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Marketing your Game on Twitch TV | Game Developer Marketing

John Valentine, Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert

Marketing your Game on Twitch TV | Game Developer Marketing

John Valentine, Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert

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10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction - How to Market your Game on Twitch TV

    • 2. Detail your Goals

    • 3. Setting a Budget

    • 4. Ideas and Requirements

    • 5. Gathering your Streamer Partners

    • 6. Creating a Sponsorship Proposal

    • 7. Sending your Media graphics and Promotion Material

    • 8. Connecting with Twitch Viewers

    • 9. Recording and Repeating Results

    • 10. Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I talk about promoting and marketing your game on Twitch TV. There are various ways you can use this platform in order to promote your video games. I talk about connecting with streamers, creating a sponsorship proposal, how to find the right people to work with, marketing your game for free and setting budget and goals. Use this class in order to market your game whether you are one person small indie developer or an established game design studio.

Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Introduction - How to Market your Game on Twitch TV: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine and in this class I will be discussing the ultimate guide to promoting your game on Twitch dot tv. So in this video, I'm going to be talking about how you can promote your game as a developer using Twitch streamers. And as you can see on a screen, and this is going to be the table of content right here. I'm going to be talking about festival, sitting your goals, detailing your specific goals and setting a budget, brainstorming ideas of requirements, collecting a streamers, creating a sponsorship proposal, then sending your media and promotion material, staying active with Twitch viewers, recording and repeating that process. So these are going to be all the topics that I'll be covering. Feel free to skip around, or of course, just start right here from the beginning and enjoy the whole class. At the end, I will give a conclusion and sort of summary and just some final tips. So make sure to stick around to the end. If you like anything you see here, make sure to follow channel and of Christians at all. My other videos, I am talking about a bunch of digital marketing tips and tricks. And I also have a video on how you can grow your personal Twitch TV channel. So make sure to check all that out. But with that being said, let's get right into the class. 2. Detail your Goals: So the first topic that I want to discuss is that detailing a goals or setting specific goals for what you want to accomplish when you run either your influencer campaigns, just using Twitch organically, or running any kind of ads on Twitch. So what do you want to do is detail your specific goals on your games. Do you want to drive them or uses for beta axis joint, just increased sales. Do you just want to increase awareness around your brand to gather some feedback? Maybe often newly released game. Or do you want to create more hype around you're launched, so around your game that's about to come out. So of course you want to ask all these kind of questions. What exactly do you want to achieve? And then you can sort of reverse engineer backwards on how you can achieve that goal. So talking about, for example, driving some user access beta for the US axis beta, you can of course have some codes that are just specifically for that beta. Some limited codes that you can give out to twist dreamers. And then in a paint campaign or free campaign, you can give those out to viewers if you have a free game, for example, just if you're a small indie developer, maybe you can just create free coupon codes for some of this Twitch streamers and they can play it and then everybody else has to pay. But you can provide these free coupon codes for specific Twitch streamers. So you want to really sort of detailed down and hone down on your goals and what you want to achieve with your twitch ad campaign in whatever capacity use you're using it for. And then sort of go backwards and reverse engineered backwards from what you want to achieve and what you want to go and how you're going to go about achieving that goal. 3. Setting a Budget: So the next topic is going to be about a setting a budget. Of course, right away, you know, the height of the budget, the higher and the more marketing you can do, obviously, but just with anything, as I said before, with influenza marketing, influencer marketing is very volatile, meaning you never know the exact price that you can pay for something. There's always a varying price. Some people want more, somebody wouldn't, unless some people don't want anything, Some people want a lot, that doesn't even make sense. So of course you got to have a specific budget that you want to stick to. And if you don't have any budget, if you're, for example, a small indie developer, as I mentioned previously, There's still a place for you, there's still stuff that you can do on Twitch that is completely free of charge. So first of all, of course, set your budget and then make sure that your budget reflects your goals appropriately. And of course, for example, if you want to run an influencer campaign, if you're a little bit of a bigger studio, you can of course, use that in order