Master Conversations: How to have smooth conversations with anyone | Jose Castillo | Skillshare

Master Conversations: How to have smooth conversations with anyone

Jose Castillo, Advanced English Education

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3 Videos (25m)
    • How to have smooth conversations

    • A small conversation in real life

    • How to finish conversations and other tips


About This Class

These videos are all about making your conversations smoother! You'll have practical tips and better tools to see improvement with connecting to new people and finding common points among friends. 

Practically Speaking, with this course you can:

  • building confidence in connecting with others
  • overcoming common barriers to form new relationships
  • reinforce better social skills
  • create habits for better and more comfortable workplace and dating conversations

By using questions to lead conversation— and avoiding dead-end answers, your people skills will be something you can be proud of!

I'm going to show you my best tips for how to have smooth conversations so that others have the opportunity to share ideas or commonalities that will connect them, to each other and to you in meaningful ways. 





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Jose Castillo

Advanced English Education

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