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Marketing your Skillshare classes with RSS feeds, simply and easily

teacher avatar Wolf Matejek, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Marketing your Skillshare classes with RSS feeds

    • 2. Creating RSS feeds for your Skillshare classes to market anywhere

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About This Class

Skillshare currently does not offer RSS feeds for your classes...

But RSS feeds are a great way to promote a list of your classes on social media networks, your own website or even via email marketing.

But compiling all those classes URLs can take a lot of time and effort...

In this class I am sharing with you a simple way to overcome those RSS limitations and show you how you can easily and quickly create a list of your classes in a RSS feed format.

This can become one of your best class marketing tools you could have.

So join me in this class right NOW!

Meet Your Teacher

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Wolf Matejek

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer


Wolf has for more than a decade been helping passionate people like yourself, in building their own successful and profitable service businesses.

He states his reasons for wanting to help people to be the best they can, as: "You are the person that inspires me to use my business coaching, mentoring and training skills in making your business a success."

As a trainer Wolf has travelled across the world, delivering programmes on a diversity of subjects including soft-skills, motivational programmes as well as bespoke IT applications.

His website can be found at

His books are published via Amazon at

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1. Marketing your Skillshare classes with RSS feeds: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my marketing. Your skills share classes with a. Ours is feed. Why would you want to do that? Well, there are certain presenting issues that you might want to take into account. You published a number of classes. They are listed on your profile, but you want to get more exposure to your classes. Maybe you would like to email your latest classes to your email list. If you take all that as a presenting issue, it's a lot of work to compile all those class you RL's to mail them out. But there has to be a simpler way. Maybe you want to confine your latest classes interim Norris's link that you can mail out or you want to post your RSS feed links toe all your latest classes on social media networks. Well, maybe you want to add RSS feeds to your own website listing all off your classes. But as it stands, skill share at this stage does not let you create RSS feeds directly from your profile. Page is listing all your latest or all of your classes, but I've discovered a way how you can do just that. Why don't you join me now in this class to find out how you can use RSS feeds to market your classes. So don't delay click on the joint button right now and I'll see you on the other side. 2. Creating RSS feeds for your Skillshare classes to market anywhere: Hi, everyone. And welcome to my marketing. Your skills share close with ours as feet. If, like me and you unsuccessfully tried to find a link in your skill share account for creating RSS feeds for your courses. Then you're in the right place. I got really annoyed that you can't do that. You can do it with virtually any blawg nowadays or any word process WordPress site. But you can't do it as it stands at the moment from within. Skill share itself. So I've been hunting high and low to find a way to do just that, creating an RSS feed from your latest classes or all of your classes. If you wish to do that, let's see what you need to do. You will need to have the following. You need the URL in your skill share listing to all your classes on one page. So that means you have to be in your skill share account and I will show you which paid. You really need to focus on, and you also need to then have access to the Internet. To go to the ours is generate a website to create your ours s feet. So without further ado, why don't we look into what we need to do and let's get started? So I've already locked into my skill share account. I'm now on my profile page, and while I'm on my profile page, all my courses are listed in one particular area, and it's called the teaching area. Clicking on the teaching area lists all my courses down the page that I want to promote. Once I'm on that page, what I really need to do is take care off the girl off that page. So I highlight the u. R l for this particular page and I use control, See to store that you are l into my system memory. The next thing I will need to do is go to the website that will generate the RSS feed for me based on the page I'm currently looking at. Now that I'm done with this page, I can quite happily look out off my skill share account and I can close that and go to my, um are is this generator in this case, the website link you need is https. How long forward slash forward slash Feed it ee dot com Once you on that page. You can see that it allows you to try this out by entering the web page. You are l the webpage. You are well, that I've now have in memory. I'm going to paste in this long text bar. So I'm using the control wiki and I'm pasting that stored u R l into this line. Once I've done that, all I need to do is click the preview button. What? Feed it? He now does. It goes to that website and loads it in the background. Once it's done that, you will see this pop up window in the front, overlaying the back. This is a quick video off how this feed itty bitty feet builder will work. You can look at that video at any time you wish, but I'm not going to concentrate