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Mass Pin Scheduling for Pinterest via Tailwind

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction To Course

    • 2. Finding Pins in Bulk

    • 3. Bulk Scheduling of Pins

    • 4. BONUS: Smartloops

    • 5. Class Project

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About This Class

Having a lot of pins on Pinterest is a difficult task.

However, there is the way to have tons of Pins ready weeks, months or even year ahead!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to find pins to repin in bulk;
  • How to repin a massive amount of pins at once using Tailwind;
  • How to never run out of pins on your profile.

If you don't have Tailwind Avvount Yet You Can Get It HERE.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction To Course: Hello there. My name is Nick Nickson, and welcome to our course. So when this course will learn how to schedule a massive amount of pens using Tailwind softer own your pinchers. So why should learn this? Because this will actually increase your pinchers rich. Significantly. Y again, Why am I talking to this? Because with this strategies off Tailwind that I used with a massive scheduling and other tailwind features, I managed to get over one million users per month every single month for the last six months already. So we're going to learn how to schedule a lot of pens on Pinterest at once, a probably weeks or month worst worth in advance. And in addition to that, we will learn how to use some additional tailwind features. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. 2. Finding Pins in Bulk: so welcome to our actual first lecture off. Ah, scheduling pence for Pinterest on the talents after, so I assume ah, that by this luxury already know what Tailwind is you have already purchased telling or using the free trial, which allows you to have, I think, 30 pence to be pained at the same time scheduled at the same time. So if you do not have installed Pinterest So I stylist just to do your he still telling that I had to just to install table first? Because otherwise you cannot do anything there. So when you instill a tailwind I'm using right now a Google chrome I think you can do than safari on another brothers as well. You will have this brother and extension and you'll have right this where this one, uh, this table publisher A button right here. This is what we are going to use. So stay where two off that dock this icon right here because we are going to use this a lot . This is the thing that actually allows it to, uh, pin a lot off pence a to the same time. So this is my account, actually, as you can see, I have 1.2 million month of yours and it actually co went down because I have pinned ah, lot of pence for really long time, probably more than a month now. All this pins that you have, you see here are upend with the smart loop with which we're gonna talk in the different lecture. And when you have when you stole your tail winds after we're going to go to the account, this is what you're going to see. What we need here is actually a publisher. Go to schedule pincers because you have zero scheduled pains right there. It is going to load right here. All you see here it's smart Le Pen's which we're gonna talk again in their later lectures. So what do we need to do? We need to fill out all of this. I don't mind that I have a lot of pence per day. I have Laurent to think 40 to 50 pins and let me just ah, check my schedule just to see how many pins I have actually daily all around 50 pence per day. Ah, 44 49 57 different days, different amount of pence don't mind that because for you it might be different numbers, depending on how beginning will have advanced. You are. So what we're going to do is now we're going to pin a lot of pins at the same time. So first things first. I'm going to need to understand what type off pains I want. First, I'm going to my boards and I'm going to choose like some kind of, um probably, Levy said. Just email marketing, because I have three pins there on and there's usually the other ones have mawr. Eso, let's say email marketing. I wanna have some pins for email marketing. What I'm going to do is I'm gonna go to home off my Pinterest, and I'm going to type in search bar email, marketing, email marketing. It's going to start email marketing pins for me. What I am going to do now, instead off, um, using the pains that I have here, I'm going to use other people's boards. Let's call this an ethical stealing is stealing in brackets because what I'm going to do is I'm going to use their boards. But actually don't be confused with that because on Pinterest stealing is not a bad thing because you cannot change the links off the pens. So basically, when you are getting pins on your boards, you're basically sharing other peoples pins on your board, basically, is the sharing and you're helping of them. So is highly encouraged to do, actually. So what we're going to do now is we're going to you go to the search by right here and instead of all pence, we're going to look for boards, press boards right here, and it gets you have a lot of a lot of a lot of different boards concerning email marketing . What I'm going to do is I'm going to look