Marketing Your Blog & Business: Writing the Perfect About Page | Theresa Christine | Skillshare

Marketing Your Blog & Business: Writing the Perfect About Page

Theresa Christine, Freelance Travel Writer + Blogger

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11 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Hello and welcome!

    • 2. Why an About page is so important

    • 3. First up: a bit about you

    • 4. Explaining your big goals to the reader

    • 5. Exploring the problem you solve

    • 6. Sharing work that supports your mission

    • 7. How to fill it with your personality

    • 8. Misc. things you can include

    • 9. Don't forget the important final detail!

    • 10. Time to put it all together

    • 11. Congrats! How did your About page turn out?

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About This Class

Writing your “About” page for your blog or business page is a daunting task. Even the most skilled writers struggle to write about themselves, and there are so many different facets to consider when putting it together. How do you let readers or prospective clients know what it is that you do, why you’re passionate about it, and why they should care, all while letting your unique personality shine through?

This class will break down the elements of an outstanding “About” page so that you can more clearly communicate your values and mission, and also deeply connect with the readers and clients you really want to.

I've created this course for bloggers or entrepreneurs wanting to create (or refine) their About page. It's a wonderful start for beginners, and a great way to finesse things if you're intermediate or more advanced in your blogging or biz.

This class will cover:

  • Info on what the goals of an About page are and why it’s important for you to have an amazing one.
  • The different elements you can consider including in your About page and what they will achieve.
  • Inspiring case studies so you can learn by example, all throughout the course.

You'll finish this course with a clear path to writing or revising your page, as well as a better focus of the goals you have in your blog or business.