into that box is to see Okay, Suppose Ah, just it is this I want Oh, are these two cells? That is even. And so I suppose I want to. I wonder at these two numbers, so equals. Okay on. Okay, so see, you have to type with Porto functionality. Want to do on do her? Go give ender. Okay, are ender Okay, So the sisters index what you have against the example. So you have to add these two numbers or else you can just or take an example. So with France's check with disabuse even glomar B one and you're too close the bracket on your do enter. Okay. You just know Saw See what I made. See, this is a one. Okay, this is the A one cell, and this was the B went cell. Okay, so again, I will okay. Equals two. Okay. I suppose if I want or do any substructure in Okay, s u b tender. Okay, this is total, actually l just to equals on multiplication. Okay, multiply. This is the multiply option Okay, so this is my even sale. And this is my Beaven cell. So you can see this in tax with the dis operator by comma. Suppose in some off the function of this operator by colon. Okay, so here again said check even comma B one. And you had to close the bracket and you have to do enter. Okay, so this is water to give multiplication. Got it. So one more thing, I will average if I wanted to calculate the average endured drying. Is it? And every judge. It was fine about that. It does. It did the day. So this is not an everyday is. You have to check what is the average. So yeah, and I just gave you some examples because there are many functions which are there and ah, you know which again, right? Si divide if you want to gather cooler than average. Okay. See here. This is on average every age off. Okay, I can just get glued on average. What is this index for this? This is the range that is a one colon, be that is be one. Okay, just close this and end up so average off these two will give you 100. Okay. So you can you don't drive it some more or there are many your functions. Formulas are drawing No. In build with or them. Oh, shit. I just give you an introduction regarding ah, word. A demo sheet. You know, not Google's for sheet functions. Okay, there, since there are many functions which are related with this So this is a very important door . Hey, that does ah functions in Google's red sheets. Okay, so finally, you can again. No, you can comment which option which I was pretty told you understood. So shed advances can share this again which this share and if share our boat obscene this year, and they share on what are same. Okay, so this is all about Google law spreadsheets. You know how it works and or its sort tips n tricks. Okay, so we'll see you in next Stop. Thank you. 26. Google Sites: Hi. In previous topic, we learned about Google's last room. And in this topic, we're going to learn about another application off undated Application off. Ah, Google die. That is Google site. So let's jump into the u Y. We can open that so you can open it idle from here. That is new. You can goto more and you can go to Google sites. Okay. Or else again, just directly. Right Click here goto more. You can open Google sites here also. Okay, so once I know, click on that Google site so you I interface will open so you can see So right now what we're doing is we're there are somewhat similar to, you know, professionally looking website or ah, we can you know, we'll try agree a ticket. Okay, So you had to try a lot of options here. Okay, So I will just so I don't go through and how we can Creator Good looking upside. Okay, so it's up. Always a hero. Zhou, you can see though you are your This is third of me. Why? How it looks, OK, first I'll give Then we're gonna give the side name yard. Okay, This is where to the pace title would again give Oh again Give ah, side name. Website Name again. Give it here. Okay. Or if you want dad logo, you can. And if you have your professional, we can You are your local here, okay? And there you are page title on. And if you want to enter, you know you can upload it from You know, you can salute image from the google, or you can imploded from the Google drive also, And heather types or different types often. Oh, no. Cover banners. You can choose it here whether you want it. This you want that? You know the patient, you know, completely covered it hard. You wanted, like like this who are took about half a portion, Toby, your image and half portion to be inferno description. Or are you can see the an abortion here, the percentage off in the image and the percentage off the description. If you want, it will be like this. Or you whether you want only title. Okay, so I just left to you and I just speak about the cover. If you address, I stick with another, discovers I want to make this webpage completely available so they know where Page. Okay, so here, again See how you can in Soto getting sort X boxes. Okay. You can insult the majors again. An isolated from Google drive again? No. You know, we get embedded, Ok? Ah, Amber from the web. Whatever. You have Onda again? No, no Dietl etiquette. From then on, Dr. Also again, just open the drive. You know NATO Ah ah, no doubt or google dot com here only, you know, at the right by a panel again Open Google drive. Okay on we can see. You know, whatever the you majors, which I have already started my Google time so that I can use it for my website. Andi said very or nicely out you have to get the lay Otis defines. Okay. You there whether you want image here and description here if I choose this So here the different sections will open a section background or you can If you weren't section background, you can, you know, give it here duplicate sexually wonder when you can create it here or if you want it