for the top boards that do not have a lot of pins because I don't want a lot of pain is because we're going to pin a massive amount of things at the same time. We're going to look for this amount of pence and we are going to open this one. And as you can see this period, this board has 126,000 followers, so basically it is very, very, very, very popular pin, and this is basically all we need to find depends for our for our table board for our pictures. Board off email Marketers concede that's a lot of pins. That's actually pretty good pins. And yeah, this this I will work. This are the pins that we are going to use, but usually people are going to go one by one to the space. So in the next lecture, I'm going to teach you how you can actually go through all of the pens at the same time. So I'm going to see the next lecture. 3. Bulk Scheduling of Pins: hello again and welcome to the next lecture off our massive pinchers scheduling. So what we are showing. So in the next lecture, we found the pace that we won't upend. This is 134 pence. It's a lot of pins on. Well, usually what people are doing. They are doing them. Pinning the manually when you have a Pinterest extension is old. When you get to depend on this, this will show up. You can just choose there and go and choose. Yet let's say the email marketing right here and it's been saved. Email marketing and what you can do is actually do them one by 11 by one. But imagine how pinning off 134 pence will actually work for you. This is a lot of pence like way too many paints. And by the way, by doing this, you're not scheduling. I think you're actually pinning them right away. Let me just refresh my telling pin if it's scheduled or just now, we're just pinned right away. It did not schedule it just pinned, by the way. It's it's usually it's the original Pinterest thing. What you can do is to connect you to schedule this using the Pinterest buttons, You're gonna press this one, it's gonna open the window, and you can just scheduled them one by one by adding to the Q. And this takes quite a lot of time. So that's that's the thing that will not do. What we will do is we're gonna pin them all at the same time again. This is not a simple thing to do because it it takes a little bit more time than pinning a single pin. But it takes way less time, depending 134 pence one by one. What we're going to do now is we're going press the Tailwind extension button in our chrome softer or whatever is after you have right now I'm gonna press this one and educate, See, it'll it is loading all of the paint at the same time. Like Tailwind, OO Software is trying to see all of the pence at the same time as guess it's been loaded. All 134 points have been loaded, but there is a thing that will actually take the most time. Is selecting the pains that you want what we're going to do is we will select all the pens that we want except the pace that does not have any picture that missed some like that. It didn't blow anything except depended on having a picture or the pace that do not have any description. This actually the board off the tail wind itself. So I think that all of them will have a proper description. And then because Tailwind will not schedule the pins with doubt a description and we just don't want to write the description for dozens of pens one by one word just selecting everything. This is the most time consuming job off task of this Well again, Tusk off. It gets a year. This one does not have in description. So we're not going to select this. You have to be a very conscious of what you were doing. So we may miss someone. So don't worry. We have so many pins that missing a few, maybe even 10 will not do anything for us as against you when you select them, the black blue halo is, ah, going around the pen. That's that's how we understand the pain and misery visit you see, I'm trying to select mainly the descriptions itself. Because if I'm selling independent just overly long, I might not see what type of pain there is. And all right, Has any description or under because it's very long pin. I'm not selecting it until I see the description. Some once I saw the description, and now I selected it going through it like that. Like that. Like that. So we have selected 129 images, so we may miss someone when we may have met someone. Some, some off some of the pins. I Let's say this run. We missed some of this. Okay, 130 pence is more than enough advocacy. Or probably you cannot see because my face is covering this one, As you can see, there, there it is, like 100 third depends selected. Now we're going to let me show it again. Press go schedule button right here because it opened a new window for us. Let me just maximize this one. I'm gonna return back right here. And this is another time consuming part. It's gonna load all off the pains at the same time. It it may take a little while to do so, but it's OK. What we're going to do now is we're going to select add ah, boards, toe all here. And we're gonna press email marketing right here. I will press the email marketing right here. Uh, what we can do a guess. Well, is select another board, but you will have to do we'll have to just spread them manually to pin them in different boards and different