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Massage-How to be Hugely Successful Doing Massage Therapy

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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67 Lessons (3h 10m)
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    • 2. 2intro new 1

    • 3. What do chiros do 1

    • 4. Relax rxs 1

    • 5. Intro to 1st steps 1

    • 6. Bus cards new 1

    • 7. Mailchimp new 1

    • 8. Tripadvisopr 1

    • 9. Facebook page 1

    • 10. Images 1

    • 11. Fiverr 1

    • 12. Summary steps 1

    • 13. Intro sec 2 1

    • 14. Employee new 1

    • 15. Working for self 1

    • 16. Home visits 1

    • 17. From home 1

    • 18. Shop room 1

    • 19. Corporate 1

    • 20. All of them 1

    • 21. Own business 1

    • 22. Buying business 1

    • 23. Costs analysis 1

    • 24. Grit 1

    • 25. Intro sect 3 1

    • 26. Phones newest 1

    • 27. Greeetings new 1

    • 28. Intake 1

    • 29. Posture eval 1

    • 30. An example 1

    • 31. Post demo new 1

    • 32. Findings new 1

    • 33. Postural corrections 1

    • 34. Tennis new 1

    • 35. Text newest 1

    • 36. Exercise cure 1

    • 37. Intro to email 1

    • 38. Email 1

    • 39. Follow up call 1

    • 40. 2 nd rx 1

    • 41. An example after 2nd rx 1

    • 42. Schedule lots pain 1

    • 43. Doing better 1

    • 44. Monthly rxs 1

    • 45. Summary treating 1

    • 46. No thanks 1

    • 47. End sect rxs 1

    • 48. Intro 5 1

    • 49. App for marketing 1

    • 50. Conduct newy 1

    • 51. Phones 1

    • 52. Answering service 1

    • 53. Upselling 1

    • 54. Websites new 1

    • 55. Clothing 1

    • 56. Names spa 1

    • 57. Ytube 1

    • 58. Texting 1

    • 59. Face up 1

    • 60. Eyes closed 1

    • 61. Heat benefits 1

    • 62. Water myth 1

    • 63. Ice heat 1

    • 64. Taxes 1

    • 65. Reviews 1

    • 66. Dont bombard 1

    • 67. Congrats massage 1


About This Class

If you are a massage therapist or want to do massage as a career, then this course will teach you everything you need to know to have a hugely successful massage business.

The number 1 reason massage therapists do not survive in the massage industry is not because they get injured. It is because they cannot make enough money doing massage to earn a full-time living doing what they love.

I will show you how to change your massage therapy business around.

The biggest problem for us massage therapists is that we are never taught what chiropractors and osteopaths are taught. Have you ever wondered why chiropractors are all busy and us massage therapists struggle?

We need to approach our clients the way they do!

We as massage therapists need to change the way we approach the massage clients and this is exactly what I will teach you. It is a completely different mindset.

It will completely change your massage business and standing as a massage therapist!

You will not only be making a living doing massage but your clients will be happier than ever. You will get repeat business, referrals and I will take your massage therapy business to a level that will have you stand out amongst the other massage therapists.

My name is Mark Perren-Jones, a best-selling massage course instructor on Udemy and the owner of the Award Winning Isla Verde Massage Spa.

We are the only spa in the World that has ever received 100 out of 100 Tripadvisor reviews all 5 stars! 100% 5 STARS!

How did we do it?

I am going to show you.

If you want to have a successful massage business then all you need to do is watch my course on how to become a successful massage therapist, learn the skills, practice them and your massage business will quickly grow. I know because these are the proven methods and techniques that I have used as a massage therapist for over 30 years.

I will teach you everything that I know to make you successful!

You are going to learn  what made my Award Winning Isla Verde Massage Spa so successful and you can start implementing them today!


