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Marketing and Advertisement War Stories

Jun Wu, Instagram Influencer

Marketing and Advertisement War Stories

Jun Wu, Instagram Influencer

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7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Marketing and Advertisement War Stories Trailer and Introduction

    • 2. Brand Wars Episode 1 Do not Attack Your Competitors Directly

    • 3. Brand Wars Episode 2 The Opposite Approach

    • 4. Brand Wars Episode 3 Stay in the Market and Stay Specialized

    • 5. Brand Wars Episode 4 Attack Competing Niches not competing products

    • 6. Brand Wars Episode 5 Expansion Failures

    • 7. Brand Wars Episode 6 Create a unique package or stay mediocre and die

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About This Class

War stories from the marketing world. Learn the strategies that famous brands used to conquer and destroy their competition.

This Business World takes no prisoners. You have been warned....

Meet Your Teacher

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Jun Wu

Instagram Influencer



Welcome to the funnest way to learn about Instagram Growth and running your own business!

My work speaks for itself. :)

15+ years working in the Entertainment Industry - Model/Actor/Director/Producer

15+ years working in Marketing. Branding, business strategies, and growth hacking.

7+ years as a Talent Instructor - Managing the careers and business of clients

As you get to know me, you will see everything I teach, I put to use myself. 

Find me on Instagram!