to hierarchies Twitch streamers and paid them to pay you play a game for one or two hours and tell them you pay them whatever it is, you know, a $100.2, $100.5, $100.50 dollars, obviously, depending on how big they are and that case, you might want it to be on research if and how big they are, how many concurrent, yours, and so on and so on. I will talk about that a little bit more later on. But first of all, of course, take your budget into an account. And as I said before as well, you don't even have to pay some of these Truman's anything, especially if they're smallest streamer, if you're a small indie developer and you're just made a new game just by yourself. You know, just playing around with some games and you get your first game. And it's just going to be a free game for people to enjoy. What, even if it is a paid game, you might even want to contact some of these smallest dreamers. Let's say they have 1020304050, maybe even a 100 live viewers. Consistently. You can definitely try to sort of built-up connection message them, or even just go into the twitch chat directly and ask them to play your game. Obviously don't be annoying in that sense. Don't be too spammy. But you can simply send them a message saying, hey, I'm an indie developer, I would love it if you want to try it, my game. And if it's paid, you can even give them a free code that definitely works way better. You can say, you know, it's 999, but for you he's a free code if you want to play it on stream some time, I'd really appreciate it and let me know some feedback, whatever it is, you can definitely find something for free just as well as you can have something for, let's say $1000. And then you can hire ten streamers for a $100 each to play a game for an hour. Who each have 13, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, whatever it is, how many of you have? You can, of course, do you want to research? And some streamers who have a 100 viewers might play the game for free. And then some viewers with one key might want to charge something and even other way around too. Maybe there's a stream with 800 live viewers who'd play the game for free. And there's somebody with 505 years, he says you need to pay on our books because it before that's the beauty and the madness of influencer marketing. There's no set price and lot of people set their own prices and they don't even know how to charge what priced himself. So that of course is going to be fellow volunteers. But my advice in this point, of course, is just setting a budget straight up beforehand before you set out your goals and then make sure that that budget is reflected in your goals and your appropriate goals to make sure you don't go over or under your budget and you stay within your age. 4. Ideas and Requirements: And the next step in promoting a game on Twitch and does sort of the combining step with the previous two steps. Of course, it all depends on what you want to do and how you plan this. But brainstorming ideas and requirements for your marketing gig. So for example, if you have a budget of 0, you already know you have no budget, of course, then that question as it's himself. But sometimes some of these ideas come first, then you come your budget or the other way around. So the next step, of course, is going to be here brainstorming ideas. I've given you some ideas and some examples and to sort of illustrate this. But of course, you want to brainstem by yourself and think of your own ideas to how your game and how your marketing could sort of fit into twitch. But let's start off with idea number one. So I didn't have a one would be to send livestream is a free key of UK game and asked him to play it, of course, as I said previously, and then especially a small streams will be willing to play it. You know, if you have just somebody with ten live viewers and not a lot of audience engagement, that they might even be willing to just sort of play that. And you think ten years might not do a lot. But if you message, you know, 20304050 players, that's 500 new viewers right there. And they might all be different. So if you have a game for like 399 and you have 500 and reviewers, well, you didn't math if you just have no, even just a couple of, a handful of people sort of qn into your game. It definitely helps promote your brand, promote your game, where each raise more awareness around your whole hype and your whole brand. Messaging. These small streamers with Ricky's especially is a great idea. And when it comes to games, of course it's a digital good. You're not really losing that much, you know, losing inventory or anything like that compared to other influence on marketing when they're doing it in a parallel, for example, they have to send them a shirt that's all stock cost and so on. So if it's a, if it's a game, it's just a digital good. So this is a great idea to gain some more exposure. Number two would be, of course, a way bigger idea, but this would be to sponsor events. You often sees this front professional teams and so on. You know, for example, you have to war zone boundary out a 100 K tournament. And these are of course very, very big, but you can also do it on a small scale, such as a gift card winner. You know, if you just brought it a new game or new DLC, You can tell ten streamers, look, I'm holding this tournament. You guys can participate. The winner gets a $100 Amazon gift card, or maybe even free in-game items to promote your game even more and ask people to play it in that sense. So this would be a great idea. You can do this