1. Promo success 1: Hi. My name is Macron Jones from the award. Winning is the very spot. Did you know that in massage therapy, massage therapists drop out all the time? You probably think because of injury, right? No message therapist. Stop doing massage because the number one reason is because it just can't earn enough money . They can't afford to do massage the thing they love because it just can't make a living doing it. I am going in this because I am going to completely change that so that a few 100 massage therapy I will show you how you can become hugely successful. Now being hugely successful might just mean to you that you don't have to do that part time job anymore, or you don't have to do message part time. You could say goodbye to the boss and doing massage full time. It might also mean to the next person that you wanna have lots of therapists working for you or a string of clinics. I'm going to show the method and steps that work and oh starts with the way we treat at clients, and I'm going to transform that as well. The way you approach every client, which I will go into So we've got lots to go through. I'm gonna show had transform everything in your business Said that within 30 days you'll have more clients. You have more pink business from those clients and you have substantially increased your massage business income. That is my promise to you from this course. 2. 2intro new 1: now the number one reason massage therapist stopped doing massage therapy. It's not because of injury, which you might think. No, it's actually because they can't survive in the message industry, which is incredibly said, because just like May, they love doing massage. They probably spent thousands of dollars on training, and they can't survive in the industry. I am going to change all that in this course. I'm going to show you the techniques, the procedures, that everything you need to know toe have a thriving business where you not only get referrals from doctors and chiropractors and osteopaths, but you also have repeat clients coming back instead of all these one offs like, for example, a chiropractic clinic, I would say 90% of their clients I repent. Kansai continue getting treatment. Massage therapists Probably 90% or more just come a once off once every six months. We need to completely change it to start looking at their model, because car practice get taught something completely different, which is why they have a flourishing businesses and massage therapists suffer. So I'm going to show you a completely different mindset, so you become a health care professional message industry with a lot of clients, a future successful business, and so that you don't have to get out of the message industry and do another job. So I'm going to show you everything you need to know to transform your massage therapy business. 3. What do chiros do 1: So what is it? The car practice do so differently to pass his message service? That why chiropractors have huge, flourishing visitors and we struggle is massage therapists. All right, well, let me let me give you an example of a typical massage session. Now, let's say the person has a bit of neck pain. Okay? They come in. Oh, hi, Gloria. Yeah, I got a bit of neck pain. Just come in from message. Oh, sure. So does a person. Do you get them to line the tail? They do a fabulous massage. The person who's up. Oh, wow, that feels fantastic. I don't every have any pain. Awesome. And OK, fantastic. That's great. And off they go. Probably never to be seen again. They're out of pain. And that's the general rule of thumb, right? Just come back. Maybe the person's the best. Such therapist says, Come back if you feel the more neck pain. Okay. All right. Bye. Person goes out blissfully happy message. Therapist Season once does this effort in a car practice clinic? Never. Never. Really. Karpat. Just like a thing ago. Adjusted Jinich. We'll see later. What do they do differently? Well, first of all they would do an assessment. What? They do. Evaluations. They test. Or maybe they asked for X rays. They check the leg links, tricked your hips and so on and so forth. So they'll do. First and foremost and evaluation. That's the first step. Second step. Now that will do the treatment. All right. The problem is, this is out of alignment That need to get it back into alignment. So they do adjustment. Third step that educate the client off their findings. Okay, Mr Mr Jones, What we had here your hitter out of alignment. You're rightly it's doing better now, But you're right. Leg is still longer than the left. So, you know, this is thrown out here, and that's why you've got neck pain. And you already talked throughout your threat. Sick. So adjusted that and we were locked up and so on and so forth. The person totally gets it. Mr. O right. Oh, well, I didn't even know my hips are out, and yeah, that's why you get because everything's out of alignment from the bottom to the top. And so we've got that You're feeling much better. Yeah. I am in no pain at all. This is great. But then what does he do? He doesn't say okay by now. The car practical, they say, Well, we still have work to do it because we want those adjustments toe hold. And so I'm gonna need you about Bordered by day's gonna re assist that recheck everything. And that's exactly what they do. They get them back in now. After that, they would then recommend them to probably come here once a week because you want to keep short because off the findings again, we still have a bit of a misalignment here. And so even though you're out of pain, Mr So this person just like the message therapy person I was at a pain after the first treatment, but of them were at a pain. That message goes away happy. This person is now doing regular treatments really happy, totally happy because they're getting care for. And they completely understand what the car practice educated them on, what the problem is and why they need to cap come back for sessions after that. Now once said that those few sessions maybe six or eight sessions that they have with that person, then they'll tell what is a good idea to come back every month for maintenance adjustments to keep your body in a much healthier state. Totally on board. Okay, that sounds great. So 70 message there one treatment. This person is now 10 going to 12 and then going every month. This is what I'm going to teach you, how we can use that specific system but for massage therapy. So I'm gonna teach you how we can do bring evaluations, takes a minute, and then we'll get our findings. Will do your massage educated, trying explain what's going on and which is then the justification from your professional opinion. Just like the car practice. Why you need to come back in. How do we do that? Is that in a nutshell is what I'm gonna teach you That and everything else all the other aspects of business give you a level of professionalism that you will stand out completely from all other message Serapis Because of the ways you treat them your crimes, I guarantee you are gonna be happier. There's certainly gonna be healthier because you're getting repeat business. And they know the importance of regular massage. And you're not selling. You're not being pushy. Nothing at all. And just like the car clients, yours gonna be educated as well. Be referring. You get referrals from doctors and chiropractors and and so on and so forth, and your business will just boom. 4. Relax rxs 1: So I hear you say, Well, that's fine of someone's got neck pain. But what about my clients? 90% of them. They just want to relax. Action message. What do I do then? You do exactly the same procedure. You do exactly the same steps on every climb, whether they're in pain or whether they're not. And I'll go through all of this through the course with you now. So we're going to look. It had a treatment approach decline everything before during the message and after, or the Arctic air as well. So it's gonna be an incredible level of professionalism that you're going to show to these clients what will raise the bar and sexual part from or the other massage therapists around . Now the other aspect of your business is like marketing promotions, and I'm going to show you what works. You're not gonna be spending money. It's going to completely free what I've done, which works tremendously well, whether it's getting an email list and all the things that I've learned over 30 years of running a spark. And I'm gonna give you all these tips and tricks if you like it, or the methods that I've used, which work currently and won't cost you a cent 5. Intro to 1st steps 1: All right. So the first thing I want you to do is to do these next few lectures because they're really important things that I want you to get started on doing if you're some of things you might already have in place, but the other things like changing the way you're using business cards and also male chip. I talked about that because these are really important things to get things moving straight away. So let's get you started before I show you how to treat clients and how you gonna treat them differently. But let's get you. We need to get these things in place. These steps to really start immediately generating more work for you. 6. Bus cards new 1: so business cards, they're basically useless. I'm going to show you how to make this incredibly valuable to your business. When I say that basically, uses will think about it. You go to a trade show, people give you business cards left, right and center. How many of you keep? Unless you really wanted that product, you might keep it. The rest of the get thrown in drawers and get lost or they just get thrown out. How to make this incredibly valuable I'm going to show you. So the front the card. As you know. If now, by the way, if you if you already got business cards printed up don't where you can write this on the back in pen and I explain this. Okay, so you got your normal day tabs in the front, but on the back, you're going to naked handwriting. If you've already done your business cards, you're gonna write $10 off your first treatment. Now, what you going to do is this? So when you got your client come in, let's say it's Dennis. Dennis. Come transfer it for his normal massage. Is they hate dinners. By the way, if you see on the back here says $10 off your first treatment. This If you refer someone to our clinic, then they'll get $10 off the first treatment. And you because you referred someone to a clinic will get $10 off your next treatment when you come in for your next message next week. Oh, great. Now, if you want. If you're for four people, you get 40 backs off $10 every time. Your first someone also. So just think about this for a second. Then there's certain people that what I won't do it. Like like anything but there are people with certain personality types would love toe love to do it. Because one what? They're gonna get discounts, they're gonna get credits. And they love what you do. So they be more than happy to refer their friends. So you think Cynthia's having coffee with the girls on she's talking about? Just got this wonderful massaged yesterday. Fantastic. Who do you go to? O T Mark? I must get book him. Oh, here looking. She brings up. Okay, take one of these cards. I've got some of these Now. You get $10 off your first treatment. Oh, great. I get $10 off. Yeah, by I get $10 thoroughfare in you. How cool is that? So it starts to snowball now, everyone. So now that lady comes in for her massage. She's a new client. So if she comes in looking for a car with $10 off now, it's best if you get the person to write their name on. So the person that said dentist So he writes Dennis on the back. But it doesn't matter because as you learn in the course, you're always gonna ask you had who referred you? Or how did you hear about us both in your intake form and on the phone if it's on the phone when the person calls up? But that's later in the course I teach you about that. But but you could just simply ask if they forgot to put their name on there. Who referred you? Oh, Dennis. Okay, great. So write that down, and then again, you learn the course. When anyone refers, prefers a quiet to whether it's a doctor, whether it's a naturopath, whether it's just one of your clients, you always always call them to say Thank you. So how much you appreciate referring somebody clinic? Always. So each client, the counting, every single new client comes in. I told about this. Fantastic. Do they get $10 credit? Plus it their first when they refer someone new to your clinic and that person gets $10 off the first treatment. It works wonders. I used it s part. It's just suddenly these work $20 a car. Yeah, because we're $10 credit and $10 off for the next person. So suddenly that person keeps him in their purse or their wallet instead of just dumping him, putting on the fridge and forgetting about them. Really? Really. It's a game changer as far as the business cards go, so start doing today, as it say, if you've got your business cards printed up, start writing on there. But it is a really powerful way to finally get business cards working for you. 7. Mailchimp new 1: but the next thing you're going to do is to sign up to mail chimp dot com. The link is in your description box now. What you're going to do is you're going to get an email is put together. It's completely free. Now it's m ai l as in male chimps ch i MPs in chimpanzee dot com and say it's in your description box. So I want you going to sign up to this and say It's all completely free. This is a an email generator. So what you want to do is make yourself. We call it a V I P list. You can call it whatever you like. Executive Club, Gold Star Club. Whatever. Now, we never charged for this. Now what? This is you're going, Teoh send out to your friends on Facebook or e mails. What? What if you got a Facebook page? Put this out. Now you're going to start now. This is a A, like an exclusive club for your spy. Your clinic getting discounted treatments. All right, so you can sign up for free. You could charge, but we never did it a say. But you could certainly tell you about $19 to sign up for the year. What have you? But it gets a bit complicated then because someone signs up in August, you need to know when to recharge them. So you know, if your text every and know how to do that recurring billing and all that sort of stuff. But I just kept it free for a simplicity. And, of course, so many more people. It's a no brainer, You know, they're just sure who doesn't want to sign up to get discounted spire treatments at the spa . But of course, people just sign up. So I sent out emails I said on my Facebook page. Now, with Myo Chip, you can set up, pop up, sign up on you if you got a website or on Facebook and so sign up here. And so you're starting to get people's email addresses now. And everything is so easy with male chip. So what you're doing now is you're getting a list of e mails and say, Put on your Facebook Facebook page or your personal Facebook. Get people to share it. There's a free service to get discounted treatments at a spa, so what happens is that. Then you start building this email list and then any discount that you want to do and also have blocked posts on interesting things, the importance of regular massage. What a central I was the best for pain. Relieve anything you want and I use this. This was one of the best ways to generate business. Now let's say you gotta slow week. What you wanna do you put out to the V I. P. List you exclusive club 25% discount on all massages this week. Or get a massage and receive a free facial whatever special you want to do. But it's exclusive to these people. All right, so they feel really special. And of course, it would fill a book if we had a quiet week coming up on Sunday night. I put out, you know, whatever specialty. Now, if you're really quiet, I suggest you give a 19 minute massage for the price of 60 right? So get there and 1/2 get a free half hour. So you start doing because if you really quiet, you don't really want to discount your price. If you have two, you've got time on your hands so why not given air and 1/2 best Sarge for the price of an hour massage? Give them more time because you still get the same amount of money in your pocket. Okay, so get into this. Stop learning about it. It's really they've got so many templates of everything. It's absolutely fantastic. As a safe, it's completely free. The base model I never upgraded. I didn't see any region to. I still use it to this day. So and as the same right blow post right things about, you know, it's not always just about specials. Really interesting things. You're the top three tips for posture, a great tip to get rid of not a new upper back and all these sorts of things that you could add. So you're giving them really beneficial things. But you're also keeping your spire in their minds as they open up the email. I should get a message. All right, so this is a great way to just said it was one of the best ways to generate business. And, of course, when it comes up to say, Valentine's Day, you know, you just gift vouchers, Christmas, all these things so you know that you could descend at these gift badges, and we've got 900 people on their list there. They imagine just time for Christmas. Don't be a gift vouchers. And, of course, people stuck for ideas for gifts. It is an absolutely brilliant way. So going sign up, male chip don't come. And by all means, the first post you could write about was about your business cards. Get $10 off business cards, you know, until about. Refer someone and you get $10. Credit every person new client that you refer, and they will get $10 off immediately. Start talking about your business cards and the referral system you've got. It's a great way to already start putting something out. And, of course, I would immediately give a discount for the people as well as soon as you start as soon as I sign up within that first few days, then put something out. But I'm going all this now, By the way, when it comes to sales techniques, creating a sense of urgency is a really good way. So this week, only something like that in your special you know, I've got 40 massagers available at a 50% discount or with 30% extra exclusive V I P members . And so it is to say, I have really powerful way to use it for specials using the gift vouchers. And as I say, if you got a slow week, you could just put out a special. And I said Now, by the way, you learn later on that you're going to have a box on your intake form to Would you like to sign up for a free exclusive club could receive discounts and specials. Well, who's not ticking that box? Right, So in every intake form, you've got that as well, and you have it on your Facebook page and tell your friends to share it in that sort of thing. So all of a sudden you have hundreds of people that you can now give discounts to a great way to get things really snowballing. 8. Tripadvisopr 1: trip advisor is an absolute must to be on. It was one of their most poach and most powerful tools for advertising business completely free. And, for example, I just want it with my son. We had a few days off, went to a new place New Town, and I was constantly on the phone on trip Advisor, checking out the restaurant. We got word going for dinner, for example. Let's check. Oh, this one's got great reviews and the same with your massage business. People were always check out. Spy on trip Advisor We had fantastic reviews were number one spire in the in the area of about 15 spouse, we were number one. So of course it attracted a lot of attention and got us a ton of work. So make sure you're on trip advisor And likewise, as I said to the girls that worked in the spine with may I always say, make sure that you ask people if there please write a review on trip advisor. So that was again a really, really important thing to ask them. I always stressed the ghost. Please make sure once you finish the massage to ask, even if they wouldn't mind writing review on TripAdvisor, and more often than not, they would and be glowing reviews. And again, it was just your number. One people five star, five star, five star reviews, one together that would make them just like me with a restaurant. I look, they go, Well, that's got great ratings. Let's book that. And that's exactly what happened to us. So yes, absolutely one of this free things you could do get on trip advisor. 9. Facebook page 1: So social media Twitter instagram Facebook page Yes. You definitely want to do this. And you link them back with your website like us on Facebook, that sort of thing. Follow us on Facebook, all that sort of thing. Now, once again, Facebook pages are dead easy to get set up. They're really great things to get all your friends connected. By the way, I just I've used Facebook ads and really didn't get anything out of them, so I You might have a different experience, but I found just wasted money by doing. There's a lot of ways that you could do this basically for free that I'm gonna show you, which have much better affects and save you money. Okay. Now with your Facebook page, you wanna have your about, ask, you want to put beautiful photos into it, And again, I would have the articles from your block posts that you've gotten your website or just write them directly. But normally I would link them from the block post because when they click on it and then they go to your your website, which will have your treatments. And it's just another way of keeping them connected in my book. Look, I didn't realize they do this. It's another great. So it's a great way to inform your your clients about like a city before What are the best of central oils for pain relief, and you do this thing on them as well. You can ask your your people, your followers questions. What do you think about, uh, what do you think about us now, opening on Sundays with that interest? Anyone? So you could do little surveys like that as well. So it's getting great market research that people might say are fantastic of you guys were open in the evenings. That would be awesome. So that might be enough. Another great way to get more clients just because your hours are not what was most convenient because people had to work in the area that you're working so Facebook. Very powerful. Now you can also want to talk about the V. I. P. List is have a link to join our V I. P list with get discounted treatments, that sort of thing. So we'll talk about that as well, but definitely want to do Facebook page. You might wanna do twitter. You may want to do instagram, but most definitely get a Facebook page up and running. It's free and a very powerful tool. 10. Images 1: when you're making your blogging, you're doing block post or you're putting post on Facebook or wherever you're putting post or even just on your website. You're going to need images, say images of massage, that sort of thing. Now in your description box of this lecture, I've given you links to certain companies. Silk could. You can't just go to the Internet. And if you know where this and just rip off some into some photo off the Internet because there are royalties and you could get fined again a whole lot of travel so you can just go still. Photos. Just Google massage and take any photo and put on your site. So there there places like shadow stop dot com, istock photo dot com and others that sell your photos. Now I use deposit photos dot com. I find they got a really good pricing structure you can buy, like 10 photos, I think, even by single ones. The last time I went to Shadow Stop, they didn't have I just needed a It was just one photo, maybe was time aside, for example, but you had to buy a subscription certain per Mt and then a yearly subscription. They didn't have a non option at the time just to buy one photo. So that's why I went to deposit photos now. But what I suggest is just look around for free photos now, because they're royalty free photos you get So the biggest one and best one is picks obey, which is in your description box picks. If I had well over a 1,000,000 photos. So you know, if you into a block post on essential oils, type in essential oils and you can use that any of their photos on down inside Fourth, another one pixels. No one unspool ash dot com They're all in your description box, but so that's why I suggested some really good photos that you can use free. And then you say When you start writing block post, you don't have to go out and spend a fortune on photos. Get him off free and away you go. But what I have done, I would let you know this for once, where I want the photos. If I couldn't find a really good one, I didn't just go like a really good free one. I didn't just go out put in a crappy free one. Who cares? You know when you when it's really important. For example, let's say your treatment photos. If you're doing on your website, you got your treatments and you want a really nice photo of hot stones. Then you might want to go out and buy. Buy that. I use deposit photos dot com again on your description box. So that's think. But just go Google go. I'll take that one because you could fit a whole world of trouble. 