Master Google Analytics | Darren Young | Skillshare
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6 Videos (34m)
    • GA Account Setup

    • GA User Interface

    • GA Dashboard

    • Add Users

    • GA Goals

    • Gmail Analytics


About This Class

Updated with the latest Google Analytics user interface; Master Google Analytics is an excellent beginners guide with 6 concise, step-by-step tutorial videos. You will learn how to setup your GA account, customize the GA user interface, create users and setup GA Goals.

You'll also learn how to setup Google Gmail analytics for your Gmail email accounts.

The course project will enable you to successfully setup a Goal on your website, which is one of the most powerful features of Google Analytics. GA Goals allows you to track conversions for that goal, whether it's product sales, free eBooks or anything else you're offering your visitors. 





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Darren Young

Analytics, AWS, Web Security, WordPress

Over 10 years experience in web development using CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress, and more recently, mobile application development. My tutorial videos will help you learn new skills fast and you'll find that they are concise, to-the-point with no fluff or filler guaranteed; just quality content that will help you get the job done.

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