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1. Marketing and Advertisement War Stories Trailer and Introduction: what is branding? You know what branding is, And you know branding is more than just creating a logo on putting a watermark on something . When no one knows who you are, Why would anyone pay attention to you? When no one knew who Starbucks was, what did they do to stand out and become famous when no one knew who Campbell Soup was, what they they do to become the leader of the soups? And when people were buying Mercedes, how they BMW convinced them to start buying BMW? When no one knows who you are, you use branding. That is why successful companies are successful. They know how to brand themselves and their products. Now it's your turn. I don't waste any time in my courses. That is why we are going to hit the ground running. Let's start by understanding that differences between tactics and strategies so that you can immediately start growing your business with minimal risks. Then we will dive into the essence of branding and explain these simple but crucial formulas that will make your branding more powerful than others. Let me help you find a brand name for your business by showing you what works and what doesn't believe it or not. Your name falls under five categories, and there are three basic naming rules that you should follow for your name to be unique. Now that you have a unique brand name, it's time to make a meaningful and memorable By using visual power, I will show you how to use visuals and how to anchor it in the minds of your customers, so that whenever they think of your niche, they will think of you. And finally, I will bring you into the marketing battlefield and tell you war stories. Why do some business grow while others die? How Starbucks, by branding themselves not as a coffee shop but as a place between work and home, became the most famous coffee shop in the world. How Campbell's by competing not against other soups but against other foods, became the king of the soups and how BMW, by branding themselves as the ultimate driving machine, was able to steal customers away from Mercedes. By the time you reach the end of the course, you will have a good idea how to take your brand to the next level. You will know what mistakes to avoid and how to stand out and survive in the marketplace. And what is the best part of my courses? It is an interactive experience. As an added bonus, you can even contact me on Instagram. I will personally take a look at your brand and give you custom tips. So what are you waiting for? Let me show you why Branding is a single most important thing you can do for your business . Gillette razors, ing and now burgers and Greyhound Buses Day are already famous. But have they become famous just how that they start their branding? When no one knew who they were? Let's find out the answer. Episode by episode. I can't wait to tell you stories about brand wars. I'll see you inside. 2. Brand Wars Episode 1 Do not Attack Your Competitors Directly: do not attack your competitors directly. What does this mean? It means when you're coming out with a product to compete with your competitors. Don't come out with the same product or try to add an additional feature that can be easily copied. The leader of the pack will destroy you. Razor Wars We came a long way since the first Razor was invented with its evolution through the years. Why are there so many different shapes and sizes of razor blades? Competition? And who was the leader of the pack? Gillette. With a long history dating back to the 19 hundreds, Gillette was the go to brand for a clean shave. And they dominated the razor market along King Wilkinson Sword, a company that manufactured guns and motorcycles. They see Gillette making so much money from razors, so they decided to manufacture razors to Hey, they have the metal making technology. Why not make razors to? They came out with their own razor, which was almost identical to Gillette. What did you let do? You want a razor war? OK, I'll give you a raise. A war. So Gillette came out with a new product. They called it track too, a double bladed razor. They heavily promoted this new product and called it the Twin Blades shaving system. They ran ads that red $1 says your one blade. A razor can't shave you like this and others that red. Why the new Gillette to blade The razor shaves you better than a one blade razor. What did these ads do? They were a warning from Gillette to not compete with them. The introduction of the track to Blade suppressed Wilkinson Sword's one bladed product, the Big Pen company, seeing Gillette's continued success. Besides, they have what it takes to enter the razor war with Gillette. Why the big pen company is known for the disposable pens, So why now make disposable razors? So they flooded the market with their eye catchy yellow disposable razor, claiming that it was just as good as Gillette's, but cheaper and more convenient. On the other hand, Gillette, staying true to their quality brand image and not getting sucked into a disposable products , introduced the mark three ah three bladed razor with its dirty handle, and it's obviously cutting edge technology of Oh my God, three blades. Gillette pushback, Bix Disposable razor idea with quality over price. All of the above. Prize, huh? We can do that. Thought Schick razors. Also seeking an opportunity to cash in on the razor market if Gillette was so successful in producing quality superior razors. Dan, why don't we do the same? Except Oh, my God. Let's add another blade. Introducing the Quattro titanium. The first ever four bladed razor cast in the same metal used by tanks. Yes, apparently, titanium is using the construction of tanks. Your razor handle is now as strong as a tank. Oh, but that's not all. We are not going to be sexist. The Quattro also comes in pink too, so that this awesome piece of technological events meant can be shared with your wife or girlfriend. Are you so on the Quattro? Are you so on the idea of four blades? If you want to go to the store right now and pick up a razor, would you consider