Marketing Startup Ideas - Highly Rated & Very Effective

Lenny Manor, Your Startup Growth Trainer

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13 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Why Do This Course

    • 2. The Entrepreneurial Bug

    • 3. Where Do Ideas Come From

    • 4. Dealing WIth Mindset

    • 5. What You Will Learn In This Section

    • 6. Don't Find Your Niche

    • 7. What Does A Passion Problem Look Like

    • 8. Real Passion Problem Example

    • 9. Personal Life Lesson On Passion Problem

    • 10. Real Problem Characteristics

    • 11. What Currently Solves The Problem

    • 12. Whose Problem Is it? Who Is The Target Market

    • 13. How Do You Validate The Problem


About This Class

Do this short course to avoid the biggest pitfall that 42% of failed small business ideas/startups fall into and set yourself up for GROWTH 


Lenny clearly knew the subject matter inside out however did a brilliant job at breaking it down into digestible content that the class was easily able to understand. I particularly liked that Lenny was able to challenge traditional thinking about growth marketing and identify ways to impact the complete value chain of a business to find areas for growth.- Luke Tengstrom


His class was practical, fun and very insightful. I would love to attend his classes in the future and would welcome opportunities to work together. - Jyotan Singh


Lenny was a great and enthusiastic teacher, hope to cross paths again. - Matthew Race


I highly recommend Lenny Manor to anyone who is passionate about digital marketing, growth marketing and anything related !
He is definitely the right person to learn from. - Rong Li


Lenny has been Super helpful to all in the class at Growth Marketing. His insightful wealth of knowledge is conveyed easily so it can be well understood at an easy pace. - Chris Prokopiou


Not only does Lenny come with a tonne of experience and knowledge but he is also an awesome teacher of this wisdom (This comes from an ex teacher point of view). As for the content shared with us, wowsers! I highly recommend signing up for any course Lenny is teaching and most definitely getting him into your business to get thing moving in the right direction. Thanks Lenny, two big thumbs up for you! - Clarita Farrugia


He has great knowledge in all growth marketing related fields, is result oriented with exceptional analytic skills. Throughout this course, he was dedicated sharing his knowledge while supporting each student to achieve set goals for their businesses. I can highly recommend Lenny as expert in his field! - Kim-Katharina Bezemer


Lenny was able to differentiate the course content to be applicable to each person's skill and knowledge level. He also offered each person one-one advice during all of the activities and was genuinely invested in everyone's goals. He is a great presenter and educator and I look forward to attending more of his workshops! - Gabriele Oberman


Lenny is a personable and knowledgable growth hacker who articulates himself well vocally and through fantastic applicable exercises that any entrepreneur, marketer, startup or brand will find helpful. - Rudi Morgan

Lenny Manor

Top Rated Startup Growth Trainer

Melbourne, Australia

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