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22 Videos (1h 42m)
    • Lesson 1: Course Introduction

    • Lesson 2: Who Is an Introvert and Why Does It Matter?

    • Lesson 3: The Attitude That Gives You Latitude

    • Lesson 4: The Four Top Introvert Strengths

    • Lesson 5: Video Marketing for Introverts

    • Lesson 5 Supplementary Video 1 Internet Marketing Lifestyle

    • Lesson 5 Supplementary Video 2 Maui Banyan Condo Rental

    • Lesson 6: Public Speaking for Introverts

    • Lesson 7: Networking for Introverts

    • Lesson 8: One-on-One Marketing for Introverts

    • Lesson 9: Getting Published for Introverts

    • Lesson 10: Publicity Seeking for Introverts

    • Lesson 11: Product Development for Introverts

    • Lesson 12: Social Media for Introverts

    • Lesson 13: Charisma for Introverts

    • Lesson 14: Personal Branding for Introverts

    • Lesson 15: Promotional Copy for Introverts

    • Lesson 16: How Introverts Can Work Smoothly With Extroverts

    • Lesson 17: How Extroverts Can Work Well With Introverts

    • Lesson 18: Role Models: Well-known Introverts

    • Lesson 19: Take Action Step by Step

    • Lesson 20: Further Resources


About This Class

Discover the Power of Introverts to Attract a Following 

Do you enjoy being alone? Prefer keeping your personal life to yourself? Hate small talk? Wish the people you do business with would stop yakking and get to the point?

If so, you may have been told you must change your personality if you want to be successful in business.

This is nonsense! Pretending that you’re an extrovert drains you of energy. But honoring your introvert leanings empowers you and fires you up in a way that your ideal clients find magnetic.

Introverts can attract customers extremely well if you respect and use your natural tendencies.

In this webinar-style video course, you discover dozens of ways in which you can approach networking, publicity, getting published, speaking in public and other common marketing activities while being true to your introvert talents, personality strengths, likes and dislikes.

And if you’re not an introvert yourself but have clients, partners, staff members or colleagues who are, you’ll learn about the effectiveness they can achieve if you give them the flexibility to bring in business their way.

A bookworm as a child, course presenter Marcia Yudkin grew up to discover she had a surprising talent for creative marketing. Her credentials include a Book of the Month Club selection, two books featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, commentaries on National Public Radio, publicity on page one of the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers throughout the world, and a reputation as a word lover who isn’t afraid to express an unconventional opinion. She also mentors introverts so they discover their uniquely powerful branding and most comfortable marketing strategies.

Lessons you’ll take away from Marketing for Introverts include:

  • Who is introverted and how it is different from being shy
  • Five common traits of introverts that relate to marketing choices
  • What to do about marketing “shoulds” that you can’t embrace
  • Introvert strengths that have outstanding value in the marketplace
  • Five ways to use video marketing besides appearing as a “talking head”
  • Styles and situations of public speaking that suit you well
  • Secrets of comfortably networking without turning into a gladhandler
  • Why one-on-one marketing can add up impressively for you
  • Five challenges to handle in publishing even if you love to write
  • How to enjoy 15 minutes (or 15 years) in the media spotlight
  • Why product development can be a stellar marketing vehicle for you
  • Adjustments to social media marketing that tame its downsides for introverts
  • Four little-known types of introvert charisma
  • Client-attracting and authentic personal branding tips
  • Copywriting techniques that showcase your introvert advantages
  • How to work smoothly with extroverts - and vice versa
  • Ten famous introverts whose careers offer valuable insights
  • Your action plan for implementing ideas and discoveries from the course

An earlier version of this course was written up in the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Stop the suffering that comes from struggling to be someone you’re not. Declare your introvert independence and enjoy the success that comes from making the most of who you are. Sign up today and begin roaring along on the quiet path to fame and fortune.





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Marcia Yudkin

Marketing Mentor, Introvert Advocate

Marketing expert and author Marcia Yudkin is a fierce advocate for introverts, showing them how to claim their talents and strengths while rejecting the culture's emphasis on hype, manipulation and ego. She is the author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading People to Buy and numerous other books, as well as the ebook, audiobook, and online course "Marketing for Introverts."

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