it well, Gillette was not convinced. Consider this Introducing Gillette's answer to the pathetic Quattro. The pathetic Four blade. A razor introducing fusion, The historic five bladed razor witness history being made. The Gillette Fusion comes in both icy code blue fusion design or flaming hot orange fusing design. But that is not all. We have evolved beyond the blade introducing the historic flex ball cutting edge technology . This is what we do. Introducing fusion Proglide, rebuilt with flex ball technology, makes maximum contact over tricky contours and gets virtually every new flex ball for the fusion. Proglide Gillette The best a man can get. Do you notice a pattern here? Do not attack your competitors directly. They have enough resource is to immediately create a product that eater matches yours or surpasses you. A similar situation happened during the pain reliever wars, when the famous Tylenol brand marketed their pills to doctors, a brand called Atrial, also a pain reliever. Brand wanted a piece of the action. They noticed that Tylenol was charging $2.85 for 100 tablets. Day TRO decided that they will compete with Tylenol by lowering their own price $21.85 a dollar less. Before launching their product, day TRO paid for heavy advertisements to remind people of their cheaper product. Compared to Tylenol. I didn't buy new extra strength day Tral capsules just because they come sealed in this protective metal cannister. I bought them for what's inside. Data has the exact same aspirin, free pain, reliever, strength and effectiveness as extra strength. Tylenol. Exactly the same. I know I asked my doctor, but extra strength Tylenol capsules could cost so much more. So I'm staying with Day Tral. Why would I pay that much more for the same relief? Why would anybody extra strength Detrol tablets and new capsules from Bristol Myers Is Tylenol going to take this attack sitting down? Absolutely not. With one motion title? No, countered day trolls attack and destroy the day. TRO. So what the talent I'll do? Two weeks before day trailed went on the market, Tylenol lowered their price to match Day Troll. Now, both brands were $1.85. Since day. TRO already paid lots of money for advertisements. They couldn't pull back now, so they launched their product regardless, with this ad trying to make their lower price claim a little vague. Extra strength day TRO is the exact same pain reliever as extra strength Tylenol, but data can cost a lot less. Hold on a minute, said Tylenol. What are you talking about? What do you mean? You're product costs a lot less than ours. We are the same price. We are both $1.85 for 100 tablets. You are making false claims on pricing. Tylenol reported day tras false advertisements, and soon CBS and NBC stopped running data adds the data brand lost credibility and support . It was destroyed. When you attack your competitors directly, you are directly telling them how to defeat you. You have a two bladed razor. I have a three bladed razor. You have a three bladed razor. I now have a four bladed razor. Your product is $1 less than mine. My product is now $1 less. This is a never ending war. And because Gillette and Tylenol are already famous with unlimited resource is you cannot defeat them by improving upon their features or lowering your prices, they will immediately react to your competing product and make you obsolete. 3. Brand Wars Episode 2 The Opposite Approach: the opposite approach. Sometimes the best way to defeat your competitors is the most obvious. Instead of copying their product or their marketing strategy, we do exactly the opposite. Welcome to the spaghetti wars with its origin In 18th century Italy, Raghu, the most famous brand of puree sauce, enjoyed a monopoly over the pasta sauce market den. In 1981 Prego became Raguz leading competitors. They achieved over $100 million in sales in the first year and carved up 28% of the pasta market share. This was an amazing accomplishment for food brand entering and already established market. How were they able to do this? India. Intense research Prego came up with over 45 varieties of spaghetti sauce. They were designed to differing every way spiciness, sweetness, tartness, salting the thickness, aroma, ballfield and so on. Through data gathered from a trained panel of food tasters, preg oh learned that most people sauce preference fell into one of three groups playing sauce, spicy sauce and extra chunky sauce. What made this discovery special was at the time there was no extra chunky spaghetti sauce in the supermarket. Raghu sauces were pureed. It was thin and blended because that's the way it was. Dunning, Italy, doing the exact opposite as regular Prego introduced their new sauce with diced tomatoes and made a thicker than Ragu and bingo. Once you figure out the one feature that distinguishes yourself from your competitors, you promote the hell out of it. And that's what Prego did. We've shown you that Prego is better than Ragu old world style. Now we'd like to give you a thought on why Frago adds diced tomatoes, Raghu only paste. And if you've ever made sauce of your own, you know, adding really chunks of tomatoes like break togas is a great way to get really homemade taste. Homemade taste is a lot more than just based. No wonder people prefer prayed over Rangel World style. Almost 21 Craig 00 made taste. It's in there. They kept on repeating this thickness of the sauce idea over and over again. Look at these two spaghetti sauces. Pray go on the left and right, Gould world style on the right and decide for yourself which one comes out on top. We think the message is getting through. Pray go Oh, made taste. It's in there. This was how Prego was able to compete with Ragu, even up to now. Sure, Raghu wised up and started to create some fix sauces, too. But guess what day don't. Specializing that Raghu still makes a variety of sauces. Onley preg low was the first to specialize in thick sauce. As a result, whenever you think of chunky sauces, you will think of prey go. Doing the exact opposite is not limited to product design. You could use it in your marketing strategy as