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Massage Away; Sciatica

teacher avatar Chad Bednar, Massage Away

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Massage Away Introduction

    • 2. Massage Away Tools of the Trade

    • 3. Lower Back for Sciatica

    • 4. Leg for Sciatica

    • 5. Glute for Sciatica

    • 6. Epilogue and Specific Stretch

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About This Class

Does someone you care for suffer from sciatic pain?  Do you feel helpless when they lament about “missing out on the fun things”?  Are you concerned with the pills they take, or how often they take them?

Now you can help them get through it using your own hands. This class will show you how a Massage Therapist would help out their client, coupled with basic techniques that anybody can learn and use.

This class will give you the confidence to take an active role in giving your loved one the relief they deserve.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chad Bednar

Massage Away


I'm a published author of two novels, a handyman who learned under an incredible craftsman, and I'm a Massage Therapist with fifteen years experience.

I've coupled my certificates of mastery in both Anatomy and Physiology with my experience to develop different techniques to help my clients move beyond their pain and limitations.

For these classes, I've modified what I've learned to include basic hand moves in all the treatments.

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1. Massage Away Introduction: right, I'm Chad Bednar. Welcome to massage away. I've been a massage therapist for 14 years of certificates of mastery in both anatomy and physiology, and I graduated from one of the top schools in the nation of time. In all the years that I've been working, I've lost count of how many times I've had clients say to me, Oh, that's where the pain is coming from or my husband really wants to help, but just can't do it quite right. And my personal favorite, you didn't have a slot open. This week's I've been like this for nine days, so I start developing this series of videos with the novice in mind. It's not my goal to train the next generation of massage therapist. What I want to do is help people get through their pain without having to resort popping pills. We're living like this. What I did is I took the most common issues that people come to me with and paired them up with the most basic of techniques in an effort to try to remove the pain, removed attention and give them the time that they need so they can meet with a licensed massage therapist, a dr, some other expert 2. Massage Away Tools of the Trade: Now, before we start getting into the techniques, we need to talk about some tools of the trade, like, Where am I gonna do this massage? My first recommendation would be a regular kitchen table. Sounds a little goofy when you could work all the way around your partner. It's sturdy usually, and what you padded up with some couch cushions or some blankets. It's actually a pretty decent working height Now. If it doesn't work for you, the sizes is wrong. Or if it's a little rickety, I recommend using the floor. Give up all that work height, but you're still able to work around your partner, and you can cushion up as much as you want, and you can work anywhere that you want. Third place would probably be the couch. Now you should probably be able to see the pros and cons of that by now. You cannot work around your partner, but when you're spending time with them and they look over you like this, there is a lot to be said about working out somebody when they need it most, and I should also mention the bed Now, at first glance, that bed seems to be the perfect place to work, but there's a fundamental problem with it that I'll mention later. But I would highly recommend you not even think about working on sheets. You're gonna need sheets, at least two of them, unless you like the idea of oil getting applied directly to your couch. Here, rug darker is better. Heavier is better. Besides, reduces body temperature and anything you can do to keep your partner comfortable is gonna be greatly appreciated. In fact, no change in the tissues could be made if the tissues air cold. So you might want to keep one of these nearby and throw it on your partner as it's needed towels. And as you can see, we're very eclectic around here. You want to keep some of these washcloths nearby. I used them mostly as landmarks in the videos places you should and should not massage. His hand towels are very important. Fold it up like that, your cushioning. They could give your partner a little bit extra padding. I also use them in some of the techniques rolled up, so she keep three or four from nearby. Now you don't have to get fancy with the massage oil. Here's what I use when I'm running low, a little bit of hand cream, a little bit of baby oil about 50 50 now. This doesn't look like much, but it's slick enough that you're able to do plenty of movements and get the tissues nice and warmed up. And by the time the hand cream is absorbed into the skin, you're left with a little bit of oil. That gives you just enough slickness, but just enough traction that you could make a difference in the tissues. One word of advice. If you are forced to work with only the oil or only the hand cream, a little oil goes a long way. Won't get absorbed. Hand cream. You might as well figure that you're going to be replenishing it all the time now. Hot packs. This is where the hand towels really start to earn their keep. You take one towel and you fold it so that it's even about the same thickness all the way across. You wet it. You're ringing out most of the way. You put it into a gallon sized bag. Is it blocked? Closing most of the way and you microwave it. Just don't microwave it so long. Plastic. When it's done, take another towel. Push out the air rest of the way, zipped up and you've got yourself a hot pack. It'll last about 15 20 minutes. It's cheap, it's convenient, and it really comes in handy if your partner is either dehydrated has a whole bunch of bindings that needs to. And finally, the best tool you can bring to a massage is this. You have to be at the mindset that you are there to help this person on the table. You can't be distracted while you're working. Can't be watching the game. You can't even be watching a rerun of a sitcom while you're giving a massage. Can't be hurrying because you need to cut the grass or because of movies starting. And you can't be hurrying because you're expecting something good at the end. In case you're wondering. That's why I recommend you don't work. You have to be at a time in a place that you're not likely to be disturbed because even if you watch all these videos, you're not gonna have the kind of experience that a brand new massage there be graduate is just coming out the door, so you have to be mindful of your party. You have to be observant of everything that they're saying and everything they're doing, and I'll help you out with the queues along the way. 3. Lower Back for Sciatica: Welcome back. Thank you for joining me for massage away for the Scion IQ issues. Now, today we're gonna be working on the lower back. We're gonna be working on the hamstrings, and we're gonna be working on the glute region. Now, you may only have pain in one of these three areas, but you really need to work on