differently out. Okay, So the system However, I have chosen a layout so like this section will come if you want that we majors Who in majors and then Arbeloa. Some are description you want to get Use it like this. Okay, It depends on in a world talk I know few website to have whether it is only if more off photos, restaurants you want Do we know send recipes You want toe Ah, you want Oh, you want your website to have some gallery Much off photos. Then you can choose it for you know much about the layout which is having more photos If it is often own description. So it is after you. Whichever you want the labor early or you can choose it here right now. Lily, this I did. I'm deleting all the sections. OK, so and if you want, you can add map. Okay, you can goto dogs. And if you want to drag, drop any off the your thing So you can do that. Okay. From forms You have something If you want to remember the YouTube videos if you want our button some table of contents you want to add so you can insert all these days you have Oh , no. If you want there are some charge. So these are all options you have. Okay. And this is all about, you know, insulting how began in certainly a and the majors. Layouts and buttons, maps calendar Depends on your website. Have you want to eso see her on the background and all again, the place in the same section. If you want to create and you can just click on this the same my section will create. I don't want it right now. Okay. So I'll just delete this so pages So I don't know, Mama, that I want to create a home page you can see here replicated page whether you want or you wonder at this up each. So this is all of you can do it right now will do that on teams. I'm just introducing her to the U y. Okay. The themes again. So he order. I can't change the theme. Do you know different colors? There's a symbol If you want though the team to be like this again. See which away teams you want again. Choose it. They have wood. They have Ah, nice teams. Okay, Okay. So you can see. Okay, So this is all about and our teams Next one is if you want to prevail this aboard if I want Ah, vision. Okay, If I want to review this so by page, so I can just click on this review, You can see the complete the website How it looks. OK, so this is the preview. But on you can see this is on the larger city and this is how it looks on the tablet. It looks like this. Okay, on your foot. It looks like this. Okay, so this is all about preview. And once the preview Buchanan will share this with others. This is how they sharing go and collaboration of it with works for another or integrated obligation. It is similar to that They want a member publish it, or you want to make it private or whether you want to make it public. So it is all left to you. So next one isn't all in settings today. One, though, what navigation you want the top toe. No top navigation or side navigation. Okay. And the color where they wonder Transplant color, white color. Ok, so these are things the majors are gonna upload it from Enough. Ah, global navigation bar upload or select ago, a little gray managed to add to your global navigation bar. So I just told you at the previous thing OK, so you can upload the A major send all here on if you want Oh, connected to your Bextra Google analytics to get inside send my tricks of the said This is all about it And I see you how the marketing and all how many ah page views you have got. So this villain and leading striker tracking I really want where they want to enable a enabling electrics for this particular website. So all these things, you know you get numb said it here. Okay, so and finally Oh, you wanted they wanted to make it does which awash in history Whether you are enough of us Russian Second, Washington What was your knee or journal CEO? What was in the current version with any other versions are there Okay, so it's all then. Ah, and they want to how we were finally, once you have done with your website again, publish this you know website So let's start with how begin build or the website on just so name it does. Oh, no. Okay. And I'm a website. Damn website. Okay. And daughter them website. Okay, I want to know you're in in sort some. Ah ah. Okay. One toe go forward to summly out. Okay. I just want to your Ah, I did cover off this beach. Us, okay? I just want to complete Ono covered, I wonder is to be covered completely completed webpage. Okay, then I want to choose or some teams over here, so there I can make it some. Okay, So let's so take a team or for you know, uh, I suppose if I take this team OK, I'll just saw I s o The art of food. The art off fort My basically my website is all about food. Okay, If I want to change a major gay again, just our search yard. Oh, again, 40 majors. OK, I'm Justo grabbing some image. Okay, so he, uh, gauges I just right click on your hand the area music, this option and so saved to Google Drive. Okay, so say this is so you know, this have already told you this is a groom extension. So they say we mentioned Google drive. Okay, so it's saved. I just want to rename this eso Damon website Mitch. Okay, I'll just apply. I go back to my website. Okay. Andi, I'll just start toe a floor. The same imagery to have Ah, not just so late. That image. Okay, I wonder Select because incidents and my Google drive. I want to choose that. Okay. How you selected this? A major and I have Okay again? See, I got this image. Okay, So you can change the gallows again, see which looks to it Sorts. Okay, so just keep it. And I would just want to see the preview off this upside on. Ah, I think they major someone Dino blood. Okay, again up for any and every majors. Or is. So just go to my, ah, whether