well, just like what happened in the hair product wars, hair product wars. Claro is a hair coloring product for women that began in the 19 thirties. Their slogan was, Does she or doesn't she? Which meant that their hair product was so good you can't tell if the lady using it was a natural blonde or not. Does she color her hair or doesn't she Onley? Her hairdresser knows for sure this was their 19 fifties. Add notice that it is a man's voice, never rating the commercial. You might see her early one morning and is always she looks lovely. Her hair sparkles with fresh, radiant color, and it looks so natural. Does she or doesn't she or you meet her one evening again? Her hair looks silky. The color is so clear and sparkling with life. Does she or doesn't she? It's all done in minutes, and it's so easy. So if your hair is dull or faded or streaked with gray crime, Miss Clairol hair color bath tomorrow and look younger, prettier right away. Fast forward to the seventies. Clairol kept their slogan and commercials the same. And why should they change anything? They were highly successful. Nothing pretties up a face like a beautiful head of hair. But even hair born this beautiful needs a little help along the way before great comes. And certainly after does she. Or doesn't she? With Miss Clairol hair color so natural? Only her hairdresser knows for sure. Shampoo, formula or cream formula Give my love to the day I die. The Clairol hair product brand even received the fan mails. They published this letter from a happy customer. Thank you for changing my life. My boyfriend Heh road and I were keeping company for five years, but he never wanted to set a date. This made me very nervous. I am 28 my mother kept saying, Soon it will be too late for me. But Dan, I saw a clear Oh, add in the subway. I dyed my hair blonde, and that is how I am in Bermuda now on my honeymoon with hair owed. Do you see how Claro is marketing their products to women? Do you see a pattern that's emerging before I explain what it is? Let's first watch a commercial from their competitors. Loreal. I use the most expensive hair color in the world. Preference by lower. Yeah, it's not that I care about money. It's that I care about my hair. It's not just the color, expect great. What's worth more to me is the way my hair feels smooth and silky, but with body feels getting, it's my neck. Actually, I don't mind spending more Floreal because I'm worth it, because I am worth it. And with that powerful phrase, Loreal took the hair coloring market by storm. Up until now, hair coloring was what women did for their boyfriends and husbands. You didn't die your hair because you wanted to look pretty for yourself. You did it so that men will appreciate you. This was the world that clear Oh, had built for their brand. Claros commercials were narrated by men. It was an advertisement about what society felt was right. Laurie Els marketing strategy was the complete opposite. It featured a lady, and she spoke directly and personally to the camera. She wasn't dying her hair for someone else. She was doing it for herself, even though the Loreal commercial wasn't produced as well as Claros. Nevertheless, those powerful words, because I am worth it, made a Loreal a sensation. Suddenly, women felt connected to this new brand. It's acid. Using Loreal products means standing up for women's rights, and that was the genius of Loria. When you are thinking of ways to compete with products similar to you, consider the opposite approach. Do exactly the opposite with your product or your marketing strategy. Ah, thicker sauce. A different slogan. Sometimes the best way to defeat your competitors is the most obvious 4. Brand Wars Episode 3 Stay in the Market and Stay Specialized: stay in the market and stay specialized. If you want to survive in the marketplace, you need to be specialized. If you want to grow your business, you need to be specialized. Not taking this concept seriously will mean losing sales to competitors who do specialize. The chicken Wars If you like chicken, you'll know that the two most popular and best selling recipe for chicken in the US are rotisserie chicken and fry chicken. The two biggest names in the chicken business, therefore, was Boston rotisserie Chicken, who specialized in the Rotisseries recipe for the Take Home Food Market, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, who obviously specialized in the fried chicken fast food market. Some thought that KFC's major competitors was McDonald's, but no, ah competitors sells similar specialized products as you, in this case Boston Chicken. During this heated competition for the Battle of the Chicken Market, Boston Chicken Lone and Behold, committed suicide in 1995 after years of being known as the go to place for rotisserie chicken, Boston chicken changed their name to boss the market. Why? Because they wanted to make more money selling turkey meat loaf and ham in addition to chicken and what happened. Chicken lovers were confused. What used to be a place called Boston Chicken, with its bold logo suddenly changed to Boston market. What do you not specializing chicken anymore? But I'm in the mood for chicken. I guess I'll have to go to KFC. And that's why KFC offers original recipe or extra crispy. And that's it. Three years after changing their name in 1998 Boston Market filed for bankruptcy. Two more years gone by and McDonald's bought Boston Market. And guess what? It took McDonald's seven years to realize that this Boston market idea was not working. So they finally saw the company in 2000 and seven. Why did McDonald's decided to cut their losses? McDonald's has found a buyer for its Boston market chain. The private firm Sun Capital Partners will buy the chain for an undisclosed amount. So why did McDonald's get out of the chicken games in the early 19 nineties? Being able to pick up a whole cooked rotisserie chicken from Boston Market to feed the family was a time saver and a game changer. That's the problem. It changed the game, and now you can get those chickens cheaper and easier at almost every supermarket in America. It's hard enough