Masking Women Hair in Photoshop : Part5 (Project5)

Supriyo Kundu, Web Developer and Graphics Designer

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7 Videos (35m)
    • 16 Project 5 Challenge in this Project

    • 17 Project 5 Creating First Alpha Channel

    • 18 Project 5 Creating Second Alpha Channel

    • 19 Project 5 Combining Alpha Channels

    • 20 Project 5 Selecting Body

    • 21 Project 5 Final Mask

    • 22 Mask Cleaning


About This Class

Thank You for your visit to this page :)

This class is continuation of Masking Women Hair in Photoshop : Part4(Project4)

This is the toughest project among all others that we have seen in our previous masking classes . Check out the challenge lecture to take a look at before and after masking image and understand what we are going to achieve in this class.





Supriyo Kundu

Web Developer and Graphics Designer

Hi ,

My name is Supriyo . I am a Computer Science Engineer .
I have equal passion for both Programming and Designing.
I have designed Websites , Business Cards , Banners and also have experience in PSD to Html/Css ,PHP , Wordpress.

I help students to grow their Design and Programming skills , be it Design Effects or Retouching or Photo Manipulation or Website Design etc .

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