11. Fiverr 1: now I won't talk to about five dot com. This is my favorite. There's also up work dot com, but if you don't know how to do anything, I talk about it through the course. But this is I make for my best friend that done so much work, so I don't explain if you don't know anything about it. Five is where you can contract people to do work, starting from $5 now, whether that's Web design or help you with the blawg or to do like I've had my YouTube banner that the images done there, I've had graphics done. I've had these graphic intro videos to my videos on YouTube, so you practically get anything done there. So if you you know you don't know how to do something, they just go to Fiverr and they will help you that help you with just everything. So take a look toe. If you just say if you need help with your website or your Facebook page and so on and so forth, they do all this sort of thing. That's a great thing to have handy when, if you like, may I'm out of my depth. Oh, I don't have time to do something. I want to outsource it, and it's a great resource tohave 12. Summary steps 1: All right. So you should be set up now. You should have your Facebook page. You should have your beyond male chip now signed up to that on some Learn how to do that. You should also have your business cards. Now has to say, if you just have to write them manually on the back of the business cards. $10.10 dollars off your first treatment. So then you want people getting these cards in their hands. So put on your personal Facebook page. Get your friends to like your face, Facebook page or business page for your spot. Okay? And you want to get the sign up with the mail chimp. You want their email addresses. So they knew through mail chip, you'll be able to start telling them all about their affair. Oh, card sister that you've got. So that's what I think. You start telling them as soon as you get. Now what you're going to do is put out a ridiculously wonderful deal For now, you might have already clients at the moment because what you want is one. Start generating money and to start telling them what you got them in the clinic. when they're about to have you tell them about how they get $10 off treatment. If they refer a new client, remember, it has to be a new client can just invite one of your existing clients gotta be a new client. Eso explained the card system that you've got, how that person get $10 off their first treatment and for the person you're talking to, they will get a $10 credit off their next treatment and it's unlimited. They give him a handful of cards if there's someone that you think you're going to promote your business and hand them out. Okay, so you want people with cards in their hands knowing all about that, and you want them on the V I. P list. So go to mail Chimp. You can get a you'll see a link to have a sign up form that you're gonna put on your Facebook page if you got a website put onto your website. Okay, so you want people now. The other thing you do on your Facebook page is have signed up for a V I P list and get discounted spa treatments. Now you're going to put out a great deal. A too good to be true deal. That's a 50% off massages and have a sense of urgency, like for the 1st 20 people that call me or for all this week only, or something like that. So people don't I heard about this a month ago. It's got to pay that. Always, always, you're doing it with a sense of urgency. So it's, you know, limited offer. 1st 20 people, it's on a cycle. All right, so these are the steps you want to do. Now we want you start earning money. So by doing that, you're gonna put out a great discount. Now that could be get one our message and get a free facial or get 90 minutes for the price of 60 or whatever you want to do that make it a fabulous deal so that they come in and then you explain the cards, that is your objective. One doing a great deal so you can earn money and to telling about all of this about your new referral system that you're now implementing. Now, if you've got old guys existing clients, then by all means, let them know about you know, you're 50% off because I'll be really offended if that on here, you know, and other people are getting this great deal. So contact your clients all this week with 50% off massages, and then you can let them know whatever you can think up. If you want to get out your business cards, start going to businesses on, you know, just going and say, Oh, hey, look, we got a 50% off all this week and look, you can get if you refer a new client, come and try us whatever you need to do. But those are your objectives to start getting money into your pocket and getting business cards into the pockets of your clients and educate them about this new referral system. 13. Intro sec 2 1: now in this section. What I want to do is show the different ways you can earn money doing massage. I'll even talk about being an employee. Obviously, this course is really about you working for yourself. But I want to go through the advantages and disadvantages advantages off each way, but in particular, how you could do. You might be leaving money on the table because, like what I did, I was doing home visits. I also worked out of a room where people came to May and I also did corporate message where I'm going to chair massage with people of different businesses. And I talk about that because that was an absolutely brilliant way for me to get extra income and income every single week. So let's have a look at the different ways because you might not have considered other ways that you could make message rather just sitting in your spare room and other ways to generate more, more, more income and more clients 14. Employee new 1: Now, this first option is being an employee working for someone. So this is your safest bet because you know, you're getting a salary. Do a good job, you keep your job. So you work for someone and this dispute last safe. You know where your money is coming in. You're gonna get paid a salary at the end of the week, and you go home when it's time to knock off. When you go home, you have to think about writing it received doing, you know, your Texas and so on and so forth. So it's very simple. Okay, I don't have to worry too much. Pretty much stress free. Just do a good job for the boss, and you know, it's also a really good way to learn skills. So if there are the massage therapist, then you can work off each other because thing with message. If you're working in your own your own clinic, for example, then there's not really an opportunity unless you're swapping with a massage therapist doing messages, but this. If you're really working on your own in this environment, you can get tips from other massage therapists, but also you can see the way they run their business so you could see what they do for marketing. So it could be a really good learning curve. Now, this might be you employees on a cruise ship on your spouse in a doctor's office with a chiropractic, that sort of thing. They just sort of scenarios you can get. But remember, just like I work for someone for many, many years and, uh, for May I never do it again. Okay on. I'll get explain to you why I would never do it again. But as I say, you might be happy to work for somewhere else. And I'm going to explain to you a little bit later on another lecture. What questions you need to ask yourself if you are are driven to work for yourself or if you're just not ready for it. Perhaps you'd rather just have that safety net and work for a salary. Remember, though you're going to have to hopefully get a nice boss. But if you haven't, that could be a problem. And you've got to do what they say. Okay, Get your weapon for someone. Of course. So just like happened to May. I've done nine messages. One day it was an Easter weekend and someone else come in and I was completely exhausted and he said you could do another message. I said, I just haven't got me I've had lunch, I haven't They said, Well, we gotta make hay while the sun shines. I'll never forget those words. So there are Waas. I was just exhausted. Obviously, I can't give a great greatest massage, but he said I had to. So I had to and it was all about the money for him. So there's that and the other thing, you know? So you gotta you gotta weigh up the pros and cons. Obviously, if you got a great boss and that's it. So you got those nice safety net? Is that? Say you can get your salary, you don't have to all the other other areas of running a business, but I would only use it for me personally. If I was gonna do that, I would seek it out as a great way to learn it's nice and safe. Save up my money, but using it as a stepping stone because you're making them all the money and you know so They're gonna be really happy you make make money for them. But again, if you're okay with it, There you go. So now let's look at the options. When it comes to working for yourself, What's the cheapest way to get it going? 15. Working for self 1: So we moved from an employee. We're going to remove the safety net. The safety net of being employee. He just turned up. You've got a job to do a good job. You've got a job and you go home when you want. And but now we talk about what this court is really all about. How to become hugely successful working for yourself. Which means working your own hours, taking the date off when you want your days off not being told. You've gotta work six days a week from these hours and just keep turning over messages. You get to take up your time, spend more time with your family and really enjoy building something that you can call your own so they don't have the safety net of knowing. I'm going to get paid X amount at the end of the weight as a celery. Now, you don't have that second it. But don't worry, because I am going to show you how to become incredibly successful by doing these methods that I teach you. Okay, so now you're gonna start talking about having to do intake forms, make your own business cards. I show you the most effective way to make these business guys really work for you. Social media marketing, which I teach you all about having to give receipts and actually having do this awful thing called taxes and I show you the easy way. I won't bore you with that because I'm already bored just saying the word accounting and taxes so but I just had to do it simply and effectively. So okay, let's have a look right now at the different ways you can get started working for yourself . And so let's have a look at the pros and cons of each of these. I've done every single one of them, as I say. So let's start looking at home visits. 16. Home visits 1: so a fantastic way. The cheapest way to start working for yourself, working on hours, having your own business is doing home visits. And this is one of the ways I started. And it's a great way. I say. Now you're working for yourself. You just need your portable massage table. You need your oil and you need a reliable car. Now you don't have a course with no no room. We're working out off. You don't have to have any electricity cost with hating the room. You don't need to supply furniture, you don't need music and you don't even need laundry. I would get the people to supply their own order. So if someone wanted a message in their home, I said, Okay, if you just play, we need to large towns on a small one, small one for the face, whole larger underneath, large over the top, and you're good as gold. So they've got a nice music. They've got the house hated. You just got to get there, and you can charge more and you should, because you've got suddenly. Now you've got costs. You know nothing about the safety net. You're now working for yourself which is fantastic. But now you're gonna have small costs. Gasoline. I could say you don't have rentals. You don't have a big nut like that. So it's a really cheap way to get a reliable car now. The downside is, if you can't breaks down, your business is broken, so your are right in your car. I had a Volkswagen Beetle course, one of most reliable cars in the world, and I use this little old Biddle 1968 Biddle for using using years never failed me. So as long as you got your table, your oils and car, you're good to go now. The other problem is you won't have any walk ins. So if I had a physical business on a street, someone could see our message place. Let's go get a massage. If you doing home visits, you're not going to get that now. The biggest problem with this is personal safety, where you go to someone, it's house and then you into their their housing environment. So especially for women, this could be a dangerous premise. The majority of people are good, wholesome people and that what I would suggest you to do is because normally you get person , your friend or something. Or would you come to my home especially if you don't have a place to work out? Yeah, I'll go to your house and do your message, so and then you could get that Comey refer people like Mark comes around. And so if you know where the persons referred from from a trusted friend of yours, then obviously that's a much safer environment. Then just getting a call from someone just heard you do house visits. Okay, so the other thing is, if you are doing massagers, that's area home or out of a room or something, then those clients you could treat them because you already know them clients at their homes. So let's say you start to get some costs with the gasoline if the car breaks down the new stuck but is a super cheap, super easy way to Suddenly you're on board. You are now doing working for yourself, building your own business and government people, and you can immediately start building up and become full time diner housing pleasures, and you get people doing it weekly so you have your weekly visits, so you start to go. Okay. I know where my money is coming in. And this is a really great way. Get yourself started working for yourself. 17. From home 1: now, another great way to get started is working from home. So you've got a room in your house and you can use and it's terrific. Number one again. You don't have to rent a building, but there are going to be more associated costs than going to people to house visits because suddenly now you have to heat the home. You're going to use your own towels. You're gonna have to set up the room. Nothing has to be super expensive, By the way, when you're setting up a room, you don't need to spend a whole lot of money on furniture, furnishings, this sort of thing to buy your small speakers for a stereo, that sort of thing. It could all be done very, very cheaply. Just send it up and having looking really, really beautiful. So from her from home. Well, that's the beautiful thing. You work from home so they come to you so suddenly you're not having to go out of the car and go around the place. Now you got people so you could do that when you were doing going to people's homes. Then it's gonna take saying air and 1/2 minimum because you're sitting up takes more time than you travel to the next place. Suddenly, if you've got three people, you 23 people in a row and within three hours your works don't work. Might take you, say, six hours to go people's places. So, yes, you do have some more associated costs with electricity and setting up the room. Man of the other. Great thing is, Well, first, you don't have to go anywhere, so you don't have to go to aspire to work in that, you know, the clinical, whatever, you've set up the building. So if someone doesn't turn up a no show, it doesn't matter. Your home. You said you have another cup of tea Wait for the next client. So it's a great way. It's still really inexpensive. Yes, sir. It's, um it's like more associated costs. But now you can actually advertise it as a place where people can come. So you've actually got a set up where you can start advertising. Remember, There is, of course, that just be careful people now coming into your home and that sort of thing. But it is a great way, an inexpensive way. You're not paying any rent. Still, you don't have been putting out major science and that sort of thing, and it's a great way to get your name out. And by the way, you can now do that and do home visitors. Did you? Which is exactly what I did. So some people might just want to have their messages at home. You charged Mawr, and so suddenly you could be jumping the two of those but home visits and working from home . It's a great combination to do both. 18. Shop room 1: now. Another option, which I've done is you can rent a room or give a commission of the person that has the place. Now there are a few different scenarios here. When I was working about a vitamin shop in Melbourne, then what I would do the owner had a room set up and where that's two rooms and then she would have that space. And then I would pay her commission off the message that I would do so. It's No, you don't have to set your business up here, so you're not having to have that. None of okay now getting my own business, I have to set it all up now. Everything was there, including the massage table, actually, and the desk and everything. So all I had to do was be their turn up and do the treatments, and I would give her a percentage off. The money I would gain from the treatment has a really great way to get tonight. And you've got a physical location. So I get referrals you then suddenly Oh, yes. I'm work from such and such. So just give a little more professional on and plus you get walk ins. They were on a busy road Bridge road in Melbourne as a busy road. A lot of people, a lot of walking traffic, so you get walk ins, so that was a really great way. The other way could do is just rent the room for a certain amount of time. So if if you're there and you're renting and someone walks through the door and they know they've got massage, then you get that business. Some problems can occur now. First and foremost, here's what you never do is if they've got a plan. Well, I say not never. There's a way you can get out of this. Let's say you're massaging someone from there and the owner is supplying the room you paid out of commission and that client then says, Oh, that u Mass. As they came in through their health food store on you got the message through them and then that person could you Did you do a home visit? Oh, yes, I do now. So now you've taken decline that was introduced to you because they came into the health food store and now you're taking home now the only way you could be honest and ethical, and I would say to the owner, they want home visit, But I would pay them the same amount that they would normally get if that person was in your clinic if they were okay with that. But most definitely, never just basically still declined from from there. Okay, so that's what I would do. Are they okay? The people want a home visit and you have charged more for home visit, and you say, But I will give the same right. And of course you have your costume to gasoline and that sort of thing, all right, but you don't have to cost a laundry, Jonas. So okay, now, another little problem that can be a big problem is, let's say someone comes in and there are two massage therapists there. Kept pressing, comes in once a message. Who does that person in the desk who did they give it to? So that could be a problem as well. Now I worked in this place and there's a naturopath. So there's referrals were coming from the naturopath, and, like what? I would refer to that. So that's one of the advantages beyond across refer as well. Another scenario which could have problems is similar to this and where maybe you've got. I wanted a place where there was a naturopath. There was an austere path. There was, I think a physical therapist may doing acupuncture and massage with another massage therapist. I think reflexology all these different practitioners and set up we had was we would pay a certain amount for the room. Everyone had their rooms and a certain amount, and that paid for the rent of the building and also receptionist. That problem comes someone close up and they've got a headache. For example, who does that receptionist then refer them to? Everyone's paying a certain amount. Now they can refer them to the natural path of work. There. The Australian City I. I can treat headaches, may the acupuncture and so on and so forth. So that could become a problem. Where he's going, who do I refer to it so that can obviously especially times were tough. That could become a problem there, but okay, it is a brilliant way for you to cheaply have a spot way when you can go and tell people to come in here. You can ever tired. You send out your business cards and then there's a riel legitimate physical spot for you. It's very shape, and you could be a very, very successful working out of there without over the you still don't have electricity and that sort of thing. That's a great way to set yourself up in a in a spot in an environment Where is public walking by? 19. Corporate 1: now doing corporate messages. Otherwise cheer messages in a corporate environment. I did this and this was one of the ways that actually really propelled me. So we go back to. So I was working out of the they told you about in Bridge Road about there, and I just started there. So I had zero clients. I just started there, and so that what? I'll go up, walk up and down the street and give up my business cards and so new to it on. So I went to this restaurant and a couple guys were having lunch there, and this guy said, What are you doing? What, you giving out cars? And I said, I do massage. It's not great. Fantastic said, Hey, other, an architectural firm up the road. You think it come up and do a couple of hours better back Nick massage on my my employees, But sure, sure. And you say what? Do you do it? Of course. My book was completely empty. I had no clients better kind of went through that you're gonna space on Friday. Would that work was Wednesday, said on Friday. Be perfect Freedom five in the afternoon so now. This was great physical. I just Hey, didn't even want me to have a message here. I just walked up and massage them in front of their in front of their computers. They're all architect and just did chair massage on their backs. And next, by the way, if you wanna learn chair massage, I've got a course on that. If you want to know how to do that, What this was great for was again. I just had to get there. There were no costs except for me getting there. There was no oil. I didn't have to lug a table around for this. I was just literally doing it on a chair or at them at their chairs. So it was fantastic zero cost, except for just getting to the place. Now, this is great, because it started Snowball. Now, this doing chamber. Since then, other companies failure. Oh, you've got what? Massage. Oh, I'm gonna get that for my employees. So suddenly. Now, the beauty of boys, these companies, they would do it every week because what's a, uh I had established that just can you come every week off one cos every two weeks? But it's regular work. And so you didn't have to push for like you're trying to find for Clinton. I knew every week I had X y Z companies that I'd be messaging so suddenly I was like, Well, I've paid my rent from my house because I've got these sorts of companies that were locked in every week. Also with that is those people that love you hidden, hidden Nick Mess, I say, Do you like to full body massage? Oh, yeah, sure. So then they would come down to my place in Bridge Road and a message on the table. So then they started telling their friends, and so it's a great way to tap into one regular income. Very little outgoing costs only the cost of your car to get there and and a great way for people to fuel your mess. And then they'll go to see you. So that was a perfect blend. So corporate massage is a great way. If you could tap into that a brilliant way to reach investors. Now you can get yourself a proper massage chair, or there's a little head risk, things that you can buy that kind of lock onto a table because these particular companies just didn't want me to have a massage chair there. But by all means, you get massage chair, which will beam or even better, and or is this a little sort of base Chris that locks under the desk itself, but ideally, a proper massage chair and, um, and say, If you don't know how to do chair massage, then you get my course if you'd like to and see about that how to do it. But this was a great way that I did for years, and it really locked me into having financial security every week because the companies were locked in. 20. All of them 1: Now what I suggest if you need to. Which is exactly what I did. Was do all of the above methods, methods when it comes to self employment. So, yes, do home visits? Very little cost except the gasoline. Get 100% of the money work from home. If you've got a space, you can work from home once again, you've got a few little cost. There you got set up in the room. But you're not paying anyone a commission and you're not renting a room. So you've got that as well. So you could do how work from home and do home visits. Maybe you've got a space of your paying commissions or renting. So why not do that as well? Maybe a diet your weight where I've got a physical presence somewhere we get more furrows as well and do corporate massage. So you start to do that to lock in a regular income in that environment as well. That's exactly what I did when I first start up. I did all of those mothers. I went to people's houses. They came to my house, I had a room. I worked out of a couple of days a week, and I also did Corporates. It is a great way. Why lock yourself into one method? Get your name out there, you're gonna work hard. It's gonna make you successful. And it is a great way to do all of these combined them all and just watch the money start rolling in. 21. Own business 1: Now, the next thing you can do is actually have your own business. So their advantages, of course, to this where you are now, you've got your own actual business. So now you've got something that began profitable, and you've got something you can actually sell now. So, you know, if you would do for X amount of years, then you've actually got a business that you can sell and you've made money from Apart from just the making money. While you're working through it, you got something to sell? Of course, you're gonna have a lot more upfront costs. You're gonna have rent, have detectors. You have prepares, you might need a receptionist, you got furniture. This is a lot more additional costs. So a lot more thought has to be put into this. So and the other thing is gonna have stuff. But you could also have a message surface now, working your money, you're renting the rooms to massage surface. Or maybe your employing massage therapists. And so there's also that cyber as well. There's a lot more to think about. When where you going to set up, how much red you go to pay and I'll go through this on how to set up your own business and working out percentages of how much rent should pay and had to do a little bit of the because you need to a lot of do Children's to work out how much is going to be, How much would it cost? And I'll go through that with you because this suddenly becomes you're a lot