to compete with other restaurants. But as then CEO George Michelle told The Washington Post in 2015 between 4 36 30 we compete with the super. What made you famous was the rotisserie chicken, But now Costco sells their rotisserie chicken for $5. Look, even if Costco's chicken tastes exactly like yours, I would have still bought your chicken because Costco is just a general market and you use specializing chicken. But now you don't even specialize in chicken anymore. Why would I buy from you? Boston Chicken, in changing their focus, removed themselves from the chicken competition. You don't see Kentucky Fried Chicken changing their name to Kentucky Market to you. Stay specialized. Speaking of McDonald's, who is McDonald's main burger competitors? I know you are tempted to say Burger King, and that's partially correct, because Burger King is number two in the fast food burger business. But in terms of taste whose fast food burger taste better to McDonalds, I am even going to be so bowed. Asked to ask who makes the best fast food burger? Let's enjoy some Burger Wars look at the menu of McDonald's and look at the menu of In and Out Burger. Look at the menu of McDonald's during their month. Three promotions and then look at in and out. Okay, once again, look at the menu of McDonald's during the holidays and then look at in and out. Oh my God, A and out only has one kind of burger. Yes, they have the double double, the cheeseburger and the hamburger, but it's all the same kind of burger. If you were to visit a McDonald's, you can order your burger and get it in almost no time at all. Sometimes there's not even a line, but I bet you you have never went into a Ninon out and got your burger right away. There is always and I do mean always a line. Sometimes the lines are so long that you have to wait over 30 minutes to get a fast food burger. They're drive throughs are the worst. There are even clerks who leave the building, walk up to each of the cars to take your order because the lines are so long. I get so frustrated waiting in lines sometimes that I call them the thing and stay burger. But why all the commotion? And now, after all, only offers one kind of burger, and this is precisely why they excel. Their marketing strategy is fresh, never frozen, and they focus all of that into their one type of burger strategy. When you walk into an internal, you wouldn't find microwaves, he lambs or freezers. That's because they don't freeze any of their ingredients. Even their potatoes are hand cut and cooked in batches right in front of you. The key to their burger specialization is that in order to serve fresh and never frozen burgers, each in and out restaurant needs to be located within a 500 mile radius toe one of their distribution centers. This were ensured that fresh meat, produce and other ingredients can be delivered by their trucks, either every day or every other day. Furthermore, these distribution centers are themselves close to the local farms, just like deployment in war, your soldiers are never far from reinforcements or supplies in an out business model ensures that each of their locations are never far from their distribution centers. That is how they ensure the quality of their burger, and that is why you are willing to wait in line for this specialized burger. Selling a variety of products is a luxury that only the leaders of an industry can afford. One kind of burger, one place that serves only chicken. If you don't specialize, you will not survive. And if you change your specialty, you are leaving the market. You are no longer a threat to your competitors, and they will love you for it because you have just committed brand suicide. 5. Brand Wars Episode 4 Attack Competing Niches not competing products: attack competing issues, not competing products. Wars are fought by attacking the right targets. Attacked the wrong ones and you look like a fool attacked the right ones and you become the leader. Don't fight against competing products. Fight against competing niches. The bus wars. If you travel from state to state but don't want to drive yourself, you have no doubt heard of Greyhound. Greyhound buses survived both the Second World War and then the Great Depression to emerge as one of the most successful intercity bus services in the United States. This was due in part, by its marketing strategy. Here's a Greyhound bus ad. Pay attention to what is being promoted. Attention summer TRAVELERS With fares as low as $15 buses rolling 24 7 ground is the way to travel without the wear and tear on your car that's gonna cost him. Go great and leave the driving toe. Greyhound promoted their $15 ticket prices and ask you to avoid the wear and tear of your own car and their slogan. Leave the driving to us. Here is their competitors ad and once again pay attention to what is being promoted at first glance, it may seem like the only difference in buses is the paint job. Well, look closer. I think you'll find one is a better bus because it has better seats on a better ride. Better seats because they recline father and have adjustable headrests and foot rests. A better ride because it has an exclusive portion suspension system to ride on This bus is a Trailways, and it took a lot more than a paint job to make Trailways the best bus going. Trailways promoted better seeding and better, right and their slogan, The best bus going. What is interesting is the second ad spend his entire 30 seconds attacking Greyhound. Trailways is saying that they provide better seats and a better ride. Yet instead of showing those features, they show a hose erasing the Greyhound logo, and they ended it by saying, Trailways is the best bus now. Which commercial makes you feel like they are the leader in the bus business? The bus that is encouraging you to leave the driving to them or the bus that is claiming to be the best and attacking other buses? When greyhounds started to receive attacks from other bus companies, did they attack back? Yes, but in a clever way, because the leader never attacks their followers, a leader attacks other competing niches. And who was the real competitors