obviously in any scalars as it was for either you'd have these big companies do a 100 K tournaments or you can start small and get ten small streamers and give them a $50 amazon gift card or whatever it is you want to do. Now the third idea would be to pay enlarge 3-mers of core and then give them a discount code to give to their fans. Does of course again, is for the more established companies, if you have an actual marketing budget, let's say you have $10 thousand of a marketing budget. You can just pay a bunch of streamers, actual money as such as two hundred, three hundred, four hundred fifty, five hundred dollars an hour to play your game and then give them a discount code for you views, for their viewers to use, you know, 10% off of whatever it is. And then a u contractor sort of effect on your sales. You can see which influence or had the most effect. And then you can use that to run your campaign again. And of course the customer gets a exists as well, and you get sales from your game. So again, this is obviously for a little bit of a more established game developers to have a large budget. And the fourth idea would be social media promotion in exchange for streamers playing games. For example, if you already have a little bit of a falling on social media or anything like that. You can tell them If you play my game, I'll shout yard on my whatever it is, social media, let's say you have a Twitter with 10 thousand followers. You can say Twitch to her child, Valentine is playing our new game. Check him out here. This is a sort of win-win situation. A, they play the game and promote you. And b, they get more promotion from as well. So this is sort of an even trade that you can do if it fits, of course. And these are just some main ideas that you can definitely use to go on, variant them on your own, used in wherever you like. But of course, you can also come up with your own creative ways to use Twitter as well. These are just a little bit, some of the main areas that you could definitely use in order to market your game. And just, the last note here IS think about that placement as well. Once you do have either hiring or, for example, if money's influence and marketing campaigns, you have to figure out your graphics. You're just can coast promotion material and so on and so on. So make sure everything is included when you bring in some of these ideas. 5. Gathering your Streamer Partners: So the next step is going to be collecting a streamers, collecting your Twitch streamers that you are going to use and work with in order to promote your game. So of course, what you wanna do is create a list of possible extreme is that you can work with. The easiest way of course to do that is just to go onto which to be yourself and sort of sort through strings manually and see who would fit well and who would, you know, represent your brand well. And of course, also be beneficial for your game and your sales and so on. So what you can also do, of course, the next step is to stack their metrics. You know, look at the followers, look at their average concurrent pure ships, liquid a follower growth, maybe even their monthly impressions engagement, right? And of course, and just out of all, the most important one is the average concurrent viewership. Because that'll show you, of course, whose live watching right there, paying attention towards a twit stream. And this concurrent viewership is also indicative of how big they are and so on. So this would be sort of almost equal to sort of the average viewership went eutrophic example. While summed which follows might have a lot of twitch streams, might have a lot of followers or even subscribers. The average concurrent viewership is sort of the most telling detail on how many, how many eyes they have on them at all times and how many people are truly paying attention to their stream. So how to find them? Of course, you can go on Twitch TV if their life, you can just look yourself every now and then, see how many times people are tuning in and maybe go over a couple of days, He Yao, their average viewership goes, sometimes it spikes, sometimes it goes lower. For some people. Sometimes there's things such as drops enabled, so maybe a lot of people tune in, but the next week after you'd look in data and you really have them DMADV verse. So make sure if you're, especially if you're paying for it to get some sort of idea on their average viewership. You can use tools to check the metric Six, just social blade, which checker solely going on. You can all use Google to find all these websites. They're definitely a good tool to use in order to look at all of these metrics. So definitely use that as well. And just an addition to pure defined their Configure Info, contact info. Of course, this is just like an influencer marketing campaign took to social media via the twitch dashboard and you know, go to Instagram, to Twitter. They often have a business email listed there or even just on Twitch themselves. If you scroll down, they have their dashboard there with their business email. And if they don't have it there, then they have all their social media information right there. So that should be easy to find as well. So yeah, make sure to collect disagreements that represent your brand while you think that would be an effective marketing tool for your game. And of course, some known someone that you can work with and check out all their metrics before taking that next step with them. 6. Creating a Sponsorship Proposal: Now the next tip and definitely one of the most