more stressful as such, because you've gotta have to outlay a lot more money. But as you say, the upside is you can have people working for you and making money for you on also, you've actually got something that you can sell. 22. Buying business 1: And then finally we have buying an existing business and existing practice. Now, this one you've got to be incredibly careful with now. Obviously, it's a business that set up maybe amount of massage surface, working for them. And you're going to buy into that. You get the furnishings and so on and so forth and probably the client files, Um, and the goodwill of the business. Now they're very hard. Let me go through a few of these factors. If you're gonna buy a business first of there's gonna be a lot of money normally, but the client files now, you don't know if that person came in once has never come while you will if you have a look through every single one but just got 20,000 clients, how many of those are actually active? Okay, now, So you gotta try and have a guesstimate with that, otherwise going through 20,000 files and you gotta be careful. People might be deceiving. That might fix the books and so on and so forth. But the biggest thing more than anything is with those people coming just because of that practitioner, are they coming to see Marc parent judging it. Mark Barron Jones lives. Then you know that was 80% of the business. So you've really got to be careful, your other people going because it's a great established business and the massage therapist , just all part of that. Or are they going to see you know, those one or two people? And of course I can leave. Those therapists can leave as well, so that's a really big consideration when you're going to do that a bit like a few minutes . See someone? Everyone went to that business because that they just love that ship once the ship left by the place wasn't the same, so you could really do your money in. But it is so really, it's the furnishings and what's there. But that one you're gonna be really, really careful with. Ask around if it's in an area, ask around, try and find out as best you can be very, very careful 23. Costs analysis 1: So whether you're going to rent a building on rent a room or what have you, you need to do a little cost breakdowns. Very simple, so or you won't do. Let's say, for example, you're paying $300 a month for the rent of a space. And let's say with the laundry, I'll keep it very simple for you. With laundry and other costs. It's an extra 200 so your costs are going to be 500 per month. So then you want to break down. Let's say your you're charging $50 a massage. Well, that would mean to break even. You need to do 10 messages. Would get to $500 back to cover those simple expenses. Rent. Always going to be your biggest expense normally. Okay, so you need to work out. Okay, so how many messages on it through 10 mess searches in a month to just to break even? OK, so is that doable? So what you don't want to do, which I've seen therapist do every years it's over. Extend themselves and you're getting spending $1500 in rent. So now that that now becomes 1500 rent, let's say they've got 500 expenses now. That 2000 which means they've got to do 14 massages, awaken $50 per massage just to cover expenses. So don't over extend yourself. Keep your overheads low as much as possible, certainly when you start up, although it would be way too stressful and you just build up from there. Because when you start Teoh just to break even, I have to report in Mass. Sergeant, that's 10 messages a week. That's two a day now might not seem much, but you never know what can happen around the corner. So giving others overheads low is really what you are doing. So just break it down. What are my costs? How many massages? The price I charged I need to do to break even. So let's just go back to the initial 1 500 expenses 302 103 laundry, electric and so on and so forth. $50 a message at 10 a week. So that's if I worked five days a week. That's two a day, and then they'd rather three weeks of the month are all profit, basically, so that's a very doable way to run your business. And so you want affected Doesn't now cause you've got your rent Fear house Probably so you need to factor those in as well. But just break it down as the rent for your business at the moment and what you need to make your business run, what you need to make a break even on that and then factor in all the expenses after that. But the real point of this is police. Don't overextend yourself unless you got plenty of money by harder, but even still keep it's going. You're gonna be overstressed and then build it up from what you've got there, you can always go bigger later on and have your several rooms of the massage services, that sort of thing. You have become highly successful, like that started small and then build up from there 24. Grit 1: All right, So now I've shown you all of the business options, the ways you can make money as a massage therapist. Now, I want to say this from the get go, and I will myself. I've worked for people. As I told you, I absolutely love working for myself. I get my own hours. I get to play, have more time to play with my son. I have no boss to answer to. All right now was telling May that they're not happy with May head. I've got to come in for a meeting on Monday morning. Destroyed my weekend. I get to do what I want. I have my own hours. I build my own business. I make a lot more money working for myself. And I get the satisfaction of saying I built this. I would have it no other way. There is no known that May personally would go back and work for someone else. All right. And that's what this causes Haley is about Really? About how you can make your own business, no matter what business model you want. Now, having said all that, you need to ask yourself this probably tipping point. You need to ask yourself, you know, because with heavy all the advantages of work yourself, there's risks involved. Okay, you're going to have to do accounting. You're going to have to do marking your Ramon new skills, all right? And you're going to have to work hard. You can not. Just 9 to 5. Now you're going tohave. Teoh, come home from doing a massage. You might be tired, but then you have to send out emails to your email list or do some marketing or send out a broad post and so on and so forth. No one became successful because they just went in cruise mode or lazy and just let it all happen. All your professional actors have worked their butts off to get that successful people, just like you can be hugely successful. I'm going to teach you the methods that may be successful on. I'm going to show you how to do this. So you've got you're not going to have to repeat all the mistakes that I made, so I'm going to show the ways that I found become really successful. But you just need to ask yourself this am I determined m I a romper entrepreneur and my willing to make decisions by myself. Um, I was willing to put up with inherent risks, even advocate them as low as possible of owning my own business or running my own business . Or would you prefer to work for someone and have a salary, which is absolutely fine? Maybe you're just not ready. You'd prefer toe. Say, use that as a learning environment and wait till you ready. Maybe you you're comfortable. Would you rather be safe in that safe? Spoke it your salary and go home at five or six oclock. Not on your happy to take T listen to the boss and do what they tell you on. So that's your toiletries and you can still make a great living out of that. But if you want to make really big money, then it's definitely the only way to go. Is your own business now, even if you don't want to make big money, but you want to just be able to be successful in your own business, work for yourself, make your own hours the own days. That's our thing. Then that's all you have to do is do what I teach you in this course and work hard, have determination, grit, perseverance and then you'll be out of become successful. 25. Intro sect 3 1: All right. So in this section, I'm going to teach you how you're going to be treating the client. Now, remember, I'm gonna be teaching you so that you are going to be a highly regarded professional massage therapist, not just someone that does message. Okay? We are taking it up to this level. Now you're going to need to practice the steps because they probably gonna be new to you. And so you have to, like any skills. It you got to NATO really honed them in. So I want you to practice on family members, especially when it comes to the assessment and what you're going to say to your client, which will go into later on. So practice on your friends and families and so on and so forth. Now, some of these things, if you're experiencing the mess, are gentry. A couple of these things might be, you know, brain is for you. But remember, there are other people who are completely new to this industry and just want to get into massage and really have no idea. So some might be basic for some people. But just remember, I'm having to treat people all levels of experience. Or so let's start off with when the person we're gonna go from when the person first cause you and had an answer that phone right the way through of all the treatments, right? You the impact when you're now getting them onto maintenance treatments once a month or so on and how you go about every single step because every single step has to be done correctly. 26. Phones newest 1: All right, so, mrs to start off first impressions are everything, as you know. So when it comes to answering the fine there a couple. Just things that you need to be aware of. Please don't just aren't toe go without saying, you know, you shouldn't do that anyway, but because you're more than likely going to be starting off using your cell phone, you have people calling for messages and also private phone calls. So, you know, just place a like, Hello, Mark speaking. Or, you know, if you've got two numbers and that's great on, then you is a very spire marks begging. But please don't do this. I know. Hello. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Not his market all. You want a massage? Yeah, sure. That doesn't come off. It's really professional. All right, All right. So make sure you say your name, if you were gonna say, is the very spot. When you've got whatever you call your message clinic and you've got personal calls that might be just a bit uncomfortable, you know? Hello is the very spot Mark speaking. Well, I am. Oh, knock is I got the you said, but you know, So that's probably What you gonna start off with now? You want to get the client's name, obviously, and you want to write down their phone number. You must have their phone number just in case your car broke down or you have to pick up the kids from school unexpectedly or what have you. So you want to make sure that you've got the number and make sure it's correct. If anything happens, you can get in touch them because nothing worse than getting to go to a massage person fights their way through. Traffic gets there and you're nowhere to be seen. You could couldn't make it. What have you So really, you must get their number and the name. The other thing that's really important is to ask them how they heard about you Really rare referral system. So they might say, Oh, I stored on your Facebook page. You have so that special your head out, so that would give you good information about how your marketing marketing is going. But the other thing you maybe there were referred from a doctor or from a naturopath, chiropractor or one other. Your clients. So what? You're always going to do is call that person back or email them. Please don't text them. All right. Make it personal. I would always call them. It's quicker than emailing, especially the way I type, but it's not. It's nice to give them a call and thank them very much, you know. Oh, hi, Rose. Me. Thank you so much. I saw Donald today. She's coming to this message spot. I just want to thank you so much for referring her on. And by the way, because of that, you get $10 off your next treatment and she might say something like Okay, yeah, I want to come in this way. Can I book an appointment? Who knows? But the point is always, always get back to people that refer Teoh so that they know just how much you appreciate their help. All right, so always get back and don't text. Message them, please. Now, when it comes to booking where it comes to booking massages now, let's just say, could I imagine when you start, you don't have. Let's just say that the there's not one client you've just started up, you've got into a room and there's no one plant in your book for the week. All right? Now you want to sound like you're busy. That's not lying. You were just gonna show you were just gonna sound like you're busy and the way I always did. Did it was like this. First of all, let's not do this. You're not sure? Uh, when you want to come in. Oh, any time this week. It's Fred. Toll free. Yeah. Now, now, I got nothing. Any time you want. We don't sound like that, do you? The president? Home work, so that can't be good. So it's much better to sound like you're busy, even though you're books empty. So this is a good bye to do. You're like a message. Sure. Sure. Let me see. Okay, Um, I've got one available at 11 today. Would that work for you? Oh, you want to meet tomorrow to our shore? Uh, what about, um 10 o'clock or I've also got one at 11. 10 o'clock. OK, great. Ok, we'll see you then. Ok, Terrific. So not lying. I do have one available live, available all day, as we know, but it sounds a lot better than just say, any time you want. Now, when it comes to booking, give us, especially with this new approach, is going to be doing with the assessments that I will teach you about. You really want to be out of Have give yourself in there and 1/2 reach our treatment so you don't have to rush it. Don't book them in 9 10 11 making it now and 1/2. So you've got extra time with the person, especially as you're honing in these new skills. Now the other thing I won't do is if you can. If you got 19 try book the next one in 10 30 as opposed to one at nine and one up for, especially if you're working out of a room where that means you got to sit there all day. Now, if the person says it's the only time that can come after work, then so be it. But it's much better if you can block them so they're close together. So you're not hanging around for six hours. All right, The last thing you wanna do is you want to be helpful to the phone. You're obviously of fine manners, important, but something that is really nice, especially their new client, and they don't know where you're being, So just explain to them, you know, be really helpful, for example. Okay, So what what were were on 30th you know, with the health food store is on the corner of 38th and fifth. Uh, we're right next door to the health food store now, also, if there's no parking out front, sometimes it might not be any parking. Just go around the back. All right. Okay. Wonderful. Okay. I'll see if it tomorrow. 10. OK, terrific. Bye for now. Okay, So you've not only being professional, even professional care and very helpful. So this it's already set you up like the person's got a great feeling about what this is. This is a professional outfit, and so this is great as your first impression. So that's the phone call. So just remember those things, you know, answer with your name at the very minimum. Get their name, get the phone number. Be helpful, giving directions if need be. And when you're booking appointment, trying to sound like you've got the whole book empty for the week. And so those that s steps that you really want to do when it comes to the focal. All right, now the person comes to the spy. This is what you need to do. 27. Greeetings new 1: So the point is coming to see you. You that you took the phone call. They're coming to see you. So when they arrived, this is their first impression of seeing you after hearing you. So here's what you want. You are. We brought energetic, bubbly and professional. Okay, So when they come to see you, the last thing they want they want to hear is this. Even though you are bright and bubbly, I am doing great. Oh, I'm exhausted up down six messages today. Come on through. Who wants that? Number seven message? No, you might be tired, but he and a brilliant come on through, no matter how tired you are. The other thing is, don't be the not bad, Pretty good person. Even if you are cheery. Yeah, Not bad. Come on, fruit. Pretty good. Coming through. You're not pretty good. You are brilliant. Your great I'm doing excellent. Come on through. All right. Make it so they go all right. Booking with the spring in the step because you are a say not only professional, but you got energy. And who Who doesn't want that energy last? Hey, don't I had enough? Yeah, pretty good ice. I mean, all things, considering why not come to see you? I think I just walked back the other way. So no negativity. And for God's sake, not only at the when you make the time for the first time and but also during the massage do not get into complaining. Gossipy mode, All right? Yeah. Even if they are. Yeah, they bloody trump piece, you know, Don't you stop. Oh, yeah, No complaints. You don't go complaining about everything. Complaining about their what? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I can imagine that. Yeah. Terrific. Don't go into gossipy, hard to hear about Jane last night. Oh, my God. DeShawn table drunk as a skunk. No, you don't be gossipy, you know, winding or complaining that any and you don't get drawn in. You keep that conversation, you're setting the bar as the professional. All right, so I'm not saying don't be friendly. I just don't get tight and keep the level of conversation friendly and professional. All right? We don't start complaining. Were not negative. We're definitely not gossipy. Oh, dear. About Fred. No, 28. Intake 1: so in your retail, says I've got a basic intake form, which I like because it's one page. So one of the things you don't wanna have pages and pages of people ticking boxes for 15 minutes. Keep your intake form with a sufficient information that you get from your client because an intake form is important isn't important because you need good client records. But it also gives you more information about the climb and you get. It's pretty basic with the intake form that I've given you, but it's got now. You could use that a template and make your own with your own logo. Let ahead and whatever you want or just you straight use that one. And it's got things like How did you hear about us? So again for a furrows I talked about before the phone call could. Maybe this person just walked in off the street, and that s so you don't know how. So that will give you that information and referrals we talked about before about thanking the doctor or whoever referred them. The only thing that doesn't have on there is, and I would add the bottom a little box ticked this box. If you'd like to be part of a V i p list and get discounted treatments something like that , and I'll talk to you more about that later on. So I mean, who's not ticking that box? Who doesn't want discounted treatments and specials? So something along that line? Because then you have permission, Teoh, you've got their email address, but you can then add them to your V I. P list. And that is fantastic marketing. When we get to the V I. P list further into the course. So that's what I add at the bottom of the page. Something along those lines. Everything is pretty much straightforward. The other thing it says on this one is what would you like to get out of this session? What sort of message you like? So again it gives you more information on? Maybe they just got tied up back. Maybe they're just in there to relax ation, so that will give you more. If imagine when we start to go into the evaluation, you can use that information and I'll go through this as well. When it comes to tying a little patient together through their evaluation what they're expecting on when it comes to educating them with your findings, which will go on, we'll go into. So just remember this is just not a piece of paper that you just Oh, great. Thanks so much. It's got good information that you're going Teoh be able to use, and I'll show you exactly how to do that. 29. Posture eval 1: All right, So you client, you've checked Everything declined. Told you. Now I'm going to show you two different scenarios now because this is where it gets completely different from a normal massage therapist. I know a message there. I said no. You know, the average massage therapist, what they do now, persons just come in. Let's say they just want to relax. Ation message. No real complaints. Just a reaction. OK, so what will they do? All right. Oh, just leave the room. Be back in a couple of minutes. I'll get you to lie face down, etcetera, etcetera. Right. This is what we're not going to. This is where we start changing what you're going to do for the client. Millets, relaxation or in pain is first to a postural evaluation. Just like the chiropractic tip starts. Chicken leg links may be getting X rays. They start doing their test the doctor get some blood tests, ordered or stuff like that. We will be doing Curtis, which made a postural evaluation and write a couple of minutes. All right, you need to practice is to really get it smoothly and quickly. The best way you go on. I'll go through this. The best thing to get is an app we're not going to. Do you know old school? Why I recommend you. Don't you know we're gonna trying on on it? It is way more powerful to do it with an app. In the best postural app out there is called Posture Screen Mobile. The links in your notes. Now what this does it is now, by the way, gonna do this? Not on if your new clients, but you would do this. Whether the person has pain or not. Before each and every massage, every single massage, they'll get this done. Okay. It's a free postural evaluation. It looked like this. So Joe comes in for a relax ation massage you've just done the intake for Okay, Go nowhere. Now what I'm gonna do first, I just want to do a very quick postural evaluation. Just get you to stand up there. This will give us more information of the muscular imbalances that were going on in your body. Okay, Just at their front on click. Good. And if you just turned aside, right, click. Alright, Fantastic. All right, now what this app does now, it has his photos of front on and a side on photo with a grid away through this up vertical and horizontal. And it also brings out a report on this photo of left because we're looking at hips with their level or not shoulders, whether level or not and then side, side on, primarily forward head posture. So then we've got something to show the person. No, Why? We're doing this assessment one. It takes your level of professionalism from the average massage therapist way up here because you can imagine the client they're going, Whoa! I've never had this posture assessment thing. This is this is different. This is great, because it really gonna get Teoh. Check it out. So then you look at this guy. You decided to take a couple of minutes, but you could say, Oh, yeah. Look, Joe, we got the right shoulders higher than your left, so it's probably spasm in that Levada scheduled to pieces here. I'll have a look through that writer and your hips here and you See here, look out. Five forward. Your head is translated. So that produced a lot of pain and spasm in the neck because you're constantly contracting . You don't have to go into too much. All right, but so suddenly the person looks at that. Oh, my God. Look how far off for my head is. I had no idea that. Yeah, I'll leave that to you so you can show your wife Joe. All right? Yeah, sure. She'd love to see that. I had no idea. Well, yes. So that so? That gives You could make a better treatment number one. Because you've now seen, you know, you're now neither there's gonna be in spasm and so on and so forth. Second, work those areas, even if it's a full body massage, you still work the areas mawr at because those are the areas of more concern. So you're trying to get better muscular balance between the muscles. So it's important for you as a therapist. It's important for you is your professional image. It raises the bar mentioned so much better because imagine a chiropractor just going in not doing any test. Just just start adjusting. Well, I wouldn't, would they? So now you put you right at that same level, you're doing assessments. And as they say, if it's realization or if the person's impact. So you're doing that posture assessment, and then you are doing You're saying the person, and because of the beauty of the EP, you could email to them so you can make egos heading. Look at this. Look what this looking behind my shoulder waas. So now you've got something for them and for you, And then when you make your recommendations, is I'll go into Then you take a photo the next time so you'll be able to show any improvements. Look, look at that. Your shoulders. Nowhere near is how you see the two different photos. Well, well, well, That's so now they're seeing better balance in their system, and it is really, really important. So now you're showing yourself to be an expert in your field just by doing a postural evaluation. It's set you apart from the rest of the crowd. 