of Greyhound? Not other buses, but people who are driving themselves and not taking the buses. That is greyhounds, real enemy. And that's why their slogan has been the same for over 50 years. Leave the driving to us while other competing buses were attacking Greyhound and each other with claims like We have lower bus fares, we have better seeds. We are a better ride or this bus don't go there, but we go there. What was Greyhound doing in the fifties? They were saying, I love it when he says and leave the driving to us Oh, wait driving to us and leave the driving to us. And 50 years later, it was still when you can get bargains like these, why travel any other way? So great house on. Leave the driving to watch. Ah, brand cannot be a leader if they are always claiming they are the best and attacking others . Greyhound knew that, and so did Campbell's. The soup wars, just like Greyhound, the Campbell's Soup brand has been around for a long time. But how did they survive in the beginning? How did they become the leader of the soups? A smart brand acts like leader even before they are a leader. That's why, right from the start, Campbell's new their enemy was not other super Hans. Their enemy was people not buying soup. And if people were not buying soup, what were day buying other foods? The major obstacle for Campbell's was that the majority of the population don't consider soup riel food. It's just a life snack, an appetizer that you have before the actual meal and bingo. There lies Campbell's marketing strategy. If they were to dominate the soup industry, they had to create the perception that they're super was so good and feeling that it can be considered a meal. And that's why their advertisements always hit on this one point again and again. Make a hit with your ball team soup for lunch, the perfect hot dish for the midday meal soup for lunch, Campbell's of vegetable soup almost a meal in itself. The difference between a cold sandwich and a hot lunch is about five minutes good instead of promoting their soup product. They promoted their entire soup niche. Instead of saying their soup was better than other soups, they said their soup was better. Dinner code sandwich. If you want to be a leader in Ornish, you have to have like a leader. A leader paves the way not by promoting themselves but by promoting their entire niche. By promoting your niche, you expand it and create more attention and opportunities for your niche. What was one thought of as a brand in the appetizer niche is now also a brand in the official meals niche. What was once thought of as a brand for a simple one way bus ride is now used for your entire intercity travel plans. Your enemy is not other bus brands. Your enemy is people not taking the bus. Your enemy is not other soup brands. Your enemy is people not eating soup. And if they are not using the bus and not using the soup, what are they doing using other knishes attack competing niches, not competing products 6. Brand Wars Episode 5 Expansion Failures: expansion failures. When your business is growing, it's natural to expand. However, you must remember to make your new products unique enough with its own branding. If you don't, you will fail. Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn has always been known as the Budget Hotel. It's more decent. Dana Motel, but definitely not a Hilton. As Holiday Inn grew, they wanted to get into the upscale hotel business, so they built a better hotel, increased its price and gave it a name. Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza. Guess what happened. No one wanted to stay in this new hotel. But why? Because this new name confused people. It confused holiday ings, loyal customers and confused Crowne plazas. New customers You are traveling and on a budget you drive by this hotel that says Holidaying. Great, Let's go in at the lobby, you tried to book a room and whoa, why are the prices so high? This is a holiday. The staff responds that, yes, it is a holidaying, but it's their new upscale brand Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza. But you are still angry. Holidaying is known for budget prices. Why are you using the Holiday Inn name and charging me extra. I didn't sign up to stay at an upscale hotel. You leave the hotel in search for another, more affordable option. Now let's say you are taking a vacation with your family. You worked hard all year, and you really want to spoil yourself. You are driving on the road and you see Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza. No, that's not an option because you are on vacation and you want to spoil your family. You have a bigger budget, and you are not going to spend it on holiday in Doesn't matter if it's an upscale Holiday Inn. When no one knew who Crowne Plaza was, the owners wanted to introduce it with the Holiday Inn name because the Holiday Inn brand name was already famous. What they didn't realize was that it was famous for reason. It was famous for budget hotels. You cannot have budget upscale hotel. It just doesn't make any sense. Make up your mind. This is why, a few years later, Crowne Plaza is just called Crowne Plaza. They raised the Holiday Inn name, and Crowne Plaza became its own standalone brand, Rolex and Tudor. This was also the reason why when Rolex wanted to come out with a cheaper watch. They didn't call it Rolex Tudor. It will confuse people. People who had the money to buy a luxury watch wouldn't want a cheaper version of a Rolex, and people who had no money wouldn't even consider a Rolex. As a result, two door is never called Rolex Tudor, or it is just called Tutor. With its own branding brands need to be unique in order to be effective. This is a reminder that you cannot just come out with another product, the same as the first, and expect to double your profits. Disneyland and California Adventure. If you were traveling to Los Angeles and wanted to visit a theme park, you pretty much have two choices. This is man or Universal Studios. If you had kids with you, you go to Disneyland. If you were by yourself, you go to Universal Studios. This is the actual branding that they have. It's not about I want to see Mickey Mouse or I want to see how movies are made. It's about one's for kids, and one is for adults. Disneyland wanted to double their profits. So what did they do? They built a similar second park next to Disneyland. They called it California Adventure. This was their commercial. He's in like you're confirming. There is indeed a neighboring park. Easy, but I see their leader. Greetings. 