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Masskara Festival/ Happy Face Mask : Kids Craft

teacher avatar Joan Peconcillo, Art Craft Creator/ Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Cultural Significance of Masskara

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Masskara Creation Part 1

    • 5. Masskara Creation Part 2

    • 6. Masskara Festival Dance Tutorial

    • 7. Outro

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About This Class

Mabuhay! This is your Ate ( Big Sister)  Joan from the Philippines, an art and craft content creator and teacher today you will learn to create a colorful Happy Mask/ Mascara derived from the celebration in Bacolod Festival, or also known as City of smiles. 

In this class you’ll learn the following:

-What is the cultural significance of the Masskara festival in the Philippines?

-Step-by-step process in creating a Colorful Happy Mask/ Masskara.

-Bunos, Dance steps of Masskara Festival Dance

After students, complete the masskara project the students can wear the Happy mask. 

This project needs assistant from parents/guardians because it requires using Scissors

Supplies and Materials:

  • Colored paper (depend on your preferred color) 
  • Coupon band 
  • Printable template (Please check the other resources)
  • Card stock paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Yarn 

Let’s start creating!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joan Peconcillo

Art Craft Creator/ Teacher



Hi! I’m Joan Peconcillo from the Philippines. I enjoy creating arts and crafts since I was a child. This is becoming my pastime with my siblings because we don’t have toys to play with. We created our own toys from the materials that we can see in our house and it was our aunt who introduced us to these fun creative innovations.

I’m grateful that I was still able to continue creating art crafts as an adult. I currently own a paper quilling online store and I’m also a part-time art and craft content creator for parenting and craft blogs and Youtube channels. Moreover, I am also a virtual online teacher in the same niche.