times. So this what I'm not doing, actually. So I'm just facility only one word when I'm going during the mass elect And what I can use that I either can press schedule or OAS. You could see there was some Some problem. Uh, police entered the source cereal for all depends. There is a problem right here. As you can see their fuel pins. That does not have any u r l So I'm gonna delete those pins because the girls are needed. I'm gonna delayed that. Neither one right here. And I think I saw some war it. This another one right here. And I think this my bed I'm gonna press again and see. Yes, there was it. That was it. And as you can see, right now, it is scheduling all off the 130 pains minus, like few there at the same time, I'm gonna press close now, and I'm gonna go to tailoring. I'm gonna refresh this. Refresh this button right now. And Aziz, you can see we have. Yeah, we have already old up in scheduled right here. So because I have, like, around 50 pence per day, it Ah, it's filled around two days and the 2.5 days for myself. 130 pence. So, as you can see, we've scared you have a mass schedule. You have, like, 10 pins per day and have 10 pins per day. This would feel the entire two weeks prior around two weeks off. You're a Pinterest, Sam, which is amazing thing to you. Like enter almost two weeks off schedule pins and it allows you to have extremely good amount of pens for your pictures. Looking 127 schedule pains. Right here. It's It shows us 127 today is going to do 12 because of its already around midday. And we'll to mortal do 44 that see? Let's go down day after tomorrow, You 49. And the day after that, it's gonna do 23 because that's all that is left. And if I'm going to add the depends, it will just add to the end of the queue and continue so one. So far. So this is how you can actually do a mass scheduling? Off depends. And in the next lecture at the bonus lecture, I'm gonna teach you how to have pins always pinning on your pay on your on your Pinterest boards. Always all the time. Never run out of pins And never have your pictures profile dead ever in your life. I'm going to sue in an extraction. 4. BONUS: Smartloops: so hello. And welcome back to our bonus electric for our Pinterest mass scheduling. So in this lecture, I'm gonna teach you very, very good. Um, feature off the talent, which is called smart Loop. This You can see this model on the Pinterest board on the tailwind actual dashboard, and you go and see the under publisher. Some are club tab. Just press a smart lamented to open this model. Whatever you have right here. As you can see, I have an active, smart post like 72 polls have been Ah, looping. Every single I think month is, uh yeah, it's 72 post that there there is being looped over and over and over. And no six depends, I think. Yeah, it's Yeah. 60 pence and 72 poles like it had been post 70. Teoh Force. What of whatever it is it zipped, counts it in a different way. It's right here, like a 15 on for the top codes. 41 for best off to hear from zero and 16 for my courses. So this is this is how it's done, and it allows you to pin the same pins. Same off your pens over and over again during entire year on during special seasons. If you have, like seasonal content, like New Year's content of Christmas content or Halloween content or Easter content, each will open those pins again and again during these times or all you're around. I'm gonna show you how we can actually create the pain and get a smart loop. Ah, 40 Pinterest. Where you're going to do is go here and just press the new loop. Here you can go would choose between evergreen and seasonal content because we're going to several great new content because I'm not doing anything seasonal. You can go on coal. Ah, the loop name like test loop. I'm not gonna actually create this one of till the end because I don't want this. Then you're going to choose a default boards the boards that will, well, big pinned into, like in my case, I'm going to choose. Let's let let's use the same email marketing. Let's go with email marketing Lupoli around you can add, actually multiple boards. Let me just slide this one and go to the ad your pence right here and let me just get back . You can choose different pains. Like all all of the board's all just inside the board or from your own website or something like that, I'm not going to show only for my website filter by board. I'm gonna go with the email marketing board. Only I can search for the paint specifically. What I can do is I'm going to select a few pins like this one. This one, this one like all the pins. Let me just select a few more pins. We have selected 30. We can you can go a found the related images as well, but we don't want this one. And let me just show this one. Yeah, related images. We don't want this one. It's an actual new future in Haiti has not been there before. We're not gonna do this, but let's just press see related images. It's the pins that has exactly the same images. That's that's it exactly the same way we just order related images. Ah, where we're just not going to do this. Ah, and next we're going to dio set up a schedule. Ah, Is it your new? Of course, content are new or niche content. It's our core content elicits our core content, and