Master Google Analytics In 1 Hour (Beginners)

Amber Horsburgh, Digital Strategist at Big Spaceship

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18 Videos (1h 10m)
    • Trailer

    • Welcome to Class! Sign-Up For Google Analytics & Implement tracking code

    • Add Filters & Views To Your Account

    • Unique visitors and visits

    • Bounce rate

      Bounce Rate.jpg
    • Browsers, operating services and networks

    • Geographic location & language

    • Mobile, tablet & desktop users

      mobile reports.jpg
    • New vs. returning users

      freq and rec.jpg
      new vs returning.jpg
    • Pageviews

    • Referral, direct, search, social & email traffic

      Traffic Channels.jpg
      Social referrals.jpeg
    • Site performance, speed and load times

    • Visitor flow

      Social flow.jpeg
    • Average visit duration & average time spent on page

      Ave visit duration .jpg
      ave time on page.jpg
    • Site Content: all pages, content drill down, landing pages & exist pages

      EXIT PAGES.jpeg
      LANDING PAGES.jpeg
      ALL PAGES.jpeg
    • How to create a measurement framework

    • Set Up A Campaign Dashboard

    • A Template For Reporting Results


About This Class

Make yourself more employable and learn Google Analytics.

The Online Marketing Institute surveyed 750 Fortune 500 companies and ad agency execs and found there is a major digital talent gap. The biggest area that execs needed new hires to muscle up in was analytics. That study is just one of the many that contributes to the huge buzz around data and analytics. Even the Harvard Business Review named the Data Scientist The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century. This buzz is a great opportunity for recent grads and job seekers. Analytics makes you more employable!

Google Analytics is the best starting point. It is a very powerful tool that helps improve the performance of a site, mobile app or blog. However often it is often made to appear unnecessarily complex to use. 

Most of the time when we begin using Google Analytics we’re just winging it - poking around, guesstimating the metrics that are important. But it can get dangerous for your site if you focus on the wrong metrics and report those.

This class will the complexity out of Google Analytics.  

What you’ll learn:

  • How to setup Google Analytics on your site

  • What a bounce rate is and what all the other metrics mean

  • How to set up a framework that tracks your site’s success

  • How to set benchmarks to guide if you are doing good or bad

  • How to report results effectively to clients, stakeholders and colleagues

This class is essential for Google Analytics beginners, as well as Marketers, Strategists, Bloggers and creative types looking to refine their skills.

During this class we'll analyze advertising industry blog, Adspace Pioneers. The project we'll work on in class is a creating a report that shows the performance of this site.

You are welcome to use your own (if you have analytics set up on your site already). Otherwise you will have access to Adspace Pioneers Analytics account in order to analyze data for the class project.

Make yourself more employable in 2014 and begin your way to mastering Google Analytics.

6 of 9 students recommendSee All

Useful class. Amber covers the basics and gets into great detail in a quick class that covers the basis of what you need to know about Google Analytics. The best part of the class for me is how it really peaked my interest into the Google Analytics world.
This class is a good basics course. A lot of room for improvement but overall recommend.
I am still working through it, but I find the subject matter very useful and relevant.





Amber Horsburgh

Digital Strategist at Big Spaceship

I am a Strategist at the digital creative agency, Big Spaceship in Brooklyn. I have have run campaign reporting for big brands YouTube, AXE and MTV and smaller ones too. I’ve also taught over 1,500 students about digital strategy and how Macklemore grew his audience. I’m on Twitter @amberhorsburgh and Linkedin.