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Master Decentralised networking using IPFS

Vinay Phadnis, Freelance Programmer

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22 Lessons (2h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 what is protocol

    • 3. 2 what is http

    • 4. 3 challenges with http

    • 5. 4 what is ipfs

    • 6. 5 what is hash

    • 7. 6 what is merkel dag

    • 8. Ipfs install final

    • 9. Ipfs init

    • 10. Ipfs daemon

    • 11. Interactive web final

    • 12. Ipfs add

    • 13. Ipfs pin

    • 14. ipfs files ls

    • 15. ipfs stat

    • 16. ipfs file write

    • 17. ipfs file get

    • 18. Introduction to the project

    • 19. HTML

    • 20. CSS

    • 21. Javascript

    • 22. moving to ipfs

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About This Class

This class contains all the basic experience required to get started with the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). Most of the important basic commands will be taught in this course with a project in the end to create a website and host it on IPFS


1. Introduction: There are about 3.9 billion people using the Internet worldwide. This number seems even minuscule when we consider the 16 billion devices which used the Internet exabytes of data eyes consumed each and every month. Today. The Internet, which we call today, is actually the Web two point off on a served Toby. An excellent way off getting yourself online. Due to the exponential increase in their data consumption, the Web Boingo has started showing some of its limitations, like centralization or data burned. Were logging are bottlenecks? Are various locations or even censorship, for that matter, it needs to be updated by a stronger and more robust alternative. Let's call upon I PFS I BFS is a completely decentralized way of requesting data. Idea Office does not need a particular server locator contents. Instead, it is completely content oriented system. I am in a furnace. I'm together next on the Web. Three point in this course you will learn about the basics. Followed by the Arab. On pages are the challenges off the existing Web 2.0 architectures, which means uses the http brought upon will also be able to install I PFS on your computer and set up your very own servant. You will study the basic commands and I BFS has an interactive way off learning. You will also do some projects off your own. For instance, we will create a project where you will create your very own website and posted on I PFS. We will cover some interesting projects as well. Like looking guard. They're decentralized. Wikipedia Middle. You covered a decent percentage off the whole idea for documentation. Currently, Web 3.0. R. The decentralized Web is comparatively in its initial stages on According to me, it is the perfect time to invest in yourself to update some of your best three point or skills. I recommend you try the three preview and then by the course, I will be more than happy to answer all your Grady's of other talk taking the question and answer section in the course. Okay, so now, without wasting any more time, see you on the other side 2. 1 what is protocol: so exposed. Start with the Katie part off our course. Okay, So now the very first question which you need to ask yourself is what actually is a protocol on O. R. What is basically I defense for What is Http? Okay, so this lecture will be talking about what? Actually, a protocol is Okay, so when you have any U n So suppose you are goingto google dot com. Then you are list separate there by three parts. Okay, the first ones are four parts. The 1st 1 is the protocol, which is history P p R s t p P s. Then you have a colon, followed by Www. Okay, so that's turns father. What do I know? Bed. Then you have the particular website name, which is we're dot com on. Then you have the some information, so you cannot google dot com slash So lt quarto some text, which you want to search on google. Okay, so that is basically how you are. Listen here. So, out of this, we are very much concerned about the protocol and the naming part. Okay, so the http or studio B s part on the google dot combine okay, So here are the protocol Part basically takes care off. How you actually get files from a particular server? Okay, on the google dot com name. Basically this stored in some d n. A server being being a start for domain name server on that, sir. What? Basically has an information off where actually this particular name belongs to. So if you click on google dot com, then it sure goto this particular I p address. Okay, so that is how the particular naming system works. So now then, the user gives in any information or if you portend a who concert, you get some of these extra Google. Okay, so now this is basically the biased UDP. So now the first of all executed is used to send some information on. So the Hogle server, which is done by a method called a post request or request on it done sort of apostasy or data extensive information on. Then generates another page or HTML. I'm sings it back within a post or get request. Okay, So back. That's basically how it works. So a student p basically gives you this freedom toe, create new requests as you warn which can be a great request or post request focused on the next lecture will be focusing one watched Http, actually is how is on this plans for a fight it actually achieved. 3. 2 what is http: Next up, we have a studio P artistry TVs. Okay, so it's to be starts for hypertext transfer protocol. It was created by Tim Berners Lee, the same person who is more to create our anywhere in the World Wide Web. Okay, so now it's treated. Basically, bills were transferring off. Fires from one sort were toe a nor or receiver or computer locally. Okay, so now this is done with the help of some method or some request, for instance, and get request our post request. Okay, So whenever you receive someday tough from a studio B is either classified or door to different parts. Okay, The 1st 1 is a data packet on the 2nd 1 is a response state. Okay, so now when you put giving up, get request, that is when you given some perimeters on. Then you get a hold data packet, according to it. So, for instance, let's take the same example of who were dot com. Then you given the sort on the exact search query is given to level with server on. That server in return gives you the college female page which has the links off on the deserting website. Okay, this is done with the help off. Get Rick list. Okay, so next up, we have a post request. Now, Post Request is basically usedto update for data obvious on some sort of. So now, post request doesn't get data backing back. So now suppose if you fill in a form, then you basically given all your details on all of them and recorded in the WADA on a post request is on the rhetoric. It's UDP, but it goes to the server on in return instead of giving your data packet. That's what it gives you a response time. Okay, maybe off 200 response on 300 response. We are going to see that later on. And then based on this response, your computer, your browser has different kind of love toe make a success. You are a failure. Paid accordingly. OK, so all these transferring files are further day by is to be so now it for suppose you request a sort of or some latent back then that the packers let's say you are currently over your in India understood what is there in America then on if you are getting greedy, that record from there it is basically broken happened. Two very small pieces on these pieces. Take the three parts available. Okay, so now suppose the fiber optic line or times off Atlantic fiber optic lying between America and Europe is pretty busy right now. Then they can take off the African line. Okay. So it can come through Africa to India. Okay, So doctors So these small pieces off the the Packard taken different lines. Take the shortest part of the free part of a label. I'm when they come to your location with all the data packets, reach your vocation. Then it is all stitched together on early pieces, Mayor, which is then displayed on your brother. Okay, so all these breaking down stitching off data is a nice to BP now. Very important thing in a street. BP is the requirement off a settler? Okay, so you cannot directly look for files by using a strategy. Instead, you need a certain which will keep the fights for you and then a stupid people just take care off. Transporting the fights were local machine okay, So tax About a pretty basic introduction about Sgtp in the next part, we'll see the challenges which case UDP is currently facing and why it makes to be updated . According to me, 4. 3 challenges with http: since the very creation off the Internet, Http has seen their defacto protocol or to transform fight. So our request some fights from any server on Yes, It has worked up a pretty evil up till now. Maybe work well upto next 1020 years. Okay, Burke. Currently, according to me, we are facing some problems when we may face some problems in the near future with It's creepy. Okay, so now don't get me wrong. It's due TP is a really nice protocol. But now, as water, more devices are coming online on by those UX is coming on line, the near for transferring huge amounts of data is really very important. So, for instance, you have a simple voice assistant at your home than any command which you give it give to. It actually sounds forced to a server and get your response back again. All of that is in the form of audio finds. Okay, so it also consume. So you castle a similarly on most all of their devices which are present on the internet right now somewhere use http to communicate between two or more devices, and this is again done with the help of poster get request because explained in the previous, less Lecter. Okay, so now some problems were text OTP is facing are some challenges which is to Teepees were in the face that is facing right now is number one bottleneck. Okay, so now if you just have one sort of arcade any new information on, then it should be basically has no option or get it from the nearest possible part or the free part possible. Okay. And sometimes when there is just one option to get the peace off data, then if the Linus bottleneck, then you can have really slow speeds. Okay, so now suppose this is number two. The edges off. Rendered copies 100 under request my people request. Okay, so now suppose I have theater 10 80 p is the video. Okay, so now 10 minutes off this video will cost me out of here before TV. Now, if I upload this on, let's say you know me now. I have 10 different students Are 100 different students requesting this data off various parts of the globe. Okay. And monetize. Uploaded to a central server on in Lexie America. You dummy server with my lectures are stored in Almost all of those students have to request there a bathroom. You never saw it over. Okay, That may be different. Serverless bird. After all, they are in a limited number. Okay, so now the problem which raises this is dark. If you have a fight Gigabyte clip. And if 100 people are requesting you at one point, then the server immediately has to handle a load off 500 gigabytes. Okay, so can you see how this is scaling? Pretty much. Now, if suppose you look at a good hit, you do video, which is very popular on you have accepted 1000 people viewing it at a time. OK, but even happens when you have some popular life screams. Then you have 10 or 20,000 people viewing it AK times. Okay. So we can work. Hauser in tow. Terabytes on. Now, if you might like my five, then immediately you