30. An example 1: Okay, so I want to just show what that might look like when you're talking to a client and how this this scenario would play out. So let's have a look. Just a example. A lady who comes in called Jane and she comes in just for relax. Ation massage. There's no pain and how you would do this rather than the old system of Oh, sure, Jane, have a lie down. I'll be back in two minutes. Here's how you going to do set up using your own words, but I'll show you just a quick example of how to do it. All right, Jane. So you'd like a relax ation massage? No particular aches or pains? Sure, not a problem. Now just don't let you know what I do for new clients and even old kind before every single message that I do. It's really important that I do a postural evaluation. The reason being, if you've got postural imbalances, then that will lead to master imbalances and why that's important. Muscle imbalances can cause muscle weakness is trigger points, pain and spasm in a whole host of other things. So by doing that, what it would do is. Give me a lot more information so that I could give you a much better. Even though we're gonna give you a full body relaxation massage, I'll have a better understanding of where your muster imbalanced are. So they give them more focus to balance out your muscular system. How does that sound to you? All right, great. Or I'll let you get fucking just get you to walk up against that wall. I said it takes a second or, uh okay, just facing May there. And now just turn on side on or are right. Perfect. Okay, so the 10 Look, you all right? So you can you see already? Jen, you see how your right shoulder here, see how that's tilted up on your left? That means these muscles here gonna be a lot tighter. So give more focus onto those. Okay? Now also decide on few shows you with a forward head posture. So what we're gonna do that? That will set up a lot of tightness and muscles. It can actually cause headaches across your temples there with trigger points. So it's gonna be a lot of spasm through there, so I'll give that extra work through there as well. So and the other thing here you can see here that George, your hip on the left hand side, is up to see how that is. Now that's gonna be those lower back muscles, particularly one called the Quadra Islam board. So I'll work on those and we're going to achieve a much better balance for you. So why don't you get undressed? We'll get you face down on the table and I'll come back and I'll give you a full body relaxation message and a several concentrate on getting a much better balance between those muscles. So what have you just done? Posture. Evaluation? Why you doing that one? It set you apart from all of the other message. Derrick Rose, you just Your level of professionalism is just gone sky high. This person nominees comes in for a relax ation message and they get the same cookie cutter massage and every single person gets. Every person gets the same relaxation message from her massage therapist. Not you. You are evaluating her muscular imbalances. Why? Because they cause pain, weaknesses and spasm, and so on and so forth. And you're going to do a message specific to her to help her muscular imbalances. So now you're no longer a relax ation massage therapist. Just giving a mass Sarge of relaxation for body massage? No. And this is where the difference with a client understanding you're different because you are about correcting her master imbalances. Yes, you're doing a relax ation, full body massage. But you are also correcting imbalances, which is gonna help her so much more. So this is a message for her system and her imbalances, and you're correcting them. And so it raises the bar, shows your level of professionalism, and it is completely, completely different from just giving a massage to doing this just in that simple posture evaluation. 31. Post demo new 1: All right. So what I'm gonna do is just give you a closer look at this. Now it's posture analysis dot com This is the app that I'm talking about. Eso I just want to give you a bit of a look if you haven't already checked it out. Now there are posture APS on you that you can get free. This one, um, you have to pay for. But I think that might be a free version. I'm not really sure, but it's the best on the market by fire that I've ever set saying so I could see the grids that automatically puts in here the vertical horizontal grids. And then you place your dots here and it shows you and it gives you a report front through viewed deviations. Right. Viewed here, we outside on deviations. The your head weighs approximately £9.4. Shifted 1.54 inches forward. So what it's doing is a very, very powerful to your client Onda course for yourself, if you're not that experienced at the way, even if you are, But it shows you these muscle imbalances that need to be corrected, and it should shows your client thes these imbalances by you educated them. Why that's really important because of the with muscular and bounces creates weak muscles. Stretch trigger point success. Like I've talked to talk about then my education, that person. Suddenly you've transformed that real accession massage therapy. Now, by the way, the Relax ation massage client is certainly gonna be more difficult to convert generally than someone who's in pain. Good. Someone comes in with a shoulder pain. Then you shot. Show them on the forehead posture, which turns his shoulder in words. Then that was certainly get it. And they want to be out of pain So they do that and they'll come back by showing a person. FIRREA, relax, ation massage All these imbalances and the importance off getting your more treatment. Because of this, because it's important have balanced muscles. You can see just how powerful this is is a tool for you so you can see here once again, it's a full reader. Imagine when you email this with your recommendations between treatments. So it is really, really fantastic here. You could do because you're taking an assessment of taking a photo of each evaluation you can show them the improvements or look your you're doing great with your postural with your better posture at home and with a message is, Look at that. Your you started off your 1.54 inches in front of the boat had posture. Now look at you. You're only 0.5 or what have you. So it's a great thing to be able to do now. The other thing is, you can upgrade on this to get exercises. So the APP has his fantastic exercises in video that you could send to your client as well . So let's say they did have afforded posture that you can send them. It will give you recommended exercises Teoh by strengthening and stretching to help the person's condition based on their postural evaluation that you took on the air. So it's really, really powerful, So I want you to take a look at I think is an incredibly good product. It's pretty, incredibly powerful for us, his massage therapist, to have an evaluation to like this because then it validates what we're saying. It's powerful for the client. It makes it better for you, is a therapist because it gives you a way better idea about what's going on structurally with that person's body, how to help them better. And then, of course, of course, helps you. When you're going toe, follow up with the next treatment with them based on the findings from the posture evaluation and from your massage. 32. Findings new 1: All right. So now it's time to give the person your findings your professional, honest, caring findings and your recommendations to that person. So all right. So just like you normally would You have done your massage, you've left the room, and then you come back in and I'll give you this scenario with Jane again. So it might look something like that. Look and sound something like this. Hi, Jane. How was that? That felt fantastic. Thank you. That's great. Yeah, I found a lot of There's a lot of muscle tension as we just expected up around the top, right hand around the neck, then that right shoulder. Oh, yeah. I could feel you're working there. Yeah, I feel a lot of specimen through there and trigger points around the trapezius area there, as I suspected. Remember the posture evaluation with the right high shoulder? Okay. Anyway, so what I wanna do, I want to give you a couple of things to help with your posture, because you really need to help with that forward head posture. That's really important. And I'll give you a stretch to help get that level of that right shoulder down as well. so I'll get that. If you could do these things, they're recommend during the week. And I really like to follow up on this to see how the imbalances are. You know, I take a week's time that seven days to be great. How does that sound to you? Sure. Yeah, wake up. I don't leave it longer than away because, you know, we made good inroads today, but we're not out of the woods yet. So yet away could be perfect for May. All right, great. Okay. Fantastic. And there you have it. You suddenly got that person in. Why? Because you're going to help them more. And that is the important key aspect. You're not selling. You're not a car salesman. You're not pushing. You've just given her your professional recommendations because you want to feel better and have a more balanced, healthiest system which will make her healthier and more balanced is a simple as that. So what have you done? You have simply given her your professional recommendations based on the findings off both your massage and the postural evaluation as simple as that. So I want you to have a little think about how that's changed like it is miles away from probably the way of intruding, which is a person comes in for a relax ation message. As I have stated, they come in sure wanted to get undressed. Come back, Do they massage? Thanks. That filled. Great. And off they go. They feel great. Walked out the door. Feel fabulous. Now what have you done? You have taken the experience for that client to a whole new level. Your professionalism, your expertise is now up here it is miles away from here. Okay, so now you evaluated. You did a massage and you've given them your findings and your recommendations. They are now coming back now, by the way, having said that, if the person is in pain bringing back in three or four days, If they're in a lot of pain, tell him to come back tomorrow. It is your professional opinion. Don't be wishy washy. Don't go. No. Maybe a week. 10 days? It's your opinion. You're the professional. So when you recommend for when they come back based on your experience on your professional opinion, you tell them this is what I recommend to you because it's your professional opinion 33. Postural corrections 1: So like I said, we're going to give the person some very possible postural recommendations and postural advice. So, for example, if needed, right. But you'll see so many people of the forward head posture this right, So this is what's known by yonder as the up across syndrome. Now I'll keep it simple for you if this is totally new for you. But what happens is you get these muscular imbalances between tight contracted muscles and then the opposite ones get over stretched so they become overly long weakened muscles. So you get this combination short, tight, long week, and that's what happens. So when a person forward head posture, now it's it. I'm going to give this information for you. If you don't know about this, you don't want to go into this. You can put it in your own words quickly. Or you can write an email to your client on the effects of the forehead. Pasha. But let me just educate Europe for this new to you. So the forehead posture. So what? This is it's here. So what happens? Is these up a trapeze trip? Okay, so let's go back head should pay the puppet normal posture is the ear is over the shoulder . If you drop a stone from the shoulder, it should fall from the ear. It should fall in the shoulder, drop it from the chin. It should fall on the chest. Suzi, translate forward that all these muscles have toe work way harder so that the head just doesn't drop like that. So there are contracting. Show that that if they didn't, here's what would happen. Drops down. Right. So these upper trapezius muscles levada skeptically masses and the little muscles back underneath the skull. Here, the sub occipital muscles are constantly contracting. Are constantly contracting to hold this position so they become shortened and tight and become painful. The opposite ones of those other, because they're your neck. Extensive is the neck flexes the ones in front. Will they become weak because they don't have to do anything anymore? They become blessed in week Now. The other thing that happens is because of this. She went into my chest. The chest muscles all start to contract, so now you've got shortened contracted chest muscles which intimately rotates the shoulders so you can get shoulder problems from it. And if it gets bad African, even create breathing problems. Everything is compressed now. Your Rome Boyd's and lower trapezius muscles thes had come up through here. Okay, they get weakened and paid for become can become PayPal because the scapula And now rounding out around back in my rig cage because everything's pulling here on these are rounding out. So they're getting ovary stretch and they become weak. So this is what happened. So this is just so come on. We see this today is the upper crossed syndrome. In other words, poor posture with the head forward. So that's where these Master Impalas and you can teach your clients whether to email of these effects of the upper cross in our and that again, the more informed you are, the more educated you are, the better you will become educating your client. Okay, So what do you want to do? You want to be a bit give this person So let's that person came into the forehead posture and you want to give it some exercises. Imagine how thrilled this person is. Want they found out they get this forded pasha never knew about it, just came in for a massage Maybe they had neck pain. Maybe it's a relax ation message. Maybe it was for back pain or a hip. And so now you're gonna address that. Now, by all means address their major complaint, the hip pain. But you can also point out this and that might be down the line if they had a hip pain knee pain. But you can show that and show you can help them with those. Maybe, you know, in several treatments more. But so what do you want to do? You want to do stretches for the chest muscles, that chest muscles to contracted, right, So you get them to stretch out their chest muscles. So it was going into the doorway, putting your hands out like this and leaning forward. So just think. Stretching the chest, hold on to a pole. I just gently stretched. Remember, all stretches must be pain free, always. And so you won't do that. You can also get them to know you're not gonna bombard them. But this could be stuff that you can then give to them. So strengthening and stretching exercises the scapula. So to help with those lower trapezius muscles, you turned to bring the scapula down in. So you do. I use my hands and my hands like this. Get that feeling of squeezing the shoulder blades. A nice to get my finger and put the thing in there and get them to try and squeeze down to try and squeeze my finger. So you get them to squeeze down like that so they're not lifting their shoulders, their squeezing them back and down to the shoulder rights of getting closer together. So that's strengthening the weak muscles stretching the time masters. Then, when it comes to the neck, do it's called a double chin exercise, which is sliding the head backwards. So I'm sorry if I'm going too fast for you, but this is just another thing you can get them to do. So it's the opposite of this, which is sliding back to a double chin. Okay, so you get them to do 10 or 10 repetitions treated for time today, and this could be a progression. You probably don't want to this in the very first treatment, all you want to give him his posture advice, but I'm giving you this information so that then you can do it if you confused. Remember I told you the APP has these Web exercises, they're probably give them to automatically. All you need to do is tell the person to sit toe stand tall, walked all. So this person, now that is not robotic. Don't let them do this. You know this military sort of position, you want them to just get the feeling. And I tell my clients, is of being a long getting a wire home from your head. It's suspended by balloons. So they just getting that feeling of this host by a low, get it with this sitting, Were there standing, used to say, You walk and stand like you own the world that is, well, Dwight from that. So now the shoulders back and down and then they're getting that feeling elongation. So that's a simple as you need to tell him. Just feel that that's stretching of getting boat. And even if you want to, you can pull up a hair to get that field to help you feeling a long get it and that's gonna try. And the postural muscles that's going to get them better, quicker because now they're helping their postural imbalances which is helping their muster imbalances. So your client is getting better through this advice, postural advice with your treatments, and he's gonna transform the way they look in the street because no one looks good standing and sitting like this. So now people will notice and they will notice because they don't so much better because of the incredible help you're not only doing on the massage table, but what you're getting them to do between visits. 34. Tennis new 1: Okay, so the other thing, that's really great to recommend them, and I would recommend this. Virtually every single client is using a simple tennis ball to help with their master imbalances, where they got knots between the shoulder blades. Maybe they came in there just a bit tight. You have in the upper back get them to do this. It could be lower back pain, hip pain wherever it is and just teach them how to use a tennis ball. Get into do it 3 to 4 times today and just do it for your minute to each time. Pretty much anyone's got a tennis ball, if not like a news, a record bowl full. But they do just perfect. And so what you want to do when you take them is just to get up to a wall and they're gonna place it on the area. That's painful, not on the spine. And so what you're gonna get them to do. It's just tell him to do it for a couple of minutes, especially the areas. Let's say you found ahead of time, right shoulder, so we're going to get them to work. You're the Levada Skeptically area always area up here, so get them to put up there and don't get them on their shoulders. Relaxed. Use their legs as they go up and down on where they find a points that really exquisitely tender. So really sore spots. Give them to just press the way against it and just leave and wait in hope for 30 seconds or so and then move on to other areas. So they're trying to find the area off the pain and restriction, so that's what you wanna do. So now they're doing 200 self trigger point work, so working on those matters that you worked on and get them to do it every day, so that's going to help them loosen up even more likewise if it's lower back pain getting into the same thing. So they worked at lower back. They came to this on the floor. I just find it so much easier on you get better control against a wall. All right, so this is what you do. I do this with virtually every single client of mine. It's it feels great for them so they don't himself message there helping you by doing or helping you end themselves by getting loosen up the muscles three or four times today between your treatments, and it is so simple and easy to do and really repair for, So make sure that you recommend this. Say it could be biceps and get them to go against the wall with a bicep. Whatever it is, get them to do so trigger point work with a tennis ball and get them to do that each day, 3 to 4 times a day and they'll get even. Better results have even happier clients. Yes, I forgot religion. They can also put this in a sock. So are stocking. So get them to do this. So this makes it easier. So gallant case. It's dropping. So you see that there so they could do this, and that will help it hold in place a little better so they couldn't, especially if it's sort of sliding out on that could move it around a little bit like that , especially if you might be. An elderly person has problems bending down that sort of thing, so that's the other ulterior. Get them to use it in the stocking like that or something. 35. Text newest 1: now another thing that you can teach them, especially if they've got neck pain. But even still, if it's forward, had pasture neck pain, What have you This is so common. So it's about texting. So everyone's on their ipads tablets staring. Find such a thing. Teach them that this could be just a very quick little thing. Just I owned, by the way, when you because what you want the person to do is to have them texting up here shows us down, but make sure you have it up here. Why is that important? Well, because when their head isn't take 40 45 degrees or even worse, 60 degrees, which is most common, that puts next to 50 to £60 of force on the neck. I know it's unbelievable. 50 to £60 of force when you're in this position measured. How many? Al is always teenagers and even adults, I guess, and kids what everyone But so that's really put it again. Just a little thing, but just a reminder, or by the way, when you're texting and if they ask why, you can tell him, because that puts 50 to £60 more load on your neck muscles when you're in this position. So doing that for stand about a sustained amount of time is a really bad thing to do. So once again, with your help with posture, a little quick tip as well. This could be a tip on your Facebook page or to your V I. P clients and on the list, the email list of anything like that. So really good things. Why is this important again? Why? Because it shows that you are well educated in what you do you know about muscle. You know about what you're doing and once again, when they come to advice, that coming to see you. 36. Exercise cure 1: now, Another recommendation that you should do with your client is if they're sedentary. Maybe eggs, population. But even still like someone that young is not getting exercise is get them doing exercise I've got Download this and your resource is this was a A book Could I guess it is a booklet of information. Four doctors written by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. It's got all the references, and it's called the Miracle Cure or exercise the Miracle Cure. Now I'm not talking about stretches. I'm talking about simple exercise. Getting found out just 30 minutes a day has unbelievable knock on effects. Just 30 minutes of exercise. So what does this mean to to your client? But if you get them out and about, all right, and get them just doing 1/2 hour walk if they're not doing get them to urge them to do it because it will decrease their pain. And you have a look through this book. It tells you to studies osteoarthritis you wear and tear on the joints is actually not worsened by exercise, and they've got the studies to back him up and prove it. So what? This book is all about. It's teaching doctors to say, Hey, exercise is a miracle cure. Start recommending it to your patients on this. So this went out to all these doctors. It's an absolutely fascinating book. It and I mean, really, you're dropping the effects of exercise. So what that's going to meet the your client is they get out there and they're gonna have much better, not just systemic effects, which it does. Diabetes, dementia, depression. But of course, the pain that training, they're gonna get these muscles moving, especially if they work in your desk like we all do too much off. So have a read of this and then start you start quoting people like that. Did you know that lower back prime that then studies is 50 50 or 80%? Better improve lower back pain with walking. So I just need you to get out for walkers. Well, so these sorts of things Great recommendations, simple exercise. It doesn't have to be acute. Bike, right? It's as simple as 30 minutes a day. Have a nice stroll, A nice walk 37. Intro to email 1: now, the other thing that you should do after the very first treatment of a new client is sent them an email just to welcome to the spire of Massachusetts Medicine Clinic. Whatever. And just a very short little email. People don't have much time. I just welcome the spire Imam, if you need anything, If you have any questions, please let me know. You can always call me. I'm here for you, just something similar along those lines of Just you know, I'm here if you need me. It's really company really special, just something that's very 80. Do you have a little template for something written down so I could just add the name? If you want to do something like that, make it quick and easy now. But the really important part of this is that you can now make your job easier. Now let's I'll give you example. Let's say someone came in. It's a Jane came in today and you did the posture assessment. She's got some neck pain back pain on. We noticed on the side view. She's got forward head posture and you very quickly explained, you know, a little bit about forward head posture, and it's ramifications beyond the muscular imbalances. But this is the chance to send them in the email. Maybe is a pdf attachment or even just a Tampa Tech tech it onto the email, just letting them know. Oh, Jane. So, Jane, I just want to religion. Here's something about forehead posture and the effects of the heads and the effects of massage therapy that I explain to you today. Have a read through through. You got any questions? Let me know. Now I'm gonna show you what I've done. Now, I would do this for your back pain and telling herself off. This is just one that I've written up, but I want to show you the basics so that you can I can't write all of them. But this will give you an idea of what I think A really good components toe having this and then, as you say, you can install them in your Google Dr whatever. And you can change him ever so slightly for someone the head more. You have a word here, a word there more towards their condition. But this is just like as you say, If someone came forward with the forward head posture on. You want to explain to them, Maura, about the damaging effects of forward head posture it makes. The whole point is it makes your job so much easier if they read this they got does. Now, see, um, you're a lot more about what the Ford had posture does, for example, and how message therapy helps. So let me show you this one done, and I'll go through some of the elements of what I've written down here. 38. Email 1: Okay, so you send your emails to your client, the new client came in and you're going to thank him and say Thank you very much for coming in. If there's anything they