Master Color and Emotion in Photography | Steve Weinrebe | Skillshare

Master Color and Emotion in Photography

Steve Weinrebe, Photographer, Author, Instructor

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13 Videos (29m)
    • Color, Emotion, and Depth in Photography

    • Color in Nature and In Emotions

    • How Color Temperature Impacts the Viewer

    • Color Opposites

    • Color Wheel

    • Hue, Saturation, and Brightness

    • Emotional Color Themes

    • Complimentary Colors and Hue Contrast

    • Saturation and Brightness Contrast

    • Color Contrast in Photography

    • Color and High Fequency Images

    • Complimentary Colors in Images

    • Color Toned Black & White and Review


About This Class

Updated with 4 new video lectures, and Color Wheel graphic.

Learn how to use color to create powerful photographs. Master the color theory behind color and emotion, and what impacts the viewer. Use color in photography to your advantage, whether while you are shooting, or during post production in Photoshop or Lightroom.

With demonstrations, hands-on projects, and sample files on color, color theory, and what impacts the viewer in photography, become confident in how you choose and photograph your subjects - whether portrait, landscape, nature, lifestyle, fashion, or travel photography.

In these lessons you will learn:

  • How controlling Color can add emotion and depth to your photography
  • How color temperature creates an emotional response to images
  • About Complimentary Colors and Hue Contrast in images
  • About Saturation and Brightness Contrast in images
  • About Color Contrast in Photography
  • How to use Color in High Frequency Images
  • How to shoot for complimentary colors in your photography
  • How color toning can affect Black and White photographs

Use the hands-on projects to reinforce your knowledge about color in photography. Then grab your camera and start putting your mastery of color and emotion to work.





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Steve Weinrebe

Photographer, Author, Instructor

Steve has been teaching photography for over 25 years, drawing on his professional background as a widely published advertising and corporate photographer. Author of 2 books on photography and Adobe Photoshop, Steve loves demystifying the art of photography for enthusiastic students. Steve has won a Videographer Award for video-based training. When not teaching Steve can be found photographing the coastline of New Jersey.

Steve Weinrebe
Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI, ACE, C...

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