have 50 terabytes, which the sort of has to cater within a specific amount of time. Okay. And this, according to me, is unnecessary or overwork in the case off the silver. Okay, so now this is a very important problem, which is but as ending It should be OK. Another child into it, http, is facing right now is about it Score concerts about where it requires a server. Okay, some fights. Okay, So now anything on a street TV's for cost force to the suitable. Then some information is passed on to were on. Then you get in some data back. Okay? This is a very good approach. But then you want to overcome censorship. So are geo blocking In some places where it seemed absolutely unnecessary then this centralized system might not work very well. Oh, if suppose you have access. So they were taken down there is miss upon accident on that place. Then essentially your connection toe. That's a what is lost on you won't get their data. Okay? And this problem is basically sword. I DFs it does not require does not rely on only one server. We come back to it later home. Okay, so that's pretty much What about the challenges faced by a student here, in fact, is why, whenever you sign up for any cloud storage or any cloud processing service, then those people actually offer you. So what? More people? Regents across the globe. So you choose which one is done. Nearness to your particular demographic Are the people the place where most of your clients are people who are visiting? The site will live and that is how you basically trying avoid the bottle necking on 1,000,000,000 between communications. Okay, so this is about some problems which are just really pees facing right now on. I really don't want to see that stupidity is a bad protocol and in fact, is a very weird protocol. It has worked very well for the last couple of decades, but the near off the transport is simply increasing exponentially every year. Okay, so now doctors why a clear near for abduction arises again. That is basically why I'm presenting I PFS. So let's get started with the next lecture. 5. 4 what is ipfs: next up. We have idea office. Okay, so not from here. We actually start with the phenomenal so far. Of course we understand what idea office is. We understand how it works. And then we understand some Commons, some very important commands about idea office. And then we want toe project, which is creating a decentralized website hosting Wikimedia. I'm so on. Okay, so I p if it starts for in the plan identifies system Okay, on this waas particularly created to solve two problems, the 1st 1 is centralization on the 2nd 1 is data was very creepy. And the 3rd 1 it actually was sold as an outcome off. It's a radically new approach towards for is actually off high speed are low latency getting the daytime. That is because you have don't you requested it also, which is very far. Okay, so now I be if it's basically works by dressing fights, accent. Okay. So instead, off, like a studio B instead, off asking a suitable give me back something I insert Horst are put on the filing, but I born on the nearest star over to me, which has that file comes back, or the nearest North, which has that file gives me the fight. Okay, on a north is nothing special that a client where anyone If you are starting the DFS demon on your particular computer, you are basically in order. So if you have that file, even if it is belonging to anyone else. But if you have that fight, you are the one who will direct to someone. You okay? This is how I PFS really solves the problem off border linking where you very probably have a service some nor somewhere near you between Kate and the file back to you. Okay. And this is a phenomenal change in how we get fights are always down for data. Okay. Where you actually have idea first, addressing off file by particular hash. Okay, So hash can be caught off as a unique name to any file on the day that inside it. So when you change the repair insider, the hash changes. Okay, so the name on a container for look and turned inside of fight is a hash. Okay, so I BFs is only concerned with the hash off the fight. Okay, Rest the horrible or anything is not even mentioned. on the idea that you are Okay, So if you were to the gateway tonight, if it's not come all you need to enter is the servant. Are you need to enter is the kind activists are the hash off the particular file which we want to get. Okay, this is how I defenses for nominally solving some problems. Okay, so next up we have how is I be if it's actually doing all this. So basically, if he I let's say you Demi is working on ideas. Jeremy has its own idea if its implementation. So basically your enemies of upside working on my difference instead off its GDP. Let's imagine like that. Okay, so now suppose in fact, very forced the data. Is somebody in America on a server? Now, if I request some data, if I am doing this particular video, So if you are viewing this particular video on Alexei that you are based somewhere in Germany, then what I Beavis automatically does is that it has a copy off their data stored on your particular machine for your particular computer. Okay, so now, as I am staying in India, are your money is somewhat closer. to me as compared to united Stairs. Then I actually have the nor or your North, which is based in Germany during their date back to me. Okay, I now suppose if I have someone based in China on that person wants to request they naturally, he can get the data. We easily from me. Okay, so that is how this process of decentralization war you have multiple north having the copies off their data on, then actually sharing it between one another. And doctors are you basically minimize or even eliminate, in some cases, the latent See, there you get the right after Sometimes you do bottlenecks in between the traffic because of this line is jammed. You have another line, but I look at you. So this is how I deficit is a fundamentally different approach towards metal king or solving problems. Okay, this is the very reason by discord in the planete. Okay, so let's see. I'm sure in the next fewer 10 years, humans will start staying on mosque on when you're actually staying on Mars. It doesn't if you are a kid staying over their endurance, interested to learn about machine learning. I defaced on you want to watch my course, But you should do. Then it doesn't make sense. If you your request comes all the way from those four light minutes back toe on, then it is the trick toe sort of somewhere, like, say, in America on. Then the responses again cater, going to, like, spear back to Mars on. Then you get the data. So this is really inefficient approach. So instead, But if you are using the interplanetary fight system, my linger interplanetary species, then you have a copy of their data stored on your planet. Somewhere on that is basically the nearest going to you. So this is how when you must become interplanetary I gave us protocol will be hugely helpful to us as it will really try and eliminate the year off, requesting data back and forth to different planets. Okay, so next for the basics off idea office, then next up, we have war, actually, is a hash on. How does I identify fights 6. 5 what is hash: Well, there's a next up. We have a hash. Okay. Hash is basically some organization for the contents in a fight. Okay, so now let's see. We are on a website over here, which is a situation from this exception. They now city to 56 is basically start for secure hash algorithm to 56. So that is basically the position on that particular recorded, um on all city contains is that it is a new type off protocol by Richard and the rate of hash. Okay, so now hash is, according to me, complete one way encryption. Okay, so then if you have a source fight, then it is processed again and again and again on. Then you have it's hash generator. Okay. I know this hash cannot be live us to get the fighting back again. Okay, this is a point where you use hash. Okay, so let's say you have a password. Somewhere on it is 1245 Okay, Now, let's say you have a simple hash function. Lex college V hash. Okay, now V hash. Basically absent all those numbers. Okay, So 124 and 5 45 9 Then oneness stand on those. The newest one. Okay, so now the hash off. 1245 comes up. Delete. Win. Okay. It is a simple function. Okay? Said you go over basics. Ashes much complicated than that. But we have a simple function. Just adds the values. Okay, so now this is more the only number or only pass phrase which will have this particular hash off twin. Okay, lets see if you have 60 33 Okay. 603 trees. Again. Gives your total off. Went on. Now you have the same hash. Okay, then you have, let's say 437 on for three duty. Okay, So where does six and then win? 4323 Again gives you the hash off. Always like this we're seeing there. There are many examples I can give one Goldman hash. Okay, if you just give in the hash off. Well, you cannot be quarterback. The particular number which was initially present. Okay, it is different from in according where. According is our to a process where you give in the file that it is transferred to some gibberish. Text over here on. Then you get back the file and the other thing. Okay, so now hash is a one week e r a. One way encryption. Okay, so then hash can be used on websites where you don't want toe basically store user password . Okay, So when a user and does a new password, then you just can't get the hash off it on every time, student. Okay, so then every time a user I said his puzzler, You this check if it is class morning with their stash, And if it does the work and looking Now, if in let's say the worst case, you're so what exact Already better stolen, then all you have compromised is the hash off those users. Okay on the hacker can't obviously put in the hash. And Logan toe the website. He needs the actual password, and he can't rewards the because there are a zillion different combinations. Okay, so this is how I BFs also has a hatch system. Okay. On this particular has system. Pigs in the data, all for fight on a randomly converts shuffles on. Then it basically arts all of the electors. It is a sector protocol by which you can work the file. You know, hash hash function or into a hash value after it is excited. Similar value on then finally, you get out a hash off the 40 other fights. Another file can be a music file or a video file or text file. Absolutely anything, because I'm chemically stored in finally and you can again start converting it into a hospital has value. Okay, so this is how I be a first identifies each and every fi, but there's corresponding hash value. Okay, so now suppose if I have an image off this particular CAC on a cat, that's wonder DPD. Okay, now, if someone else has the same image off back on, let's see that particular person names it pretend or DBT. Okay, so now we both have different names. But if a person is on the idea, Disney doctor wants to see that particular catty image on he requests. If suppose I office was using the naming system. Now, if the person request the characters Wonder DBT file, then obviously I am the one who will identify him. But if supposed I was the farthest person from him, then he's unnecessarily wasting time to get the same piece of data so instead of or P request is, he requests the hash off the fight. So now anyone in respective off what name they have given to their fight will have the file of the same hash. So as long as the finalists aim the hashes Same. Okay, So this is how idea first basically tackles in the problem problem off duplication where you can't have duplicate copies off a single piece off the map, because that will repressor in the same hash. Okay, on. Whenever you try to reference any Filene idea fest, it is basically done with the help of hash. So you call in the hash. And that is when I gave us look for the fight and gives it back to you. Okay, So, backside again, I think it's enough for the hash part. Next up, we have the market tax structure, which is basically the core off idea fest on. Howard actually handles on the fights together. I'm yes, on, except for this lecture. Don't forget, toe. Look at all the resource is somewhere over here are here on read all of them very carefully on then. Alexis, get started with the next lecture. When you're absolutely clear if you are nor Pierre Dryer pull some questions and answers in the U any section Middle are really more than happy to answer all of them. 7. 