Marketing on a zero Budget: Scale your Business (Part 4) | Monja Wessel | Skillshare

Marketing on a zero Budget: Scale your Business (Part 4)

Monja Wessel, Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner

Marketing on a zero Budget: Scale your Business (Part 4)

Monja Wessel, Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Trailer (Complete Course)

    • 2. What now?

    • 3. Warm and Cold Acquisition

    • 4. Make sure that your potential Customer gets to know you

    • 5. Why you should specialise on one Social Network first

    • 6. Congratulations

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About This Class

This is the 4th part of "Marketing on a zero Budget" and we now talk about how to scale your business. It's a good idea to watch the whole series if you want to get the most out of this class.

Meet Your Teacher

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Monja Wessel

Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner



As a Dipl. Multimediadesigner, Webdesigner Bsc. and Entrepreneur I enjoy all things creative. I love designing as well as video creation and editing, audio production and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. In most cases you will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick you up where you are right now and help you discover why you mostly want to conquer the topic I'm teaching you.

I create my courses carefully so you can easily follow through but if you ate stuck at any time you are welcome to write me so I can get you over the obstacle.

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1. Trailer (Complete Course): you are interested in learning how to market your block or website, but you cannot invest a lot off money in paid advertising. Then you are at the right place on our course. Marketing on zero budget is just right for you. I show you step by step, how online marketing works. And once you have an overview, we look at the right topics unique for your block and optimize your article in a way that it doesn't just drink in the search engines but will also lead to more music, a subscriber's and therefore more sales. And, of course, I show you how email marketing works and how everything comes together. Once you finish this course, you will get more of his industrial website and generate more money guaranteed join. 2. What now?: Let's get started yet. We are at a place where we don't want to dive into the marketing part of this class. Okay, of course, it's marketing on a zero budget on dumb. What we're going to do. First, I will give you an overview how it all comes together. It's paid advertisement, this affiliate marketing, and there's a free advertising. We want to get to the free park but plays beer with me. Let's first get a whole big picture, Charles. The thing on, Then we will look at the different parts. So you first need to understand the whole picture. And then you can understand how you can drive traffic to your website without spending a dime on marketing. And that is what you're here for. So have a lot of fun in this class. We are right into it. 3. Warm and Cold Acquisition: cold acquisition is when you contact Casper's out of the blue, who might be interested in your product directly without asking them if they want to be contacted. At this point, you haven't built any kind of relationship to these potential customers in any way To be sure that the person wants to be contacted. He needs to agree in writing. So maybe with a double up in when he signs up for your new student. So you are not really allowed to do a cold acquisition like that. If you have a store and you get in in front off the store and you say hi, are you interested in this or that? That might work. But if you go to the phone, pick it up and call your potential customers who might be interested or not in your product . This is not allowed. So in online marketing, though, this means that you, for example, create ads on Facebook or Google and my forward customers directly to a landing page. I saw you. You're saying you're at here is my offer on police? Clegg. So you are forwarded to my landing page. Some people might do that. Others might not, But the thing is, May most probably they won't buy from you immediately because they don't know you. And if you don't know someone, you are not willing to give him your hard earned money, right? So as a conclusion, you can see a This could work. If the landing page gives enough information, there's a potential customer fields that's the seller is trustworthy. But turning a reader in your customers march harder because you ask him for money while you meet him for the first time. Actually, this is not very polite on the point is, the reader is, Yeah, he's just reading your lending page, so it's not really a reader. You gave information. What you can do better is you create ads for free products. So first it seems this is just ical losing money, right? So you created at you have to pay before Onda. You sent the person who clicks on it for the clink. You have to pay, right? Um, Teoh your freebie on and then he don't notes for free on. You have a potential subscriber who might be interested in more from you or not, but that's definitely the better way because when you contact him or her the first time, you don't ask for money and then it's called warm aquisition. Ah, one acquisition is a person who already knows your business, but he hasn't bought from you yet. So going this way, you can use Cold Acquisition to create an at contact people who are interested. But then, before you ask for money, you jump over to warm our question and then turn that person into a person who knows your business This way is much more efficient because the person already trusts your business before you ask for any money in online marketing. This means that the person who arrived on your website already started to trust you because of your free material on the fray, BU provided so he could try you and your service first before it has to spend money on you . Conclusion. This way of finding customers is called Warm Acquisition and Content Marketing, created once a great block article and Free Beacon turned hundreds of interested people into subscribers and customers. But still here, at this point, when you go this way from Cold Acquisition to warm acquisition, you might have to spend money. You don't have to a view a market. You're content yourself. If you spread it into the search engines. If you posted on Pinterest or if you create a video on YouTube on, then send them directly to your article. You can do that. No problem. Just don't go the direct route and say Hi, Here I am. Please give me your money. That doesn't work. 4. Make sure that your potential Customer gets to know you: all the marketing activities. We have not talked about others you should do again and again and again. You should always right block post on donned. Make it really nice and give great information and post a freebie under your post and then get people there Onda and have them subscribing to your newsletter. This is one off the content. Marketing is something you need to do all the time, all your business long. As long as you have your business, you need to do content marketing to attract new visitors from search engines and from other platforms on. And now we have. We need to keep in mind that we always need to be in touch with our customers or potential customers, as often asked, What can Aunt, how do we do that? We can do that with the social