Marketing for Artists: Learn the Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Artists & Creatives Make

Mallory Whitfield, Host of the Badass Creatives podcast

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6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Marketing Mistake #1

    • 3. Marketing Mistake #2

    • 4. Marketing Mistake #3

    • 5. Marketing Mistake #4

    • 6. Marketing Mistake #5

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Project Description

Which one of these 5 mistakes resonated the most with you?

Pick 1 aspect of your current marketing efforts that you will focus on improving. Take a screenshot of your current efforts, as a "BEFORE" photo. 

Next, explore some other Skillshare classes (and be sure to "Follow" me here to get updates about my future classes). Brush up on the 1 area of marketing where you are the weakest. (Maybe it's your brand. Maybe it's photography. Maybe it's email marketing or SEO.)

Then, put what you've learned into action and take a screenshot of your "AFTER" results.

Upload your BEFORE and AFTER pictures to the Project Gallery and share your work with us! 

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