6 what is merkel dag: Okay, so next up, we have the marker doc structure in idea this. Okay, so I see if is basically uses a core technique or your principal or a core program card the other day. Okay. On this program basically deals with the nesting off the fights within one another. Okay, So even user Markle dock with in good detail in some later part off the course. But for now, in order to get geared up in the basics, Markle dark basically by some more characters with the hash, so that you know which file is on top of another. Okay, so if you'll see have you images Khaki major underdog image inside of border, which is, let's say, named animals. So now you have three pieces of data. You have full name animals on. You have a catty made, and you have a dog in it. Okay, So now if you can clear the hash off the khaki need, then it is again a fixed character. Long hash, then Now, if you don't think I could get the hash off their doggy major is again a fixed same land character hash. Okay, on. If you can really use the cash off the border because I can't seem same hash type or the same same length along hash. Okay, so all of them have the same length. And how do you difference here which file is under which fine. On which files inside which particular border. Okay, to do this, you have the market back system, which is a similar system used in Get up when you have on the fights inside a repository stirred within the folders. Okay, so then, Markle, Doc, actually are some characters at the beginning or the end of the hash on those characters actually tell you about which finalised inside that particular directly. Okay, so all you need to keep in your mind is dark with the help of market, you know, which hashes inside with cash. Okay, so whenever you die, idea first ls what I give us files, Ellis. And if you given the hash, let's start for displaying on the content in that particular four door. So if you give in the hash off the animals border, then immediately you get back to five games, which is the cattle DVD under dollar deputy Last warning in their hashes on. Now, when you given their hash back. That is when you can open the fight. So this is how you can in respective off ratify this store. You can again browser as afford a structure on that is basically water marker bag is all about Okay, we'll be revisiting market back sometime later in the scores. But for now, I guess this is it. If you want to read more about the market back, I have it linked in the course. Resources are electorally sources over here. So iconic. That is where you go and find idea this white paper with the more documentation on the marker. Doc. Yes. I guess this isn't about the Katie part. So now let's get started with the inspiration off idea based on your particular system. 8. Ipfs install final: So now let's get started on doing stalling. I be a first on our system. So this tutorial can be for lower for devices where you have Mac os X iron lean oxen stores . So the nox can be any flavor. You burn to Cali. Okay, so now I'm on the i p afis dot io website and over her. Let's go on install. Now, let's first download. I pay first for our black form so that we can then basically installer toward transferred toe are part directory. Okay, sonar down, Lord, go I PFS and how it has auto detected in my operating system, as always x 64 bit. But you can also use Lee knocks over here. If you are using Lee Knox, that is a high chance that it will or to recognize it. No guess on our legs down, Lord ago, I PFS repository. Okay, so now let's go to our downloads folder over here. Okay, Now, this is my downloads, folders and others double click over here so that this particular guy BFS for that is, uh, created over here. Okay, so now we have their downloaded file, which is now expected in tow. the go i BFFs for life. So go is basically the programming language where I BFs is implementer. Okay, so now we have to first put it in our file systems on how to do that. Open a new terminal instance. Okay, let's increase the size first. Okay, so now we have to go into our downloads folder where we have a down daughter. Now type a less toe. Get all the contents off this directory. Now we have to go inside the gold ash. I be a first folder. Okay, So now so do that type in the Serie Command chord change directory on Get inside of the Gord Ash idea faced folder Knowledge State Ellis again. And now we have to run this particular file cord installed our message. It is basically a shell script on it will enable Leo toe then basically install anything what you want. Okay, So now to do that, we have to type in the pseudo command so that you get the super user access and you don't run into permission errors to run any command with solo Union told so giving your system passwords after pseudo you have dot followed by a slash on then you have the fighting, so it doesnt told our message. Okay, now we have to put in our password. Okay. Earned. Yes, this is basically done. So after you have this done now you have toe type in. Basically, you have to get started with the initializing i p afis on the installation part off I BFs is actually done so as a last step in order to just check if you have correctly installed everything and if everything is working properly, you have to just type in the idea. Face what is in. Come on. Okay. And if gifts if this gives you ah, good out port are give if this gives you a good numerical output than you have i p. If it's installed well on your system. Okay. So now let's closer to the next lecture. 9. Ipfs init: Okay, so now, as we have completed the installation process on your corresponding operating system off my BFS. So now what we have to basically do is we have to now initialize the repository so that you have your system basically given and I pay for spear. I really earned. You have all the variables given value, so that next time when you want to start that I pay for server, you are actually running on something considerable. Okay, so now toe dough that the command which you have type is I be a first in it, which we initialized. I PFS repository. Okay, so now it has basically initialized. And I be a first note at this particular file, the slash user slash my user name and for Lord by the I P fest folder. Okay, are now this four letters starting from or dark? Because it is going to be in here and folder. Okay, then we have generator keeper on DNA. Now. We also have a peer identity. Okay, so now the command which we have to and third is I be a first cat on. Then we have the root symbol. So this first slash stands for rule turn Inside route we go where we are going into the i p fs folder on inside I BFS folder. We're going into our particular directory, which is our identity over here. And then we are looking at the read me file. Okay? Aren't toe basically use this as a command? You have to enter the character world over here. Okay, So cattle world basically prints out the contents off any file. So what this command is going to do is that it is going toe print the content off this particular read me file, which is present somewhere inside. And I be affairs initialized. Repository. Okay, Are now the reason why we have a root or and I BFs over here is because I PFS has this amazing ability to create virtual file systems. Okay, so now I BFs has actually created a UNIX like file system onto its own domain. Okay, so that any time you want to browse filed inside like BFS, you can't do it as if you are browsing files on a UNIX system. So the city, unless all these commands can be used over there. Okay, so now we have to type in i b a fist. Then we have gagged, which is the corresponding UNIX common. So cactus again, a common used on the nuts or UNIX. Okay. And then we have slash i PFS because we want oh, not entered a Children directory. But you want to go inside the root directory created by IBM office, okay. And then followed by dark. We have our particular Pierre idea, and then we have a Really Me. Okay, so next copy this aren't just pasted over here. Okay, so now what we are seeing is that Lauren will come toe I PFS on. Basically, if you are seeing this, then you have, ah, everything installed properly. And that's when you can proceed to the next step where you will create your very first I Beinfest server. 10. Ipfs daemon: Next up, we have the closest toe create our very first I BFs server. So now this sort of order will be hosted on our particular machine, and you can address it using the local host variable. Okay, so now, toe, create the server. We have to use the IBF s demon comer. Okay, so then we have i d fs demon on. Now. When you run this looking its first clear, everything so clear now looks type in idea face demon. Okay, now we have initialized. The demon are now We are basically running on this particular form. So this is And I hear this where anyone can find your computer. Okay, are now anywhere. If you want toe given the address off your particular system, then this is the my third of it, You give him. Okay. So now we have basically successfully started, and I be if a server earned what this does is the harder it again creates an empty file system on your particular computer. So dark and how you are basically listening to all these years. Okay, so now you have something in the neighborhood off 100 to 500 peers connected to your particular sworn Onda. You are also hosting their files when you goto any off their website. No care. And according to me this is pretty phenomenal. So in just one command you have successfully created your own server on and you are basically hosting others Files on others are hosting your file in Done on This is the biggest I wanted off. I pay first where files get really quickly decentralized. OK, so anyone if they look at your particular website Oh, are your particular domino in this case? Then they will get a copy off What you want to try to cater them on? Then instead, If you try to look at that website, you get a copy on then If someone else wants to go to that website who is near you, then they get the copy faster. Okay, so now this is it for the i p Fs Demon Command. In the next session, we'll be focusing on the interactive A B Y 11. Interactive web final: Okay, so now, as we have the idea first demon running. So basically, we have our computer hosting and I, Professor Word and this basically online. So now the next step is to connect to our piers. Okay, so now started a new terminal window tax increase the size are now over here. You have food in just one command. That is idea for swarm years. And this will basically connector computer told appears which you have on the network. Okay, So after running this command, you with a list ofall these peers which are there on your network, okay? And