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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Trailer: Massage Techniques for the Face

    • 2. Decollete Massage Techniques

    • 3. Neck Massage Techniques

    • 4. Facial Massage Techniques

    • 5. Massage Challenge in Projects Section

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About This Class

This course is for those who want to master the massage techniques for the face.

I have been in the Esthetics Industry for over 15 years, both as a Cidesco Certified Esthetician and a College skin care Instructor. In my experience, learning how to master massage techniques for the face will keep clients returning for more treatments. This is a great way to relax your clients while performing various specialized facials and relaxation treatments.

In this course, I will walk you through the 3 areas of massage including the Décolleté, Neck and Face.

You Will Learn How To:

1. Massage the Décolleté, using effleurage, kneading and circular techniques.

2. Massage the Neck, while being sensitive to touch on this delicate area. I will go through effleurage, kneading and rotation techniques.

3. Massage the Face using pulsating technique, effleurage, figure eight movements, circular eye area massage and conclusive techniques.

These steps can be used on your own skin or for those in the industry; they can be for existing clients.

You will be given a "Try it For Yourself" challenge at the end of the course to ensure your understanding, allow you time to practice and a chance to share your experience in the projects section.

By the end of the course you will be able to offer a high quality facial massage, incorporating the three key areas; the Décolleté, Neck and Face.

I encourage you to learn this new skill and practice, practice, practice.

Thank you for taking my course and I love your feedback and reviews!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Skin2u Esthetics

Expert Skincare by Dara Cardoza


Skin2u Esthetics offers over 17 years of expertise in Esthetics. My hands on approach to improving skin concerns are my top priority. My clients receive custom designed treatments from head to toe.

At Skin2u I provide professional treatments using dynamic products with expert advice. The passionate approach I take to skincare is surrounded by quality care and effective results.

My qualifications include a diploma in Esthetics received from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. In 2006, I continued my education to receive the Cidesco Diploma, which is recognized worldwide as the highest level of certification in the Esthetic Industry.

I have been instrumental in the industry in business development and the education sector of private career co... See full profile

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1. Trailer: Massage Techniques for the Face: Hi. My name's darn welcome to your course on massage techniques for the face. I have over 15 years experience in providing these services as well as an educator. As there are many different steps in your facial massage, we're gonna concentrate on three areas today, which is the face, the neck and the Dakota area. Look forward to seeing you in the course. 2. Decollete Massage Techniques: Okay, We're ready to begin our massage techniques for the face. One of the important steps to beginning your massage techniques are making sure you have enough product. So our first step here now is product application. So you want to press the product into all the areas that you're going to be applying the massage? This is important because once you start a massage, you don't wanna have to stop to go and get more product. Okay, So I made sure have enough product over all the area. And now I can begin. As I mentioned earlier, we're going to be focusing on three areas. The Deh Cho Tae, the neck and the face. Okay, So the first area I'm gonna work on is the day. Koji, you want to make sure you're applying enough pressure, you can check in with your clients to make sure it's not too much. Different clients have different sensitivities to touch. You want to make sure you're aware of that. I like to do things in the number threes that creates consistency and a nice flow to your treatment. So working on the muscle area here and these air relaxing techniques, it could be incorporated into different treatments or that could be done on their own. Work into the arms organized to include the arms. Come up to the neck area to the arms. Okay. And again, we're still on Step one. Working the day Corte area. We're incorporating the arms coming up to the back of the neck. You can do a kneading technique across the deck. Okay? It's a step too, for the vehicle to area coming into the arms and including the arms as my transition move. So every time I want to move on to the next step, you've got a nice flow each time. Okay, Step three circular movements across the day. Quot notice. I always have two hands on my client at all times. Spread out. Break the arms as on transitioning. The next area we're going to move into is the neck area. So I finished with the day Gotay. For now 3. Neck Massage Techniques: We're coming up to the neck. You want to include the back of the neck and the front of the neck. The pressure on the neck is a little bit different. We don't want any hard pressure across the front, so good amount of pressure could come along the side of the neck in the back. So I want gentle stroking movements coming up. User F large techniques along, stroking movements again for relaxation purposes. Also in the number three. Okay, so this is our step one in the neck area. You could see again. I've done three, three sets of three. Now what I'm gonna do is Cem kneading techniques of step number to include kneading techniques. I have to include the shoulder here from coming around the shoulder. And as I come up jersey kneading techniques with gentle pressure using my knuckles, push it out, come around his shoulder again. Well, shit out. I'm around the shoulder again. Okay. My three. I want to make sure I'm supporting my client at all times. So both hands need to be controlling my client's movements, rotating the client's head and do the same thing on the other side. Step three for the neck is a rotation in the back of the neck. Your using each hand with a gentle pressure. You're coming straight up the back of the neck until you could feel the base of the skull. You kind of got a little tug sensation to it, very relaxing for the client. Straight up, I notice my transition moves. So every time, moving from one step to the upper those are some simple techniques you can use on the neck . 4. Facial Massage Techniques: The next area we're gonna focus on now is the face we want again. A different pressure in the face. There's certain areas you can have a heavier hand. You want to make sure anywhere around the eye areas have a very gentle pressure. The jaw and forehead. You can definitely afford to apply a bit of a heavier hand. All right, so again, step one in the face. Working on the chin area, you could do a pulsating checking. This is including the jawbone. You're starting at the chin and you're coming all the way up to basically the bottom of the year. Okay. From there, we'll use my full hand, go over the whole entire face after Raj movements coming up and over three times. Forehead. Nice study pressure coming over to the temple area. Okay. And your transition moves in the face or a little bit different. So from going from the forehead, my paws is going to be at the temple area. While at this temple area, you could do circular or figure eight movements again. I'm going down. I'm gonna again support my client's head coming over and with my middle finger because my middle finger has a nice light pressure to it. I'm going to do circular movements around the eye. Threes in transition moved to the other side, one to on three. Keep going. Want three times on each side at three circles. Each time your transition move again, you can always pause at the temple. So now we've covered the different areas of the face. We've included the chin. We've come up and work the cheek area with their full movements over the eyes. We've done some movements across the forehead, including the temple area, but we've also had a couple of movements, including in the eye area. Okay, now, to conclude with our massage, but we want to do is work our way back down. So your transition moves are long stroking movements. Keep in mind, I have still not taking my hands off of my client. My client should be relaxed. I work my way down and kind of repeat the same moves on my way down gently down the front of the neck again. Remember, there's no pressure around the shoulders, and with that move up the back of the neck, holding a good pressure on the skull, the base of the skull. Just pause there for a minute. Let the client feel the stretch release. Do it one more time straight up to the base of the skull and just hold it there for a minute. At this point, I like to include the years here. They're very relaxing, so you kind of just want to grab a hold of them. They're a little bit. You could do some nice massage movements starting at the top, working their way down. So we're doing are finishing movements to and one more good strong hand to complete the movement. So when we go one more time, I want to go down the arms, give a little pulse 80 pressure. Here you come up gently and then just place your hand on the blanket beside the client's head. This completes your facial massage techniques for the face. 5. Massage Challenge in Projects Section: thank you for taking my course on massage techniques for the face. I hope you enjoyed it. Your project is to try some of these techniques on your clients. And I look forward to all your feedback and your reviews in the project section.