need, I welcome to the spark. There's anything that need. Please give me a call or even email. May I'm here to help you sell and so forth. Now, this is a beautiful opportunity for you to give them more information, because in the in the treatment itself, there's not that much time you can ramble on ramble on. You never have time for the massage. So you quickly tell him you're your findings. But here's a great chance for you Educate the more. Remember, your job is really to be an educator for these people, so they completely understand what is actually going on and why you're going to help them t help their condition. So this is just something I put together. Now you can put something in your own words. This is woodier than I would normally do for someone. Um, but I'm not sure I educate you if you don't know, or the knock on affects effects of a forehead posture. Likewise, if you had to do something for lower back pain and so on and so forth. Now, in your resource is I've got this this document I've also got links to because what you need to do, I've got several links that I just Googled effects of bad posture. Ah, effects of muscular imbalances, effects of good posture just to give you a general idea. So what you want to do is to really educate yourself on things like, you know, postural poor posture and its effects on the body. Andi someone and so forth. Because then you want to put posts out about the effects of poor posture. And apart from that, remember, you want to be really well educated so that you could educate your client. So that means that you need to know what you're talking about. So you need to know the knock on effects of poor posture and muscular imbalances, and it's affects on the systems of the body. So Okay, so here's the This is just so you can imagine. So this might be a pdf that I send with the email. Take a look at that high. J. Take a look. I've got more information that I spoke to you about the forward head posture haven't looked when you get a chance. So this is educating her not only on what the benefits of massage therapy are, but also what the problems with what she's got bored had posture and how that affects her body on how you're going to help make your job a whole lot easier. All right, now And also, of course, it's set your level of professionalism sky high because you're not any educated. But you can imagine What what's this email? I mean, I hear from the Spar. I wonder what they want always in this nice. Did you see this trend Name out from that guy Mark that I saw today. And it just welcome me to the spot and it's got you know, I told you, got that The head posture, yet it's got all this information. Isn't that nice? They said I could call him wherever. Oh, isn't that lovely? All right. You could imagine how powerful this is, right? The benefits of massage therapy. Now you notice I used massage therapy or professional massage therapy? Not just massage. We don't want to say mass are just good for No, this is massage therapy or professional massage therapy. Always make use that so they know. You know, it's not just massage. It could be anything for your neck. So personalizing it for your neck and the effects of a forward head posture so that I give you some information about it was very common due to poor posture. So stuff that I touched on in the clinic So I'm educating others too, that I talk about what is good posture. You can read this in your own time on your things, like every inch of the head is held forward and poor posture an additional £10 of whites. So stuff you guys. Oh, my goodness. So that we do that. I talk about the muscles being overloaded because it always contracting, which set up to trigger. But so she gets it. She gets an understanding of what all this was about that I talked about in the clinic. And then I talk about the benefits off the massage therapy. So message therapy has been proven to be one of the best therapies to help forward head posture. And you should. Now here's what I'm talking about what she can expect, and you should feel pain relief and much less tension within a few sessions. So she I get back before I didn't show. But before I did, Uh oh. Here it is Here. Okay, I'll go within a few sessions and generous, um, immediate relief after the very first massage session said, Oh, that's great. However, the forward head posture is not something that's happened overnight. So she needs to understand, you know, these postural imbalances, these muscular imbalances, forward head posture. She didn't just wake up with this. She might have woke up with the pain, but Or because of these master imbalances, forward head posture that's happened over months, perhaps years. And it's gonna take a certain amount of treatments to help that. And to totally get that right. Yeah, that's just didn't come overnight. I get that has developed over a long period time we made several massage therapy treatments to help restore the muscular and postural in bouncer. Again. You're reinforcing what you talked about, that it occurred to restore the muscles and joints toe balanced, healthy state again. You can put this in your own words. I would bullet point them. But I want you to have the information so that then you can put this in your own words if you want to. Now, of course, a few which you say significant benefits. Great. She feels great. Okay, there's my problem with. This is good. I'm in the right hands right now. This is important to this is not a key component that I think really important. What can I expect from my massage therapy treatments? So, professional massage therapy By getting massage therapy hobby. I will be evaluating a posture each treatment session and assessing your muscular imbalances and the progress that you make. So once again, this is great. She's not just coming for a massage. This guy's gonna check my progress assess and evaluate before what makes perfectly good sense. And that sounds great. I will be using massage therapy to loosen your tight muscle groups to reduce pain spasm trigger points created, more balanced, healthier environment that will help your body heal on overtime were achieved much better. Muscular and postural balance, less pain and much better quality of life. Well, who doesn't want that? That I just reminded keep good posture so that could be it. And then now I've got for you because if you want to tell people more about long term effects of a forehead posture, muscle imbalances, there's more information. You could add this weather as well. So there's more information as well. So and then, just if you have any questions, a mommy call may amount to. Happy to assist you. So this is it said to York. The key to your work is to to educate that client. So they got a great understanding of what you're doing, why you're doing it and how that's going to help. All right, so having no through that, obviously you do something different for lower back pain and that sort of thing. Lower back muster imbalances. But this will give you a good idea of something that you could write for people with forward head posture that you've seen from the posture evaluation education in when their home they could look through the email with plenty of time. That makes it so much easier because they get it 39. Follow up call 1: now. So you've treated the client. They've gone home, have got the tennis ball they're going to use from your advice. They're gonna start doing a little bit of exercise to help with the pain because they know that's better for them. And perhaps postural corrections or certain stretches. Maybe that you've advised him to do so the next day, you're going to call them, and you're going to do a follow up call. Now, this again just takes that level of service to a to a completely different level that you actually take your time out because you're a caring professional to find out how your clients doing a new client. So it might be something like this. You call them up. Hello? Oh, hi, Jane. It's Mark from these. The very spire. Who? Sorry, It's my for music. Very spot. Oh, hi. I just calling and saw you yesterday for the treatment. I just wanted to give you a call to see how you getting on. I am doing right. Yeah, Mom, my back feels great. My neck feels so much better. Oh, that's wonderful. You you're getting to do the postural corrections that I gave you and using the tennis ball . Oh, yeah. Yeah. Now I've been using that tennis bowl. I really feel like getting into that area there. Yeah, that's great. That is fantastic. Just do that 34 times a day. You don't have to do it a mineral tour time. And just make sure you continue with those postural corrections. Okay? All right. Fantastic. J Look, if there's anything you need a place, give me course my personal phone number on. So just let me know, OK? Wonderful. Or I have been here from you before. I'll see you next week. Okay? Fantastic, James. Bye for now. And that's it. A couple of minutes. You've called your client, so you can imagine J A situation like that. So some people like she's home there now with her husband and husband says, Who's that here off the massage spot that I went to yesterday over anyone. I just want to see how I'm doing. Oh, that's not Yeah. You know, I have a show to the postural photo on the in the email that he sent me. Yeah, well, you did there, and he just wants to see how my muscles are going and just checking that nice. That is nice. I'm not to go see it myself. You're taking it to a new level. Okay? Not only your professional in the treatment before the treatment, but after care as well. The follow up vocal is incredibly important. And again just set you above beyond the other therapists around. 40. 2 nd rx 1: Now the person comes in for their second treatment for their follow up treatment. And once again, you'll get out the camera and you will do their postural assessment. Okay, front on side on. And you'll be able to see the difference between the first and 2nd 1 See the progress made and so on and so forth. And, of course, ask you if they have pain, has it pain and so on and so forth. Then you do the leg link exactly the same thing. So you have that system in place. Okay, so you're following up your checking the master imbalances that you have to have a shoulder . It was too high last time. You see, that's improved. And so on and so forth said it. The forward head posture has improved on its. So you're doing a re evaluation, and then you're doing your treatment. Okay, so after that treatment, your second treatment, this is when you want to try and get trying for book two men say four or five more treatments. Reason being is these postural imbalances thes mustard imbalances. They didn't happen overnight. This person being perhaps years sitting in bad posture or being over active or bending poorly and what have you So in reality, you really want to have a six treatment minimum for anyone to to make some marked differences, even if they're out of pain. Remember, what we're talking about is helping your my special differences trigger points and these sorts of things, so to be able to help them by doing a so I would schedule him in, say, uh, once a week for the next four weeks. So what? How would you do that? So you would do the second massage and then you have a table and then once again, based on your findings, if certain areas were still tired, then you recommend a course of treatments. May be in the mix once a week for the next four weeks. Because these and again from your professional opinion that they've been around which do it quite a forward head posture struck, distilled this on that. So you're saying the imbalances still, even if it might be out of pain, as I say or is still a lot of attention this side to compared to the other and it will take a bit of time to, but we're doing well, but we just needed here to follow up on these and you have The person will get much better results because of that. So that's what you want to do. And then again, you leave it to the person to, of course, make their decision. And more often than not, people go shore because you've already impressed them. You've already given outstanding service above and beyond. Anyone that ever seen. So you've been honest has been from your heart. Everything you said has been honest, professional, caring and, of course, the trust your in your professional opinion, that's what it is. So that's what you would do after the second treatment. You give your recommendations, which would be a Siri's, to try and locked him in for save your every Wednesday for the next four weeks at 10 o'clock or whatever 41. An example after 2nd rx 1: So I want you to show you give you an example. It's will use Jane as well. So you've done that second treatment. She came in, had a posture evaluation during a way, Way better. The right shoulder is still slightly up, and she still got a forward head posture, although it's not as bad as after the first treatment from the first treatment. So you want to get the ministers to say for another four weeks because, as you know, as I said, a za message service, you know the benefits of getting people in for regular message, they're going to be doing so much better. So here's how I would check or something like that when it comes. So we've just finished a massage and say something. Remember, you're going to use your own words. But this is how I would say to my clients. So use Jan is the example. All right, Jane. Okay, you're doing much, much better now, you see, even though that right shoulder from the posture evaluation we did today is much better than the first time became, it still is a little bit high, and that forward head posture is a good 20 to 25% better than the first time. So we've come a really a long way in the first couple treatments, so but what I'd like to do, because we still need to get that forward head posture back in a better position. So whatever I do, I'm gonna give you some stretches for your chest muscles, which will help bring those shoulders back, which will allow you to get better posture on What I'd like to do is ah, one of concentrate on these Muslim imbalances. Say, once a week for the next four weeks. You'll feel so much better if we do that with come sitting away. But if we could do that once a week for the next four weeks, you're gonna be just doing so much better. And those postural distortions as muscle imbalances are gonna be just so much better. That's the way I would do it and then book her in for the next four weeks and she will be doing so. You will feel so much better you'll be able to show her the muscular imbalances getting better and better and better. And so once again, through your professional opinion, your caring gardens. She's gonna do so much better with telling your friends, of course, referring to you. And that's a simple as that has to be a that's all you need to do. 42. Schedule lots pain 1: Now, if you see someone that's in a lot of pain, let's say hurt lower back Crick in the neck, this sort of thing, Then I wouldn't, uh, say come back in 3 to 4 days were next week. You want to get that person and quickly because they're in a lot of pain, so I'd get them to come back in either tomorrow or the next day. So you basically say something like this. It was doing a lot of pain there. It's better but be best if you come in tomorrow or the next day. But I wouldn't want to live with more than two days because, of course, they want to be out of pain and you're gonna help you get out of pain. So why wait four days when you can make them better by sea and again tomorrow? So just keep that in mind something, a lot of pain recommend they come back other to either tomorrow or the next day at the most , because we want to get better, quicker 43. Doing better 1: Now when you shoot person to the second visit, if they say came in with back pain, knee pain or something like that and you get a chance to see them walking in now may be the very first time you saw them. They were really limping. Or there there were a lot of you considering a lot of pain in your lower back, a lot of pain, and you can noticeably see them. You're walking better or just their faces. Not, you know, not is pained looking. Yeah, there they obviously look. They're moving better, that sort of thing. Then say it. All right. Rather. Hey, it just shows You can see it now, make sure you can, obviously, you know, But just again, it just shows that level of observation of professionalism where Yeah, I just did a long time, but so someone your work. Hi. Hi, Helen. You're walking a lot better this week. Oh, yeah. Doing much better. Thanks. I'm really doing much better. So you see it as opposed to hear you're feeling this week. I'm doing much better and you see my point. If you can say that they're doing much better by the way they're walking into your room, then then say it again. It just shows that even by just watching them walk, we're getting out of the chair or what have you that grimaced as they get out of the chair ? Any of that sort of thing? If you can see it. No depth. Then I mention it because it gets just a little another little thing that shows. Well, you really know what you're doing. Your expert in this field 44. Monthly rxs 1: All right, So now Jane has finished that those four treatments now. So now she's come from Jane coming in for Just relax. Ation massage. Six weeks ago, now you've helped her. You've educated her on the importance of Megan Shore. The postural and muscular imbalances are corrected. She's doing great. She hasn't felt this good in a long time. Why? Because you've helped her enormously. You've recommitted to her to come back because of the imbalances and why that's important. Because inbounds produced pain and chronic weakness in muscles and so on and so forth. Now she's feeling fantastic. Just had a last message off that block of floor for that you put her into. And now you want to recommend that she just continues to, uh, call maintenance visits, but to keep to lots of wellness visits, if you like. In other words, something like this. Hey, Jane, you're doing great. Now look what I recommend eso We don't. Don't undo all of this. Great work. You're feeling fantastic. I recommend now what we can do. I mean, you've been out of pain the last four weeks. You can see and muscles through the photos. You can see how much better you're doing now. And the muscular imbalances this so much better when you came six weeks, as you can say so, if you could come in just once a month so we don't let it go. Let's just keep you in this much better balance state. Let's say you're feeling so much better as you know. So let's do that. So my recommendations, they don't let it wait any more than four weeks and she might taste like, OK, great. What you're not going to say? Actually, I brother coming in two weeks because I feel just so much better getting this regular massage or what have you? All right, so that's what you So you've done all this great work you've educated and they feel so much better than muscle imbalances. As you can see through the posture, evaluation have been have improved enormously. Which means they're pain is decrypt the muscular tension. They had all that stress if they had, they're doing all the postural corrections, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. You've educated and cared for them of this last six weeks. And now what you're doing is to go so they don't undo it'll and just keep them. So you're looking after them all right? And then say Make your recommendation for no more than a month. No se, they might say, Well, I'd rather do it each week. Maybe it's a financial structure, but normally, you know, but no more than a month. And so there's your recommendation to keep them. Now, if they get into pain or something, they have to come back earlier. But to keep that and they're suddenly you've got an incredibly happy person and a lifelong client that would have would have just come in for one massage and gone happy. But God, now you've got an incredibly heavy, a much happier Klein because you have taken along and educated her and she's feeling better than she has done it in years. And that's the whole point of this by educating your climb. And now they feel they know about the benefits of regular messages and getting rid of imbalances and postural imbalances and muscular imbalances, and now they completely are on board. They completely understand it from your honest, caring, professional opinion, and they're totally on board. They're recommending their friends, and that really is the point. Better service better caring, more professionalism, and using this method will just say, Fill your client. I feel your clinic, but your clients are gonna be just so much better. That's the beautiful thing about all of this. They are going to be doing so much better than just the one off treatment that they were going to get. 45. Summary treating 1: So I really want to summarize the key steps that you're going to be doing here. Remember, you are an expert in your field in muscles and muscle therapy and balancing the muscles. Why are you balancing the muscles? Because tight muscles produce trigger points which produced pain and spasm and so on and so forth. So you need to balance the muscles in order for the person to feel better than you more relaxed, that feel less tense. And, of course, they'll be out of pain because the muscles are balanced. Right? The atmosphere that you will have is you are professional massage therapist. You are not anyone that just I just do message. No, you do Massage therapy. Your professional massage therapist. Okay, so I need you to think about like someone that is like that and not someone. When they asked, what do you do? Write a message. Know your message therapist, Your professional message therapist wrap. So what happens? We're going toe. So you're going to set the scene that it's professional from the start to the finish, your not gossiping, you know? Negative. You know, Cherry, Cherry Cherry, You are going to have a professional air about yourself, but of course, friendly, friendly, caring, honest, professional. All right. These are the things that you need when it instead of you, your energetic and everything you do is professional in regards to your treatment off that person. But in the clinic and out. Okay, so the person comes in. You've been professional on the phone. You booked their appointment, they come in. What do you do? Well, you here. We had done the intact form, and you're with the very actual pages. Just want to relax. Ation message. You asked him. Do you have any areas of tension? Any aches or pains and so on and so forth? Your they're gonna do a quick postural assessment to check any muscular imbalances. You'll do that. Now, The more your practice that it must be quick. OK, this can't be a 15 minute process. If it is, then you need to practice a lot more. It is a very short posture assessment to check any muscular imbalances. Right? So then you have a look at that and you see any mustard in about why is that important one ? Well, of course it's your stand. Apart from all of a massage therapist because you're the only ones during a posture assessment. So there's that. But more than that is, it gives you a really good idea of where the muscular imbalances are. Why is that important? Well, let's just say the person was in for a relaxation massage. Now you can say this to the present. So I got a high right shoulder there on forwarded pasture and this hips up here. So what do I owe work a little bit more in those areas to create a better balance personally, Super appreciative because there's nothing a the client loves more, even in a relax ation message is ago. Why you really got into those? Yeah, I could feel there's a lot of attention. Connective Trigger points up here will help those a lot, so they know you're not just a run of the mill average a massage therapist. Even in read, I'm not even talking about pain. I'm just about even just a relax ation. Massage your head and shoulders above the rest one because you've assessed them, you evaluated them and to you're not only doing a full body massage, but you're paying more attention to their muscular imbalances which caused pain. Remember, even if they're not in pain, it causes tension and can produce pain the more they become imbalanced. So you're all about balancing their muscles and still give him a great message. Right? Okay, now, then, after the massage, You going to give your recommendations on the findings? So that might sound second of this. Hey, Dave, you You're doing much better, mate. I found a lot of a lot of pain pain. I've had a lot of attention up through that left shoulder. You saw how that that was up in the posture assessment there. You had that, Yale. That's so we worked out a lot more. Oh, yeah. I really felt you get working on that. Yeah, well, it's still a lot more. A lot of attention is gone, but we still got quite a bit there. So one of the great view, if I could follow this up and do some more work on there because we're not quite out of the woods yet and we need to start balance. More muscles. There's still two type. If we can get you in four days. Now, remember, when you recommend the person not. When do you want to come back? You're the professional. This is your professional opinion that the person you're a lot of attention or pain. Get him in 3 to 4 days. If you're in severe pain, get him in the next day. It is your professional opinion. Not when would you like to come back and maybe come back in about a week or something. It's wishy washy. You tell him when you want them to come back. All right, so you're also going to be giving them things to do between treatments, which they're going toe again. Lifts the bike, raises the bar, get him to use a tennis ball on their trigger points today. If you know where you got those really knotty muscles in there guard trouble at home, you're a tennis ball. Great. Get a tennis ball. Presses up to get go up against the wall like a horse against the post. And I want you. Just just press onto that 30 seconds to a minute on those really tight areas, and then you can move it up down, justified. They don't lift the shoulder. Just keep that relaxed and use your legs to go up and down, and that's gonna really help deactivate trigger points. Really help the muscle special that we worked on today, right? The other thing. But Dave, I think it is, but they're not sure The end of the day is you hear that forward head posture we talked about. But I really need you to really work on your posture because you have a computer a lot. So really work on the posture. So remember what I said. You sit toe stand toe. I just feel like the balloons are lifting you up. Okay, Simple is that if you need to put a reminder on the front of a screen of your computer just to sit toe just to that and the other thing, make sure you get up and do some exercise. Whether that's a walk around, take micro breaks, it's really gonna help your body. All right, so you could do that 22 straight in the next. You gotta find some really, really help you as I will get you. What's today? Monday? Maybe Thursday or Friday. Thursday doesn't work for you. All right, let's get book in for Thursday and there can follow up and you're gonna be doing much better than that's what you do or are. So then you get there. But the second you got, do the posture assessment again. Check. This is any differences, and if they're doing better and measure, look at that bob forward head posture. This is great. Have been really working on the posture and your left shoulders number nearest high. So that's great. So keep up with that ball, Do you treatment? And then, of course, you're going to recommend that they come back. So let's say they're doing great. Okay, so what we're going to need to do? I want to get you another week's time. So we're still. But most don't completely balancing. Of course, this muscle tension doesn't just happen overnight. So what? We need to make some major major breakthroughs. So let's get you back in a week, and what I suggest we do is to do four weeks once a week for four weeks because that's really gotta make a big difference between your muscular imbalances on releasing that tension. How does that sound to Wednesday's or yes, sure. What's that? A group? Okay, fantastic. So let's do that After this and h trade when you gotta always or your postural assessment, okay. And look at any differences and mention them. And then after that, let's say done six weeks treatment and then you say, Hey, Dad, you're doing great. We've got much more balanced body than when you first came in six weeks ago. You doing fantastic. What I think is a great idea is that just getting once a month now because you won't want to maintain those balances that we worked so hard to get. You stick with the great posture, continue doing that. That's making a big difference. And you're feeling a lot better. So let's not undo all this hard work that we've done. So let's continue that and this go once a month and then I could just follow up each month and really, just check that everything's and bounced give you a massage and you'll be no so much better . There you go. There your steps. Now, of course, you're gonna do you follow up phone call the next day, you're gonna email them to welcome on all the other bits and pieces that I've talked, tortured through this section. So these things are vitally important. You know all of the steps. Because once you've got that procedure down on those steps in place and you've got a well oiled you've honed this in, then you just watch. Your business will be totally transformed. 