now your computer basically is connected to all these years. So now what we have to do is be a first actually gives us a very amusing and good looking web interface in orderto see all of these things. So now that's open on you will grown tab earned over here. The commander's local host Colon 5001 on slash February. Okay, so 5001 is the port of Aereo are currently hosting what I pay office or what is running. So when you click on this more here, So now you basically going toe this web console. This is hosted by your computer. So it is local host. Now, you have some very important details over here. So the 1st 1 is your pure I. D. This is very important then next up, you have the location. Okay, I'm the location is pretending a very funny way. So it is India comma or Okay, so now I BFs is mainly designed Toby interplanetary. So India comma or seems ah, good naming system. Then we have the i p FS words and then we have the protocol version. Then we have all these New York artists which are connected to my particular network. Okay. And that's it for the home page. Now, if you were to the connection speech now, this is pretty slow. So it may just take some time to lure. But until then, let's talk about what I be if us actually can I do for you on your computer? Okay, So now if we want toe host something on the internet forever, then basically I ps i BFs is our goto. So we are going to host Ah, Wikipedia interface on I PFS on. We are also going toe do it because that particular Wikipedia version was removed from that country on the US in orderto deserve the right Sof, the users, we basically want toe host to that particular absurd on I be afis okay. And there's Wikipedia. So that is a project which will be doing later on. So okay, for now, we are connected to around 3 77 years on. This is ah, global. And if you just scroll it and then you can see the locations off turn every idea First Bureau, which is connected to your particular machine. So now if you request any particular data which these people have hosted, then basically you have a copy off it. So now imagine as if you have someone over here in China on and he wants Ah, piece off the from this particular person. But he wants a piece off, their cabbages holstered over here. Okay, on simultaneously. If this particular person wants the date as well, then if this particular person has requested the data any time before, he has a copy off it, and then this person in China can just simply get their data from him directly. Okay, so then this long communication is our order by storing copies on the, uh, piers nearby. Okay. And that, according to, means a very important thing in I p AFIS. Okay, so this is pretty much What about the web? You I Okay, I'm now one more thing which you need to understand over here, is that you don't only have Okay, So this space is basically left for other planets as well. Okay, so then we have finds, which we upload toe I BFs or this is basically it looks like file exploder for anything which is uploaded on my p a office. Because the common line operations can be pretty big eared sometimes, but the web interface looks very good. Then you have the d a g. Okay, Very. You enter a hash off. Any particular contained on? Do you get all the files in it? Okay, so then, for instance, if you upload our directory, which are spend folders in it on no idea first, then you get a hash for that particular directory, okay? And then if you enter it over here, you get the listing off those four folders. Okay. So, for instance, if we go over here, okay, So now, if I like a list. So now I have a folder called According and if I just want to upload it Toe I BFs Okay, so now I have basically uploaded According directory on July PFS on Now, this is basically where I store all my programming projects. And now I have ah has generated over here for the courting directory. Okay. And now, if I copy this hash identify in marital would here how I basically figured the corn turns off or tallest there inside the according directory. Okay. And this is basically what I'm trying to say by calling their tough I'll exploder. Then we have the conflict top where we enter all the details. Like if you want a different port or if you want to different gateway, then if you want to are some defaults swarm, then if you want to add some bootstrap address, then you if you want Oh, doing some things in there were tested will be taking a detailed look at all these perimeters later on in our project. So for now, I suppose that's it for the web interface. Andi. Yes. Stay tuned for the next one 12. Ipfs add: So in this new section, we will try and going toe depths about some command which follow. I PFS aren't According to me, this is pretty important because later on, when we want to develop at once projects, then the proper use off these commands will definitely turn out to be a lot more helpful. Learned, even productive in some cases. Okay, so now I have the IBF. It's demon running over here are now on a new terminal window. The command, which we want to explore. His idea fests are okay. Are now before starting on with any new command water. I highly recommend you do Is the ark you again going the idea First door, io website and inside dogs click corn dogs. No, I know. But here, going come ons. Okay. And the very first of the second command as I be if it's hard okay, are now I be a first are basically inside, if you look harder. You said over here are a file or directory toe idea first. Okay, So if you want oh, put in anything in tow I PFS than I PFS art is your goto on? Then we have some more description return over here as well. Okay, so now this is very important to use. Dash our to our directories. Okay, So when you type in, I BFS are then before putting in any directory we have to type in dash are okay. And then you have pretty interesting things over here. OK, so now let's try and use the I p fs are common. Ok, so now let's do a less over here. Okay, so now I want to basically transferred according directly. Okay, so let's change Directory to boarding. Let's do a less again. Okay, So over here, I have an image image called Card or DPD. Okay, So now if I just do I hear first hard on, then if I put in cocked are the PG. So then I have basically other card or deputy, and now I don't need any particular dash our flag over here. Okay, so then now, if we go and look onto the server, we can see that there is some file core filed with this particular hash. Okay, so now I BFs our command follows a specific workflow. Okay, so you specify the file name, then you have basically I read the file. And after you have either the file, it comes out with this particular hash off the fine with you can then refer to get the file back. Okay, so this is particularly important because an IBF s you don't have a lot off servers catering you direct data. Instead, you have to manage on request for the files required from my PFS. Okay, so now let's copy this hash over here. And now let's going toe our web. You I, which is local host Colon 5001. OK, so now let's going to their D A g section are now over here. Looks based in our hash. Currently go. Okay, so now I have two objects based on this particular hash. Okay? Or in The reason I have to object is because in the previous session I heard added the whole according directory, So then inside it according directory, I again hard this particular card or gpd file, I'm nothing with you should keep in mind is that even if you rename the file, then also the hash remains the same because the hash considers the content inside a file. Okay, So now if you have any one of these on. Now, if you click on this one Now, if you click down lower. Okay. So basically, you can open it. And now you can see there. This is a cat image. Okay, so now this is it for single files. Okay, The next up, we have to our folders. Okay, so which is I? Beer fest? I. Now, if you look at their documentation section over here, then you can see that we have Dutch. Our to our direct, please. Okay, so now let's typing. Dash are. And now let's given the whole directory. Okay? So alerts Collard guest, the freeze. Okay, so now it has argued against the phase two Ah di B AFIS repository or the IBF a server, and now I basically have only two hashes out. Okay, so the 1st 1 is the hash. Off, off. I'll guard main door fightin in the guest of this folder on. Then I have a second hash, which is about the guest. The phrase folder. Okay, so now we fight for feed this hush again. If I put it over here now again, I have a $1,000,000 pipe and file inside this particular folder. Okay, so the figures insured how I BFs host your files are and this is how you can look for those files later on. As we proceed towards the next lectures, we'll be trying to keep everything based on the command line because you won't actually have the web. You every time you want to go do some task really fast. So you're trying to goingto their terminal line from the next lecture onwards because that will again provide a good for now rental grip over what I PFS working actually is on the web. You wise basically just used for understanding stuff clearly. And if you just want to randomly find in some content that then you have the I be a first. Ah, maybe Y present for you. Okay, so that's it for the i p fs are phrase There are more factors like there are more flags as well. Like their Dutch art, which we used over here on. I highly recommend you go on, at least give this a real ones so that you know what all things are present on I BFs adding this is a pretty good documentation and also for our course will be completing our using our explaining almost all of these commands. So very few are left, which I think is really not that important time. That can be done by the commands, which I've been explained over here as well. Okay, so that's it for this one. 13. Ipfs pin: next up. We have the idea. First spin common. Okay, So before starting on any command, make sure that you have the eye PFS demanded earning well over here because this is pretty much crucial in order to execute any command because it will be executed on the I p f a server earned toe. Make the software running. You need to have their demon running. Okay, so now I have a new terminal instance Over here. I have cleared everything up. All right, Now, alerts going toe the i p fs Web console. Okay, so over here, if we go on toe this particular idea, and now if the copy it And if we going toe there Dogg section are now, if I click good, basically, we see each and every file which we have on this particular client. I d Okay. And this is particularly useful because if you want to see the contents, which anyone off your peer is holding than simply going to the connection tab on over here , just use in anyone pure on. Just copy his idea and, uh, based it on their blog section. Okay, so with dark the point what you want toe make over here is dart. I PFS spin is particularly necessary because you might be having a particular file on some other server. Okay, aren't if you want to review that file, you need to first get it onto your local server. So what be in command actually does is that it gets the file from any remote location. The closest one available 100 basically transfers it onto your local machine. Okay, so now over here, if you goingto the command section, we have I BFs being over here as well. Okay, so I pay for spin beans on UNP ins on object to local storage. Okay, so then we have IBF. It's been are And we have beef has been ls. And you have I be a first spin r m. Okay, so we can remove penned objects from my BFS. We can are some objects toe idea fest on. Basically idea. First bean are basically also pins. The command paints the particular file and also at desert onto the IBF s are over. Okay, so we have explored I PFS our command. Previously on now we have the pin come. And so the particular use ages that we have BFS followed by the pin world and then we have the hash off any particular file? No guarantee. New click. Enter all the continents are this particular hash address. Get transferred onto your local directory so we'll be using this extensively when we want to clone our own Wikipedia interface. Eso that is when we'll be in the whole Wikipedia file onto our system. It will be around the 30 to 40 gigabyte transfer. Nobody is doctors. Why pin is actually necessary. So if, for instance, right now, the Wikipedia hosting is only present in America onto some I prefer service. And then if I pin the i p a in the object barren. If someone from let's say China wants toe, get that particular Wikipedia depositary Wikipedia website, then if they're running IBF Espen later on, or if they even goto that Wikipedia website, then naturally I am the nearest caterer. So that particular website. So that is why I will be catering the website on toe. There's a lower, but it was first taken in again by the sword which was in America. Okay, so doctors are be if it's war X iron doctors opening is beneficial. So that you I didn't your own contribution towards the faster processing off the network. Okay, so currently we won't be using the pin command as well. Be extensively using it into the are Wikipedia project later on. Okay, so stay tuned for the pin common. 