on that right now since I want to show you the quick way to build my RSS feed. So I walk nose out quite happily in the top, right? And I can see my calls page. It looks like I'm still in skills here, but I'm not. It's taken that you are l and loaded that interview. If I move my mouse around their page. Now you will see that various areas on this page will be highlighted with an orange border just like this. So these are areas that I could potentially focus on building my or is is feet. But since we are on the free version, it will only allow me to do the titles. If I want to do more than that, such as the summary, what date information or more content than I would need to upgrade to one off their pay packages. But I'll tell you more about that in a little while. So for now I'm focusing just on the title, scrolling down the page. Now you can see that it replicated or my courses on this page. So here what I need to focus on is the title off my individual courses that I want to add to my RSS feed. And you will see that if I just take the first title off the course listings like that click on it was the left mouse button. It highlighted in bright yellow enough a scroll down the page. It has replicated that for me, with all my classes. Once, I very fight that that's happened, and I'm quite happy in the way it looks. All I need to do now is go to the top right where it says Save feed. If I click on safe feed, a new page will look load up, and it now tells me that my feet is ready for trial. I've already mentioned this is a free version. The trial feeds that you created have some limitations. Number one, they are supported by advertising. They will only allow you five items I five off your latest classes to be listed. It has a slow 24 hour update interval. So if you're released more courses in a day, then it will only update every 24 hours. And this is a really important one. That link it's created for an RSS feed will or to delete. After seven days off in activity, that means two things in activity in number off the updates that are rolling in as well as a number off clicks on that feed you are l. So if you mailing it out to people in your email list and at least one person clicks on that link every seven days, then that link will maintain its life. If nobody clicks on your RSS feed link, then after seven days, that feed link will die the certain death and you may have to start this process again. But bear in mind, this is, after all, free. So what does it look like? If I have a free link created, the link is down here. That's the one I would share with people in my social networks, in my email marketing or on my website or whatever. I think more than one person will click on it every seven days. So if I click on it myself by taking this hyperlink right above it and open it in a new tab , as I mentioned, it is a free version, and it's advertising supported the first thing they usually see. And in this case, because I've already done it, it's a bit annoying. So if I do that again, let's see. No, it takes me straight to that page. That's right. Um, if I now click on one off my course links on here and go to that link, you will see this is where the advertising support is showing for visitors who want to go to your course link. They will have to continue to the article clicking on. Continue to the article, on the other hand, will take them directly to your course page where again they see your introductory video. And if they want to go further and sign up to your course, that second part is locked on the course. They still get their free redemption up here for a month for free on skill share. Or they can enroll by clicking this link. So all in all, it's a quick way to generate an RSS feed for your classes. If, on the other hand, you think this is too limiting for you, you can always review their plans and pricing. At this point, I want to make it very clear that I do not get a financial reward from these guys showing you how it's done and how much money it costs. I have nothing to do with any off that financial arrangement, but I wanted to share it with you since skill share this stage does not let us do ours this feat. So, reviewing those prayer plans and pricing, you can see if you want to have 10 listings in your feet. That would be your 10 latest classes than it would cost you $72 for the year. If you wanted to have 25 listings, you would pay 179. If you wanted to have 50 it would cost you a lot more. And if you want to have more than 500 then it would cost you from $120 per month. So bear that in mind. But that's 10 articles per feet. And remember, on the Stelter package, though, you can create 20 different feet. So if you could work out how you can sort of list your courses in a way that you potentially can create up to 20 different feet and have 10 articles in those feeds No. 10 classes in those individual feeds that would give you 200 classes listed. I haven't quite worked out yet how to do that. If you can do share it with the rest of us, and it will be fun to investigate this further. If you're concerned about the cost, bear in mind that if you are getting a lot of clicks coming through from your RSS feeds to your courses and classes, and people sign up for them. That $72 for 12 months is actually not a bad price to get you started. So if you think this has been something that you found very helpful, then I really would appreciate your thumbs up and your feet back. Also, remember, that is a class project below where you will be able to share your experience off creating RSS feeds or any ideas that you have to do it in a different way. I would really appreciate that. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed the class. Thank you very much for being here and have a great day.