important steps when it comes to twitch to be sponsorships or brand deals and so on is creating or sponsorship proposal. Now of course, first of all, this is way easier when you're not paying someone, if you're just hitting them up in their DMZ or messaging, asking them to play the game for free really quick if they're small streamer does. Is it going to be quite easy because you can simply just message him, ask him to play it, maybe send them a free code and that's that. But when you start having influencer marketing campaigns and money is involved, you always want to create a sort of more formal proposal and sent them a message. So this is the cold message that you send to its streamers, DM, their business email, et cetera. Here's some tips on how to write one. So first of all, you don't want to say hello and introduce yourself and your game. Something like Hello, my name is John Valentine, developer and I have developed a new game, FPS and space, whatever. Make it brief. You don't want to lose their attention to straight away. Just like with any cold email. You don't want to talk on for too much or people will stop attention and then not even read the best. And then second, we'll see how and why you'd like to stream. Maybe if you want to do that, sometimes it works, sometimes it works and all you can sort of play around with that, but it does show personal connection. You can see just one-sentence brilliant. You know, last week I really enjoyed YOU USE stream and after that I wanted to work with you. So that's a great point to sort of get their personal connection and attention as well. Next, you want to say that you want to send them your game for free or just want to work with them, whatever it is, you know, if you either like I said, I want that person you for game or say I want to pay you $500 to play this for three hours on your stream. A quick summary of the game helps us, well, of course it helps them sort of see if that games actually suitable for their audience, for the choice for them as well. Because oftentimes people have a certain set of games that they play. Maybe it's all just FPS games, maybe it's all role-playing games. So if you give them a quick summary of game, this will easily tell them if it's even a game that they want to consider and even if a game if they want to play on their string. And then of course often them, you proposed budget will or leave it out if you're just sitting up free codes, again, you can also just leave it out in the first place. Oftentimes, if especially the bigger they are, they have at their established prices. So you can also just sort of wait and see if to respond with any of Derek going rate. But of course, it's also better to just sort of just put your price out there and grab their attention if that's something they're interested in. And then of course, you wanna establish personal relationships buffering to exchange contact information for further discussions. You can't keep it just in DMC emails, but oftentimes it's obviously better to just either get like a phone number, you can even talk to him or just keep it email based at a lot of people nowadays don't even want to talk about the funny money anymore. So you can sort of keep that person in relationship just on the messaging, but definitely and you know, it's grabs some sort of personal contact where you can keep that connection, especially if the marketing campaign is successful, you want to run further campaigns with them. It's great to have that personal relationship and that personal connection to reach out to them at anytime. And of course, still asked up here has sent it out. So you definitely want to just sort of go ahead and do that. And a lot of times people get stuck on their perfectionism if it's good or not, you can always tweak things from non then from one stream into the other and maybe some work better fathers, of course you want to change it a little bit if you think it works better between other streamers. But definitely just don't be a perfectionist and go ahead and just execute. So just last appear of course it also is create a template for a reuse. And you have a sort of general idea of the same game that you want to do. For example, you can just copy, paste your summary, and it doesn't really have to be that unique, right? So you can create a sort of template for you. We can just switch out the names and then maybe switch up the one-sentence on why you're like their stream. And the rest is obviously very cookie cutter, so you can definitely keep it the same for most of it, so it makes it easy to sent hundreds of messages. And the last point that just a little tidbit that I want to give here is be patient. Especially as streamers get tons, especially big streams get tons of sponsorship messages all the time as cylinder because there are the busier there are as the well, it goes. So just be patient. Sometimes it can take quite a while, days, weeks, whatever it is for them to answer. So of course, if you don't have that, what amount of time you can message even want people, And then the chances of you getting an answer obviously goes up. So yeah, and of course, another tip if you just want to give off is don't be sketchy negation, negotiate. Of course you have your budget and you have your sort of set funds for games if you do have money involved. But some students, as I said before, do have their set prices. So either you can go lower or if you don't give out your price yet. And they, of course, that's always great. But if they have a little bit of a higher, maybe