14. ipfs files ls: back on in this particular session, we'll be studying in some more detail about die PFS files common. Okay, so now files was actually an a p. I developed alongside I PFS in orderto enable goto working environment or some good scrolling inside. I PFS Okay, so now if you want tobe rows any particular files in the IBF s, for instance, if you want to go inside the the victory off off older, then you don't have a good way off doing it inside I PFS, which is the conventional human really believe a in stir you have all these has system where you go inside a particular directory and find the hashes off its corresponding directory on instead off the human readable format WASP. An absolute necessity at that time. And that is why I d office files was created so late around files. Woz integrated inside I PFS protocol. And now it is sort with their default Taipei office. My paper implementation. Okay, So now to get started, we have to first start. Can I be a first demon? Okay, so now we have our demon start up and running. So now I have a new terminal window over here in order to issue commands to I p affairs. I'm so just to differentiate between, these two have used two different colors. Okay, so now a zai have just started my demon. I don't have any files running on it. Okay, So any new our demon? Not any time, Very. You start running our demon, and I be If it's sort of a new quick, our demon on idea fest, all the files on their demon actually get erased. So it is very important that you keep your sort over apparent running. If you really want to host some meaningful going turned on it again, the story is different. If someone else has already requested that content and upended toe their particular local stories, then they're dying off. The content is really hard. Okay, so now on this new terminal window looks less over here. Okay, so now Ah, let's get inside the Okay. So alerts go up some direct, please. Let's take a less again. Okay, So I have a directory called quoting Over here. So now we have toe. I didn't go idea first, So I be a first are now as we are linger directory or folder. We use their dash our flag So I be afis our dash are now We have according Okay, So now we have the whole directory added into I PFS on this particular hash over here is what I be officials given out. Pull. It appeared the knowledge stayed clear. And now we are going to use the IBF s files command where we actually want to first convert this particular hash in tow. Something which is human. Readable. Okay, so now the commanders, I be a fist files copy or CPI. Okay, So UNIX has this particular command gold CPI, which turns for copying. So what? We're if we ls on if we and it's a go inside the according directory now, if we ls again. So we're here. I have any mates called card or DPD. Okay. On CPI basically copies the image and based start on a new address. So, cp, if I go over here and if I type dark door DPD And now again a space forward by a new file name. So let's call this Ah, as called beer, copier card or deputy. Okay. And now we feed a list again. So Now we have the copier card. Are DPD file over here? Okay, so that is basically how copy work. So if we clear everything again So basically the syntax for copy command RCP command in UNIX or Linux ups a CP space. Ford started this against peace, followed by second. Rigorous. Okay, so this is something with you need to keep into mind your mind. OK, so now let's try and modify this with idea first files. OK, so instead, off their direct Coptic your views idea first files, Poppy. Okay. And now in the first started this, we have to enter the hash off our five. Okay, so now over here, in order to enter the hash off your file, you have to first go inside the i B. F s directory. So it is a slash i PFS followed by a slash are now let's based it. Okay, so now we have I BFs file Skopje. And then we have the whole four started this and now in place off the second I dress in or is that I have left a space over here. And now let's talk Input slash. Followed by new dash, According Okay, so Now I be a first has successfully copier the content from this particular directory over here. Which is the hash on base turd in a new directory called New. Quoting. Okay. And it is inside the root off I p afis. Okay, again, this is not the root off our UNIX file system. Instead, it is the root off I PFS but from now on, pretty much a lot off commands which you use inside the UNIX are available for the I. P office filed a p I as well. Okay, so now our goal is to finally start browsing the i BFs file system as a simple UNIX find system. So in orderto But I was anything inside idea first now looks used. The i d f s a less common. I gave us files less common. Okay, so now in UNIX, unless basically gives you the listing off anything which is inside the current directory or if you specify apart afterwards it tell me what is inside that particular part. Okay, so now if I do feel a blue, be over here. I get my current working very pair. Now if I do ls this is the list of files inside of this current working directory. Okay, so now if I go series based or not. Okay. So now my ls is different because I am outside off the according directory. Okay, so now instead, if I have to Unless the contents off according military, so ls. And now you have courting. Okay, so now you basically gird the contents which are inside this particular folder. Okay, so now the general Command can be made up us. Ls Space I do this. Okay. Our location. So now in place off. Unless we again have idea First files. Ls. And now the location which we have theatre. Okay, so if you press the up arrow, we have slash new dash. According. Okay, so now we have I BFs files. Ls. And now we have a slash new dash. According Okay, So now the output which we are getting over here is pretty interesting, because now we are actually seeing all the contents inside the new courting directory. Okay, so now if you go in one toe, get inside the shortest part folder over here, then all you have to do is I PFS files. Unless now you have a slash new according followed by a slash on and after their shortest. But okay. And inside a short this part, you have main dark fight and fight. Okay. And just to verify that it is the exact same thing, we are inside the courting director right now as well, so less supporting. So this is the according directory on my local machine. So now inside, according directory. As you can see, we have the same outcome over here as well. Okay, just the new cat, uh, thing which we heard created over here. It is not president over here, because it was me on a major later on. Okay, so, yes, that is pretty much with the i p fs files. A less common. So I hope you understand the purpose off this particular command, which is to enable you toe basically access the files insider. I pay first directory very easily by using simple ls command, just like the UNIX file system. And yes, that that's pretty much it for this one. The last thing which I would like to mention over here is that I will have the idea. Fess files, documentation linked. Okay, so now I am inside. I PFS documentation are now inside. Come arms We have I BFs files a less and I'd be a first filed CP over here. Okay, so similar levy also have I PFS files M v. So as see peace turned for control C and control V in these turns for control. Excellent control Visa. This carton paste. Okay, then we have I PFS files are m. Adams turned for removing so Adam. And then if you give a filename after that, it basically removes the file. Okay, so these are some basic UNIX commands which are used. So am gave the i r. Stands for making a new directory. So am care the i r space. The new name. So that is how you create a new directory inside. I'd be effaced on. Yes, I spent some time on this documentation. Click on any new thing to look at some of the examples. India's. That's pretty much it for this one. 15. ipfs stat: So next up, we have the idea. First files, start command. Okay, so now this command basically gives us the status off the file, as Ertz name suggest are now inside such, uh, inside status. You basically Gert four perimeters. Okay, The 1st 1 is size. The 2nd 1 is cumulative size. The 3rd 1 is blocks or tile blocks on the 4th 1 This type. Okay, so now what we have to do is, uh, first, make sure that you have an idea. First demon running now inspired a new terminal window. First, make sure that you have added something went toe I p first earned for Lord the previous lecture in order to create a new ah programming directly or a new local directory inside. Er, BFs file section. Okay, so if you're type in idea, first files a list on and then you have slash then I have new quoting Okay on. Basically, you need to have something inside. I PFS files. Ah, less root folder. So if I go idea first files a lesson now, if I give in the root over here. So now I basically have three directories over here. Okay? I'm the one which we are using currently is new courting. Okay, so you basically should have something inside this root directory. So after running this command, if you see a non blank response, then you are ready to start with this particular video. So going toe a folder over here. Okay, so now over here. Look at anyone. Folder. So now we are interested in the new courting folder. Okay, so now if we're type in, I fear I be a first files. I Now, if we put in the start, come on. Okay. Are now inside the start? Come on. If we type in, uh, the route. And now inside route, we have new dash. According. Okay, So now this is a pretty important out port, according to me. So now we basically have for stuff all the hash off the file, which is super important if you want. Oh, basically, look at the filing to your baby p. I So if we copy this if we go in our browser are now with type Webby. Why? Local host earned. You have the web. You are Now. If you go inside the A G Now, if you paste in the hash