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Marketing Strategy Business Development Process & Framework

Stephen C Campbell, Marketing, Business, Digital Strategies

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3 Videos (36m)
    • CategoryMarketing

    • MarketSegmentation

    • ChannelMarketing


About This Class

The series of videos provides the student with the framework & foundation to be used for building and developing a coherent marketing business strategy. Each fundamental is that of ...

  • Category Marketing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Channel Marketing

... and during the strategy development phase care should be taken to use these principles in order to craft the go to market business development plan. This will ensure that the product is carefully defined and appropriately positioned; target market clients and their needs are catered for and that the most appropriate marketing channels are utilised in order to effectively communicate the benefits of the products and services.





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Stephen C Campbell

Marketing, Business, Digital Strategies

Hello, I'm Stephen. Business & marketing strategy consultant and trainer focusing on channel marketing, digital marketing & social media. I am also a Master NLP Practitioner with a huge interest and focus in personal development

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