you can certainly negotiate or just go with in your budget. But again, and don't be scared to negotiate, but also don't undersell your brand. You know, you don't want to sort of, he's a give out too much money for a deal that you don't think would even be worth it. Or of course, also sort of don't undo silly bread. But again, that varies from everything from non. And so of course you want to sort of go about from your own, so that's for you to judge. But yeah, that's pretty much into creating a sponsorship proposal is definitely an important steps. So you definitely want to take that series. And the good thing is once you sent a special propulsive that works and that you think that works, you can definitely just for use that as a sort of template and create that and then go from there. So yeah, let's move on to the next step. 7. Sending your Media graphics and Promotion Material: Now the next step after seeing a sponsorship proposal and getting an ideal is a Senior Media and promotion materials. So if you're paying them, use a contract. First of all, obviously this isn't educational advice and that legal advice, hire your own attorney or allele counter for folding and advice. This is just sort of anecdotal and for educational purposes. But yeah, if you're paying them using a contract is always a good idea. And second of all, proposed a timeframe for a paid post. If it is something that you pay for, not just a free code. If it's just a free code, you're going to send it to them and be like, you know, use it whenever you want, whatever because you don't pay for it. So it doesn't really matter that much anyway, because you're not paying for anything. But if you are paying for is something you do when a set a timeframe, meaning either a specific date on Monday the 12th, you'll want two hours of my game played for $500 or whatever it is. Or you can obviously be more fixed was be like, you know, sometime this weekend. I want you to play one hour of this game at your discretion when you think works well, whatever, that's something that you have to come to an agreement with with their stream of themselves. But of course, proposing a timeframe is definitely important. I've heard a lot of information from people who work with influenced in marketing, sometimes especially not the biggest ones, but sort of medium influence marketing who kind of fly under the radar, who either gets sent free stuff or I get paid for stuff and then never actually do it. So you definitely want to have that to bind them to make sure that your money is spent well. And another point is that if you send them a free code means basically you let them do whatever they want, it gives them more free time. And of course, you don't seem too annoying to the sense of plaintiff or game, especially because Diana really getting anything out of it except a, I guess a free game and entertainment for the viewers and that sense. But of course a lot of the time stick and just play another game. So yeah, that since you can just send them a free code and get on with your life. And of course, another important bit is of course, sitting in the graphics, you do if, especially if it's a big sponsor stream, you can have a full stream overlay that these people can use ND streamers in order to sort of just promote your game. You can have discount codes on the side so you can have little graphics pop-up. Jeff's, whatever it is that you can have them use in the stream. And you can use that in order to have it on the screen and just display your name, just play the game name, whatever it is. And of course, just a little tidbit for the streamer. If you're working with them, it is a paid remember to let district we know that they have to use how to add a metric sponsored. And of course it's also vary depending on the region aware from, again, this is just anecdotal and for educational purposes is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, are you own attorney and use your own knowledge and discretion. So of course, these are just some important tickets as well as sending the right graphics and the media material two and promotion material to the streamer is of course, quite important, especially for paying them. Again, if you just send them a free code, it's probably best to just let them do whatever they want. And that's pretty much it. But yes, send them a free code, send them, you can use this, maybe even send them a code further view as well. But other than that, unless you're paying them, you don't really have to send them any graphics or promotional material for them to put on their stream unless they ask for it or even agree to it. But generally it's just about the free game, so you should probably leave it at that. But yeah, let's move on to the next topic. 