In my class, I want to highlight the Philippine culture, tradition, and values in a form of kid’s art and craft... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hey, kids and kids at heart, this is yours at the jaw line from the Philippines. I'm an art craft content creator and teachers are welcome to my Skillshare, our graph class with the theme of filipino tradition and culture. This is my weight and each of those two young generation, what do we have here in the Philippines? And I believe that there is a Filipino family in every part of the world as a creative team who wants to learn art craft, and other racers who want to immerse themselves in learning our culture through it. So they, I'm here to guide you through the step-by-step process of grading mascara or a happy face mask that is worrying during the masker FST buys in the book called CP. This is a widely known around the globe as one of the most popular festivals. I'll talk to you about how and why it started eating mascara and celebrating this first year. But in the corner seated Philippines was a bonus muscular IFSP balls, timesteps. You can practice and dance after you finish the mascara festival or craft projects. Don't forget to check my YouTube channel who won a Filipino for more Filipino art craft project. Now that we are done, Let's move on to the next discussion. See you there. 2. Cultural Significance of Masskara : Now let's discuss how, when and why celebrate bend and where my skirt. During this festival, The mascara festival of college, he is one of the biggest festival in the Philippines. This annual festival is similar to presumably your carnival. It's celebrated every October. Any McCollough because of the smiling face of the mask, but call it CD, got the nickname of the CP of smiles. The main mascara festival is taken from the word mass, which means they're out. At Ghana, which means for face. So many mascara means crowded of face or a mask for many faces. The mascara Festival can trace its roots back in 1980s and be born out of the crisis. That was when the province main livelihood sugar was priced at an all time low because of the alternative introduced in the market. In addition to that crisis economy, many people in Buchla lost their families when MV don't have wide sounds the same here. About 700 Filipinos, including McAuliffe villagers. Better reach in that charge you'd be. So lift the spirit of little costs and bringing back the smile on their faces. The masker festival was great. That the smiling mask, when the declaration of the people of bug callers that they will pull through the survived the challenges and tragedies that they are facing. People celebrated masker Festival by wearing Smiley face mask, colorful costumes and unique accessories while parading and dancing on the streets of Buchla. This festival contains a message about being happy despite of being the toughest state of life. The mascara festival, that is a beautiful symbolic gesture of the type of resiliency of the people of the Philippines. Now that we already know how, when and why my scanner festival starts, let's proceed to the next discussion of the materials to be used in this project. See you there. 3. Materials : Hi guys. The materials we will use can be recycled or you can purchase in your local craft stores. We need been papered. In my case, I just renewed my unused printed document to trace the mask. All the white folders substitute for a cardboard, acrylic paint, or any coloring materials that are available in your house. Colored paper, paintbrush, caesar, enlarged space to work. For the mass embellishment template. You can download it in resource material. 4. Masskara Creation Part 1: Hi guys. Now we are ready, so let's store it. Get white, bind paper and measure your head, just like in the video. Then Marika pencil on the place where you scratch the paper, bringing the two lines together and pull the paper to draw the shape of the mass. Start it from the line we drew earlier. Let's draw the eyes and the hand, the happy smile then got the shape and the inside part of the mass. This is the best way to fit perfectly the mascara in your face because we have different shapes and sizes, make us more comfortable when we were doing this process again and making the half-mast. You can just do this same design or create on your own. Now, traced the full and half mascara phase in the cardboard. And my gaze, I use old white folder, don't make it more sturdy and we are done for easing the plane mass. Now let's create the mask embellishment. For the mask embellishment, download and thought. Then trace them, rescue embellishment in the colored paper. It's up to you how many pieces you will plot. It depends on the design Ukraine. Now that we are guided by burying the mascara, whole and half mask and embellishment. Let's proceed to the assemblies of mascara. See you there. 5. Masskara Creation Part 2: It's assemble. Let's assemble the embellishment according to your own preferred style or the signing, the cardboard to make it stable, then this will serve us the headdress of our mascot. Good. Based on the forehead of the plain old mask and last base, the half mask above it. This will create an attractive effect. God, triangle shape and folded. It will serve your acrylic paint and paint brush. And that's where the red color significance of happiness of our mask. Then the sine of half mask based on your desired designed. You can put gemstones are about Now. Good. Good. Who's ready to indicate? Did you get dry first before you patch on both sides of their mask? For easy the way that last graph. Now that we are dying, deciding the mascara, Let's move wind and the bonus part that must get advance. See you there. 6. Masskara Festival Dance Tutorial: Hi guys. This is the bonus part of the mascara. Five, easy then step. This dense are adapted to the different festival dancers here in the Philippines. I know that you are excited. So let's start. Step number 1, the welcoming steps, hence sidewalks upward and slide your left hand to the right side and right hand to the left side. Step number 2, abundance the hands up for it, downward and sidewalks and upward. That number 3, praised Steps. Hand upward and bend your hand to your knee gracefully. Increase. Gross your hang to the left side and stamp your left foot forward. And Greece cross your hand to the right side and step your right foot forward. Step number four, the gratitude steps, hence sideward, upward. Neo first your dominant me, and followed by the next of our lens while standing. Hence sidewalk. Hang for wild and do the slide hands step on the left and the right side. Step number 5. Their rituals, their race, your left arm upward and the other hand downward. And then clockwise while you are stumping your feet, I'll do need the other arms and turn around counterclockwise while stomping her feet. In every dense they're peaking. Repeat it from 16 to 32 counts. Don't mind if you didn't follow the sequence of the dance tutorial, as long as all the steps are incorporated in your masquerade bans tutorial and you enjoy it and believing we are done. Now, let's try it with a festive groove music. At this stage. Great job. I hope you enjoyed this short Muskrat Dance Festival tutorial. 7. Outro : Congratulations. You agree that a colorful and mascara or a happy face mask, that war during the Moscow festive was Inca Kola. See the Philippines. You go peer learning, the importance of the colorful traditional of worrying my scatter. And then we're looking for a word that you could use it the mascot at festivals that held during the month of October in the future. So you get field, the first tier where it happened is during the celebration. Also be sharing your photo of your project in the project section of the class. And I'll be going through it and give comments or just told them. Maybe if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask question in a discussion. Thank you very much. Are in the guise of not having said, it was so fine sharing this time together and I hope you enjoy it. See you in the next video, art class. My knee.