100 foot Grizzly bear. I comment. Giant apparatus is lifting entire families. Alien life forms are everywhere. You go for a spin. That's it. Somebody has to go in there. Any volunteers got a head on over to Disney's California adventure? I don't know about you, but it looked like the park that the characters were at was more fun and exciting in the park that they were trying to go to. Did you see anything in that commercial that made you want to go to this new and different park? New sure, but different. No, no, really. It was like a second Disneyland next to Disneyland, so they Disney doubled their profits. They had a second park, but attendance to it was less than expected. Here was a list of complaints from customers. A lack of attractions appealing to Children, a lack of night time shows and parades. Ah, high number of stores and restaurants relative to the number of attractions. Ah, lower sense of immersion into the park because you could see nearby hotels, power lines and radio towers not related to Disney. And the last complaint was that California Adventure had a theme that was considered to be redundant, given that the park was already located in California. You go to Las Vegas to see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the pyramids. You don't go to Vegas to see a miniature version of Vegas in Vegas, redundancy was the word on everyone's mind. What Dizzy and I have a new park. But there's nothing special about this new park. Once again, the customer was confused when visitors arrived. And given the option of the two parks, people couldn't make up their minds. How was California adventure different than the original Disneyland With it, like Universal Studios? Was it for adults? Know it still had a Children's theme and yet had less attractions appealing to Children. It's just a duplicate park with mawr, overpriced shops and restaurants. We want more attractions, not extra places selling about of water for $3 an ice cream bar for $5.75 and oppressed so for $7. As a result, most visitors went to what they were familiar with, which was the original Disneyland, and the rest went to California adventure, but rarely that people went to both, which was what Disneyland was hoping for to the visitor. A second park did not justify spending double the money. Given the second option, it actually upset that people. Psychologically, you go to Disneyland and are given an extra redundant option. You don't see the need to goto both parks, so you go to one. And when you are at one of those parks, it doesn't matter which one you are. Subconsciously second guessing yourself. Did you made the right decision? Should you have chosen the other park? Is the grass greener in the other park? And this scepticism will ruin your present park experience. Attendants became so low at California adventure that Disney lowered its ticket price and spent $1.1 billion heavily redesigning the park. If only Disney realized why they were losing sales to Universal Studios, they would have designed a park for adults rather than building a mediocre copy of original Disneyland next to Disneyland. When your business is growing, it's natural to expand holidaying Crowne Plaza, Rolex and Tudor Disneyland and California Adventure. You must remember to make your new products unique enough with its own branding. If you don't, you will fail. 7. Brand Wars Episode 6 Create a unique package or stay mediocre and die: create a unique package or stay mediocre and die. A good package equals a good product. Ah, bad package equals a bad product. Even if the product is good, customers will judge a book by its cover. That is why you must manipulate people's first impressions at all times. The butter wars butter and margarine have been at a state of war ever since margarine was invented as a butter substitute. So which one's better? Butter is made from the butterfat of milk and is known for its high levels of saturated fat . Margarine, on the other hand, is made mainly of refined vegetable oil. Sounds healthier, right? Actually, it was later found that Marjorie contains trans fat, which is also bad for you, so both products should only be enjoyed in moderation. The problem with the margarine market was that it always had a shadow cast over it. Margarine was a butter substitute. It was considered a cheaper imitation of butter and was not appetizing in appearance. Why? While butter that cows produced had a slightly yellow color, margarine had a white color. It looked like lard. It looked like a piece of pig fat. To make matters worse, lard. Excuse me. A margarine was package in tubs. Now, which one would you have bought to spread on your bread? A golden butter stick or a tub of white stuff? My point exactly. It was so bad for the margarine market that a company came out with a easy color pack to attract customers. A packet of white margarine along with a yellow pellet in the bag. When ready to eat, you squeeze the pellet and it will transfer its yellow color throughout the bag, turning the white margarine yellow. Oh, my God. Now it looks like you have butter. It was crazy how those companies was trying to convince me with a buy margarine, I feel like I mean a mission. Impossible movie. Squeezed this pellet and turn your white margarine yellow Top secret mission. This increased sales, but margarine didn't get its big break until the 19 fifties. What changed during that time? Introducing Lewis Cheskin, a leading clinical psychologist chest can discover that the reason people didn't like margarine was not because of its taste. It was because of their negative perception of margarine, and at the heart of that perception was margins appearance, its packaging