Marvelous Cream Puff Cake ... easy as pie :-) | Alex Schneider | Skillshare

Marvelous Cream Puff Cake ... easy as pie :-)

Alex Schneider, Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

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4 Videos (17m)
    • Cream Puff Cake 0 Intro

    • Cream Puff Cake Step 1 - Base Flan

    • Cream Puff Cake Step 2 - Cream Filling

    • Cream Puff CakeStep 3 - Finishing Touches


About This Class

In 3 easy steps anyone can create a marvelous, delicious Cream Puff Cake - that everyone will rave about. Everyone asks me for the recipe because - it is that good.

The best thing (besides its taste) is that everyone can do it. I am a complete computer geek and if I can do it - everyone can do it.

You don´t need experience and even if you hate baking, this is as easy as pie.

There is almost no baking involved, you need nothing special to prepare the cake. Everything you need will for sure be in your house and there are no special or uncommon ingredients needed.

Just follow three easy steps and it will work out every time. Promise.





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Alex Schneider

Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

I?m a computer geek by education, researcher at day and wannabe-guitar-god at night. ;-)

I love hanging around with family and friends and also enjoy cooking together with them.

I would love to hear your opinion on the classes I share here on Skillshare and if you have any questions or comments just contact me.

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