I want to change select image. I have some other already majors, which are okay. I'll just use the same age. Okay. And I'll review this. Yes, again. See, you can choose any majors and the wound, and okay, let's so more into the next one. So now suppose I want to somebody storing them. Blade. Suppose I want to make okay some resturant website and bleidt some similar row. Okay, just goto this on site, okay? When I look for some war template I want to create, okay? Something like you see, all the restaurants have this and I know home about us. Mental reservation gone. Doctor gave and see it here also. It's about home gallery block about, man. Oh, okay. Again. See? Heavy where it is. The same thing, right? Okay. Against He had dropped down here at Home Menu reservation. Okay, so I will just create build idol. Ah, and replicate aspirate. Okay, so now why? Norberto? So I want, though. This is the home for Palm Beach. Okay, So know what I've always, I wonder. No duplicate page out sub basements what will happen? And so Ah, it will be like a drop down. Okay, I'll show you that. So now I want to add a duplicate the beach where I can and just Oh, this is the home page. What? We have a legally aided. I just want to create a gallery. Okay. Again. See here. Home Art gallery. God created. Okay, Now I want to and a one more replicate beach where we have something like oh, about Okay, this is about next day, so I wanted to be like here. Also, I can make a duplicate page. Um, menu. Okay, So, boys, So I suppose a block okay. And wondered about a block? No. Suppose I want around a sub page, so the sub page will come and wonder and it's a fish to the home page. See here it's got so one day total basis a page means it will be Could I get created like a drop down? So right now I don't want Oh, I'll just delete this. Okay. About the gallery, Andi, I don't know. I wonder another duplicated beige, which she say's my No. Okay, so for this man who you know okay for this so you can just offer the menu. You can put some Maduro Gans ist drag. Drop this. You can open and Okay, this is the My civil might think the aren't sorry. I think there aren't. I think I have changed my team, so I'll just keep this team for the home, okay? And I want to change the layout for the home. I wanted Toby off a cover for the menu, okay? I wanted to be off the different and recipes assuring some descriptions like that so I can just keep it like this, Okay? With the home page and Oh, okay. I can add some a majors here. Suppose if it does something like home breakfast. Home break first. Teenagers. Okay. And all he heard again, right? Breakfast Sciutto, Google drive breakfast. Okay, I'll just show you for the run on duh Close this. I'll go to the devil website. Okay. I'll just select image from my Google drive eso Bigfoot's toe image. You can see on gun insulted your okay again and or so similarly again Wait for others also . Okay? And just select your and well, dr Till open over will dry. I mean, sorting this cellar team age. Okay, just put a different photo. Next is again on the select image. Google drive security for how any other who does. Okay, so we can write a description about something here Food. Just writing down my description so that so I can show you. Do you Okay, so And if the text you can see the text year again No, no interest. You can for month the texture as you want, okay? And then I want to make it small. Okay. Okay. So these are the different recipe. How it God created similarly, for the block. I want to write something about suppose I want to give Take this lay order and I want to write something about the chef. OK, so I'll just put on any major off, you know, chef hand. Oh, Dave, A cool drive. Okay. And this is the share for so I already have. I told you Gullible. Okay. Can just could big if you want again. Just basis can give Carlos turned I can be a studio. This is the dummy content. What? I have. No, this one. There's something Okay, you know, for minding. Okay. Similarly, I m proud us again. I hear I want to put different photos. Something like this. Okay, you can see. And ah again. I don't want to winnow consume time when selecting the four doors. I just porter where they would I have in my drive so that dumb it is important to understand the future occur? Ah, 100 works? Yes. Then no. We just chill selecting everything from Google drive right now. Okay, insert. Okay. So you can crop the majors. However, you want, you can replace. So he made You can undertakes to your again on capture. And so these are all options you have when you were little. So already how? Just review this website How it looks okay, so you can Ah, I don't just go to home Page. This is what? The cover page, however it looks like Who cares? Just maximize this. Okay? The art of food. This is over. It looks like one last green on tablets on android phone. Okay, so I'll just review again. Still died. Okay, this is on a larger screen. Okay? The menu options. What we have is again. See here? Yeah. Oh, you can try it. Okay. Next is the blawg one. You can see the block. Gegen Just silent again, Doria, About any gallery I have not killed him in so about means about your story and it comes Okay, Ondo Gal. Damon. So again, put your $4 worth a restaurant offers. Okay, so this is how ah, you know you can write the professionally looking go website. Oh, you can do many things here if you are writing it and all. If you are for laying you all the practices And you if you can make it very neatly and beautifully. Professionally looking Website. Okay, so this is all about how we can create Ah, Google. Oh, I know how you can create your website for three using Google sites. Okay. Thank you.