Cheskin worked with Unilever to create a new package for margarine. First, the product needed to be dyed yellow. Second, removed the tub and deliver margarine in blocks the same size as butter. Third, wrap it in foil to signify quality. Fourth, given a brand name of imperial to signify class and fifth, use a crown logo toe anchor. The visual imagery of status into the minds of the customer does the first successful mainstream margarine was born. This commercial launched the entire margarine market in the 19 fifties. Convincing people margarine is now quality stuff. Pass the butter, please. Vicky, Vicky, the butter. Thank you. Hey, what's going on? It's a crown love. I switched from butter to imperial margarine. You mean this is margarine? Not just any margarine. Imperial margarine. Once you tasted, you'll agree. Sure tastes like butter. Now the margarine market was on fire and people started buying it over butter. Hey, at least there's no saturated fatty margarine. Cheskin was a scientist at heart, so he conducted further psychological taste tests. He gave someone two identical pieces of bread. On one side was bread buttered with white margarine and the other buttered with foil wrapped yellow imperial margarine, which one tastes better. We both know that these two products taste exactly the same. The only difference was the yellow color and the branding. And yet people picked the imperial brand as the better tasting margarine. Every time from tests like these, Cheskin developed the term sensation transference. The packaging of the product can communicate with you on a subconscious level. It will transfer positive sensations you have about the package to the product itself. Which means if you respect the package, you respect the product. The Brandy Wars, the Christian Brothers Brandy have a long history of winemaking. Started in 18 82 the brand name grew to become one of the dominant names in the brandy market. However, much to their frustration, they had a competitors stealing part of their market share. The E N. J. Brandy With a long history of actually not long, it all started in the 19 seventies. The E. N J. Brandy slowly but surely became a popular contender in the brandy market. The Christian brothers was nearly pulling their hair out in frustration. How was this frickin possible? Yeon Jae's brandy didn't have a long history like us it wasn't more expensive than us. It didn't have better advertising than us. How could they be stealing our customers? Hearing about Cheskin success in the Butter wars, the Christian brothers invited Cheskin over to fight their brandy wars for them. We know how much Cheskin like to experiment, right? All right, let's do some hard core research. The first thing Cheskin did was to set up a blind taste test between the Brandies. He did not label the two drinks and just ask people which they like better. The score was about the same 50 50. Then Cheskin proceeded with this second test. This time, he labeled the two drinks and toe tasters, which was Christian brothers and which was the NJ? The result. This time, Christian Brothers had a higher score. What did this mean? The Christian Brothers brand name was Mawr, famous in the E N J brand name. And because of Sensation transference, many people were subconsciously influenced just by hearing the brand name and felt biased towards it. People apparently favored the Christian Brothers brand name to finally narrow down what was going on. Cheskin concluded his research with one more taste test. This time he plays the two respective bottles next to the glasses and ask people which tasted better. And guess what? Now? E and J. One. The Taste test. Bingo. Thought Cheskin. He now understood why Christian Brothers was losing sales to E. N J. Well, do you know it? Of course you do. It was the packaging, because brandy is a spirit produced by distilling wine. Christian Brothers bottle looked like a wine bottle. They kept the brandy origin alive by delivering brandy in a wine bottle. E and J, on the other hand, had a shorter and fatter bottle. This was the bottle that people thought brandy should look like. Check this out. If you want to go to Google right now and typing brandy bottle, the majority of the bottles that show up look like this one. Fancy, right? So what was happening? Brandy lovers were going to the market looking for brandy, and they see two bottles. They see the name Christian Brothers, and they like it, but the shape confuses them. The bottle is telling them that it is a wine, and the E. N. J. Brandy bottle is telling them it's brandy, so they buy the brandy bottle when people like your name but was confused by your bottle. What do you do? You changed a frickin bottle. This is why now the most expensive Christian brothers brandy comes in a brandy bottle and the cheapest Christian brothers brandy comes in a brandy bottle. Everything brandy comes in a brandy bottle. No mistakes. This is brandy four brandy lovers. Just to prove why the future of Brandy was actually in the package and not in the taste, Cheskin did one final bonus experiment. He served the people Christian brothers out of a NJ brandy bottle and NJ out of a Christian Brothers wine bottle. Which brandy? One. You totally know the answer. Cheskin would be so proud of you right now. It didn't matter. The name. People like Brandy out of a brandy bottle, the one who uses the unique package winds. After all, the research was over. Cheskin asked the Christian brothers. You know, the majority of the people like your new bottle more than your taste right, the Christian brothers responded, and these sales are up. It's amateurish to think that customers on Li buy a product isolated. No, they buy the entire experience and the package is part of that experience. Cheskin wants to remind you even the view product is average. As long as you have a great package, customers will think it is a great product. They will feel it tastes better, works better and is better than a product that comes in a mediocre package. People are willing to pay extra just on the strength of a package, create a unique package or stay mediocre and die.