networks. One of them is Pinterest, for example, is this more for visual people for visual businesses? So if you have a business which are crystal off, great great photos, this is your way to go, because here you can quickly post your image and link it to your block post on when people see it. Here, they most probably click if the picture is nice and see what you have to offer. What happens often to me when I click on an image and then I collects route to the website to read the post because I'm interested in it. I often think, Oh my God, the image waas much better then the block post or even the website so it doesn't match. So the style off the image here doesn't measure the style off the block. So you really need to think about it that it's all matches in style on and design and expression. So what, you promise here, you need to fulfill on your block? This is well for all social networks on bond. It's really for for Pinterest. The same is here for YouTube for us. It would make sense, um, to post videos here on YouTube because we have selling videos so people can see the quality of our videos here on when they do, they know. Okay, this is how they teach. This is how it works. So why not giving videos to YouTube so people can see what we are up to? Makes totally sense. Instagram is a platform where you can, you know, post you know something from behind the scenes step by step, sings or things you quickly do snap, shoot and opposed to photo. Or maybe you don't do a snap shoot. But you really do nice pictures. And, um and then arrange them and post them here on Instagram. You cannot link directly. But if you have something like this and you can always some post new images, this is your way to go. It totally depends on your business. The Samos Avella to Twitter. For us, this is not so important because I usually don't have a short sentences to tell. Um, I mean, I could imagine it could work. Maybe it's it's not the worst thing to do to quickly announced when we have a new video up or something like that, because it really helps the visitor. So maybe this is a network to go at a later time. I don't I have, um I have a council, all the networks, Yes, just to make sure that my user name is registered, But I am not giving. I'm not trying to to work on all networks because this would be too much. I simply don't have the time. Teoh work on each of these networks. Each and every day on this is what you need to do to get quickly in touch with your audience. You really need to, ah, post a day once per day, at least. So yeah, I must have is most probably Facebook. If you don't like it, don't do it. It doesn't matter if anyone is here. If you don't feel like you need, like participating in Facebook groups on talking about whatever to get people on your side and get people to like, then it's most probably not the right place for you to be. It's your business. So you decide where you want to spend. Your time's really important to realize it's you. It's about you off course. You need to go there where your audience is. But if you hate to go there, it's not your place. You better than spend your time on the networks you really like, and you really enjoy instead off being here half hearted and posting just because you have to. So please choose a network. There are many roar. I know, um, choose a network. You feel good at you can imagine that this is your place, where you can pose daily or nearly daily on them. Then go for it. Just choose one for now, you can always add more networks at a later time. You don't have to do that right away. You can just start and see and concentrate on one network and post they're all off them can bring you enough traffic to have a whole business with, so you don't have to spend your time on. Also, if you do, or if you do in a later time, that's fine. But you don't have to. So here you're just talking about age of thes networks played briefly on That is by purpose because each of them has a lot to offer. An age of them has to be treated totally different. So this is why I don't want to go in depth into each of these networks. This is something for another course specialists in that network, because if I want to tell you how to use Pinterest, I really need to go in that it's not done when you want to tell you you need to post pictures here. That's nice. Yes, do that if you want you, but it's better if you really learn about the network. But this means also that you need to choose which network you go for. It doesn't matter if you you go here and you learn everything you can about YouTube and you never want you create videos. It doesn't make sense, right? So choose your network as a set is totally depends on you and your business. And, uh, think about where your customers are. Don't go just for it. Of course, it should seared you, but also your customers should be they. It's too much, boasts criteria. So on dumb. Yeah, Then go for it. And really, we will have different courses for each of these networks and go in depth there so you can keep learning here. You don't have to. Of course, you can go to Google or wherever and really learn all you can about the network. But I will put it for you into a course so you can learn more about the network you choose 5. Why you should specialise on one Social Network first: why you should specialize for one social media platform right now. So you are the very beginning. But you already know how important the foundation is. Even marketing content marketing. You know that already. So now it's up to you to define which off the social media Platt ones. But you can also drive traffic from to your website. Is the right one for you on that might be different for each block. So when you are dear, why, blogger? You might want to be on Pinterest or you may want to be a gnu chew and create divi videos. I don't know as totally up to you. What do you prefer? Where you feel comfortable. If you try to be at all social media platforms at once, it most probably will be totally overwhelming and he will throw in the top towel. So that is not what we want. We don't want you to throw in the towel. We want you to set up for success so on. That is what you need to choose at this point. You need to, I think, where is your content? What can you do to make your content look appealing? So if you are a lawyer and you want to write articles about all these new sinks, which are at occurred. Then you may be at the best place for your twitter on Facebook because there it's not that you always need to take pictures because you cannot. But if you are dear white bloggers that said, you maybe want to be on Pinterest or you maybe want to give a behind the scenes on instagram that is totally up to you and really depends on your business. But you need to know that it depends on your business on. Do you need to know where you feel comfortable? Please just choose one Social Media Network for now, you can take on more later, but for now, just choose one. 6. Congratulations: Congratulations. You made it. You have done the Quist on most probably, you know, But I know that you a super great marketer on you know how do marketing on a zero budget this is supercool Congress. You already know how to get your investment for this course back. Because this foundation, this is what you have learned in this course and soc uber important. But I guess you know that I know so Congress for making it so far. And I really hope I will see you again in the next social media course on. We will have some more fun together, so see you there.