over here. You can now see the contents off the new according folder. Okay, so this is how you can get the hash off this particular file. Then you have the community of size with activity. Tells you about the size off this particular directly, including all the subdirectories inside it. Then you have their type blocks output over here. And this basically tells you how many blocks are present inside this particular tile. Okay, so if we go But here we have five i items inside this so it may be a file or directory. So you basically have five Children inside this particular new courting folder. So that is work, child blocks. Five means on the type is directory. Okay, so now let's try, uh, seeing the start off. Fine. Okay, this was a directory. So now, if we're type in I B a first files a less now we have slash, followed by new according Okay, just files. Okay, so now over here, we can see that we have Let's go inside us or this part folder. Okay, let's see the information off the card or jpg file. Okay, so now you have idea. First files. Stack you have slash new according now for lured by a slash on now you have gardar DPD. Okay, are now you can see the contents off this particular file so you can see the size over here . You can also see the cumulative size I now over here. What we can see is that the card or DPD also has two blocks over here. Okay, Now, I would like to leave this as a problem. So try and replicate the same thing in your particular machine on use this particular hash on. Explore what outcome you get onto the web. You and that is are you Current videos were actually tired. Blocks to actually means Okay, So common sense will tell you that there can be nothing in silent image. Okay, so you can't have Children inside an image, but child blocks is actually something which needs to be understood clearly. So I definitely we are explaining your pin for their detail in the next lecture on this, the last bird, we have their type. Okay, so now again, do spend some time over here on the I pay office files. Start command, which is particularly useful in, or if you want? Oh, basically, get in the exact same tax, the formatting or some more flags which you have over here. Okay, so that's it for this one. 16. ipfs file write: Okay, so welcome back. And now we basically have to get started with a new command, which is I DFS files, right? No, this is not this. Commanders usedto ardent some data into an existing file. You can also create a new one on basically after dark. You can write the daytime multiple times on toe, that particular file and then just uploaded toe ones toe the I mean more cardiac structure or the IBF sa global section. So I tend to use these local and global variables. Uh, our words, because I would like to first of all different year them, clearly, as a local system is something which is used in your domain. On the global system is president on Higher platform, which has access to multiple local systems. Okay, so now with that out off, well, let's start with the usage off the IBF s files. Right? Common. Okay, so first, make sure that you have ah, demon running. Go. But here and I BFs demon. I'm now, um, multi on each other to have some content added onto the IBF s directory, the root directory, and copy it. So now what we have to do is we have to use in the I p fs are common our defense files, right? Common. Basically Soto dough that the first we have to specify the content which you want to write inside the fire line. We have to put it inside Echo because it could basically just prints out that particular line. Okay. And with darkly actually tell I pay for Is that the line which comes to you now you have to take it. And right? So this particular path, which I'm telling you Okay, so now equal inside. Go entire double in ordered commas we have. Let's see hello from Okay. Hello, world Tom. You know me. Okay, Are now we have toe put this inside of file. So now let's Ardan Vertical slider. It is the key to the right off the plus or equal to sign key. So this is ah, vertical line followed by a space again. Now you have I PFS files, right? I Now you basically have to provide the name off a particular file where you want to write all of these things. Okay, so now inside the route, we have a new courting directory, so let's make a new file inside New Dash Cohen New According. So, let's call this, uh, first file. Okay. Now, as this particular file is not present, we have to add in a new tag. Witches, nationals create. Okay, this stock basically creates this particular new file, which is not present already. Okay, so now we have I PFS files. Right? And let's add in the space again on lex. Put in national clear. Okay. And now if we press enter, Okay, so now we have basically created the files on our Let's go going toe. I fear first files, unless Okay, on inside Idea first filed. Unless we have to look in tow. The root directory. And now we have new polling. Then we have a slash again, followed by the first file. Okay, let's get into the new courting directory. Okay, so now we have the first file over here. So now, in orderto print the content off that particular file, we love to use the IBF s cat common. Okay. And as you can recollect, I preface, cat command basically takes in a hash. Are human. Okay, so now to do that, we have to get in the hash off this particular. First file on. We have the study, the command car like BFS file stacked. Which gives us that. Okay, so now idea first files, stack I Now we have the root directory followed by new courting. Then again, a slasher. And then we have the first file. Okay, so now this is the hash off that particular files on our like. Cilic this Let's copy this first. Okay? Now that commanders idea Fist CAC followed by the particular hash on. Now we can see there text which we heard and heard over here, which is hello, world from unity on that. That is something which we can see over here as well. Hello, world from your enemy. And that is basically leader printed output off the file. Okay. And that's pretty much here to die PFS files, right? Come on. I just thought it was particularly important. Next up, we just have one command in this particular lecture, which is I PFS files make directory. Okay, so now over here inside my home directory, which is on my machine, not an idea fest. If I type l s together, it's clear everything first. Now, if I were type a list. I basically see the contents over here. And now if I have to make a new folder called you to me the commander to have to put tennis em que de ir or make directory on, then I have to put in your enemy. Okay. Now for typing a less again, I can see the you Demi folder over here. Okay, so now, similarly inside, I BFs files FBI. You have an amazing directory option on. Only one thing is that you have to specify the absolute part. Okay, so now you have idea office files. And here the i r. Now let's make the same folder inside our according directory or new courting directory. Okay, so now we have to specify the new part. So it is a slash for Lord by the new porting. Then we again have a slash. Now, let's type in the name off our new directory, which is going to be your enemy. Okay, are now if we again, do I be a first files? A less. Now we have new according Okay. So now you can see that we have a folder called you Don't me over here. Okay, so that's pretty much it with the i p fs file. Same care. The i r make directory command. Okay, let's just use that command over here as well. Okay, so now we just have one particular perimeter over here, which is dash B on that is used if you don't have the parent directories as well. Okay, so if we want to create four directories inside one another, and if you don't have their top level directory as well, then you use their dash B flat by which you can create it. Okay, so, yes, there are certain for this one. 17. ipfs file get: Okay, so next up, we have the idea. First get command on. This lecture is particularly very useful. Learn interesting, because up till now we have focused on the process off uploading their tower toe. I PFS the various ways off uploading browsing through it. Then we have the linkage toe toe, the hash offered. Then we have the start command are now in this particular command will be focusing on how to go download the objects from my office. Okay. Earned. In order to do that, you need to use this I p if it's get command on and followed by the IBF a spot. Okay, so now let's try on forced type in idea first files. Unless so, first, make sure that you have a demon running over here are now inside. I BFs files ls let's going toe the new quoting section. Okay, so now inside this, let's try on and, um, go inside the chartists part folder. Okay, so now inside chartists part, we have a may not bite and file. Okay, so now, in order to use the office, get command, We need the hash off the object. Okay, So now, in order to get the hash off an object we have used I p if a stack if I start Ah, come on. So we have idea furs. Our largest PRESTA A pad. Oh, now let's change this less to stack. And now, after shortest part, we have to type in means our Titan. Okay, Yes. So now we can see the hash off this particular file. So another school appeared. Now we have toe type end up. I pay first. Get coming. Okay, so we have I PFS get and now we can paste in the hush. Okay, so now this basically goes to our original installation off. I PFS okay, aren't. Instead, if you wanted to go to your particular output where you wanted to go inside a particular folder Maybe so we have created a you dummy folder in our current working directory on and I want this particular output the main not fight and fight to be downloaded inside the you'd any folder on, we'll call it, imported me and are tight and file. Okay, so now to do that, we have Ah, dash off flag. Okay, so over here also, you can see that we have a dash off flag. Okay, Are now off the dash or you're giving a space. Now you given the folder name, which is you know me slash Now you have tojust entering a new name for the file. Okay, Are until after you Demi slash It is important. Meeting. Not fighting important does mean Dort. You I Okay. Make sure that you have a space off, but it so that it is separated from the original command. Over here are the original hash over here. Okay, so now this should basically taken the mean or python file whose hash this is on transported onto the important means are tight and file. Okay, So now, after we clicked on entered, we can see that we have saved this particular file toe important. That's mend are fightin. Okay, so now if you just type in a less over here, which is our home directory. So now we can see that we have a folder called you Don't me Over here. So now, exceeding toe, you dummy. Okay, so now let's type in a less again. Ok, so But here we have the important main dart fight and file. So now we speak jacked. Important. There I mean, you are fighting files characters, basically a command to print out the contents off this particular file. Okay, so now, as you can see, we have the bite and court over here. Okay, so that's pretty much, uh, clear with the papers. Get command. Then again, we have some more flags over here, which is dash here in Dutch. See which are archive and compress. So with these commands, you can actually make a tar file out offered. So basically it is to make her zip or something filed from it on. You can also specify the level of compression as you want it. Okay, so with that, we actually complete the introduction with some basic I PFS command, which I think are very useful. AC turned off the