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8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Welcome to Marketing Graphic Design

    • 2. Design Marketing Overview

    • 3. Strategies & Tactics

      Specialization Pros & Cons.pdf
    • 4. Part One--Prospecting

      Overcoming cold calling reluctance.pdf
    • 5. Part Two--Contacting

    • 6. Part One--Presenting

      Overcoming Presentatiom Jitters.pdf
    • 7. Part Two--Closing

    • 8. Final Words & Follow-up Materials

      CB Marketing Sins.pdf

About This Class

More design firms and freelancers go out of business because of lack of marketing their services than any other reason. Others never achieve success for the same reason. 
Marketing Graphic Design will help you be long-term successful by covering the basics of design firm marketing in under 40 minutes. 
The course is ideal for anyone who is unsure about his or her marketing ability, has had difficulty finding new clients, needs to know more about hiring sales staff, or has been less than successful in converting presentations into projects. 
Also included is a six-month trial subscription to Creative Business for those completing the course.





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Cameron Foote

Editor, Creative Business

Cameron S. Foote is founder and editor of Creative Business, the only publication devoted to the business side of design and creative services. He has over forty years of marketing communications experience in both creative and management at agency, corporate and self-employment levels.

Cam has conducted business development seminars for creative firm principals and freelancers hundreds of times in cities across North AmerIca. He is the author of the creative industry's three best-sell...

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