46. No thanks 1: now, Don't you go to get people that will say, You know, uh, no, Come back, you know? Or I'll give you cold or something like that. Okay, so be it. But here's what you hear is your job to be as a save you honest, caring, professional massage their first and to do the evaluation to do your message to give your findings and your best recommendations And do them all of those in the best you can in other words, your well rehearsed and what you have to do, how to do it. And as I said, you practice makes perfect. The better you can get those things your evaluation, your message, your findings and your recommendations, then you're not selling. You're doing the best you can. And then really, if you have educated that person as to why they have that pain or why there's attention, why there is the need for to balance their muscles. Then you're doing your job as a professional. Okay, you are person that balances muscles to reduce pain, reduce stress to reduce attention, and the need to come back to follow up on dso and so forth. So yes, some people will say Give you course. As long as you know that you've got what you need to do down Pat, Then you are pretty much time in hose. I mean you a so far ahead of the way. You're just just doing a message on the person walks out now because you're giving after care with a tennis ball, you're giving postural advice to help them better. So your clients are going to be not, not only going to see a huge uptick in your clients and regular clients, but you're also going to get more referrals and word spread about how professional ist message purposes and these clients are going to be. As you know, they are going to be so much better because now they're getting regular massage. They understand that even when I'm out of pain, I still got mustering imbalances that need to be addressed. So that's it. No selling honest from your heart, your professional opinion, your professional recommendations, and that's all you can do 47. End sect rxs 1: So as you've seen in this section, it's a complete sea change to the way you normally being treating people by just getting them in, giving a massage, the same old massage and then out they go. Sure, they go out happy. But it's completely different method of training, which will give you much happier, healthier clients, which will benefit your business. And that's where the core is. So it's going to take practice. You are going to have the whole your skills evaluation. Like I said earlier on, you need to do it quickly and efficiently, all right? And you you absolutely have to make sure that you know. So, you know, stumbling over words when you're speaking to people about what you're going to say for your recommendations. So all of these, I urge you to practice on your friends and family. And so you know, to everything just rolls off your tongue very, very easily and simply so you know. So you're not stammering over what you're going to say. So home this skill, but in the physical aspect of your evaluation and your massage on your recommendations, what you're going to say what you do physically so you really, really, just as it's 100 in, get it right. And so it becomes second nature 48. Intro 5 1: All right, So now, in this section, now that you know how to treat the client from start right to the end there now I'm going to show all these other things that will make an enormous difference if you're not already doing them a to moment. So these other things that is going to make you a class above the rest of the other massage therapists around you. All right. So heavy. Looked through these on these will just once again set you way up here as the highly regarded massage therapist. That is second to none when it comes to treatment on every single level of massage therapy in your clinic. 49. App for marketing 1: now in regards to the posture up. It's not only brilliant to use in your clinic Azzam torture, but think of it also as a major marketing tool to generate more clients. You know how the car peppers go to, say health fairs and that they're free spinal assessments. That's a great where they generate people, Darren new clients, because they show them you look, you hipster out and see this here. This is subluxation here, blah, blah. And here's my card. You know, when I can help that, do the same with this, So just think you could do it. If you're working out of a health food store, you do free postural assessments. So if you do business massage people, the chance maybe into a posture assessment. But just think of the power of doing these postural assessments now the way I would do it. Is this not, by the way, the other great thing about doing this is you're going to get more practice in doing this and better versed in what you're going to say in all of these different conditions. So when you see this, you see that, then it roll off easier because you've said. There's a lot of time Just like any other skill, the more you practice makes perfect. So here's how. An example of how I would do this. Say I'm doing three postures and it's like a three part your assessment. So it takes, like, 20 seconds. Yeah, sure. Now they're not asked them. Do you have any eggs or pains? Every data point? Um, yeah, but the problem with this left shoulder a bit and I guess, Yeah, I get really tired from the neck. Okay, so you get a bit of information or let's too quickly to that click click, and then you show them and then you show them we'll look and see how your left shoulder is high and the right. Oh, yeah, I had no idea about that. What happens is the trapezius Nevada. Skeptically. When they're really type like they are, they're gonna raise that shoulder on negative trigger points, which keep referring pain and somebody's trip which actually refer pain over the top of the I. Oh, yeah. Get headaches in. Yeah, I'm not surprised. Now you can see why and look out here on the side on view. See how you gotta forward head posture or your head should actually be your You should be over your shoulder. Look at that. You're like an inch further in front. Now, here's something interesting. Your head weighs about £10 every inch your head goes forward like that, creating extra £10 of force on your neck. So basically, what I'm saying is your head for those neck muscles now weighs about £20 all right instead of 10. So here it's sitting above your shoulder. Perfect. When you get like that, it's no wonder you got when you have a look at that. It's no wonder that you've got neck pain muscles contract the whole time, so yeah, whatever. So you're telling them that and they go, Oh, my God, yeah, Look how far forward I didn't even know my left shoulder was up. Yeah, well, so you're then go Well. This is because you got muscle imbalances, right? So you see that that's why that's tighter. That it's this is pulling harder than this side. So with muscle imbalances that could get you get pain and spasm and trigger points, which could understand referring symptoms as well. So my message is really right for that. Thanks for coming along. If you want me to help you, I can help reduce your pain. Get rid of that by helping those master imbalances. And here's my card. And by the way, for new clients, you get $10 off. All right, so yeah. Good book in right now. Sure, sure. Let me give a book, or I think of it like that. So you ask them, Do they have any pain? First steps give you some information, do the assessment, and then you're going to show them the imbalances. And then if you can write it to their pain because of the muscular imbalances which caused pain and spasm and contractions and so on and so forth. And so that's a great way to generate Rather just hive only want my business card. You showing him something conference? They've seen fighter to the imbalances. The imbalances, of course. Defectors for pain. And they need to get balanced. And massage is great at doing exactly that 50. Conduct newy 1: Now we've talked about how you need to be professional. The clinic with regards to with your your client there. And we talked about this. But there's also outside of the clinic now, because once again, remember to be that highly regarded massage therapist. Then you just imagine this If you were going on a Friday night and there you see your doctor throwing up in the gutter outside of the pub or you ask you or your naturopath chiropractor or your massage therapist. Now, I'm not saying you can't go out. Have fun. I have a few drinks. I mean, I'd be a hypocrite if I said that because I know I love nothing more than having a couple drinks but getting smashed. And you can imagine there's your you go take you out your friends, you go there to a restaurant and there is your your doctor or your car. Completely hammered. Deluxe, absolutely slash Keep Maginness here you come in And here is your car practice. Then you see, I love you, Brucey. I always said now you're like a rather share. She hasn't always say crazy like a brother May. Now it did say I I give me death, Dad, that's not going to go very well. Ever with your friends and family going. Is that old massage their present You goto on every Monday that you recommended me to go? See, I think I've made my point. 51. Phones 1: Now I want to show you the keys to having a fantastic voice mail message, because more than likely, you won't have a receptionist. And you like to have a voice machine. But most likely the person. If you're busy doing a massage, hopefully are. Then the person will leave a message on your voicemail. So there are elements that you need to have a successful voicemail message that so many people get wrong and you're losing money. Hand over fist by having the wrong voicemail message. All right, let's do the first voicemail message and let's say what's wrong with it. So here's the first voice. So you call me up to get a message, you get the voicemail. Here it is. Oh, hi. Um, thanks for calling us. This is, um uh, take the sustainer from a Happy Hands massage center. Oh, just leave us a message and we'll get back to you. I wish the wish the but Well, here's the but all right. So you need to sound strong and confident and caring. So let's give that another go by being strong and confident and caring. Hi. Thanks. Thanks for calling us. This is Douglas from mess on heaven. Spar if you just leave your name and your message and I'll get you back as soon as is humanly possible again, I'd like to thank you so much for your call way are but apologize that were not available. And we really do appreciate everyone's call here. And we said, Well, get better as soon as humanly possible. Course has to be humanly possible because we are humans. After all, this is way too long. I've already hung up. They've already young up, so keep it strong, Confident, caring but short Don't ramble on. All right, let's try that again. Hi, this is Peter from Peter, Paul and Mary Massage Studio. Thank you so much for Yuko. Leave us a message and we'll get back to a soon as we can. Okay. Right. No, no, you can't get back to them. Assumes you can. All right. Here's what happened to the person calling. No, I watched in the other room. What do you say? Well, I got the voice message. Voice smile and he says you get back to us when assumes you can. What does that mean? What I know was that tonight. Tonight what good, is it? No. We wanted to mess up staff tonight. Call the other mass sides Therapist may be shaken. Fit him in. All right, So you don't want to give that person. You can't just say I don't call you back, because that means nothing. They are now because they want a message. Maybe this afternoon or this evening there, just in town for the day. They want an answer today. A definite time. Like so, let's use always elements strong, confident, caring, a short message and with the time frame. Hi. This mark, your injunction is the very spot. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you in the next two hours. Thanks. So much vehicle that is making you money. What you say? Well, I was gonna call respect within the next two hours. Right. Well, let's let's have a meal on a life of school. Okay? All right. I said right. Well, book to mess. I just That's what you do, all right? Or original elements. A short message. Confident, professional. And get back to them, obviously. Make sure you do get back to them, and that is making you money. The other ways are losing you Money. Hand over fist. The secret to a great voice. Mail 52. Answering service 1: now. Another fact that you might want to think about another option is because they were going to be a certain amount of people that just as you know, just don't like leaving messages on voice mail so you can lose money. Not because your message just for the simple fact that the nature some people just don't like to leave misters. So here's a great alternative again if you start to get a bit busier that you can use, and that is an autumn or not automated but an answering service where you employ on answering service to. Actually, it gets redirected to a real person to answer your phone. So the person calling never knows that it's not your receptionist. Okay, so, for example, you are doing a massage. Some are coast from Assad's, but you're in the middle of your massage rather than them having to listen to your voice mail. It gets really directed to your answering service, and the person picks up and says whatever you've asked him to say, like for example. Hi, this is Jeremy from is the very spot marks busy doing a message at the moment. Can I help you? And he'll call you back as soon as possible or something like that. Whatever you want them to say now, it costs a certain amount of money to have that. But again, if you factor in how many people would have hung up and what it cost you to have this, it's a great alternative, especially when you start to get people calling. So you're not missing out on those people that just didn't want to leave a message, and so obviously going away it up. But once you start to get busier rather than having to employ a receptionist and having staffing all dealing with style fishers and that sort of thing, or maybe just don't have the room for a receptionist, then using an art themselves could be an absolutely fantastic alternative. 53. Upselling 1: Now I want to show you how to generate more money per client that comes into your spot or cause you So this was something that we heard a lot of money by just because people don't know what you've got to offer. So let's say someone calls up for a massage now. Oh, let's just say that you know how to do. Relax, ation message. Deep tissue. It's a hot stones. So someone calls up. Yes, I just like to book a message. Sure. What toe? What type of message would you like? What you offer the real accession. Deep tissue, hot stones. Now remember, you're charging more for deep tissue and you're charging more for hot stones. So 70 to go. Oh, I didn't know you do hot stones. Oh, great. So suddenly, or say, your $40 message now has just become $60 message for the same client because they get their getting a product. It costs more and which, of course, they're going to love with the hot stones. The other thing that we we did, which was one of the most popular treatment, was we had a one hour message with a facial towards an heir and 1/2 or 40 minutes in total . So suddenly the clients now spending more money. They love it because they didn't know you did. Well, Well, yeah, that sounds great. And that it was one of the most popular treatments. A message with facial. Or you could do it with a massage and a 15 minute foot massage. So you go one our message with a 15 for foot or reflexology half hour reflex arguing the fate was one of their treatments. That was when we did within one hour massage with half hour reflexology at the end. So suddenly you're making a lot more money per client, and they're they're even happier now. The other thing you could do is that let's say the person calls up higher, like Booker. Relax. Ation massage? Sure. Did you want one hour or an hour and 1/2? Oh, you do hair half. Oh, yeah, sure do that. So, once again, just by increasing the amount of time you are increasing your revenue so there's a really easy ways you can generate more money per client, you know, if you like up selling. But remember, you're not selling your just offering. If you like a better products, like something that they they might because a lot of people love to have an heir and 1/2 but they don't see it on their service. Likewise, on your treatment menu, What you've got in your clinic and offered, like, one hour, 90 minutes. So they know you've gotten there and 1/2 if they're looking at the treatment menu. So you've got all of these options so suddenly you're making a lot more money per plant, and they're they're happier because we used to get people coming all time. Oh, can I? My friend? Got that? Are you still doing that massage and facial do? Oh, yeah. Sure. We do it one hour massage with luxury spa facial? Yeah. Can I get that? So think of think outside the box as to one offering more time. You could even offer two hours if you want. Just make sure you know the timing and how to do it. And to Ed s evaluate, like, at a facial. Or so you know, just reflexology or whatever other skills that you have that you can add to it. And if you only know relax ation message, then make sure you're offering one hour. That's a 90 minutes or even two hours, depending on if you could do that or not. So just keep in the back in mind. What more can I offer? Per Klein, and you'll see your your income increase and happy clients. 54. Websites new 1: so some state you're gonna want to have a website working for you so you can get them. You can do them free through wordpress dot com. It's all explained everything these days. It's not like 15 years ago. You have to go out and spend your thousands on a Web designer these days. It's just so easy. So wordpress dot com is great, and you could be up and running with a free website we had do as you're putting your images and I teach you how to get free images in another lecture. So wordpress dot com is great. Make sure your website has nice images. Don't clutter the home page having about me or about us page on also your treatments. Now, when it comes to putting your treatments down, please put the price down. I know of people that don't put the price you know of the treatments, and I think it's much better if you're honest and upfront your prices of each treatment rather than the person having to call up, you know. Oh, how much is your hot stones? Oh, really, honor, I think nothing. It doesn't waste your time either, because they know exactly how much it costs. So have the process off your treatments, what treatments you do about us. And, of course, all your details, your phone number, your email and all that sort of normal stuff. If this sounds like it too much to do, then you can pay on five dot com or up work dot com to get someone to. And it's five, probably my favorite. I use that all the time to get people to do stuff that I can't or don't have the time to do . And so you get someone just going type in website design, and you see all these people come up and do their ratings and so on and so forth. So there are two ways to want to get established or you want to get up and running. Now get your website going and there's freeway or you can pay. But you don't have to pay $10,000 for a Web designer anymore. 