course. I'll also be covering somewhat I PFS commands, which can help you later on on and which are not very important, according to me, but can also be used. Or the task which you are doing with those commands can be done by some other commanders will. So why just to learn a lot off commands when you can't do the same amount of work with less amount off commands, which can definitely be productive. Okay, so yes, there. Except for this one off from the next lecture onward, we'll focus on ah, new area off creating a completely decentralized the website on uh, yes, director for this section on this lecture as well. 18. Introduction to the project: hi and welcome to a brand new project. So the system off first project which we are doing in this I PFS course on I chose to do it after the explanation off some basic concept followed by some basic commands is because we'll be using almost all of those commands for this project. And this is basically a website. As you can see, a simple HTML homepage. When you have a body followed by a background image, then you have an itch one over here on you can basically changed the colors on that is done using CSS file, which is an external file with all to us to be linked with html file. Okay, so there are some problems which will encounter vile shifting our work from its to tippy toe I PFS as there is no proper directory system or for love system where you just give the image part turn. Then it is explored on I BFs. So you have to resort to some other ways on. We'll also CEO be off actually looking at out of website are hosting it on DA then we'll also I leave some notes about the I P. Enis, which is the interplanetary naming system on that is basically used if you want. Oh, create other DNS server links between your website and the actual poster website files so that when you type in your website name you enter over here. Okay. And once you have basically completed this creation off a website to using I professor and hosting it on idea first, then you can say that you have achieved a certain degree of decentralization by using I be afis Okay, So now, without wasting any more time, let's get on to developing. The friend turned off our website. 19. HTML: so it's finally time to create our first decentralized website ideas. So before starting, I have a small disclaimer for you all so well, this website iss goingto be more or this project will be more oriented towards the understanding off the I P FX concepts rather than making the website look really beautiful . So the front turned with child developed over here is not ah so amazing on and can be done within a couple of minutes. And basically, that is what we want we don't want so spend a lot of time developing just html CSS and JavaScript part on this course because that is not what you have signed up for. Okay? You have signed up toe, learn something about I PFS and actually make good running projects on it. Okay, so maybe we just had some veterans here in there so that we have it somewhat interactive idea. So let's now open sublime text, or you can use any texture. Return off your choice. We just have to create managed email file over here. So let's first save this. I preferred location. Okay. So I'll make a new folder over here. He looks for this. I be AFIS website on inside, I'd be a first website. I'll save this by naming, urging that. Start html. Okay, so now let's create another file. I Let's leave this as style door. Fiercest. Now look scared. Another file I look see of this as in next our tears. Okay, so this is basically our html CSS and JavaScript stack. Ready? Okay. So now sublime text has this really amusing thing. Toe get started. We're developing your court. So now click on index dot html file and just type it's PML over here. Okay, Now, when you heard Tab, you are retired of it. The whole boilerplate off each demon. Okay, so now inside title Our title should be welcome from my office. Okay. And now, inside our body, let's say we want to our, uh, which one hurting right now. Okay, so this is an etch a one on X Closer does Well, Okay, now, inside the H one. Alerts Partain. Hello, Tom. Duh. Decentralized on Hello from the decentralized the web. Okay, now, uh, inside H two. Let's are something more So that is again, a shortcut over here. Just type in each touring press tab. So you have the starting and the ending tag on over here. Let's put in this se is completely served by on I be a first to http server on Let's giving another rich to over here. The average do tab are now Let's type in. You'll bill on so host a copy off this website if you open it. Okay. And this is some of the key feature is off. Basically I p office. Okay, so now next stop. Let's first look, If everything is working correctly, so will receive this first. Now, let's going to our home directory were here Now insert idea First website. Let's look card the index start html file. Okay, so it's working Good. I now what we have toe do is we have to basically look for a background image. Okay, so that we have some sort off linkage between the female file and, uh, image. Okay. And you understand what I'm seeing in just a minute. So let's look at the basically, I have an image over here somewhere. Okay? So I have this image which we have created for the background. It was taken from excels. Okay, if you don't, you specs als I leader coming. You do, because this is really good source with yogurt royalty free midges, which you can use for your personal O R professional users will. According to me, this is a very good with the Internet community is helping you earn this basically puts you in a deer where you have to actually help the community back by. You can also contribute some photos over here. So if you are into the photography or that sort of thing, try and contribute something over here as well. Okay, so now with that out of the way, we have this BG image. So let's first copy this basted in our according directory. Okay, so now noticed art. I have it on the same for little level last day. Index, start html. Okay, on the name is B G Dash D. Major dart deeper. Listen, over here, inside body, let's start another perimeter, which is background. I Let's call this Basically, we have toe given our it means over here. So it is BGE dash image. The depict. Okay, let's save it again. Okay. Are now over here, if really fresh air. Okay, so now we basically have Ah, the image as the background and then we have the next on friend. Okay, so now this we have concluded the first part off our friend turned development off the website on in the next one we link the CSS and JavaScript files are and we learned in some styling will change the color off this because it does not looking very good right now. We'll align it to the center on. Then we learned a button below on duh. Which on click will basically display and alert. Okay, so that certain for this one? 20. CSS: Okay, so now let's continue with our task off. Bailing the front turned off the website. Okay, so now let's first basically, uh, put everything in good shape so dark we can have a look at it. Basically, we can add some good styles to it. Okay, So now to do that, we have created this new file called Style Lord CSS, which is a cascading style shoot file. Okay, so now toe added a style. Let's are linked to our style. Lord CSS file over here first. Okay, so now you have a link Breast fab. Okay, so now this is automatically entered over here. So link, then really cool to style. Here. That is good. Then let's just remove this. We don't need it for now on. Yes. In the hyperlink reference, let's type in our file name, which is styled or CSS. No gates on our inside style or CSS. Let's try and modify. Turn every element. Okay, so now this is our each one over here, Solarte startup class to it so that we can modify its properties from the style. Lord CS is okay. So this is some basics off the front end development where you hard classes. That's how you refer different elements. I won't go into much detail about that right now, so just try and stay up toward out with what I'm doing, because that's not the goal off our course. Okay? I link some front end development guides are guidelines in tow. The reference off this particular video. So if you want to check it out, definitely go over there, give it every year on, then come back. OK, so now let's side a class over here. No, this will each one class on. Now, let's name this intro. Okay, so now in each tulips are another class, I Let's make the subbing. Okay. And now in this age, tool excited. Another class on. Let's make this again. Something through. Okay, so let's save everything first. Okay, So now there's going to our style, Lord CSS file. Okay, so now inside style, Lord CSS, Let's force to teens are in tow. Okay, so wait. Let's first see if everything is running well. So over here instead, let's go in our according section inside our be a first website Fuller are now Let's open in next art html. Okay, so now, as you can see we have this black text over here. And first, let's say you want to change the color efecto fights or it is well visible. Okay, so now over here, inside style. Lord CSS. Let's first address our intro class element. OK, so that is the first stage one. Okay, so, doctor intro. So this is how you address classes. Then you have godly braces, Press enter. And now you have colors. Wagen press enter. And now, after color, let's enter the exodus. Similar value off the color white. So it is hash tag. I'm six times f. Okay, so this basic ality presidents white, so alerts are the same equal. And after this legs are the Serbian group class. Now they're talking. Putting color over here are now. Let's make this a little bit darker. Shade off whites or it just looks Well, okay, so nine colored. We have hash tag. Let's see. E f g f b f. Okay, so now let's see of this. Let's see where index dot html as well. No, this one over here. Registry fresher. And now, as you can see, we have first of all, successfully linked the CSS file on. After that, we have also basically, I did the style as we want to know the cyst, like, clear, darker than this particular element over here. Okay, Does already started difference. So now what we want to do is we want toe take all of this text earned maker display somewhere over here. Okay, so now to do that let's going to us, my lord. CSS file. Basically, we want toe align itself in the center. OK, so now let's go on the new line. So make sure you have the same equal and over here, otherwise it doesn't work. So now in the new line, you have text dash, align on. This is Santa. Okay, so now I like to do the same thing over here on this is center. Okay, so I followed the same equal. And over here next we finish everything again. Okay, so now we have everything in the center. What? Now? Let's get her down a little bird by hiding some space above the first element. Okay, so now what? Here. Alerts again. Our parting. So batting top on. Let's make this look, sir. 300 pixels. Okay, so that we have our first stage one place, 300 pixels below the top line off display. Okay, so now inside the sub intro, let's make this a little bit less so Now, let's make this padding top on. Let's make this, uh, 30 big cells. Okay, so this is basically the space which will be left after this particular each one. Okay, So now alert to save this again are now laxity. Finish this. Okay, so now I suppose, are deep itself was a bit too much. Let's make this spend big cells. Next we finish it again. Okay, This looks good for now. Okay, So with dark, we are actually done with the CSS part off our