we are going to do a once per week or once per day or something like that. This is just here, shows you how, how much it will take to go through all of your pens. How much time approximately it will take. You can go like if I will do like, 10 times a day. Now it's a lot. For some reason, it's not updating. Okay, it's it's stuck. Oh, it's You can choose, actually, for how long you can do that if I'm doing like one perp in per day, if I will. Do you, like timeto wait to port and paste in a different ball like 20 days? It will take like, three or four weeks to go through all of this. It's actually not good thing to do, because you will need around. Let me just get back. You'll need around three months between your pence between your lips in order to Pinter's not freak out and just Panyu right away. So I'm going to do this actually, six times, period. That's a five times a week for 91 1 days and who go three months ago, just a circle around as you can see, that your typical day told you. Ah, here it will paste on my typical day. Well paced, my smile appear. And this these are all other smart loops. If I'm gonna increase the amount per day as Jesse, it shows you how much how many pins it will go through for a single day, for if I go like, 30 times per day, because there's a lot of pins, uh, over and over again. So we're not going to do that. I feel about this. It will go through all the pains in a single day. But tribe try to type posted in the different boards a later. So it will just go through all this and just wait for 90 days until it will post it against . We don't want this when, Like, if you have like, uh, that said five times a week, it will go through this and then it will wait 91 days to go and post into different pits. Basically what this means that you will have every single day you will have a post smart loop opposed posting every single day something because you will have a few smart Lopes. You always have something to loop and something to post. Always, always, always all the time. And it will allow you to have a lot of a lot of pins and never actually run out of pens on your pinchers, Which is amazing thing to do. And you will have your pins, like, unlimited amount of pains on your pictures of your pitchers Basically will never that. But this is the exactly same thing that is happening on my Pinterest. I'm just for the last few months. Late last one month, actually on Lee, the smart loop pains have been pinned, and it allowed me to just maintain a really high amount of of yours per month. So, uh, this was it for a lecture, and we're gonna wrap it up in the Lex lecture. See, there. 5. Class Project: so hello again and welcome back to our last sexual Elektra, and we're going to wrap everything up. What we've learned in this entire likes this small course that we created. So we learned how to, actually, How do you actually actually can find a massive amount of pence to repent on your boards? How you can pain all of this pains hundreds upon hundreds of pins at the same time and have weeks and months and even maybe years I don't know how much pins you are going to do. A lot of amount of pence available in advance on your Pinterest board and we'll basically allowing you to have a rest and just paying pictures were the day one will do everything for you. Rotate depends all the time. And the last bonus thing that we're word is this smart of that which allows you to have a pence depending on your Pinterest board every single day, all the time to not allow your Pinterest account to die out. So this will be it for our electoral. Let me just get back to my face. This will be it for our lectures. I hope it was helpful. So I am going to, um, give you a small class project for this class. What I want you to do just if you want to do this destined for yourself if I want you to do is tow have an entire week's worth off your pence on your tail wind account. What you need to do it just need to go. You want to upload this or send this to me? You're gonna go to just let me cab to get back. Teoh. Ah, my talent. What you need to do is just go to schedule and just screenshot the amount of pain. So why do you have and just or screenshot of, just let me let me show you this one, uh, show you show your schedule to me that you have actually weeks worth off content. You just can't. You could just take a single day off your Pinterest schedule and just show me the total amount of understanding how manure pasting part posting per day and how, How much? How many it will take to post in an entire week. So this will be the class project descended to me and that will realize that you have learned well and you understand how actual table work this actually will allow you to grow on Pinterest exponentially just below RP up interest enormously. Just they have really, really scheduled and really tight boards. I have actually separate course for that. But this is not the theme of this course. So have this. Everything will tidy up and just not throat like paints all over the place. And you're gonna succeed in pictures and kill it on Pinterest really soon. So thank you for being here with me. I hope you like the courts and I'm going to see you. Maybe in another course, or maybe somewhere else. See there.