8. Connecting with Twitch Viewers: So the next tip and next topic that I want to cover is staying active with twitch views. So what you wanna do is chat with viewers as well. And not even just if you're playing in the game, but if you're in someone else's stream and you're there as a developer, streamers will Lake forming that personal connection between them and the developers, especially if it's a smaller stream, of course, your voice is going to be heard. And you know, if it's someone who has 20 thousand viewers, you can't really see what you're chatting and less DHEA laughs, rumor, reads it out loud. But if it's someone with, you know, 80 viewers and there's 345678 people in the chat, your messages are going to be red. So if someone plays a game, for example, and they have questions, you can answer them straight away. If they have concerns, if they have anything, you can right there and connect with possible customers and viewers. And if you're there as a developer, people will also be more direct with you in being more on a personal connection and might even download a game just because you're talking them, just because it's a more human connection. You know, if you're there, putting down questions, concerns, even motivational awards, Thank you for playing a game and sounds on. People are going to be like this is a great day here, I loved it. You're spawning small streamers and playing with them. I'm gonna go download it, just having them. Personally, human connection is always a great way to show that you care. It's always a great way to connect with customers, possible customers, future customers, or even existing customers. If someone says, you know, how do you level up this weapon, you can just easily answer that question as well. Especially if it's a big streamer who maybe he's confused. Of course, if he's confused on game, he's going to be like, OK, I don't know how to play this game. I don't know how to use this weapon is something if you're there as a developer, you can easily answered a question. They can just go on about that. But the day they in the game and that of course helps with the flow as well, especially if you pay them. It's also a great way to, first of all, see what you pay for. And second of all, again, help with that smooth transition into the game. And of course, any questions or concerns that come up. But just enough point, of course also don't be annoying and let the screen and play and do their thing. You don't want to be a backseat gamer and just sit there and be like, you know, do this, you have to do this, you have to play it like this. That can Austin also often come off as annoying. So of course, lead to stream or be there and do themselves just like with the most influence on marketing campaigns. It's most effective if you'd let D influence or be creative on their own. Because if you forced into saying anything or anything like that, you know, it often comes off as fake and not very natural. So letting them just do their thing and also letting them just play and not having too many comments being like, How do you like this? How do you like this? What do you think that the graphics, what do you think that the movement and so on and so on can also be quite annoying. So don't overdo it unless they have direct questions. But of course, you do want to stay there, stay active with the twitch fears and a form that connection. So let's move on to the next class. 9. Recording and Repeating Results: And now the last step button not least point is recording and repeating your results. So just like with many influencer marketing campaigns, if you have a successful one, you definitely want to keep them as a connection and maybe run a future campaign. Definitely not too soon, but you do want to keep them in your arsenal as streamers and used them for future marketing campaigns. Because funding a the right influencer that works well, it's definitely a very hard thing to do, but having the right one and can be very, very effective in terms of sales, brand awareness, marketing, and so on. So what you wanna do is measure the results that you get. If you use a specific code, fluid flow and influencers easier to do that because you can see how many people use that code and there for how many people came from that streamer in order to download your game, for example, you want to measure how many Dallas you got on that day that people stream, how many sales you got on that day, how many website views, maybe how many new social media followers destroy or promote your game? Did they casually mentioned it, that they talk about it, that they just play it and let people found your own opinion that the link, that they not link it, and so on, did they promoted in graphics? So how did they use it? So you can definitely record all these kind of measures. How you ran that influenza campaign with the streamers. And then of course, say, use that for other future influencer marketing campaigns. Let's say one streamer linked it in their dashboard or LinkedIn in their chat whenever someone asked for it. And then you can see that that's stream or had the most impact on your sales, then you can maybe next time say, you've run a influence our marketing campaign with somebody streamers say, you can tell them to make sure that they link it in the chat and that adds full Marcell. So you definitely want to keep your successful things going and you wanna remember that and then use them in the future. And then, like I said, rinse and repeat. So use these, use what's successful and repeat with successful as will be continuously bringing you sales downloads and brand awareness. And of course, again, if you're a developer and you have a successful free sort of shout out, maybe you talk to twist tumors and they played a game for free. And definitely also want to keep that connection. And maybe in the future once the game takes off a little bit, maybe you can even pay them for an ad campaign, you know, six months later your game grew, the Twitch streamer grew. You know, you'll see how that works. So you can definitely have that personal connection as well. And if not, you can also just use these free promotions for these Twitch streamers and maybe from the personal connection and asked him to play your next game. You know, if you have multiple games coming out, you can just text them or email them or DM them, whatever it is and say, look, I know you love to last game for your 80 live viewers. I just put out a new game or I just really some DLC. Maybe you can play this again on your stream. I'm sure you'll love it and I'm sure your viewers would love it and indiscriminate would be like, yeah, last time was great. I'll check it out, you know, so you can definitely use that also in a free since again, I'm not just talking about paid ad campaigns. This is also very, very doable for smaller developers, for free marketing, you don't have to spend any money. Connect with streamers and use that, and repeat that and use your success to your advantage. 