all three. Everything is connected. And if you neglect working on one or mawr areas, you could really be putting undue strain on the areas that you want to clear up. So I really urge you to get all three in in one session. So how about if we start with lower back main emphasis of this is a muscle called the Quad Greatest Limbo Rem. It's a very large muscle. It's very thick, powerful. It heights the hip up. Every time you take a step, it stabilizes the entire torso and it's a triangle. So you're gonna want to find the hit the edge of the hip. Very easy hand small back. Feel nothing but bone on either side side. You're gonna work. You'll feel the edge of the hip. The edge of the hip is right there. Find the spy. And this is the area that you're gonna be working. Put your hand in there. You aimed for the top of the opposite leg. You apply pressure. Just using hell of a hand. You can use your other hand to stabilize yourself. Gently go back and forth and you simply apply pressure. I'm putting on maybe somewhere between five and £10 and you keep checking in with your partner. Make sure that what you're doing is okay. Make sure that what you're doing is effective. And if you wanted to start this whole thing by putting a hot pack on here first, by all means make it easy on yourself. There's nothing wrong with that. Communication is the key. Thanks. Want more pressure? Alright, right there. Remember, is a bad sign. Really. This is all that you could do. 4. Leg for Sciatica: now a Ndri ping. The leg can be a little tricky, so feel free to rewind this. Any time you want, we'll go slow. I want to take the sheets, bring it right up to the edge of the leg. Take the bottom part of the leg little towards you, so you have better control over it. Now you want to take the sheet, bring it over the leg, reach down, grabbing close to the knee, but not on me. One. Lift up. Reach underneath the leg. Grab the sheet, import up, up and out. Talk of the sheet. You have a successful drink. Now there's two sets of muscles to worry about. In the hamstrings. There's biceps, femoris more on the outside. And then there's a semi member, no sis and semi tender noses that's on the inside. In my experience, this is where the problems are. This is the area that gets the tightest. What you're gonna want to do is loosen up the leg in general, but there's one other point. The back of the knee. You need to avoid putting pressure on this. This is only for advanced massage therapists, and it's a very bad idea to start jumping into, so get yourself a washcloth covered up. Give yourself a barrier. Don't cross this. So what you're gonna want to do is warm up the hamstring if you notice my hand. I just had my fingers curled under. Try to picture these longer muscle fibres as spaghetti strands. If you ever have a pot that's roiling, get that clump of spaghetti that sticks together. You get it, Get in there, pluck it all apart. This makes the muscle fibre. This movement makes the muscle fiber flip over itself. Crushes out those spaghetti strands. For some people, just that movement alone is enough to loosen up the hamstring. If you need to have yourself a hot pack, make it easier on yourself. But if you're ready to go to the next section, take a little bit of cream. You remember from before it's about 50 50 of cream and lotion. We're just gonna use cream for this. Now make sure that town stays in place. Don't want to apply any pressure back now. When you're working, the likes of the hamstring can't reach inside the leg. The main reason is there's a bunch of nerves in there very, very sensitive area. So as you're working, you can have this hand with your fingers. Extent, hand on the outside, hand on the inside. Need to curl under just like what we were doing before 15 minutes of this. 20 minutes of this. If it's less than that, your partner will let you know. Long, slow strokes stretch out those muscle fighters push out the junk that might be building up inside those hamstrings. Connect with your partner. How does this feel? This too much. Does it hurt here or here or here? If this is too much, tell me. And if you look with my technique, I'm not using my arms. Okay, Well, yeah, I am using my arms, but I'm using my weight. I'm using my leverage using the largest muscles in my body so I can keep this up indefinitely. Now, a tight hamstring might feel like a well inflated basketball. You'll feel it, and your partner will let you know. But it's nice and relaxed. I'd say 15 minutes. 20 minutes is a pretty decent amount of time. Now, this is not going to be a professional massage. You just need to do the best you can for your partner 5. Glute for Sciatica: Now, the muscle that we aimed for in the glute area is called pure form us, and the only way to get at it is to aim for where it should be. The problem is, you're moving under one of the largest muscles in the body, the glute where you find it. Put your hand in this small of your partner's back. You moved down until you come to a triangular bone. That's the base of the spine called the Sacred. When your middle finger is at the top of that triangle, your index finger and your rain singer are the targets, depending on what hand you're using, which side you're on. In this case, my left hand. It's the index finger. So right here is where it begins. You feel along the hip until you come to a bony bump. That's the greater truth, Cantor. It's right here, and that's the pure form us from here to here all that you could do. Put your forearm right between the two areas. Line up so you have the top of the hip over here. You have your performance that you just found off of the dreaded cantor and all you do is you work on the pure, form us through the glute. There are other techniques, but they require a bit more finesse. And for a novice, this is about the best that you can do. But believe me, it's very, very effective, and it's your best shot at relieving your partner's pain. 6. Epilogue and Specific Stretch: thank you for joining me from massage away. The greatest asset that you have is the relationship that you have with your partner. But you still have to listen to what they're saying. You have to pay attention to what they're doing and how they're reacting to the movements that you give them on the table. Massage therapists getting experience with many hours they put behind the table. You make up for your lack of experience by just taking your time and checking in with your partner. Now, if you're ever at a time and in a place when you see your partner is having trouble and you just can't get to them, here's a couple of stretches that your partner could do just to make it through the rest of the day. Now the stretch for your glutes and performance can get toe look a little goofy. So be aware of where you do this. Don't be doing in a board meeting or anything like that first thing you're gonna want to do his cross your legs. If you're stretching out your left glute, put your left leg over your right knee now reached between your legs and you clasp your knee. If you're not that flexible, you can't grab on your knee. Grab your leg and you lean back again. This would look really weird in the middle of a meeting. Or if you can't even grab your leg, just cross your legs and you lean forward until you feel the stretch in your glutes. 30 seconds in 30 seconds out, three times five times you'll get relief. Thank you for joining me.