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8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Welcome to Marketing Graphic Design

    • 2. Design Marketing Overview

    • 3. Strategies & Tactics

      Specialization Pros & Cons.pdf
    • 4. Part One--Prospecting

      Overcoming cold calling reluctance.pdf
    • 5. Part Two--Contacting

    • 6. Part One--Presenting

      Overcoming Presentatiom Jitters.pdf
    • 7. Part Two--Closing

    • 8. Final Words & Follow-up Materials

      CB Marketing Sins.pdf

Project Description

Building a Business/Marketing Plan for Your Design Business


   Begin by reviewing Lecture 2. How do you think about marketing? Do you presently have a proactive or reactive business? Do you recognize the dangers of relying solely on referrals?

   As described in Lecture 3, now decide on your business/marketing strategy. (Something beyond just getting more business.) Then decide on the tactics you need to make it happen. Remember, the goal is also better business and clients. 

    Helping you understand the mechanics of design firm marketing--choosing media, making presentations, closing the sale-- you'll find in Lectures 4 through 7.  

    With this as background, you should now be prepared to put together your own business/marketing plan. Keep it simple--just what you are going to do, why, when, and the results expected. A page or two is probably all that's necessary to start. Track progress against your goals, then constantly refine your plan to make it increasingly effective.

    For an example of more comprehensive type plans, download the sample business plans. (A marketing plan is typically just a more directed version of a business plan.) 


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