10. Final Thoughts and Conclusion: So this is going to be basically it for this course on how to push your game on Twitch TV and how to market your game as a developer. Now just to conclude, I'm going to just going to be summarizing everything basically and just giving you some final tips and thoughts. First of all, again, set goals, be specific and set your goals, then set your budget and appropriate relation to those goals. Then brainstorm the right ideas, make sure to get creative. Then collect your Twitch streamers, Make a list metrics or statistics or data and so on, that message them a personal proposal. Now whatever is email visits, email DM, Harvard, they use and receive the business proposals. Then send over your graphics and promotion materials, make sure that they used those, and make sure that you're all in Lyon on how they want to be used. Second of all, a third of all. And then lastly, get the sponsored content on your watch. Make sure to connect with viewers. Make sure to connect with the audience and let them know that you're there, you know, be a developer, be up close and personal and get involved. Again, don't be too annoying to push in a backseat gamer, but make sure that everybody knows you're there. You can answer questions, you can answer concerns. I'm just sort of connect with the viewers on a personal level. And people also will have really like that. You as a developer won't be there if you know your game being played. And last but not least, of course, record results and repeat them. Repeat your successes. Repeat what's working. Maybe stop. What's not working. See what works well, what doesn't really work well, and prove. And then of course, tinker with that. Trial and error. People are always there to improve and you can always improve. So don't be too hard on yourself. There's a lot of things going on with influencer marketing is a lot of things that can go wrong, a lot of things that can go right. It's a very volatile market. So yeah, just last but not least again, ultimate wanna stay at this, not just for big companies that have a ad budget, does, is not just for people who have, you know, hundreds of dollars or $1000 to spend on marketing campaigns for influence or green. This can also be very easily done for free, completely free. You can create a Twitter account. You can start streaming yourself if you want to mark in your game, you can connect with other streamers, market network and then, you know, plastic or game on all your own stream. If you're not a streamer, you can use your connections. Maybe start off as if you were in a, in a smaller stream is chat and then connect with them. You can ask them to play a game. You can send people your code for free, even bigger streamers. You can send coupon codes, so you can send discount codes. You can just network, network, network connect with streamers asked him to play the game, maybe just send them a code. Don't even ask them to just be like This is a great game. You should check it out. I made it. I hope you enjoyed it, whatever. So yeah, again, you can definitely do this if you're a smaller indie developer. If you're just by yourself, you just made a small, cute little game. You can chat with many smaller streamers, especially smallest streamers. And in that sense you can go wide, not just slung it. Meaning if you have a 100 streamers who play your game, who all have 20 viewers, while you do the math. That's the same as a big streamer, because sometimes it's even better. As I said in my video about nano influencers, there was ten people and the viewer and distribute with ten people that might be more attentive than 2 thousand people. Industry move with 2 thousand people because all this 2 thousand people might not be paying attention as much as those ten people are paying attention to the smallest, true? And if that's repeated multiple times in a big span with whatever it is, ten, 20-30 streams each with 102030 viewers, then that sort of adds up. You can definitely, definitely get it done. If you message enough people, if you network enough, if you get involved in a community end. So to form that connection to the streams, to tvOS and so on. So yeah, I hope you enjoyed, hope you learned a lot. Feel free to re-watch any of the parts if you need any more and clarification. And of course, feel free to leave any columns and their Commons discussion section below. I'll be answering all kinds of questions. Make sure to follow the channel and make sure to check out any of my other videos. I'm talking about digital marketing, Facebook, twitch, tick tock. Whatever it is. I will be talking about all things digital marketing and social media marketing. And I'm going to be expanding and all that. So that's basically it. Hope you enjoyed this video and learned a lot. And that's kind of hard for me here today. I'll see you in the next video and goodbye.