55. Clothing 1: now, of course, when it comes to what you want aware there a couple of reasons you want to look professional when you when you're going to be treating people. So okay, so obviously the first thing is image. You wanna have that professional image and so shows like polo tops. A great we have is whatever your company is, have a logo on. There were just district polo shirt, a button up shirt, shorts later. I used to have long stays on a roll them up like that. So you're looking smart. I don't I didn't think I need to talk about personal hygiene. You know, it's being clean and not smelly. However, one of my messages differs. One stage had terrible body odor. I had to sit him down. So hey, look, you can't treat people. He had no idea that poor guy. He was really embarrassed, but he had absolutely zero idea that once he left the room, the whole room stank of B O. And this was just in the training process with him. So, you know, I wouldn't have ever let him do that with a client. So, you know, to live young guys to talk about deodorant, stuff like that. So anyway, so that I say I thought that was a given. But obviously it's not so yes, not smelling, not having over overly powerful perfumes, that sort of thing and having a professional look about you. Okay, so again, think of on the same level of Dr Physio Osteo these sorts of things, what they were that were nice button up shirt or something that looks professional. You know, if you want to be treated as a professional, get recommendations by doctors and seven insightful, like emphasized throughout the course. Then you need to have that look of professional, respected massage therapist in your assets there be clinic, so you know that that is really, really important. So the tie dye shirt with the purple here on the chain that goes from the nostril of the year is probably not going to get you many referrals from doctors. Remember, got a lot of conservative people here on day, or even just people that want to see. Someone looks very smart again. You goto be sit yourself apart from everyone else. And so there's that. But there's also the fact that when you look professional. Now, thankfully, in a is the very spot where the the girls that work, we never, ever had a problem with men wanting You're getting the wrong idea or asking for your happy endings wanting MAWR, that sort of thing. And I think that's really important because they always look that they there was no doubt these girls were professional massage therapists. They were well dressed. They had their white pants on white shoes. It's nice blue tops, nothing revealing and stuff like that. So there was never any people that went there knew this is a spar. There's no sort of hanky panky if you like, and there's not. It is definitely not going to pay. So that's the other. The other issue of it not only looking for looking professional for the sake of being a professional, but also for especially women, for your safety as well, so that people don't get the the idea. Or maybe this is one of these sorts of massage therapy clinics you know so really important again for your image as hi regarded professional in health care industry 56. Names spa 1: now, when it comes to naming your place, this is something you should speak to with your friends and your family on what they think of your suggestions. Now there are a couple of things that I suggest you don't do and things that I really liked when it comes to know me a place now for a chapel, Don't go for something turkey, like, you know, like Toys R Us. And you've got massage for you, you know, using the four using the letter. You kind of tacky. Don't Don't go down that road. The other thing is, if you're going to call it something like High Street Sports Medicine Clinic, that's great. As long as you can stay on High Street because you want yourself your name, you're there for a long time. Then if you your race runs out of what have you and you know on Bridge Road, then you're no longer a high street that ever knew about. So just be aware of those sorts of things as well. And the other thing that I things that I like iss things like like lotus Mandarin and call it a wellness center because you're all about wellness. You're all about keeping people healthy and wellness. So I like the word wellness Onda again Sort of think along those lines of Austria passing carpenters. What do they do? They They're not They keeping things like Richmond Back Care Clinic, whatever. Married Ville Osteopathic Clinic and they sort of thing. So you want I think these sorts of things the point is, is nothing wrong with calling Lotus Days by Mandarin massage therapy. But don't go too mystical if you like. I wouldn't I wouldn't go. It's I think it's gonna harm you more than help you If you went to sort of left of field and started calling it wings of the rave in energy healing center or, you know, you know, im a like 10 Shaqra healing light cento therapy, whatever. If you can't get there, then you remember People refer to, you know, professionals like cars, that sort of thing and doctors and they might be gone. It just doesn't sound as good as, um, you might, it might say, Probably probably gonna harm you. You can measure, Doctor, I've got wings of the Raven Message Center or Peter Frampton Sports Message Center. Where do you think he's going to send you or, you know, Lotus Day spa or Serenity Spire, or what have you? So those are the names of nice. I like the fact of putting in your own name it Mount parent joints, massage therapy or something like that, but I really do like that wellness put into the word as well into the into the name. But yet that's just wanted to just just be careful. If you're going Teoh go really left of field and such a little too mystical in the name as it's safe, might. It might just take a little bit too far left field and not help you get clients. But actually you drive people away. Just a certain subset of people. So just a few things to consider. But ask your friends and family what they think of the name you want to put on 57. Ytube 1: now using the second biggest search platform in the world. YouTube is also a really good idea. Now. It might not same a relevant for your massage clinic, however, it's really powerful as a people. The recent shows people would much rather watch a video. The majority of people then read something off the page, so you can then onto your Facebook page and telling it support. Rather than write a block post, you can have actual video for itself. You're comfortable now. I've felt a simple iPhone. I've got a simple camera here, a camera microphone talk, too technical for May. I have no idea what these things up, so but you don't even need that. I could do this directly to the iPhone, what I find you got. Or if you got a DSLR camera, no problems at all. And point is, you could do it cheaply through a phone on their phones. Cameras are so good these days. I made the picture quality estimating, So I'm going to give you links because there are experts. Now I've got a YouTube channel, the pepper. About eight years, I kind of dabble in a little bit, but I do put out things regularly. Now, about every week I put out something and I've got a no two million views in total, about 12,000 subscribers, which is chicken pate to the big guys who got a 1,000,000 subscribers and have your message message following and make a lot of money for YouTube. Okay, the links I'm gonna give you people have tutorials on how to make your Facebook page stand out. This is where I used five or lot this the Facebook image. You can customize that which I absolutely suggest that you do. I got from 5 to $15. It took literally a day, and the guy brought That is beautiful Facebook. I I'll have a link of my Facebook charity can have a bit of a look at that as well, if you want to. But myself, super professional. But it does the job, but what I want it for. So you are uploaded to YouTube to get start to get a little bit of a YouTube following. But the real advantage is that you're using video to now be that authority bigger on essential oils on the benefits of massage and that can then get shared to people on your Facebook page on your website and driving traffic to do that way as well. All right. The other thing, which I'll give you a link to a swell, is using what they call thumbnails now thumbnails. And I'll give you a link on how to do this. I do this with all of my videos. You know, when you go to YouTube, you could just have a photo of you. So say all of this, you know, because they just give you three different options of thumb now's and it's just taken from the video that you uploaded. But you could put in your own thumb now, which you should do, and as I'll have a link to how to do this brilliantly with a website called camber dot com . Now this a free website where you go on and you do your own thumb now and you see the most powerful ones have writing on them like best massage ever. You know you're going to YouTube your civilised you're gonna click on this this little image, that's the thumbnail. Maybe it said your three top tips for tinnitus or some whatever you know. So That's what you can va. And I'll give you the tutorial of these guys that show you how to do a really, I could show you, but it's already there, and these guys do it really, really well. So that's what I do. It's dead easy to do once you get the hang of it. And so then you can upload a really good thumbnail which drives more traffic to your video . Okay, So have a look at these links when you got time if you want. If you want to get stuck into forgetting your own Facebook General, these are the guards of the best in the business. Or certainly, you know, some of the best in the business. And that will give you alot right ideas. And away you go. Oh, the other thing is, you might have seen when you look at my quarters. I had those little intros, the other squiggly things that come in and boom is the very training pickled intros. Now, once again, I went to fiver. I got 10 different amazing interest for, I think, $15. So then you can add them on the front of your YouTube video when you go before you upload it. So those things here, I just had to give them the information. It is a very training academy, and that was all it was. And then a did that in a couple of days and they came back. They look amazing because all of these things once again make you look so much more professional. So check out the links and good luck with your Facebook. I mean, YouTube. 58. Texting 1: now one. While we're talking about bones, this should be what they call a no brainer. But I've seen it time and time again. So I've got to cover this because once again, you want that person. You want to be the best of the best and most outstanding therapist. And so when it comes to turning off your phone, do not do not use the phone as your clock. All right. You need to take a little clock. If you doing house visits will make sure there's a clock somewhere close by. But take one if you doing house visits or usual clock on a wall, but do not use is because the scream will go blank. All right. And then you're gonna have to look at the time to see if you have times up. What's that mean? That means that you're going to do. And I've seen this so often, So that means you have to go rub, rub, rub. So suddenly you've got this wonderful message to try. You be doing this several times during the message. Okay, We got 10 minutes to go and you're taking hands off, so do not the other thing. So usual clock. The other thing is dump of this on silent vibrate. That is it samity of friends texting you and that sort of so turn it on silent or turn it off. Or but definitely off vibrate. All right, because that will, the person will hear that little vibrating. Okay, The other thing is, unfortunately, I have seen this as well. And don't text while you're doing a massage. I had this happen with my own therapist. I texted them something about I think they're having another checking them kids ahead. Another booking for a massage later on. So I got this missing bag, okay? No problems. What? She may be doing him Suddenly it dawned on me. She is doing a massage, so she's gonna text. Takes back to her boss. Takes took stick. So pretty. So text while you're doing a massage and even worse than that, I kid, You know, I kid, you know, don't know it's the phone. I am not joking. A five star hotel which I was asked to work and do their high high end clients. The reason waas they had, like, 5 to 6 complaints of three of that their their 1st 100 The phone Could you imagine, huh? Oh, yeah. Now, just in a message. These people paying $120 an hour on the paint, the therapist around to the phone. So please don't do that again. These should not have to be mentioned. But I have to mention because it said even my own therapist was texting. So please turn it off. Don't have it on vibrate. And once again, you will just keep that I'm an outstanding massage, their first given outstanding massage by keeping this off. 59. Face up 1: now I always start my clients face down and there is a very good reason for this. And the reason being is you don't want people there face squashed into the town with their face down. Well, a lot of other message there will be taught, and I was taught this myself. Stop face up. Now what happens is that you start face up and then the last part of that message, all that back and neck is always there, face squashed into the face, Chris. So what happens is they get off the table and then they've got these embarrassing crease marks all over their face because it had the head down in the face. Crist. So that's why I was certainly one of the main reasons that I would always have them based down first because then if they do have a crease marks because it faced being pressed down , then they got 25 minutes or so lying face up, and then they will all disappear. So the person is not going out look like they've just been You're sleeping on a pillow just woken up from eight hours of sleep with a face squashed into a pillow. Okay. No one wants to go out into the street with a face looking old. Excuse me with the face with crinkles alive like that. So that, to me, is a really important thing to do as well. Start them face down and with him, face up and they'll go out. Yeah, well, they're nice. Pressured based. Like, the way they came into your studio and we inspiring message clinic. Rather going out looking like that just woken up. 60. Eyes closed 1: Let's talk about when you turn a person over and they're now lying face absolutely done the whole back of the body sequence, and then they're lying face up. So for the first time, they can actually see the surroundings. Now, what I never let my clients to was just lie there with their eyes open, sitting there lying so they now face up. And this I mean, some of them I was just glad that never And they're looking around the room. So here you are trying to probably doing the neck now doing this wonderful neck massage and they're busy looking around your lampshades or your ceiling or what have you. So I would always, always make them close their eyes so I would just end it. Just characterized just quietly, politely friendly this close your eyes and that ties your eyes because there's no way they're getting the benefits of your amazing massage if their eyes are open because they're suddenly getting visual stimulation about what's going on here that think about something else Now, even better than getting close your eyes. This is what we just ended up doing. Just put a little tower once you turned them up. I have their hearts lay that over their eyes and lying face up labour over their eyes. And then they feels nice. That company and they were then because I can't see anything visually, they were then appreciate that the focus back in on your message. Okay, so that is a point that I always made. I never, ever let my car because my hard work is being wasted while they're looking around the ceiling on my light fixtures. So that's a great way. Put that over their eyes and then they will be focused in on the amazing massage that you're giving them, not checking out the cracks in the ceiling. 61. Heat benefits 1: now a couple of things that really takes your massive. Especially if you're in a cold climate. Takes it right to that next level and a couple of things you can do which really make it feel amazing to the climb. Really makes it special. Really makes it stand out from other mass massage therapists. And one of those things is hate packs. Now you can you can buy them. But I suggest you met you make them. I made hate packs, and then I sold them through this bar. Okay, you can do this very cheap. Very easy to make. In fact, I used to get a lady I want I don't have a sign machine too. I don't really know how to sew that Well, with a machine and three, I didn't have the time, but you can put weight in them. You can put corn dried Cornel, this sort of thing and fill them up. I have a link in the description on how to make your own heat packs. Now, number one. You put this on their lower back. You microwave them for two or three minutes and you put them on the lower back. If you're doing the massage, they face down. You're working on the feet and legs, and this goes on the lower back at the start of the massage. Or let's say they've got tied up a bad you put it there or put two on them, and it just that warm, moist hate from the hate pack sufferings up the muscle. It feels just divine, and again, it just makes your message even that much better. The other thing we did again, if it's a cold climate or cold morning or its into the evening, was cooled off on electric blanket we used to have underneath the message. Not underneath the message table, you know, underneath the shape below. So we would have a message table, then the electric blanket. They would have a bed shape than the towers on top. And so you've got this heat coming up from below not too hot, you know, the person perspiring, but just just lovely, comforting warmth on would have that as well. So that's another thing that you could do this absolutely wonderful essays, especially if it's cold. The other thing you could do, especially if you start to get into aromatherapy massage, but even know is we would have those little you know, the little bottle warmers for babies when you get the little bottle that would use and you put it in this little warmer and sits there and it warms the milk, we would use this to warm the essential oils. So you've got your carrier oil massage oil and maybe you're gonna put some aromatherapy drops in. Doesn't have to be, could just be a normal massage bottle. And you put sweet almond oil. You put that in there and you warn the oil now, I wouldn't. Don't use your big bottle if you're using one separated out. So let's say 60 mils essential carry oil. Sweet Amador, for example. You just separated from your large body. You don't want to keep heating and you get removing. So you're just doing this to one off. But this lovely warming oil is another thing that really, really stands out. So that person is just lying there. Oh, wow. They get this lovely warming oil. Maybe they got hate packs and it just takes you up here in your massage and then massage experience. So there's a really nice little tricks you can do with using heat. Teoh, Not honest, feel amazing. But it is incredibly therapeutic for your client. 62. Water myth 1: now because I want you to be the most professional massage therapist. I also need you to stop saying it's for to a person. All of us massage therapist should stop saying that Please drink plenty of water after a massage because we want to decrease to remove the toxins that the message is just released . This is not true. Physiologically, it's a complete myth. Okay, so now the reason I'm saying this is because one is not true Message does not release toxins to get that water is supposedly flushing them out. All right, you see it all of the Internet, you see it written everywhere. It does not happen. So let's be nearly professional, but well educated. Okay, So that bio maze recommend the person to drink water after the massage by old maids. Offer them a glass of water after the message. We always do that, but no, because you need to drink plenty of water after methods to flush toxins. That is absolutely not true. It doesn't happen. It's a complete myth. The sooner we stop saying it, the better and more professional we look in our industry 63. Ice heat 1: now very quickly. I wanted to mention this subject because it seems a lot of therapists get tripped up over this, and that is whether it's used ice or heat on the person's pain, for example. So the person comes in the lower back pain and they asked you, you know, should I? I see it. So should I hate it? I mean, what's better? Let me give you how simple this is to remember. So you should know. I imagine if you got a message background that in the 1st 48 72 hours, often injury, which has swelling the total, let's say it's a sprained ankle. So it's got the cardinal size of redness. Hey, it's swallowing. It's painful eso to swallowing, so you need to put ice. Will. That person needs to put ice on that, to decrease this swelling in the pain and so on and so forth and elevated and all those sorts of things you know about. But the majority of people you're going to see how people will say neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, right? So it's not an actual inflamed injury is such they might tell you by the way that our cemetery playing muscle. It's probably not all right. It's very, very different. Very rare that they're coming in with a tourney. Lower back muscles, for example. There just painful and so simple Is is in and not show. Tell him to do what feels best in an easy way to Assam. This is just did your lower back, stupid lower back. Does it feel better when you're in a shower in the morning, but with a warm front? Oh, yeah, yeah. Really? Listen, my neck. My back really loosens up in the morning. When I have a chef, it was much better. There's Ratter heat, so that means heating limits. Not the ones that a cold of the more pittman basements. So you're a tiger. Bombed, hating hate packs, warm bass, warm showers. Hate, hate, hate. Now, if someone says no, she feels better, But, uh, yeah, I put some cold on it. There you are. Put code on it. All right, But don't say no. No, no. You've gotta have cold because I've heard this. You know, none of that are just up for lower back. You must put cold some people again. If they've got spasm or trigger points. They might be worsened because tighten up because they don't want called. It feels terrible. So that's it. In a nutshell. If it feels better apart from the acute injury status, anything else if it feels better than it hears it, it feels better with heat. Use it if you alternate to, and that feels great. Use him. 64. Taxes 1: Now the other side of the business is handling the business side of the business. Okay, so his on this is not gonna be a comprehensive. You need to speak to a new accountant. Know what your deductible down that summer and so forth. I'm already bored about saying the word counting deductibles, but it isn't a necessary part of your business. So you want to be on top of it. Here's what I did for the first few years. I just threw everything into a bag. My receipts for the clients because you're going to give receipts to your clients and a copy of that. I tried that in the money I own in the same bag. I would throw in your oil receipts from the oils that I bought in that sort of thing. And then the end of the year, I would have a complete mess and take me hours to do this. That one year, the cat actually peed on them. So all the states stank on the numbers, got smart selling support. Here's what I recommend you do. You get to stay, Chris. Now, if you know about this in fine but for those of you you like May. This is your, like, a whole different world. And it's a boring world because we just want a message. But this is really important. Also is part of being a professional. Two bags. This is what I do. In one bag goes the receipts of money. Incoming. Okay, the other one is money out going now. So I would do this, and I would Well, what I originally did this. I would have January income. January Costco's you're spending what have you have them. And so then come the end of the year, I would have 12 bags of the income and expenditures, and then I'd have to go through these tool bags and write the mowed down, which you complete pain about as well. So later on in life, I decided that this is an even better idea because I was actually getting more and more organized. And here's what you do. This is whatever income expenditures. But what you what? You buy what? The things you have to buy your oils. You shape your laundry, all the things They're text deductions going to this one the end of the month, you get a spread singer would have you write on a piece of paper and you write down what you paid all things you had to pay for that deductible. And also then what you've actually heard so then is not a major headache. At the end of the you go. Oh, my God. I got these bags. They're sitting in a box I gotta keep on top of it doing every month. And it took me a long time to realize is every month and then So you totally on top of it, you keep your seats in their bags, but have always each month and also apart from you know, when it comes tax time and have it to give the stuff to your accountant, you've gotta roll down there as well. But you're also knowing month by month how you'd actually doing. All right. So you've got a good idea. It's on your computer. Look this much overestimated. Really Good month. A lot of outgoings this month, so that is a really easy way, Teoh. Just stay on top of it and not be like. But I did when I started 65. Reviews 1: now, Other things that I think is really powerful is if you get great reviews on your trip advisor page, then I will always, always when I was sending out something safe in the V I p list or putting something on the Facebook page, that sort of thing. In fact, on my Facebook page, when we got a great review, I would always posted to the Facebook page like something like this was the best message I ever had. A whatever they wrote. So I would always so again just go Wow. Yeah, I need to get back in, dig another massage or seven and so forth. But just to see, you know, the best hot stones massage I've ever had or whatever they written, I would always have that self. I'm putting something to the V I P list. Um, maybe I'm advertising hot. Try hot stones. It's wintertime tight. Come in for a hot stones message or something like that. And I would always have a comment if I had one. Which would, General always did something about hot stars. So whatever it is that your your best dick tissue massage had a 77 So those comments are really, really important. Really powerful. So always add them when you can. That's why Trip Advisor is so what? One of the reasons it's so powerful. Could you've got these reviews that then you can use to help advertise your business and people really look ago? Oh, wow. Time s eyes. I've never tried that Look at this guy, So just keep that in mind. Always got reviews. Use them to your advantage. 66. Dont bombard 1: now, when it comes to your email is which is so important to you your V I. P or exclusive Gold Members Club. Whatever you call it, when you go to be sending out information you don't want, just send out specials all the time. I would send out something so once a month, if you send out every week, there's a good possibility that just annoy them and they might unsubscribe. So once a month is generally ideal and put informative posts. You know, tricks like the tennis ball. Now, if you're good in front of a camera, get up into do videos and you can post videos of how to get rid of knots between your shoulder plates. Informally, things like that, but also your put in any special you have. You know, this was already new treatments that you might have. And so it's not only it's not all about what treatments you've got that sort of thing. It's also informative articles, articles about, say, about master inbounds is, or how to strengthen your core or so on and so forth. So they're getting really good information that once again shows that you're very educated . You're serious about what you do, and you're serious about helping your clients, so make it a combination off yesterday. But specials extra this or why don't you try your hot stones with their facial this month and so on and so forth. So I think you've got a good idea, but just don't bomb by them every week with things like that around about once a month is a good time. 67. Congrats massage 1: All right, so there you have it now, so that's a lot to go through. So make sure you go through, go back through the lectures, have a look at the resource is And you said you were gonna take your level of professionalism right up here So you'll be apart from the rest of the massage therapist. You will be a highly regarded professional massage therapist. So practice hone your skills not only on what you say, but in everything you do but inside and outside of the clinic of a professional and everything that you do and say. And as I said you throughout the course, your business will grow, you'll have a career and we had to make money. You won't have to work for someone else if you don't want to. And you can have something proud and call your own and have your own doing what you love to do. Doing massage at being successful doing it