front end development. I suppose this styling is enough because our main goal over here is not to on the star in front end development from scratch, but instead we want to basically invest in learning. I PFS on for that. We're developing a very smaller, simple website. Okay, so that's shirt for the C S s part 21. Javascript: Okay, next up, we have the working off the JavaScript section. So now in the front turned, we'll start adding the JavaScript file. So make a new javascript file on the same location. If you have not already, okay. Or now, after this, let's first link. Are javascript find? Okay, So usually I was script file is linked at the bottom of the page, but we can't do it up here as well. If it is a long filed, including it at the bottom helps because you display the content first. Okay, so now after their title, after the link alerts, going the new line and let's type in script. Okay, so after typing script displaced fab Okay, so script type is equal toe text slash javascript. And now source is equal toe. Whatever the file name you have given. So it is indexed RGs over here. Let's make this index DRDs. Okay. So now the main reason why we are including the JavaScript file is because we have to do something on the user input. So now we want to add in a button somewhere over here on the ones the user process. That button. Let's say we'll have an alert over here displaying something like will come from my PFS. Okay, so now over here to add a button like savy lighted inside the H 20 color it do so that we have a center. Okay, so now inside the H two will, it's hard in a button. Okay, so we have a button over here, and now inside the button legs. Arden on flick method. Okay, so on plague. Now, we are basically I want to get into a method. Inside the javascript class Are the JavaScript file. Okay, so now the name off the method. Let's say you want to follow display alert. Now we wonder text off our button. So there is Click me. Okay, It's another to save this. Nice of you. It first. Okay, so now we have a button over here. So now let's first get you Don't owning a new line. Next, remove this extra tag, which is president over there as well. Okay, so this is their tag. Let's remove it. And now, before the butter NTAC starts Lexar in another tag, which is br slash. Okay, so now they're to save everything. The R slash basically puts it on a new line. Okay, It's when I look City, finish it again. Okay, so now we have about turn over here. Now, as you are clicking the button and nothing is happening because we don't have any content in our JavaScript file. Okay, So now let's go to our next RGs file Now lets out a very simple script. So now let's name dysfunction are now the function name is display alert. And now inside the arguments, basically, we are taking none. And now, inside the body alerts, Ardian and alert on the alert will basically say thank you for using I office. Okay, so now the next type in time you you are using I be a fist. Okay, so now I suppose that's it for the Dallas Fire. Like, save this. Let's go back to our website. Let's three freshness are now alerts Click on the button on. And yes, now we can see the thank you for using I BFs Okay, So now dark sit for are very simple lined easy website. I understand that this is not the most beautiful looking website or nor desert the most functional website. But if you want to understand the basics off I BFs then. According to me, this is a very good website because now you have basically three different filed or in fact , full different files in the 4th 1 is your background image. Okay, so now the dart out off the way, Let's get started and let's move this whole website on toe i p afis. 22. moving to ipfs: Okay, so now we come upto a very important part in the project turned. That is about publishing. Got a website onto I PFS. Okay, so now this is kind of complicated, so follow along very well. Okay. So first, this is just a new terminal window. I have two different colors in order to difference here. 10 between through different windows. Okay, so now first we have to start up that I feel I PFS demon. Okay, so let for a start idea First demon. Okay, so now our idea 50 minutes already so far, splits have Ah, look, a i d first demon on Google groom by using the web. You I Okay, so now if you are seeing any page, that means your i p a first notice running with Okay, so now what we have to do is we have to basically add in our all of our data from our I p office. Okay, So the website which we have created over here no html CSS javascript also followed by the background image. We have to add all off it onto ITV office. Okay, so now to do that, let's first ls over here. So now we can see. According So basically, we have to navigate and started out a project directory. So, Siri, reporting knowledge a less again. So what? Here I have a right PFS website folder. Okay, so now I want to Basically I didn't I be faced with Strike selects clear everything first. So now we have idea first, uh, Nash are for records Divisor tesar directory. So now we have i d fs are I be if its dash website basically that is the name off folder. Okay, so now we have basically uploaded or love these files are until I be affairs on these are the hash on the These ashes will basically be very useful later on. Okay, so what I suggest you do is that you go. But here, basically, over here on. Let's copy this, okay? I don't know what Here. Let's make a new file, okay? And let's just based the hashes over here, okay? I don't see if this inside our project directory save this somewhere else so that you just have access to it. Okay, so let's make this hash start. Txt. I like to just see every time I would have stopped for now. Okay? We just want access to this so darkly, Theron, we can't change the fight. Okay, so now we basically have a website. I don't know, I p afis Okay, so next up, we have I'd be Ennis. Okay, which is interplanetary naming system. Okay, so now the problem which you are facing over here to start If you make even a small change in the website, then the hash is completely different. Okay, The smallest off change with you make over here deserts in a completely different hash. Okay, so now if you are referencing to your website by a particular hash you are in so basically will be referencing are you are ill. Our website by something like strictly p Colin followed by Get away, Dardai BFs nor do I owe and then we'll have our peer ideas, which is something like this on this basically gives back our BFS website. Okay, Now, the problem which we have over here is that basically a port in the hash, this hash over here so that you have the html page. Okay, so now the problem bitches According over here, this dark a new time. You make a different change player website. You have to give a completely new address over here. And that is not the most important thing which you would like to do. So any time if you have made a change on your website, you have to tell him all your clients are all the people who are visiting your website to visit to a new urine. Okay? And that is not the most, uh, productive situation available. Okay, so now, instead of or to have to do is you have tow basically publisher or website on I PFS or I'd be in this so that you have just one particularly waddle over here. And and every time you make a new change, you just publish your change on this name. Okay, so this is basically are your i d. But you can see over here. Okay, so now to do that must make sure that you have an eye PFS demon running over here. Now let's type in I b f s. Then we have name. Then we have published Are now inside. Publish. We have to go to the top. Most hash. Okay, so this is done. I PFS website folder. Okay, So now, like, just copy this. Let's paste this over here. Okay? So now this might take some time to get published, because this is the first time that they were publishing anything on your i p fs demon. Okay, so in the meantime, let me again clarify what I be a first name or i p Ennis's. Okay, so I be in s turns for interplanetary naming system. I'm that is basically something like a cover for your You are. Okay. So any time a user goes on So this particular upside, which is get rid of night defense or Iot, followed by your particular Pierre. I de Okay, so let's use our authentic purity over here. Okay? So let's copy this like Space Street over here. Okay? So this particular link, our website will be life. Okay, aren't anyone if you go onto this particular link, then you will see the latest warding off the website. Okay, So if we make even the smallest off change on every time if we publish it on our PFS named publish Command, then basically, every time you go over here, you basically find the latest warding off the website. Okay, This is a very good tool, which solves the problem off having different hashes for different files. So, as I heard certain, the hash elector or the hash name lecture, any small change that you make in a file deserts in a completely different hash. Okay. And with dark, this particular tool is very helpful. Okay, so next up, notice Dark. We have our change published to this particular website over here. Okay, so we have published toe. Um e are you really? And this is basically R p. A righty. Okay. Are now we have the link over here as well. Okay, we just, um v it. Okay, so let's copy this first. Okay. Over here. Let's go in a new tab. Lets typing get may not I may 1st or I O followed by a slash. And then let's paste this if we got from the common line. Okay. Actually, move that slash. Okay, let's click. Enter. And now let's wait for the other website, so basically appear. Okay, So now, as you can see, we have our website appearing over here. Very well. Okay, so we basically have our file structure. Very well, President, over there on this is all the hatred. I PFS is basically displaying our website and now if you click on click me The pace is Thank you for using I PFS Okay, This is how you basically develop Iron Publisher website on I p afis. And now if you can basically give this link to anyone you warned on if they go on this particular website and they'll also download a copy off this website which they can use later on toe sort of the website. So some another client. Okay, So if you are staying in Europe and currently I'm in India in the Ochlik on this particular website, if you go in this, you are ill. Then you have this website stored onto your local system on then later on, If someone in America wants this website, then you can act as a client to give them the website. On this, according to me, is a very important part off I PFS, which is completely free hosting on now. If you go over here, this is where you can see that we have ah server listening on this particular i p I bear this. Okay, so I guess that's it for hosting websites on I PFS. I always have this particular hashed or txt file over here because any time you want toe check a particular file, then you can easily do it by typing hypia fest. Jack, now followed by the particular I P addresses are the particular hash. Okay, so that's it for this current project turned. I will have a lot of new resource is linked on toe this lecturers. Well, so feel free toe. Check them out on Yes, if you have any problem, If you are facing any new problem, please let me know in the comments section below. So that are the comments section, or even the question and answer section below so that I'll be more than happy and answering them 90 s dark side for this particular lecture. Now let's get started with the some new command about idea office